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Everything you need to knowabout3:10 TO YUMA…and how it relates to youand the world around you.Includes info on the actors,director, with news, reviews,and photos.Presentation byDavid BruceVisualHollywood.com

SYNOPSISMovies Contain theEssence of Being Human"3:10 to Yuma" stars Russell Crowe, Christian Bale,Ben Foster, Gretchen Mol and Peter Fonda in amodern take on the classic western by ElmoreLeonard from producing/writing/directing team CathyKonrad and James Mangold ("Walk the Line").

CASTThe Cinematic Arts Havethe Power to TransformRUSSELL CROWE (Ben Wade)CHRISTIAN BALE (Dan Evans)PETER FONDA (Byron McElroy)GRETCHEN MOL (Alice Evans)BEN FOSTER (Charlie Prince)DALLAS ROBERTS (Grayson Butterfield)ALAN TUDYK (Doc Potter)VINESSA SHAW (Emma Nelson)LOGAN LERMAN (William Evans)

CASTActors areLiberators UnawareBale can be seenWerner Herzog‟sRESCUE DAWN.He will next beseen in I‟M NOTTHERE fordirector ToddHaynes. He iscurrently filmingDARK KNIGHTfor directorChristopherNolan.CHRISTIAN BALE(Dan Evans)

CASTActors help us: laugh, be happy,cry, get angry, and even think.RUSSELL CROWE(Ben Wade)Originally from New Zealand, he started makingwaves in the Australian film industry with hisperformance in the controversial film, ROMPERSTOMPER. He has received three consecutiveAcademy Award Best Actor nominations for: THEINSIDER, GLADIATOR and A BEAUTIFUL MIND –taking home the Oscar for GLADIATOR.

CREWFilmmakers are Revolutionaries,Not Just EntertainersJAMES MANGOLD(Director)MICHAEL BRANDT &DEREK HAAS(Screenplay)

DIRECTOROur Artists AreOur LiberatorsJAMES MANGOLD(Director)He has 6 feature films to date, including theaward winning WALK THE LINE, HEAVY andGIRL, INTERRUPTED.

TRIVIA AND NEWS3:10 to Yuma (2007) is a remake of the 1957Western film, making it the second adaptationof Elmore Leonard's short story.Director James Mangold was seventeen whenhe first saw the 1957 western and it made alasting impression on him. “It startled mebecause the questions the film asked aboutmorality, courage, honor and family were verysophisticated. The characters of Ben Wade andDan Evans are much more complicated thansimple black and white hats…”The 1957 film was well received on release andis still highly regarded today. The title song wassung by the respected Frankie Laine.

THE STORYStories areTransforming3:10 TO YUMA pairs two of today's finest actors RussellCrowe and Christian Bale, as an infamous outlaw andthe struggling rancher who volunteers to deliver him tojustice.

THE STORYAll Kids are Born ArtisticWhat is Natural is EssentialA stark parable of good and evil, the film offers abracingly gritty depiction of life in the mythic Old West,plunging us into a landscape of hastily constructedtowns and mean self-interest at the dawning of thetranscontinental railroad.

THE STORYinfamous outlaw Ben Wade (Crowe) and his vicious gangof thieves and murderers have plagued the SouthernRailroad. When Wade is captured, Civil War veteran DanEvans (Bale), struggling to survive on his droughtplaguedranch, volunteers to deliver him alive to the "3:10to Yuma", a train that will take the killer to trial.

THE STORYFilm making is aCommunity Event.On the trail, Evans and Wade, each from very differentworlds, begin to earn each other's respect. But withWade's outfit on their trail – and dangers at every turn –the mission soon becomes a violent, impossible journeytoward each man's destiny.

THE CRITICS SPEAKFree Artistic Expression is aMark of a Free Society“Fine performances abound…”--Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News“The movie is rife with genre standardsbut delivers them with gusto.”--Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times“Trim, efficiently paced, full of brisklystated conflicts…”--Richard Schickel, TIME Magazine“Mangold brings it home” -3 out of 4 stars--Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

OPINION and INSIGHTHave you ever sung, “Nobody likes me,everybody hates me, think I‟ll eat aworm”? And haven‟t you actually feltthat way at times? This is the plight ofthe rancher Evans who is coping withthe woes of Job, powerfully played byChristian Bale. Evan is the „everyperson‟who faces the lose of everything.Set in the starkness of themythical west where the battle betweengood and evil, chaos and order, lawand abandon can be keenly focusedon. This film captures these tensionsso well that it deserves the criticalpraise it is getting.Art is the Languageof LiberationDavid Bruce

OPINION and INSIGHTIt was Victor Hugo cleverly notedthat “There is always more miseryamong the lower classes than thereis humanity in the higher.”Society is only asfree as its artsDan Evans gets no respect fromanyone in his life. He is strugglingjust to stay afloat. His last-ditchattempt to save his ranch hasbecome something deeper andmore profound: the chance toredeem himself, in his family's eyesand his own. A chance to teach tohis son what it is to be a man. Buthe is in it all by himself, he can findno salvation or redemption outsideof himself. Question: How do youredeem and save yourself?

OPINION and INSIGHTArt is aLiberating ForceUsing the West to Paint theRealities of Self Reliance."There's something very compellingabout the struggles that people face inwesterns, defining themselves, settlingland, building families. There are noeasy ways to solve problems. You reallyhave to dig deep inside yourself andthink about who you are and whatmatters to you. The backdrop may bethe past, but the themes are verymodern." --Producer Cathy Konrad

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