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Consumer ElectronicsCOVER OVERVIEW COMPUTERS PRINTERS TELECOMM AUDIO/VIDEO GRIPS TO FEET MATERIALS/PROCESSING CONTACT USaudio/videotelecommunicationsprinters/copiers/scannersgrips,buttons,bumpers,seals& feetcomputers & accessorieswwwsantoprenecom

Consumer ElectronicsCOVER OVERVIEW COMPUTERS PRINTERS TELECOMM AUDIO/VIDEO GRIPS TO FEET MATERIALS/PROCESSING CONTACT USComputersAccessories&Santoprene TPV brings a broad range of physicalattributes to computer devices and accessories,both hand-held and desktop. Applications includecomputer components (side panels and feet), I/Odevices (internal hard drives, computer mice andstorage devices), calculators, hand-held PCs andPDAs, and accessories such as scroll wheels,wrist pads, keyboards and gaming devices.Key benefits of Santoprene TPV:• silky, soft-touch feel• thermally bonds to a variety of substrates• feet application benefits: non-marring,long-term compression stress relaxation,non-tacky• chemical, heat and oil resistance• sealing properties• weather and shock protectionCD3 Sport Discus TMAlong with its shock- andweather-resistanceproperties, SantopreneTPV is colorable, whichhelps make theseportable disc storagedevices appealing toyoung consumers.Logitech MOMO ® Racing Force Gaming WheelThis gaming device uses Santoprene TPV tooffer a flexible, comfortable handle with maximumgripping action, as well as a textured look.Microsoft Xbox TMTPV feet on the base of thispopular gaming device aremade fromSantopreneTPV.Navitrak Digital Navigation Assistant TMA watertight seal and a sure grip wereattained on this handheld GPS byovermolding Santoprene B100 bondableTPV to a PC/PET shell. This GPS meetsmilitary specifications for water immersionand impact-resistance drop tests.Logitech CordlessMouseman TM OpticalThe Santoprene TPV scrollwheel on this mouse offers softtouchcomfort and will not swellon contact with skin oils, providingaccurate performance.wwwsantoprenecom

Consumer ElectronicsCOVER OVERVIEW COMPUTERS PRINTERS TELECOMM AUDIO/VIDEO GRIPS TO FEET MATERIALS/PROCESSING CONTACT USPrinters, Copiers,Scanners&Fax MachinesWhen performance is critical, Santoprene TPV is usedon the internal components of printers, copiers,scanners, fax machines, cash registers and filmdeveloping machines. Santoprene TPV offers heatand chemical resistance, sealing and long-termcompression stress relaxation characteristics, givingimproved product performance and reliability. It’s alsoideal for use on these products as grip and feet material.Applications include printer rollers, ink storage anddelivery system components, and printer lids.Key benefits of Santoprene TPV:• long-term compression stress relaxation• coefficient of friction for paper handling• non-marring to paper• excellent dimensional tolerance• ink, chemical and heat resistance• cost reduction over EPDM or TPU• sealing properties• abrasion resistanceRollersSantoprene TPV is used in a variety of roller applicationsbecause of its resistance to inks, chemicals and heat.Printers, Copiers & Fax MachinesMakers of cash registers, photocopiers, printersand film developing machines are producingrollers made from Santoprene TPV for improvedcircumference tolerances and balance betweencoefficient of friction and abrasion resistance.HP ScannerIn grip applications like this allin-onescanner lid, SantopreneTPV offers attributes that arevalued by users, such as a softtouch, tactile surface.wwwsantoprenecom

Consumer ElectronicsCOVER OVERVIEW COMPUTERS PRINTERS TELECOMM AUDIO/VIDEO GRIPS TO FEET MATERIALS/PROCESSING CONTACT USAudio&VideoSantoprene TPVs are highly respected amongdesigners and engineers of audio and videoproducts searching for a rugged material that canwithstand the test of time, extensive wear, and theeffects of chemicals, oils or moisture. Applicationsinclude DVDs/VCRs/TVs; remote control units;digital and conventional cameras; webcams;camcorders/video recorders; MP3 and CD playersand recorders; car and home stereo systems; andspeaker surrounds and spiders.Logitech Clicksmart ® 510 WebcamLogitech used Santoprene TPV on numerous partsof this webcam, including the grip (soft touch),access panel doors (moisture resistance), andbase (non-slip and non-mar properties).Hasselblad H1 autofocus 645Santoprene B100 bondable TPVwas overmolded onto PC/ABSto create the soft-touch grip onthis high-performance camera.Key benefits of Santoprene TPV:Audio/video• silky, soft-touch feel• thermally bonds to a variety of substrates• weather and shock protection• chemical, heat, oil and moisture resistance• sealing properties• multiple processing optionsSpeaker surrounds• frequency response performance over PUfoam, NBR and SBR• excellent moisture resistance compared toPU foam or butyl rubber• design flexibility• bonds to paper, metal, and PP cones• excellent surface appearanceFeet• non-marring, long-term compressionstress relaxation, non-tacky, non-slip• smooth surfaceINFORMATIONAL LINKS:• Sound Performance Design GuideSpeakersSantoprene TPV offers enhanced soundperformance, moisture resistance anddesign flexibility for speaker surroundsand holders.Philips/Helvoet TV wedgesExtruded Santoprene TPV wedgesprovide a secure, soft componentto keep delicate picture projectioncoils in place.wwwsantoprenecom

Consumer ElectronicsCOVER OVERVIEW COMPUTERS PRINTERS TELECOMM AUDIO/VIDEO GRIPS TO FEET MATERIALS/PROCESSING CONTACT USGrips, Buttons,Bumpers,Seals&FeetSantoprene TPV is widely used in the consumerelectronics industry, where soft touch, shockprotection, non-slip properties, and resistanceto moisture, chemicals, heat and vibration arenot just desired, but required.FeetTPV feet are used on a wide rangeof feet applications due to their nonmarring,non-slip properties.Melard Sidearm All-Terrain Handheld PC TMThe bumpers and casing on this device are madefrom Santoprene B100 bondable TPV overmoldedonto PC/ABS, providing shock resistance and sealingproperties against harsh outdoor environments.Feet, bumpers, gaskets andspacers made from TPVKey benefits of Santoprene TPV:Grips, knobs, buttons• oil resistance• silky, soft-touch feel• thermally bonds to a variety of substrates• excellent flex fatigueGaskets and grommets• resistance to water and dust• weather and shock protectionSeals and integrated seals• excellent compression stress relaxation• watertight sealability• cost effective via 2-shot moldingFeet• vibration isolation• non-marring• non-tacky• coefficient of friction• long-term compression stress relaxation• good balance of hardness andcompression setINFORMATIONAL LINKS:• Feet Case StudyFellowes PDA Bumper ®Made from TPV, this bumpercan be used on a variety ofpersonal digital assistants,offering a shockproof, waterresistantshield.Stereo knobsKnobs and buttonsmade from SantopreneTPV offer a soft andtactile feel along withnon-slip properties.wwwsantoprenecom

Consumer ElectronicsCOVER OVERVIEW COMPUTERS PRINTERS TELECOMM AUDIO/VIDEO GRIPS TO FEET MATERIALS/PROCESSING CONTACT USProcess/MaterialSelection&ErgonomicsSantoprene TPV and other materials manufactured by AES can be processed through standardtechniques, including injection molding, insert molding, extrusion and blow molding (click here for moreinformation). Special Santoprene TPV grades have been developed that thermally bond with substrateslike PP, PA (nylon), EPDM, PC/ABS, PS, PBT and PET and their blends, as well as textiles and metals(click here for more information). Santoprene TPV material is available in many product families anddurometers to suit all needs, including ergonomic requirements. AES has professional resources toadd value at each critical stage of the product development process and throughout theremainder of the product lifecycle. Find out what AES has to offer by clicking here.TexturingTECHNICAL AND INFORMATIONAL LINKS:• Santoprene Brochure • Compression Set TCD• Ergonomic Benefits Study • Injection Molding of B100 TCD• Grips Brochure • Injection Molding of Nylon (PA) Bondable TCD• Grips Design Made Easy • Painting Santoprene TCD• Abrasion Resistance TCD • Sealing with Santoprene Rubber TCD• Bonding & Decorating TCD • Vacuum Thermoforming TCD• Coefficient of Friction TCD • Weathering of Santoprene TCDSpecial Effects and DecoratingTechniques:Numerous techniques can be employed usingSantoprene TPV to create a product with aunique look, texture, fragrance or printing effect.Tactile and sensory effects• design• thickness• texturing• durometer• fragranceHot StampingDecorative effects• metallic/speckled• glow in the dark/fluorescent• flip flop• stone• pearl luster• translucency• paintingHeat TransferPrinting capabilities• screen printing• tampo/pad printing• laser marking• hot stamping• heat transfer• labelingTranslucencywwwsantoprenecom

Consumer ElectronicsCOVER OVERVIEW COMPUTERS PRINTERS TELECOMM AUDIO/VIDEO GRIPS TO FEET MATERIALS/PROCESSING CONTACT USContact UsSpecify Santoprene TPV for unsurpassed design flexibility and unmatched physical properties. Please call for a free review and part analysis.Click here for the regional contact information, or consult the AES website at instant technical support, the AES AnswerPerson SM can be contacted during working hours at the following locations:• Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P. (North America): E-mail AES Answerperson or phone 1-800-305-8070, prompt 1, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST)• Advanced Elastomer Systems, NV/SA (Europe): E-mail AES AnswerPerson or phone +32-2-706-3511 from 8:30 to 17:00 (CET)• Advanced Elastomer Systems Singapore, Pte., Ltd. (Asia Pacific): E-mail AES AnswerPerson or phone +65-9677-6704 from 9:00 to 17:00 (Singapore time)• All other world areas: E-mail AES AnswerPerson at: or phone +1-330-849-5272DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY AND WARRANTYAlthough the information and recommendations set forth herein (“Information”) are believed to be correct, ADVANCED ELASTOMER SYSTEMS L.P., AND ITS AFFILIATES, MAKE NO REPRE-SENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS THEREOF, OR OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE,OR OF ANY OTHER NATURE REGARDING INFORMATION, OR ANY PRODUCT, PROCESS OR EQUIPMENT OF ADVANCED ELASTOMER SYSTEMS OR ITS AFFILIATES OR OF ANYOTHER MANUFACTURER OR SUPPLIER MENTIONED HEREIN. Nothing contained herein is to be construed as a recommendation to use any product, process, equipment or formulation inconflict with any patent. Advanced Elastomer Systems, and its affiliates, make no representation or warranty, express or implied, that the use thereof will not infringe any patent. Persons receivinginformation must make their own determination as to its suitability for their purposes prior to use. In no event will Advanced Elastomer Systems or its affiliates be responsible for damages of anynature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon Information or the products, processes or equipment to which Information refers. “Santoprene ® is a registered trademark of AdvancedElastomer Systems, L.P.” “VISTAFLEX ® is a registered trademark of ExxonMobil Corporation licensed exclusively to Advanced Elastomer Systems L.P.” © Copyright 2002 Advanced ElastomerSystems L.P. Produced in U.S.A.Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P., is an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical, a division of Exxon Mobil Corporation.wwwsantoprenecom

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