July/August/September 2013 - Heathrow Country Club

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July/August/September 2013 - Heathrow Country Club

T H E H E A T H R O WC O N N E C T I O NJULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER 2013 NEWSLETTERInside This Issue…Upcoming Events....Pg 2Pool and Slide Information....Pg 3Women’s Golf....Pg 7-9Introducing Emerald Greens....Back Cover

From the General ManagerA Note from Nate........Nate KalbGeneral ManagerDear Members,I hope that this letter finds you well and enjoying your summer.In my last newsletter article, I discussed the Strategic Priorities by which we would operate this year. Overthe past several months, we have focused our efforts on undertaking initiatives and making decisions thatkeep us on the path laid out by these priorities, and we feel that the club has improved as a result. I wouldlike to use this newsletter article to provide some specific updates of recent accomplishments that wehave realized as a result of focusing on our Strategic Priorities.One of our Strategic Priorities is to Champion a Culture of Excellence, by exceeding the expectations of our members on a daily basis:• We have made it a top priority to communicate often and effectively with the membership, and to encourage and receive feedback,suggestions, and constructive criticism. We have worked hard to craft a management climate that promotes and “open-door” policybetween club members and the management staff. Over the past several months, we have received a wealth of feedback and ideas fromthe membership, many of which have already been implemented to make the club stronger.• We have executed several training techniques and systems to help train our team members to learn and use member names. We think thatthere has been significant improvement in this area, but it is a perpetual effort and we will continue to get better and better.Another of our Strategic Priorities is to maintain Operational Excellence in the service, facilities, and experiences that we provide to our members.There are several examples of recent accomplishments in this area, so I will pick a few to share with you in this short article:• This past spring, we invested in certifying every Food and Beverage employee in ServSafe food handling safety and sanitation practices.• In May, we begun the process of certifying our staff in CPR, and have already certified seven team members, with more to be added very soon.• Beginning July 1, Heathrow Country Club will become a Smoke-Free Workplace for all club employees. Employees of the club will no longerbe allowed to smoke on club property. We believe that this will result in more productivity and a cleaner work environment.• We have continued our efforts to improve the Racquet Club. Thus far, we have replaced windows and doors, added new gutters, repairedconcrete, and painted the entire exterior of the building. There are many more improvements that we hope to implement very soon!• We know that a major challenge for our club is parking capacity. We are expanding the parking area at our Golf Course Maintenance facilityand will have many of our club employees park at that location in order to free up parking spaces in the main Clubhouse parking lot.We have invested in valet services on our busier days. The golf carts that used to be staged along the curb have been relocated to the back of theclubhouse in order to add parking spaces along the curb. Additionally, we are collecting bids on a project to add additional overflow parking to helpkeep cars from parking on Bridgewater Drive on busier days.A third Strategic Priority is to establish and maintain Financial Excellence and operate a healthy club through responsible stewardship of resourcesand by maintaining a strong financial position in the market:• We have repositioned club membership by requiring initiation fees to be paid on all new member enrollments. This was not always doneunder past ownership, but we feel it is important in maintaining a prestigious and healthy club.• We have recently added significant value to the Full Golf membership through access to the newest member of the Concert Golf family ofclubs, Emerald Greens Country Club in Carrollwood (Tampa) Florida. Full Golf members of Heathrow Country Club can play golf at EmeraldGreens by only paying for a cart fee! We feel that this adds tremendous value to our Full Golf membership.• In February, we introduced the Golf Merchandise Buying Club. Members who join the club are able to purchase all golf merchandise for 10%over cost! Several of our members have taken advantage of this opportunity.Last, but certainly not least, we follow the Strategic Priority of promoting a Reputation of Excellence within the community for being both an outstandingprivate membership club as well as a great place to work:• We have implemented and maintain a strong focus on hiring the best people in the market, and working hard to keep the over-achievers onour team. We strongly believe that, in order to be the best club, you must have the best people. We have implemented improved trainingpractices and set higher expectations for our employees.• We continue our dedication to the community by supporting several important causes. In May, we hosted the annual Spring Fling tennisevent, and we contributed donations to Families in Transition for Hamilton Elementary and The Seminole County Foundation for Families inTransition. We also look forward to upcoming events with Special Olympics and the Florida Hospital Cancer Board.Overall, I am very proud of the progress that we have made towards being the best club in our market, and I am extremely excited about the futureachievements that we will make, as we continue our ongoing and tireless effort to become a little better every single day. Thank you for your continuedsupport of the club. Please know that it is very much appreciated and valued. I look forward to seeing you around the club. Until then, be well.Very truly yours,Nate KalbGeneral Manager


Aquatics & Fitness News & EventsFrom the Director.....Ross BohlkenDirector of Aquatics & FitnessExercise Room Hours*Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 9:00 pmSaturday and Sunday 6:00 am to 6:00 pmSwimming Pool Hours*Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 9:00 pmSaturday and Sunday 6:00 am to 7:00 pmWater Slide Hours** Through Labor DayMonday thru Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm (weather permitting)Summer Lifeguard HoursMonday through Thursday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Friday,Saturday, & Sunday until August 18thWeekends only beginning Saturday, August 24th through Labor Day**All other pool hours are “swim at your own risk”**Pool RemindersMembers: please sign in and register your guest. Guest fee is $5.00Children under 9 years of age must be supervised by an adultALL food and beverages must be purchased from the Racquet Club-Coolers from home are NOT allowed.Pets are NOT allowed • Glass containers are NOT allowed in pool areaWater Slide RulesOne person at a time on the slideFeet-first, seated position only when going down the slideSplash pool must be clear before the next person goes down the slideNO jumping, running, or disruptive behavior will be allowedNO food or drinks allowed on or in near vicinity of the slide*Weight limit is 150 pounds*Group Exercise ScheduleAqua Zumba: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:00 am to 9:00 amZumba and Yoga classes will resume Monday September 9thClass fee: Members $5.00, Non-Members $7.00.Member monthly rate is $30.00 to attend all classes.(YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRE-REGISTER TO ATTEND THESE CLASSES).Private Swim LessonsRegistration and information on our private swim lessons is available at the Tennis Pro Shop. Private lessonswill continue through August 16th.Circuit Training for WomenThis supervised circuit training exercise program includes strength training exercises, cardiovascular training,stretching, and abdominal/core exercises. Classes are held Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 amand Monday/Thursday 1:00 to 2:00 pm.Adult Swim PracticeImprove your strokes as you increase your endurance. Ross is offering an organized adult swim practice onTuesday & Friday mornings from 6:30 am to 7:30 am. Stroke instruction plus interval training workouts willhelp you improve your stroke technique while you’re conditioning! Workout fee: Daily: $5.00/Monthly: $30.00.**FOR MORE INFORMATION ON LESSONS AND CLASSES, PLEASE CALL ROSS AT 407.562.0211**

Tennis News & EventsFrom the Director of Tennis.....Barry MyersUPCOMING EVENTSRed, White, and Blue MixerJuly 4th 8:30 am – NoonA great way to celebrate our country’s birthday!$40.00 per person (includes tax and gratuity)Includes Continental Breakfast, a fun filled Mixed Doubles Mixer,and the annual HCC Pool Party & BBQ.Summer Camp 2013Central Florida’s most popular tennis camp is back! The camp is for ages 5-16 and ispacked with tennis, soccer, field hockey, swimming, coordination games, and the famousThursday afternoon water fight. Also included for all campers is a camp T-shirt, campphoto, lunch provided each day, and trophies. The camp runs through August 2nd.Half-day sessions are available. Call the Pro Shop to sign up. Also, be sure to check intoour Jr. Team and Advanced programs!Ladies CampsLadies Camp is scheduled for July 16th-18th and August 20th-22nd from 9:15-12:15. The camp focuses onstroke production, strategy, and one great workout! Sign up quickly-space is limited!Winter Ball WinnerAlex Bradford was the big winner for the Monday Night League, winning both “most games won” and“highest percentage of games won.” Congratulations, Alex!Bloody Mary MixerThe Bloody Mary Mixer was a big hit! 40 Players came out on a Sunday for a morning of Tennis and BloodyMary’s. Winners of The Olive division were Sandy and George Jackson. The Winners of The Tabasco groupwere Theresa and Michael Ferrarini.Spring Fling 2013Spring Fling 2013 was a big success, raising over $4,000 for Seminole County Families in Transition forHamilton Elementary. Thank you to the Spring Fling Committee: Andrea Daniels, Monique Randall,Amy Spence, Kristen Tannler, and Jennifer Hawkes.StringingYour racket should be strung at least every six months, or as many times as you play a week,per year. Meaning, if you played 3 times a week, your racket should be strung 3 times per year. The club hasan excellent stringer and we have a great selection of Wilson strings. Bring your racket in for a tune up!Pre-League Sale*August 19-23*Discounts on all apparel, tennis shoes, and sunglasses!

Club NewsMEMBER SPOTLIGHTMEET THE TUDOR FAMILYHaving heard so many great things about Heathrow CountryClub from friends, Mark and JoAnn Tudor decided to look into becomingmembers. Upon receiving a warm reception from the Directorof Membership Marie Juma and touring the facilities, they agreedthat Heathrow would be a good fit for their family. They moved fromBaldwin Park and really wanted a place that offered all the thingsthat a family enjoys - golf, hanging out by the pool, and family eventsand dinners.Since becoming members in September of 2012, they have utilizedmany aspects of the club. They attend the Friday night seafoodbuffets and have taken their girls (Ava, 5 and Ella, 3) to the Halloweencostume dinner, spring carnival, and the St. Patrick’s Day party(which their daughters loved)! Recently, they have enjoyed the poolwith their daughters; the swimming lessons offered by the club were also a plus. The Tudors also enjoy havingaccess to Barefoots for poolside dining. A major highlight for Mark, a financial advisor at Raymond James, isthe golf experience. The service is top rate, the course is always in pristine condition, and it has allowed Markto enhance his client relationships. He also greatly benefited from the lessons he took with Chris Holmes. Hehas ALSO enjoyed meeting other golf members and has developed great new friendships.Most importantly, the Tudors find that being members of Heathrow Country Club allows them to growcloser as a family and helps them create more positive, family memories.Summer is Here!Hello everyone! Summer is here, and we are prepared on every level, fromthe new menus, summer grill nights, Friday night buffet, all of the wonderful eventsplanned for every member of the family, and of course, the Water Slide. By the way,if you see me enjoying the slide at lunch time (or anytime), just smile and wave. Ibelieve you are never too old to have a little fun!Membership Referrals: Don’t forget about the referral program! If you haveany questions concerning the referral incentive, just give me a call or stop by myoffice and we can chat. Bring your friends, your family members, and co-workers toenjoy the club! Also, great Corporate Memberships are available, but we are onlyaccepting ten corporations by the end of August.Now, I will send a quick shout-out to Full and Platinum Golf Members:you now have another club that is only a couple hours from the front door: EmeraldGreens in Tampa. Please give me a call in the membership office if you would likeinformation, or if you would like to upgrade. This is a great opportunity to enjoyPlatinum or Full Golf membership at four locations.As always, I am here to assist each of you, and I think you are truly wonderfulpeople and I enjoy working with everyone here at the club!Kindest Regards,Marie Baita-JumaMARIE BAITA-JUMA,DIRECTOR OFMEMBERSHIP

Club NewsCURLIN’S CATERING CORNERBehind the Scenes:What happens behind the Emerald Curtain!If you have ever planned a party – small or large- I am sure you can relate to mystory. When planning any catering event, whether it’s in your house or at the Club,there are so many little things to remember. I know when I met my husband, I toldhim that I planned parties for a living. He chuckled and said, “how hard can thatbe? I did that in college and it’s was a breeze.” I of course chuckled back and asked,“Oh, did you just order a keg and some wings? There is a little more to it thanthat!” Here are a few tips:1. Pick your date and location. This will start the motion in planning and thiswill be the FIRST question that all your family and guests will ask.2. Try to find a venue or caterer – like your wonderful Club – that does all inclusive packages. This is great because all you have to do is enjoy the planningfrom beginning to end.TONI CURLIN,DIRECTOR OF CATERING3. Pick a theme for the event. There are SO many different themes and ideas that make for great parties. It is sosimple that all you have to do is GOOGLE any type of theme and great ideas come from EVERYWHERE – sosimple! If there are things that have already been done, why recreate the wheel?4. Try not to put things on yourself like floral arrangements, baking, renting tables and chairs, cleaning, etc. – that’swhy there are professionals out there. Whether you use the Club for your catering and staffing event or not – weare here for you if you ever need anything. I have been in the industry for over 25 years and have a lot contacts inall fields to assist in the planning process. We have a great catering team here at the Club, and if you have not metmy assistant Rebecca Lang, she is a true professional and we are blessed to have her. Stop by and say hello.5. If you are planning an event at your house, we would be happy to come by and make any suggestions to make theevent a success. As you know, we have so many different locations here at the Club for events from 4 to 400.6. When was the last time you really took a full tour of all the spaces around here? The Club did so many renovationslast year. The Grill Room downstairs is a perfect location for a nighttime party. Overlooking our fabulous puttinggreen, driving range, and outdoor space, it lends itself to a really great private event location.7. Finally – just sit back and enjoy – because hey, it’s your party!If you are thinking of hosting a party – at your home or at the Club – here is all you need to do:1. Call 407-562-0172 or come in and talk with us in person!2. THAT’S IT!They say the test of a good party is whether or not the host/hostess had a good time.Plan a party today! The Heathrow Catering Team will be there every step of the way.Remember, “It’s a Lifestyle to Celebrate, Where Traditions Continue for Over 25 Years!”“A Recipe fromour Kitchen”Heathrow Country Club’sPotato SaladServes 6-8 peopleBest when prepared the night before servingIngredients:5 lbs of red bliss potatoes, boiled and diced3 boiled eggs, chopped2 stalks of fresh celery, chopped½ red pepper, chopped1 bunch of scallions, chopped½ red onion, chopped (optional)1 cup of Vidalia onion dressing, or enough to coat potatoes1 cup of Duke’s mayonnaise, or enough to blendSalt and pepper as neededAdd all cold chopped items together, and season as needed

Womens Golf News & EventsThe Heathrow NinersThe Heathrow Niners finished up a wonderful season on May 16th with a fabulous “End OfSeason Party” in the ballroom! We want to say a special thank you to Barbara DiMarco, Cindy Webb,and Kayse Wilhelm for all of their hard work in making this event spectacular. The food and decorationswere fantastic! Everyone had a great time, and the pictures sure show it!We want to announce a couple of changes. Margarita Koblasz has stepped down as the HeathrowNiners’ President and Barbara DiMarco will be assuming this title. Mary Walther has been appointedVice President. The board for season 2013-2014 will be:President – Barbara DiMarcoVice President – Mary WaltherTreasurer/Secretary – Julia SnyderPublic Relations Officer – Angie FutrellWe want to thank Margarita Koblasz for all of her hard work last season and for taking ourHeathrow Niners to the next level. She will be much missed, but we hope to see her back one day!The Niners will open up the 2013-2014 season with our annual Back To The Tee Lunch onSeptember 5th. Our first day of play will be September 12th with a shotgun start at 9:30 am.If you are interested in becoming a Heathrow Niner, please contact:Angie Futrell at angelafutrell@ymail.com, or email our group on Facebook atHeathrowniners@groups.facebook.com

Womens Golf News & EventsHeathrow Women’s Golf AssociationOur Member-Guest was held in late March with the overall champions being Debby Vangrov and her guest JoyClark. Runners up were Jeanne Henderson and guest Maggie Ferguson. Everyone enjoyed our two-day event,which included great prizes, fun, food, and a lot of laughs. Heartfelt thanks go out to everyone at the club whohelped make this our premier event of the season.Congratulations to our President’s Cup winners this year! Meigan Putnam was our low gross winner with a totalscore of 240. Runner up gross winner was Karen O’Donnell with a total of 269. The low net winner was Laura Cookwith a score of 210, and a tie for runner up was Ginger Faulkner and Bev Logan with scores of 215.Our closing day scramble “It’s a Wrap” was a great success. Karen O’Donnell was our most improved player thisyear. She started the season with a 14.4 handicap index and ended with a 9.8! Good work, Karen! Many thanks alsogo to Diana Ludwig and Donna Edwards for chairing this event.The HWGA Board wishes all of you a great summer and we look forward to seeing you for the 2013-2014 seasonopener on September 12th!Bev Logan, PresidentHWGA Closing Day Scramble May 16, 2013

Womens Golf News & Events

Golf News & EventsFrom the Director of Golf.....Tim BurnsAs this newsletter reaches you, we are well into the summer months here at Heathrow. Thanks to allof our members for a very active and successful Spring in the golf department. We saw great turnout for our Ladies Member-Guest, and a sold-out Men’s Member-Guest. We held our first MemorialTournament on May 27th. The activities were kicked off with the playing of taps, followed bya fly-over by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Alert One Aircraft. 104 golfers enjoyed a great event.Congratulations to our Tournament Champions; Mike Maroschak and Mark Gibbons!We successfully hosted the 2013 Women’s U.S. Open Sectional Qualifying Tournament, and the 2013Men’s Florida State Amateur Qualifying Tournament. Congratulations to our Heathrow memberswho qualified for the State Amateur Championship: Eddie Parnell (68), Timmy Hanzelko (71), andTyler Calderone (72).Look for the following events coming up:Our annual Red, White, & Blue Tournament will be held on July 4th. Contact the golf shop for details.Our final Junior Golf Camp of the summer will be held the week of July 8-12. Contact Chris Holmes to register your child.Our first annual Heathrow Invitational is scheduled for July 15th. We have invited teams from clubs throughout the state to compete.We will be selecting members from Heathrow to represent the club in this event.Our next seasonal aerification is scheduled for August 13th – 14th.Our Ladies get back into the swing of things, as their league play resumes on September 12th.We look forward to having a great summer here at the club! If there is anything that we can do to enhance your member experience,please do not hesitate to reach out to us. I look forward to seeing you around the club.Golf Instruction.....Chris HolmesAlong with several other local clubs, Heathrow Country Club has entered into an excellent newjunior golf program called ‘The PGA Junior League.” This exciting program allows childrenaged 13 and younger to compete in a fun, competitive two-person scramble format, with eachmatch being played over 9 holes. Many of our players/members have developed through ourpopular junior instructional program and include: Scotty, Matt, and Mark Exum, Zoe and TessZiemba, Gabriel Parke, Jared Shear, and Myers Clarke. The squad put up a fantastic performancein their first match away at Debary and narrowly lost by 4 ½ points to 7 ½ points. Way togo, team! We are all very proud of you!From the Superintendent.....John KopackSummer time is officially here! We’re starting to get afternoon showers and our rain deficitshould soon turn to surplus. We hardly ever use the irrigation system during the rainy season.Chances are, if you see water running, we’re watering in some fertilizer or experiencing a computerglitch. We only irrigate when necessary and practice good water conservation on a dailybasis. The turf grass is happy and growing rapidly. One of our goals throughout the summer isto get the rough mowed out twice a week. Here at Heathrow, we have 164 acres of golf course.The average golf course is about 100 acres! Maintenance becomes more challenging in the summermonths due to an increase in thunderstorms and the ideal growing conditions. Fortunately,we have an outstanding fleet of equipment and a hard working staff.We will continue to double-cut and roll the greens at least three times per week. We also usegrowth regulators on a weekly basis. Some of our cultural practices on the greens are the use ofthe groomers, verticuters, and brushes. These practices help thin out the lateral leaf growth andaid in increasing green speed. Our Tif-Eagle ultra dwarf greens love an occasional light dustingof topdressing. This is beneficial to the plant and aids in a good smooth surface as well. Well,don’t forget the sun block and stay hydrated. See you out on the course! - John

Club News and UpdatesFrom the Board of Governors.....It has been one year this August that the new Board of Governors has been in place at Heathrow Country Club.During the last twelve months, much has been discussed in our monthly meetings, and we feel much has been accomplishedin and around our Club!The role of the Board of Governors is to represent all members of the Club and their concerns, make suggestions forimprovement, enhance communication and advise Club Management relative to upcoming initiatives, expendituresand enhancements to the overall member experience at Heathrow. Ultimately, the Club General Manager, Nate Kalb,and his team are accountable for getting things done and ensuring Heathrow remains one of the premier clubs in ourarea. From the Board’s perspective, we feel the relationship with the club’s management team has never been strongerand the communication between us is healthy, constructive, collaborative, and beneficial to all parties concerned.As well, the Board believes significant progress has been made in the last year to all aspects of our Club – from theTennis & Fitness Center to the Golf Course & Main Clubhouse!As we reflect on the last year at Heathrow the improvement highlights include:• Upgrades to the condition of the Golf Course (bunkers, greens, range) and Tennis Courts (resurface, lighting, etc.)• Building and Landscape enhancements at the Main Clubhouse, Racquet Club, Fitness Center and Barefoots• A more thorough and transparent communication approach, including weekly updates from Golf Operationsand more informative newsletter articles• Completion of the Grill Room at the main clubhouse• Implementation of Focus Groups and Committees to drive improvement with our food menus & social activities• Upgrades to the Golf Instruction area to include additional training aids, hitting mats and all weather canopy• Improved breadth and “quality” of events for all members and their families• Renewed focus on staff development and communication with the addition of service standards, training manualsand specific action plans designed to align with improving member experiences at the ClubWhile the improvements listed above represent significant progress at the Club, both the Heathrow Board and theManagement Team understand there is always more that can be done and the drive for excellence in all categoriesmust be continuously pursued.We are also aware that areas of opportunity remain across multiple categories at the Club. After all, HeathrowCountry Club is a business and as such must set priorities for capital and operating expenditures - as a Board we believethe right priorities have been established and met.As we discuss the next twelve months we will continue to work collaboratively, soliciting feedback from all membersand make every effort to thoroughly communicate a new set of priorities with clarity around what is being done andwhy.Know that each of you have direct access to your Board and certainly feel free to offer perspectives, insights, suggestions,and comments related to what you believe is working well, and where we have opportunities to improve the Club.We will gladly voice your concerns at our meetings and follow up with you as required based on Board discussions.To all of you and your families, enjoy a wonderful summer, travel safe on your vacations wherever they make takeyou, and we all look forward to seeing you around the Club!Sincerely,Meigan PutnamPresident, Heathrow Board of GovernorsHeathrow Board of Governors:Meigan Putnam, Board President Donna Bradford, Tennis Kathy Brown, SocialEd Gilbert, Member at Large Chad Ibbotson, Member at Large Terry Kelchner, Men’s Senior GolfBarbara DiMarco, Niners Bev Logan, HWGA Women’s Golf Joel Carmany, Member at LargeKim Stepp, Member at LargeRon Morehead, Men’s Golf Assoc.

Stay ConnectedFRIDAY NIGHT SEAFOOD BUFFETServed in the Main Dining Room & TerraceOur Grandiose Dinner Buffet features offerings such as Carved Prime Rib,Chicken, Seafood, & plenty of other Hot Entrees in addition to a delectableselection of Salads, Appetizers, Cold Seafood, & Soup!Full Buffet- Adults: $32.95++ • Children 6-12: $14.00++(Children Under 5 are compliments of the Club)INTRODUCINGTHE BAREFOOTS COCKTAIL MENU:PARENTS, IT’S YOUR CHANCE TO COOL OFF!Happy Hour every Friday from 5:00 to 8:00!SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE BRUNCHEvery LAST Sunday of the monthfrom 11:00 AM to 2:00 PMFeaturing a classic Sunday Brunch Buffet with acarving station, omelet station, fresh seafood,assorted salads, and complimentary champagne,mimosas, coffee, and tea.Adults: $24.95++, Children 6-12: $12.95++Children under 5 are compliments of the ClubKID’S CLUBEnjoy an evening in our fine restaurant or lounge whileyour children are taken care of in the Kid’s Club downstairs!They may order a meal off of our Kid’s Menucharged to your member account.This service is complimentary! Be sure to take advantageof it! Reminder: Parent/Guardian must remain on Premisesduring the entire time the child is in the Kid’s Club.LITERARY SOCIETYMeets the first Wednesday of the month (unless noted otherwise) in the Terrace at 11:00 am.This summer’s books are:July: “A Light Between Oceans” by M. L. Stedman*No meeting in August*September: “The Tender Bar” by J. R. Moehringer

HOTBeat the Summer Heat with theseDEALS!We would like toThank the Membershipfor their Patronage.2013 Escape2013 Fusion2013 F-150RaptorSERVING CENTRAL FLORIDASINCE 1966.1875 S.Orlando Ave., Maitland, FL 32751“Just 2 Miles Off I-4 / Lee Rd. Exit!”1-4O7-644-7111DonReidFord.com

www.heathrowcc.com1200 Bridgewater DriveHeathrow, FL 32746PRSRTFIRST CLASSU.S. POSTAGEPAIDMID-FLA, FLPERMIT NO. 0076Introducing Emerald GreensLocated in the popular Carrollwood Village in NorthTampa, Emerald Greens is considered the choice formembers looking for a full service first-class club experience.The Club offers the ultimate in golf, tennis, dining,social activities, and overnight accommodations. Membersand their guests enjoy a uniquely distinctive clubexperience with first-class service. High quality amenities,superior service and friendly atmosphere create anexperience that earns new friends and fans every day.Our 27 holes of championship golf, designed by legendarycourse architect Dan Maples, are endeared by golfersof all skill levels. Our eight Hydro tennis courts are popularamong all players. The Oasis Recreational & AquaticsCenter is an ideal escape where you and your family canenjoy a state of the art fitness center, junior Olympic-sizeswimming pool, kids’ splash pad, playground, and barand grill. Dining is an important and enjoyable aspect ofthe Emerald Greens experience. Our culinary team usestheir extensive background and passion for food to createdelicious and unique menus.Nate KalbGeneral Managernkalb@heathrowcc.com(407) 557-8003Tim BurnsDirector of Golftburns@heathrowcc.com(407) 562-0203Marie JumaDirector of Membershipmjuma@heathrowcc.com(407) 562-0178Kayse WilhelmMarketing & Events Coordinatorkwilhelm@heathrowcc.com(407) 842-1452Kathy LaGrangeDirector of Accounting &Human Resourcesklagrange@heathrowcc.com(407) 562-0171Tanya RessetarAccounting & Communications Coordinatortressetar@heathrowcc.com(407) 562-0183Richard EyerDirector of Food & Beveragereyer@heathrowcc.com(407) 562-0174Tim DixonExecutive Cheftdixon@heathrowcc.com(407) 562-0185Toni CurlinDirector of Cateringtcurlin@heathrowcc.com(407) 562-0172Rebecca LangCatering Assistantrlang@heathrowcc.comJohn KopackGolf Course Superintendentjkopack@heathrowcc.com(407) 333-1488Barry MyersDirector of Tennisbmyers@heathrowcc.com(407) 562-0212Ross BohlkenDirector of Aquatics & Fitnessrbohlken@heathrowcc.com(407) 562-0211MAIN PHONE NUMBERS:COUNTRY CLUB RECEPTION: 407-333-1450GOLF PRO SHOP: 407-333-1469TENNIS PRO SHOP: 407-333-1475

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