family toolkit2 - Arts Council England

family toolkit2 - Arts Council England


Consultation methods

Method Advantages Disadvantages

Response rate may be low

You can survey those who attend and those

who don’t

Survey by post

Response may not represent cross-section

of families

Families can respond at a time that suits them

Results will be mainly statistical – does

not allow in depth probing of attitudes

It enables you to collect feedback on a wide

range of issues

Adults may not be able to give necessary

time and attention

Opportunity to clarify questions

Assisted survey (eg at venue)

Can be a public relations or customer care


Access limited to those with internet use

Makes sense if you already have a family

friendly site

Web based survey

Needs to be publicised so families know it

is there

Customer responds when convenient

Needs to be easy to use

Allows finite survey on specific issues or

ongoing feedback

Customers may need prompting by staff

to complete one

Allows ongoing feedback

Comment cards

May take some time to gather significant


Customer able to express issues important

to them

Can be open or pose specific questions

Recruitment difficult because parents and

carers may find it difficult to attend

Great for gaining insight into attitudes and


Focus groups

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