winter outdoor adventures catalog inside - Yosemite Online

winter outdoor adventures catalog inside - Yosemite Online

Clockwise, from upper right: Volunteer Erin Mills (Left) orients park visitors at ParsonsLodge; an artist working en plein air; volunteers Marshall Fisher (left) and Chris Elder(right) prepare seedlings for planting; Family Camping Jamboree participants on thetrail; the YA team at National Parks Family Day 2007; local fauna uncovered.

Student Intern program. Our award-winning restorationand information assistance volunteer programs costapproximately S80,000 to administer each year. Thehistoric Ostrander Ski Hut requires costly periodicrestoration to deliver its unique backcountry experience.Matching funds are needed to support "A Park forAll People," an Outdoor Adventure course series thatbrings to light the lesser known legacies of peopleof color in Yosemite. In concert with the CentennialChallenge Junior Ranger Center project, YA will developa nationwide program that includes new and excitinghandbooks, equipment, a website, a Junior Rangermembership, and parent/family events to engage the nextgeneration of public land stewards . All of this, of course,will require funding to accomplish.YA has come far with our members' help. We inviteyou to deepen your investment in park stewardship bymaking an extra gift to YA today . Your extra financialsupport will help many more people come to love andprotect Yosemite.Laurel Rematore has been YA's Membership andDevelopment Director since 2001 . In addition toYosemite, she enjoys dark chocolate and alpine skiing,and has a perhaps unhealthy obsession with"Stargate SG-1."BE PART OF SOMETHING SPECIAL WITH YOUR YEAR-END GIFT!Our members are special to us, and we want youto know it! Donors of $100 or more to our fallfundraising drive will receive a numbered, limitededitionlong-sleeved t-shirt featuring a striking fullcolorimage of a Great Gray Owl and Half Dome,created just for us by naturalist/artist John Muir"Jack" Laws . Only 375 shirts will be made, so sendyour gift toYA using the envelope enclosed in thismembers' journal, or make a donation online todayat www.yosemite .org/helpus/donations .html .Thesedonations won 't renew your membership, but theywill helpYA attain new levels of vital stewardshipprogramming to protectYosemite National Park.Thanks for your support!YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007

nus, where the rate of melting is equal to the rate of iceaccumulation from annual snowfall, the glacier drops itstools. The discarded rocks create moraines like those wesaw on the eastern side of Lyell Glacier.The hike up had been difficult, but leaving the beatentrack and pushing on into the alpine zone turned outto be an invigorating experience. I tried to imagine howearly Sierra pioneers, like John Muir, must have felt tobe the first to make such trips. The first recorded climbto the summit of Mount Lyell was made on July 2, 1863,by William H . Brewer and Charles F. Hoffman . Alongwith Josiah Whitney, they became the first to describeglaciation in the Sierra Nevada after a trip to TuolumneMeadows. They recognized that the landforms and polishedsurfaces of the meadow and its surroundings meantthat a large glacier must have flowed over it . The Tuolumneglacier is believed to have been over 4,000 feet thick inplaces and 60 miles long . Tenaya Lake, which guards theentrance to the meadow, was under at least 2,000 feet ofice. The grinding of stones under this immense pressurecaused the rock to become smooth and polished. NativeAmericans called the lake Pyweak, meaning `lake ofshining rocks .' But Brewer and Hoffman, despite climbingto the summit of Mount Lyell, presumably along aroute similar to ours, and despite walking across the LyellGlacier, failed to realize what it was . Their error meantthat Clarence King was the first to officially discover aCalifornia glacier in 1870 on Mount Shasta; John Muir wasthe first to find a Sierra glacier, on Merced Peak, in 1871.With the sun rapidly falling, we turned back towardcamp down in Lyell Canyon . The return route across arough and boulder-scarred landscape looked formidable,but it was thrilling to feel the isolation and beauty of theland. With the sun setting, the entire area was covered bya peaceful shadow . A quiet stillness filled the scene . Wereached camp just as the last bit of light was leaving themountains.To see Lyell Glacier, we had hiked almost 18 miles andclimbed from nine to twelve thousand feet . It was by farthe longest and most difficult hike I had ever done . Thefollowing morning was a reflective amble as we headedout of California's wilderness for the final time . NormallyI would have felt sad to go, but that was difficult whilesurrounded by such dramatic scenery, so instead I feltlucky to have experienced it. Many people leave theirhearts in San Francisco, but when my time in Californiawas up, I left mine in Yosemite National Park.Nicholas Salmon spent two years working as a geneticistat the University of California, San Francisco.He now lives and works in the United Kingdom .AN UNCERTAIN FUTUREIN A WARMING WORLDAfter enduring for more than 650 years, LyellGlacier may not last past our lifetimes . Since1880, its east lobe has shrunk in surface areaby approximately 70 percent, and its west lobeby about 35 percent. And the current rateof melting has only increased . Given presenttrends of melting and climate change, scientistsexpect the rugged white expanse of LyellGlacier to vanish completely just a few decadesfrom now.GREET A GLACIERThe very fit may consider joining YA naturalistPete Devine and NPS geologist Greg Stock onan Outdoor Adventure course to survey theLyell and Maclure Glaciers next September.Investigate the `Seminars ' section of YA'swebsite, www.yosemite .org.YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 11

Meadows were quite extensive in the Yosemite Valley of 1899.Yosemite Valley in 1879, which lowered of the water tableup to Yosemite Lodge, may have impacted hydrologicconditions within the meadow as well.The restoration team realized that altering local surfaceand groundwater hydrology would be key to returning themeadow to its pre-disturbance condition. Broadly speaking,the restoration plan aimed to increase water flow tothe meadow and improve visitor amenities in the area.The meadow restoration was accomplished throughcontributions of expertise, equipment and labor fromNational Park Service employees in the ResourcesManagement and Science, Facilities and Interpretationdivisions. The Yosemite Fund provided financial support.Volunteers from the Yosemite Fund and the YosemiteAssociation removed exotic plant species, collected nativeplant seeds, filled several ditches and an outlet within themeadow, and helped revegetate the habitat. The NaturalResource Conservation Service of Mariposa County madeadditional contributions to the project.Other restoration projects have involved decompactingsoils, mulching, revegetating impacted areas and informaltrails, removing abandoned infrastructure, and installingprotective fencing . In wilderness areas, inappropriatecampsites and fire rings are removed to protect waterquality and other natural resources, as well as enhance thewilderness experience.After restoration, sites are monitored for one to fiveyears. Surveys determine whether native plants havere-established themselves . Before-and-after photos helpdocument the recovery of each site . All of this informationhelps determine what methods work best, improvingthe success of future projects.Thanks to the restoration efforts of volunteers,Yosemite is a more natural and wild place. In addition torestoring soils and building fences, volunteers have collectednative plant seeds, transplanted seedlings and evenconducted vegetation surveys . Their work has taken placein some of the most beautiful areas in the park . Along theExtensive meadows no longer exist in Yosemite Valley due tohuman-caused changes in hydrology, fire frequency, and pastagricultural practices.way, volunteers learn how to restore and protect naturalresources, identify plants, and get the satisfaction ofworking to protect Yosemite. Their labors are bringingback dynamic natural processes that will contribute to amore valuable Yosemite experience well into the future.Sue Beatty and Denise Della Santina are EcologicalRestoration Biologists with Yosemite National Park.COOK'S MEADOW RESTORATION• Four drainage ditches created by early Euro-American settlers were filled . The ditches originallydrained standing water away from the meadow.• A raised, abandoned roadbed and a trail bisectingthe meadow blocked the flow of water. Both wereremoved.• The trail to an elevated boardwalk was reconstructed. The boardwalk allows water to flow freelyunderneath and reduces foot traffic on sensitivemeadow plants. Visitors can now stay dry whilevisiting even the wettest portions of the meadow.• Six interpretive wayside exhibits providing informationon the cultural history, ecology and geology ofthe project area were installed . These exhibits helpvisitors understand the ecology of the meadow andhow it has been affected by land use changes.• Culverts under Sentinel Road were installed todirect runoff into the meadow. The culverts restorenatural inundations from the Merced River duringseasonal periods of high water.• Hundreds of volunteers as well as park staff usedmanual and mechanical control methods to removenonnative plant species.YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 13

YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION2006 ANNUAL REPORTSTATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2006Assets 2006 2005Cash & Cash Equivalents $802,070 $773,393Accounts Receivable 99,499 38,914Inventory 38,077 887,040Equipment 727,678 170,679Other Assets 171,154 22,243TOTAL ASSETS $1,838,478 $1,892,269LiabilitiesAccounts Payable 101,553 $62,062Other Liabilities 118,709 161,141Custodial Funds 84,922 89,165Total Liabilities $305,184 $312,368Net AssetsUnrestricted 890,824 $985,870Board Designated Reserve 385,000 385,000Board Designated Aid-to-NPS 21,338 25,158Temporarily Restr. Net Assets 236,132 $183,873Total Net Assets $1,533,294 $1,579,901Total Liabilities & Net Assets $1,838,478 $1,892,269EMENT OF ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2006REVENUES, GAINS, AND OTHER SUPPORTSales & PublicationsUnrestricted$919,670TemporarilyrestrictedTotal$919,670Memberships 618,203 $618,203Educational Programs 96,458 $96,458Wilderness Programs 181,738 $181,738Contributions 164,128 155,913 $320,041Investment Income 24,013 $24,013OTHER INCOME 11,050 $11,050Net Assets released from restrictions $0Restrictions satisfied by payments 103,654 (103,654) $0Total Revenues, Gains And Other Support $2,118,914 $52,259 $2,171,173ExpensesPROGRAM SERVICESSales & Publications $828,886 $828,886Membership 368,130 368,130Educational Programs 163,311 163,311Wilderness Operations 99,833 99,833Volunteers 73,512 73,512SUPPORTING SERVICES 0Donations 70,333 70,333Administration 343,207 343,207AID TO THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE 270,568 270,568Total Expenses $2,217,780 $2,217,780Change In Net Assets (98,866) 52,259Net Assets at Beginning of Year 1,396,028 183,873 1,579,901Net Assets at End of Year $1,297,162 $236,132 $1,533,29414YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007

HOW WE SUPPORT YOSEMITEThe Yosemite Association provides both program support and direct financial contributions to the National ParkService in Yosemite, along with other related public land agencies such as the U .S. Forest Service, Bureau of LandManagement and the Bureau of Reclamation . In 2006, we donated $266,606 and spent $1,533,672 on our educationalprograms, which benefited the park and park visitors.NationalParkServiceU.S. ForestServiceBureau ofReclamationBureauof LandManagementOtherAgenciesTotalAgenciesInterpretation 188,724 188,724Research 22,139 22,139Free publications 0Sales area construction and redesign 10,602 10,602Pre-publication expenses 45,141 750 45,891Other $3,212 3,212TOTAL FINANCIAL AID $266,606 $750 $0 $0 $3,212 $270,568Program service-operating activities $1,528,361 $3,956 $952 $403 $1,533,672TOTAL AID $1,794,967 $4,706 $952 $403 $3,212 $1,804,2402006 REVENUES 2006 EXPENSESThe Yosemite Association 's complete audited Financial Statements and IRS 990 can be viewed by visiting or request a copy by writing to : Vice President, Yosemite Association, PO Box 230, El Portal, CA 95318.Financial statements are audited by Borchardt, Corona, & Faeth Accountancy Corporation.YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 15

aKATHLEEN ORROctober 11, 1933—July 23, 2007by Margaret TuholskiYOSEMITE ASSOCIATION LIFE MEMBER, YA board member and National Park volunteer Kathleen Orrdied of a heart attack on July 23 .in North Pines Campground . She passed away in a very special place, herbeloved second home Yosemite.My mom loved Yosemite . If you asked her family and friends, they would tell you that her life revolvedaround the park. Her first visit to the park was in 1934, when she was just eight months old . My grandmothersaid that even as a young child my mom loved to go to Yosemite . Every year she returned for a onemonth camping vacation with her family. She even honeymooned there in 1959 . Photos from that trip showmy mom and dad putting up their tent and swimming in the Merced River.Kathleen went on to share her love of Yosemite with her four children. Every year on the last day ofschool, our family jumped in the car and headed for the park. She loved telling us stories about seeing theFire Fall, camping with her family, riding on the burro picnic, and enjoying the Curry shows . When we wereat home in Walnut Creek, her conversations would almost certainly return to the park.I have countless memories with my morn in Yosemite. One special memory occurred while we were stayingin the Curry tents . We were getting ready for bed, heard a rock slide and started running . (One of thefew times I saw my mom run, by the way.) We looked at each other and laughed with amusement, "Why andwhere are we running?"In 1987, after a battle with breast cancer and following the passing ofmy dad Bill, she decided to become a YA life member and month-longvolunteer. Her duties included answering visitor inquiries, encouragingmembership at the YA booth, working as a docent in the Museum Galleryand introducing the orientation slide show. She also enjoyed welcomingYA seminar participants and served as campground coordinator . Sheloved being involved so much that one month was no longer enough—sheextended her stay throughout the summer and volunteered for six . As aNational Park Service volunteer she worked in the Public InformationOffice and the Visitor Center.When asked why she liked to volunteer in Yosemite, my morn jokinglyresponded, "Otherwise I could only stay for one week in the campground ."She would tell her children, "What else would I do with my time?" I knewshe loved to volunteer because she liked to meet people from all over theworld and enjoyed the camaraderie with the volunteers she met.Even Mother Nature's crises couldn 't keep my mom away from the Park . She experienced many Yosemiteearthquakes, wind storms, floods and rock slides . In May of 1996, when flooding in the valley requiredcampground evacuations and the closure of the park, my mom reported for duty and ran the Visitor Centerbecause park staff could not get to work.My mom was very proud of her volunteer work in Yosemite . In 2002 she was given the PresidentialVolunteer Service Award in recognition of her 4,000 hours of service. This summer alone she clocked over600 hours of volunteer work with the Park Service . Said Park Ranger Andy Fristensky, Yosemite ValleyVisitor Center supervisor, "The beauty of Yosemite inspired Kathie to love and care for this place . She will bemissed tremendously."Our family is happy she died pursuing her passion volunteeringin the Valley Visitor Center . Her special chair in the Visitor Centernow stands alone, a testament to one of Yosemite 's best volunteers.Our family thanks the Yosemite Association and the Park Service forthe many kind thoughts and prayers we have received . Her spirit andlove for Yosemite will live on through her children, grandchildren andfuture generations of park visitors .Z0Kathie working at the Visitor CEof 1996.tern MayFour-year-old Kathie on a burro ride inYosemite on July 27, 1938.

PHIL FRANK1943—2007by Malcolm MargolinWHEN A FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE DIES BEFORE HIS TIME there 's always a sense of puzzlementand gross injustice, and this is especially true in the case of cartoonist, environmentalist and historian PhilFrank, who died of a brain tumor this September at the age of sixty-four . Best known as the creator of theSan Francisco Chronicle ' s long-running comic strip " Farley,"and more recently the nationally syndicated comic strip"Elderberries," Phil was a man of lively and dazzling intelligence,never-failing good humor, ease and elegance of bearing,and openness of heart. His generosity was legendary, andYosemite National Park and the Yosemite Association werelong the beneficiaries of his creative engagement with life.He served on the YA board of directors from 2001 onward;he published two collections of cartoons with YA—Fur andLoafing in Yosemite (1999) and Eat, Drink, and Be Hairy(2005); he illustrated other YA publications such as the JuniorRanger Handbook ; and he responded graciously to frequentrequests for spot illustrations, sketches, or cartoons that overthe years lent a lightness, quirkiness and warmth to our understandingof all things Yosemite . He was genuinely funny and sociable—an evening spent with Phil and hiswife Susan was a time to be cherished. At board meetings he would often sit apart, pen in hand, spinningout of his imagination a comic strip world peopled with marvelous oddities : a nearsighted park ranger,a motorhome cleanliness fanatic, four urban bears, wild pigs, a hairless chihuahua, a talking raven, a cat(Orwell T. Catt, Gatto de Tutti Gatti), a mayor (His Williness) and a variety of San Francisco politicians, allof whom interacted with a wry and loving conviviality. In his flow of cartoons, one laughed with the world,not at it, and his humor always conveyed the fullness of his humanity and his robust appreciation of life.Phil Frank was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the only child of a family of steelworkers and artisans,went to Michigan State University and worked briefly for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. He came toCalifornia in the 1970s . He created his alter ego, Farley, in 1975, in a nationally syndicated strip then called"Travels with Farley" By 1985 he had limited the strip to the Chronicle so he could enjoy a shorter lead timeand thus comment on local events as they unfolded . He was often referred to as the visual equivalent of HerbCaen. He lived for a time and continued to work on a houseboat in Sausalito, where he and Susan raised twochildren. Susan has written guidebooks to four national parks (Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone andMuir Woods), all of them illustrated by Phil and scheduled to be updated and released in 2008 by AvalonBooks. Their son, Phil, is a designer in Portland, Oregon ; their daughter, Stacy, is a printmaker in Santa Cruz.Long involved in the history of Marin—Phil served as president of the Sausalito Historical Society andcurator of the Bolinas Museum—he once defined "luxury " as "being on the crest of Bolinas Ridge and fallingasleep on the hillside ." In his last days, he was taken to a friend's house in Bolinas within sight of BolinasLagoon and the Marin Hills . Susan reported that he died "surrounded by family ." As the end approached,added Susan, to lift his spirits "we were joking with him ."Phil's charming andgenerous presence will bemissed by scores of friendsand thousands of fans . Itis at least some small comfortto know that there waslaughter in his life right tothe end .'Does anyone else sense 1a biological desire to roamthe wilderness. wade in tdecrysfa I clear Merced anddine oh the Sweet grassesof yolemife Valley?to go to -Fke woods, lurahcuVinride ou,t, eat all-1-heirsalami, gherkin picklesand Feingle5 and wake upih a Winnebago betweena retired couple From AnaheimReprinted from Eat, Drink, and Be Hairy by Phil Frank, copyright 2005, the Yosemite Association

EDUCATION PROGRAMSOutdoor AdventuresBy offering a reduced number of courses this summer,we're pleased to have had a higher rate of courses beingfilled and fewer that were under-enrolled . This has provenhelpful to our bottom line and therefore to the park . Nextyear we'll probably add just a few seminars to this modestschedule."Meet Yosemite," our experiment with walk-ininterpretive programs in Yosemite Valley and TuolumneMeadows, went well this summer. Junior rangerprograms, a wildlife safari and birding walks provedto be the most popular with visitors.We've had a great year for Custom Adventures,providing one- to three-day specialized educationalprograms for individuals, families, friends and variousorganizations to connect with the park. We didbirding trips for Europeans, Half Dome backpacks forMidwesterners, a history tour for the St. Louis ScienceCenter, a park overview for science teachers from Koreaand numerous personal excursions for couples andfamilies from all over . We hope to continue expandingthese programs to reach more park visitors with highquality,in-depth natural and cultural history experiences.We are very excited about next fall's YA excursionto explore our two sister parks in China . These WorldHeritage Sites compare with Yosemite for scenery,wildlife, waterfalls and mountain peaks, but withastounding differences . If you're interested in a uniquetravel program focused on hiking, nature and meetingChinese park rangers in Jiuzhaiguo and Huangshan, havea look at the information on our website and make plansto join us next October.Our field courses have slowed down for the season,but our classroom is dynamic and beautiful every dayand YA is pleased to host field seminars twelve monthsa year. "Woodpeckers : the Quest for Eleven " gets us outinto the field in early December to seek the inordinateYosemite diversity of this guild. When the leaves are offthe trees and migrant species have gotten out of the way,a day focused on just this one group of birds offers goodvalue to both veteran and beginning birders . Starting inJanuary we 've got winter photography, some fine snowshoeadventures, and a unique chance to assist the park'sWilderness crew with a snow survey. You'll find our wintercourses outlined in the Outdoor Adventures catalogin the center of this journal . If you look at the seminarschedule on our website,,you'll see everything in the printed catalog described inmore detail.Yosemite has something to teach you ; we're happy tofacilitate your "higher education ."18 YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007InternsNine students from UC Merced spent their summer inthe park doing interpretive programs, roving on bearwatch and patrolling wilderness trails . Helping to protectpark resources and contribute to visitor experiencesstrengthened these students' skills in public speaking,technology, resource management, search and rescue,wildlife biology and many other park functions . All hadtheir eyes opened to the important work of public landstewardship, and we hope they'll remain connected toYosemite through college and into their careers . They hadterrific examples to follow in the form of three of ourprevious interns, who worked as NPS seasonal employeesthis past summer.Yosemite Art & Education CenterLocated at the quiet end of Yosemite Village, but closestto the day use parking area, this facility has provided uswith a good, long season . Gretchen Mominee coordinatedinstruction from different artists each week, via free publicart classes that have been uniformly well-received . The"Meet Yosemite" interpretive programs were based hereand helped spread the word about YA 's many contributionsto the park. For the first time in the Center 's history,it will open on weekends for art supply sales throughmuch of the winter, and run weekend naturalist programsfor visitors during snow season . If you haven't stopped atthe Center yet, we hope you'll swing by.YOSEMITE ASSOCIATIONPARTNERS WITH LEAVENO TRACETo support the National ParkService in promoting sensitive useof Yosemite's popular wildernessand frontcountry, we 've joined withthe nonprofit Leave No Trace, Inc. to help spreadthe word about the practices and philosophy oftraveling gently on the land . Look in our bookstoresfor literature that addresses LNT issues.The seven principles of LNT are:•Plan ahead and prepare;•Travel and camp on durable surfaces;• Properly dispose ofwaste;•Leave what you find;•Minimize fire impacts;•Respect wildlife;• Be considerate of other visitors.

MIYosemite Outdoor°;'tolAdventuresJanuary-April 2008Welcome to experiential education in Yosemite! These four pagescontain most of the information you need to join us for an adventurousoutdoor learning program in the first part of the year. You'llwant to go to our website, www .yosemite .org/seminars, to seemore details on each course and instructor . Taking a course in thequiet winter months is an excellent way to grow your connection toYosemite . As Mr. Muir put it " . ..the winds will blow their freshnessinto you, and the storms, their energy . . ."Register on our website, www, by calling Corrie or Pete at (209) 379-2321, or by mailingor faxing us the form on the fourth page of this insert.Tuition is 15% less if you're a YA member . It covers instruction, the park entrance fee and camping.Meals, lodging, and equipment are not included unless specifically noted . Tuition fees remainunchanged for the third straight year.Stay in a campground for free if you're in a course, but we'll also send you reservation informationfor the rooms we have set aside during each course . These are available at extra cost.Weather is what makes the Sierra in winter so dynamic! We prepare and want you to be prepared foranything, from rain and snow to warm sun . Links on our website will get you more information, and youcan phone the continually updated NPS road and weather recording at (209) 372-0200.Physical demands vary among courses and with snow and weather conditions . Look at each coursedescription on the website regarding daily mileage, gradient, elevation and likely snow cover conditions. You must be in good physical condition for these mountain programs . The instructors have theright to deny your participation if they feel you're not healthy enough or are otherwise unprepared forthe course.Cancellation is something we hope won't apply to your participation, but there are three things youshould know . A 90% refund is given if you cancel at least 30 days before the course . Within 30 days ofthe program, without exception, we cannot issue refunds for any reason . (You may be able to applyyour tuition to another course in 2008, though .) If YA cancels a course, we will refund your full tuition,but aren't responsible for other travel or lodging plans you've made.Liability forms must be signed by all participants before attending a course.Why sign up for a course with YA? As with everything the Yosemite Association does, our OutdoorAdventure program is devoted to the National Park Service mission of preserving resources and providingfor the enjoyment, education and inspiration of today's citizens, so that theremainder of 20will be mailed outsthe winter Yosem:journal—and poste 'at www.yosemite .oin we value today will be unimpaired for future generations . Through educationalcourses that are professional, safe, fun and Leave No Trace on the Sierra,we want our participants to become more informed, active park stewards.Yosemite has something to tell you .

Yosemite Outdoor AdventuresJANUARYMoonlight Snowshoe #1Saturday January 19$8z, or $7o for YA membersBadger Pass (snowshoes provided)Hiking: moderateInterpretive naturalist Pete Devine explores the mysteries of winter,the night and the moon on this afternoon/evening excursion . It is arare experience to be in a silent landscape, both dark and brightly lit,to learn about this unique time and place . We 'll supply the snowshoesand the snow ; you bring your sense of adventure.Discovering the Winter World #5Saturday February 23$82, or $7o for YA membersBadger Pass (snowshoes provided)Hiking: moderateRanger Dick Ewart is THE naturalist for the Badger area, and will leadyou on an exploration of how wildlife adapts to winter in the Sierra,the mechanics of snow crystals and the snowpack, and how to followanimal tracks for clues to the season's happenings . This is a superbnatural history experience.Winter Landscape Photography #2Thursday evening January 24-Sunday January 27$335, or $285 for VA membersYosemite ValleyHiking: easyProfessional photographer John Senser has extensive experience inthe techniques that capture Yosemite in its most spectacular season.Film and digital formats, and all levels of experience are welcomefor these days of low-angled light and clouds on snowy cliffs . Thisis a rare weekend of outdoor learning for you and your camera.FEBRUARYSnowshoe Explorations with a NaturalistSaturday February 2$82, or $7o for VA membersBadger Pass (snowshoes provided)Hiking : moderateAce interpreter Emily Jacobs will enrich your park explorations bydescribing the winter habits of park wildlife and trees against the crispbackground of the Sierra snowpack . Traveling with a seasoned naturalistwill get you deep into the season on snowshoes.Dewey Point Snowshoe Trek #4Saturday February 16$82, or $70 for YA membersBadger Pass (snowshoes provided)Hiking : somewhat difficultYosemite Association naturalist Pete Devine is your guide for thissnowshoe trip from Badger Pass to a dramatic spot on the rim ofYosemite Valley. Winter natural history, rich photographic subjects,a physical adventure, and great company will fill your day. Join us forthis fine learning trek .MARCHPeregoy Snow Survey #6Saturday March 1$82, or $70 for VA membersBadger Pass (snowshoes provided)Hiking: moderateJoin wilderness rangers Mark Fincher and Chuck Carter and learn howthe National Park Service measures the Sierra snowpack . The history,equipment, management issues and tales of the trail they will sharewill give you a new dimension on this important, but little knownpractice . Strap on snowshoes to help quantify the winter's snowfalland predict spring runoff.Dewey Point Snowshoe Trek #7Saturday March 8The same as in February, but led by Yosemite ranger naturalistKaren Amstutz.Full Moon Equinox Snowshoe #8Saturday March 22Much like the January full moon snowshoe excursion, but with theadded element of the vernal equinox, this outing with interpreterEmily Jacobs will be a delightful way to mark the turn of the seasons.Day and night, winter and spring, solitude and companionship allcome together tonight.Go to to register for these programs, and tolearn about YA's upcoming fall trip to Yosemite's sister parks in China .

ADVENTURES WITH YA'SSPRING FORUMThese Outdoor Adventure courses have been scheduled on eitherside of the Yosemite Association Spring Forum for members, whichis on Saturday March 29 . Non-members are most welcome . Eachof these courses is $75, or $64 for members of the YosemiteAssociation . The Friday course starts at 9 :30 and ends at about3:00 . The Sunday courses will finish by midafternoon to providetime for guests to travel home . Our website has more coursedetails at Friday, March 28A Hard Road on Gold Mountain with Yenyen Chan #9Hiking : moderateUncovering some of the park's hidden history, we celebrate theheritage of Chinese Americans in Yosemite with a walk on theold Wawona Road, which was built by Chinese laborers . Discoverthe remarkable stories of these little-known contributors topark history.On Sunday, March 30Birding Yosemite Valley with Michael Ross #10Hiking : easyMigration, song and other bird activity starts to pick up as thedays lengthen and warm . Your instructor knows the places todiscover and observe Yosemite's avian life . From beginners throughexperts, all will enjoy their encounters with our winged residentsand visitors.Discovering the Winter World with Dick Ewart #11Hiking: moderateThis is a day to explore of the winter adaptations of Sierra life,learn about the mechanics of snow crystals and the snowpack,and follow animal tracks for clues to the season's happeningsat Badger Pass . (Snowshoes provided)APRILWildflowers of the Merced Canyon #12Saturday, April 5$82, or $7o forYA membersEl PortalHiking : easy-moderateWitness the explosion of color and diversity in our lowercanyons with one of Yosemite's best naturalists, Michael Ross.Identification, natural history, ecological relationships andrich photographic opportunities await on a delightful springday afield.Leave No Trace (LNT) Trainer Course #13Friday April 11-Saturday April 12$ioo, or $85 forYA membersYosemite ValleyHiking : easy-moderate backpackFor those interested in becoming LNT Trainers teaching othershow to minimize their impacts on the backcountry, this one-nightbackpack trip with Pete Devine covers the techniques you ' ll needto know . This program is designed for outdoor educators, riverguides, camp counselors, scout leaders, and anyone who wantsto share the word about going gently in the wild.To the Top of Yosemite Falls #14Saturday April 26$82, or $7o for YA membersYosemite ValleyHiking : challengingLocal naturalist Karen Amstutz will educate you about theincredible Falls trail as you make the breathtaking ascent to therim . Pouring snowmelt, the best fellow hikers, geology, flora,fauna and remarkable scenery are your companions for this fullspring day .

Outdoor AdventuresEN!°° M ENT FORM • 2008 YOSEMITE OUTDOOR ADVENTURESNameAdditional NameAddressCity/State/ZipDaytime Phone ( ) Evening Phone ( )FAX #: ( ) e-mail address :YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIPS°Individual $35Joint/family $40OSupporting $6o°Contributing $125°Sustaining $2 5 0OPatron $500°Benefactor $1000Enter membership total belowAccommodationsCl want to camp with the group in YA reserved shared sites.I will reserve and pay for my own private campsite by calling 1 -877-444- 6777.I want to rent a room—please send me the reservation request form.0 I will make other accommodation arrangements.Cancellation Policy0 I have read the cancellation policy and understand that to receive a refund, Imust cancel at least 30 days before a course and pay a 1o% fee per enrollment.MembershipEnclosed is my new Yosemite Association membership fee.0 I am currently a member of YA. Member # :Class RosterWe typically provide a class roster to participants to encourage carpooling,equipment sharing, and networking.0 No, please do not give out my contact information to others in my class.Qty. Class No . Class Name Date Course FeeYosemite Association fax : 209/379-2486 Total Course Fees : $P.G. Box 230 phone : 209/379-2321 Membership or Renewal Fee : $El Portal, California 95318 e-mail : info@yosemite .orgwebsite : www .yosemite .org GRAND TOTAL : $PAYM0 Check enclosed. Checks should be payable to the Yosemite Association.Or, charge my credit card . We accept:0 Visa 0 MasterCard American ExpressCard Number:DiscoverExp . Date:Signature:

Name : Mary KlineJob Title : Branch Chief for Interpretive Support Services,Yosemite NPHometown : Manchester, PAEducation : BS in Recreation and Parks from Penn StateTotal number of years working in Yosemite :13 yearsWhat first brought you to Yosemite? In 1993, I wasworking in the regional office and the office was downsizing; the Deputy Superintendent of Yosemite offered me ajob.What was your first job in Yosemite? I was the supervisorof the Indian Cultural Museum and staff.What do you do now? As the Branch Chief forInterpretive Support Services in the Division ofInterpretation and Education, I supervise exhibits andpublications (Victoria Mates and Carol Blaney), thepark's web site (Jeffrey Trust), videos for Yosemite andother parks (Kristin Ramsey, Steven Bumgardner, LincolnElse, and Chris Bodily) and audio visual operations/theater(Ed Whittle) . They really do the work; I just try tofind the funding and supplies they need.What do you enjoy most about your job? I love thecreative aspect of reaching people with a short printedor viewed message . We try to capture an essence of thepark in some kind of media and leave a lasting, positiveimpression of the wonders within Yosemite and how tocare for them.What is your favorite place in Yosemite? My favoriteplace is along any river in the park . Mostly I get to spendtime by the Merced but I have a secret spot along theTuolumne not far from Tuolumne Lodge that 's prettygreat too.What is your favorite Yosemite book? My favoritebook? How can you ask that of a bibliophile? I love JackLaws ' new field guide . I love Steve Botti's Illustrated Floraof Yosemite, Phil Frank's comics (and I sure will miss theFog City Dumpster crew), and you can't beat the basketbook [Tradition and Innovation] either.What is your favorite non-Yosemite book? I 'm a mysteryreader so I 'd have to start with Nevada Barr and sayDeep South was great, but I love a lot of mysteries andother books like The Historian or The Good Guy. I alsoread a lot of books on conflict resolution like CrucialConversations and The Magic of Conflict. YA board memberMalcolm Margolin has suggested some great releasesfrom Heyday Books lately that I have really enjoyed.Who is your favorite historical figure? Well, everyoneloves Lincoln for his incredible integrity and vision andLeopold for the beauty of his words, but I 'd have to picksomeone more recent and go with Rachel Carson for herbrutal honesty and Jimmy Carter for his peace-building.Where do you like to go for vacation? Pacific Grove,California.What do you thinkYA's most important role is? Toprovide educational materials that the public will want tobuy and will lead them to stewardship for national parks.It 's really nice if you make a profit and support our staffingand outreach efforts by making donations to the park,but the educational service is the one that counts . Keeppublishing!What do you hope to do in your life that you haven 'tdone yet? I hope to improve on my wood carving and I ' dlike to travel to a lot more places.If you could invite three people to dinner, who wouldyou invite, and where would you go to eat? We wouldgo to a restaurant along the ocean with a view throughthe trees . Assuming I 'm not limited to people who couldactually come, two people would be Steve Medley andVirginia Ferguson because I loved both of their personalitiesso much, their love of books, life, Hawaii, birds,Yosemite . . . and for the third, it would be fun to add PhilFrank.What else do you want to tell our readers? I justwant to tell them that they mean so much to the staff atYosemite. Your support is so critical, and not just for thefinancial and educational aspects . It means a lot to meto see familiar faces year after year and know that thereis a stability to the world in loving these special placesand sharing them with each other. See you at the SpringForum!YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 23

*IITCII COURAGE BY JACK LONDONNEW LIMITED EDITION BOOK AVAILABLEGreatHolidayGift!he Yosemite Association is pleased to announce the publication of Dutch Courage by Jack London . The story,Tabout two men and their exciting experience climbing Half Dome, has appeared in a few collections of JackLondon 's work, but not as a separate publication.This elegant edition features an introduction prepared by author Gerald Haslam and a series of illustrations commissionedfrom acclaimed artist Larry Duke . The edition is limited to 350 numbered copies, each signed by the GeraldHaslam and Larry Duke.This beautiful letterpress deluxe book is perfect for a holiday gift, and provides a wonderful addition to the libraryof Yosemite literature and the works of Jack London.Dutch Courage may be purchased by Yosemite Association members for S160; the price is $200 for non-members.To order, call 209-379-2648, or visit our online store at: ww,-vc.vosemitestore .com.24 YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007

Members Savor Autumn in the MeadowsBrisk mornings gave way to warm afternoonstreating YA members to perfectweather for the 32nd Annual Members'Meeting in Tuolumne Meadows fromSeptember 8-9 . Over 200 membersjoined YA that weekend to revel in thecultural and natural history of TuolumneMeadows. Saturday and Sunday morningsincluded a variety of interpretivewalks and programs exploring everythingfrom the celebrated past of theHigh Sierra Camps to tips for perfectingphotographs of high country icons.Following a hearty lunch at TuolumneLodge, the annual meeting commencedat 1 :30 p .m. with addresses fromYosemite Superintendent Mike Tollefson,YA Board Chair Christy Holloway, andChief Executive Officer David Guy.Naturalist John Muir "Jack" Laws closedthe meeting and wowed the audiencewith stories of his travels and studies inthe Sierra Nevada.At the wine and cheese reception followingthe meeting, Jack signed hisnewest book, The Laws Field Guideto the Sierra Nevada, alongside fellowauthors and Members ' Meeting speakersSusan Snyder (Past Tents) and StephenBotti (Illustrated Flora of Yosemite) . Atthe same time, David announced thewinners of the raffle and silent auctionprizes that enticed members throughoutthe day. Together, these events raised$4,944 to support education and stewardshipin Yosemite. The evening closedwith songs around the campfire led byGail Dreifus and Al Palisca.Though we 're still deciding who tothank for the weather, we would like tothank our many friends and volunteersfor helping to make this event such asuccess . The following individuals gaveinterpretive programs throughout theweekend : National Park Service staffMargaret Eissler, Mickey Shortt, CarolBlaney, Kristina Rylands, and presentersJack Laws, Steve Botti, Susan Snyder,Lisa Strong-Aufhauser, and Gail Dreifusand Al Palisca, as well as volunteer FredFisher. Many thanks to Ed Whittle, JoWhitford, John Sun and Calvin Liufor their audio/visual support ; and toDNC Parks & Resorts at Yosemite staffJanis Kunz, Maria Ruiz and the staffat Tuolumne Lodge, especially MarthaMiller, Karen Prichard, Mike Andersenand Kim Tergesen, who graciouslyhosted us for the weekend. Thanks arealso due to Ranger Andy Fristensky,and YA volunteers Fred Fisher and JoeJack Laws captures the audience 'sattention with his latest field guideand tales of the Sierra Nevada,Lattuada, MaryJane and Vern Johnson,Denise Matsuoka and Julie Schuller fortheir help with the raffle, auction andwine and cheese reception . Finally, wewould like to thank Redwood CreekWines and the American Park Network,and all of our auction and raffle prizedonors, who helped make the eventsuch a success : Sherry Perry, GeorgiaStigall, Naturals From the Earth/FredFisher and Joe Lattuada, Bob and SharonKolbrener, Ashley Wolff, Art Bagget andPhyllis Weber, The Ansel Adams Gallery,John Muir Laws, David and IngeliseGuy, DNC Parks & Resorts at Yosemite,Michelle Hansen, Patti Garrity, TiogaGas Mart, Laurel Rematore, GarciaMachine, Scope Enteprises/Arnold andCarole Compolongo, Nicole Brocchini,The American Park Network and Leki,Nene Casares, First Street Gallery/Carol& Glen Skooglund, Dumont Printing,Mono Lake Committee, Michael FryePhotography, Jeff Grandy Photographyand Suzanne Corkins.0S2W.-ln attentive group satisfies its curiosity aboutTuolunuie history .YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 25

DONOR RECEPTIONAn Evening at Parsons LodgeParsons Lodge is an enchanting place at any time of day, butthe stillness and beauty of an evening on Tuolumne Meadowsis remarkable . On the evening of September 7, YA donors andmembers who have given more than $250 in the last year gatheredat the Lodge to kick off the Members' Meeting weekend.Guests enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and wines generously donated byRedwood Creek Wines and the chance to mingle with featuredspeakers and presenters Jack Laws, Stephen Botti and SusanSnyder as well as Yosemite Superintendent Mike Tollefson andYA CEO David Guy. As the festivities drew to a close, a finalsurprise was revealed : a glorious sunset walk across TuolumneMeadows.Special receptions for donors are fast becoming a tradition inYosemite. We host exclusive donor receptions before the annualfall meeting and the Spring Forum . In addition, those who contribute$1,000 or more are invited to dinner on the AhwahneeMeadow at the home of DNC COO Dan Jensen . We inviteyou to upgrade your membership or make a gift to YA today sothat you too may attend these gatherings! You can make a giftat, or enclose yourgift in the envelope included with this journal . To upgrade yourmembership, please call us at 209-379-2317 .Jack Laws discusses his works with Nancy and Bill Cleary.Member Discount at Groveland's Hotel CharlotteYour Yosemite Association membershipdues help make our wide array of educationalprograms, products and servicesfor park visitors possible . But did youknow your membership also entitlesyou to lodging discounts in and aroundYosemite? We are pleased to welcomea new partner in our lodging discountprogram. YA members can now receivea 12% discount at the charming historicHotel Charlotte, located on the way toYosemite in Groveland . You can learnmore about the Hotel Charlotte or makea reservation by calling 209-962-6455 orvisiting www.hotelcharlotte .com.In addition to discounts on YA internetand park bookstore purchases as well asOutdoor Adventure tuition, YA membersnow get discounts at more than 16 lodging,merchandise and activity partnersat 26 facilities in the Yosemite region . Wethank all of our partners for enhancingthe value of a YA membership, and inviteyou to take advantage of these generousoffers during your next park visit.Learn about all the benefits of a YAmembership at http :// .htm .Yosemite Renaissance XXIIICall for EntriesThe Yosemite Renaissance JuriedExhibition is an annual competition/exhibition intended to encourage diverseartistic interpretations of Yosemite. Itsgoals are to bring together the works ofserious contemporary artists that do notsimply duplicate traditional representations. Historically, the arts have played avery important role in the establishmentof our State and National Parks. It is ourhope that they can be just as importantin future efforts to preserve and protectthat heritage.Subject matter is limited to recent worksabout the landscape, environment, wildlifeand people of Yosemite or the Sierra.Both representational and non-representationalsubmissions will be accepted.Entries may be in any fine art mediumincluding painting, photography, drawing,printmaking, textile and sculpture.Initial entries by slide or digital file aredue by December 1, 2007 . Up to 40pieces will be selected for exhibition.Please visit for details and entry forms, or senda self-addressed, stamped envelope toYosemite Renaissance, P.O . Box 767,Yosemite, CA 95389.26 YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007

Fall Arrives in Time for Donor Weekend CelebrationAn early storm brought rain and highelevationsnow to the park on October5, then the clouds parted just in timeto provide a crisp and picture-perfectfall backdrop for the October 6 dinneron the Ahwahnee Meadow . The weekendstarted with a Friday evening dessertreception at the Yosemite Art andEducation Center (YAEC) . Attendeesenjoyed brandy and sweets made by TheAhwahnee 's pastry chef during an engagingpresentation about the life and artof Chiura Obata given by Obata familyhistorian and guest curator Kimi KodaniHill. Following a Saturday morning continentalbreakfast, participants enjoyeda guided tour of the Yosemite Museum'sObata exhibit with Kimi, naturalist walkswith YAs Pete Devine and NPS rangerKaren Powers, a walk in the footsteps ofAnsel Adams led by The Ansel AdamsGallery staff photographer Evan Russel,a sumi-e ink art demonstration by longtimeYAEC artist Carolyn Fitz and Obatastudent Marilyn Smith, or a complimentaryValley Floor tram tour.The day culminated in a sumptuousDNC-hosted dinner outside the homeof Delaware North Companies (DNC)Chief Operating Officer Dan Jensen andhis wife, Suzanne . The eighty-six attendeesincluded many of the Association 'smost generous donors, park DeputySuperintendent Kevin Cann and Chiefof Interpretation Chris Stein, ourboard of trustees, two former YosemiteCooperative Student Interns from UCMerced and a delegation of Chileanrangers visiting from Torres del Paine,Yosemite 's sister park in Patagonia.We are most grateful to DNC Parks &Resorts at Yosemite, Dan and SuzanneJensen, The Ahwahnee's Executive ChefPercy Whatleyand staff, theNational ParkService, The AnselAdams Gallery,Kimi Kodani Hill,Carolyn Fitz andMarilyn Smith fortheir contributionsto a perfect weekend.DNC, the park'sprimary concessionaire,beganhosting this casuallyelegant falldinner in 2003 tohonor those whohave donated $1,000 or more to theYosemite Association in the past year.We hope they will continue to do so formany years to come . We invite you tojoin us by upgrading your membershipto the Benefactor ($1,000) level or makingyour additional gift to YA today. Yourcontribution will provide vital supportfor our art, education, and volunteerprograms . We'll see you on the meadownext fall!Guests begin to arrive at the sumptuous DNC-hosted dinner onthe Ahwahnee Meadow to honor the Association 's most generoussupporters .Wo0Ostrander Ski Hut 2007-2008 SeasonThe Ostrander Lake Ski Hut will openfor the 2007–2008 winter season onDecember 6, 2007 and remain openthrough April 6, 2008 . The facility isoperated and staffed by the YosemiteAssociation on behalf of the NationalPark Service to encourage ski touringand snowshoeing in the park . The skihut is a group lodging facility limited to25 people per night . The fee for Mondaythrough Thursday night stays is $30 perperson ($25 per YA member) . For Fridaythrough Sunday night stays, the fee is$45 per person ($38 per YA member).Large groups are welcome, but limitedto a maximum of 15 people in one party.The facility includes single bunk stylebeds, a common kitchen facility formeals and two outdoor bathrooms–however, there is no electricity or runningwater at Ostrander. Reservations arerequired for this popular winter facility;it is so popular, in fact, that reservationsare awarded based on a lottery.Lottery applications must be received byNovember 19, 2007. Once the lottery hastaken place, reservations may be madefor any remaining dates by calling theYosemite Association office at 209-379-2646 between December 3–31, 2007.Beginning January 3, 2008, reservationsare available through the YosemiteWilderness Reservation System at209-372-0740 . Please contact the YAoffice for an application and informationon the Ostrander Lottery.YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 27

VOLUNTEER PROGRAM_ REPORTHow We Do the Things We Do : YA Volunteers in YosemiteEvery day, thousands of visitors come toYosemite . Each of them is, at one timeor other, overwhelmed with questions.During our busiest season, from Maythrough September, this number canincrease to tens of thousands of visitorseach day. That's where YA member volunteerscome in . This year, 85 volunteersgreeted visitors' wonder and amazementwith smiles and helpful informationwhile spending a month (or two orfive!) living and working in the park. InYosemite Valley, Tuolumne Meadows,and Wawona, volunteers staffed interpretivefacilities and introduced parkvisitors to the Yosemite Association aswell as our efforts to support educationand stewardship in the park. Thankyou for all you did to help Yosemitethis year : Jennifer Baker, June Bailey,David Batcho, RoxAnne Borean, JeanetteBonifas, RJ Bragg and Paula McNerny,Jim and Helen Brohm, Mike and MaryBruchmore, Tom Byde, Gordon andGladys Callander, Cheryl Cleeves,Alexandra Cole, Bob and Beverly Combs,Richard Conness, Dorothy Cooper,Fannie Curro, John and Maureen Eaton,Rese Eberl, Donna Engleman, AliceEnsley, Giedra Gershman and AllanShrafman, Suzanne Howell-Gleason,Teri Gold, Amanda Goldstein, AnneGomes, Sue and Jack Hansen, AnnHardeman, Carol Harris, Debbie Henz,Doug Hitchingham, John Holtzapple,Kathy Hopkins, Judy Johnson, MaryJaneYA volunteer George Sutliff helps a familyof visitors in the Yurt Information Stationin Yosemite Valley.Johnson and Vern Johnson, AdrienneKalmick, Anne-Marie and EverettKaukonen, Veronika and Bill Kehoe,Kathleen Keller, Mona Knight, JoanneMandel, Jim and Laurie May, JohnMcClary, Bob McConnell, Jillian Metz,Lou and Carole Meylan, Erin and RussMills, Susie and Howard Nielsen, KenOlivier, Johanna Olson, John Orlowski,Nancy Ornee, Warren and JenniferPatten, Kent Petty, Dave Pistole, TomRail, George Sakelarios, Julie Schuller,Richard Schuman, Dawn Sherertz, DonStandridge, Mary and George Sutliff,Rhiannon Tavai, Lynn Taylor, JackieWagoner, Jo Wamser, Jan Webster, Ronand Carlien Williams, and Julice Winter.Not everyone can spare a month, butYA offers a great way to give back to thepark and have fun at the same time, evenif you have only a week to spend. Forthe past 20 years, YA member volunteershave participated in the CooperativeWork Weeks program to help preserveand restore natural resourcesin the park. In 2007, 62 YA membersworked in partnership with YosemiteInstitute, Delaware North CompaniesParks & Resorts at Yosemite, and theNational Park Service to complete fiveweek-long restoration projects . Thevolunteers removed non-native species,planted, and restored high-impactareas of Lyell Canyon. On behalf of allthe Cooperative Work Weeks partners,YA thanks the 2007 crew: Kyoko Adachiand Hiroyuki Minamino, Carol Allen,Jane and Richard Baxter, Syd Bluestone,Linda Brodman, Joan Carter, Alice andRichard Cocke, Michelle Conrotto,Alice Cummings, Tony DeMaio, BethDeRooy, Jim Derry, Jean Dillingham,David Eichorn and Jeanette Larsen,Candy and Chris Elder, Cindy Elder,Marshall and Judy Fisher, Marita Hills,Doug Hitchingham, John Hollowayand Elaine Reed, Jim Horstman, PeterHowkinson, Alexander and Ruth Janke,Larry Jansen, Judy Johnson, StevenKahn, Mona Knight, Betty Mae Locke,Amber Lawrence, David Margiott, KateMawdsley, Matt McBride, Clem andMarina Michel, Greg Moon, RussellMorimoto, John Mullen, Ron Nichols,Skye Nickell, Jerry Nuding, RalphOcchipinti, Jim Palmer, Sue Palmer,YA volunteer Peter Howkinson enjoys aday's work in Tuolumne.Karen Perry, Ed Polainer, Tom Rail,Jim Raveret, Joan Sanderson, SuzanneSchroeder, Pat Soussan, Tricia Spada,Alison Sterley, Jackie Stroud, and VerleWaters.In addition to the five traditional WorkWeeks, YA partnered with DNC thissummer to complete restoration projectsaround White Wolf. For a week inJune and a weekend in September, 23 YAvolunteers joined DNC staff and volunteersto complete historic landscapingprojects . One look at White Wolf todayshows how far a little time and effort cango toward restoring impacted areas ofthe park. Thanks go out to the followingvolunteers for making it possible:Ricardo Azucena, Philip Dakin, JeanDillingham, David Eichorn and JeanetteLarsen, Catherine Foote, Gerry andJan Haslam, Christine Heritage, DougHitchingham, Jim Horstman, Chrisand Elsa Kirkpatrick, Mona Knight,Betty Mae and Jim Locke, Jill Metz,Ron Nichols, Jerry Nuding, Ed Polainer,Suzanne Schroeder, and George andLinda Sward.MEMBER INFO LINEIf you 're planning a trip to Yosemiteand have questions, give our phoneline a call between the hours of 8 :00a.m. and 4 :30 p.m. Monday throughFriday. We don't make reservations,but we can give appropriate phonenumbers and usually lots of helpfuladvice. Call us at 202-379-2317.28 YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007

Cheers to Our Wine Donors!Redwood Creek wines of California andAmerican Park Network have once againpartnered to make YA member gatheringsa little more fun . These generouscompanies have donated enough winefor all of our events in the coming year.We look forward to serving these delicious,award-winning wines to you, andwe thank both entities for their effortsto enhance our donor receptions, SpringForum and Fall Annual Meetings.According to the winery, Redwood Creekwines "embody the adventurous spirit ofCalifornia ." Winemaker and outdoorsmanCal Dennison developed thesesingle-varietal wines to provide richnessand flavor, and to deliver consistentlyoutstanding quality at an attractive price.Please visit RedwoodCreek .com for moreinformation.American Park Network, led by brothersMark and Joel Saferstein, has beenAmerica's leading provider of nationalpark guides for more than two decades.American Park Network produces thedefinitive guides to the most visitedparks in the country, from Acadia toZion, helping more than 20 million readersmake the most of their national parkexperiences.As publisher of the official guides ofthe National Park Foundation and theNational Fish and Wildlife Foundation,May We Share Your Address With Other Nonprofits?Occasionally we have the opportunityto trade our mailing list with othernonprofit organizations, to increaseour respective membership rosters andenhance our ability to support our parksor institutions. List trades are invaluableto nonprofits because they introduce usto new potential members while helpingus minimize our operational costs.Although we have rarely capitalized onsuch opportunities, we would like to beable to do so when we know the otherorganizations to be reputable and toREDWOODC R E E KAmerican Park Network is committedto building partnerships with nonprofitorganizations in support of public lands.Part of its core mission is to act as a liaisonbetween the parks and the privatesector in order to create opportunitiesfor successful public/private partnerships. The Yosemite Association's ongoingpartnership r:°ith Redwood Creek isjust one of many relationships facilitatedby American Park Network in support ofour national parks.Redwood Creek Trailblazer Dan Cox servesa happy YA member at our September 7Parsons Lodge donor reception.have something of value to offer to ourmembers . If you would prefer not to haveus share your name and address, pleasenotify the Membership departmentby calling us at 209-379-2317, by sendingan e-mail to info@yosemite .org, orby mailing a note to us at P.O . Box 230,El Portal, CA 95318 . All "do not share"requests will be acknowledged and honoredin perpetuity. Note that telephonenumbers and e-mail addresses are notreleased or traded for any reason .You Can Help Yosemitein So Many WaysYour dues and donations make possiblevital educational programs and servicesin Yosemite . Did you know there areeven more ways you can make a realdifference? We invite you to considerthese other giving mechanisms . Formore information, visit our website call the Member Information phoneline at 209-379-2317.• Double Your ContributionEnclose your employer's matching giftform with your member dues or donations,and we 'll take care of the rest.•Donate Your Car, Boat, or RVVisit or callDonation Line toll-free at877-227-7487, ext . 1967.•Use GoodSearchGoodSearch .com is an Internet searchengine that gives 50% of its revenue tothe charity you designate, at no cost toyou or us . Choose YA when you searchthe web!• Leave a LegacyMake a bequest to YA in your will orestate plan, or designate YA as a beneficiaryof your life insurance policy.• Donate from Your IRAThe Pension Protection Act of 2006allows individuals over 70½ years oldto transfer all or a portion of an IRA toYA and not have that money count asincome for the year of the donation.• Shop and Learn with YAShop at YA stores and our Internetstore, or take an Outdoor Adventure.Proceeds from all YA programs andservices benefit Yosemite!The Yosemite Association is a 501(c) (3)non-profit corporation (Federal IDNo. 94-6050143) . Donations are taxdeductibleto the extent allowable by law.YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 29

YOSEMITEASSOCIATIONz0Nov 19 : Ostrander Ski Hutlottery applications due tothe YA officeNov 22–23 : YAAdministrative Office closedfor Thanksgiving holiday0mnDec I : Entries due forYosemite RenaissanceXXIII juried competition/exhibitionDec 6 : YA Holiday OpenHouse and Warehouse Sale,El PortalDec 18 : Last day to placeholiday orders to arrive byDec . 25Dec 21 : Ostrander Ski Hutopens for the seasonDec 24—25 : YAAdministrative Office closedfor ChristmasDZN000Jan : Invitation to SpringForum (March 29) to bemailed to all members thismonthJan I : YA AdministrativeOffice closed for New Year 'sholidayJan 3 : Wilderness permitreservation system opens forthe seasonJan 19 : OA #1 : MoonlightSnowshoe with Pete DevineJan 21 : YA AdministrativeOffice closed for MartinLuther King, Jr . holidayJan 24—27 : OA #2 : WinterLandscape Photography withJohn SenserTImEarly Feb : Winter 2008issue of quarterly members'journal Yosemite to be mailedFeb 2 : OA #3 : SnowshoeExplorations with aNaturalist with Emily JacobsFeb 16 : OA #4 : Dewey PointSnowshoe Trek with PeteDevineFeb 18 : YA AdministrativeOffice closed for Presidents 'Day holidayFeb 23 : OA =5 : Discoveringthe Winter World with DickEwartFeb 29 : YosemiteRenaissance XXIII exhibitopening reception, 5 :30 to7 :30 p.m., Yosemite MuseumGalleryFridays—Mondaysall month : YosemiteRenaissance XXIII exhibitopen, Yosemite MuseumGalleryMar I : OA #6 : PeregoySnow Survey with MarkFincher and Chuck CarterMar 8 : OA #7 : Dewey PointSnowshoe Trek with KarenAmstutzMar 22 : OA #8 : Full MoonEquinox Snowshoe withEmily JacobsMar 28 : OA #9 : A HardRoad on Gold Mountainwith Yenyen ChanMar 28 : Donor Receptionat the Yosemite Art &Education Center, YosemiteValleyMar 29 : Members ' SpringForum, Yosemite ValleyMar 30 : OA #10 : BirdingYosemite Valley with MichaelRossMar 30 : OA #11:Discovering the WinterWorld with Dick EwartFridays—Mondaysall month : YosemiteRenaissance XXIII exhibitopen, Yosemite MuseumGalleryApr 5 : OA #12 : Wildflowersof the Merced Canyon withMichael RossApr 6 : Ostrander Ski Hutcloses for the seasonApr 11—12 : OA #13 : LeaveNo Trace Trainer Coursewith Pete DevineApr 26 : OA #14 : To the Topof Yosemite Falls with KarenAmstutzFor an expanded events calendar, visit yosemite .org/member/calendar.htmTo register for an Outdoor Adventure or to book a custom adventure, call 209-379-2321 or visityosemite .org/seminars . Proceeds from all YA programs help supportYosemite!30YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007

To see an expanded list of theYosemite Store's products,visit our secure online site at : www.yosemitestore .comYOSEMITE CATALOGBOOKSLast Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorderby Richard LouvToday's kids are increasingly disconnected from the natural world, says child advocacyexpert Louv, even as research shows that "thoughtful exposure of youngsters to nature can . a powerful form of therapy for attention-deficit disorder and other maladies ." Instead ofpassing the summer months hiking, swimming and telling stories around the campfire,children these days are more likely to attend computer or weight-loss camps . As a result,Louv says, kids today think of nature as more of an abstraction than a reality . Gatheringthoughts from parents, teachers, researchers, environmentalists and other concernedparties, Louv argues for fostering in children an awareness of and appreciation for thenatural world. Not only can nature teach kids science and nurture their creativity, he says,but nature needs children : where else will its future stewards come from?© Reed Business InformationSoftcover $13 .95 Member Price $11 .86Mission 66:Modernism andthe National ParkDilemmaby Ethan CarrIn the years followingWorld War II,Americans visitedthe national parksin unprecedented numbers, yet Congress held funding atprewar levels. Park conditions steadily declined . To addressthe problem, a billion-dollar initiative titled "Mission 66 " waslaunched in 1956 . The mission was to be completed in 1966, thefiftieth anniversary of the National Park Service . The programcovered more than one hundred visitor centers (a building typeinvented by Mission 66 planners) ; expanded campgroundsand other public facilities; and built new and wider roads andhundreds of employee residences. During the program, the parksystem went through a transformation of its own . It acquiredmany new seashores, recreation areas and historical parks . Toa significant degree, the national park system and the NationalPark Service as we know them today are products of theMission 66 era. Controversial at the time, Mission 66 hastenedthe advent of the modern environmental movement, andtransformed the Sierra Club from a regional mountaineeringgroup into a national advocacy organization . Ethan Carr' sbook examines the significance of the Mission 66 program andexplores the influence of midcentury modernism on landscapedesign and park planning. This copiously illustrated historydescribes a critical period in the development of the nationalpark system. Hardcover $39 .95 Member Price $33 .96America's National Parks:The Spectacular Forces That ShapedOur Treasured Landsby Paul SchulleryFrom stunning mountain ranges to arid expanses of desert,America has been blessed with incredibly diverse lands—andthe vision to protect them for future generations to enjoy.America 's National Parks describes unique features of all fiftysixparks in the national park system . It also gives interesting,easy-to-understand background on the geological andecological forces that make each national park so worthy ofprotection . Nature lovers will be captivated by gorgeous photosof landforms, flora and fauna . Families will appreciate theinformation that is sure to enhance vacations at the parks . Andvisitors to any of the country's national parks will treasure thisbook as a memento of past visits and an inspiration for futureones. America 's NationalParks is a must-have foranyone who relishes thepark system's naturalwonders and wants tolearn more about thepowerful forces thatcreated them.Hardcover $50.00Member Price $42.50Not available untilafter Nov. 15.YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 31

To see. an expanded list of theYosemite Store's products,visit our secure online site at : www.yosemitestore .comBOOKSAdventures withthe Parkers:Harrowing Ascentof Half Domeby Mike GrafJoin the Parkers, anintrepid family offour, as they embarkon adventures in thenational parks. Twins James and Morgan explore the naturalwonders of Bryce and Zion, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite,and Yellowstone . A series for kids, Adventures with the Parkersis packed with action as well as facts about nature, outdoorsafety, environmental issues and much more.Softcover $9 .95 Member Price $8 .46Oh, Ranger! TrueStories from ourNational Parksedited by MarkSafersteinOh, Ranger! is acollection of excitingstories told by theexperts themselvesNational ParkRangers. Hererangers share their most memorable, life-changingexperiences, from animal encounters to firefighting andsearch and rescue missions . Oh Ranger! was inspired bythe original storybook written in 1928 by Horace Albright,the first superintendent of Yellowstone National Park . Hismemory lives on in the heroic actions of all those whoproudly wear the instantly recognizable green and greyuniforms topped by the flat-crowned straw hat. These menand women work hard to protect and preserve our nationalparks for the enjoyment of millions of visitors now and inthe future . The book is a tribute to National Park Serviceemployees everywhere . Profits from its sale will supportnational park education programs and the Employeeand Alumni Association of the National Park Service.Softcover $14 .95 Member Price $12 .71DVDsNational Geographic SecretYosemiteYosemite is one of the most visited parks in thenational park system . With this DVD, NationalGeographic goes beyond the tourist hotspots andjourneys deep into Yosemite 's dynamic and untamedwilderness . The resulting DVD delivers highlights fromthe park's 12,000 squaremiles of awe-inspiringterrain—wonders that feware lucky enough to see.Known for its steep granitecliffs, impressive waterfallsand the world 's largestliving trees—the giantsequoias—this beautifulhaven attracts vacationersSECRET YOSEMITE all year round . The parkExplore Beyond the Tourist Hotspotsis also home to a host ofwild creatures includingblack bears, mountain lions,bobcats, coyotes, snakes anda variety of bats . National Geographic shows you theliving wilderness beyond the postcard-perfect views.Special Feature : Yosemite National Park Explorer 3DInteractive and Printable Map.$24.95 Member Price $21 .21Yosemite on HorsebackFew experiences compare to a trail ride through one ofAmerica's greatest natural treasures . This fully narratedprogram captures the tradition of exploring YosemiteNational Park on horse and mule and lets you hearfirst-hand from Yosemite's wranglers, packers andmounted patrol rangers. Featured are rides from all threepark stables : Wawona, Yosemite Valley and TuolumneMeadows. The program includes breathtaking rides toYosemite's High Sierra, HalfDome, Clark Point, Mirror Lakeand more . In the DVD extras,Yosemite 's wranglers revealbehind-the-scenes stories andmounted patrol rangers speakto the value of horses and mulesin the National Park Service.$19 .99 Member Price $16.99YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007

December 18 is the last day to place holiday orders to arrive by December 25thHOLIDAY GIFTSSN WFLAKEWinter 's Verret BeautyThe Field Guide to SnowflakesThe Snowflake : Winter's Secret BeautyThe Magic of Snowflakes :A Postcard Bookby Ken LibbrechtPhysicist Ken Libbrecht and photographer PatriciaRasmussen both grew up in snowy climes, butit took a scientific and aesthetic focus to deepentheir appreciation for snow's hidden beauty . Theynow share these revelations in a felicitous union ofword and image. Libbrecht decodes the exquisitearchitecture of individual snowflakes, describing how these "miniature ice masterpieces "are literally conjured out of thin air . Water vapor condensing into ice, he explains,takes on shapes dictated by the geometry of water molecules. If the physics ofsnow crystals is fascinating, so, too, is Libbrecht 's history of snowflake science.Snowflake scholars included scientific luminaries such as Rene Descartes andSNIDWFLAKESJohannes Kepler, as well as Vermont farmer Wilson Bentley, who pioneereda method for photographing individual snowflakes, and physicist UkichiroNakaya, who figured out how to grow them . © American Library AssociationField Guide to Snowflakes Hardcover, $12 .95 Member Price $11 .01The Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty Hardcover $20.00 Member Price $17 .00The Magic of Snowflakes: A Postcard Book $7.95 Member Price $6 .76* * *Sierra Club Yosemite Holiday Note CardsThe Sierra Club presents twenty 5 " x 7 " winter holidaycards in a decorative box . There are five cards of each of fourdifferent Yosemite winter scenes . A portion of the proceedsfrom the sale of this product supports the Sierra Club 's effortsto preserve and protect the planet . These cards are printed inthe USA with soy-based inks on recycled paper.$15.00 Member Price $12 .75Snowflake Designs Coloring BookbyA .G . SmithThe unique patternsof snowflakes arelimitless—and so is theartist's imagination whenmarkers, crayons, paints,or glitter are applied tothe delicate beauties inthis book. Here are 30illustrations of nature 'smost dazzling creationsas individual flakes andin scattered storms.Softcover $3 .95Member Price $3 .36YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 33

To see. an expanded list of theYosemite Store's products,visit our secure online site at : www.yosemitestore .comPHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTSAstroPicsPhotography by Wally PacholkaStunning photographic prints of the night sky over various locationsin Yosemite National Park recall the experience of stargazing whilecamping in the wilderness . Pacholka 's photos are original singleimages made without double exposures or computer manipulation.Instead, Pacholka uses long time exposures, which reveal more lightand color than the average eye perceives in the night sky.Notecard $3 .75 Member Price $3 .18Matted Print 8 " x 10 " $19 .99 Member Price $16 .99Matted Print 11 " x 14 " $35.00 Member Price $29 .75Laminated Print 12" x 18 " $59.00 Member Price $50 .15osesnite'Kational park Ni9kts - " BrilliaxtJtspiter Or Sri4aWeil Fitts "o5ef,,ite Nati.r,at Pa+k fiu :b - Jupiter 4 Milky way star ctouds wcr cs,rry vllty ye"yosesnite National park Ni9S.ts - " Tk Milky way 's Starr Glands rise Wer?fat f Done "yosemite National Park Ni9kts - " ve9a 4 Milky "l y nsir,9 o,oer El Capita,. 4 *Fat f Poa.e "~osefm.ite. Natimat park Nilkts - 'Or Star Filled Norti,ern Sky oSer ,.josetwit, Falls"Yosemite Miykts - "Tt Incredible Milky way § Jupiter over Tio9a Lake "34 YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007

December 18 is the last day to place holiday orders to arrive by December 25thMEMBER SPECIALGiant Sequoiasby R . J. Hartesveldt, H. T. Harvey, H. S. Shellhammer and R . E. SteckerThis book was intended to present a clear and true view of giantsequoias and their ecological interrelationships . The work is based ondata the authors have gathered in the field, as well as on the writings ofothers. The book describes many accepted ideas about giant sequoiasthat have been altered by the authors' work. Among these : the fact thatfire, chickarees and insects actually play positive roles in the biology andcontinued survival of these majestic trees.Softcover $9 .95 Special Member Price $7 .95Order FormQty. ColorCredit card orders call : 209-379-2648 Monday–Friday, 8 :30 a .rn.–4 :30 p.m.We Accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and DiscoverDescriptionPriceEach Total4Name :Address :City : State : Zip :Daytime telephone : E-mail address :Credit Card No : Expires :Signature:Yosemite Association, P.O. Box 230, El Portal, CA 95318Shop online at www.yosemitestore .com for more items!SUBTOTAL7.75% Sales Tax (CA customers only) :Shipping_ Charges (see below):TOTAL ENCLOSED:UPS Ground = $8 .95UPS 3-Day Select = $ 16 .95UPS 2nd Day = $18.95Call for AK, HI, and International ratesYOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 35

MEMBERS AND RECENT DONATIONSENROLL MENTS AND GIFTS PROCESSED BETWEEN JUNE 27 THROUGH SEPTEMBER 26, 2007NEW AND REJOINING Golub, Daurice Graves, Stephen Gregory, Tami Broniak, Jim & Louisette Brown,MEMBERS William Halligan, Tom Handler & Joann Tina Brown, Buellesbach, Diane & AlexWelcome to our new and rejoining members! Knudson, James Handsfield, Kathleen Bulazo, Lora & Greg Burnett, Burns Family,You 've connected with nearly 11,000 like- Harmon, John Hatheway, Erick Herrin, Burrows Family, Teresa Cajandig, Susanminded individuals, families and businesses Annette Hill, John Hofstadt, Richard & Doug Camden, Lyn Cameron, Susanhelping the association make Yosemite an Holine, Carol Holt, Gregory James, Campbell, Douglas Carlile, Karen & Kevineven better place . Benjamin Johnson, Anne & Jeff Johnson, Caselli, Margaret Chang, Jef Chappell, DonBenefactor Members :Barbara Johnson Salo & Family, Lonnie & Judy Chatfield, Paul & Cathe Childers,Michele Clark& Jacqueline Kaiser, Carolyn Kelley, RonKellog, Alex Kennett, Robert & SandraChristine Chin, Linda & David Chipping,Eric Christensen, Carolyn Christopherson,Patron Members : Ketchel, Deborah & Rob Killeffer, Betty Michael Cobillas Family, Dan Coleman,Mrs . George Lauterstein, David & Diane & Max Jr. Kniesche, Chris Knight, Sara Judith Collier, Arlene & Roy Conger, BrianPaul & Robert Koenig, Adam Krantz, Arjun & Robin Crepeav, Barb Crist & DaveSustaining Members :Krishnamachar, Betty Kroeker, Jo Kunkel, Henry, Troy Crosby, Paige Crutchley, GlennDavid Bowman, Susan Bymel, RobertJim & Marie Lambe, Brenda Leake &Currie & Bev Reichert, Kristin Dark, LeslieCochran, Philip Curtis, Gordon Eggers,Family, Robert Lee, Stephen Leist & Yuriko Deboer, Dee di Somma, Theodore DiSalvo,Jonathan Gluck, Molly Hauser, ElizabethTada, Jim Leuker, Donna Lifland, Donald Jonathan Diveley, Mark Dodd, Ayooband Zachary Hulsey, Ronald G . Jones, RickLipschutz, Scott & Leslie Loopstra, Dennis Dooply, Chris & Jeri Dopp, Gigi Dornfest,Levin & Marge Duncan, William & Leslie& Vivien Low, Danette & Derek Lowe, Lisa Doty, Richard & Anne Doucet, PaulMarcus, Roger McCluney, Dave & JudyVirginia Luchetti, Kate Mawdsley & Bill & Carol Draper, Edward Droste, Vera &Parker, Ronald and Gabrielle Rasi, AliciaMcCoy, Jennifer Mayer & Adrian Kulp, Gabe Dudley, Jorge Dueno, Linda Duffy,Rodriquez, Steve & Terri Saxton, GeorgeLauren McCombs, Carey McDonald,Patrick Duffy & Julie Bryant, Greg & KevinWilliam McIntyre, Denman McNear, Jean Dunn, Morgan Ellcessor, Steven Elliott,Serra & Marji Miller, Ralph Sierra, MarilynMeisner, James & Juliane Monroe, David Margaret Elliott, Empire Church of the& Alan ZaretskyMorgan, Gary Myers, James Nocar, Lisa Brethren, David Essayan, John Eviston,Contributing Members : O 'Brien, Carlos & Brenda Ortiz, JoAnne Hope Ewing, Steve Factor, Emerson Fang,Anna-Marie Bratton, Robert & Stacey Osborn, Peter Owens, Melissa Pagen, Laura Farnum, Deborah Finch, HerbertBrewer, Keith Chrestionson, Steven Paul & Sabina Palmieri, Carol Parker, Fischgrund, Louis Flores, Michael & SusanDantzker, Dennis Divins & Sherry Piatt, Larry Pasquali, Andrea Patton, Jeremy Flynn, Carol & Steve Ford, S . FramptonAlexander Escandari, Denise Escontrias, Paul, Frederick & LaVerne Polkinghorn, & D . Schemenauer, David & MichelleArleen Fiorito, Martin & Suzanne Garcia, Dwight Purtle, Gopal Ramachandran, Paul Freedman, Jennifer & Seth Friesen, PaulCatherine Habiger, Margaret Harris & Rathje, Michael Repko, Saul Robbins & & Ellen Fryman, Gabrio Family, JodyPaul Shaus, Roger Hooson & Karen Hata, Susan Fui iler, Sheryl & Richard Roberto, Garfinkle, Greg & Heidi Garner, GeorgePeter & Denny Howell, Richard Juman, Elizabeth Ross, Donald Roth, Brian Russell, Gay, Lindsay Gillick, Maureen Gilmore-Stuart Koretz, Meghan Kubo, Charlotte Nina Sabrack, David Sanders, C . Schmidt Herbert, Gordon & Martia Glass, AnthonyLerchenmuller, Tim Loveless, Joyce Mason, & A . Eichmiller, Randy Shadrick & Anna Gonzalez, Alicia Gonzalez, Daniel & LindaDavid Matson, Glenn & Dolly Matteucci, Riordan, David Shaw, Carolyn Shugart, Gorman, Russell & Suzi Gotfried, TheSusan Meyer, John & Patricia Miller, The Simon Family, Clint & Marilyn Gram & Brown Family, Peter & DonnaDeborah Mitchell, David & Martha Rice, Smith, Carolyn Sprogis & Barry Anderson, Grant, C .J. Grealy, Sharon Gribbin, MartinKaren Saccente, Joan Samuelson, Jim Kenneth Stringer, Mike Sweeney, Brick & Yvonne Grover, Christie Hammer,Siverts, Mary Warrick, Alison & David Sweet, Lucetta Swift, Samuel Tamkin, Matthew Hand & Laura Blaney, JamesWistrom, Greg Zuercher Robert Thomas, Don Villarejo, Rick Wachs, & Susan Harding, Frank Harmon, KathySupporting Members :Hazel Wang, Dana Wark, Sandra Welsh, & John Harryman, Hartanov Family,Kathryn Antonacci, John Ashbaugh,Christopher & Diona Atkins, NancyAttinger, Richard Baldridge, Ray & TammyLyman & Jane Wong, George Yenoki,Michael & Liane Young, Wayne & BarbaraZimmerman, Jane ZimmermanBarnett, Brian Benjamin, Frank Blackwell, Joint/Family Members :Linda Blanch, Chris Blessum, Steve & Norma & Steve Abele, Gregory Albrecht,Dawn Bloch, Linda Bloom, Jack Boatman, Amanda Alexander, Jeanann Almirol, PaulMr . & Mrs . Alvin Boles, Leonard Borello, A. Amstutz, Jessie & Sarah Anderson, MistiNicholas Boski, Marty & Julie Brophy, Anderson Macebo, Kath Andries & BetsyCarrie Byles, Joseph Cabezut, JessicaMcGinty, Linda & Carl Angle, RaymondCampbell, Michael Carlson, Sal Castro, Antalek, Arthur Antolick, Nina & LowellEstella Cervantes, Wendy Clark, Howard Antze, Cathie Apple, Linda Aragon, DavidCohen, John Cooper, Julie Crossland, Artale, Irene & Tom Bachelder, Mr . & MrsMary Beth Davis & Nancy Morgan,Kurt Bake, Wendell Barnett, Tom Bates,Michael Dearing & Shari Luquire, Nancy William Bauriedel, Beck, Judith Becker, Bill& William Doyle, Carole Dwinell, Edward Benzinger, Lenka Beranova, Margie Berta-Estes, Sherry Falkner-Rose, Jack Fitzgerald, Alva, Deb Bigelow, Roger Bird, RobertDarrell & Janice Foster, Richard Fulk & Bogdanoff, Cecilia Bolton, Ted Bookless, C .Linda Henson, Archer & Patricia Futch, & J. Borchers, Rebecca Borovansky, DougPeter Garcia-Meza, Ryan Gibbons, Sharon & Kris Boss, Brian Bourg, Laura Breite,Mary Lou & Mike Haugh, Allan & SusanHauptfeld Family, Mark Peter Heilbrun,Vivian Hernandez, Raymond & HildaHernandez, Ben Hirsch, Wendy & EdwardHirschman, Ellie Hoffman & BarbaraRaboy, Barry Hoffner, Carolyn Holloway,Pam Hooley & Jan Solone, The HopkinsFamily, Lynne & Sid Hosley, Carolyn &Allison Howell, Jim & Rose Hudson, JeffHunt, Mark Hutcherson, James Ishida,Todd & Debbie Jackson, Brent Jackson,Nancy & Tom Jacobsen, Lita Jacoste,Richard & Tricia Jarrett, Edward Jepsen,Arnold & Peggy Johnson, Lisa Johnson,Lori & Roy Johnstone, Howard Jory, Robert& Charlotte Josephs, Ann & Greg Kahn,John & Kim Kanki, Nancy Karp, BillyKarp, Stephen Keehn, Jonathan Keeler,Martin Kelemen, Margaret Kennedy, DickKiechler, Michael King & Ariam Tesfai, PeteYOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007

& Patricia King, Richard & Elizabeth Kline, Tucker, Don Tyson, Mark Urbin, Robert Robert Ireland, Barbara Jamison, StevenJamie & Cindy Knight, Simon Knott, Ray Usery & Dorcas Ang, Linda Van Auker, Janney, Renee Jardine, Peggy Jester, Janet& Janet Kroll, Di & Steve Kroll, Dana Kuip, Barbara Vasconcellos, Ronald Villiotti, Johnson, Olivia Johnson, Carlyle Johnson,Mary Anne Kurzew Family, Kathleen Lalor, Michael Walsh, William Weaver, Donald C .R . Johnson, Samantha Jones, DavidVincent Lamb, Jeffrey Lane, Marshall Lasky, West, Adam & Sabrina White, Kristen & Kanner, Heather Keebler-Karberg, WilliamDennis Leighton, Katy Lennartz & James Lee Wiegand, Scott & Jeanie Wiener, Gary Keene, Brian Kelly, Mark Kessell, ShahlaAnastasi, Rob Levy & Patrick Thomas, Jane Willinski, David & Ann Wilson, Steve & Lani Khaillash, Edward Kim, Linda Kislingbury,& Daniel Levy, K . Lewis & F. J. Kankonen, Wisner, Cynthia Wong, Garrett Wong, T.F. Barbara Klarich, Anne Klevering, JoachimKirsten & David Liermann, Richard Light, Wong, John Woodfill, David Woods, Barbara Koch, Paula Kornelsen, Nancy Korwin, IrenePaul & Laura Lindsay, John Lisiecki, Rose Woods, Joseph Woulfe, Tom Wurster & Liga Kozuki, Diane Krajenski, Linda Kundell,& Dale Lock, Steve & Heidi Lohmeyer, Auzins, Bill Wymore, Jim & Aki Yamazaki, Phillip Lacy, Anne-Marie Lamarche, AnnaMeg Loitz, Laura LoPiccolo, Jerry Lovejoy, Kay Yatabe, J.D . York, Michael & Lynn Young, Landauer, Sue Larson, Ellen Laverty, LisaSteve Lucero, Eric & Nancy Lusignan, John Charles Zelden Lechuga, Alvin Y. Lee, Judith Lefler, DonnaMallaber, Carole & Bill Manderson, MarthaA. Lerner, Leslie Levy, Laura Levy, Kaly Liell,Individual Members:Maple, Ken & Carol Maul, Tony Mayfield,Eric Lindauer, Dorothy Lindheim, DonnaBrian Abbott, Jay Abramson, Joanne Aker,Pam & Dave McClellan, Fred & KristieLindquist, Natasha Litt, Kathleen Littrell,Marcey Alancraig, Franceska Alexander, JoanMcGrew, Margherita McIntosh, Steve &James & Barbara Long, Janice Loreto,Alton, Ken Anderson, Yvonne Angel, DianaPam McIntyre, Tom McIntyre, Mark &Andrew Lowd, Gregory Macias, RobertArellano, Nancy Arkwright, Susan Arlington,Susan McKeon, Winton McKibben, TereseMahaffey, Martha Mallery, Barry Mallory,S. Jean Ashford, Kathleen Augustine, LeeMcMullen, Kevin Mcnamara, Greg &Luanne Mariano, Carole Marshall, NancyAydelotte, Larry Bales, Janet Ballatore,Phyllis Meckstruth, John Medlicott & JulieMartin, Krista Mason, Ann Matteson,Lahoma Ballester, Heather Baraseh, JeanDonohue, Joan & Dan Meyer, Erin & RussLesley McClintock, Marilyn McCurdy,Barker, Judi Barnes, Michael Battisti, EmilyMills, Leonard & Virginia Milstein, KathyVera McDaniel, James McGrew, Mary KayBeak, Kirstie Bellman, Loretta Berg, AlisonMoles & Leslie Rice, Bill Moresi, Patty &McNicholas, Joanne McPhail, CherithBerry, Elaine Bickford, Rich Birmingham,Mark Morita, Jessica & Mark Morton, GeraldMerson, Catherine Mesenbrink, RichardJames Blackman, Jacob Aaron Blecher,& Katherine Mugnolo, David & DeniseMeter, Cassandra Mettling-Davis, BonnieMarilyn Blodget, Dale Blosser, Sue Bohner,Mulligan, David Mullins, Susan Myles,Metzger, Bridget Metzger Glaser, NealLois Bostwick, Chloe-Anna Bourasa, JudyRichard Neidhardt & Susan Snyder, LynneMeulebrouck, Pat Middleton, Colleen Milani,Boyd, Catherine Boyles, Margaret Bozesky,Nelsen, Johnny Nguyen, Dennis Nicholson,Alvin Milder, Marilyn Miller, Jess Miller,Julia Bristow, Emily Brosk, Christine Brown,Martha Nishida, Melissa Nol, Thomas Noll,Paul Miller, Danielle Miller, Joann Mitchell,Thomas Buergi, Ingall Bull, Donald Burgess,Deborah Nolte, Amy Norr, Mike Novo &Andrew Mitchell, Michele Morgaine, CharlesRobin Burgess, Charles Burt, Ralph Cal,Kellie Morgantini, Nadine Nuvers, ThomasMorrison, Bob Moulden, Lowell Moulton,Joanne Campbell, Mark Candelaria, JulieNystrom & Dana Golsch, George & CharlotteCicely Muldoon, Sarah Munday, DouglasCarville, Mary Ellen Cassidy, Art Castro,O 'Hare, Dinah Olanoff, Robert & GinnyMura, Lisa Murphy, Dee Murphy, Jill Myers,Allen Causey, Kathleen Cecere, KathyOrenstein, Colleen Palermo, Terry Parker,Lobo & Lisa Nelson, Darryl Nelson, DonalChammings, Cecilia Chang, ChristopherStuart & Katherine Parsons, Emily PaughNelson, Ram Nevatia, Devan Nielsen, ChrisChavez, Renee Chewning, Monica Chian,& Stephanie Jee, Jon & Louise Paul, DebraNoe, Nancy Oliphant, Elinor Olsen, KirkKristine Chinn, Jasmine Chow, DavePaulsen, Michelle Perkins, Mark Perovich,Olsen, Gerald & Joan Olsen, Gale Ortega,Chudnov, David Clement, Teresita Coburn,Michael Pettit, Paul Phillips, Pitcl Family,Mary Padgett, Lydia Parker, Sandra Parris,Winifred Coffman, Patricia Coleman, SheilaChandra Pool, Ann Pope, Marilyn & JonA.R. Peaster, Brent Pettey, Ralph Pezzullo,Collins, Esther Colwell, Mindy Cooke, RobertPropst, William Prothero, Donna RabinPamela Phillips, Judith Phillips, Lisa Pickett,Cornelius, Erin Coughlin, Evelyn Crawford,& Karen Lassen, Susan Ramsey, RichardLinda Plano, Phyllis Porter, Bonnie Pranter,Sharon Crozier, Kathleen Cullen, Steve Curry,Rathbone, Nancy Reed, Evelyn & FrankDavid Pritchard, Peter Privitera, AudreyEdward Davis, Marianne Davis, Carol Davis,Refuerzo, Tiffany Renee, Mike & DianeJohn Davis, Carol A. Day, Joe Decker, StevePyatt, Carol Ranney, Lisa Reichert Wilson,Rhodes, Denise Richard, Barbara Ridley,Diesburg, Denise Dills, Toxi Dixon, LuizEric Reitz, Lynn Reynolds, Aliza Richman,Norma Roberson, Caroline & Brad Roberts,Doamaral, Patrick Dodd, Richard Donner,Susan Richmond, Michael Riese, JuliePeter Roberts, The Robertsons, RodriguezMichael Dow, Lia Dowd, Karen Drebinger,Riplin, Brian Roberts, Sonya Rodriguez,Family, Bev Roe, Scott & Michelle Rogers,Nancy Duncan, Susan Dunn, Kathy Eastham,Doug Rosenberry, Stan Rosenfeld, StevenTerri Rooney, Robert Rorden, ChristineDavid Edge, Judy Edlund, J. Molly Edwards,Russell, Kelly Ryan, Rosemarie Salerni,Rucker & Paul Cervenka, Brian & DevorahJann Edwards, Art Emus, Janeann Erickson,Renee Salvador, Sylvia Sanchez, KristinSanders, Schmid, Karen Scholl, Bruce &Jay Erselius, Frances Euve, Mike Faas,Sanderson, Deidre Savarese, Janice Schafir,Joyce Schoppe, Pamela & Scott Schulz, LukeKathy Fairbanks, KarenRandy Schleisman, Carol Schoenfeld,Feeney, CeceliaSelby, David Seldin, Jack & Patricia Sells,Heidi Schoenfeldt, Charles Schwartz, AvaFeit, James Ferguson, James Fisher, K .M.Simnet & Simenesh Semine, Ayse Sen &Sekatan, Raymond Senes, Jeanne Serge, MarkFitzsimmons, Humberto Flores, CatherineMichael Joviner, Don Senter, Tony Sepulveda,Shaddock, Susan Shaffer, Priscilla Simm,Foote, Mary Fowler, Rasjidah Franklin,Tully Seymour, Anjanette Shadley Martin,Michelle Singleton, Shelly Skye, DaphneKevin Freund, Sally Friediander, MarkKelley Shannon, Melani Shaum, The ShearerSmith, Laura Smith, Jeffrey & Gina Smith,Froelich, Bill Fujimoto, Dameris Fullwood,Family, Julie Sherman, Stacey, Jeffrey & IanKathryn Snyder, Stephen Sooter, SuzanneDer-Shin Fung, Doug Fuqua, VirginiaSilberzweig, Kevin Simmonds, Frank &Soule, Ed Spillane, Phaedra Stetanakis, GaryGage, Judith Gamet, John Gerovac, GeorgeDiane Snow, Bob Snyder, Jennifer Sosenko,Stilwell, Virgil Stinnett, Meg Stockwell,Geston, Clifford Getz, Carie Cladding, KarenAino Sten, Patricia & George Stephan,Kathleen Stomps, Virginia Stout, JamesGlisson, Lisa Conner, Roger Gough, WayneJoseph & Joanne Stosko, Barbara Stratton,Straucher, Cindy Suchanek, Mike Sullivan,Graham, William Grandy, Chris Gucy,Marianne Strickland, Carol Stuart, DavidDan Sullivan, Ron Sundergill, Shian-YingMario Gutierrez, Alan Haley, M . Christine& Karen Sturdevant, Robet Sturla, ToncredSung, Gary Sutherlin, Carl Sutter, DeniseHammen, Christina Hampton, K.A. Hannan,Styblo Family, Lee & Linda Styer, William &Swan, Robert Sydnor, Glenn Tamblingson,Toni Hanson, Melinda Hanson, JaninaSusan Sutton, Michael & Christina Svihura,Gordon Taylor, Teerapan Teeratarkul,Harison, Sarah Harper, Kenneth Hart, RobertMary Swanson, Apollo Taleporos, CatherineAdele Telfer, Nicholas Thackery, NicoleHaw, Dennis Hawkins, Gail Haynes, SamTaylor, Sander Thomas, P. Thomas, ThomasThomas, Elizabeth Thorne, Donna Timlin,Hays, Paul Hazel, Dana Hedges, Adrian Hoff,Thompson, Mica Togami, Beverly Toth,Leon Torrey, Carole Toschi-Ward, RobertaRobert Hoffmann, Patricia Holladay, MichaelFrank Trafton, Edward Tritt, Pat & SylviaTownsend Vennel, Joy Trigo, Russell Trozera,Hoolahan, Michael Hugitos, Janet Hukill,YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 37

Elizabeth Tucker, Margaret Tuholski, Mark Ulrey, Scally, Richard L . Schadt, Ronald & Louise Scott, ANNUAL CAMPAIGN DONATIONSSusan Vanderveen, P.B . Vassantachart, David George Sery & Rose Campbell, Robert & Debra We extend our heartfelt thanks to the donors whoC . von Scheda, Teshome Wagw, Robert Ward, Simmons, Frances Singer, Valerie A . Slimm, Tom have responded to our 2007 goal to raise $145,000.Theresa Ward, Tom Wareham, Barbara Warren, & Karen Smith, Jay Spitzen, Mike & Margaret These much-needed funds will help us deliverFrances Weil, Rona Weintraub, Meredy Wells, Starnes, Patsy Stecher, Jim Sulger, Stephan & ninny educational programs and services that pro-John West, Laura Williams, Natalie Wilson, Nancy Terrel, Robert & Melody Umstead, Dennis mote stewardship of Yosemite National Park. OurLorelei Winters, Janet Wise, Joan Wise-Hostetter, B. Wassmann, John & Beclee Wilson, Constance success depends on you!Jonathan Wittlin, Jean Wobbe, Jeannette Wolff, WoodWilliam Wong, Linda Wood, Sha-Ron Worthen,$1000 or moreSupporting Members :Robert Abrams, Dr. & Mrs. D . Decristofaro,Peter Wright, Jackson Wyrick, Maria Yamasaki,Mary Zacha, Nanette Zavala, James Zimmer, JudyZuberInternational Members :Peter Choo, Elisa Ciliberti, Pauline Finney& Simon White, Petra Hoffmann, YukikoHuffman, Richard Leonard, Elden & Bea Sandy,Louis Stokes, Kato Tetsuzo, Tongariro NaturalHistory Assoc ., John & Janice Urquhart, LisetteVerschoor, David WhitcombeAnne Adams, Mark Aikawa, Cynthia & RonAllison, James & Kathleen Aspinwall, SueAvedisian, R. Pasha Baker, Sharon Beard, Ray& Lynn Becker, Josh Bigelow & Patricia Jones,Mary Blizard, Joyce Bodell, Faye & Jon Boyes,Ofer Brender, John C . & Myrna J. Burton, JohnBusco, E. A. Butler, Manuel & Rose Mary Cabral,Debbie Canu, Margaret Chapman, Gary Childs,Beverly & Robert Combs, Michele Conroy,Diane Cornell, Eileen Cully, Carol & John Daily,Sylvia Darr & Terri Elkin, Joan Dematteis, JanDetterman, Ruth Huizar & Robert Doddy, Jean& Luther Dow, Patricia Eagle, George C . Earl,Kathy Ebenhack, Gretchen & Mark Faherty, RonFisher, Linda Gault, Elizabeth & Scott Gentry,Rima Goldman, David Goll, Scot & Ann Granger,Jan Greenberg, Martha & Robert Guthrie, Ron& Ginny Haney, Marilyn Harman, Vicki & LeeChristy & Charles Holloway, Pamela & JamesLloyd, Joyce Underwood, and Bill Wissell$250 to $999Troy Barbee, Stan Barnes, Boeing, CarolineBooth, Tom & Vallorie Borchardt, MauroBotta, Joel & Linda Ebright, Carl Feldman,Ralph & Kathy Haller, Virginia Hammerness,Chris Hannafan, William & Norma Hollowell,Floyd Judd, Aaron, Leslie, Rachel & Shira Kern,Eugene Kodani, Walt Lemmermann, Jay & SusanMandell, Mrs . Herbert Moffitt, Tom Morehouse,Ronald Nichols, Erwin Ordeman, Kathy Peterson,William & Carolyn Reller, Denis Rice, JosephScalmanini, Anne Schneider, S . O. & HelgaStrong, Susan Taylor & Robert Fabry, Sylvia Toth& Z. Takacs, Harry Turner, Herb Walkup, andHoward & Marilyn WhelanMEMBERS WHO HAVE RENEWED ATA HIGHER LEVELWe thank the following members who, by recentlyupgrading their membership level, have enhancedour ability to provide key educational and otherprograms in Yosemite .Benefactor Members :William Cornell, Steve & Dian Martin, William Harms, Sue Harper & Ann Hethcock, Kenneth $100 to $249Mullen, Ritchie Post, William & Carolyn Reller, & Shirley Harris, Mr. & Mrs. R . R . Heimlich, Robert N . Beck, Jack Bertges, Virginia Black,John Ricca & Chris Codding, Shana Robertson, Lorraine Hern, Dale Hewlett, Theodore C . & Sue Virginia Blewett, Patricia Boyd & RobertJoyce Underwood Hooker, Michael Horton, Ryan & Laurie Huff, Piper, Yvonne Brown & Stephanie Freeman,Patron Members :Pati Hutchinson & Family, Kaz Ishihara, Joanne Scott Carpenter & Bar Turner, Raymond G.Mauro Botta, Eleanor Jardine, Dwain McDonald,Bernice Schwabacher, Robert Shirai, Gary &Christine YoungerJackson & C . Hall, Alex & Ruth Janke, Robert &Annette Jewell, Alice LaVon Justice, James Kaiser,Kathleen Keefe, William & Veronika Kehoe,Herbert Knoesel, Eugene & Claire Kopp, K .Connors, Jose Cueto & Anita Prieto, JaniceDresser, Francesca Eastman, Stanford Eschner,Greg Ferguson, Marshall & Judy Fisher, Alan& Yoko Fujimoto, Robert Gale, Connie Harris,Sustaining Members : Kukel & S . Ware, Karen Lankford, Cathy & Justin Mary-Catherine Haug & Daughters, IBMDavid Bowman, Susan Bymel, Robert Cochran, Lass, Richard Learn, Dana LeFever, Barbara International Foundation, Carl & Wilma Jordan,Philip Curtis, Gordon Eggers, Jonathan Gluck, Levander, Gene Lew, Derrick Lim, George Lucas, William & Barbara Kinder, Dana Kulp, GloriaMolly Hauser, Elizabeth and Zachary Hulsey, Michael Maloney, Lee & Peggy Martin, Sunday Laird, Gregory & Muh-Ching Lee, Dr. & Mrs.Ronald G. Jones, Rick Levin & Marge Duncan, Marzano, Michelle Maxwell, Philip Maxwell, Sue R . Hewlett Lee . Mr. & Mrs. Dave Luders, LarryWilliam & Leslie Marcus, Roger McCluney, Dave McClellan-Samuels, Thomas & Wendy Mcdade, Lundberg, John & Anne Mahoney, Joseph R.& Judy Parker, Ronald and Gabrielle Rasi, Alicia Leslie McDonald, Dee McHenry, Nancy McKay, Mixer, L . Maynard Moe, Brian H. Nordstrom,Rodriquez, Steve & Terri Saxton, George Serra R. Richard Means, Dorothy Miehe, Sharon Carolyn S . Palmer, Charles Pribbernow,& Marji Miller, Ralph Sierra, Marilyn & Alan Miles, Marian Miller, William Milliken, Peter Deana Reed, Laurel Rematore, Susan Rife,Zaretsky Montalbano, Jacque Munroe, Robert & Dianna Jan Robinson, William Russell & Ms . AshleyContributing Members : Nelson, Roger Nelson, Russell Nelson, Robert Wolff, Douglas Ryder, Julie Sakowski, BarbaraLori Adam, Mr. & Mrs. N . H . Applebaum, DavidNicholas, Hellevi Ojala, Michelle Oleson &Sandow, Brenda & Warren Seek, Russell Sherrie& Geraldine August, Diana Baker, RichardDaniel Linchey, Denise Ord, John Owens, Janet & Barbara J . Roberts, Dr. Elliot Shubin, Robert F.Bannerot, Beryl Beckwith, Pamela Beedie && Harold Oyen, Terry & Doug Page, Gregory Sullivan, Joseph & Wenona Szep, Beverly & EarlRobert Lemke, Ann Brossin, Jason Brown, CherylPalmer, Richard & Judy Pelouze, Sandi Perlman, Underwood, Ellen Waddell, Meredy Wells, andCleeves, Don & Joan Clucas, Jeannie Colbert,Sara & Marc Platz, Pat & Sue Quigley, Howard Robert WoodsEarl & Kathleen Corder, Nat & Ann Dellavalle,Ramsden, Ken Rands, Fred & Barbara Richter,Up to $99Charles Dyke, Fran Ferry, Mitchell Finer & LindaRay & Kathleen Rippel, Renee Rivera, JamesLucille Acosta, Susanah Aguilera, Terry Allen,Finer, Dean D. Flippo, Julie Fultz, Dennis Glover,Robinson, Mary Robinson, James Schauer,Marsha Schmitz, Mike & Kimberly Shutters,Evan & Mary Appelman, Ace & Joyce 's AshworthDebbie Henz, Diana Hilberman, Harvey & PeggyHouse, Maxine & Jim Barbieri, Matthew &Hinman, Young Hwang, Monte & Beth Ikemire,Heidi & Steven Silvestrini, Peter Simmons,Thomas Singleton, Christopher Stefan, MorganBarbara Beaulieu, Dr. & Mrs . Richard Beidleman,Nancy Ishibashi, Jaycox Family, William Kammer,Stefan, Darrell & Christina Stempke, JulieR . Gordon Billhardt, Marilyn Blockus, WilliamBob & Sharon Kolbrener, Kate & Jim Krueck,Blonkowski, Joe & Joan Boodman, Patricia Boyle,Patricia Lamphear, Nita Larronde, John & LoisStoughton & Dan Loranz, Arthur A. Swanson,Howard & Gene Switzky, Richard Tassano,Arthur & Janet Carey, Don & Judy Chatfield,Lindley, Regina Mahan, Matthew Malchow & V.Leonard Choate, Ken & Andrea Chraft, AnnTarango, Jimmy Marmack, Richard & Ellie Masar,James Thompson, Dick & Cris Todd, Tim &Coleman, Hal & Dot Comins, Zanette A.Paul & Margaret McGough, Michael McManus,Cammy Torgenrud, Jo Ann Van Ballegooijen &Cornman, Madeline Cripe, W. Crowder & G.Thomas Mitchell, Sharon Moore & JohnRobert Ekstrand, Constance Weber, Kathy & JonWade, William Danielson, Ruth Huizar & RobertShipman, Ed & Virginia Morford, Richard Neill,Weiner, Mary Arnold Wells, Margaret & JamesDoddy, Richard Dresel, Mary L . Dubbs, LarryLeigh Nicolaisen, Mike & Linda Nunes, GloriaWhite, Lou Anne Whitley, Neil Williamson,Duke, Neil Elliott, Robert Erdmann, BarbaraPaxton, Ron Plue, Larry & Diane Rich, SheilaRobert & Margaret Wilson, Judi Wood, PamelaEuler, Kathy Foist, Patty Folsom, Cherry Franklin,Woodbridge38 YOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007

Mary R . Gale, Maggi Georgi, Abigail Gessler, Beggs, Elizabeth Belles, Thomas Black, Sydney & In honor of Mike and Amy Welsh : Megan SrokoseJohn C . & Doreen G . Giles, Murray & Esther Susan Bluestone, Leonard Borello, Dr . & Mrs . HalGoldstein, James Gorder, Mariam G . Graham, Browder, Marty Crouse, Norman & Muriel Davis, In honor of Marian Woessner: Barbara MorrisJoy Graham-Korst, Russell Greer, Joan Gross, David De Roo, Henry Down, Toni Ethridge,John Harris, Peter Hayes, Theresa Hayland,Walter & Lynette Fong, Jack Goodard, GreaterIn memory of Mary E. Beyea : Michael StubbsSusan Hillyard, Kenneth Himes, William House, Good, Russell Greer, Ann L . Hardeman, Claudia In memory of Charles Bond : Tony ReidAlton Isom, Greg Jacobs, Joan Jensen, L . T. Juhos, & Robert Hauberg, Joyce Hiller, Tony Hoffman,In memory of Nancy Borello : Leonard & Pauline'Ruth Kamena, Janyce Katz & Mark Glazman, Kathleen M . Kennedy, Robert Knapp, AileenBorelloKeith Kawamoto, Robert & Fay Kennedy, Andrew Lehos, James Malley, Andrew Maloney, HedwigL . Kulik, Sr., Richard Leffingwell, Gordon & E . Martin, Lawrence Mickolay, Tracy Miller, Hal In memory of Madeline B. and Albert) Brandi:Betty Magruder, Joanne Mandel, Torn Martin, & Barbara Morris, Yasuhiro Murakami, Newman Barbara R. BoyleLisa Maule, Kate Mawdsley & Bill McCoy, Ed Nelson, Claudia Norby, Caprice O 'Connell, GaryMcCanless, Jeffrey McConnell, Marilyn & Ray & Lois Orr, Mr. & Mrs . Earl Pampeyan, JeromeIn memory of Ward Brewer : Toni EthridgeMcKeever, Rich Meiklejohn, Jennifer & Jeffrey & Dorothy Porter, Cynthia Richardson, Dolores In memory of BettyJo Chandler Cook : Lillian LukeMorris, Jane & Charles Morse, Karl F. Munz, J Scholey, Robert Schwalbe & Linda Zazzara,Eleene Myers, Elizabeth Pomeroy, Laurel Quady, Valerie Sperske, Megan Srokose, Corrie Stetzel, In memory of Dick Ciula : Sydney BluestonePaul Reist, Douglas Richter, Joyce Rietz, Ruth Marjorie Toone, Erin Tracy, Katherine Triest, andRinehart, Joe Robinson, Louise Robinson, Brent Susan L. WalkerIn memory of William E . Davis: Trisha MullerRomans, J. Preston Root, Richard Rose, RichardIn memory of Joseph Drugay: Andrea DrugayRECENT GENERAL DONATIONSSandeen, Nanci Scharfen, Mr . & Mrs . A . H .For the Cooperative Student Intern Program : In memory of Virginia Ferguson :Schuyler, Charles Shackleton, Randy Shannahan,Karen L. MyersFairweather FoundationDerrick Sheldon, Mervyn & Marian Singer, In memory of Joel Fleming: Dr. and Mrs. Hal C.Jim & Mary Smith, Mary Kaye Smits, Mark For the Mountain Safety Fund : Friends of YOSAR, BrowderSmolenski, Jean & William Staats, Jack & Daphne Inc ., Susan & Philip Kaplar, Guislain Lagron &Stammer, Ann & Duane Stevenson, Dr. Suzanne Jody Louise, William E. Moore, Millie Verhoeven, In memory of Lyle and Beulah Foster : Rex & GerriA .M . Stokes, Denise Swan, Ted Swenson, Joanne and Gary Wuchner OsbornUomini, Barbara Walker, Muriel Weintraub,Grace Weisser, Suzanne C . & Stephen Whitaker, For the Parsons Memorial Lodge Summer Series:In memory of Boyd Gaston: Rex & Gerri OsbornL .J. Whiting, Joanne Wolf, and Allen ZebrackElizabeth P. Belles, Institute for Law and Systems In memory of Haakon and Susanne Greena:ResearchNewman NelsonRECENT GENERAL DONATIONSWe thank the following generous donors for theirFor Ranger-led Nature Walks in the MariposaIn memory of Michael Hade: Tom & Shalah Hadegifts, which will allow us to continue to offer vital Grove: American Park Network and Natureeducational programs and services in Yosemite . Valley In memory of N. King Huber: Mr. and Mrs . EarlPampeyan$1000 or more For the Steven P. Medley Memorial Fund : RichardAmerican Park Network, Torn Christie, Greater Daily In memory of William Kenney, Sr . : Claudia NorbyBridgeport Area Foundation, Jack Gyer,Vehicle Donations : Nicholas Aracic, Wilfredo A. In memory of Amparo Lopez: The Robert LundHighfield Foundation, Institute for Law &Bartolome, Thomas Black, Douglas & Nancy FamilySystems Research, MaryJane & Vern Johnson, Mr.& MrsFraleigh, Bob Harrison, Lawrence Mickolay,. S . Lamont, Lauren McCombs, Reuben In memory of Stephen Lyman : The Stephen& Teresa Peterson, Dennis Quinn, and GordonTracy Miller, Koreen & James Parker, DennisLyman/Greenwich Wilderness Workshop FundSeligson & David WhiteQuinn, Jr., Cynthia Richardson, Corrie Stetzel,and Pao Chi TienIn memory of Dean Malley: James Malley$250 to $999Carolyn & Richard Beahrs, Alberta Bodes, For the Wawona Barn Dances: J . Granger & J. In memory of Patrick J. Martin : Hedwig MartinBarbara & Matthew Boyle, DNC Parks &GreggIn memory of Kathleen Orr: Ann Hardeman,Resorts at Yosemite, Douglas & Nancy Fraleigh, For the Wawona Seasonal Ranger : Tenaya Lodge MaryJane & Vern Johnson, John & PaulineBob Harrison, Sigrid McLaughlin, James &Kearney, and Gary & Lois OrrKoreen Parker, Tom & Beverly Sanborn, Troy In-kind donations : American Park NetworkScrapchansk-v & H . Milbury, and Pao Chi Tien and LEKI Hiking Poles, Jack Gyer, Sigrid In memory of Elverne Pfeifer: Bob & DeloresMcLaughlin, and Redwood Creek WinesScholey$100 to $249Penelope Coates, Andrea Drugay, Edison TRIBUTE GIFTSIn memory of George Alva Reams, Jr. : Nancy E.International, Fred Eftekhari, David Eichorn & We extend our gratitude to those donors who have GillespieJeanette Larsen, Butch Farabee, GE Foundation recently made gifts to the association to mark aMatching Gifts Program, Julia M . Gottesman, J . loved one 's passing or honor a special friend or In memory of Peggy Reilly: Aileen Lehos andGranger & J. Gregg, Tom & Shalah Hade, David occasion. These contributions area thoughtful way Helena Lehos& Louise Janeck-, Melvin Kay, John & Pauline to ensure that others will enjoy the beauty and sol-In memory of Thomas G . Sanborn : BeverlyKearney, Jennifer Krieger, Helena Lehos, Robert ace of Yosemite for years to come .SanbornLund, Karen McCaffrey, Trisha Muller, Rex &In honor of the marriage of Kim & Keith Bryant :Gerri Osborn, Pfizer Foundation Matching GiftsIn memory of Jeff Silsbee : Fred EftekhariErin TracyProgram, Tony Reid, Michael & Patricia Stubbs,In memory of Tom & Margaret Stigall: GeorgiaDonald & Carol Tallman, Peter & Peggy Veregge, In honor of Malcolm & Brandon : CapriceStigallKaye Walster, and Robin WeberO'ConnellIn memory of Billy Weems : Claudia & RobertUp to $99In honor of the marriage of Florence Murphy e'rHaubergJae Abel, AMD Matching Gifts Program,Patrick Dunlevy : The Peter Veregge FamilyNicholas Aracic, Marie Aufderheide, JacquelineBarros, Wilfredo Bartolome, Lillian & Thomas In honor of Cornelia Wattley : Jerome & DorothyPorterYOSEMITE ASSOCIATION, FALL 2007 39

Yosemite AssociationPost Office Box 230El Portal, CA 95318Non-profit OrganizationU .S . POSTAGE PAIDYOSEMITE ASSOCIATIONYOSEMITEASSOCIATIONReturn Service RequestedGive the Gift of YA Membershipfor the HolidaysA Yosemite Association membership is a thoughtful gift and year-roundreminder of the park and its beauty. Introduce your family and friends to thewonders of Yosemite and help support our important work at the same time'Along with their memberships, we will send your gift recipients a cardannouncing your thoughtfulness, and your choice of either a set of Obata Notecards or a handsome and practical canvas totebag. Memberships at the Supporting ($60) level and higher come with additional thank-you gifts . All members enjoy suchbenefits as our quarterly members' journal, discounts on merchandise and lodging, and much more.Every membership contributes to the care, well-being and protection of America's foremost national park—Yosemite!•is published quarterly for members of the Yosemite Association . It is edited by Kathleen N. Wong and produced by Robin Weiss Graphic Design.Copyright ©2007 Yosemite Association. Submission of manuscripts, photographs and other materials is welcomed . E-mail can be sent to : info@yosemite. : cWebsite : http ://yosemite .org Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks.0$35 Individual 0 $125 Contributing 0$1,000 Benefactor0$40 Joint/Family 0 $250 Sustaining0$60 Supporting 0 $500 Patron 0 $50 InternationalPlease send a Gift Membership to the Yosemite Association to . . . From:Name (please print) : Mr. Ms . Mrs._ Other_My Name (please print) :YA Member itAddress:Address:City :State/Zip:City :Daytime phone number:Daytime phone number:Membership amount: $Total Enclosed:(Make checks a able to YosemiteAssoc' ation) $Sign gift card from:Or charge my credit card:Choose their special gift :Obata Notecards, or 0 Canvas Tote BagExpires:List any additional gifts on a separate sheet of paper.For last minute gift giving, call 209-379-2317 .Mail to : Yosemite Association, PO Box 230, El Portal, CA 93318Purchase online at: https ://

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