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1-day Riot Shield-Overview.qxd - Strategos International

Riot Shield Instructor CoursePresented by Strategos International LLCJune 11-15, 2007Kissimmee, FlaClass Starts at 0800Osceola County SheriffsDefensive Tactics Training RoomsLaw Enforcement Academy (TECO)501 Simpson Rd. Kissimmee, Fla. 34744Local Point of ContactLt. Robert L. YawnOsceola County Sheriffs OfficeEmergency Response Team407-344-5245 Office407-709-9107 Cellwww.strategosintl.comToll Free: 888-569-5444

ObjectiveGain new understanding and skills relative to the Riot Shield as deployed by an officer as part of a team in situations of massdemonstrations, riots, and gatherings of hostile crowds.BackgroundThe Riot Shield is typically viewed as a passive defense tool. While it can serve in suchcapacity, it is important to examine and study the work of individual officer, small cell(2 or 3 officers) and large riot control/suppression team deploying riot shields in givensituation in more pro-active manner.The basic riot shield offers an array of possibilities to be deployed in a pro-active manneragainst the aggressive elements in hostile crowd/riot situations. In many cases the needto deploy impact weapons (batons, sticks, etc.) to defend against, control and subdue thesubjects will be minimized once the use of the shield is mastered.This mastery requires that an officer remains relatively calm, maintains situationalawareness and thinks in situations that often could are extremely chaotic and stressful.This approach has number of benefits.- Quick, efficient and less visually aggressive apprehension/neutralization of the subjects- Less use of impact tools that potentially can cause severe trauma/death of the subject- Lower risk to the officersThe natural consequence of this is the reduction of liability and better management ofublic relations issues associated with the modern LE environment.While visually less aggressive, work with the riot shield can be escalated by trainedoperator in situations requiring such course of action. Through understanding of the basicprinciples involved, knowledge of biomechanics and use of specific methods taught, the operator gains ability to work with theshield throughout the spectrum of the force continuum.This ability extended to all officers of the riot control team in combination with specific methods of small team work(2 and 3 man cells), large team tactics, solid management by commanding officers and effective communications will make riotcontrol/suppression operations much more efficient and effective.

Course OverviewRigorous Five-day Instructor level course for lawenforcement professionals.Individual officer skills with the riot shieldas a defensive and preventive/offensive toolin riot control/suppression and hostile crowdcontrol situations.Team work within 2 and 3 man cellsutilizing riot shield as the primary tool.Practical large team drills to promote large team riot control tactics. Crowd dynamics, psychological factors,communications and formation work and transitions.Command structure, communications, formationsand transitions.Heavy contact daytime full mission profile training.Heavy contact low light environment full missionprofile training with wide spectrum of additionalstress factors.The course will include Full Mission Profiles in orderto demonstrate the importance of both individualskills and team work. This course is physicallydemanding and involves substantial amount ofcontact drills. Proper attention should be paid tosafety of other trainees and actors.Part of the course is dedicated to learn and understand some basic principles behind Strategos PCR(Physical Conflict Resolution) combatives method. It will require that officer keeps his or her ego in check.The mind will need to be open to new ideas and techniques. These ideas and techniques are easily transferableto work with riot shield and/or many other tools available to law enforcement officers.

INSTRUCTOR: Sonny PuzikasMr. Puzikas is a highly skilled operator gaining his experience from the special purpose unit (Spetsnaz) in USSRMVD. He has received extensive specialized training in small unit special tactics, urban and mountainous terrainwarfare, crowd/ riot control, small arms (domestic and foreign), demolitions, survival in hostile environment andCQB. Extensive training on subject of physical security of top level military nuclear installations and specializedinstructor course on subject of terrorism and anti-terrorism. Participated in several special operations.INSTRUCTOR: Ken J. GoodMr. Ken Good, former Naval Special Warfare operator brings doctrines of small unit tactics, communication procedures,use of weapons, demolition techniques, employment of pyrotechnics, land, sea and airborne operations,parachuting, closed and open circuit SCUBA diving. His military experience also includes the instruction oftechniques and doctrine to members of foreign militaries. He has trained many military, law enforcement, andsecurity personnel over the last twenty years. Mr. Good has pioneered new methodologies for maximizing humanperformance in the tactical environment.Hotel Infomation:Logistics:Country Inn and Suites Orlando Maingate at Calypso Cay5001 Calypso Cay WayKissimmee, FL 34746- Protective riot gear: Helmet with Face Shield andextended Neck Protection- Protective Vest, Knee and elbow pads, & gloves- Shin Guards Highly Recommended- Riot Baton- Extra shields (some will get broken)- Hydration- Duty belt optionalSales Person: Patrick PotyrajAgreement Date: 2/14/0789.00 Per Night Tax Exempt with FLORIDA Tax ExemptionCall (407) 997-1400 and ask for the Tactical Riot Shield Training Groupwhen making your reservation.Note: The hotel is 11 miles (20 minutes) from the Sheriff's Office and training site.There are closer hotels but this hotel is brand new, close to Disney, Interstate 4 and many restaurants and attractions.· Websto re...............................................................................................http://strategosstore.com· Discussion Board....................................................................................http://strategosforum.com· Training Opportunities....................................................................http://strategosinternational.com· Toll Free............................................................................................................888.LOW.LIGHT

Print this Form /Then Mail or Fax to:Strategos International L.L.C.1024 A NE Jib CtLee's Summit, MO. 64064FAX: (816) 795-2753Websites:Email:Toll Free:http://strategosintl.comhttp://888-lowlight.comtraining@strategosintl.com888-LOW-LIGHT888-569-5444R E G I S T R A T I O N F O R MCourse NameCourse DateNameAddress_______________________________________________Credit Card Type________________________________________________Credit Card Number________________________________________________Card Holder Signature__________________________Expiration DateAddress 2__________________________Today’s DateDepartment or Agency__________________________Check#Additional Comments:PhoneOther Contact Number(s)FaxCancellations made more than 30 days prior to ascheduled course will receive a refund. Anycancellation within 15-30 days of the scheduledcourse Strategos International will provide arefund of 50% of the course tuition. Cancellationswithin 14 days or less from the scheduled coursedates the tuition will be forfeited. Initials _______Email

RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENTIN CONSIDERATION of being permitted to participate in any way in the training andinstruction being offered by Strategos International I, ____________________________THE RELEASOR, acknowledge, appreciate, and agree that:1. This Training Program involves simulated, full contact self-defense situations and/or theuse and discharge of non-lethal projectile training weapons (e.g., Simunitions ®, AirSoft ®,and paintguns ), and traditional weapons and/or firearms by the class members andinstructors. Such weapons will be used in various situations and locations. I am fullyaware of the inherent risk of injury associated with the activities and equipmentinvolved with such training and instruction, including the potential for permanentdisability and death, and while particular protective equipment and personaldiscipline will minimize this risk, the risk of serious injury does exist;2. I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, EVEN IF ARISING FROMTHE NEGLIGENCE OF THOSE PERSONS RELEASED FROM LIABILITY BELOW, ANDASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY PARTICIPATION IN SAID TRAINING ANDINSTRUCTION; and3. I understand that this training program is physically and mentally intense. I understandthat I must, at all times, follow the instructions of any and all training personnel. If Iobserve any unusual or unnecessary hazards during my participation, I will bring such tothe attention of the training staff as soon as practical; and4. I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin,FOREVER RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND PROMISE NOT TO SUE STRATEGOSINTERNATIONAL L.L.C., THE OWNERS AND LESSORS OF THE PREMISES USED TOCONDUCT THE SUBJECT TRAINING AND INSTRUCTION, THEIR OFFICERS,INSTRUCTORS, AGENTS AND/OR EMPLOYEES ("releasees"), WITH RESPECT TOANY AND ALL INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, OR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PERSON ORPROPERTY, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES OROTHERWISE.5. I understand and agree that this RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OFRISK AGREEMENT covers each and every training session and/or simulation in which Iparticipate or attend.6. I HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THIS RELEASE OF LIABILITY ANDASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT AND UNDERSTAND THAT, BY SIGNING MYNAME BELOW, I FREELY AND KNOWINGLY GIVE UP IMPORTANT LEGAL RIGHTS.Date Signed:_____________RELEASOR’S Signature: _____________________________ (Must be signed in ink).

Statement of Understanding – Training with Strategos InternationalIn order to ensure high-quality and meaningful training to all those attendingStrategos International courses, please review and carefully considereach statement below prior to registration.Please InitialEach SectionStrategos International was founded out of a strong desire to provideextremely realistic combative training as relates to law enforcement situationsand military close quarter combat engagements.Our courses are not administrative in nature; they are specifically designedto place individuals and teams under the type of duress that closely simulatesthe stress of real-world engagements.___________We believe that the demands operating in reduced illumination environments,and the realities of an active-shooter situation, require a similarly demandingtraining curriculum.Our courses are for serious operators, not those wishing to simply check thebox for another certificate.Our courses are designed to impart a genuine capability to those whointend on bringing the data, concepts, tactics and training methodologies backto their respective departments.___________Based on this foundation, training as delivered through Strategos Internationalis physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. The Force-on-Forcetraining is often painful, but not permanently damaging to the body.___________Due to the tremendous volume of information and practical exercises, drills,and scenarios, Five-Day courses that include rigorous Force-on-Force willtypically be 10-11 hours in duration.___________This is not a physical fitness course per se, but it is highly recommendedthat you work on your flexibility, body-weight to strength ratio, and havereasonable cardiovascular fitness before participating in this type of training.We believe this is sound doctrine for anyone who carries firearmsprofessionally. Those that are obese will have constant difficulties during theentire training course.

Five-Day Courses will include 6-10 hours of hands-on PCR work typicallyidentified as Defensive Tactics. This combative work will not necessarilyonly be defensive in nature (i.e. Active Shooter Scenario).Trainees will be drilled in following:____________- Getting up and down properly using correct Skeletal Alignment.- Proper Movement across terrain- Bilateral Mechanics- Weapons Retention and Removal- Redirections- Proper Take-Downs & Pins- Working from the Ground if requiredThis block of training is designed to show the trainee new ways of problemsolving, create a close interaction with fellow students, illustrate the principlesof combat, provide principle-based and technically sound solutions tocommonly faced attacks.____________Those attending training should arrive on Monday morning mentally preparedto receive new concepts. They should be prepared to give them a fairevaluation and demonstrate a strong spirit to apply them during the practicaltraining blocks.____________Strategos International staff members and those students attending ourcourses would rather you decline this training opportunity if you are notFULLY prepared to work EXTREMELY HARD during training. Our trainingstaff has already made this commitment to those who are spending the time,money, and effort to improve their tactical capabilities.Strategos International staff members are required to maintain a “showyou” capability; nothing required of the students will fall outside of thefollowing sequence:- Tell You – Show You - Allow You – Evaluate Performance – Repeat -____________We employ multimedia, handouts, note taking sheets, video review, practicaldrills, scenarios and full-mission profiles to expose you to maximize yourtraining experience.Staff members fully participate in role-playing as officers, suspects, &combatants.Staff members serve as instructors, mentors, and will always strive tomaintain a teachable attitude.Printed Name: _______________________________Signed: ____________________________________ Date: ___________________________

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