Brochure - Solid Edge - Transform 3D Design - Geometric Solutions

Brochure - Solid Edge - Transform 3D Design - Geometric Solutions

How do we transformthe future of 3D design?The Siemens answer: It’s simple with Solid Edge – using synchronoustechnology to unlock the secrets of better

The future of 3D designavailable todaySolid Edge® software is the most completehybrid 2D/3D CAD system on the markettoday that uses synchronous technology.A core component in Siemens PLM Software’sVelocity Series portfolio, Solid Edge excels atfacilitating accelerated design, faster changeand improved re-use of imported data.With superior part and assembly modeling,drafting, transparent data management andbuilt-in finite element analysis, Solid Edgeprovides the fastest, most flexible designexperience possible while easing the growingcomplexity of product development.Accelerated design for speedingtime-to-marketGetting products to the market faster is keyto your company’s success. Solid Edge withsynchronous technology helps you realizethis goal by enabling your designers to createinnovative parts without the need to mastera large set of commands. Just as importantly,Solid Edge helps you automate your designprocess without requiring you to engage inextensive pre-planning.Faster engineering change executionfor meeting customer demandYou understand your customers, theirdemands and how these demands influenceyour ability to address engineering changeorders (ECOs). Now, you can leverage SolidEdge with synchronous technology to dealwith these changes faster and more efficiently.Designers can rapidly make both plannedand unplanned engineering changes byediting what’s most important rather thanwhat the CAD model allows. You can executeECOs faster and be your industry’s leader insatisfying customer needs.Improved imported 2D and 3Dre-use for lowering engineering costChances are you already have an existingdesign that’s close to what you need forsatisfying at least some of the requirementsfor your new product initiatives. With SolidEdge and synchronous technology, you canefficiently adapt existing parts for new uses.Solid Edge excels at converting 2D drawingsinto 3D or importing 3D models then enablingyour designers to modify them to meet newneeds as if they were native designs.You also can re-use more of your importeddata and lower your engineering costs.Cover: An indoor Brazillian Barbeque courtesy ofIkeda Empresarial LTDA, modeled and rendered in Solid Edge.2

The secrets to better designInside front cover:A machine for the woodprocessing industrycourtesy of DoucetMachineries Inc.,modeled and renderedin Solid Edge.Page 3: Digital micrometerscourtesy of TheL.S. Starrett Company,modeled and renderedin Solid Edge.Synchronous technology forfast/flexible modelingSolid Edge leverages synchronoustechnology to enable your company torepeatedly and systematically deliverbreakthrough designs. Synchronoustechnology combines the speed andflexibility of explicit modeling withfeature-based capabilities of parametricdesign. Designers can accelerate modelcreation without engaging in design preplanning.They also are able to performfaster ECO edits by eliminating modelregeneration, while increasing the re-useof imported 2D or 3D data. This uniquetechnology will help you get productsto market faster, service customerneeds better and reduce engineeringdesign costs.Better transition and re-usefrom 2D or 3DAbove and beyond Solid Edge’s ability toimprove design re-use, it also simplifiesthe process that your designers use asthey move between 2D and 3D. 2D partdrawings can be used to recreate existingdesigns in 3D that automatically inherit2D manufacturing dimensions. In addition,assembly drawings can be used to drivethe fit and position of a complete product.Synchronous technology enables 3Dmodels from other systems to be edited asthough they are native Solid Edge designs.You can expect the move to Solid Edge tobe quicker and require less training timeand expense.Complete digital prototypingSolid Edge provides a design environmentthat you can use for complete physicalprototyping. You can build entire 3D digitalprototypes and optimize your designsbefore production. You can designassemblies with machined, cast or stylizedcomponents and leverage process-specificapplications to simplify frame, piping,tube, wiring, weldment, and mold toolingdesign. You can use digital prototyping toshow how your products will operate andappear in real life through exploded views,photo-realistic renderings and animations.Solid Edge provides all of the tools to meetyour digital prototyping needs. With moreaccurate digital prototypes, you canachieve higher levels of product qualityand generate accurate product costs.Advanced sheet metal designSolid Edge is widely acknowledged asthe industry leader in sheet metal design.You can use Solid Edge to modelstraight brake, rolled or transition typecomponents complete with flanges, holes,relief and corner options. You can validatedesigns for manufacturing and create/sendflat patterns directly to production in DXFfiles. You can also document foldingoperations on associated drawings andget products with sheet metal parts tomarket faster with Solid Edge.3

Page 4: HIP turbinecourtesy of POMIT Co.,LTD, Korea. Modeled andrendered in Solid Edge.Page 5: Centrifugalmachines for the biodieselindustry, courtesy ofAtlantica Separadores.Modeled and rendered inSolid Edge.Page 5: Gas stove design,courtesy of Esmaltec,Brazil. Modeled andrendered in Solid Edge.The secrets to better designOptimized for massive assembliesEfficient display management tools, suchas configurations and design zones, helpyou focus on relevant parts and tasks; thisis ideal for concurrent design. Modellingperformance receives a significant boostfrom an inactive lightweight mode thatfrees memory of unused data. Support for64-bit computers lets you open and workwith your largest designs faster and moreefficiently. Solid Edge helps you create andmanage all of your assemblies, includingdesigns that range in complexity from 1 tomore than 100,000 parts.Production-proven 2D draftingHigh quality products begin with highquality drawings and Solid Edge is theindustry’s best choice for creatingaccurate, high quality 2D drawings from3D models. You can automatically createa wide variety of views including standard,auxiliary, section, detail, broken andisometric views. Detailing is fast sinceSolid Edge supports dimension retrievalwhile enabling you to automaticallygenerate parts lists with balloons.Drawings are always kept up to date,alerting you to any change. Solid Edgeprovides industry-standard symbols tospeed up the creation of layouts andschematics. Accurate drawings that areautomatically kept up to date help keepyour production lines running smoothly.4

Integrated design analysisSimulating product operation involvesmore than just performing finite elementanalysis (FEA). Designers need the righttools for creating parts using standardengineering rules and a way to solve fitand position problems before design. SolidEdge includes smart commands that letyou design standard components, such asshafts, beams and cams, using built-inengineering rules. Solid Edge also lets yousimplify and solve complex fit and positionusing familiar free-body diagrams throughits Goal Seeking capabilities. Onceoptimized, interferences and motion canbe analyzed, ensuring products workbefore production begins.Solid Edge includes built-in FEA simulationsolutions that help you analyze parts andassemblies. Model simplification can beused to speed results, and synchronoustechnology helps you refine designs faster.For advanced simulation needs, SiemensPLM Software’s Femap® software is idealfor enabling the multi-discipline engineeror analyst to solve a complete system.These scalable simulation tools will helpyou reduce the time and cost needed tobuild and test expensive physicalprototypes.Collaboration across the supply chainSolid Edge offers a full suite of tools thatlet designers author, edit, distribute andexplore design alternatives. You can useXpresReview to create compact designreview packages including requirementsdocuments, spreadsheets, 2D and 3Dmodels. Using the industry standard JTviewing format, review packagescontaining Solid Edge data are kept smalland can be easily e-mailed to customers orsuppliers. Designers can use this toolto review and redline these materials.In addition, you can use Solid Edgesynchronous technology to rapidly andflexibly iterate multiple design ideas.Solid Edge provides a variety of tools toenable your supply chain to share andexchange design alternatives.5

Page 6: Rotarycompressor courtesyof the Ariel Corporation.Modeled and renderedin Solid Edge.Page 7: Machine partscourtesy of FergusonBeauregard, USA.Modeled and renderedin Solid Edge.The secrets to better designTransparent design anddata managementOne of the most important aspects ofany design process is the ability tomanage data across the entire productdevelopment cycle. Solid Edge offerstransparent and integrated datamanagement capabilities to suit everycustomer. Using Microsoft SharePoint,Solid Edge Insight provides searching,vaulting and basic workflow managementfunctionality. Alternatively, Solid Edgeusers can employ Teamcenter® Expresssoftware, a preconfigured, easy-to-deployand easy-to-use product data managementsolution for managing data and facilitatingcollaboration across multiple departments,sites and design systems. In addition,Teamcenter itself is available forcompanies that require a completePLM solution that can be customized tomeet any need. With this scalable datamanagement offering, you now have thepower to manage data that can growwith your business.PLM with the Velocity SeriesSolid Edge is a key component in SiemensPLM Software Velocity Series. To helpcustomers achieve maximum productivity,this portfolio offers a comprehensivefamily of modular, yet integrated solutionsthat leverage the industry’s best practicesto provide significant breakthroughs inease-of-use and solution deployment.The Velocity Series portfolio includes:• Solid Edge – an advanced 3D designsuite that simplifies productdevelopment while facilitatingunprecedented productivity• Femap – a high performance simulationsystem that significantly reduces physicaltesting while speeding time to market• CAM Express – a flexible NCprogramming solution that improvesmachining productivity• Teamcenter Express – an easy toimplement collaborative datamanagement system that drives fasterproject completion6

Extending the experienceContinuing our relationshipSiemens PLM Software understandsthat your goal is to design great products.This is why we offer several alternativesthat enable you to get the most out ofyour Solid Edge investment. Maintenancecontracts provide customers withautomatic updates to new Solid Edgesoftware releases.They are filled withexiting new enhancements, as well asperiodic maintenance packs that includeincremental improvements.Customers can also access news groupsthat facilitate collaboration by enablingparticipants to exchange ideas and sharetheir experiences with other Solid Edgeusers. We also work with users groups thatsponsor events where users have theopportunity to meet with each other inperson. We encourage your participationin these venues.Summarizing Solid Edge’s valueWhen it comes to 3D design, Solid Edgeis your best choice for accelerating design,getting products to market quicker,speeding ECO execution and maximizingyour re-use of imported 2D and 3D data.Solid Edge is distinguished by its abilityto provide superior part and assemblymodeling, drafting, transparent datamanagement and built-in finite elementanalysis. These attributes enable SolidEdge to deliver the fastest, most flexibledesign experience possible while easingthe challenges inherit in performingproduct development in today’s complexglobal economy.7

About Siemens PLM SoftwareSiemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens IndustryAutomation Division, is a leading global provider of product lifecyclemanagement (PLM) software and services with 6.7 million licensedseats and more than 69,500 customers worldwide. Headquarteredin Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software works collaboratively withcompanies to deliver open solutions that help them turn more ideasinto successful products. For more information on Siemens PLMSoftware products and services, visit PLM SoftwareAmericas800 807 2200Fax 314 264 (0) 1202 243455Fax 44 (0) 1202 243465Asia-Pacific852 2230 3308Fax 852 2230 3210© 2011 Siemens Product Lifecycle ManagementSoftware Inc. All rights reserved. Siemens and theSiemens logo are registered trademarks of Siemens AG.D-Cubed, Femap, Geolus, GO PLM, I-deas, Insight, JT,NX, Parasolid, Solid Edge, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix andVelocity Series are trademarks or registered trademarksof Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.or its subsidiaries in the United States and in othercountries. All other logos, trademarks, registeredtrademarks or service marks used herein are theproperty of their respective holders.661-X17 1/11 A

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