Elective 125


Elective 125

WILLS / REVOCABLE LIVING TRUSTConsiderations for individuals and their wills.Probate Inventory of Estate Will vs. Revocable Living Trust Is Revocable Living Trust Funded? Qualified Advisors

DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY FINANCIALNeeded to be prepared to deal with:Incapacity Not Affected by Principal’s Disability Upon Disability HIPAA Agent’s Powers, IRC 2041 (b)

LONG TERM HEALTH CAREOther components to be addressed:Living Will Durable Power of Attorney Health Care Living Arrangements Paying for Long Term Care Medicaid Planning

VALUES-BASED PLANNINGWe need to care about more than thebequest:FamilyQuestionaire Needs and Desires of Children “Learning” and “Earning” Time One to Four Layer Inheritance Plan Wealth Counseling

BEQUESTS / BENEFICIARY DESIGNATIONS Easy to Change During Life Coordinate Beneficiary Designations withEstate Plan Beneficiary Designations are Contracts Use Correct Legal Name of Charity Charity or Trust Fund

GIFT ANNUITIES / DEFERRED GIFT ANNUITIESOptions are available to deal with:Make Gift to Charity Now Cash or Marketable Securities Receive Deduction and Other Tax Benefits Fixed Income for Life Based on Age Deferred – Receive Income Later

QUESTIONS & ANSWERSThank you for your attention andparticipation in this seminar.(insert presenter’s name, etc.)

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