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faceliftaccess and safety made easyCall us on0800 52 15 95faceliftaccess and safety made easyCall us on0800 52 15 95Hire Sales Service Training Hire Sales Service Training0800 52 15 95facelift.co.ukfacelift

truck and van mountedSelf Drivenew ascendant 12.5At Facelift we have an extensive rangeof truck mounted platforms, many ofthese are self drive and can be driven ona standard driving licence. Vehicles canbe driven up to 7.5 tonne with a pre ‘94driving licence and up to 3.5 tonne witha licence issued after 1997.These modern self drive vehicles arestraight-forward to set up, and easyoperate with proportional controls andoffering heights up to 29metres. Theyoffer speed and versatility, these areavailable with an experienced operator,or IPAF operator training can beprovided if required.HGV vehicle mounted machines areavailable with working heights rangingfrom 30m - 61m and come with one ofour fully trained operators.Self Driveascendant 12.5aichi 14ascendant 15mnifty v160ascendant 17ascendant 18ascendant 22pantel 29Operatedwumag 30 4x4bronto 34bronto 46xdtbronto 52xdtbronto 61xdtbronto 52/61xdt jib2specificationstransport height 3.45mworking height 12.5moutreach 7.7mworking width2mwidth x length 2m x 7.1mweight1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8safe working load3,050kg230kgavailable self operatedor with a fully trainedoperatora spare payloadcapacity of 370kgkerb Side access torear doorsfull pressureproportional hydrauliccontrolsengine stop start atplatform controls13121110987654321This van mounted platform sets a new standard with370KG of spare payload capacity, kerb side accessand all in a in a 3.5 tonne van. The zero tail swingplus two independently operated booms arrangementgives excellent controllability when manoeuvring. TheAscendant has a large, insulated GRP cage with awalk in entry door and a 230kg SWL carrying capacityto help maximise productivity.6 0800 52 15 95 facelift.co.uk7

Self Driveaichi 14Self Drivenew ascendant 151412108642016141210864220 2 4 6 810202468specificationstransport height 3.55mworking height14moutreach 9.5mworking width 2.1m - 4.3mwidth x length 2.16m x 6.35mweightsafe working load7,500kg1,000kgsimple to use controlsvariable jacking widthrotating cage1000kg cage capacityautomatic stowingsystemcan drive on a standardlicencefacelift IPAF trainingrequiredspecificationstransport height 3.6mworking height 14.9moutreach 7.7mworking width 3.2mwidth x length 2.4m x 7.4mweightsafe working load4,050kg230kga spare payloadcapacity of 1000kgtwo section telescopicplus flyboom liftmechanism with zerotailswingfull pressureproportional hydrauliccontrolsengine stop start atplatform controlsdc power pack foremergency operationEquipped with a 6.2m 2 cage the Aichi can liftpayloads of up to 1,000kg to a maximum workingheight of 14m. This allows installation engineers to fitlarge components quickly and easily, inspections tobe made more efficiently or more tools to be carriedto the workface.The compulsory IPAF training for this machine isavailable at your local Facelift depot.10 0800 52 15 95360˚ rotation of both cage and boomallows you to keep parallel to the workfacethroughout the complete working envelopeThe Ascendant 15m Van mount boasts an incredible1,000kg payload capacity, so you can carry all thetools and PPE kit that you need for the job. The GPRcage can carry up to 230kg, enough for two menand there toolkits. The two section telescopic boomfeatures a fly boom, making it easier to position theplatform and to reach over obstacles. Full pressureproportional controls and zero tailswing make this anexceptional van mounted platform.facelift.co.uk11

nifty v160Self Driveascendant 1718161412108642002 4 68 1012 14specificationstransport height 3.07mworking height17mOne of the most popular selfdriveplatforms. Its boomdesign allows for easy anddirect positioning overobstacles and a narrow widthprovides greater site access.Its narrow working width andgreat manoeuvrability makesthe V160 a popular choice fortree surgeons and roadsidemaintenance.specificationstransport height 3.35mworking height 16.2moutreach 8.9mworking width 2.4mwidth x length 2.04m x 6.62mweight5,000kgsafe working load 200kgmax point load - F 0.074kN/cm 2easy to use hydrauliccontrolshydraulic outriggersnarrow 2.4 metreoperating width200kg cage capacitystorage locker(optional)rotating cagedrive on a standarddriving licence18161412108642outreach 12.2mworking width 3.2mwidth x length 2.3m x 7.65mweightsafe working load3,250kg230kg160° cage rotationdriven on a non-HGVlicenceimproved designmaking operation saferone sided jacking asstandardeasy hydraulic controls200kg storage capacitylockable storagecontainersThe new Ascendant 17 has been designed to allow upto 17m of working height on a vehicle under 3,500kg.The telescopic boom gives excellent controllabilityand will allow up to 12m outreach with a full capacitycage. A cage size of 0.7m x 1.2m means you can worksafely and comfortably.202 4 68 10Easy set up and operation12 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk13

Self Driveascendant 18 newSelf Driveascendant 22specificationstransport heightworking heightoutreachworking widthwidth x lengthweightsafe working loadmax point load2 0 2 4 6 8 10 1218161412108642This 18m truck mount, with a GVW of only 3.5T canbe driven on a standard driving licence, this makesit perfect for the self drive customervariable operating widthsdriven on a standardlicence160° cage rotationspecificationstravelling height 3.0mworking heightoutreach18m13mworking width 2.8 - 3.6mwidth x length 2.1m x 7.0mweightsafe working load3,350kg230kgmax point load 0.12kN/cm 2easy to use hydrauliccontrolsimproved design for safeand simple operationMultiple jacking options allow the Ascendant to be setup in the tightest of locations. Giving 17m of outreachfrom a chassis of this size is rarely available.specificationstravelling height 3.5m variable operating widthsmax point load 0.12kN/cm 2working height22m driven on a non-HGV licenceoutreach17m 160° cage rotationworking width 2.4m - 4.1m easy to use hydraulicwidth x length 2.4m x 8.7m controlsweight7,500kg improved design for safe& simple operationsafe working load280kgnarrowjacking2 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18222018161412108642140800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk15

Self Drivepantel 29 newwumag 30 4x4302520151053025201510500 5 10 150510 15specificationstransport height 3.5mworking height 28.7moutreach 15.6mworking widthn/awidth x length 2m x 7.68mweightsafe working load7,500kg220kgavailable self operatedor with a fully trainedoperatorindependent outriggerinterlocks450 degree noncontinuousboomrotation110v wiring in basketengine stop start atplatform controlsspecificationstransport height 3.6mworking height30moutreach 15.8mworking width 2.5m - 4.8mwidth x length 2.5m x 9.7mweightsafe working load9,750kg230kgmax pt load - F 0.00131kN/cm 2max pt load - R 0.00113kN/cm 2110v power outlet incage230kg cage capacity160° rotating cagevariable jacking widthincludes fully trainedoperatorThe new Pantel 29 Truck Mounted Access Platform isone of the most versatile Truck mounts on the market,It has fantastic up and over reach capabilities coupledwith the fact that it can be driven on a Pre ‘97 standarddriving license, which allows it to be hired on a self drivebasis, making it a popular choice for companies carryingout tree surgery and property maintenance.Built onto a powerful four wheel drive chassis and withan outreach of up to 15.8m, the 30m Wumag is as athome on rough terrain as it is on city streets.The 4 section telescopic boom allows greater flexibilitywith working heights and total stability through fourindependently controlled H-type outriggers.Compact design for easy use160800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 17

onto 34mdtbronto 46xdt353045402535201510530120kg25280kg20600kg1510500-50 5 10 1520250 5 10 152025 30specificationstransport height 3.7mspecificationstransport height 3.7mworking height34mworking height45.5moutreach24moutreach 24.5mworking width 2.65m - 5.5mworking width 2.8m - 6.2mwidth x length 2.5m x 8.15mwidth x length 2.5m x 10.5mweight18,000kgweight18,000kgsafe working load280kgsafe working load600kgmax point load 0.024kN/cm 2max point load 0.030kN/cm 2110v power outlets incage280kg cage capacityvariable jacking widthcommunication systemrotating cageTV cage availableincludes trainedoperatorextendable cagevariable width jackingmounted on 18 tonnechassisincludes fully trainedoperatorrotating cagecomputer operatedcontrolsincreased overreach withextra long fly-boomAn outreach of up to 24m gives this machine theflexibility it needs to make it hugely popular withcontractors, especially window cleaners.With a working height of 46m and an outreach of 24m,mounted on an 18 tonne chassis the XDT is nearly halfthe weight of a conventional high reach platform.With a narrow jacking facility, the 34mBronto can be used in busy city streets toreduce disruption to the traffic flow.The Hatz packA favourite of TV and constructioncompaniesDown reach capabilitiesThese factors, combined with a cagecapacity of up to 600 KG and anexpanding cage as standard, makethe XDT one of the most versatilemachines there is.18 0800 52 15 95 facelift.co.uk 19

onto 52xdtbronto 61xdt65555045605550403545403035253020251520101551005specificationstransport height-50 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40specificationstransport height 3.9m-50 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40specificationstransport height 3.9m0working heightworking height52mworking height61moutreachoutreach34moutreach 35.3mworking widthworking width4.5m - 6mworking width3.2m x 8mwidth x lengthwidth x length 2.5m x 12.8mwidth x length2.5m x 12mweightweight26,000kgweight32,000kgsafe working loadsafe working load600kgsafe working load600kgmax point loadmax point load 0.030kN/cm 2110v power outlet incage600kg cage capacitycommunication systemrotating cageTV cage availableincludes fully trainedoperatorvariable jacking widthexpandable cage option110v power outlet inthe cage600kg cage capacityextending cagerotating cagevariable jacking widthsincludes fully trainedoperatorWith the option of an expandable cage that can lift upto 600kg the 52m Bronto is popular with glaziers andfilm companies.The added flexibility of one sided jacking allows it tobe used in confined areas such as busy streets.Expanding cage for increased workspaceThe Bronto 61xdt (extra duty telescopic) combinesmany features making it the most versatile in its class.The flexibility of one sided, variable jacking allowsthe 61 to be set up in busy streets and confinedspaces with the minimum of disruption. The telescopicfly boom and rotating cage with fully proportionalcontrols make this a popular machine with windowcleaners and glaziers as building facias can becovered with speed and control.20 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk21

the bronto jib – a unique boom attachmentthe jib now gives theability to position andinstall whilst workingfrom the platformIn conjunction with Bronto Skylift,Facelift has developed a uniqueboom attachment for the Bronto 52and 61xdt.This allows the machine to lift a load ofup to 1,300kg with the cage, providingthe ability to install glazing and claddingpanels, mobile phone masts, small windturbines and lamp columns.The combined unit has a maximumworking height of 27m when using thejib. It consists of a crane extension fittedinto the main boom which still allows fornormal telescopic movements of the cageboom.This gives installers the ability to guideand fix objects into place whilst workingfrom the platform. Now one machine canreplace the need for a crane and platformworking separately.specificationstransport heightworking heightoutreachworking widthwidth x lengthweightsafe working loadmax point load220800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 23

scissor liftsupright tm12Our wide range of scissor lifts are suitedto working both indoors and out, theirplatform sizes and capacity allows formultiple people to work from the platformwith heavy duty tools. These are availableboth as diesel and battery poweredscissor lifts.upright tm12haulotte battery-poweredskyjack battery-powered haulotte compact 10dxupright sl30slskyjack 8831 4x4haulotte compact 12dx0 127654321FUMEFREEThe diesel scissor lifts have workingheights ranging from 10m - 17m and allof which are 4x4 allowing you to get toalmost any location on site.skyjack 8841skyjack 9250 4x4specificationstransport height 1.67mworking height 5.8moutreach 1.8mworking width 0.76mwidth x length 0.76m x 1.36mspecificationstransport heightworking heightoutreachworking widthwidth x lengthBattery powered scissor lifts have workingheights ranging from 5.8m - 14.5m andare all fume free.This year we also welcome the newSkyjack 8841E, this formidable scissorboasts powerful rough terrain ability,all day battery power efficiency, 30%gradeability and auto-leveling outriggers.weightsafe working load776kg227kgmax point load 0.0605kN/cm 2easy to use controlsnon marking tyresfits through standarddoorwayseasy to storenon-polluting batteryoperation227kg cage capacityweightsafe working loadmax point loadDesigned for use in congested areas such as offices,the retail sector, hotels and crowded industrial aisles.The TM12 will lift two people with tools up to 5.8mquickly and efficiently.Able to fit through doorways and inelevatorsIts compact size is ideal for applications such as stockpicking and record storage retrieval. Operators simplystep onto the platform and drive to work area thenelevate to the desired height.24 0800 52 15 95 facelift.co.uk 25

haulotte battery-powered scissor liftsWe have taken deliveryof 60 additional scissorlifts. The Optimum 8,Compact 10n and 12all have similar features,but each model hasbenefits over the otherdependant on the job.They offer a robustdesign that’s reliableand easy to maintain,making them an idealchoice for the fleet.With an extendingplatform of 0.9mthere’s also that muchneeded extendabledeck for working incongested areasFUMEFREE1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10with a pot holeprotection systemit ensuresmaximum safetywhen working atheight121110987654321specifications optimum 8 compact10n compact 12transport height 2.0m 2.17m 2.38mworking height 7.8m 10.0m 12.0mdeck extension 0.9m 0.9m 0.9mworking width 0.76m 0.81m 1.20mwidth x length 0.76m x 1.88m 0.81m x 2.48m 1.20m x 2.46mweight 1420kg 2160kg 2630kgsafe working load 230kg 230kg 300kgfeatures optimum 8 compact10n compact 12driveable at full height8mextending decksingle joystick controlbattery powerednon marking tyrespot hole protectionoverload sensingdrop down guard railsground clearancegrade-ability8cm23%specificationstransport heightworking heightoutreachworking widthwidth x lengthweightsafe working 13cm loadmax point 25% load13cm23%tilt alarmsExtended deck allows greater working area The Compact 12Compact design allows easy clearance through a standard doorway26 0800 52 15 95 facelift.co.uk 27

skyjack battery-powered scissor liftsExceptionally versatilefor tight spots wheremanoeuvra bility andagility make all thedifference, the Skyjacksare compact and offergreat performancein small spaces.FUMEFREE4632 3226 321913specifications 3219 3226 4632121 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10superior scissordesign providesrigidity andoperator comfort1110987654321transport height 1.78m 1.94m 1.96mworking height 7.6m 9.7m 11.6mdeck extension 0.9m 0.9m 0.9mworking width 0.81m 0.84m 1.17mwidth x length 0.81m x 1.78m 0.84m x 2.32m 1.17m x 2.32mweight 1,170kg 1,864kg 2,300kgsafe working load 227kg 227kg 318kgfeatures 3219 3226 4632non-polluting batteryfits through standard doorhinged railing systemnon-marking tyresdriveable at full heightoverload sensing systemlowering warning systemspring loaded gatesspecificationstransport heightworking heightoutreachworking widthwidth x lengthweightsafe working loadmax point load8mExtending cage enables youto work over large areasIncreased cage capacityprovides an ideal platformNarrow working widthThe 4632 with larger deck sizeIdeal for working with restricted accessForklift pockets tie downs andlifting lungsSafety is the primary consideration on any job – the SJIII pothole protection feature offersoperators maximum performance and safety28 0800 52 15 95 facelift.co.uk 29

haulotte compact 10dxupright sl30sl11109876543211211109876543213210127 6 5 4 3 2 1 0specificationstransport height 2.42mworking height 10.2mdeck extension 1.2mworking width 1.8mwidth x length 1.8m x 2.65mweightsafe working loadfoam filled all terraintyreshydraulic brakesdiesel poweredcompact and robustdesign4-wheel drive40% gradeabilityhydraulic outrigger3,530kg565kgspecificationstransport height 2.60mworking height11mworking width 2.13mwidth x length 2.13m x 4.39mweightsafe working load2967kg590kg35% grade abilityworking height up to11mrough terrain featuresinclude 4wd, oscillatingfront axle, high griptyres 19°/35%gradeabilityproportional drive/liftcontrols for smoothprecise operationdiesel powerspecificationstransport heightworking heightoutreachworking widthwidth x lengthweightsafe working loadmax point loadA scissor lift with the ability to travel across variedterrains to give up to 10m working height and over1m of outreach. With 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel steersetting up onsite and gaining the best work positionnow becomes possible on more locations.A diesel powered engine removes the need forrecharging on site. Also a removable control boxgives increased work positioning.automatic platform levelling onslopes or uneven groundThe Upright SL30SL has a working height of 11 metres.The working platform of more than 7 square metreshas a capacity of 590kg and is automatically levelledon gradients up to 19 degrees. The oscillating axlewith 4 wheel drive and rough terrain tyres keep thedrive wheels firmly in contact on uneven ground.30 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk31

skyjack 8831 4x4haulotte compact 12dx1211109876543211312111098765432176 5 4 3 2 1 03 21012specificationstransport height 1.99mworking height 11.2mdeck extension 1.2mworking width 2.21mwidth x length 2.21m x 3.49mweightsafe working load4,835kgindependent levellingoutriggersfoam filled tyresrigid scissor guardtilt alarm with drive /lift cut out30% gradeability110v power optional771kgspecificationstransport height 2.54mworking height 12.14moutreach 1.2mworking width 1.8mwidth x length 1.8m x 2.65mweightsafe working loadfoam filled all terraintyresdiesel powered4-wheel drive40% gradeabilityhydraulic outriggersextendable cage4080kg450kgThis versatile 4x4 scissor lift has dual extendingplatforms, a working height of 11m and a cagecapacity of 771kg. Its automatic levelling outriggersallow easy set up over a wide range of groundconditions.The Haulotte Compact 12dx is a tough machine builtto work on site. The 4 wheel drive and rough terraintyres makes this an easy machine to manoeuvre andposition. Hydraulic outriggers provide optimumstability, whilst the extending work platform createsmore than 5.5 square metres of useful workspace.Auto levelling outriggers32 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk33

skyjack 8841eskyjack 9250 4x41514131211109876543211816141210864276 5 4 3 2 1 00246specificationstransport height 2.2mworking height 14.5moutreachdeck extensionn/a1.2m each sideworking width 2.2mwidth x length 2.2m x 3.5mweightsafe working load48v dc powered30% gradeabilityauto levellingextending cage4 wheel drivedisc brake to rearnon-marking tyres6,033kg681kgspecificationstransport height 2.29mworking height 17.1mdeck extension1.5m each sideworking width 2.34mwidth x length 2.34m x 4.47mweightsafe working load7,115kg680kgdual deck extensionto 7.3m longfoam filled tyres4-wheel drive25% gradeabilityauto levelling outriggerson board generatorThe DC Powered Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts takeefficiency and terrainability to a new level. Eight 6volt batteries drive the 48 volt DC electric motor andprovide limitless power all day. The highly innovativeand efficient drive system also provides variablespeed proportional drive/lift controls. These units offer30% gradeability are drivable up to 7.9m and offercapacities up to 681kg.7.3m platform lengthThis is the largest rough terrain scissor lift on the fleet,with powered deck extensions at both ends and 680kgcage capacity.Over 17m working height and a platform length of7.3m. With 4 wheel drive the 9250 can tackle virtuallyany type of work site. Auto levelling outrigger ensuresfast and safe set‐up.34 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 35

self-propelled boomshaulotte star10Our self propelled booms include straightstick articulated and mast booms, addedto our fleet this year is the versatileSkyjack 46aj, features robust design andexcellent 4WD rough terrain capability.Straight stick booms feature workingheights ranging between 10m- 38.4mthese types of machines all boastexcellent outreach.Articulated booms with working heightsranging between 12m- 47m these typesof machines are ideal for jobs thatrequire you to be able to go up and overany nearby obstacles.Mast booms with a working height of 10mthis machine has a narrow width and isbattery powered making it ideal for jobsin congested areas i.e. warehouses orsupermarkets.haulotte star10nifty hr12nifty hr15haulotte h16tpxhaulotte ha16pxhaulotte 16spxskyjack 46ajnifty hr17 4x4haulotte ha18pxhaulotte ha20pxhaulotte h21txnifty hr21 hybridhaulotte h23/25tpxhaulotte ha26pxjlg 120hxjlg 150hax1 0 1 2 3 4specificationsFUMEFREEtransport height 1.99mworking height10moutreach 3.1mworking width 0.99mwidth x length 0.99m x 2.61mweightsafe working load11102,540kg230kgpot hole protectionsystem25% gradeabilitynarrow turning radiusergonomic and robustdesigndriveable at full heightrotation with zero tailswing360° rotationfly-jib for adjustableoutreach987654321The Haulotte Star 10 is a compact machine thatallows easy access into confined spaces making itideal for those hard to reach jobs.This lightweight machine is easy to transport and itsflexible working envelope gets you where you need tobe quickly and safely.Compact design allows easy turningEasily transportable on a trailer360800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk37

nifty hr12nifty hr151312161110914128761085463421012 3 4 5 621FUMEFREE02 4 6 7 82specificationstransport height 1.9mworking height 12.2moutreach 6.1mworking width 1.5mwidth x length 1.5m x 4.1mweight3,010kgsafe working load200kgmax point load 0.262 kN/cm 2easy to use hydrauliccontrolsself-propelledbattery / dieseloperationnarrow 1.5 metreoperating width200kg cage capacityspecificationstransport height 1.95mworking height 15.6moutreach 9.6mworking width 1.5mwidth x length 1.5m x 5.94mweightsafe working load6,260kg225kgmax point load 0.112 kN/cm 2easy to use hydrauliccontrolsnarrow 1.5 metreoperating width225kg cage capacityrotating cagetilt alarmdual harness pointsFUMEFREEThe HR12 is one of the most versatile machines ofits class, designed to give maximum reach andperform ance from the lightest and most compactbase possible. The HR12 operates on both batteryand diesel power, enabling it to be used both insideand out.Narrow width combined with minimum tail swingand a tight working circle allows the HR15 pinpointaccuracy when positioning the platform.An onboard diesel engine allows for fast travellingspeeds on site and prolonged use in external areas.Reduced working widths makes this machine idea foruse in atriums and warehouses.Easy to manoeuvre on siteImproved work positioning380800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 39

haulotte h16tpxhaulotte ha16px1614121086420181614121086422 0 2 4 6 8 10 12202 4 68 10specificationstransport height 2.2mworking height 15.45moutreach 12.3mworking width 2.3mwidth x length 2.3m x 8.44mweightsafe working load6,800kg230kgload limiter in cage180° platform rotation140° fly-jib arcproportional controlssimultaneous boomfunctionlifting eyes1.5m fly-jib35cm ground clearance50% gradeability4 wheel drivespecificationstransport height 2.2mworking height16moutreach 9.2mworking width 2.3mwidth x length 2.3m x 6.95mweightsafe working load7,240kg230kg4-wheel drive and steerup and over fly jibrobust design/easy tomaintainload control in cage50% gradeability180° cage rotation40cm ground clearancediff locksWith over 10m of outreach and continuous rotationthis telescopic booms covers a large work areawithout the need to reposition.Benefiting from a fly jib the H16TPX can still accuratelyposition itself where others cannot reach.Similar to the ha16spx the ha16px benefits from notonly 4 wheel drive but 4 wheel steer, still providing over9m of outreach and over 6m of up and over clearance.Foam filled tyres allow greater stability and 40cmground clearance ensures uneven surfaces cause littleproblem.Proportional controlsImproved cage rotation400800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 41

haulotte 16spxnew skyjack 46aj1816141210864214121086420202 4 68 10202 4 6 8specificationstransport height 2.2mworking height16moutreach 9.1mworking width 2.25mwidth x length 2.25m x 6.65mweightsafe working load6,700kg230kgsimple to use controlsup and over fly jib4x4 driveintegrated diff lock180° cage rotationlifting eyesspecificationstransport height 2.07mworking height 16.15moutreach 7.68mworking width 2.24mwidth x length 2.24m x 6.5mweightsafe working load6,981kgproportional controls360 degree rotationzero tail swingrugged designaxle-based 4wd45% gradeability227kgThe Haulotte’s rugged construction and 4 wheel drivefacility complete with diff locks allow the Haulotte towork on difficult terrain. Fitted with a powerful Deutzdiesel engine the Haulotte is designed for continualuse on site.Platform rotation and fly-jib not only give up and overheights of over 6m but also increase the wide range ofwork positions available.Ideal on rough terrainSkyjack’s new 46AJ articulating boom boast an industryleading, 360 degree continuous turret rotation, withzero tail swing allowing for flexible operation in tightlocations. Superior positive traction and terrainabilityis provided by the axle based 4WD which accountsfor rugged and reliable performance. The unlockedposition improves turning radius and reduces tiremarks on hard surfaces.420800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 43

nifty hr17 4x4haulotte ha18px1816141210864218161412108642202 4 68 10202 4 68 10 11specificationstransport height 2.1mspecificationstransport height 2.3mworking height 17.2mworking height 17.3moutreach 9.6moutreach 10.6mworking width2mworking width 2.3mwidth x length 2m x 4.7mwidth x length 2.3m x 7.6mweight6,140kgweight8,120kgsafe working load225kgsafe working load230kgmax point load 0.1460kN/cm 2manual recoverysystemfoam filled tyres100° cage rotationimproved traction onuneven surfaces45% gradeability150° fly-boom arc4 wheel drive and steerzero tailswing40cm ground clearance180° rotating cage140° fly-boom arc50% gradeabilityThe HR17 will lift two men and their tools to a workingheight of over 17m and outreach of 9.6m. Withplatform rotation of 100° and a fly boom that allowsgreater control over positioning the platform, theHR17 makes jobs both quicker and easier than before.Its lightweight and compact chassis gives excellentmanoeuvrability on site, and its powerful 4-wheel driveensures that it can handle even the toughest terrain.Performs well over rough terrain4 wheel drive and steerThe HA18PX benefits from an articulated boomand fly-jib that gives over 10m of outreach. Thetelescopic boom allows access to a wide variety ofwork positions and the robust design makes this 18mplatform ideal for a wide range of site locations.440800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 45

haulotte ha20pxhaulotte h21tx222018161412108642222018161412108642002 4 68 10 12 141602 4 68 10 12 14 16 18specificationstransport height 2.67mspecificationstransport height 2.86mworking height 20.0mworking height 20.86moutreach14moutreach17mworking width 2.38mworking width 2.47mwidth x length 2.38m x 9.0mwidth x length 2.47m x 9.1mweight12260kgweight11,750kgsafe working load250kgsafe working load225kgup and over fly-jib4 wheel steerimproved working area180° cage rotation360° continuousrotation42cm ground clearancediff locks for roughterraineasy to use controls180° cage rotation360° continuousrotationfoam filled tyres34cm ground clearancesilent Hatz engine40% gradeabilityWith four wheel drive and steer the HA20PX givesgreater control and manoeuvrability. Its improveddesign allows for more specific work positioning,and its size is more ideal for easier transportationbeing far more compact.High ground clearance and foam filled tyres meanthe HA20PX can work on a wide range of groundconditions.Base and cage controlsFour wheel driveWith 17m of outreach and a working height of over20m the H21TX is ideal for construction work andbuilding maintenance.The robust and reliable design combined with 4 wheeldrive means work over demanding terrain does notaffect movement and productivity.460800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 47

newnifty hr21 hybridnifty hr21 4x4222018161412108642022201816141210864200 2 4 68 10 12 1402 4 68 10 12 14specificationstransport height 2.15mworking height 20.8moutreach 12.6mworking widthn/awidth x length 2.27m x 6.5mweightsafe working load6,300kg225kgautomatic fail-safebrakestilt alarmsolid tyresmanual recovery withhand pumpdual controlslock valves on allhydraulic cylindersdual harness pointsCE markspecificationstransport height 2.15mworking height 21.2moutreach 13.2mworking width 2.25mwidth x lengthweightsafe working load2.25m x 5m6,100kg225kgmax point load 0.1034kn/cm 2150° fly-boom arc4 wheel drivelightweight design100° cage rotation45% gradeabilityThe new Nifty HR 21 Hybrid All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) isone of a new generation of environmentally consciouswork platforms from Niftylift. On Diesel, the HR21’srevolutionary Hybrid system can automatically utiliseits electric motor to boost power whenever needed.This allows the HR-21 Hybrid to operate with a smallerengine, reducing fuel consumption, the HR21 deliversoutstanding performance from a compact and lowweightdesign.Exceptional outreachA 4 wheel drive platform that combines weight andspace saving technology alongside superb traction onsteep or uneven terrain.With a newly designed boom that allows increasedmanoeuvrability and improved work positioning theHR21 offers exceptional outreach, whether up andover access or outreach to ground level.480800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 49

haulotte h23/25tpxhaulotte ha26pxh25tpxh23tpx272421181512963028262422201816141210864203 69 12 1518212 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14h23tpx specificationstransport height 2.84mworking height 22.6moutreach 19.5mworking width 2.47mwidth x length 2.47m x 10.3mweight13,750kgsafe working load 250kgh25tpx specificationstransport height 3.1mworking height25moutreach 17.5mworking width 2.48mwidth x length 2.48m x 10.8mweight13,850kgsafe working load 250kgspecificationstransport height 2.67mworking height26moutreach 16.2mworking width 2.38mwidth x length 2.38m x 11.9mweightsafe working load15,9590kg230kg4 wheel drive and steer42cm ground clearancecontinuous 360°turntable rotation180° cage rotationzero tailswingUp & over fly jibThe Haulotte H23TPX and H25TPX both offer increasedcage positioning with the use of the fly-jib and cagerotation. High ground clearance and 4 wheel drivealso gives greater manoeuvrability over varied groundconditions. The telescopic boom design also allowsgreater outreach than many other machine this size.Continuous rotation and excellent grade ability makesthese self propelled booms a popular choice.140° fly-boom arc180° cage rotation360° continuousrotation40% gradeability4 wheel driveThe articulating fly jib and fully proportional controlsmake the Haulotte HA26PX a versatile machinethat is highly productive and easy to operate.The zero tail-swing with 4 wheel drive and steer allowease of positioning and working where there is arestricted workspace.500800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 51

jlg 120hxjlg 150hax4035302520151050454035302520151050-50 5 10 15200 5 10 152025 30specificationstransport height 3.15mworking height 38.4moutreach 18.3mworking width2.59-3.30mwidth x length 2.59m x 10.9mweightsafe working load19,750kg227kg4 wheel drive andcrab steernoise limited engineextending axles forvaried work areas33cm ground clearanceexcellentmanoeuvrability ofmachine and platform40% gradeabilityfoam filled tyrescage & ground controlsspecificationstransport height 4.27mworking height47moutreach 24.16mworking width3.51-5.49mwidth x length 3.51m x 12.01mweightsafe working load25,855kg230kgdetachable groundcontrols4 wheel drive and steerextending axles forvaried work areasup & over height over24mexcellent manoeuvrabilityof machine and platformfoam filled tyresrotating basketThe JLG120 improves access to far more areas on sitewith its 4m articulated boom section. It also includes ahigh performance telescopic boom lift.This machine has been purposefully designed for awide variety of demanding maintenance, constructionand high reach applications.4m fly-boom30cm ground clearance520800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 53

trailer-mountednifty 90Trailer-mounted platforms can be towedeasily on public highways, their lighterweight and compact design makesthem ideally suited to space and weightrestricted areas.nifty 90nifty 120nifty 170109876543FUMEFREEWithin this section you’ll find a selectionof trailer-mounted machines that haveworking heights ranging between 9m -28m. The flexibility of these machinesmakes them ideal for painting contractorsor CCTV installers as they can be towedbehind a van or 4x4.210 123 4specificationstransport height 1.70mworking height 9.5moutreach 3.5mworking width 2.1mwidth x length 0.75 m x 3.8mweightsafe working load21595kg120kgspecificationstransport heightworking heightoutreachworking widthwidth x lengthweightsafe working loadmax point load 0.023kN/cm 2max point loadroad towableeasy to use hydrauliccontrolsmanual outriggersfits through a standarddoorway110v power outlet incagenarrow working widthnon-polluting batterypowerThe Nifty 90 is one of the lightest trailer-mountedaccess platforms available. Easy to manoeuvre, it canbe positioned by a sole worker and towed by a smallvan or car.Will pass through a standarddoorwayThis nine metre platform is an ideal alternative toladders or scaffold, and its compact design andtelescopic axle allows passage through a singledoorway.540800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 55

nifty 120nifty 1701312111098765432118161412108642FUMEFREE210123 4 5678202 4 68 10specificationstransport height 1.9mspecificationstransport height 2.2mworking height 12.3mworking height17moutreach5moutreach 8.7mworking width 2.85mworking width 4.37mwidth x length 1.2m x 5.5mwidth x length 1.75m x 6.5mweight1,160kgweight1,995kgsafe working load200kgsafe working load200kgmax point load 0.043kN/cm 2max point load 0.024kN/cm 2road towableeasy to use hydrauliccontrolsfits through a standarddoorway200kg cage capacitybattery powerFUMEFREEroad towableeasy to use hydrauliccontrolshydraulic outriggersbattery / dieseloperation110v power outletin cage200kg cage capacitysite transport system(optional)The UK’s most popular trailer mounted accessplatform. Easy to tow and operate, the Nifty 120 isideal for a wide range of tasks and provides excellentvalue for money.The lightweight design with manual outriggers makesit easy to set up and pack away making work efficientas well as safe. Battery power allows for fume freeinternal work.Will go through a 1.1m doorwayRoad towable by a medium sized van orpick-upBoth telescopic and articulating, the Nifty 170is the largest of our Niftylift trailer-mounted range.Hydraulic outriggers allow for fast set up times, whichcombined with its low weight make the 170 ideal forwindow cleaning and general building maintenance.Road towable and able to reach up and overobstacles, the 170 represents great value for money.56 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk57

narrow accessnew hybrid p830Our narrow access division has rangeof Spider and Mantis platforms withworking heights up to 38 metres.These platforms offer maximummanoeuvrability and performance inthe tightest of spaces. The majority canfit through a standard double door way0.8m wide and 2m high, this makes themideal for working in the confined spacesof shopping centres and office atriums,their light weight designs also makesthem perfect for working in difficult toaccess historical and period buildingswith low load bearing surfaces.Our specialist team has many yearsexperience with managing access to themost challenging of spaces, their knowhow and ability ensures you have theright machine for the task, contact usfor more information and a site survey ifrequired.hybrid p830power towerpower tower nanohaulotte quick up 14spider ts14spider ts15denka 22nm antis 20/22mantis 24spider ts24omme 25nspider fs290spider fs37 0mantis 381specifications0transport height 1.76mworking height 4.27moutreachworking width14321n/an/awidth x length 0.64m x 1.19mweightsafe working loadmax point load506kg226kg695.9kPazero turn radiuslarge deck capacityall-side forkingheavy duty scissorslow step heightsmall footprintlow floor loadingautomatic pot holeprotectiondescent and tilt alarmsThe HB-P830 combines the stability and operator safety of alight weight scissor lift, with the cost effectiveness of a manuallypropelled unit.With its 4 metres of working height, 220kg platform capacityand zero turn radius, the HB P830 has an exceptionally smallmachine footprint. The stability of the design combined withwith the lower cost and convenience of a manually propelledmachine, the HB P830 bridges the gap between ladders andmobile access towers and self propelled access platforms.580800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 59

power tower nano newnew power tower56453432211101101specificationstransport height 0.36mworking height 4.5moutreachworking widthn/an/awidth x length 0.75m x 1.195mweightsafe working load285kg200kglow platform entryheight only 360mmonly 750mm x 1195mmworking footprintpasses easily throughsingle doorwaysheavy duty Auto-Lokwheels provide asecure baseheavy duty Ultra-Glidelow friction lifting mastspecificationstransport height 1.92mworking height 5.1moutreachworking widthn/an/awidth x length 0.78m x 1.52mweightsafe working load310kg250kgpasses easily throughstandard doorwaysfail-safe hydrauliccircuitimproved heavy-dutyAuto-Lok wheels onelevation providesecure baseemergency descentfrom ground levelPush into position, step into the platform, press a button.Simple. Safe. Efficient. No climbing platform steps, podiums orerecting scaffold towers, the Nano is the cost effective, safealternative.In line with the Power Tower range, Nano has Auto-Lok wheelson elevation - as standard. Available in 1.8m and 2.5m platformheights (3.8m and 4.5m working heights), the heavy-duty Nanomaximises platform size whilst minimising working footprint,giving the operator more room to work!Passes comfortably through astandard doorwayNow with even larger (1520mm x 750mm) platform, the PowerTower gives the user even more room to work and more roomfor tools and equipment.With over 50% more platform size than its nearest competitor,the Power Tower requires less moves to cover the same areafor many applications. And at only 780mm wide will still passcomfortably through a standard single doorway.The heavy duty Power Tower really is the cost effective, safeand efficient alternative to large podiums or small scaffoldtowers.600800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 61

haulotte quick up 14new spider ts14151414131210FUMEFREE1211109878656432410122342020 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11specificationstransport height 1.97mworking height 13.90moutreachn/aworking width 2.02mwidth x length 0.80m x 1.97mweightsafe working load545kg136kgoutrigger storagepocketssmall working footprintmains powered (240v)fits through a standarddoorwayeasy to use controlsspecificationstransport height 2.05mworking height14moutreach 10.5mworking width 3.4m - 5.4mwidth x length 0.8m x 4.4mweightsafe working loadmax point load2,250kg200kgflexible stabiliser-legconfigurationshandles uneven groundself-propelledpedestrian controlmains power (110v)rubber pads to protectflooringThe Quick Up 14 is small and light enough to betransported in the back of a van by one man. It will fitthrough a standard doorway and the light aluminiumconstruction gives the ability to work on fragileground surfaces.The Up 14 uses battery or mains power supplyproviding greater flexibility of workspace locations.This Spider Narrow access platform offers 14m (45ft) of workingheight and can fir through a standard single door way of 0.8m.As the smallest and lightest narrow access unit in the spiderrange, this machine is easy to manoeuvre, is easy to set upand operate. The multiple jacking configurations make it idealfor confined and restricted spaces, even setting up on stepsis possible. This machine can be supplied with a fully qualifiedoperator or we can provide IPAF training and certificate fornarrow access equipment.620800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 63

spider ts15 newdenka 22n16151413121122201810916876543214121080 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101012344202 4 66428 10 12 14specificationstransport height 1.98mworking heightoutreach15m10mworking width 3.4m - 4.3mwidth x length 0.79m x 4.9mweightsafe working load2,400kg200kgadjustable track-gaugeindividually adjustableoutriggersautomatic stabilitysystemelectric hydraulic 23dcbattery / 220v chargingstepless speed controlspecificationstransport height 1.99mworking height22moutreach 11.8mworking width 3.45m x 4.55mwidth x length 0.89m x 7.9mweightsafe working loadmax point load2,300kg200kg0.01kg/mm2easy to use controlshydraulic outriggersnon polluting batteryoperation240v power outlet incage200kg cage capacitysite transport systemrotating and removablecageThis Spider narrow access platform can fit through a standarddoor way of 0.8 metres, and can carry two people plus toolsto a maximum working height of 15 metres (50ft). This unit hasa GVW of only 2400kg making it ideal for working on delicatesurfaces in churches, period buildings and shopping centres.The automatic basket levelling and stability system ensure safeworking at height. The narrow access unit has adjustable trackgauge for narrow entrances, which can then be widened foropen or outdoor spaces. This machine can be supplied witha fully qualified operator or we can provide IPAF training andcertificate for narrow access equipment.Ideal for a congested sitePopular for use in shopping centres and atriums,the Denka DL22N is light enough to be used in areaswhere low floor loadings are vital.With a minimum width of just 0.89m and sitetransportation system, the narrow Denka canbe moved easily around congested sites.The compulsory IPAF training for this machine is available at your local Facelift depot.FUMEFREE640800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 65

mantis 24 newnew spider ts24242422222020181816161414121012108684624022202 4 68 10 12 1402468104specificationstransport height 1.98mworking heightoutreach24m9mworking width 3.15mwidth x length 1.3m x 6.06mweightsafe working loadmax point load3,500kg200kgcan pass through astandard doubledoorwaystabiliser-legs can beset up on unevenground and stepsrubber jack-feet padsoffer flooring protectionindividual track controltriple power - mains,24v dc or hatz silentpack dieselspecificationstransport height 1.98mworking height24moutreach 10.5mworking width 5.1mwidth x length 0.8m x 6.2mweightsafe working loadmax point load2,950kg200kgpasses throughstandard doorwaynumerous stabiliser-legconfigurationshandles uneven groundself-propelled bypedestriansrubber-based feet forfloor protectionThis highly versatile narrow access platform can fit through astandard double doorway, and has a maximum working heightof 24 metres. This tracked access platform allows work onthe more delicate interior surfaces of shopping centres andoffice atriums as well as rough terrain environments. There aretwo cage size options, a one man cage where access is morerestricted, and a two man rotating cage for maximum workinginterface. Flexible jacking configurations and triple power (mains24v, 24dc or Hatz silent pack diesel) give great flexibility to thisnarrow access unit.Passes through standard doorwayThe TS24 is one of the most popular Spider platforms for hire,this is an incredibly versatile narrow access platform still under3 tonnes and offering 24 metres of working height (79 feet), willpass through a narrow doorway of 0.815m and 1.98m height.There are multiple wide and narrow jacking options, withadjustable stabilisers that can be set up on uneven ground oreven stairs. Battery or mains power make this narrow accessunit ideal for indoor or out door use, the unit can be suppliedwith certificated IPAF operator, or we can provide full IPAFoperator training to get your own IPAF ticket.660800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 67

spider fs290 newnew spider fs370302520151050-50 5 10 150 5 10 1535302520151050specificationstransport height 1.98mspecificationstransport height 1.98mspecificationstransport height 1.98mspecificationstransport height 1.98mworking height29mworking height29mworking height37mworking height32moutreach 14-15moutreach13moutreach 15.5moutreach 14-15mworking width ?working width 5.4mworking width 4.3mworking width ?width x length 0.79m x6.3mweight3,750kgsafe working load 200kgmax point load ?width x length 1.4m x 6.3mweightsafe working loadmax point load3,750kg200kg10%/5% gradeability24v dc motorability to self-load ontotrucks or trailers3 meter fly jib180° rotating cageproportional control ofall functionsindividual setting ofeach outriggernon-marking solid tyreswidth x length 0.9m x 8.1mweightsafe working load6,900kg200kgautomatic stability &outreach control375° turret rotationability to self-load ontotrucks or trailersproportional control ofall functionsindividual setting ofeach outriggernon-marking solid tyres4-wheel drive5°/9% gradeabilitywidth x length 0.79m x 7.2mweightsafe working load4,150kg200kgmax point load ?The Falcon Spider FS290 is a new range of spider accessequipment that sets the standard in narrow access equipment.The articulated jib gives great flexibility in work positioningallowing up and over work at height, under and up and even4 metres straight down, enabling the machine to work on railembankments or harbour keys and walls. Still narrow enough tofit through a standard door of 0.8m, this unit can access the mostchallenging of internal spaces and can carry two me to a workingheight of 29m or 95ft. IPAF operator training is available for thismachine or it can be supplied with a fully trained operator.The Falcon Spider FS370 is one of the newest and most robustnarrow access units available. Designed to meet the mostdemanding access tasks that modern buildings might require,the unit fits through a narrow doorway of only 0.9m, can raise tomen to a working height of 37m or 121ft, and has a telescopicboom with articulated jib that gives access to the most difficultto reach positions. Ideally suited to internal and external officeand atrium maintenance and window cleaning. Non markingtyres, battery powered, 4 wheel drive and many other featuresmake this narrow access unit the choice for city widow cleanersand maintenance engineers.68 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk69

mantis 38 new4035302520151050 5 10 15specificationstransport height 2.47mworking height38moutreach15mworking width 3.9mwidth x length 1.7m x 7.4mweight9.360kgsafe working load 200kgmax point load42.3knspecificationstransport height 2.47mworking height38moutreach13mworking width 3.9mwidth x length 1.7m x 7.4mweight9,360kgsafe working load 200/120kgmax point loadon-board generator forpowering hand toolsstabiliser-legs can beset up on unevenground and stepsrubber-based jack-feetpads offer flooringprotectionindividual track controltriple power - mains,380/415v 3 phase orhatz silent pack dieselThe Mantis 38m tracked narrow access platform is a heavyduty platform with a rugged caterpillar track base. This versatileplatform has many of the features and benefits of the Mantis 24,but with an incredible 38 metres working height.The platform can take a special narrow single man cage formore restricted access needs and larger rotating cage whereaccess is less restricted. There is 360 degrees continuousturntable slewing, multiple jacking options, 40% gradeability andtriple power options, IPAF training is available for this platform.70 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk71

ough terrainnifty x-trax12We have a selection of specialisedequipment for the more challengingaccess needs. In this section you’ll find aselection of rough terrain machines.Our rough terrain machines have workingheights of 12m and 17m and areideal for large sites and with their highpenetration jacks they are capable ofjacking on major slopes.nifty x-trax12nifty 170sd 4x4nifty 170 x-trax131211109876543212 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6specificationstransport height 1.90mworking height 12.2moutreach 6.1mworking width 3.55mwidth x length 1.11m x 3.95mweight1,650kgsafe working load 200kgmax point load 0.0372 kN/cm 2easy to use hydrauliccontrolshydraulic outriggers110v mains/dieseloperation200kg cage capacityself propelledoptional transporttrailerEasily transportable on a trailerAs a track driven platform the Nifty X-Trax offersa wide range of capabilities to suit to all operatorsrequirements. With hydraulic outriggers, an articulatedand telescopic boom it provides over 6m of outreachand 12m of working height.This machine allows for set up in a wide range of locations.Easy to transport and with the ability to drive through doubledoors it allows entrance into restricted areas such as courtyardsand wall gardens.720800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 73

nifty 170sd 4x4nifty 170 x-trax1816141210864218161412108642202 4 68 10202 4 68 10specificationstransport height 2.1mspecificationstransport height 2.1mworking height17mworking height17moutreach 8.7moutreach 8.7mworking width 4.37mworking width 4.37mwidth x length 1.6m x 5.7mwidth x length 1.85m x 5.6mweight2,450kgweight2,900kgsafe working load200kgsafe working load200kgmax point load 0.0324kN/cm 2max point load 0.0335 kN/cm 2easy to use hydrauliccontrolshydraulic outriggersbattery/diesel operation200kg cage capacityself-propelled with(4x4 option)easy to use hydrauliccontrolsKubota diesel engineself-propelledhydraulic outriggers200kg cage capacityFUMEFREEFUMEFREEWith travel speed much higher than conventional selfpropelled machines, the nifty 170SD is suited to muchlarger sites and estates.A lightweight yet robust base unit allows for quickersetup and transportation times, making this machine avaluable asset to the user. Articulated and telescopicboom gives greater working areas without the needto reposition the base unit.Ideal for uneven surfacesCan handle any environmentCrawler mounted with high penetration jacks the170 x-trax can not only travel to areas that areunpenetratable by conventional machines but is alsocapable of jacking on major slopes.740800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 75

underbridgesimon ub40Routine maintenance and scheduledinspections of Highways structurescan cause many issues, but the mostimportant question is... How to accessthe worksite in a safe and cost effectivemanner?The Moog230X is ideal for bridgeinspections on motorways and dualcarriageway with an under reach of 23m,whereas the Moog MBI120 with its 12munder reach is more suited to smallertwo lane road bridges the Simon UB40 isultra compact allowing for it to be usedon single lanes without disrupting thetraffic flow.simon ub40moog 120moog 230x210172 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8specificationstransport height 3.1munder-reach6543234566mmax down-reach 8.1mworking width 2.5mwidth x length 2.5m x 9.3mweightsafe working load10,000kg225kgparapet vertical reach 1.95mparapet over-reach1.74m110v power outlets incageonly 2.5m wideincludes fully trainedoperatorHatz silent pack engine3 man cageThe Simon UB40 underbridge unit is ultra compactallowing for use in single lanes without disruptingtraffic flow.Increased stability provides a safeworking platformThe boom design allows outreach and down reach.A popular machine for all types of structure inspectionand maintenance. A more spacious cage also allowswork to be carried out with increased comfort andsafety.760800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 77

moog120moog 230x5500-5-50510 15-1020 2505specificationstransport heightdownreach10 154m-6.5mworking outreach 12.0msafe working loadweightbasket rotation500kg15,000kg180 degworking width 2.5mwidth x length 2.5m x 9.5mplatform size1.4 x 1 x 12m12m under-reach5m down reach180° platform rotation2.5m space requiredon bridgespecificationsdownreach 9.2mhorizontal reach23mworking width 2.5mwidth x lengthweightsafe working load2.5m x 13m33,000kg1,000kg110v power outlets onplatform1000kg platformcapacitycommunication system8m personnel liftself-propelledfour wheel steeringlow impact drivesystemincludes fully trainedoperatorThe Moog MBI 120 bridge and under-bridge inspectionunit allows bridge inspections on a carriageway in onepass therefore reducing costs for traffic managementand improving work efficiency. The 120 bridge inspectionunit has a platform that can extend up to 12 metres,with a built in hydraulic drive systems which allowsthe entire platform to be moved with precision whilstfully extended.Personnel platform for extra accessThe MBI 230X underbridge platform/unit allows youto work on a dual carriageway in one pass thereforereducing traffic management costs and job time byhalf.With a platform that can extend up to 23 metres, builtin hydraulic drive systems allow the platform to bemoved with minute precision whilst fully extended.78 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 79

Eight points to consider when...choosing your machinetraining courses1234567880How high is my job?The machine height quoted is the measure ment from ground level to theplatform’s maximum height, plus the reach of an average person.How much outreach do I need?The outreach of a machine is measured from the centre of the turret to thefingertips of the average person on a fully extended boom. Remember to includethe vehicle width and outrigger spread.How much weight can I carry?The outreach is dependent on the weight within the cage, i.e. the less weightin the cage the greater the outreach. Always calculate the total weight that themachine will have to carry including any tools and compare this to the machine’ssafe working load. Machine diagrams carry additional information. The averageperson weighs 85kg/13 stone.What are my ground conditions?Gradient, wet or rough terrain will make a difference to your choice of equip ment.Speak to our Hire Desk to find the ideal machine for your conditions.Am I working inside?When working inside you may wish to consider an electrically powered machine,(especially in more confined spaces). You will need to measure any doors thatthe machine will go through.Can I operate the machine myself?All of our machines apart from HGV and the highly specialised ranges can beself operated. Operators are available for all of our machines if required. Weare able to provide a 1 day training course for all self operated machines whichgives you a recognised operator’s licence.What’s the cost? - self operatedSelf operated machines are hired on a daily or weekly rate. The minimum hireperiod is 1 day on self drive vehicles. Weekly hire periods are 5 days for selfdrive, self propelled or specialist internal access and 7 days for trailer mountedplatforms. All hire rates are exclusive of trans portation. All hires of a durationof less than one week must be collected from depot. All prices are exclusive ofVAT.What’s the cost? - operatedIf you require an operator, the hire rate is based on a minimum 10 hour dayinclusive of transport time. Please call our Hire Desk for a quote. Prices areexclusive of VAT.0800 52 15 95Why is trainingso important?More and more companiesare realising the necessity oftraining, indeed many sites willnot allow personnel to operateany form of equip ment withoutthe relevant qualifications. Asa holder of an IPAF PoweredAccess Licence (PAL), youwill have a qualificationawarded by an internationallyrecognised body.What makes IPAF the numberone powered access trainingscheme?IPAF is one of only two trainingproviders recognised bythe MCG (Main Contrac torsGroup)IPAF are the UK’s mostestablished access platformtraining provider and hasbeen in operation since 1983Over 82,000 candidatesattended IPAF trainingcourses in 2010The IPAF card is held by over360,000 successful candidatesIt is certified by TÜV as conforming to the internationalstandard ISO 18878:2004Mobile elevating workplatforms – Operator (driver)training.Courses can take place on yourown premises or at one of ourtraining centres, situated inHickstead, London, Liverpool,Southampton and Birmingham.for more informationor to arrange a trainingcourse contact us on0800 072 55 72 ortraining@facelift.co.ukfacelift.co.uk 81

Static vertical personnel platform1aStatic boom truck and vanmounted platforms1bStatic boom, trailer mountedplatforms1bMobile vertical platforms3aOperatortrainingcourses1a, 1b, 3a, 3b, TPIIPAF (the International Powered Access Federation)is the UK’s most established access platformtraining programme.The IPAF PAL card is awarded on successfulcourse completion, this confirms identity bearerand clearly states which categories of MEWPs(Mobile elevating work platforms) can be operated.IPAF Courses can take place on your own premisesor at one of our IPAF training centres, situatedat Hickstead, London, Newcastle, Liverpool,Southampton and Birmingham.This type of narrow accessvertical platform is the ideallightweight work platform forworking in confined spaces.Training timetable - 1 day courseMorning - 8am StartCourse RegistrationCourse introductionMEWP safety awareness & theory talkTheory testLunch (provided by facelift if at one ofour training centres)AfternoonMEWP introduction and familiarisationPractical testCourse EvaluationQuestion and answer sessionAverage course length is 7 hours,dependant on the trainee’s experienceThis course provides cherrypicker training for truck andvan mounted platforms, suchas the Ascendant 17, theAscendant 22 and the Aichi 14.Training timetable - 1 day courseMorning - 8am StartCourse RegistrationCourse introductionMEWP safety awareness & theory talkTheory testLunch (provided by facelift if at one ofour training centres)AfternoonMEWP introduction and familiarisationPractical testCourse EvaluationQuestion and answer sessionAverage course length is 7 hours,dependant on the trainee’s experienceThis course provides cherrypicker training for roadtowable and trailer mountedplatforms, such as the Nifty 90and the Nifty 120.Training timetable - 1 day courseMorning - 8am StartCourse RegistrationCourse introductionMEWP safety awareness & theory talkTheory testLunch (provided by facelift if at one ofour training centres)AfternoonMEWP introduction and familiarisationPractical testCourse EvaluationQuestion and answer sessionAverage course length is 7 hours,dependant on the trainee’s experienceThis course provides trainingfor Scissor lifts and otherforms of mobile verticalplatforms, such as the Skyjack3219, 3226, 9250, and theUpright SL20/30.Training timetable - 1 day courseMorning - 8am StartCourse RegistrationCourse introductionMEWP safety awareness & theory talkTheory testLunch (provided by facelift if at one ofour training centres)AfternoonMEWP introduction and familiarisationPractical testCourse EvaluationQuestion and answer sessionAverage course length is 7 hours,dependant on the trainee’s experienceyour pal...The quickest and easiest way to prove yourqualifications, the IPAF PAL card gives instantconfirmation of the identity of its bearerand clearly shows which categories can beoperated.£170+vatper person, incl. IPAF registrationAdditional category on the day:£35 per person.£170+vatper person, incl. IPAF registrationAdditional category on the day:£35 per person.£170+vatper person, incl. IPAF registrationAdditional category on the day:£35 per person.£170+vatper person, incl. IPAF registrationAdditional category on the day:£35 per person.820800 072 5572facelift.co.uk 83

Mobile boom -self propelled boom3bSpider training 1b Safety harnesstraining programmeMEWPs formanagersMEWPs instructorassessmentprogrammeLadder &stepladder user &inspectionThis course provides trainingfor Boom lifts and other formsof Mobile boom platformssuch as the Haulotte Star10(HM10P), the H16TPX andthe JLG 120hx.This two day course providestraining for Spider and Mantistype static boom platforms(with multiple outrigger settings)such as the Spider TS26 andTS29.This half day course providestraining to understandrelevant Health and SafetyRegulations, Guidance andStandards. Instruction onselecting, checking, fitting,storage and maintenance ofa harness and lanyard.MEWPs for Managers is anessential one day training programmeinstructing managerson the responsibil ities andknowledge they require to dealwith the constantly changingdemands related to working atheight on site and the use ofMEWPs.IPAF instructors’ licence trainingcourse. Course objectiveis to train and assess aninstructor to understand theworking of the IPAF trainingprogramme and assesstheir knowledge on both themachines and their abilityto convey information tocandidates.This comprehensivecourse provides successfuldelegates with a nationallyrecognised certificationenabling them to safelyuse ladders and stepladders and to carry out,and document, periodicstatutory inspections.Training timetable - 1 day courseMorning - 8am StartCourse registrationCourse introductionMEWP safety awareness & theory talkTheory testLunch (provided by facelift if at one ofour training centres)AfternoonMEWP introduction & familiarisationPractical testCourse EvaluationQuestion and answer session£170+vatper person, incl. IPAF registrationAdditional category on the day:£35 per person.Training timetable - 2 day courseDay 1 - 8am StartCourse registrationCourse introductionMEWP safety awareness & theory talkTheory testLunch (provided by facelift if at one ofour training centres)MEWP introduction & familiarisationPt 1Practical test Part 1Question and answer sessionDay 2 - 8am StartMEWP introduction & familiarisationPt 2Lunch (provided by facelift if at one ofour training centres)Practical test Part 2Course EvaluationQuestion and answer sessionPOACourse availability and priceson applicationTraining timetable - half day courseCourse registration - 8amCourse introductionHarness safety awareness & theorytalkTheory testHarness introduction & familiarisationPractical testCourse evaluationQuestion and answer sessionAverage course length is 4 hours,dependant on the trainee’s experienceNB. Persons trained by IPAF instructors tothe levels set out above are capable of dayto day inspection of their equipment, as wellas selection and use.A certificate and not a PAL card will beissued for candidates who don’t have anIPAF Operator, Demonstrator or Instructorlicence.£90+vatper personTraining timetable - 1 day courseMorning - 8am StartIntroductionMachine ClassificationHealth and Safety at Work Act 1974Provision and Use of Work EquipmentRegulations 1998Lifting Operations and LiftingEquipment Regulations 1998AfternoonPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE)at Work Regulations 1992Work At Height Regulations 2005 /Additional RegulationsMobile Elevating Work Platforms -Operator TrainingTheory testCourse evaluation£170+vatper person,incl. IPAF registrationTraining topics - Guide - 5 daycourseIntroductionMEWPs for Managers training courseInitial assessmentTest of candidates ability on themachineIPAF online systems and paperworkIPAF Training coursesOverview of the IPAF Courses availableIntroduction to the IPAF operatorcourseIPAF operator practical/testingproceduresOperator Practical demonstration andtesting - assessedIntroduction to the IPAF DemonstratorCourseIPAF demonstrator testing procedures- machinesIndividual candidate 30 minute presentation on chosen MEWP subjects- assessedPOACourse availability and priceson applicationTraining timetable - 1 day courseCourse registration - 7.45amCourse introductionLadder Association SafetyAwareness and theory talkTheory testPractical testLunch (provided by facelift if at oneof our training centres)AfternoonLadder Association Inspectionand theory talkTheory testPractical testCourse evaluationQuestion and answer sessionAverage course length is 7 hours,dependant on the trainee’sexperience£170+vatper person840800 072 5572facelift.co.uk 85

Standard mobileaccess towerOne dayManagement ofmobile access towerOne dayLow level access(units under 2.5m)Work at height(essentials)Half dayHalf dayMobile accesstower trainingcoursesAll users of mobile access towers are requiredto have had appropriate training for their safeassembly, alteration, dismantling or relocation.This is a requirement of the 2005 Working atHeight Regulations. The PASMA course is theUK’s industry standard for tower training. PASMAcourses can take place on your own premises orat one of our PASMA training centres, situated atHickstead, East London, Liverpool, Southamptonand Birmingham.This one day course willinstruct you on the safeassembly, dismantling,relocating and altering ofMobile access towers withoutrisk of injury to yourself orothers. The course is boththeory and practical coveringcurrent legislation, regulationsand guidance affecting workat height with mobile accesstowers.Training timetable - 1 day courseIntroduction to Mobile Access TowersTower AssemblyStabilitySafe Use of TowersRepositioning TowersTower InspectionCare & MaintenanceDismantling towersRegulations and StandardsThis one day course is for anyperson who is responsiblefor overseeing the work ofoperatives on site ensuringthat work is properly plannedand organised and that thoseinvolved in carrying out thework are competent andproperly trained, and thattowers are correctly inspectedand maintained.Training timetable - 1 day courseIntroduction to Mobile Access TowersLegislation, Regulations & GuidanceTheory AssessmentReferences to Code of Practice ¤t best practicesInspection of complete Access TowerCompletion of Inspection RecordsHazards effecting the use of AccessTowersThis half day course willinstruct you on the safeassembly, dismantling,relocating and altering of Lowlevel access units without riskof injury to yourself or others.The course is both theoryand practical covering currentlegislation, regulations andguidance affecting work atheight with low level units andmobile access towers.Training timetable - half day courseIntroduction to Low Level AccessUnitsCurrent Legislation & GuidanceTheory AssessmentInspectionAssembling, Dismantling & AlteringLow Level Access UnitsRelocationThis half day course is foranyone who is involved inwork at height, and to enablethem to effectively complywith their duties under thework at height regulations.This theory only session willcover current legislation,regulations and guidanceaffecting work at height.Training timetable - half day courseIntroductionLegislation, Regulations & GuidanceTheory Assessment (Test Paper)£150+vatper person,incl. certification£150+vatper person,incl. certification£100+vatper person,incl. certification£100+vatper person,incl. certification86 0800 072 5572 facelift.co.uk87

low level accessequipment for saleLow-level access is a term that has beenadopted to describe almost an entirely newsector within the access industry. It hasarrived since the introduction of newlegislation, including the Working atHeight regulations of 2005. It is generallyaccepted that it describes working atup to 4.5-5m working height on internalapplications on flat, level surfaces,using manual or powered accessequipment, from basic step laddersto fully self-propelled platforms.This section of our guide covers specificallythe powered access products available in thissector, divided into two types: Push around(the user pushes around) and Self-propelled(drives around).Push-around: Comprise of a simple lifting mechanism, either scissor ormast with a fully guarded platform. The user pushes into the work position,steps into the platform and presses a button to lift the platform to the desiredheight. Various sizes are available with different maximum working heights andplatform sizes.Self-propelled: As above but with the ability to drive at around walking speedwhen the platform is fully down and at an automatically limited maximum speedwhen elevated. These can be driven even when fully elevated.power towersPower Towers have the following features...fully guarded platform thatcan be positioned at anyheightfit through standard singledoorways and intopassenger liftslight weight: ideal forraised access flooringe.g. ‘Kingspan’or delicateflooringautomatic braking onwheels on elevation (pusharounds)improved productivity:up to 12 times (selfpropelled)comparedwith traditional forms ofaccess such as scaffoldtowers or podiumsself-propelled modelscan be driven at full heightand include a cantileverdeck (on selected models)up to 300 lifts per chargeCE marked and conformsto EN280 & machineriesdirectivepower tower3.1m platform height, 5.1mworking height250kg safe working loadlarge 1.52m x 0.75m platformonly 0.78 x 1.6m workingfootprint£5,685+ vat & deliverynano sp4.5m working heightfully self-propelled, evenwhen fully elevatediindoor and outdoor usesimple intuitive singlejoystickextremely manoeuvrable,zero turning radius£8,425+ vat & deliveryWith the ever increasing need for improved safety, efficiency and productivityPower Towers have continued to develop their range of low level, lowweight access platforms to meet most on site requirements; either for newconstruction or refurbishment work or ongoing maintenance work.Included within this guide are the product specifications of our range of lowlevel, low weight access solutions.nano3.8m and 4.5m working heightslow platform entry height only 360mmonly 0.75m x 1.195m working footprint1m x 0.73m platformheavy duty auto-lok wheels£4,935+ vat & delivery880800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk89

power towerscontinuedhy-bridseazzi-liftsnano sp pluslarge 2m x 0.73m platformsize (cantilever extended)ultra-compact, only1.2m x 0.75m footprintonly 520kg, able to workon raised access£10,985+ vat & deliveryhy-brid p830working height up to 4.25mweight allows machineto go on delicateflooringlifts 226kgnon-markingtireszero-turningradiusproportionalcontrolsfull-swingentrancedoortilt alarmeazzi-lift miniworking height 3.8mplatform height 1.8mautomatic braking systemwhen machine is inelevated positionlow platform entry pointforklift points/tie down pointsduel volt charger 110v/240vduty cycle: 250 liftsnon marking wheelsfits through standarddoorway and passenger lift£3,100+ vat & delivery£4,625+ vat & deliverynano sp zero4.5m working heightultra compact, only 1.2m x0.75m footprintrated for indoor and outdoor usesimple intuitive singlejoystick controls£6,745+ vat & deliveryhy-brid s830working heightup to 4.25mweight allowsmachine to go ondelicate flooringlifts 226kgslide-out deckextension, with slipresistantsurfacenon-marking tireszero-turning radiushy-brid hb1030working height up to 4.8mweighs only 578kgweight allows machine togo on delicate flooringlifts 340kgslide-out deck extension,with slip-resistant surfacenon-marking tires£8,375+ vat & deliveryeazzi-lift mini45working height 4.5mplatform height 2.5mautomatic braking systemwhen machineis in elevated positionlow platform entry pointforklift points/tie down pointsdual volt charger 110v/240vduty cycle: 250 liftsnon-marking wheelsfits through standard doorwayand passenger lift£3,600+ vat & delivery£7,125+ vat & delivery90 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk91

used equipment salesharnesses and tagsjlg120poaoptimum 8poapoacompact 12compact 8poaRecommended for use whenworking at heights, our fullbody harness is made fromstrong nylon and comes withan adjustable work restraintlanyard and carabiners. Theharness comes in a handyrucksack.Harness manufactured toCE 0071, EN361Lanyard manufactured toCE95 0083, EN3554 wheel drivenoise limited engineextending axles33cm ground clearance40% gradeabilityfoam filled tyresmax wkg height 38.4mmax outreach 18.3mcage capacity 227kgweight19,750kg2001star 10poaextending decksingle joystick controlbattery powerednon marking tyrespot hole protectionoverload sensingtilt alarmsmax wkg height 7.8mcage capacity 230kgweight1,420kghr12poaextending decksingle joystick controlbattery powerednon marking tyrespot hole protectionoverload sensingtilt alarmsmax wkg heightcage capacityweightha16spx12m300kg2,630kgpoaextending decksingle joystick controlbattery powerednon marking tyrespot hole protectionoverload sensingtilt alarmsmax wkg height 7.8mcage capacity 230kgweight1,420kgdenka22poasafety harnessinspection tagsDurable weatherproof tagsfor recording successfulinspections of harnesses andother equipment, space for testdate, inspectors signature andnext test due date. Available asshown below or personalisedwith your own company’s logoHarness kits from£54+vat+ p&pas per illustrationten pack£12.10+ p&p +vatpot hole protectionsystem25% gradeabilitydriveable at full heightrotation with zero tailswing360° rotationfly-jib for adjustableoutreachmax wkg height 10mmax outreach 3.1mcage capacity 230kgweight2,540kgeasy to use hydrauliccontrolsself-propelledbattery/diesel operationnarrow 1.5 metreoperating width200kg cage capacitymax wkg height 12.2mmax outreach 6.1mcage capacity 200kgweight3,010kgsimple to use controlsup and over fly jib4x4 driveintegrated diff lock180° cage rotationlifting eyesmax wkg height 16mmax outreach 9.1mcage capacity 230kgweight6,700kgeasy to use controlshydraulic outriggersnon polluting batteryoperation240v power outlet incage200kg cage capacitysite transport systemrotating/removable cagemax wkg height 22mmax outreach 11.8mcage capacity 200kgweight2,300kgpersonalised£60.50per 50 min+ p&p+vatFull body harnesses from£29+vat+ p&pfull bodyfall arrest harnessThe most commonly usedFull Body Harness comeswith Metal D-Ring attachmentelements at the back and frontto increase usability.Adjustable on both shoulderand leg strapsFront and Rear attachmentsConforms to EN361comfort plusfull body harnessFull body harness with workpositioning belt and twolateral D-rings for attachinga work positioning lanyard.Fully adjust able front and rearattachment points.Wide back support for extracomfortstretch webbing for freedomof movementConforms to EN361 & EN35892 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk 93

e sure, be safeRain may alterground conditionsDo NOT attachharness to structureoutside the platformDo NOT suspenda load under theplatformOverloadingis extremelydangerousMobileElevatingWorkPlatformsOperator’sSafetyGuideDownload a FREE copy of our MEWPsSafety Guide, which provides easy tofollow guidance on the safe use of cherrypickers and powered access platforms.Packed with 48 pages of clear guidance,photography and illustrations.Hard copies can be purchased at only£1 per copy. There is a minimum order of10 copies, (includes post and packing).Order or download pdf online at:www.facelift.co.uk/mewpsguideDo NOT use themachine as a jackor propBarricade thework areaMinimum safedistance from powerlines mountedon steel towersMinimum safedistance from powerlines mountedon polesTypical weightsAverage ‘big’ manweighs 15 stone or220lbs or 100Kg or1kN or 1,000NExample live(imposed) loadsSelf containeddwellings:1.50 kN/m²Bars & publicassembly areas:5.00 kN/m²Offices - general:2.50 kN/m²Filing rooms:5.00 kN/m²Boiler rooms:7.50 kN/m²Light car parking:2.50 kN/m²Beaufort scaleAlways refer to theoperators manualfor the machine’smaximum safe windspeed usage0 Calm (0-1mph) Calm, smoke rises vertically1 Light air (1-3mph) Direction of wind shown by smoke2 Light breeze (4-7mph) Wind felt on face; leaves rustle;ordinary vanes moved by wind3 Gentle breeze (8-12mph) Leaves and small twigs inconstant motion; wind extends light flag4 Moderate breeze (13-18mph) Raises dust and loosepaper; small branches are moved5 Fresh breeze (19-24mph) Small trees in leaf begin tosway; crested wavelets form on inland waterways6 Strong breeze (25-31mph) Large branches in motion;whistling heard in telephone wires; umbrellas usedwith difficulty7 Near gale (32-38mph) Whole trees in motion;inconvenience felt when walking against wind8 Gale (39-46mph) Breaks twigs off trees; generallyimpedes progress9 Strong gale (47-54mph) Slight structural damageoccurs (chimney pots and slates removed)Produced inassociation with94 0800 52 15 95facelift.co.uk95

Now in our 26th year“2010 was our 25th year in powered access, to reach this markeris a huge achievement for everyone in the company. This yearwe opened a new depot in Newcastle, and we look forwardto continued growth in the future, with our commitment toproviding excellent service to our clients and helping them withall of their access needs.” Gordon Leicester, Managing Director1985Facelift buy an ex-streetlighting Simon D50 tohelp with their propertycompany and soondiscover that theyhave more demandfor cherry pickersthan for their propertymaintenance!1989With the addition ofnew platforms fromSimon and Condor,Facelift can now helppeople work safely atheights of over 150ftfor the first time.1996As part of a completerenewal of the fleet,Facelift become thefirst company tointroduce the GSRrange of non-HGVtruck mounts into theUK. GSR are now themost popular selfdrivemachines on theBritish market.2000Tony Blair signs theplaque that is placedin the roof of theMillennium Dome fromthe cage of a Facelift55m Bronto. Faceliftsupply a major partof the plant on hireduring the erection ofthe dome roof.2001 With the purchase of the 62m Bronto, Facelift introduce their firstmachine over 200ft. In a series of ads, Facelift demonstrate that the machinehas an impressive outreach too.2002The largest platformon an underbridge unitanywhere in the worldis made available toUK customers with thepurchase of the newMoog 230X.2006Arrival of newBronto 52XDTwith increasedcage capacity.A lighter chassisand variableoutriggers ismaking it apopular choice.1988Facelift join theInternational PoweredAccess Federation,one of the first accesshire companies todo so, becoming atraining centre in 1996.Since then we havesuccessfully trainedover 11,000 candidates.1993Working in cities willnever be the same asFacelift buy the first ofthe Bronto MDT range.The new 34m machineis an instant hit withwindow cleaners andproperty managementcompanies. The 34mBronto is now themost popular operatedmachine in the UK.1996The introduction ofthe Denka into the UKhire market meansthat people can nowgo higher than everbefore on a trailer thatthey can tow behinda Transit.2001Facelift introducethe 22m narrowDenka to the UK, acost effective answerto internal accessproblems.2002Facelift increase theirrange with the Aichi14m. With a payloadof 1,000kg and 6.2m 2of platform space, itis the largest platformavailable on a selfdrive truck in the UK.2003Respondingto customers’requirements for alight weight, roughterrain accessplatform, Faceliftcommission Niftylift tobuild the X‐Trax 122004Further enhancingour extensive rangeof poweredaccess equipment,considerableinvestment hasbeen made into acomplete range ofnew Skyjack scissorlifts and Haulotte selfpropelled booms.2008Facelift expandsscissor fleet with itsfirst 10 Compact 12DXmachines, bringing itsscissor fleet to justover 300 units. TheCompact 12DX is idealfor rough terrain work.96 0800 52 15 95 facelift.co.uk97

facelift depotsPlease contact us at one of our localdepots, our teams will be happy toassist with all of your enquiries andaccess needs...LimerickCork98DublinGlasgowBelfastFort William0800 52 15 95WickInvernessDundeeEdinburghKilmarnockLeedsAberdeenNewcastleHarrogateHullA2300M25 J29BasildonM25 J30A127 Southend RoadA1235 Cranes Farm RoadA1321 BroadmayneOssetLiverpoolSheffieldManchesterLeicesterBirminghamNorwichMilton Keynes CambridgeWorcesterCaldicotIpswichSwanseaOxfordBristolCardiffLondonHickstead DoverSouthamptonBarnstapleBrightonPortsmouthExeter PoolePlymouthA13A127Courtauld RoadbasildonSwinborne Road,Burnt Mills Industrial Estate,Basildon, Essex SS13 1GZT 01268 282 200E training@facelift.co.ukLondonBrighton A23A132 E MayneA272Haywards HeathBurgess HillhicksteadWestside, London RoadHicksteadWest Sussex, RH17 5LZT 01444 88 11 88E hiredesk@facelift.co.ukHarvey RdSwinborne RoadA13 Old Southend RoadA3057SouthamptonCentralStationWestQuayRetailParkWestern EsplanadeCinemaLeisureWorldHarbour ParadeNWest Quay RoadSwimmingComplexWestern EsplanadeFortePostHousesouthamptonUnit D, Ocean Trading ParkWest Quay RoadSouthampton SO15 1GZT 02380 22 24 00E soton@facelift.co.ukWirralBirkenheadTown CentreBoundary StreetM53 Mersey TunnelRiver MerseySouthportAlbert DockA505Great Howard StLeedsCivic Centre RoadStreetLiverpoolCity Centreliverpool8 Boundary Street, BootleLiverpoolMerseyside L5 9UFT 0151 207 2071E liverpool@facelift.co.ukA692South A1 South A12300Kingsway NorthA184TownRiver TestA561Scotland RoadLobby Hill Road B601First AveEarlswayA562QuayJohn LennonAirportEarls ParkNorthnewcastleUnit 1, Earls Park North, EarlswayTeam Valley Trading EstateGateshead NE11 0RQT 0191 487 8988E newcastle@facelift.co.ukTank Hill RoadLondon RoadTANK LANEPurfleetRail StationA1090A13MeadsCornerB O TA N Y W A YA1306east londonThe Top Site, Ensign EstateBotany Way, PurfleetEssex RM19 1TBT 01708 52 52 77E purfleet@facelift.co.ukA461A41A4307A461A212 White Horse RdA461StGreat B ri d geSelhurstRail StationA213 Northcote RdA222A41Gloucester RoadTait RdSt James’s Rd30J U N CTDARTFORDCROSSING M25south londonUnit 7, Roman Industrial EstateTait Road, Croydon CR0 2DTT 0208 771 1000E croydon@facelift.co.ukJ U N CTI O Nbirmingham141 Great Bridge StreetWest BromwichWest Midlands B70 0DAT 01213 13 07 77E birmingham@facelift.co.ukA41969A4031M6I O N1J U N CTM5I O NB243 Morland RdA41glossaryBi-fuel Can run from two or more powersupplies e.g. 110v mains, electric orpetrol engine. Secondary power sourcescannot be used to charge batteries.Bi-energy As before but will charge ownbatteries.Cage Working platform, also calledbasket.C.P.A. Construction Plant HireAssociationI.P.A.F. International Powered AccessFederationM.E.W.P. Mobile Elevating WorkPlatform. Also known as cherry picker,access platform and magic carpet.Narrow Access Can enter a site througha standard single or double doorwayOperated High Reach Larger HGVbased equipment only available with anoperator.Outrigger Stabilising leg. Also calledstabiliser, jack, jack leg, leg.Reach Working outreach is measuredfrom the centre of the turret to thefingertips of an average male, when thearm is fully extended horizontally.Road Towable Trailer mountedplatform, towable by vehicles (axle weightallowing).Scissor Lift A machine with a long and/or extendable platform or lift table whichraises by way of a scissor type actionSelf-Drive non HGV Non HGV vehiclethat can be driven on a standard driverslicence issued before 01/01/97 or a C1licence.Self-Propelled A machine that haspower supplied to the wheels enablingit to propel itself. (Most self-propelledplatforms can drive along with theplatform raised).Site Propulsion A form of selfpropulsionusually found on larger trailermounted platforms. A drive wheel isplaced so that it rotates road wheels.Good for short periods of positionalmovement across a site.Turret Unit from which the booms andarms rotate. The point where the machinemeets the chassis is also called the kingpost or the centre post.Working Height Measured from theground to the fingertips of an averagemale when the arm is extended vertically.facelift.co.uk 99

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