Miller Fall Protection Catalog V2.0 - Trench Safety

Miller Fall Protection Catalog V2.0 - Trench Safety

The Total Solution In Fall Protection®

Miller…Synonymous with QualityAs the industry leader for more than five decades, Dalloz Fall Protection offersthe total solution in fall protection with Miller ®brand products and services.Product InnovationNew product innovations and “industry firsts:”• Patented DuraFlex ® Stretchable Harness Series• MiniLite Fall Limiter that arrests free falls within inches• MightyLite Self-Retracting Lifelines do not require annualfactory recertification• BackBiter Tie-Back Lanyard with a 5K Snap Hook• Manyard ® II Shock-Absorbing Lanyard with unique warning flagThe MiniLite Fall Limiter and BackBiter Tie-Back Lanyard received national acclaimfor engineering design and for improving safety products in the workplace.Quality ManufacturingOur facility in Franklin, PA is ISO 9001 certified—proving internationalrecognition of our overall design and manufacturing processes. Ourexperienced employees in manufacturing boast a 98 percent on-time delivery.Product ComplianceAll Miller products are designed and tested by full-time qualified engineersand technicians. Our in-house testing facility is complemented by independentthird-party testing with our participation in the Safety Equipment Institute(SEI) certification program, and our products meet all applicable standards—OSHA, ANSI and CSA.Experienced Sales and ServiceOur professional and experienced sales representatives—both outside and inside—are complemented by a knowledgeable customer service department. All employees areprepared to handle your sales and service needs quickly and efficiently.Total Solution CapabilitiesWe are committed to providing the total solution in fall protection with products,services and support information that enables our customers to effectively address theirfall protection needs.•Miller Fall Protection Products •Miller/FAS Engineering Services •Miller/Troll Training

Table ofContents34568101213141617182021222324252628303233343536373839The ABC’s of a Personal FallArrest SystemFour Functional EquipmentCategories;Occupation/Application LegendBody Wear SectionBuyer’s Guide to Harness Features; Six Easy StepsThat Could Save Your LifeDuraFlex Stretchable HarnessesSpecialty DuraFlex HarnessesNon-Stretch HarnessesSpecialty Welder Harnesses & Fall Protection KitsHarness Accessories; Body BeltsConnecting Devices SectionCalculating Fall DistanceManyard & Manyard II Shock-Absorbing LanyardsStretchStop Lanyards & Lanyards withSofStop Shock AbsorberBackBiter Tie-Back LanyardsMiniLite Fall LimiterMightyLite Self-Retracting LifelinesRope Grabs & Vertical LifelinesPositioning & Restraint Lanyards;Positioning AssembliesAnchorage Connectors SectionShadow Beam AnchorsPush-Thru Eye Bolt; Wire Hook;Extension Pole & Hook; Rebar Hook Anchors;Cross-Arm Strap; Beam Trolleys; CarabinersPermanent Anchorage Connectors;Temporary Horizontal LifelineRoofing Fall Protection ProductsRoofStrider Systems; Roof Anchor KitsClimbing & Fall Protection SystemsSureTrack Climbing & Fall Protection System;Miller/FAS ManSafe Vertical Climbing SystemConfined Space Products& SystemsMightEvac Retrieval Hoist; ManHandler Hoist;Tripod; Quad Pod; Davit Mounting SystemRescue & ControlledDescent DevicesSeries 70 Universal Rescue System;Manual Descent DeviceMiller/FAS Custom EngineeredFall Arrest SolutionsDeveloping a FallProtection ProgramMiller/Troll Fall Prevention &Protection TrainingInspection & Maintenance of aPersonal Fall Arrest SystemGeneral Fall ProtectionConsiderationsSafety AwardsRegulations & StandardsThe ABC’sof aPersonal FallArrest SystemThree key components of the Personal Fall ArrestSystem (PFAS) must be in place and properly usedto provide maximum worker protection.AAnchorage/Anchorage ConnectorAnchorage: Commonly referred to as a tie-offpoint (Ex: I-beam, rebar, scaffolding, lifeline, etc.)Anchorage Connector: Used to join the connecting deviceto the anchorage (Ex: cross-arm strap, beam anchor,D-bolt, hook anchor, etc.)• Anchorages must be capable of supporting 5,000pounds (22kN) of force per worker.• Must be high enough for a workerto avoid contact with a lower levelshould a fall occur.3BBody WearBody Wear: The personal protectiveequipment worn by the worker(Ex: full-body harness)• Only form of body wearacceptable for fall arrest is thefull-body harness.• Should be selected based onwork to be performed and thework environment.• Ask for a Miller HarnessSelection Guide from yournearest Miller distributor.Connecting DeviceConnecting Device: The critical link which joinsthe body wear to the anchorage/anchorageconnector (Ex: shock-absorbing lanyard, fall limiter,self-retracting lifeline, rope grab, etc.)• Potential fall distance must be calculated todetermine type of connecting device to be used.• Should also be selected based on work to beperformed and the work environment.Individually, these components will not provideprotection from a fall. Used properly inconjunction with each other, however, theyform a Personal Fall Arrest System that becomesvitally important to safety on the jobsite andthe overall fall protection program.

4Four Functional Equipment CategoriesFall ArrestAs a general rule, it is recommendedthat a fall arrest systembe used at working heights offour feet or more. This systemconsists of:• anchorage/anchorage connector• body wear (full-body harness)• connecting devicePositioning/Restraint*A positioning/restraint systemis used to hold a worker inplace while allowing ahands-free work environmentat elevated heights and/orrestrict the worker’s movementto prevent reaching a locationwhere a fall hazard exists. Atypical positioning/restraintsystem consists of:• anchorage/anchorage connector• body wear (full-body harnessor body belt)• connecting device(positioning lanyard)Suspension*Suspension systems areused widely in the windowwashing and painting industriesand are designed tolower and support a workerwhile allowing a hands-free workenvironment. A typical suspensionsystem would include:• anchorage/anchorageconnector (anchor bolt,trolley, carabiner, etc.)• body wear (full-bodyharness)• connecting device (workline)• suspension device(bos’n chair)RetrievalThe retrieval system is primarilyused in confined space applicationswhere workers must entertanks, manholes, etc. and mayrequire retrieval from above shouldan emergency occur. A retrievalsystem typically consists of:• anchorage/anchorageconnector (tripod, davit)• body wear (full-body harness)• connecting device (retractablelifeline/retrieval unit)*The positioning and suspension systems are not designed for fall arrest, and therefore a back-up fall arrest system should be used.Occupation/Application LegendProper selection of system components is essential to worker safety. The occupation legend is intendedto serve as a guide to assist users in determining which products are best for which applications.Look for these symbols throughout the catalog!CSA GroupCodes (Canada)Full-Body Harnesses –CSA STANDARD Z259.10-M90Construction Roofing Scaffold IronworkerUtilityUniversalClassifications:A – Fall ArrestingD – Controlled DescentE – Confined SpaceL – Ladder ClimbingP – Work PositioningThis “E” classification can be added to any“A” harnesses if shoulder D-rings are added.IndustrialWarehousePositioning/RestraintPainterTelecommunications

Body Wear5Buyer’s Guide To Harness Features6 Easy Steps ThatCould Save Your Life:How To Put On A HarnessSliding Back D-RingFall IndicatorLanyard Ring• Sliding back D-ring withinjection-molded, flexibleSantoprene ® D-ring pad,offers adjustability andenhanced comfort• Fall indicator is a warningflag sewn into the harnesswebbing on the back• In the event of a fall, flagdeploys to indicate that theharness should be removedfrom serviceNot standard on Welder Harnesses• Allows user to attach lanyardwhen not in use• Minimizes hazards associatedwith the lanyard hanging freely• Extra lanyard ring available onnon-front D-ring harnesses forattaching two-legged lanyardsNot standard on Welder Harnesses1 Hold harness by backD-ring. Shake harness toallow all straps to fall inplace.2 If chest, leg and/or waiststraps are buckled, releasestraps and unbuckle atthis time.Front D-RingSide D-RingsShoulder D-Rings• Used for a variety ofclimbing, confined spaceand rescue applications• Most commonly used forwork positioning• Primarily used for liftingand lowering individuals,such as in confined spaceand rescue applications3 Slip straps overshoulders so D-ring islocated in middle of backbetween shoulder blades.4 Pull leg strap between legsand connect to opposite end.Repeat with second leg strap.If belted harness, connectwaist strap after leg straps.Friction BuckleMating/Quick-Connect BuckleTongue/Grommet BuckleTo adjust the friction buckle,simply pass the webbing overthe knurled bar and backdown between the knurledbar and frame. Pull web endto tighten.To connect the mating buckle,push the center bar bucklecompletely through thesquare link and allow it tofall into place. Pull web endto tighten.The tongue buckle works similarto a standard belt buckle. Insertthe loose strap of webbingthrough the tongue buckleplacing the buckle tonguethrough the appropriate grommethole. Then push the remainingwebbing through the keeper.5 Connect chest strap andposition in midchest area.Tighten to keep shoulderstraps taut.6 After all straps have beenbuckled, tighten all buckles sothat harness fits snug butCall 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ® Distributor

6 Body WearMiller ® DuraFlex ®Stretchable HarnessesFeel the DifferencePatented Miller DuraFlex Harnessesfeature specially-formulated elastomerwebbing that stretches to provide:Greater ComfortDuraFlex Harnesses conform to the shape ofthe worker, stretching with every movement,so there is no bunching, binding or kinking.Improves SafetyWith comfort unsurpassed, DuraFlexHarnesses offer wider end-user acceptance.And, a comfortable harness is worn properly,enhancing compliance and safety on the jobsite.Increases ProductivityBecause DuraFlex Harnesses are stretchable,the worker has greater mobility with less fatigue.Features• Synthetic elastomer webbing stretches withthe worker for maximum comfort.• Bright, stylish designs arereadily visible from a distance.• Solid-colored leg straps help thewearer orient the harness for easeof donning.• Back strap prevents user fromfalling out of the harness.• Injection-molded Santoprene ®D-ring back pad is soft andflexible enhancing comfort.• Fall indicator/warning flag indicates thatthe harness has been involved in a falland should be removed from service.• Lanyard ring allows user to attach lanyardwhen not in use.• Labeling includes inspection tag andspace for personal identification.• Available in green ororange nylon webbing,or blue polyesterwebbing for greaterchemical resistance.E650MillerDuraFlex E650 Series• Stretchable webbing design• Belt loops to accommodatebelts, back pads andother accessories• Front D-ring (optional)E550Front D-ring Harness

13 7“Miller DuraFlex harnessesare so comfortable, our menkeep them on all day. Thisimproves safety, productivity,and our bottom line.”Jim JamisonOwner and Vice PresidentJamison Contractors, Inc.Miller DuraFlex Harness Series E650DuraFlex Shoulder Leg Chest Sub-Harness Back Front Side Strap Strap Strap Pelvic CSAModel No. Sizes D-Ring D-Ring D-Rings Buckles Buckles Buckle Strap Special Features Group Occupations/ApplicationsE650 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option No Friction Mating Mating Yes AE650-4 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option No Friction Tongue Mating Yes Lanyard ring, belt loops, AE650-7 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option Yes Friction Mating Mating Yesfall indicatorA,PE650-58 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option Yes Friction Tongue Mating Yes A,POther Miller DuraFlex HarnessesDuraFlex Shoulder Leg Chest Sub-Harness Back Front Side Strap Strap Strap Pelvic CSAModel No. Sizes D-Ring D-Ring D-Rings Buckles Buckles Buckle Strap Special Features Group Occupations/ApplicationsE550 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Yes No Mating Mating – Yes A,D,LE552 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Yes Yes Mating Mating – Yes A,D,L,PE850 U,S,M,L,XL Yes No No Friction Mating Mating Yes Lanyard ring,AE850-4 U,S,M,L,XL Yes No No Friction Tongue Mating Yesfall indicatorAE850-7 U,S,M,L,XL Yes No Yes Friction Mating Mating Yes A,PE850-58 U,S,M,L,XL Yes No Yes Friction Tongue Mating Yes A,PMiller brand harnesses meet all applicable OSHA, ANSI and requirements, including ANSI Z359.1For a complete line of Miller Non-Stretch Harnesses, please turn to pages 10 thru 12.Harness Size / Waist Measurement [in. (mm)] Note: XXS, XS and XXL sizes available upon request.Universal Small Medium Large X-LargeU/36-52 (914-1320) S/32-40 (813-1016) M/36-44 (914-1117) L/42-48 (1067-1219) XL/44-52 (1117-1320)Universal sizing fits a wide range of users & minimizes stock inventory.Specific sizing provides better user fit but requires a broad inventory.NOTE: For color/webbing selection, add one of the following suffixes to the corresponding harness model number: “-SN ” for green nylon; “-EC ” for orange nylon;or “D ” for blue polyester webbing. (Ex: E650-SN)For front D-ring option, add “FD” as a suffix to the model number. (Ex: E650FD)Call 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ® Distributor

8 Body WearMiller ® SpecialtyDuraFlex ® HarnessesConstruction Harness E650-77The Miller Construction Harness offers special valueaddedfeatures ideal for construction applications.• Stretchable webbing design• Permanently attached back pad withpositioning side D-rings• Belt loops to accommodate the removable6414N body belt• Lanyard ringAlso available in non-stretch nylon webbing.NewTower Climbing Harness E650-88The new Miller Tower Climbing Harness combinescomfort and mobility with a functional design.• Stretchable webbing design• Attached body belt with positioning side D-rings& two accessory rings for carrying tools/pouches• Lightweight Coolmax back pad• Sub-pelvic strap with enhanced saddle seat,including D-rings and Coolmax padding, forextended positioning• Lanyard ringAlso available in non-stretch nylon webbing.NewMs. Miller HarnessE570The Ms. Miller Harness is the only full-body harnesson the market specially designed to fit femaleworkers. The unique design keeps shoulder strapsat the side and away from the chest, offers betterhip support, and increases comfort.• Stretchable webbing design• Front loop for work positioning at the waistrather than the chest• Back and leg pads• Lanyard ringAlso available in non-stretch nylon webbing.Warehouse Picker’s Harness E850-2The new Miller Warehouse Picker’s Harnessincreases productivity and safety by preventingswing interference with the attached connectingdevice during warehouse operations. This uniquelydesignedharness offers a D-ring web extensiontacked to the back strap of the harness, keepingthe components further away from the head so asnot to interfere with the worker. In the event of afall, the web extension detaches from the backstrap allowing the D-ring to move into position sothat the worker remains upright.• Stretchable webbing design• Unique D-ring web extension• Lanyard ringAlso available in non-stretch nylon webbing.

Utility HarnessE752Miller Utility Harnesses minimize the amount ofhardware above the waist to reduce electricalconductivity. In addition, the harnesses areindependently thermal-arc tested to ensuresuperior performance.9For a Utility and Telecommunications Industries catalog, call Customer Service.• Stretchable webbing design• Web loop lanyard attachment*reduces the chance ofelectric shock• Chest strap adjustment/protectivepads hold chest strap in placeand keep the mating buckleaway from the body• Adjustable belt loopsaccommodate linemen’s belts* In Canada, utility harnesses include a back D-ring extensionin place of the web loop to meet CSA requirements.Also available in non-stretch nylon webbing.E753 Only -• Self-rescue positioning loopsprovide a positioning attachmentpoint and may be used withbucket escape systemsMiller Specialty DuraFlex HarnessesDuraFlex Shoulder Leg Chest Sub-Harness Back Front Side Strap Strap Strap Pelvic CSA Occupations/Model No. Sizes D-Ring D-Ring D-Rings Buckles Buckles Buckle Strap Special Features Group ApplicationsE650-77 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option Yes Friction Tongue Mating YesE650-78 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option Yes Friction Mating Mating YesE650-88 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option Yes Friction Mating Mating YesE650-89 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option Yes Friction Tongue Mating YesHarness Size / Waist Measurement [in. (mm)] Note: XXS, XS and XXL sizes available upon request.Universal Small Medium Large X-LargeU/36-52 (914-1320) S/32-40 (813-1016) M/36-44 (914-1117) L/42-48 (1067-1219) XL/44-52 (1117-1320)Universal sizing fits a wide range of users & minimizes stock inventory.Specific sizing provides better user fit but requires a broad inventory.Attached back pad, beltloops, body belt, lanyard ring,fall indicatorAttached body belt w/accessoryrings, back pad, padded saddle seatw/D-rings, lanyard ring, fall indicatorPositioning loop, back/leg pads,E570 S/M,L/XL Yes No No Friction Mating Mating No lanyard ring, fall indicatorAE850-2 U,S,M,L,XL Yes No No Friction Mating Mating YesD-ring web extension, lanyard ring,Afall indicatorWebChest strap adjustment/protective pads,E752* S/M,L/XLLoopNo No – Mating Mating Yesadjustable belt loops, fall indicatorAChest strap adjustment/protectiveWebE753* S/M,L/XL pads, adjustable belt loops, self-rescueLoopNo No – Mating Mating Yes Apositioning loops, fall indicator*In Canada, utility harnesses include a back D-ring extension in place of the web loop to meet CSA requirements.NOTE: To order Specialty Harnesses in non-stretch nylon webbing, simply drop the prefix “E” in the corresponding model number. (Ex: E650-77 becomes 650-77)For Front D-ring option, add “FD” as a suffix to the model number. (Ex: E650-77FD)Miller brand harnesses meet all applicable OSHA, ANSI and requirements, including ANSI Z359.1For a complete line of Miller Non-Stretch Harnesses, please turn to pages 10 thru 12.A,PA,PCall 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ®Distributor

10 Body WearMiller ® Non-StretchHarnessesQuality WorkmanshipMiller Non-Stretch Harnesses have beenmeeting market demands for fall protectionbody wear for over 50 years.Features• Non-stretch nylon webbingis lightweight and durable• Bright yellow color makesnon-stretch harnesses readilyvisible and easy to inspect• Back strap prevents user fromfalling out of the harness• Fall indicator/warning flagindicates that the harness hasbeen involved in a fall andshould be removed from service• Lanyard ring allows user to attachlanyard when not in use• Also available in polyesterwebbing for greater chemicalresistanceNOTE: To order polyester webbing, adda “D” as a suffix to the harness modelnumber or replace the “-” with a “D”.(Ex: 650D or 850D7)650MillerNon-Stretch 650 Series• Lightweight nylon webbing• Belt loops to accommodatebelts, back pads andother accessories• Front D-ring (optional)550Front D-ring HarnessMiller brand harnesses meet all applicableOSHA, ANSI and requirements,including ANSI Z359.1For a complete line of Miller DuraFlexStretchable Harnesses, pleaseturn to pages 6 thru 9.

11“We visited the factory,and we have a real feelfor the quality that goesinto every harness thatis manufactured there.”Jim OwenDirector of Construction Safety OperationsDick CorporationUniversal sizing fits a wide range of users & minimizes stock inventory.Miller Non-Stretch HarnessesSpecific sizing provides better user fit but requires a broad inventory.Harness Shoulder Leg Chest Sub-Model Back Front Side Strap Strap Strap Pelvic CSANo. Sizes D-Ring D-Ring D-Rings Buckles Buckles Buckle Strap Special Features Group Occupations/Applications650 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option No Friction Mating Mating YesLanyard ring, beltloops, fall indicatorA650-3 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option No Friction Mating Mating YesShoulder D-rings, lanyardring, belt loops, fall indicatorA650-4 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option No Friction Tongue Mating Yes A650-7 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option Yes Friction Mating Mating YesLanyard ring, belt loops,fall indicatorA,P650-58 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option Yes Friction Tongue Mating Yes A,P650-64 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option No Friction Tongue Mating YesShoulder D-rings, lanyardring, belt loops, fall indicatorA550 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Yes No Mating Mating – Yes A,D552 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Yes Yes Mating Mating – Yes A,P750 S/M,L/XL Yes No No Friction – Mating No Lanyard ring, fall indicator A,D751 S/M,L/XL Yes Option No – Mating Mating Yes A850 U,S,M,L,XL Yes No No Friction Mating Mating Yes A850-3 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option No Friction Mating Mating YesShoulder D-rings,lanyard ring, fall indicator A850-4 U,S,M,L,XL Yes No No Friction Tongue Mating Yes A850-7 U,S,M,L,XL Yes No Yes Friction Mating Mating Yes Lanyard ring, fall indicator A,P850-58 U,S,M,L,XL Yes No Yes Friction Tongue Mating Yes A,P850-64 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option No Friction Tongue Mating YesShoulder D-rings,lanyard ring, fall indicatorANOTE: For front D-ring option, add “ FD ” as a suffix to the corresponding model number. (Ex: 650FD)Harness Size / Waist Measurement [in. (mm)] Note: XXS, XS and XXL sizes available upon request.Universal Small Medium Large X-LargeU/36-52 (914-1320) S/32-40 (813-1016) M/36-44 (914-1117) L/42-48 (1067-1219) XL/44-52 (1117-1320)Call 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ®Distributor

12 Body WearMiller ® Specialty Welder Harnessesand Fall Protection KitsMiller SpecialtyWelder Harnessesand Fall Protection Kitsare designed to meet thechallenges of the harsh weldingwork environment.650K-7Miller Specialty Nomex/Kevlar HarnessesShoulder Leg Chest Sub-Harness Back Front Side Strap Strap Strap PelvicModel No. Sizes D-Ring D-Ring D-Rings Buckles Buckles Buckle Strap Special Features650K U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option No Friction Mating Mating Yes650K-7 U,S,M,L,XL Yes Option Yes Friction Mating Mating Yes751K S/M,L/XL Yes Option No – Mating Mating Yes None850K U,S,M,L,XL Yes No No Friction Mating Mating Yes NoneOther Specialty Nomex/Kevlar Fall Protection ProductsLanyard Two Harness Anchorage StandardModel No. Material Legged Connection Connection Length* Special Features907K 1/4" (6mm) wire rope NoLocking Lockingsnap hook snap hook 6' (1.8m)913K Nomex/Kevlar webbing NoLocking Lockingsnap hook snap hook6' (1.8m)940K Nomex/Kevlar webbing NoLocking Lockingsnap hook snap hook6' (1.8m)947K 1/4" (6mm) wire rope NoLocking Lockingsnap hook snap hook 6' (1.8m)*Available in lengths from 4' (1.2m) to 10' (3m).Features• Special blue, flame-retardant Nomex ® webbing protects against weld splatter• Yellow Kevlar ® inner core adds strength and high temperature resistance• Bright contrasting colors make inspection easier• Meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standardsHarness Size / Waist Measurement [in. (mm)] Note: XXS, XS and XXL sizes available upon request.Universal Small Medium Large X-LargeU/36-52 (914-1320) S/32-40 (813-1016) M/36-44 (914-1117) L/42-48 (1067-1219) XL/44-52 (1117-1320)Universal sizing fits a wide range of users & minimizes stock inventory.Specific sizing provides better user fit but requires a broad inventory.SofStop shock absorberwith Nomex cover & Kevlar coreDouble SofStop shock absorber(for 12' (3.6m) free fall)with Nomex cover & Kevlar core8185K* 6' (1.8m) Nomex/Kevlar webbing cross-arm strap with D-ring and loop8477HG1 Durable Millerhyde bag w/heavy-duty zipper closure & strong wrap-around carrying strapBelt loopsWelder Fall Protection KitsKit 9751KAll kits include:1) Full-Body Harness2) Cable or Web Lanyardwith SofStop ShockAbsorber3) Cross-arm StrapAnchorage Connector4) Durable Millerhyde TMCarrying BagLanyard w/SofStopModel No. Harness Shock Absorber9650K 650K 907K9650KW 650K 913K9650K-7 650K-7 907K9650K-7W 650K-7 913K9751K 751K 907K9751KW 751K 913K9850K 850K 907K9850KW 850K 913KAll Miller Nomex/Kevlar products meet all applicable OSHA, ANSI andNomex and Kevlar are registered trademarks of E.I. DuPont.requirements.

1314 Connecting DevicesMiller ®Harness AccessoriesMiller ® Shock-AbsorbingLanyards47Harness Accessory Model No.1 - Body Belt 6414N2 - D-Ring Extension 8928(not shown)3 - Coolmax Back Pad 90144 - Coolmax Back Pad 90164 - Coolmax Shoulder Pads 90175 - Field Retrofit 9018Lanyard Clip (not shown)Description1-3/4" (44mm) nylon webbing,tongue buckle with 11 grommets, universal size18" (457mm) web extension with a choke-off loopand a D-ring on the opposite end6" (152mm) wide8" (203mm) wideWith anti-slide rubber grip barFor attaching a lanyard when not in useMiller Shock-Absorbing Lanyards extenddeceleration distance during a fall, significantlyreducing fall arrest forces by 65 to 80 percentbelow the threshold of injury. This ensuresgreater safety on the jobsite. However, whenusing a shock-absorbing lanyard, it is importantto understand how to calculate potential falldistance to avoid contact with a lower level.Calculating YourPotential Fall Distance316 - Replacement 9060Lanyard Ring (not shown)For attaching a lanyard when not in use7 - Reflective Velcro ® Sleeve 9052Fluorescent lime green reflective material affixesto the straps of a harness for use in no or low lightconditions; available in 25' (7.6m) rolls that can becut to desired length1 - Reflective Velcro ® Sleeve 9053Fluorescent orange reflective materialVelcro is a registered trademark of VELCRO USA Inc.Miller ®Body BeltsFor a complete lineof Miller Linemen’sBelts and otherproducts for theUtility & TelecommunicationsIndustries, call Customer Service torequest your FREE catalog.2NAMillerBody BeltsModelNo. Description Occupations/Applications2NA3NA123N124N123NAs of January 1, 1998, OSHA requires full-body harnesses for fall protection inthe construction industry. Body belts should be used for work positioning onlyor be used in conjunction with a full-body harness to provide fall protection.Body Belt Sizing [in. (mm)] Note: XXS, XS and XXL sizes available upon request.Universal Small Medium Large X-LargeU/36-52 (914-1320) S/32-40 (813-1016) M/36-44 (914-1117) L/42-48 (1067-1219) XL/44-52 (1117-1320)Nylon body belt w/tongue buckle, includesside D-rings & 3" (76mm) back padNylon body belt w/tongue buckle, includessingle D-ring & 3" (76mm) back padLined nylon body belt w/tongue buckle, includes single D-ringLined nylon body belt w/tongue buckle, includes side D-ringsMiller Body Belts meet OSHA, ANSI andZ259.1-95 requirementsCall 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ®Distributor1. When using a six foot shock-absorbing lanyard and afull-body harness, first add the length of the shockabsorbinglanyard [6 ft. (1.8m)] to the maximum elongationof the shock absorber during deceleration [3-1/2 ft. (1.1m)]to the average height of a worker [6 ft. (1.8m)].2. Then, add a safety factor of 3 ft. (1m) to allow for thepossibility of an improperly fit harness, a taller than averageworker and/or a miscalculation of distance.3. The total, 18-1/2 ft. (5.6m), is the suggested safe fallclearance distance, the height at which you must attachto an anchorage to minimize the risk of contact with alower level.®Miller Splat IndicatorFor a quick and easy alternativeto calculating your fall distance,use the Miller Splat Indicator.• Similar to a plumb bob, simplyattach the device to ananchorage or to the lanyard at the anchoringsnap hook and lower the weight using theattached string.• If the weight strikes a lower level, then ahigher anchorage must be selected.• If a higher anchorage is not accessible,a shorter lanyard or a fall limiter shouldbe used.

14 Connecting DevicesMiller ® Manyard ®Shock-AbsorbingLanyardsReduces Fall Arrest ForcesWith 20 years of design refinement, the“Original” Miller Manyard Shock-AbsorbingLanyards are unsurpassed in the market.• Special woven shock-absorbing innercore reduces fall arrest forces• Heavy-duty tubular outer jacketserves as a back-up web lanyard• Unique warning flag providesvisual proof that a lanyard hasbeen involved in a fall and shouldbe removed from service216WLSMiller ® Manyard ®IIStretchableShock-AbsorbingLanyardsReduces Tripping HazardManyard II Shock-Absorbing Lanyards imagethe “Original” Manyard Lanyards, plus offeradditional value-added features:• Unique stretchable design offers greatermaneuverability and safety• Integral bright red core makes visualinspection easier and more reliable• Now available in green or orange nylonwebbing, or blue polyester webbing forgreater chemical resistanceNew233WLSManyard DeploymentBeforeDeploymentHeavy-dutytubularouter jacketAfterDeployment216MRed core makes itreadily visible shouldthe outer jacket becomedamaged or worn andunfit for service.231MWhen contracted,Manyard II Lanyardsgreatly reduce the chances oftripping, snagging or dragging.User-friendlylabel withinspection logLockingsnap hooksUnique warning flagis activatedInner core smoothly expandsto reduce fall arrest forcesMaximum deploymentlength is 9.5 ft. (2.9m)For 100% “Tie-off”

15“We like Manyard IIbecause it’s flexible.Regular lanyards hangso low, people can tripon them and they snag,but the Manyard II haselasticity built in—youcan work with them alot easier on the job.”Harry GalerDirector of Corporate SafetyClark Construction Group, Inc.Miller Manyard Shock-Absorbing LanyardsStandardModel Number Harness Anchorage Special Lanyard Occupations/Number Material of Legs Connection Connection Features Length* Applications216WLS Webbing One Locking snap hook Locking snap hook Warning flag 6' (1.8m)219WRS Webbing One Locking snap hook Locking rebar hook Warning flag 6' (1.8m)Locking Snap Hook3/4" (19mm) gate opening231WRS Webbing Two Locking snap hook Locking rebar hooks Warning flag 6' (1.8m)232WLS Webbing Two Locking snap hook Locking snap hooks Warning flag 6' (1.8m)233WLS Webbing One Choke-off loop Locking snap hook Warning flag 6' (1.8m)Locking Rebar Hook2-1/2" (63mm) gate openingMiller Manyard II Stretchable Shock-Absorbing LanyardsExtendedModel Number Harness Anchorage Special Lanyard Occupations/Number Material of Legs Connection Connection Features Length* Applications216M Webbing One Locking snap hook Locking snap hook Warning flag, red core/wear indicator 6' (1.8m)219M Webbing One Locking snap hook Locking rebar hook Warning flag, red core/wear indicator 6' (1.8m)231M Webbing Two Locking snap hook Locking rebar hooks Warning flag, red core/wear indicator 6' (1.8m)232M Webbing Two Locking snap hook Locking snap hooks Warning flag, red core/wear indicator 6' (1.8m)233M Webbing One Choke-off loop Locking snap hook Warning flag, red core/wear indicator 6' (1.8m)NOTE: For color/webbing selection, add one of the following suffixes to the corresponding lanyardmodel number: “-SN ” for green nylon; “-EC ” for orange nylon: or “D ” for blue polyester webbing.Miller brand Manyard and Manyard II lanyards meet all applicable OSHA, ANSI andrequirements.* Available in lengths from 4' (1.2m) to 10' (3m).®Call 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller Distributor

18 Connecting DevicesNewMiller ® MiniLite TMFall LimiterArrests Free Falls Within InchesWhat Is A Fall Limiter?A Fall Limiter is a self-retracting lanyardwith a quick-activating braking system thatlimits a free fall to inches. In contrast toshock-absorbing lanyards, a Fall Limitereliminates the need for extended fall distanceclearance. This minimizes the risk of injuriesand makes rescue easy.Minimize Free Fall DistanceMiller MiniLiteFall LimiterStandard 6 ft. (1.8m)Shock-Absorbing LanyardMiniLiteFall Limiter FL11Worker free falls and isstopped within inches,minimizing the risk of injuriesand making rescue easy.FeaturesWorker falls andis stoppedwithin feet.Rescue isoften difficult.• Lightweight, compact design – only 2.5 lbs. (1.1kg)• Corrosion-resistant interior, frame and components• No annual factory recertification required• Visual load indicator• High-impact protective outer cover• Prominent reflective labeling• Available with a variety of integralanchorage connectors• Meets OSHA, ANSI, Z259.2.2 Type 1and requirements.The new MiniLite Fall Limiter:• Arrests free falls withininches• Offers up to 11 feet (3.3m)of working capacity• Is so compact that it fits inthe palm of your hand• Provides the best overall valuewhen compared with competitive unitsQuick-activating, highstrengthstainless steelbraking systemFL11

19“The response was reallypositive. Everyone likes thecompact and lightweightdesign, as well as theease of use.”Neal TimmonsSafety DirectorWestern Summit ConstructorsMiller MiniLite Fall Limiter – Anchorage Connector OptionsSelect from a varietyof 5,000 lb. (22kn)rated anchorageconnecting optionsfor your MiniLite FallLimiter. Integration ofanchorage connectiondevices reducesoverall cost ofownership.FL11-1FL11-3FL11-2FL11-4Model Occupations /Number Description ApplicationsFL11FL11-1FL11-2FL11-3FL11-4FL11-5FL11-6FL11-7MiniLite without an anchorage connectorMiniLite w/steel twist-lock carabinerMiniLite w/stainless steel swivel shackleMiniLite w/carabiner and swivel shackleMiniLite w/attached 3' (1m) cross-arm strap*MiniLite w/locking rebar hook(2-1/2" (63mm) gate opening)MiniLite w/rebar hook swivel shackleMiniLite w/locking snap hook (3/4" (19mm) gate opening)FL11-8MiniLite w/snap hook and swivel shackleFL11-9MiniLite (FL11) w/no snap hook on the web lanyard endFL11-5FL11-6FL11-7FL11-8*Additional lengths available.FL11-10MiniLite w/swivel shackle (FL11-2) and no snap hookon the web lanyard endRetractable Web Lanyard8327Model Occupations /Number Description Applications8327 Compact, retractable lanyard with up to 10' (3m) of polyester webbing, complete with atop-swivel shackle, carabiner and a locking snap hook with 3/4" (19mm) gate opening8327AAD6902Same as model 8327, except without the carabinerSame as model 8327, except with carabiners at the anchorage and lanyard ends, 8' (2.4m)®Call 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller Distributor

20 Connecting DevicesMiller ® MightyLiteSelf-Retracting LifelinesNo Annual Factory Recertification*Up to 30% lighter than competitive models in their class, MightyLiteSelf-Retracting Lifelines are easy to carry and install overhead. Theunits can also be permanently mounted for repeat use.MightyLite Lifelines are the perfect fall protection solutionfor an array of construction, industrial, warehouse, utility,telecommunications, agriculture, mining and confinedspace applications.• Durable and dependable construction• No annual factory recertification required*RL20G• Ideal for hard-to-mount locations• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminumcomponents extend service life• Carabiner and tagline included**Available in lengths from 20 feet (6m) to 130 feet (40m)with galvanized wire rope, stainless steel wire rope,Kevlar rope and/or polyester webbing.“I like the MightyLite. We use them on concrete forms,and they’re durable, versatile and retractable—some ofthe greatest benefits.”David KliwinskiCorporate Safety ManagerConstruction Division of American InfrastructureRL50PModel Lifeline Occupations/Number Material Length Weight ApplicationsRL20P 1" (25mm) Polyester webbing 20' (6m) 8 lbs. (3.6kg)RL20G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized cable 20' (6m) 9 lbs. (4kg)RL20SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless steel cable 20' (6m) 9 lbs. (4kg)Only 50 FootWebbing Unit On TheMarket Today!NewNewNewNewRL30G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized wire rope 30' (10m) 13 lbs. (5.9kg)RL30SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless steel wire rope 30' (10m) 13 lbs. (5.9kg)RL50P 1" (25mm) Polyester webbing 50' (15m) 19 lbs. (8.6kg)RL50G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized wire rope 50' (15m) 21 lbs. (9.5kg)RL50SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless steel wire rope 50' (15m) 21 lbs. (9.5kg)RL65G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized cable 65' (20m) 30 lbs. (13.6kg)RL65SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless steel cable 65' (20m) 30 lbs. (13.6kg)NewNewNewNewRL100G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized wire rope 100' (30m) 40 lbs. (18.1kg)RL100SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless steel wire rope 100' (30m) 40 lbs. (18.1kg)RL130G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized wire rope 130' (40m) 50 lbs. (22.7kg)RL130SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless steel wire rope 130' (40m) 50 lbs. (22.7kg)*Does not apply to Canada due to CSA Z259.2.2-98 requirements. Must be inspected by aDFP authorized service center if involved in a fall or if fails user visual or function inspection.**Also available without the carabiner and tagline. To order add a “B” to the correspondingmodel number.Meets OSHA, ANSI, Z259.2.2 Type 2 and requirements.

Miller ® Rope Grabs & Vertical LifelinesMiller Rope GrabsMiller Rope Grabs move easily up and down vertical lifelines to provide continuous fallprotection. Trailing models offer complete hands-free operation for increased productivity.In the event of a fall, MillerRope Grabs lock instantly.Corrosion-resistantstainless steelconstruction817381758174ModelOccupations/Number Description Applications8172* Stainless steel, compact, trailing wire rope grab w/5/16" (8mm) wire rope tunnel8173 Stainless steel, compact trailing rope grab w/5/8" (16mm) rope tunnel8174 Stainless steel, manual rope grab w/ 5/8" (16mm) or 3/4" (19mm)synthetic rope tunnelConnecting Devices 218175SLS8174MLS8174RLS8174WLS98174LSSame as 8174 except w/attached 4' (1.2m) Manyard shock-absorbinglanyard w/locking snap hookSame as 8174 except w/attached 2' (.6m) rope lanyard w/locking snap hookSame as 8174 except w/attached 2' (.6m) nylon web lanyard w/locking snap hookSame as 8174 except w/attached SofStop shock-absorber w/locking snap hook8175 Stainless steel trailing rope grab w/5/8" (16mm) rope tunnel8175RLS8175WLSSame as 8175 except w/attached 3' (1m) rope lanyard w/locking snap hookSame as 8175 except w/attached 3' (1m) nylon web lanyard w/locking snap hook8175SLSSame as 8175WLS except w/SofStop shock-absorber w/locking snap hook*Does not meet CSA requirementsMiller rope grabs meet all applicable OSHA, ANSI, Z259.2.1-98 and requirements.Miller Vertical LifelinesRope grabs are to be used with 5/8 inch (16mm) or 3/4 inch (19mm) synthetic rope lifeline with a minimumtensile strength of 5,000 pounds (22kN), secured to an anchorage independent of the worker’s platform.Standard lifeline lengths are 25 ft. (7.6m), 50 ft. (15m), 75 ft. (23m), and 100 ft. (30m); additional lengthsare available. Wire rope grabs are to be used with 5/16 inch (8mm) galvanized or stainless steel wire rope lifelines.ModelNumber*Description194R-2 Nylon rope lifeline with carabiner and thimble; 5/8" (16mm) diameter194R-5 Polyester rope lifeline with carabiner and thimble; 5/8" (16mm) diameter195R-2 Nylon rope lifeline with thimbles; 5/8" (16mm) diameter195R-5 Polyester rope lifeline with thimbles; 5/8" (16mm) diameter300LPolyester/polypropylene blend rope lifeline with locking snap hook and loop; 5/8" (16mm) diameter*Must specify lengthwhen orderingCall 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ® Distributor

24 Anchorage ConnectorsTemporary Anchorage ConnectorsPush-Thru Eye Bolt 420This anchorageconnector offerssimple one-handinstallation andcan be used fora wide range ofapplications.Includes theintegral SofStopShock Absorber.Wire Hook 470Stainless steel wirehook connects tovarious anchoragesincluding railings,small I-beams, angleiron and scaffolding.Simply squeeze thespring-loaded hookand slip the largeopening over theapproved structure.Extension Pole & Hook 475The extension poleand hook is idealfor climbing laddersand towers. Installsfall arrest systemsup to 20 feet (6m)from ground level toangle iron, piping andrelated structures.Rebar Hook Anchors 480/485480Designed to facilitateanchoring to scaffolding,pipe or angle iron, thisanchor features alocking rebar hookfor easy, one-handinstallation and aD-ring on the otherend to accommodatethe connecting device.Cross-Arm Strap 8183The Miller cross-armstrap wraps aroundI-beams and otherstructures forming asecure attachment pointfor lanyards and otherconnecting devices.475485Rebar Hook Anchorwith SofStopShock AbsorberCarabiners 17D-1/17D-2, 18D-1/18D-2Convenient, twist-lock carabinershave an unlimited number of uses.Beam Trolleys 8804/9065New9065Miller beam trolleysare adjustable to fitdifferent size I-beamsand slide along withthe worker to providemaximum mobility.The new lightweightbeam trolley withretrofit kit adjuststo fit beam flangesfrom 3 inches (76mm)to 8-1/2 inches(216mm) wide.17D-117D-218D-118D-2Steel Carabiner1" (25mm)gate openingNewLightweightAluminum Carabiner1" (25mm)gate openingSteel Carabiner2" (50mm)gate openingNewLightweightAluminum Carabiner2 -1/4" (57mm)gate opening8804

Miller Temporary Anchorage ConnectorsModelOccupations/Number Product Description Applications420 Push-Thru Eye Bolt Spring-action anchorage connector fits 3/4" (19mm) diameter holes;features SofStop shock absorber470 Wire Hook Stainless steel, spring-loaded wire hook475 Extension Pole & Hook 20' (6m) extension pole with spring-loaded hook480 Rebar Hook Anchor Locking rebar hook (w/2-1/2" (63mm) throat opening) and D-ring connectedw/2" (50mm) nylon webbing485 Rebar Hook Anchor Same as Model 480 except includes the integral SofStop shock absorber440 Cross-Arm Chain 6' (1.8m) chain with an oval ring on each end8183 Cross-Arm Strap 2" (50mm) nylon webbing strap features a 2" (50mm) D-ring which slips through a 3" (76mm) D-ring8185 Looped Cross-Arm Strap 2" (50mm) nylon webbing strap features a 2" (50mm) D-ring which slips through looped webbing450 Beam Clamp Steel clamp designed for attachment to horizontal I-beams, S-beams &W-beams up to 9" (229mm) wide; features swivel attachment ring for connecting devices455 Beam Clamp Same as Model 450 except that it accommodates beams up to 12-1/2" (317mm) wide8804 Beam Trolley Steel, sliding beam trolley accommodates I-beams from 3" (76mm) to 8" (203mm) wide9065 Beam Trolley Steel, sliding beam trolley accommodates I-beams up to 4-1/2" (114mm) wide;load rating up to 400 lbs. (1.8kN)9065-1 Beam Trolley Retrofit Kit Retrofit kit used w/model 9065 accommodates I-beams up to 8-1/2" (216mm) wide16D-1 Screw-Lock Carabiner Steel screw-lock carabiner w/1" (25mm) throat opening17D-1 Twist-Lock Carabiner Steel twist-lock carabiner w/1" (25mm) throat opening17D-2 Twist-Lock Carabiner Lightweight, aluminum twist-lock carabiner w/1" (25mm) throat opening17D-3 Triple-Action Twist-LockCarabinerLightweight, aluminum, triple-action twist-lock carabinerw/1" (25mm) throat opening18D-1 Large Twist-Lock Carabiner Steel twist-lock carabiner w/2" (50mm) throat opening18D-2 Large Twist-Lock Carabiner Lightweight, aluminum twist-lock carabiner w/2-1/4" (57mm) throat openingPermanent Anchorage Connectors25416ModelOccupations/Number Product Description Applications410 Mounted D-ring Steel D-ring w/plate, complete w/four 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter bolts, lock washers,nuts & a drilling template415 D-Bolt Anchor 1/2" (13mm) diameter D-bolt; 1-1/4" (32mm) long (one piece unit w/lockwasher & nut)416 D-Bolt Anchor w/hardware D-bolt for up to 4" (100mm) working thickness (separate 5/8" (16mm) diameter boltw/lockwasher & nut)417 D-Bolt Anchor only Same as model 416 except without bolt w/lockwasher & nut415Temporary Horizontal LifelineSuspended between two approved anchor points, the Miller TemporaryHorizontal Lifeline System permits one worker to freely travel horizontaldistances up to 60 feet (18m) to perform an array of construction, maintenanceor inspection activities. The system includes: 5/8" (16mm) polyester ropelifeline, and lifeline tensioner, anchoring lanyard, convenient carrying bag.ModelOccupations/Number Description ApplicationsRHL30RHL609031 Lifeline tensioner9032 Anchoring lanyard199RLS-5-30199RLS-5-60Temporary horizontal lifeline system w/span of 30' (9m)Temporary horizontal lifeline system w/span of 60' (18m)30' (9m) polyester rope lifeline60' (18m) polyester rope lifelineCall 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ® Distributor

26 Roofing Fall Protection ProductsMiller ® RoofStrider SystemsRoofStrider SystemRoofStrider II SystemInstalls onvariable pitchwood roofsNewThe RoofStrider System is designedto offer continuous fall protectionfor workers on variable pitch woodroofs. It installs on roof peaks oron flat sides, and over most ridgevents, studs, joists, etc.Kit Includes:• RoofStrider System (roof mountingassembly, MightyLite Self-RetractingLifeline with rotating bracketand hardware)• DuraFlex E850 Harness• Durable Carrying Bag• Instructional VideoThe RoofStrider II System is designedfor use on standing seam metal roofsand metal decking. The adjustableclamping feet tighten to standing seamsfrom 24" (610mm) to 32" (812mm)apart on metal roofs (24 gauge orgreater) to provide convenient anddependable fall protection. Optionalscrew-on feet may be ordered forattaching to metal decking.Kit Includes:• RoofStrider II System (roof mountingassembly with clamping feet, MightyLiteSelf-Retracting Lifeline with rotatingbracket and hardware)Features for RoofStrider and RoofStrider II SystemsMaximum Mobility• Swivel 360° providing constant protection without sacrificingworker maneuverability•Accommodates varying length MightyLite Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL’s)Greater Versatility• Install on sloped or flat roof surfaces• Systems designed for wood roofs, metal roofs and metal deckingUniquely designedfor attachment tosloped or flat metal roofsand metal deckingSuperior Performance• MightyLite SRL’s require no annual factory recertification* increasing productivity• MightyLite SRL’s arrest free falls within 24 inches (610mm) while energy-absorbinglegs reduce fall forcesSimple Installation•Minimal tools required • Designed to not damage roof • Easily moved from job to jobMeets OSHA 1926.500 subpart M construction fall protection regulationand ANSI A10.14*Does not apply to Canada due to CSA Z259.2.2-98 requirements. Must be inspected by a Dalloz Fall Protectionauthorized service center if involved in a fall, or if fails user visual or function inspection.RoofStrider IISystem Options:SRMF-1Clamping feet with hardware.Included with the RoofStriderII System. May be orderedseparately and attached to anexisting RoofStrider System.SRMF-2Screw-on feet with metalpiercing hardware formetal decking or flat roofapplications. Must be orderedseparately. Not included withthe RoofStrider II System.

27Miller ® Roof Anchor KitsMiller RoofAnchor Kits areeasy to installand are ready inminutes toprovide hoursof protection.All Roof Anchor Kits include: 25-foot (7.6m) or50-foot (15m), 5/8-inch (16mm) nylon rope lifeline;manual rope grab with 24-inch (610mm) lanyard withSofStop shock absorber, a DuraFlex E850 stretchableharness, carabiner, written and video instructions anda durable carrying bag.Plus, the RA10 Kit includes 12 single-use roofanchors and 72/16d cement-coated nails. TheRA20 Kit includes 2 reusable roof anchors and20 pan head screws.Features• Versatile, single-use roof anchors or reusable roofanchors install on steep pitched or flat-surface roofs• Rope grab with integral SofStop shock-absorbing weblanyard allows freedom of movement while reducingforces should a fall occur• Durable nylon rope lifeline provides strength understress and protects against ultraviolet raysRoofing Fall Protection ProductsModel NumberDescriptionRoofStrider System KitsRM50PRM65G*RoofStrider Kit w/50' (15m) MightyLite SRL, polyester webbingRoofStrider Kit w/65' (20m) MightyLite SRL, galvanized wire ropeRoofStrider II System Kits and AccessoriesSRMSRM30G*SRM50PSRM50G*SRM65G*SRMF-1SRMF-2RoofStrider II Mounting Assembly with clamping feetKit w/30' (10m) MightyLite SRL, galvanized wire ropeKit w/50' (15m) MightyLite SRL, polyester webbingKit w/50' (15m) MightyLite SRL, galvanized wire ropeKit w/65' (20m) MightyLite SRL, galvanized wire ropeClamping feet and hardware for use w/RoofStrider II SystemScrew-on feet and hardware for use w/RoofStrider II SystemRoof Anchor Kits and AccessoriesRA10**RA20**RA10 -1RA15 -1RA20 -1Kit w/single-use roof anchors and rope lifelineKit w/reusable roof anchors and rope lifeline12 single-use roof anchors/72 nails10 reusable roof anchors w/D-ring/60 nails2 reusable roof anchors/20 screws*Also available with stainless steel wire rope. To order, change the “G” to an “SS” in thecorresponding model number. (Ex: SRM50G becomes SRM50SS)**Must specify 25' (7.6m) or 50' (15m) rope lifeline. Simply add “-25” or “-50” to the modelnumber. (Ex: RA10-25; RA20-50) Kits may also be ordered with an 850 Non-Stretch Harnessin place of the E850 Harness. Add an “N” to the model number. (Ex: RA10N)NOTE: Roof Anchor Kits may also be ordered with polyester/polypropylene blend rope lifeline.Call customer service for ordering details.Call 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ® Distributor

28 Climbing & Fall Protection SystemsSureTrack TMClimbing andFall Protection SystemSuperior Fall Protection on LaddersThe Miller SureTrack System is a user-friendly, reliablemeans of fall protection while climbing a ladder.Constructed of high strength 6061T6 aluminum, therigid rail system provides for long-term service life.Features• Climbing protection is assured on vertical, horizontal orcurved applications• Lightweight, easy-to-install design; corrosion-resistantaluminum construction• Ideal alternative to cages, offset ladders, and transfer platforms• Easy to use for both novice and experienced climbers• Hands-free operation whether ascending or descending• Arrests falls within inches• Accommodates multiple users at the same time forincreased productivity and ease of rescue• Meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and standardsThe system consists of three key components:1) Climbing rail that installs easily to existing ladders or step irons2) A trolley that couples positively to the rail, yet moves freelyup or down3) A full-body harness and/or body beltIncludes all standard connectors and hardware.The system may also be providedas an integral part of a SureTrackLadder for structures without existingladders. This is a low-cost alternativeto new ladder installation withintegral fall protection.ModelOccupations/Number Description Applications8631* Aluminum vertical climbing rail w/hardware8631-U*Aluminum vertical climbing rail w/universal rung clamps(fits 1.125" (29mm) to 2.5" (63mm) rungs)8876* Aluminum horizontal climbing rail w/hardware8636* Aluminum ladder w/built-in climbing railHigh-strength aluminum SureTrackTrolley offers quiet, frictionlessoperation while climbing ordescending. The stainless steelspring construction providesquick-braking should a fall occur.8630-1 Trolley for vertical climbing rail or ladder8630-2 Trolley for curved and vertical climbing rail8630-4 Trolley for horizontal climbing rail8641 Removable extension – 48" (1.2m)8977 Trolley gate8640 Ice guard*Must specify ladder rung size, rail length and/or ladder length, where applicable.For a complete brochure on the Miller SureTrack System, call Customer Service.

Climbing & Fall Protection Systems 29Miller/FAS ManSafe ®Vertical Climbing SystemThe ManSafe System is a unique cable-based systemspecifically engineered for use in a wide variety ofvertical climbing applications.• Durable stainless steel construction suitable forinstallation in all environments• Operation not affected by snow, ice or adverseweather conditions• Flexibility of the design allows the system tofollow the contours of the structure• Supports two workers on a single line,increasing productivityApplicationsCargo VesselGuyed TowerWater TowerDock CraneChimneysPetrochemical PlantDDrilling DerrickSilosTower CraneFlare StackTelecommunications TowerATop Anchorw/In-Line ShockAbsorberReduces the fall arrestloads imposed on lifelineanchorages in the eventof a fall.BBottom Anchor withTensioning DeviceBottom Anchor fixes directlyonto ladder rungs and supportstensioning device. Tensioning Deviceadjusts the tension applied to thesystem for maximum performanceand safety.ModelOccupations/Number Description* ApplicationsCCable GuidesProvide optimum support forthe lifeline along the length ofthe system.VL25RVL50R25' (7.6m) ManSafe Vertical Climbing System50' (15m) ManSafe Vertical Climbing SystemTransfastenerUnique transfastener smoothly travelsthe length of the lifeline passing freelythrough intermediate cable supports,offering continuous hands-freeoperation and fall protection. Attachesor detaches at any point on the lifeline.VL75RVL100RVLTRS75' (23m) ManSafe Vertical Climbing System100' (30m) ManSafe Vertical Climbing SystemTransfastener with carabinerAll systems include attachment components, hardware, intermediate supports,in-line shock absorber, and stainless steel lifeline.*Additional lengths are available upon request.NOTE: Systems above mount to ladder rungs. Mounting assemblies for mounting to the side railof ladders, towers and monopoles are also available. Call customer service for details.ManSafe is a registered trademark of Latchways Fall Arrest Systems.Complete turnkey design installation services are available by Miller/FASEngineering Services.Call 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ® Distributor

30 Confined Space Products & SystemsMiller ® MightEvac Self-Retracting Lifeline with Emergency Retrieval HoistNo Annual Factory Recertification Required*The new Miller MightEvac combines the superior performance and reliabilityof the best-selling MightyLite Self-Retracting Lifeline Series with aquick-activating retrieval mechanism for emergency evacuation.Features• No Annual Factory Recertification Required*–Significant long-term savings/lower cost of ownership• 20% lighter than competitive models• Provides quick and easy rescue with a 4:1 mechanicaladvantage (average speed of 25 feet (7.6m) per minute)• 310 lb. (1.4kN) weight capacity• Durable, field-tested construction• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel/aluminum components• Convenient, heavy-duty carrying handle•Available in galvanized or stainless steel wire rope and Kevlar ropein lengths of 50 feet (15m), 100 feet (30m) and 130 feet (40m).Meets OSHA; ANSI A10.14, Z359.1; Z259.2.2 Type 3; and standards.New*Does not apply to Canada due to CSA Z259.2.2-98 requirements. Must be inspected by a DFP authorized service center if involved ina fall or if fails user visual or function inspection.MIGHTEVAC UNITSCOMPLETE CONFINED SPACE SYSTEMS*MightEvac Unit MightEvac Unit MightEvac Unit MightEvac UnitMightEvac Unit** MightEvac Unit w/7-foot (2m) w/7-foot (2m) Tripod, w/9-foot (2.7m) w/9-foot (2.7m) Tripod,Length of w/Galvanized w/Mounting Tripod & Mounting Bracket & Tripod & Mounting Bracket &Wire Rope Wire Rope Bracket Mounting Bracket ManHandler Hoist Mounting Bracket ManHandler Hoist50' (15m) MR50G MR50GB MR50GC MR50GCM MR50GX MR50GXM100' (30m) MR100G MR100GB MR100GC – MR100GX –130' (40m) MR130G MR130GB MR130GC – MR130GX –*Confined Space Systems also include a pulley, carabiner and two heavy-duty equipment bags.**For stainless steel wire rope, change the “G” to an “S” in the corresponding model number. (Example: MR50G becomes MR50S and MR130GC becomesMR130SC). For Kevlar Rope, change the “G” to a “K” in the model number. ManHandler Hoist only available in 60' (18m) length.Miller ®ManHandler HoistThe Miller ManHandler Hoist is the perfect solution for a range ofapplications including confined space entry, rescue, positioning, andpersonnel/material handling.Features• Compact, durable steel construction• Smooth, controlled winding action• Effortless lifting and lowering with5:1 gear ratio• Anti-backlash crank handle brakingsystem prevents free-wheeling• Built-in mounting bracket• Integral load indicator warns ofoverloading and the need forinspection and/or service• 350 lb. (1.6kN) working capacity8442

31Miller ®TripodThe Miller Tripod is the anchorage connectorfor typical confined space and rescue systems.Features• Lightweight – only 42 lbs. (.2kN),high-strength aluminum construction•Withstands up to 5,000 lbs. (22kN) ofvertical pull• Adjustable legs with integral push pins,ideal for uneven surfaces• Independent leg locking feature hold legssecurely in place• Safety chain and tripod feet withrubber skid pads and serratededge prevent slippage in icy conditions•Available with reflective tapeNewMiller ®Quad PodFor applications where atraditional tripod cannot be used,the Quad Pod provides anexcellent alternative.Features•Versatile, two-piece unit consistsof a boom and base•Base features folding legs and awheel for easy transport•Boom rotates 360 degrees formaximum maneuverability and featuresa mounting plate to accommodate entryand retrieval unitsAlso available with permanentbases for mounting to truckbeds or at confined spaceentrances while transportingthe boom between locations.Optional Bases:8464-3L, 24" (610mm)High Permanent Base8464-3, 3" (76mm)High Permanent Base8464Miller ®Davit Mounting SystemThe Miller Davit Mounting System canbe mounted on a ladder (with 12-inch(305mm) spacing between rungs)extending into a manhole, vault or tank,and serves as an anchorage connectorfor entry and retrieval units, winches, orother mechanical devices. Ideal for tightwork environments where traditionaltripod and quad pods are not practical.The complete system includesmounting plate, main tubing,retrieval unit bracket,and pulleyhead assembly.Optional Base:8847-8Permanent Davit SystemMounting BaseMiller Confined Space ProductsModel Number DescriptionHoists/Winches8442* ManHandler hoist w/60' (18m) of galvanized wire rope8440* Material winch w/60' (18m) of galvanized wire rope8441* Material winch w/88' (27m) of galvanized wire ropeTripods51 7' (2m) high-strength aluminum Tripod51X9' (2.7m) high-strength aluminum TripodModel NumberDescriptionQuad Pod System & Parts8464 Quad Pod System8464-1 Standard Quad Pod Base w/folding legs8464-2 Quad Pod Boom8464-3 3" (76mm) high permanent Quad Pod Base8464-3L 24" (610mm) high permanent Quad Pod BaseDavit Mounting System8847-9** Complete Davit System8847-8 Permanent Davit System Mounting Base*Also available with stainless steel wire rope.**Consists of davit arm (8847-2), base (8847-1), self-retracting lifeline bracket (8847-3), and pulley head assembly (8847-4).Call 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ®Distributor

32 Rescue & Controlled Descent DevicesMiller ® Series 70 UniversalRescue SystemThe Miller Series 70 Universal Rescue Systemis a lightweight, compact, versatile access andretrieval rope system. Simple, one-personoperation, the rope control handle allows theuser to easily ascend and descend the ropeline. Should an emergency rescue situationoccur, a top-side worker may activate thesystem to retrieve the user.Ideal for refineries, grain elevators,subways, fire departments, breweries,chairlifts, window washing, confinedspaces, shipbuilding, transmission towers,power plants, offshore drilling andbridge inspection.The Series 70 System consists of:• Aluminum head assembly with roller pulleyand anti-reversing lock• Kernmantle rope with a breaking strength of5600 lbs. (25kN) and high-temperature resistance to 360°F• Rope control handle with friction locking device and withpermanently attached Manyard shock-absorbing lanyard• Two carabiners• Convenient carrying bagA secondary fall arrest system is recommended.Miller ® ManualDescent DeviceThe Miller ManualDescent Device isdesigned for a varietyof applications wheresmooth, controlleddescent from anelevated position isrequired. The device,controlled by theuser, allows formaking descentfast or slow;decelerating and stopping by applying slight outwardpressure on the free end of the line; and locking in astationary position for a hands-free work environment.The device must be ordered with Miller branddescent rope.Miller Rescue & ControlledDescent DevicesModel NumberDescriptionSeries 70 Universal Rescue System70-100* Series 70 System w/25' (7.6m) working length70-200* Series 70 System w/50' (15m) working length70-400* Series 70 System w/100' (30m) working length70-500* Series 70 System w/125' (38m) working length70-C Rope control handle w/attached Manyardshock-absorbing lanyardManual Descent Device8113** Descent Device Unit8195** Polyester-braided Descent Rope*Rope length is divided by four to determine maximum working length.**The 8113 Descent Device Unit must be ordered with the 8195 polyester-braided rope(please specify length).

Miller/FAS Custom Engineered Fall Arrest Solutions33Design/Engineering, Consultingand Systems InstallationsFall Hazard AuditsIn a fast-paced work environment, fall hazards are easily overlooked. Miller/FASEngineering Services takes an engineered approach to providing solutions tofall hazards starting with identifying hazards through complete fall hazardaudits. Our experienced Systems Specialists and Professional Engineers take acomprehensive approach to identify, evaluate and recommend fall hazards solutions.Services include:• Application evaluation (free)• Site specific and/or general facility surveys• Documentation of fall hazards• Professional recommendations on solutions:–Eliminating fall hazards–Preventing exposure to fall hazards–Controlling fall hazards with fall arrest systemsFall Hazard Control ProgramMiller/FAS Engineering Services provides a program to evaluate, design and installfall arrest solutions that assure maximum safety.Our integrated systems:• Properly protect workers while limiting liability• Meet federal, state, local and provincial safety regulations• Assure full worker mobility and improve productivityDesign/EngineeringUpon completion of a site evaluation, custom designed fall arrest solutionscould include passive restraint systems and/or permanent fall arrest systems.Solutions include:• Fall restraint handrails and safety nets• Permanently installed vertical and horizontal lifeline systems• Permanent fall arrest anchoragesPermanent Vertical & Horizontal Lifeline SystemsIn developing a permanent lifeline system, the Miller/FAS team utilizes sophisticateddesign software to simulate lifeline performance. Numerous factors can influenceperformance, such as cable diameter; material and construction; lifeline pretension;lifeline length; and inclusion of in-line cable shock absorbers; and the number ofpotential users. Miller/FAS engineers assess the impact of these factors and provideperformance data supporting each lifeline system design, including peak cabletension, peak vertical load, peak cable deflection and total fall distance, andpost-fall suspension position.All Miller/FAS lifeline systems combine advanced design features with qualitycomponents to offer superior durability and fall protection performance:• Durable, stainless steel system components for maximum corrosionresistance and longer service life• Unique Transfastener travels the length of the lifeline automaticallybypassing intermediate supports• Where appropriate, a lifeline shock absorber with pretension indicatordisc reduces the load imposed on lifeline anchoragesTransfastener automatically bypasses supportsThe system is completed with full turnkey installation services, testing andcertification, and a user-training program.Shock Absorber with Pretension IndicatorCall 1-800-873-5242 For Your Nearest Miller ® Distributor

34 Developing a Fall Protection Program13Written Fall Protection Program45TrainingUnderstanding Regulations and StandardsApplication of regulatory requirements depends on the specific location, industryand operations of the workplace. In the event of an inspection, the company willbe assessed on how well the operation meets the regulatory requirements of eachparticular job. Employers should obtain copies of the regulations that apply totheir work activities and begin a fall protection regulations file.Hazard IdentificationA well-conceived fall protection program begins with identification of all fall hazardsin the workplace. As a general rule, any time a worker is at a height greater than 4feet (1.2m), a fall hazard exists. Where a fall hazard exists, there are two acceptableoptions: (1) eliminate the hazard, or (2) provide protection against it. Ideally, it isbest to totally eliminate the hazard. Since that is often not possible, however, othermeasures such as the wearing of personal protection equipment (PPE) are required.Following hazard identification, a written program should be developed specifyinghow to deal with each hazard. If standardized safe-work practices and operatingprocedures can eliminate the hazard, then such procedures should be specified.Where hazard elimination is impossible, the plan should state what fall protectionmeasures are to be used, how they are to be used, and who is responsible foroverall supervision and training. This program need not be elaborate, but shouldcover the basic elements of the plan. The program needs to be clearly conveyedand understood by all participants.Product SelectionThe employer must know the types of fall protection products that are available,and decide which would be most suitable for the workplace. Because all workenvironments differ, it is impossible for the manufacturer to determine exactlywhich fall protection products will provide maximum protection for each job. Byunderstanding how fall protection products operate and knowing the differencesin product functions, the employer can select products that are best suited fortheir workers.All workers must be trained in the proper use of fall protection equipment beforeusing any fall protection products. Workers must be able to identify potential fallhazards, determine which products to use in specific work environments, demonstrateproper anchoring procedures, etc. Employees must also learn inspection andmaintenance procedures and the proper wearing of fall protection equipment.

Miller/Troll Training35Fall Prevention and Protection TrainingTraining is an integral part of a Fall Protection Program.To maintain a safe and productive work environment,it is essential that employees working at heights:• Recognize fall hazards• Evaluate the risk posed by each hazard• Control the hazard through preventative orprotective measuresMiller/Troll Training• Field-experienced professional instructors•Training programs that provide the awareness, knowledgeand skills necessary to ensure safety on the jobsite• Customized fall prevention and protection training available•A series of pre-scheduled Open Enrollment Training coursesconducted annually in select cities throughout North America• Courses range from one-hour Orientation Training designedto create awareness, to two-day Competent Person Trainingcreated for facility and site supervisors who must serve as theCompetent Person required by OSHA 1926.32(f), 1926.500and 1910 standards• Customized training may be a modification of an existingMiller/Troll training program (including Hot Topics: scaffolding,aerial lifts, ladders, etc.) or it may address very specific topicsrelated to the client’s work environmentNo sales pitch! Juststraight talk on theprinciples, proceduresand field applicationsof fall protectionand prevention.Miller/Troll Training ToolBoxDesigned for safety professionals (designated a CompetentPerson) responsible for fall prevention and protection training,the new Miller/Troll Training ToolBox includes all the necessarymaterials to conduct an informative and educational fallprevention and protection program.• Comprehensive instructormaterials• PowerPoint presentationon CD-Rom• Participant’s trainingmanuals• Course certificates• Fall prevention andprotection guidelines video• Posters• Safety awards• Complete with acarrying caseNew“Gravity Kills...Defy It” VideoThis 20-minute comprehensive fall preventionand protection guidelines video is an excellenttraining tool for safety professionals.The video includes:• In-depth review of fallarrest systems• Dynamic drop tests todemonstrate fall forces• Easy-to-calculate fallclearance data• Overview of personal fall arrestsystem productsNewCall For more 1-800-873-5242 information, For to Your register, Nearest call Miller 1-800-873-5242® Distributor

36 Inspection & Maintenance ofa Personal Fall Arrest SystemTo maintain proper service life and high performance,fall protection products should be inspected regularly!Harness (and Body Belt) InspectionTo inspect your harness or body belt, perform the following procedures.1) Webbing – Grasp the webbing with your hands 6 inches (152mm) to 8 inches (203mm) apart. Bend thewebbing in an inverted “U” as shown. The surface tension resulting makes damaged fibers or cuts easier todetect. Follow this procedure the entire length of the webbing, inspecting both sides of each strap. Look forfrayed edges, broken fibers, pulled stitches, cuts, burns, and chemical damage.2) D-Rings/Back Pads – Check D-rings for distortion, cracks, breaks, and rough or sharp edges. The D-ringshould pivot freely. D-ring back pads should also be inspected for damage.3) Attachment of Buckles – Inspect for any unusual wear, frayed or cut fibers, or broken stitching of thebuckle or D-ring attachments.4) Tongue/Grommets – The tongue receives heavy wear from repeated buckling and unbuckling. Inspect forloose distorted or broken grommets. Webbing should not have additional punched holes.5) Tongue Buckles – Buckle tongues should be free of distortion in shape and motion. They should overlapthe buckle frame and move freely back and forth in their socket. Roller should turn freely on frame. Check fordistortion or sharp edges.6) Friction and Mating Buckles – Inspect the buckle for distortion. The outer bars and center bars must bestraight. Pay special attention to corners and attachment points at the center bar.Lanyard InspectionWhen inspecting lanyards, begin at one end and work to the opposite end, slowly rotating the lanyardso that the entire circumference is checked. Additionally, follow the procedures below.1) Hardware –a. Snaps: Inspect closely for hook and eye distortions, cracks, corrosion, or pitted surfaces. The keeper (latch)should seat into the nose without binding and should not be distorted or obstructed. The keeper springshould exert sufficient force to firmly close the keeper. Keeper locks must prevent the keeper from openingwhen the keeper closes.b. Thimbles: The thimble must be firmly seated in the eye of the splice, and the splice should have no looseor cut strands. The edges of the thimble must be free of sharp edges, distortion, or cracks.2) Steel Lanyard – While rotating the steel lanyard, watch for cuts, frayed areas, or unusual wearing patternson the wire. Broken strands will separate from the body of the lanyard.3) Web Lanyard – While bending webbing over a pipe or mandrel, observe each side of the webbed lanyard.This will reveal any cuts or breaks. Swelling, discoloration, cracks, and charring are obvious signs of chemicalor heat damage. Observe closely for any breaks in stitching.4) Rope Lanyard – Rotation of the rope lanyard while inspecting from end-to-end for any fuzzy, worn, brokenor cut fibers. Weakened areas from extreme loads will appear as a noticeable change in original diameter.The rope diameter should be uniform throughout, following a short break-in period.5) Shock Absorber Pack – The outer portion of the pack should be examined for burn holes and tears.Stitching on areas where the pack is sewn to D-rings, belts, or lanyards should be examined for loose strands,rips, and deterioration.6) Shock-Absorbing Lanyard – Shock-absorbing lanyards should be examined as a web lanyard (described initem 3 above). However, also look for the warning flag or signs of deployment. If the flag has been activated,remove this shock-absorbing lanyard from service.CleaningBasic care of all safety equipment will prolong the durable life of the unit and will contribute toward the performanceof its vital safety function. Proper storage and maintenance after use are as important as cleansing the equipment of dirt,corrosives, or contaminants. Storage areas should be clean, dry and free of exposure to fumes or corrosive elements.1) Nylon or Polyester – Remove all surface dirt with a sponge dampened in plain water. Squeeze the sponge dry. Dip the spongein a mild solution of water and commercial soap or detergent. Work up a thick lather with a vigorous back and forth motion; thenwipe with a clean cloth. Hang freely to dry, but away from excessive heat.2) Drying – Equipment should dry thoroughly without close exposure to heat, steam, or long periods of sunlight.

General Fall Protection Considerations37The following factors are key considerationsto provide maximum fall protection safetyand to ensure compliance with regulationsand standards.Personal FallArrest System1) Warnings – Always read all instructions and warnings containedon the product and packaging before using any fall protection equipment.2) Inspection – All fall protection equipment should be inspected priorto each use.AnchorageConnector3) Training – All workers should be trained by a Competent Person inthe proper use of fall protection products.4) Regulations – Understand all Federal, State, Local andProvincial regulations pertaining to fall protection before selecting andusing the equipment.5) Rescue Planning – Minimizing the time between afall occurrence and medical attention of the worker is vitallyimportant. A thorough rescue program should be establishedprior to using fall protection equipment.6) Product/System Preferences – If there are anydoubts about which fall protection products to use,contact your Miller Distributor or call Miller CustomerService. For guidelines on selecting a basic personalfall arrest system, refer to The ABC’s of a Personal FallArrest System on page 3 of this catalog.Full-BodyHarness7) System Components – Only components thatare fully compatible with one another should be used.Fall arrest systems are designed and tested ascomplete systems and should be used in this way.Shock-AbsorbingLanyard8) What to Do After a Fall – After a fall occurs,all components of the fall arrest system should beremoved from service.9) Call for Information – If there are any questions orconcerns about your fall protection program or system,contact Miller/Troll Training at 1-800-873-5242.For Call more 1-800-873-5242 information, call For Miller/Troll Your Nearest Training Miller 1-800-873-5242® Distributor

38 Miller ® Safety AwardsSafety Incentives to EnhanceYour Fall Protection ProgramGreat Awards for Safety Conscious EmployeesAEDBCABCDE“Gravity Kills…Defy It!” T-Shirt100% cotton T-shirt; white with two-color imprint; available in L, XL, and XXL. (PGKTEE)Sports Cap100% cotton, two-tone washed-look/brushed canvas cap; low profile; adjustable fabric closurewith brass buckle; khaki/charcoal with two-color imprint. (PGKHAT)Travel Mug16 ounce (473ml) plastic mug with spill-proof lid; granite color with two-color imprint. (PGKMUG)“Millie-the-Elephant” CollectibleStuffed animal with custom-fit Miller DuraFlex Harness; 18" (457mm) long by 13" (330mm) high;light gray. (PELEPH)Equipment BagConstructed of durable Millerhyde with heavy-duty zipper closure; strong wrap-around web carryingstraps; 20" (508mm) by 10" (254mm) by 12" (305mm); available in light gray or tan. (PGKBAG)To order safety incentives, contact your local Miller Distributor,or call Miller Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-873-5242.

Regulations & Standards39The fall protection industry has been bombarded with regulationsand standards. Understanding these requirements is key to ensuringa safe work environment.The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) under Title 29 ofthe Code of Federal Regulations (29 CFR) assures and enforcessafe and healthful working conditions for general industry andconstruction in the United States. Under the Act, employers havethe duty of providing their workers with a place of employment freefrom recognized safety and health hazards. It’s the law.The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the CanadianStandards Association (CSA) are voluntary organizations made up ofmanufacturers and consumers that establish product performanceOSHA Regulations Governing Construction (29 CFR PART 1926)Subpart E covers some requirements for personalprotective equipment.Safety Belts, Lifelines and Lanyards 1926.104Safety Nets 1926.105Subpart L covers scaffolds 1926.450-454Subpart M covers fall protection in its entirety and explainswhen and where fall protection systems are required and forwhat construction work activities. It also defines systemcomponent requirements.Scope, Application and Definitions 1926.500Duty to Have Fall Protection 1926.501Fall Protection Systems Criteria and Practices 1926.502Training Requirements 1926.503Subpart R covers issues specific to steel erection.Fall Protection (Proposed) 1926.750Subpart X covers ladders 1926.1053OSHA Regulations Governing General Industry(29 CFR PART 1910)Subpart D mentions a few specific fall protection requirementsrelative to walking/working surfaces.Fixed Ladders – Ladder Safety Devices1910.27(d)(5)Safety Requirements for Scaffolding – Boatswain’s Chairs 1910.28(j)(4)Subpart F covers fall protection as it pertains to powered platforms,manlifts, and vehicle-mounted platforms.Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance 1910.66Personal Fall Arrest Systems 1910.66Appendix Cstandards for fall protection safety. Meeting the standards indicatesthat products pass accepted testing procedures. The standardsare not enforceable as law, however many OSHA regulations areadopted from ANSI standards.Employers should obtain copies of the regulations that apply to theirwork operations by writing to:Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)200 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20210American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI)11 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036Canadian Standards Association (CSA)178 Rexdale Boulevard, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M9W 1R3Subpart J covers general environmental controls in which confinedspaces are addressed.Permit-Required Confined Spaces 1910.146Subpart R is for issues specific to special industries.Telecommunications 1910.268Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution 1910.269Additional Industry-Specific OSHA RegulationsMarine Terminals 1917Longshoring 1918ANSI StandardsFall Protection A10.14, Z359.1(Proposed) A10.32Ladder Safety Devices A14.3Safety Nets A10.11Debris Nets A10.37Confined Space Z117.1Scaffolding A10.8CSA StandardsSafety Belts and LanyardsZ259.1-95Fall Arresters, Vertical Lifelines and RailsZ259.2.1-98Self-Retracting Devices for Personal Fall Arrest Systems Z259.2.2-98Linemen’s Body Belts and Safety StrapsZ259.3-M1978Full-Body HarnessesZ259.10-M90Shock Absorber for Personal Fall Arrest Systems Z259.11-M92Descent Control DevicesZ259.2.3-99

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