Frequently Asked Questions About ConferenceQ. Where is the conference being held or what is the conference headquarters hotel?A. Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, California.Q. When and where are future conferences?A. Spring 2013 – May 7‐10 – Sacramento Convention Center and surrounding hotels, Sacramento, CAFall 2013 – December 3‐6 – JW Marriott LA Live, Los Angeles, CAQ. How do I register?A. You can register online at www.acwa.com. Click on the “ACWA Conference & Events” button foundon the left side of the ACWA website. Or, if you prefer, you can submit the pre‐registration form by faxto (916) 325‐2316.Q. Can I still register if it’s past the pre‐registration deadline?A. Yes. If it is past the pre‐registration deadline (4:30 p.m. (PST) November 16, 2012) you will need toregister on site at the ACWA conference registration desk, located at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in theManchester Foyer West on the 2 nd level.Q. What is the difference between “Advantage” and “Standard” pricing?A. “Advantage” pricing is reserved for ACWA members or Friends of ACWA which are:‐ Any ACWA member organization’s officers/directors.‐ Any employee on an ACWA public agency member, affiliate or associate organization’s payroll.‐ Any ACWA board member whose fee is paid for by a member agency.‐ Any state or federal administrative or legislative personnel in elective, appointive or staffing positions.‐ Staff of ACWA/JPIA, Water Education Foundation and California Water Awareness Campaign.‐ Any individual or honorary life member of ACWA.

Q. How do I cancel my registration?A. You can cancel prior to the pre‐registration deadline (Nov. 16, 2012) by submitting your cancellationrequest in writing to Margie Knight in ACWA’s Member Services & Events Department atmargiek@acwa.com. There is a $75 handling fee on all cancellations. No cancellation refunds will begranted after the deadline.Q. How do I make a change to my registration?A. Changes must be submitted to Margie Knight in ACWA’s Member Services & Events Department atmargiek@acwa.com.Q. How do I make a substitution?A. Event registrations are transferable from one participant to another within an organization.A substitution request may be submitted up to the event pre‐registration deadline. Submit request inwriting to margiek@acwa.com. After the deadline, they will be handled on‐site. Only one substitutionis permitted per original registrant. The individual submitting the substitution request is responsible forall financial obligations (any balance dues) associated with that substitution.Q. I just want to attend on Wednesday and Thursday. Is there a registration fee just for those twodays?A. The conference registration is broken down into three options:1. Pre‐registration Package. This is only available during the pre‐registration period and includes all theconference days and meal events.2. Basic Conference registration. This includes all the conference days, but not the meal events. You canpurchase those separately.3. Two‐day conference registration. This includes either a Tuesday/Wednesday block orThursday/Friday block. It does not include the meal events. A Wednesday/Thursday block is notavailable. If you want to attend just Wednesday and Thursday, you must register for either the preregistrationpackage or the basic conference registration.Q. How can I reserve my hotel room?A. You must first submit your registration for the conference. After your registration is received, you willreceive a confirmation e‐mail which will contain the hotel reservation instructions. Follow theseinstructions to make your hotel room reservation. If the ACWA conference room block is sold out youshould call the hotel directly.

Q. When can I reserve my hotel room?A. The ACWA hotel room block is open for reservations from August 20 – November 9. During this timeyou can receive the special room rate for the conference. After Nov. 9 you must call the hotel directly.You may be subject to the hotel’s regular room rate and availability.Q. How much is the ACWA hotel room rate?A. $189 a night for a single/double room.Q. How much is parking?A. You will need to contact the hotel for this information.Q. Can I exhibit?A. We accept exhibitor applications until the exhibit hall is sold out. You can contact Melanie Medina atmelaniem@acwa.com.Q. Can I sponsor?A. Your organization must be either an ACWA member or Affiliate or Associate “Friend of ACWA” tosponsor. You can access the sponsorship reservation form on the ACWA website at www.acwa.com.Click on the “ACWA Conference & Events” button found on the left side of the ACWA website. Next, onthe ACWA Conferences and Events page on the left side you will see a “Sponsorship” link listed. Click onthat. You can contact Lori Doucette for more information at lorid@acwa.com.Q. When and where is the next conference?A. The ACWA Spring Conference & Exhibition will be held May 7 – 10, 2013 at the SacramentoConvention Center and surrounding hotels in Sacramento, California.For more information about the ACWA 2012 Fall Conference & Exhibition, including the registrationform and the preliminary schedule, see the online conference brochure.

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