On the fast track. - Wacker Neuson


On the fast track. - Wacker Neuson

Together on the road to success.Wacker Neuson is your competent partnerfor road and highway as well as civilengineering."The decision for Wacker Neuson took the traditional route: Thecompany has been very well established for us as a result of thecompacting technology. We had first obtained the 6503 as demonstrationmachine and then it all happened very quickly: tested,passed, purchased."Detlef BuschProxy at Otto Schröder Civil Engineering and Line ConstructionSchneverdingen, GermanyDEMOLISHING/ILLUMINATING/POWER SUPPLYElectric breakersGasoline demolition breakersGeneratorsCut-off sawsFloor sawsLight BalloonsLight TowersEXCAVATINGMobile excavatorsCompact excavators"The Wacker Neuson service earned our trust over and overagain. The mobile service technicians come to the constructionsite within the shortest time possible and can thereby helpin case of an emergency. This is very valuable, especially withconstruction sites where time is decisive."Paul RichterOwner of Richter Bau GmbH, GermanyFILLING/TRANSPORTINGTrack dumpersWheel dumpersWheel loadersTelehandlersCOMPACTIONRammersVibratory platesRollers"We often work in such tight spaces or heavily trafficked roadsthat it would not be possible to use conventional excavators atall. The Zero Tail Excavator of Wacker Neuson performs invaluableservice here. Wacker Neuson offers a really wide productrange in this area. This creates a lot of flexibility!"Helmut IlgnerExcavator Operator, Germany2_3

A spirit of optimism guaranteed in roadconstruction. Lighting systems,rammers, floor and cut-off sowsof Wacker Neuson.Especially in road and highway construction as well as incivil engineering, full performance is asked for. The WackerNeuson demolishing equipment mobilize all your forces formore productivity and efficiency – and at the same timework with low consumption and low emissions. The highproduct quality and the robust design particularly convince inpermanent operations. And even if the workday sometimesdoes not find an end, the lighting systems of Wacker Neusonare the ideal companions.1 An electric force in use.Be it the EH 50, EH 75 or EH 100: with the Wacker Neuson electric demolition breakersyou will always be right on in terms of performance and comfort. The breakers stand out fortheir extremely high single stroke impact energy and at the same time they can be operatedvery comfortably – the full-hood vibration damping makes this possible.2 Get more out of work in terms of the breaker.The gasoline breakers of Wacker Neuson are the flexible and autonomous helpers at allconstruction sites. The full-hood vibration damping ensures working without fatigue and incomfort. The low emissions of the specially developed and manufactured WM 80 engineensure comfortable work conditions even in sewage systems engineering.3 Rely on a precise quality cut.The floor saws of Wacker Neuson see to the precise cut and excel because of their quietrun and long service life. They work faster by up to 20 % and more efficiently than comparablemodels of the competition. At the same time, the matching diamond blades of WackerNeuson can be selected as required and customized for need.4 Simply better in the cut.The gasoline cut-off saws of the BTS-series are the ideal companions at the constructionsite. Owing to the high-quality fabrication of the individual components they have anextremely long service life and are robust. The brilliantly balanced machine design is easyto handle and can be operated intuitively. The practical guide cart converts the cut-off sawsinto hand-operated floor saws within a short span of time.34LBS 80MWeightkgPercussionrate1/minSingle strokeimpactenergy JAvailable tool holdersLTN 6LV1 2ELECTRIC BREAKERSEH 50 22 1,300 50 Ø 27 x 80, hex 25 x 108, hex 28 x 152, hex 28 x 160EH 75 25 1,300 75 Ø 27 x 80, hex 25 x 108, hex 28 x 152, hex 28 x 160, hex 32 x 160EH 100 32 1,000 100 hex 28 x 152, hex 28 x 160, hex 32 x 160GASOLINE DEMOLITIONbreakersBH 55 24 1,300 55 Ø 27 x 80, hex 25 x 108, hex 28 x 152, hex 28 x 160BH 65 25 1,250 65 Ø 27 x 80, hex 25 x 108, hex 28 x 152, hex 28 x 160, hex 32 x 160WeightkgMax. cutting depthmmBlade arbormmMax. blade ømmGASOLINE CUT-OFF SAWSBTS 630 10.9 103 20 300BTS 635s 11.3 128 25.4 350GASOLINE FLOOR SAWBFS 735 69 120 25.4 350BFS 735A 69 120 25.4 350BFS 940 87 145 25.4 350 – 400BFS 940A 90 145 25.4 350 – 400BFS 1345* 97 170 25.4 350 – 450BFS 1345A* 95 170 25.4 350 – 450BFS 1350* 98 195 25.4 350 – 500BFS 1350A* 96 195 25.4 350 – 500LBS 80MLTN 6LVLIGHTINGL x W x H mm 1,960 x 1,960 x 2,622 3,918 x 1,265 x 2,300Max. height of light spots m 5** 8.5Type of lamp Metal vapor halogen lamp Metal vapor halogen lampOutput W 1,000 1,000* Also available with a shortened distance between rear wheels.* Corresponds to RSA 95 (directives for the safety of work premises on construction sites)4_5

Welcome on the roadto success! Wacker Neusonbrings more movementto road construction.Whatever you want to move in road and highway constructionor civil engineering, Wacker Neuson has theright compact machine for you. Great maneuverability andgreat performance make all of our compact and mobileexcavators stand out. With their compact dimension andcomponents optimized for performance they are perfectlyadapted for trim work processes.With the Wacker Neuson Telematics Technology you canmanage your machine fleet simply and easily from yourdesk. Via satellite transmission, all machine data is alwaysup to date. You will be protect against theft, always keeptrack of the next service appointment and can plan yourvehicle fleet with much more efficiency.www.wackerneuson.com/telematic231 High-performance energy bundle.The 14504 is distinguished for its versatility andgreat maneuverability in any use. By virtue of thelateral lifting arm cylinder and the pivot console,it can also develop the maximum performance ontight spaces.2 The sprinter among excavators.The fastest and largest mobile excavator ofWacker Neuson stands out for its top speed at40 km/h, sustained power and high agility.3 Maneuverability to perfection.If space gets too tight for all other machines in use,the Zero Tails of Wacker Neuson will perform at toplevel. They have no tail swing and therefore alwaysmove within the envelope circle. This allows workingdirectly alongside walls or on tight constructionsites.1Small Turn Excavators convince by their strength, agilityand great comfort as well as a multitude of professionalattachments in every situation.Operating weightkgTrench depthmmDumping heightmmCOMPACT EXCAVATORS6003 5,905 – 6,990 3,845 – 4,174 3,995 – 4,990 43.78003 8,130 – 9,770 4,290 – 4,560 4,840 – 5,882 43.714504 15,550 – 16,330 5,000 – 5,500 5,700 – 6,000 74.950Z3 5,280 – 6,580 3,500 – 3,750 3,680 – 3,840 28.175Z3 7,820 – 9,240 4,030 – 4,320 4,500 – 4,690 43.7Engine powerkWOperating weightkgTrench depthmmDumping heightmmMOBILE EXCAVATORS6503 6,305 – 7,275 3,540 – 3,865 4,305 – 5,300 43.79503 9,760 – 11,705 3,646 – 3,949 4,253 – 5,925 74.9Engine powerkW6_7

This way you are on productiveterrain in any surroundings.The wheel loaders, telehandlers anddumpers of Wacker Neuson.Real performers are asked for when it is about transporting large excavationvolumes. Maneuverability on any terrain, high transport volumeand unloading material with to-the-point precision are therefore importantcriteria. After all, especially construction sites in road constructionand civil engineering have to be processed efficiently and flawlessly.With the wheel loaders, telehandlers, and dumpers of Wacker Neusonyou will make the right choice for this purpose.Max. widthmmHeight to cab roofmmHeight of bucketpivot pointmmMax. payloadkgEngine outputkW / PSTELEHANDLERSTH 412 1,560 1,940 4,503 1,200 22.6 / 31TH 625 1,960 1,980 6,080 2,500 50 / 68Moving small and high mountains. The wheel loaders ofWacker Neuson stand out for their high lifting and shearingforces, as well as high-output engines.1Engine outputkW (PS)Operating weightkgBucket content, standardbucket m 3WHEEL LOADERSWL 36 35.7 / 49 3,630 0.6 2,585 / 2,118WL 37 55.1 / 75 3,730 0.6 2,688 / 2,228WL 48 45 / 61 4,835 0.75 3,116 / 2,544WL 50 55.1 / 75 4,835 0.75 3,116 / 2,544WL 55 55.1 / 75 5,510 0.95 3,356 / 2,834WL 57 74.5 / 101 5,760 0.95 3,663 / 3,073Max. load capacitykgOwn weightkgEngine powerkWTipping load for bucket/machinestraight/pivoted kgGradeability%WHEEL DUMPERS5001 5,000 3,220 47.5 50 256001* 6,000 4,240 64.6 50 259001* 9,000 4,800 88 50 2710001* 10,010 4,800 – 5,000* 88 50 27Max. payloadkgSkip struck/piled LEngine powerkWGradeability%Driving speed km/hDriving speed km/hTRACK DUMPERSDT05 500 273 – 313 4.5 – 6.6 30 1.8 / 3.9 – 1.6 / 5.2DT08 800 334 – 387 6.8 – 10 30 2.1 / 4.2DT08D proline 800 334 – 387 9.7 30 4.2DT12 1,200 393 – 440 15 62 4DT15 1,500 632 – 760 15 62 4 / 7.5DT25 2,500 1,125 – 1,500 33 70 5.5 / 111 All-terrain loader.The fully hydrostatic driving motor of the trackdumpers of Wacker Neuson is operated bymeans of a joystick. The low center of gravityincreases stability and guarantees gradeabilityof up to 70 %.2 Agile performers.The wheel dumpers of Wacker Neuson are particularlyversatile, maneuverable and extremelyrobust machines for quick transport on theconstruction site.2www.wackerneuson.com/telematic* Available with cabin8_9

The reason for putting more performanceinto civil engineering: the rammers, rollersand vibratory plates of Wacker Neuson.A proper foundation is always the basis of all success.The best compacting results therefore alone constitutethe indispensable basis of road and highway construction.Be it rammers, compacting plates or trench rollers – theWacker Neuson soil compacting products provide youwith a wide range of top products for compacting works incivil engineering.1Originals from the inventor: Wacker Neuson's rammers haveset the yardstick in soil compaction since the start of theirdevelopment.Especially in trenches, the vibratory rollers of Wacker Neuson areunbeatable. Because here, high compacting performance with thehighest possible safety standard come together thanks to the infraredremote control.2RTx-SC2*RT 82-SC2ROLLERSOperating weight kg 1,560 1,473Drum diameter / width mm 520 / 820 520 / 820Drive is a 3-cylinder Kohler diesel engine Water-cooled withelectric starterWater-cooled withelectric starterBS 60-2iRAMMERRammer shoe size (w x l) mm 280 x 330Operating weight kg 66Stroke at ramming shoe mm 80Max. percussion rate7001/minEngine manufacturerWacker NeusonWM 80DPU 130VIBRATORY PLATEOperating weightkg 1,170Operating width mm 1,200Machine height mm 988Centrifugal force kN 130Frequency Hz 58Fuel typeDiesel1 Productive like a 7-t roller.With a centrifugal force of 130 kN and an operating width of120 cm the DPU 130 is the strongest vibratory plate in themarket. By virtue of the infrared remote control, it can be movedsafely and with precision. The two base plates running independentlyof each other ensure that the plate can even be steered.2 Compatec – the reliable compaction control.Especially inexperienced users profit from Compatec, as it canbe comprehended easily and displays the compacting progress.An overload display protects the machine from damage fromthe underground being too hard. The extremely robust structureof Compatec and the use of the state-of-the-art measuring sensorsystem ensures the reliability of the display.* with attachment drums10_11

Enjoy fundamental advantagesin asphalt compacting. With thecompacting machines of Wacker Neuson.The Wacker Neuson rammers, rollers, small andlarge plates compact any ground optimally and createa durable, stable foundation for future loads. Thecompact machines and construction equipmentof Wacker Neuson impress with their performance,efficiency and economic viability. You can rely on it.1The robust, integrated traveling gear is resilient even on hotasphalt and if dropped, and allows the DPU 3050 vibratoryplate to be transported conveniently. Equipped withan extremely break-proof base plate, this vibratory plate istremendously wear-resistant in addition.2WP series WPP series BPU series DPU seriesVIBRATORY PLATESOperating weight kg 50 – 100 81 – 90 145-332 160 – 274EngineHonda / Wacker Honda / Wacker Honda gasoline engine Hatz diesel engineNeuson gasoline engine Neuson gasoline engineOperating width mm 300 – 500 400 – 500 400 – 500 400 – 1,200Centrifugal force kN 10 – 20 15 25-55 25 – 130RD 16-90 RD 16-100 RD27-100 RD27-120ROLLERSOperating weight kg 1,485 1,520 2,375 2,582Drum diameter / width mm 560 / 900 560 / 1,000 700 / 1,000 700 / 1,200Drive is a 3-cylinder diesel engine Liquid-cooled Liquid-cooled Liquid-cooled Liquid-cooled1 Road maintenance master.The RD 27 provides the option to change between low and highcompacting force and thereby adjust flexibly to each use. Thelow centrifugal force is predicated optimally for asphalt compacting,while the higher mode is ideally suited for compactingrough-grained materials.2 New manager.The vibratory plates of the WPP series are the high-performancepros for compacting soil, asphalt and mixed composite pavementon smallest space. Owing to their robust structure, theyare brilliantly suited for the professional permanent use in roadconstruction, for example for compacting gravel sand foundationsof walkways, roads, and parking spaces.12_13

The value wheel from Wacker Neuson:The customer's success is at our center.We win over with the values of a medium-sized, family-owned company that ispublicly traded. With the strength and expertise of a globally active organization.With people that fulfill our motto every day with life and realize ideas.We believe in quality, innovation, performance and character. And we believe inthe sustainable success of our customers, whom everything ultimately is about.INNOVATIONCUSTOMERQualityQuality in theWacker Neuson world of values.While the term "quality" is all too often degenerated intoan empty word, Wacker Neuson fills it with content andlife. Finally, we see quality as a central corporate valuethat places customer satisfaction in the focus.Quality in the product.This is exactly where the value wheel of Wacker Neusonapplies, because quality in the sense of product qualityand meeting established norms and standards is amatter of course for the corporate group with its decadesof tradition. Here Wacker Neuson includes the innovationand practical value of its products and solutions, themaximum safety of the operator as well as comfort andeconomic efficiency.Quality as added value.At Wacker Neuson, however, the concept of qualityextends well beyond the product and includes therelationships to customers and sales partners.This form of quality is yielded by employees whohave expertise and a strong customer focus, who aremotivated and also have "the right attitude." They fill theWacker Neuson quality with life. The human qualitiesof the daily cooperation of colleagues, customers andpartners create a climate of valuation and trust.CHARACTERPERFORMANCE14_15

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