The VIP-Booking european live entertainment Book

The VIP-Booking european live entertainment Book

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VIP- News - August 2011Festivals “performed strongly” in 2010,while arenas and mid-sized venues “heldup”, it said. But there was a “striking decline”in the number of stadium gigs comparedwith the previous year.” In 2010,a number of stadium- and arena-fillingbands were not on tour and many of thosethat did tour opted to play smaller venuesin order to limit their risk,” the reportsaid. “This risk-averse behaviour is rationalin the current economic climate. It feelsas though the economic downturn hascaught up with the live music industry,and promoters and bands alike have respondedaccordingly.”The PRS for Music report, taking into accountsecondary ticketing income and atthe-eventspending estimated the worth ofthe live music sector to be £1.48bn last year.That is more than the recorded music sector,with £1.24bn spent on CDs and digitaldownloads in 2010 - an annual drop of 8%.The report concludes, “Our view is thatthe live music business is not entering acycle of boom and bust, but rather showingsigns of maturity and cooling to a moresustainable growth path, after a period ofunprecedented growth.”Autumn Falls Festival Extends for 2cnd Editionin BrusselsAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comThis year’s Autumn Falls Festival will take place from Monday November21st to Sunday November 27th. After the successful firstedition the Brussels indoor music festival will extend from three toseven nights. The mission is still the same: presenting quality livemusic to passionate music fans and concert goers.the bill were Lambchop, Beach House, Caribou, Junip, FactoryFloor, Atari Teenage Riot, Olafur Arnalds and Baths.This year a limited amount of early bird tickets will be availablegiving access to every possible Autumn Falls show for 50 euro.European booking agency and Benelux promoter TOUTPARTOUTwill once again cooperate with a selection of renowned Brusselsconcert venues. Ancienne Belgique, Botanique, Cirque Royal, Magasin4 and VK* have already confirmed their participation. Moreto be confirmed. Last year’s edition accounted for three sold outnights, 6200 visitors and took place over 10 different venues whichwelcomed a total of 41 international acts. Some of the names onFirst Acts announced are:LOW / PINBACK / BILL CALLAHAN / METRONOMY / PINK MOUN-TAINTOPS / PORTUGAL THE MAN / SCOTT MATTHEW / OKKERVILRIVER / FOOL’S GOLD / SXwww.autumnfalls.bePinback will plat at the Autumn Falls Festival7VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011up with the same acts going round andround,” and concludes very much like Eavis:“Muse are a fantastic act but you can’t havethem at a festival every summer.”Previously in an interview with BBC6, BenTurner said on behalf of the UK Associationof Independent Festivals (AIF) that:“Prices for talent increases and increasesand increases every single year.” He furthermoreadded: “I think it’s somethingthat agents, managers and artists need tobe more aware of, that these festivals thatthey supposedly love, they need to showsome support for that.”Apparently slower and lower ticket salesfor festivals are not only a UK phenomenon.In Germany Rock Am Ring wasn’tsold out this year after a record-breakingedition of the biggest German festival in2010. Also in our interview with GunnarLagerman of the revamped Hultsfred Festivalin Sweden he explained about the difficultiesin the Swedish festival market.Still there are many festivals doing extremelywell this year, (see article on T inthe Park in DF Concerts story in this issue.)but factors like higher fees for artists, risingproduction costs and the overall eco-Rock am Ringnomical climate are increasing challengesthat festival promoters have to deal withthese days.Wacken 2011 - Once Again 75.000 Tickets SoldManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comThe Wacken festival celebrated its 22ndedition this year. According to the promoterICS Festival Service GmbH, the eventwas actually visited by 85.870 people - althoughthis official estimate also includesartists, crew and guests.For this year’s event the promoter undertookseveral new environmentally friendlyefforts. Entitled “Metal 4 Nature” the programutilised 3 additional so called “TrashMobiles” – pick up trucks that drove onthe camping sites to pick up waste. On thesite itself there are 5 more waste collectingpoints. Also the promoter installed 4 km ofpower cables on the site and therefore wasable to reduce the previous amount of 93diesel generators.Glass bottles are banned completely fromthe entire festival site. The promoter offerfree PET-bottles to visitors asking them todecant beverages into these bottles. Thisresulted in an 80 % reduction in cuts.Together with the charity organizationViva Con Aqua, Wacken launched a waterbrand called, “Wacken Aqua.” Viva ConAqua supports water supply systems inthird world countries. Additionally Wackenvisitors were asked to donate their depositon beer cups to the organization by droppingoff cups to Viva Con Aqua teams onthe site.In a previous VIP-News edition we reportedthat together with the Universityof Osnabrück and the support of Region-Nord Büro and Deutsche BundesstiftungUmwelt (DBU) Wacken had developed asustainable program to reduce the soilcompactionof the festival site.The event itself took place from July 31to August 2. The pre-ticket sales for thenext edition started on August 8, The firstconfirmed acts for 2012 are Ministry, Hammerfall,U.D.O, Amon Amarth, GammaRay,Cradle of Filth and the German band Scorpions.Wacken 2011For more information please check:www.wacken.com9VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011The Italia Wave Festival Contends with AdversityAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comThe Italia Wave Festival is a peripatetic(not often I get a chance to use that word!)event, which moves to different sites in Italy,taking the spirit of the original ArezzoWave Love Festival with it. I attended thisfifth edition of the Italia Wave Festival 14-17July in Lecce, Puglia, being aware that fordirector Mauro Valenti and his team, andfor the many aware of the history of thiscultural event, that this was actually the25th anniversary of the event that beganlife in Tuscany in 1987, entitled ‘Provinciainsonne’.Arezzo Wave earned the name of“Italian Woodstock” over the years, attractingthousands of young people each year.Italian fans has not embraced the musicfestival as we know it now in the rest of Europe,but Arezzo Wave, which became ItaliaWave on moving to Florence in 2007, thenmoving on to Livorno for the next threeeditions, has a fine tradition. Remaining inthe main a free event presenting not onlymusic but other cultural events it has presentedan impressive array of internationalacts including, Mano Negra, the LeningradCowboys, David Byrne, Nick Cave,Sonic Youth, Moby, Tricky, Ben Harper.Most of the major Italian rock artists havepassed through the Arezzo Wave.Mauro Valenti and the team have also actedas ambassadors for Italian music at manyinternational events, acting as an ItalianExport Office and being involved with theETEP programme from an early stage.This first edition in Lecce however had itsproblems and did not work out as planned,although the bill was fine, with artists suchas Lou Reed, Jimmy Cliff and Paulo Nutiniperforming fine sets with a great production,the numbers were down, with onlythe free night of Italian acts pulling a largecrowd to the dauntingly large Lecce Stadium.The smaller Psycho Stage was wellattended during the day, but for strangersto the City and the area like myself, it wasdifficult to locate and more difficult totravel easily between the sites. Althoughthe area has some beautiful surroundingsand should be an attraction to tourists, nota lot seemed to be being done to attracttourists.I asked Mauro Valenti to explain what hethought had caused the setbacks:“I agree about the quality of the shows. Doingthe festival in the deep South of Italy wasa huge risk. The poverty of this territory andthe Italian financial crisis together with alack of curiosity toward new things are thesymbol of our country. We are the only Italianfestival at an European level and if nextyear we repeat our experiment in Puglia, ourdecision will depend very much on local andRegional authorities and how much theywant to bet on the local marketing of this territoryand on how much they will be able tocontribute to becoming like Exit or other festivalsloved and wanted by worldwide musicglobetrotters.Marco Valenti - director Arezzo WaveWe had to use the only available locations ofthe city, even if far away one from each otherin order to realize all our proposals. We hadto face many inconveniences that one couldcall boycotts… The Province of Lecce toldus officially that they would guarantee to financeus with a certain amount of Euros, butthen they changed their mind and by todaythey have given only 75% of what they hadpromised.Guarantees of connections and shuttles neverrealized, and the police did not remove theillegal vendors of food and drinks outside thestadium. If their prices were lower than oursprobably people would buy from them ratherthan from our own concessions.Despite all of the above, we were determinedto do our 25th festival, maybe we were dopedby the music! I think that the unique performancesin Italy of Paolo Nutini and Kaiser Chiefsand the concerts of Jimmy Cliff and Lou Reedwere flowers in the desert of this country. InSeptember we will think about what to donow that we have had time to consider, forthe moment we really thank you and everyonefor having been with us.”Italia Wave FestivalDespite this year’s disappointments therewere high points and I certainly don’t thinkwe have seen the last of Italia Wave, or theArezzo Wave spirit!10VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011Sziget Reports 77.000 CashlessVisitorsManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comSziget Festival makes Budapest a hotspot for festival tourism. According toa press report issued by the festivalthe 19th edition of the event attracted77.000 people coming from 61 countries.Particularly festival goers from theNetherlands turned the festival site intoa “Dutch island on the River Danube” theday before the open air event started.The reason for this was the arrival of twoof three chartered trains.While the Dutch community apparentlycame by train visitors from France,Italy and Belgium arrived one day laterby bus. In the press release the Szigetorganization declared that the festival:“has a strong reason to claim the title‘global village’… or even ‘global town’,judging by the massive size of the venueand the number of inhabitants.”Another new topic on the agenda ofthis festival was the introduction of aso-called Festivalcard. The promoter decidedthat during the event and on thesite festival visitors could only pay forgoods with this card. As in some Europeanfootball stadiums where cashlesspayment systems are already in place,this enables organisers to control theentire money flow and managementwithin their events.The card is issued by Sziget CulturalManagement Ltd. and is also beingused at other festivals by the companysuch as Budai Gourmet, VOLT and theHeineken Balaton Sound. Unfortunatelycardholders won’t be able to transferthe balance on the card onto theother festivals. For the cash free managementSziget Cultural ManagementLtd. had to install a complete networkof card readers and payment terminalsknown as Top Up Points. The maximumamount of money that could beuploaded on this card is 240,000 HungarianForints, which is about 890 Euro.For every money upload Sziget charges100 Forints. To charge the card, festivalvisitors can pay with cash or with bankor credit cards.In addition to the festival card punterscan also buy a Festival Watch, anothercatchy cash gadget promoted as being“rain and shower resistant and also beerand mud proof”. This specially designedwatch offers the same payment functionalitiesas the card and can be purchasedfor 30 Euro. However, refunding will onlybe given at the Top Up Points during theduration of the festival. For protection inthe case of loss or robbery of the card,festival goers have to register the cardor watch by a text message to a mobilephone number or online at the payment systems on large-scaleevents such as Sziget or Football stadiumsbecame possible due to the invention ofso-called near field communication chips(NFC). These chips enable the transferof data in short range distance. Besidespayment functionalities these chips alsocan manage paperless ticketing, accesscontrolling or online streaming or downloads.Several smart phone producerssuch as Blackberry, Nokia or Samsungmeanwhile offer cell phones that includesuch a chip. In the future these chipscould also be used as car keys.But in terms of consumer satisfactionthese kind of money management deviceshave limits. In many cases it is justa bargain for the card issuer who makesa profit on non- reimbursed funds. Otherwiseit is more likely that cardholdersrather lose track of their money spendingwithin the system of cash free payments.Another advantage for the card issuer isthat with the installation of such a systemhe controls the entire cash flow managementof an event. It also means that merchantson the site completely lose overallcontrol of payment for their goods.Not to forget the difficulties if a merchantcharges you wrongly and your overpaymentvanishes into a virtual account…Sizegt 2011 took place on August 8to August 15. For further informationplease go to the very proper website ofthis festival at www.sziget.hu11VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 201120.000 Visitors for M’era Luna and one moreFestival for FKP ScorpioManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comThe FKP Scorpio promoted M’era Luna attracted 20.000 visitorsthis year, down on the 24.000 one year ago. Primarily promotedas festival for Dark Wave and Gothic this festival put on musicallydifferent acts such as Atari Teenage Riot, Apocalyptica, Hurts orPatrick Wolf.volume of about 1.5 million Euros according to the local newspaperCuxhavener Nachrichten. Cuxhaven is located in NorthernGermany and the festival side is located directly by the sea. Forfurther information please check www.deichbrand.deWith the Deichbrand Festival in Cuxhaven FKP Scorpio addedyet another festival to its portfolio. As Pollstar recently reportedFKP together with former promoters and founders of the festivalScorpio formed a new company ESK Events & Promotion GmbH.The Deichbrand festival has operated since 2005 and is locatedin an industrial zone in Cuxhaven. FKP Scorpio launched the newcompany in June 2010, the directors are Folkert Koopmans, MarcEngelke and Daniel Schneider.The festival hit financial trouble in 2008 into after the festival sitesuffered from damage due to bad weather, a situation repeated in2009. This year the event pulled 18.000 visitors and a productionM’era Luna12VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011Hultsfred Festival – The Comeback of a Festival?Manfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comLast year the Swedish festival market sawthe departure of not one, but two of itsmajor festivals, Hultsfred and the Arvika.But at least the Hultsfred festival wasrescued and re-appeared on the marketwith the backing of the biggest Europeanfestival promoter, FKP Scorpio. FormerHultsfred-manager Gunnar Lagerman waspersuaded to abandon his beloved tomato-plantsin order to return to his positionas boss of Hultsfred again. VIP-News spokewith him.Gunnar LagermanVIP-News: Mission impossible completed?Gunnar Lagerman: Well, we’ve startedsix feet under but we succeeded very wellwith this festival. In a very short time we’vehad to build a line-up, the media was notso positive as usual but I would say we’vemade it anyhow.VIP-News: How many visitors did you finallyhave?Lagerman: About 11.000 people in theend, which is almost three times morethan the festival had on account last year.»Many people still wereafraid of buying ticketsbecause they thought itmight be cancelled again«- Gunnar LagermanVIP-News: How did the pre-sales do thisyear?Lagerman: They were slow; most of themwere sold during the last two weeks. Manypeople still were afraid of buying ticketsbecause they thought it might be cancelledagain.VIP-News: Did last year’s ticket buyer gettheir money back?Lagerman: No…. and that is definitely sixfeet under. We started unfortunately toolate with a campaign whereby last year’sticket-buyers could buy three tickets forthe price of two. Something that we couldmaybe have done earlier, if we had moretime. I mean, we only decided in Mid-Januaryto go on with Hultsfred and that wasalready very late.VIP-News: How were the media reactions?Lagerman: Well, most of the media didn’tbelieve that this was going to work.VIP-News: So, there was a large amount ofscepticism everywhere?Lagerman: Yes…but we managed to havea really good program, so last month someof the media finally changed their mindsbut it was too late.VIP-News: The program was pretty muchpop and dance and not so much rockacts…isthat your new booking-policy atHultsfred?Lagerman: Well, to an extent, we wouldhave taken on more rock-acts but wecouldn’t get them when we started withthe booking.VIP-News: Who took care of the booking?Lagerman: I have done all of the bookings.VIP-News: So FKP Scorpio mainly lookedafter the logistical stuff?Lagerman: Yes. We had several things thatwe looked after here in the Swedish officebut when it comes to the practical thingsFKP Scorpio took care of it. Among otherswe worked together with Klangpiraten, aman power supplier that works closely togetherwith FKP Scorpio.VIP-News: Did you sell tickets abroad thisyear or was it mainly a Swedish audience?Lagerman: Mainly Swedish, we’ve hada connection to the Hurricane festival,which then brought a bus of Germans upto Hultsfred.VIP-News: And how was the media receptionafterwards?Lagerman: Well, I mean, some said we’vedone good, some said the area wasn’tcrowded, of course the area could havetaken 20.000 people and we had heavyrain the first day, like 16 hours….we couldhave had a better start, yes.VIP-News: How has the collaboration withthe local city council worked out?Lagerman: It worked very well. I mean, weplanned to work out the festival-area in sixweeks, in the end we built the area in sixdays. And it worked out very well, in termsof practicalities it was probably the bestfestival ever. I have the feeling that 95% ofthose who bought tickets for this year willcome back next year. I believe in the pastfour, five years there might have 60% ofnewcomers, which of course is a problemfor a festival.VIP-News: Do you know much about theaudience, were they younger than before,were they a different audience?13VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011Lagerman: No, we definitely had an olderaudience than before.VIP-News: Do you know the average age?Lagerman: Not yet for sure, but there wereprobably more like 24 year olds rather than19 as it used to be. We managed to get thelicense for serving beer all over the infield.In Sweden as you may know It used to bethe situation, that you have to fence areaswhere you can drink your beer. That’s thecase at most festivals in Sweden, and thatis something that maybe is okay whenyou’re 20 – 22, but if you are 26 it sucks.Now we had alcohol served all over the infield,people where not as drunk as it usedto be, no accidents or fighting, whatever. Itwas a very positive atmosphere.VIP-News: So, what is on your agenda for2012?Lagerman: It’s a little bit early to say, butwe will do an even better festival and abigger audience.For further information please check:www.hultsfredsfestivalen.seMelt! A Class Of Its OwnManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comThe 14th edition of the Melt! Festival reporteda sold out edition with 22.000 visitors.This festival is very special indeed. Locatedin the very far east of Germany theMelt! has become one of the most credibleopen-air pop events in Germany and hasmanaged to attract one third of its audiencefrom abroad.Melt! Is a festival where even veggie andorganic food is no longer an exception.No, at Melt! these kind of visitor friendlyamenities are part of the standard repertoireand among others just another assetto keep its visitors happy.VIP-News spoke with Stefan Lehmkuhlabout the efforts made to ensure the sustainabilityof this in many ways, very differentfestival.Lehmkuhl: Last year we already focusedon the mobility concept for Melt!. Wemaintained this concept featuring train &bus transportation offers and discountedticket prices on Deutsche Bahn. We offerbicycles to hire here, which is very ecofriendlyto get an idea of the region.This year the biggest news in regards ofgreen music, and that is a really greatthing, is that in cooperation with Ferropolisand the solar-industry company Q-Cells,we installed solar-panels on the roofs thatwe have here. So most of the energy weuse here this year is coming from our ownsolar panels, it is sun energy and I thinkthat is a big thing for a festival. That’s notonly for Melt!, that is something that is forall shows that will take place here in the futureon our site.VIP-News: You are also involved in Metropolis,the company that actually takescare of the bookings for the Ferropolis site.What are your plans for the site?Lehmkuhl: We are working on improvingthe amount of events taking place here,this year we had not too many concerts,mainly industry-events, some sportseventsand theatre productions. For nextyear we’re working on improving thenumber of concerts and we will establishsome of our own formats for next year.Some different festival formats for totallydifferent audiences, especially for regionalaudience. So I think next year we will haveabout 6 weekend events from Melt toSplash, some rock festivals, events dedicatedto German Schlager, folk music andmaybe even comedy.VIP-News: Any follow-ups in terms of theconsequences that love-parade caused forthe German live-industry?Lehmkuhl: Yes, officially there is a muchbigger awareness of security-concernshere with Melt! I mean Ferropolis is apretty safe venue anyway as it is built forevents and therefore fulfils high securitystandards. So here at Melt we didn’t havebig knock-on effects from love-parade,but our own awareness to even look intothings and keep a closer eye on the movementsof crowds on each floor. The programof the festival is the most importantthing that helps to steer the movement ofthe crowd on the site.VIP-News: What is different at Melt! 2011compared to previous years?Stefan Lehmkuhl: Not too much, we’vesold out much earlier, about one and ahalf months before, at the end of May.The rest didn’t change too much, we havethe same stage-setup, many more LED-Lights, not only to save more energy, alsoto make it look more stylish and I thinkthe stage-designs are pretty well donethis year.VIP-News: You are setting some remarkablestandards with Melt! when it comesto environmentally friendly concepts foropen air events. How do you proceed withthese kinds of activities?For further information please check:www.meltfestival.deStefan Lemkuhl14VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011New service for launches! is a tool that enables artists to DISTRIBUTE their music to more than 6.000venues and agencies worldwide at the click of the mouse! has recently expanded itsservices by launching a new online promotion tool directed towardsartists within the live music industry.Thus has moved beyondbeing a business-to-business resource reservedfor entertainment industry professionalsonly, as performing artists are nowgiven the opportunity to access parts of theVIP network database and thereby distributeand promote their own music.According to Ronni Didriksen, founder anddirector of, has risen as a natural developmentof’s already existingservices. Previously, chosen subscribers were given the opportunityto present and distribute their artists’material to other professionals in the VIPnetwork database through This proved to be a success and contributedto the rising demand for such aservice – not only amongst professionalsbut also amongst performing artists.“The concept of is quitesimple”, Ronni says, “When you register you get access to partof the database whichis Europe’s most comprehensive internetdatabase containing information on morethan 10.000 venues and agencies all over theworld. When registered, you createan EPK(Electronic Press Kit), where you can uploadyour picture, audio/video and biographyand email it directly to the venues, festivalsor management companies of your choice”,he EPK to the entire network without beingselective would be costly and the fee wouldno longer be symbolic”, he says.Ronni has – as he is busy running the - chosen to leave themarketing of to histwo new employees – Marie Weiergangand Laura Skriver, who have taken on thejob with great enthusiasm.“We are spreading the word about”, Marie says, “and I truly believein the concept, because MyMusicMailer.comreally is the perfect tool for musicians to distributetheir music to the live music industryand to get through to the right people – andbesides that, there are currently no existingservices like it in Europe, so there is an actualneed for this kind of service amongst musicians”,she says.Laura agrees “This tool makes it so mucheasier for musicians to be independent andpromote themselves, because it providesthem with the needed information and connectionsthat otherwise takes lots and lots ofhard work and not the least time to acquire.Besides that it’s very easy to search and navigatethe database – you just select and connect– it’s that easy! In that way musicianswho subscribe to aregiven a head start”, she says.According to Marie, what separates from other sites, such asMySpace and others alike, is the fact lets you distributeyour EPK directly to venues and agencies.The receiver gets all information inone presentation and the EPK has a veryprofessional appearance – it’s a classy yetsimple presentation of the artist and theirmusic, she says.Ronni points to the fact that the role ofthe record labels is diminishing in termsof breaking new artists. The record labelsno longer have the same recourses andfunds available for promoting new talentas they used to. Therefore there is a needfor a service like forartists, who want to make an effort themselvesand get their music out. “As US musicblogger Bob Lefsetz said at a conferencerecently: “It’s no longer about content, it’sabout distribution” Ronni adds.“I’m confident that both the professionalswithin the live music industry as well as theartists will welcome our initiative and makeit a success”, he says.The team behind MyMusicMailer- ready to shout it out!It´s free to sign up, but MyMusicMailer.comcharges a symbolic fee for each EPK sent.According to Ronni this is partly to ensurethat artists are selective about whom theycontact and thus that the professionalsdon’t experience an overload of EPK’s thatare not relevant to them. “Choosing to send15VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011Showdown for Popkomm2011Manfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comPopkomm is by far extent the best know music industry tradeevent in Germany. This year’s event will take place from September7 to 9 at the former airport Tempelhof in Berlin. But Popkommis no longer a stand-alone event, like the Berlin Festival itis now an embedded event within Berlin Music Week.Berlin Music Week is basically a political, or perhaps better said, acity marketing product. It remains a bit of a mystery what thoseresponsible in Berlin are aiming to establish and to invest intothis new brand. For the music industry Popkomm is still seen asthe destination to head to in Berlin.VIP-News spoke with Daniel Barkowski, who has been head ofindustry convention for two years, about the difficulties andchallenges presented by the upcoming edition and the futureof this event.VIP-News: How are things looking for Popkomm 2011?Daniel Barkowski: Popkomm 2011 is very promising. We areextremely proud to announce that for the first time a foreignminister is attending the Popkomm Opening. Ewa Björling theSwedish Minister of Trade opens the Popkomm conference witha keynote on Wednesday, September 7 th.On Wednesday and Thursday the Popkomm conference focuseson the digital music industry with various keynotes and panelsat the Popkomm Media_Gate. Popkomm Media_Gate is a formatfor the digital music industry with companies such as Google,Microsoft, Napster, Finetunes and Gracenote discussing the latesttrends and topics in panels and workshops. Furthermorewe involved in many music and media industry cooperations.One partnership is with the medienboard Berlin–Brandenburgwhere Popkomm will be hosting a panel called ‘Music_Media_New Radio: Business Models and Digital Strategies on Tuesday,Daniela Barkowski16VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011September 6th, from 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm.Professionals within the music industrywill showcase all the new formats and programmesthat a renaissance in the musicbusiness holds in store.Thursday is dedicated to more generalmusic topics and on Friday we are expectingMelvin Benn from Festival Republicas a keynote speaker focusing on the livesector. We are very pleased about our twoinnovative event formats Media_Gate andNetworking_Gate, our networking andmatchmaking platform, which confirmthat Popkomm has become even moremulti-faceted and provides a strong impactinto future developments. We covertopics of fundamental interest to the musicindustry and with the Popkomm showcaseshelp to promote artists from everycontinent.Vip News: Was it difficult to assemble exhibitorsand delegates for this year’s Popkomm?Was it more difficult than in previousyears?Barkowski: This is my second Popkommand I’m very pleased with the expectedaudience. Exhibitors from 22 countriesincluding, for the first time, Israel andArgentina, will attend Popkomm, alongDaniela Barkowskiwith industry experts from music exportagencies, national and international associationsand 115 selected Popkommartists. We are also happy to announce thecooperation with the Berlin based organisationBerlin Music Commission. With thenetworking formats such as one-on-onematchmaking and round table discussionsdelegates are invited to MEET BERLIN onSeptember, 7th at the Networking_Gate.The Berlin Music Commission invites tonetwork, to gain new insights, to learn ideasfrom other industries and last but notleast to make premium contacts.Special highlights are the music supervisorsessions with Tess Taylor from NARIPand Andrea von Foerster and Gary Calamarwill meet Popkomm delegates fordirect pitches. Andrea von Foerster is responsiblefor The O.C., Grey’s Anatomy,Dollhouse, Stargate Universe, Gary Calamarfor the soundtrack of True Blood,Dexter and House.Vip News: Many People outside of Germanyand even Germans, who are notfrom Berlin have problems understandingthe difference between Berlin MusicWeek, the Berlin Festival, Popkomm andAll Together Now. What is the overallgoal for it? Popkomm is internationallythe best known trademark, so why does itneed another brand entitled Berlin MusicWeek?Barkowski: Last year was a little bit difficultfor foreign people to understandwhat Berlin Music Week stands for as itwas a kind of creation process for all thedifferent partners. But I think we’ve madeit very clear this year. Berlin Music Weekis the umbrella brand whereas Popkommis the B2B-platform within the Berlin MusicWeek. We’re concentrating on matchmaking,B2B sessions such as our daytimeshowcases for a B2B audience. We are theonly partner within the Berlin Music Weekoffering special networking formats andconference topics to international andnational music and creative industry delegates.Vip News: In terms of partners, there are acouple of former Popkomm partners suchas Buma Cultuur or the BPI that won’thave Popkomm stand this year. How doyou re-approach these organisations, areyou going to invite them?Barkowski: We are very pleased to welcomethem as delegates at Popkomm2011. We have been working with internationalpartners and especially the musicexport offices for years and it is our aim tosupport their national artists. This year’sshowcase programme will be fully promotedto all Popkomm delegates to assistartists to gather the attention of the rightpeople in the right place at the right time.Our music manager Paul Cheetham placesas many artists as possible on to the BerlinFestival, various Berlin Music Week events,club nights and parties that will take placethroughout the city during this excitingweek of music and entertainment.Vip News: In terms of booking procedures,I have been told, that artists only can playat Popkomm showcases if they have arecord company or an agent that also hasa stand. Is that correct?Barkowski: Artists have to be linked to anexhibitor or co-exhibitor at Popkomm toplay at the Popkomm Showcases. That’swhy we are working very closely with theinternational music export offices to supporttheir artists. The link to the exhibitionpart allows them to get the best exposurewhen they come to Popkomm and benefitfrom the support of the structure while attending.Vip News: How many people are you expectingat this year’s Popkomm?»This year’s Popkomm onceagain provides a vibrantand creative setting for theworldwide music industry«- Daniela BarkowskiBarkowski: Definitely not less than lastyear and I’m looking forward seeing everyoneat Popkomm from 7th - 9th September.And of course, everyone is alsoinvited to the ‘European Music and MediaNight’ in the E-Werk Berlin. This year’sPopkomm once again provides a vibrantand creative setting for the worldwidemusic industry.17VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011ETEP 2.0 Looks East with CEETEPAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comWith the help of the recent grant from theEuropean Commission ETEP (European TalentExchange Program*) has announced anew development and expansion as ETEP2.0. The new version will welcome theinvolvement of eight new festivals fromCentral Eastern Europe (CEE) joining ETEPin 2012, and it is planned that ETEP 2.0will grow from 60 participating festivals in2011 to 100 in 2015.Together with in total 13 CEE-ETEP festivalsin the CEE region and around 26media partners, Eurosonic Noorderslagand co-organisers Sziget and Exit Festivalwill develop a scheme for the circulationof CEE artists and repertoire in CentralEastern Europe at the festivals and in themedia, called CEETEP (Central and EasternEuropean Talent Exchange Program). Byworking together the organisers and theirmedia partners will help more CEE artistsperform across borders within CentralEastern Europe and via shows at EurosonicNoorderslag in the Netherlands throughoutthe whole of Europe and beyond.Fruzsina Szép from Sziget Festival says: “Along wish and a plan that has developedduring former Region Conferences in Budapestis finally taking shape by placing CEEtalents on the European musical map.”Ivan Milivojev from Exit says: “CEETEP hasstarted, festivals confirmed, media joined,I can feel the stir of a new project beingborn out of great idea. Bands will start tocirculate, I am delighted that all this happenedat EXIT festival, to see this potentand beautiful cooperation at work. CEETEPhas started. You`ll certainly hear moreabout it.”Peter Smidt from Eurosonic Noorderslagsays: “With radio stations and media fromall countries confirming their participationI am confident CEETEP will have an impactfor talent in the CEE countries. This is anotherstep in better circulation of Europeanrepertoire in Europe.”At the first CEE-ETEP (CEETEP) meeting inBudapest in May this year the following 13festivals agreed to work together on thisproject: Coke Live Festival – Poland, Podoha– Slovakia, Rock For People – Czechia,Taksirat – R. Macedonia, T-Mobile INmusicFestival – Croatia, , B’estfest – Romania,Exit – Serbia, Wilsonic – Slovakia, Sziget –Hungary, Heineken Opener Festival – Poland,Positivus Festival – Latvia, Spirit OfBurgas – Bulgaria, and Woodstock Festival– Poland.Certainly it appears that the Festival promotersare taking the lead in trying to developboth acts and industry in the Easternmarkets, many of them also promote atsmall and mid level venues, and it seemsthat their motives are not only to fill thevenues and attract bigger audiences totheir festivals, but to open up the possibilitiesfor local talent to play in neighbouringterritories and eventually into Western Europe.Girts Majors of Latvia’s Positivus Festivaltold VIP-News at The Great Escape inBrighton this year, “Besides organisingPositivus, the biggest music and arts festivalin the Baltic states, with a capacity of20,000+ festival goers, as promoters wehave been operating for 8 years now focusingon Western artists concerts in Riga.The 1990’s saw the dawn of the musicindustry in Latvia. At the moment/currentlyrecorded music business has almostceased to exist. Most of the business is foreignartist live shows and majority of thembeing arena-level. Some of the Westernartists have enjoyed the highest attendanceof their shows exceptionally in Riga.Club-level shows are rare and undevelopeddue to infrastructure problems. Thegood sign in recent years is that some ofthe local artists have also managed to securesold out arena-level shows.Our planfor the near future is to focus on 2,000 capacitygigs. We’re about to open and runour own venue like that in Riga.Piotr Miazek of the Zloty Melon ConcertAgency, and a representative of WoodstockFestival Poland told VIP-News , “Iwould like to say that we are proud to betaking part in the CEETEP program. It is ourdeep conviction that music made in Polandand elsewhere in this part of Europeis just as good as in the western music, andthat our talent pool is just as big. It wouldbe great to hear Polish radio stations playinggood quality music from Romania,Hungary, Serbia, etc.Thanks to the kind hospitality of the ExitFestival,VIP-News attended the secondCEETEP meeting in Serbia at which thefollowing mediapartners of the 13 CEETEPfestivals joined the program: MR2-PetőfiRadio – Hungary, KOMMPOT Communication– Hungary, Neston – Hungary, FirstMacedonian net portal – Macedonia, Radio103 – Macedonia, Antyradio – Poland,Czech Radio - Radio Wave – Czech Republic,Radio 101 – Latvia, Metropotam portal– Romania, Radio Belgrade 1 – Serbia, DarikRadio – Bulgaria, 24 hours news paper– Bulgaria, Croation Radio – Croatia.Laurent Marceau, Head of Eurosonic/RadioPlus at the European Broadcasting Union,told VIP-News, “Hope for the best and preparefor the worst… I don’t know who saidthis but this cannot apply to the CEETEPprogramme. Joining forces between festivalsand (public) broadcasters makes realsense, it contributes to cross-border distributionof music, and that’s simply great,full stop. This scheme has a great future!”… A sentiment that we at VIP greatly support– Watch this space!*ETEP 2.0Eurosonic Noorderslag will work togetheron more exposure for the selected ETEPacts with the following partners: Euro-18VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011pean Commission / Sena Performers /Buma Cultuur / EBU. And with Co-organisers:Yourope / Initiative Musik Gmbh /European Music Office (EMO) / FestivalExit / Festival Sziget / Bureau Export dela Musique Française (Burex) / CatalanInstitute for the Cultural Industries (ICIC)/ Fondazione Arezzo Wave Italia (FAWI)/ Finnish Music Information center (FIM-IC) / Music Information Centre Austria(MICA) / Music Centre Flanders / MusicExport Norway / Wallonie Bruxelles Musiques(WBM).With the exchange and support of newEuropean music in Europe being one ofthe main goals of Eurosonic Noorderslag,the special European Talent Exchange Program(ETEP) was introduced in 2003. Eachyear ETEP brings together the leading Europeanfestivals, radio and other mediaat Eurosonic Noorderslag and stimulatesthem to ‘exchange’ a selection of artists.Since the start of the ETEP program in 2003a total of 1330 shows by 489 European artistswere presented at the 60 ETEP festivals(2003 – 2011)The updated ETEP website will be online inSeptember 2011 - www.etep.nlReeperbahn CampusAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comAs organiser Detlef Schwarte explains TheReeperbahn Campus as a B2B-platformand conference is one of three elements ofthe “Reeperbahn Festival - Music / Campus/ Arts” which will take place in Hamburg,from 22 –24 of September.For the first time the B2B-platform providesseveral networking services for thedelegates. Most importantly are the “NetworkingSessions” titled Meet the Managers,Meet the Festival, Meet the Agents andMeet the Promoters. These NetworkingSessions are open for the delegates, butonline-registration is required. They takeplace in the Reeperbahn Campus Loungeon Spielbudenplatz.Reeperbahn Campus conference will focuson the Recorded Music Industry andLive Entertainment Business. The traditionalpanel format will be complementedby presentations, keynote-statements and-interviews.Schwarte says, “The Reeperbahn Campusaims to establish itself as the central andmost important forum for the interests ofthe music industry and live biz in Germany.We want to provide the platform for a yearlygathering of the relevant representativesof these two sectors to reflect on currenttechnical, economical and cultural developmentsthat affect their businesses.”Panels will include: -Also new in 2011: the Reeperbahn CampusShowcases. Israel, Switzerland, Canada,Holland and some German organisationsand companies will invite delegates andpunters to check out their acts. The showcaseswill take place during the daytime inReeperbahn Campus Pubs at Spielbudenplatznext door to the Reeperbahn CampusLounge and the conference.These twoelements are the most important parts ofthe B2B function of Reeperbahn Campus.Besides this several German and internationalpartners will invite delegatestoreceptions, parties or closed shop matchmakings.Conference:Festival-Season 2011/12 with Stefan Lehmkuhl(Melt! Festival, DE), Gunnar Lagerman(Hultsfred Festival, SWE), Rob Challice(Association of Independent Festivals,UK), Peter Smidt (Buma Cultuur, NL), ChristophePlatel (Paleo Festival, CH). Moderation:Greg Parmley (IQ Magazine, UK)In the course of the subject block THEAGENT´S AGENDA the Reeperbahn Campuswill present a view of the music agencybusiness in the year 2011 in three parts.In a keynote interview with Allan McGowan,editor of the British VIP magazine, thelegendary agent Barry Dickins will explainhis personal view of the current situationof the music agency business and of tours,talents and ticket prices.Detlef Schwartewill be discussed by a panel composedof international music agents, includingEmma Hogan (ITB, UK), Rense Van Kessel(Friendly Fire, NL), Alexander Kralisch(Melt! Booking, DE) and Michael Löffler(Target Concerts, DE).As an introduction to the subject block,Charlie Pressburg of the US American musicjournal Pollstar will provide a detailedoverview of the Pollstar Boxoffice Half YearResults 2011, the most important key figuresfor the international concert and tourbusiness.Even more than in the last two years theSubsequently the question of “How Do WeKeep the Business Going and Growing?”More information:www.reeperbancampus.com19VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011DF Concerts – Live on All Levels in ScotlandAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comEvery now and then VIP-News will take alook at the activities of some of Europe’sbest known promotion companies. Manyof these enterprises are involved witha much wider range of events than youmight think, and are extremely busy people!In this issue we take a look at the activitiesof Scotland’s DF Concerts.DF was founded in Dundee as Dance FactoryConcerts, and is one of Scotland’sthree major promoters. For a time DF wasmajority-owned by Irish promoter DenisDesmond’s Dublin company, Gaiety Investments,but in April 2008 Desmond sold hiscompany’s 67% holding to US entertainmentgiant Live Nation, which acquiredthe stake through LN-Gaiety Holdings, itsUK joint venture with Desmond. Geoff Ellisand promoter Simon Moran retained theremaining 33% shareholding in DF andthe Company still retains the image andethics of an independent promoter, operatingfrom club level right through to majorfestivals. The Company owns and manageslegendary, and imaginatively namedGlasgow club, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut,promotes major international acts, suchas Take That, AC/DC, The Eagles, Coldplayand Jay-Z around the country and is responsiblefor one of Europe’s leading openair events, T in the Park, plus The EdgeFestival (originally T on the Fringe) whichcombines forces with the Edinburgh ComedyFestival to bring Music and Comedytogether at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.The current CEO of DF Concerts is G e offEllis, originally from Manchester, he joinedDF in 1992 to run King Tut’s Wah Wah Clubwhich had opened in Glasgow’s St VincentStreet two years earlier, his office is stillabove the club. Since then King Tut’s hasbecome one of the most popular musicvenues in the country. Geoff Ellis told VIP-Newsabout the history and the presentsuccess of“Since opening in 1990 our ethos has beento use King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut as a platformfor unsigned and up and comingbands as well as showcasing some of thehottest talent from around the globe. Artistssuch as Radiohead, Coldplay, Snow Patrol,The Killers, Florence and the Machineand Oasis, who were famously signed atthe venue in 1993, all played in King Tut’sin the early part of their careers.”Currently the Club is absolutely centralto the ‘Your Sound’ initiative to promoteunsigned acts in Scotland and King Tut’sRecords. Both of these ventures form anessential part of DF’s overall plan to developthe music scene in Scotland.Ellis considers it a testament to the hardwork and professionalism of the King Tut’steam that many bands continue to returnto play in the venue, including some thatare now headlining their own stadiumshows and festivals. For the venue’s 20thBirthday the Manic Street Preachers andPaulo Nutini returned to perform and BiffyClyro presented the venue with a birthdaycake.King Tut’s prides itself on the level of serviceit provides both bands and customerswith food (always important in Scotland!)being a very important part of the business.The venue’s chefs are dedicated tomaintaining very high standards whenfeeding touring artists or providing seasonalmenus for the customers. This hasled to another extension of the businesswith the recent development of King Tut’sCatering, which provides catering servicesto a wide range of clients from weddingsand corporate events to crew and artistcatering at other venues including the O2Academy and S.E.C.C.Ellis continues, “King Tut’s Wah Wah Hutstaff have always had a great camaraderiewith many becoming close friends overthe years. I think this has a big impact onthe welcoming atmosphere the venue has.DF Concert’s own King Tuts Wah Wah Hutand our staff continually work with thosein King Tut’s as part of a wider team. We allknow each other and some of our currentstaff in the DF office previously worked inKing Tut’s. In fact, I met my wife when shewas managing the venue!”The Club was recently nominated as theUK’s Best Small Venue by music magazineNME. Ellis told VIP what he thought of this.“Being at the forefront of live music inScotland whilst remaining an exceptionalvenue for our customers is somethingwe take great pride in. I am very proud ofeveryone at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut andpleased with this recognition, which followson from similar awards from Radio 1and Radio Clyde.”Festivals:King Tut’s Wah Wah HutT in the Park is definitely DF’s flagshipevent, being responsible for more thanhalf of the company’s turnover. It was acknowledgedin the Scottish Parliamentsome years ago that the event contributedsome £13 million to the country’s economy.The risk that Ellis and his partners20VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011took when they staged the first event in1994 when the event drew an audience of18,000 a day has paid off, and now attractsmore like 80,000. Main sponsor, Tennents,the brewer, signed a five-year extension toits sponsorship in 2009.This year’s edition was considered oneof the best yet, perhaps the best ever, interms of atmosphere. The 18-year-old festivalclosed on Sunday 11th July, after fullonperformances from some of the greatestacts in the world including arguably, sixheadliners: Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, FooFighters, The Strokes, Beyonce & Pulp, aswell as outstanding sets from the likes ofSwedish House Mafia, Primal Scream, PlanB, The Script, Slash, My Chemical Romance,Tom Jones and Tinie Tempah.T in the Park also offered music from ScottishOpera, covering a variety of genres.The festival also supported home growngrassroots talent through its T-Break initiativeand the best of up and coming UKtalent through BBC Introducing.The Festival remained trouble free; crimefigures were down with 53 arrests beingmade between Thursday’s opening nightand top billing Foo Fighters closing theevent at midnight on Sunday. This figurecompares with 64 arrests at the same timelast year, 59 in 2009 and 69 in 2008. Most ofthe arrests were for misuse of drugs, theftand breach of the peace.In his role as Festival Director, Geoff Ellissaid, “We were delighted with the behaviourof the fans throughout T in The Park.Even a deluge of rain on Sunday failed todampen the great-natured and carnivalspirit of the crowd.Event CommanderChief Superintendent Craig Suttie andhis team led the way with the communitystyle policing of his officers and it workedsuperbly well. This, along with the excellentwork of the stewards, made this oneof the best – and safest – T in the Parksever.”The Festival’s Citizen T initiative introducedlast year also played its part. An innovativeprogramme that encourages people tolook out for their neighbours and the environmentaround the festival site, Festivalgoers are encouraged to sign up to theCitizen T manifesto, which is based aroundthe following five-points1: This is our Festival: We pledgeallegiance to T in the Park andbelieve in being good citizens.2: Everybody needs goodneighbours; we pledge to lookafter each other.3: It’s all about the T CommunityFestival staff are here to help.Have fun but stay safe.4: Bin it; Rubbish belongs in thebin. We’ll make sure it getsthere.5: A Tent is for life not just for T;We’ll take it home and re-use itThe Edge Festivaltakes place throughoutthe month of August, and is a series ofover 40 gigs, taking place across variousvenues in Edinburgh alongside the EdinburghComedy Festival, part of one of themost famous Arts Festivals in the world, ina move which brings together two of thestrongest forms of entertainment.Highlights of this year’s edition includeThe National, Jimmy Eat World, Example,Wiz Khalifa, Gomez, The Vaccines, Panic!At The Disco, Morcheeba, Tim Booth, Guillemots,Newton Faulkner, Heather Peace,Charlie Simpson, Admiral Fallow, WillyMason, Jackie Leven and king of comedyshow Jackass, Steve–O.Speaking on the morning of the programmelaunch, promoter Dave Corbetsaid: “We’re delighted to be joining forceswith the Edinburgh Comedy Festival thisyear and are pleased to be in such goodcompany. Music and Comedy have alwaysbeen great bedfellows and from the feedbackwe’ve had previously, people attendingthe festival like to build an eveningof entertainment so what better than tocatch a comedy show AND attend a gig?DF has also involved itself with shows outsidethe music industry, such as GlasgowOn Ice and Radiance Glasgow’s inauguralfestival of light. And it steps outsideof Scotland every now and then, havingworked on outdoor events in Prague, Berlin,Val d’Isere and Moscow, and stagedmusic and extreme sports festivals in Valenciaand Versailles.Geoff Ellis CEO DF ConcertsGeoff Ellis commented: “Citizen T generatesa feeling of being part of one big family– it harnesses the already legendarycampsite atmosphere and is an initiativewhich has been embraced by our audience.We will certainly be looking to expandon this again next year.”Following this outstanding festival weekend,T in the Park’s early bird tickets for the2012 edition sold out once again, provingthat demand for the festival remains ashigh as ever. T in the Park 2012 will takeplace from 6 – 8th July as usual at Balado,by Kinross for the festival’s 19th year.The promoting business is not always aneasy business and profit margins are notwhat they were in the heydays of the 70’sand DF has like many had its problems attimes, like going into the red in 2008 whentrying to establish The Hydro ConnectFestival - the antidote to T in the Park, aboutique gathering on the grounds of theDuke of Argyll’s Inveraray Castle, but theCompany bounced back and continues tobuild. DF has certainly built a reputation,and it continues to involve itself in industryissues with Geoff Ellis serving as an executivemember of the Concert Promoter’sAssociation in the UK.www.gigsinscotland.com21VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August 2011Business News - Music in SharesManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comartist avails ››Halfyear Results from CTSEventimLower revenue and profit results forthe second biggest concert company.For many years CTS Eventimhad been an investors’ darling, consciouslypleasing shareholders withrising revenue and earnings results.Still CTS Eventim compared to LiveNation is highly profitable but hasto deal with the departure of FKPScorpio as revenue contributor andongoing expenses due to the arbitrationcase with Live Nation at theInternational Chamber of Commercein London.The overall company revenue wentdown from 270.9 to 263.8 millionEuro, the Earnings before Interests,Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation(EBITDA) decreased 5.4 % from43.6 to 41.2 million Euro. The EBITeven went down minus 20.4 % from37.9 in H1-2010 to this year’s result of30.1 million Euro.Within the ticketing segment, CTSEventim managed to maintain itsgrowth policy very well, even withouta global ticketing service dealwith Live Nation. The revenue wentup from 81.5 to 104.1 million Euro,which is a plus of 27.7 %. Instead theresults of the Live Entertainmentdivision of CTS Eventim went down15.5 % from 192.8 to 162.9 millionEuro.Regarding the arbitration case CTSEventim reported that the first hearingtook place at the end of July. Thetrial is apparently supposed to lastuntil the end of the year.Due to 1:2 share splitting the shareprice of CTS Eventim meanwhile is at22.50 Euro.Halfyear Results from LiveNation“2011 has shown solid performancefor two quarters, with improved resultsacross most of our key financialmetrics, providing the basis for profitgrowth over the full year,” is howMichael Rapino, CEO of Live Nationdescribed the company situationwithin the latest business report ofthe world’s biggest concert company.The revenue climbed this year in thesecond quarter (Q2) up to $1.558billion compared to last year’s revenueresult in the same period of$1.266 billion. The revenues gainedby company division Concerts alonejumped by about 25 % and reachedthe level of $1.082.2 billion as opposedto $859.5 million.The half-year turnover result for theongoing business year (H1) grew 21%from $1.99 billion up to $2.4 billion.In almost every business segmentLive Nation had been able to reporttwo digit figures growth rates.However, almost unusually for LiveNation the company also reporteda net profit. Okay, only for Q2 wherethe company earned $13.25 millioninstead of a net loss of $32.78 millionin Q2-2010, but still a profit. Takinga look at H1 results still reveals anet loss of $35.2 million which is stillmuch better than a minus of $155million in H1-2010.Since the beginning of August theshare price of Live Nation went downfrom $11.4 to $9.38 when this articlewent to press.Groove ArmadaTerritory: Europe / WorldwidePeriod: Worldwide 2011Agency: WME - William Morris EndeavorEntertainmentAgent: Steve HoganE-mail: SHogan@wmeentertainment.comHomepage: www.groovearmada.comDub Syndicate(feat. Adrian Sherwood and Style Scott)Territory: EuropePeriod: November - December 2011Agency: Paperclip AgencyAgent: Rob BerendsPhone: +31 24 323 9322E-mail: rob@paperclip-agency.comHomepage: www.paperclip-agency.comFirehouseTerritory: EuropePeriod: 1/2/2012 - 31/3/2012Agency: ARM EntertainmentAgent: Dana StrutzPhone: +1 651 483 8754E-mail: ds@armentertainment.comHomepage: www.firehousemusic.comGhetoniaTerritory: WorldwidePeriod: Generally availableAgency: Maffucci MusicAgent: Canio Rosario MaffucciPhone: +39 339 485 8107E-mail: info@italianworldmusic.comHomepage: www.italianworldmusic.comLA Guns (feat. Phil Lewis & Steve Riley)Territory: UK - Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester,LiverpoolPeriod: 28/09/2011 - 29/09/2011Agency: ARM EntertainmentAgent: Dana StrutzPhone: +1 651 483 8754E-mail: ds@armentertainment.comHomepage: www.laguns.netThieves Like UsTerritory: GASPeriod: Generally availableAgency: Solar Penguin AgencyAgent: Michèl Dion BaltinPhone: +49 (0) 69 2562 6960E-mail: michel_dion@solarpenguin.deHomepage: www.solarpenguin.deMore Artist avails your Artist avails

VIP- News - August - August 2005 2011notice board ››Another new service in the improved and redesigned VIP-News is the Notice-board, which is available for all readers.Reader’s messages will be posted on the Notice-board as a free service, passing on announcements, job postings, buyingand selling notices, inquiries or alike. Announcements should be emailed to noticeboard@vip-booking.comTune in Tel Aviv at Reeperbahn FestivalIsrael, especially Tel Aviv, is full of musical talents and some of them- like Balkan Beat Box or Asaf Avidan - have been seen in the pastyears performing across the world. Now it’s time to present somefresh acts which are stars at home, but still unknown abroad.The “Tune in Tel Aviv” showcase on Thursday, September 22nd2011, from the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute(IEICI) within this year’s Reeperbahn Festival present some ofthe most exciting newcomers. A perfect chance to acquire a tasteof pop and rock music from the young vivacious Middle Easternmetropolis.Line-up:16:05 UZI RAMIREZ, LORENA B, BILLY AND THE FIRM, WATER KNOT, PHOTOTAXIS, phototaxis.bandcamp.com19:50 FELIDEA TRICK, UMLALA, THE RAW MEN EMPIRE,“Our partnership with the Reeperbahn Festival this year is a firststep in bringing together the European and Israeli music market,”says Mira Geshel from IEICI. “We are pleased to finally presentthese bands to the music fans and professionals in Germany.”„Tune in Tel Aviv“ – Showcase, Thursday September 22nd, 4-10pm,Kukuun, Spielbudenplatz 22, Reeperbahn, Hamburg.The bands selected for the showcase present a mixture of energeticallypop and rock sounds with tastes of hard electronicbeats as well as danceable pop-hymns, Blues, Indie, Soul, Funkor Rock’n’Roll. They mix up intense sounds with reflective lyrics,nonsense and self-criticism and prove Israel’s unique sound inpop music.All bands and some more are presented on the comilation “Tunein Tel Aviv” (Finetunes) which will be released on September 16thdigitally.VIP-Booking ApS cannot be held responsible for loss or damagesincurred as a result of transactions with individuals or companiesthrough the notice board. We recommend all to make the necessaryenquiries before entering into any agreements.VIP-Booking ApS may not, for reason of space, be able to post allannouncements received. Announcements should be emailed, including name and email address.Please shorten your message to the extent possible, to make room foras many notices as possible.Website:www.tune-in-tel-aviv.comThe Raw Men Empire - by Tsvika FroshWater KnotUzi Ramirez By Dorel Gillerman23VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August - August 2005 2011Monthly featured Artist ››Powered by MyMusicMailerNinet TayebOrigin:Style:Agency:IsraelRock, AlternativeTedy LTDName:Rotem +972-52-600-33-12Looking for:Booking, Management, Record Lable, FestivalsNinet Tayeb won the first Israeli Idol in 2003. Since then she becameone of the biggest artists in Israel. Her first album, releasedin 2006, sold Gold after only 24 hours. In 2009 she released hersecond album “Communicative”, a Rock Alternative album whichreceived amazing reviews. The Communicative Live Tour wasalso praised by the press, making Ninet one of the best stageperformers In the Local Music industry. Ninet is currently staringin the Musical “Spring Awaking – Israel”, and working on her firstAlbum in English.Ninet Tayeb24The VIP-Booking European Live Entertainment BookAdvertising in the VIP Book will make you visible to 10.000 businessprofessionals all over Europe. You will find no better place to expose yourcompany to the whole European Live Entertainment Industry.›› Reserve your ad now on

VIP- News - August 2011Member presentation ››In this section we offer members of some space to present their company to VIP-News readers.If you would also like to present your company please contact Peter Briggs at pb@vip-booking.comRWE Arena Mülheim an der RuhrRWE Halle - a multi functional Venue focused in Concerts, Galas,Conferences & Sport Events offering a perfect service to visitors,Artists and Promoters.In the Heart of Germany with best infrastructure and Cities aroundlike Duisburg, Essen, Oberhausen, Cologne and Düsseldorf – 15million people catchment area.Showbiz-Management & Booking Agency is the exclusive Marketer& tenant for the RWE Halle - 45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr -GermanyAll kind of booking enquiries could be sent by e-mail to:rwe-halle@showbiz-management.comCapacity from 1000 to 4000, seated 3500 and 3 variable Tribunesgives multiple potentialities.Some Facts and services we offer:- Large Foyer incl. separate Ticket Entries, Bars, Guest Wardrobesand culinary offers- Luxury VIP Lounge- 3 tiers variable to use- Externally roofed huge Terrace- Close to City Centre and Central Station & Airport- 14 Wardrobes incl. Showers and Lounge Furniture- Sauna area- Weight & Sport room- Production Offices incl. LAN, ISDN & Fax, WLAN all over the Venue- Press & Conference & Catering Rooms- Short distance (under 10 meter) from Loading Dock to Stageground level- Bus and Tram stations named “RWE HALLE” are immediatelyoutside the VenueRWE HalleAbout Our CompanyVIP-Booking’s core product is the Internet’s oldest and largest databasefor the European Live Entertainment Industry as a tool for industry professionals. Since it’slaunch in the year 2000, we have consistently offered our subscribersthe very best in database services and now boast subscribers inover 30 countries.Today VIP-Booking offers a range of tools for the industry – includingVIP-News, VIP-Booking, VIP-Book and VIP-Contract.Please visit for further information.Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.®vip-booking.com25VIP-BOOKING.COMVIP-BOOKING.COM | 145-157 St John Street | UK - London Ec1V 4PW | Phone +44 870 755 0092 | Fax +44 870 622 1953 | e-mail: vip@vip-booking.comVIP-BOOKING.COM

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