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School HolidayProgramSpring 2013ActivityDescriptionsPage 1Our Lady Help of ChristiansActivityBasketballBullseye TargetCartoon FlipbooksCooking 1:Chocolate CracklesCooking 2:Spooky Popcorn HeadsCrafty ‘CoptersDecorative DesignsFooty ScarvesFruit SaladDescriptionsDrills which will polish your skills! Hit the courts and take partin a championship match! Modified to suit all age groups.Make your own bullseye ball game complete with a targetand sticky ball. Enjoy mini challenges with your friends andaim for the target!Learn how to create your own cartoon flip book using yourown drawings, cut outs, and tracings! Learn the basics ofanimation art.Channel your inner master chef as we make deliciouscoconut chocolate crackles! Reward your hard work with anamazing and delicious treat to eat!They say cooking is an art form and we agree! Make spookypopcorn heads decorated with marshmallow eyes, a candynose, and even a creepy licorice smile! Warning - it may looktoo good to eat!Transform egg cartons into a sea of miniature helicopterscomplete with mini propeller! Paint your mini ‘copters indifferent colours and marvel at your new creations!Create a series of different paper chain creations including achain of hip hop dancers, cars, bats, and more! Paint yourcreations to life and decorate your bedroom at home! Alsocreate mini flags to represent different cultures and create aunified garland to hang.Gear up for the big game and learn how to make a scarfwithout any sewing required! Weave, tie, and glue on yourdesigns and patterns using your team’s colours.Ready, set, FRUIT SALAD! Get active and test your speed inthis popular group game suitable for children of all ages.

School HolidayProgramSpring 2013ActivityDescriptionsPage 2Our Lady Help of ChristiansActivityFunny FacesGiants TreasureGrassheadsHaunted HouseHollywood MasksIce Breaker FunIncursion!Dramatic DramaIncursion!Multi SportsDescriptionsBring a photo of yourself to create a quirky profile picture!Snip and glue using different cardboard cut-outs and finishoff with a felt hat, woollen hair, or even a cotton wool coat!Write a short profile about yourself to share with your newfriends.Practice being stealth and sneaky in this group game to stealthe giant’s treasure! Creep, crawl, and leap towards thegiant’s treasure but don’t let the giant catch you!Decorate and paint your own mini pot complete with eyes,nose and a mouth, and plant grass seeds in your pot tocomplete your own Mr or Mrs Grass Head!Build an impressive haunted house with construction sticksand construction paper. Add extra spook with flying bats,creepy pumpkins, and scary ghosts!Create and design a mask of your favourite Hollywoodcharacter. Get your artistic juices flowing as you make aSpiderman, Shrek, or even an Avatar mask!Get to know each other with funtastic name games and teamgames that are sure to break the ice and create friendshipsat Extend holiday program!Join in on a jam-packed session of friendly games,exercises, and skits that will develop your drama skills increativity, team work, performance, self-esteem, and more!This fun workshop is adapted for children of all ages and willbring out the inner performer in anybody!Get active during this session of multi sports! Learn the skillsand techniques used in several different sports includingvolleyball, soccer, cricket, hockey and athletics. You’ll be asports pro by the end of it! Adapted for children of all ages.

School HolidayProgramSpring 2013ActivityDescriptionsPage 3Our Lady Help of ChristiansActivityKickballModified VolleyballOctopusParty Afternoon!Disco BoogyParty Afternoon!Footy FeverPetrifying PuppetsPoisonballRoundersDescriptionsTest your kicking skills with this popular variation of baseballwith a fun twist! Suitable for all ages.How good are you at keeping the ball off the ground?Practice hitting the ball over the net and join in on a minicompetition suitable for all ages!Can you make it across to the other side without beingtagged by the octopus? In this popular team game avoid allthe octopus or you’ll become one of them!Come along dressed in your best Hollywood disco outfitand join in on an afternoon of party food and party games!Practice your dance moves and finish off the jam-packed daywith a dance battle! Dress in your fanciest most glitzy outfitand win a prize!Come dressed in your team’s colours (with a prize goingto the biggest footy fanatic!) and celebrate the upcominggrand final by making your own creative footy merchandise!Also bring your bike, skateboard, or scooter to enjoy a partyafternoon of active play. Suitable for boys and girls of allages. Please bring your safety gear - helmets are essential.Construct and create a Halloween-inspired pop-up puppetin preparation for the upcoming spooky holiday! Make awicked witch, a ghoulish ghost, or a manic monster!Be on high alert in this popular team game as you avoidbeing “poisoned” by the ball. Jump, dodge, and hop your wayout of trouble! Suitable for children of all ages.Participate in this backyard favourite suitable for boys andgirls of all ages, and test your skills in batting and bowling theball. Run the fastest you can to score a home run!

School HolidayProgramSpring 2013ActivityDescriptionsPage 4Our Lady Help of ChristiansActivitySchool Yard GamesScience 1:ThaumatropesScience 2:Water balloon dropchallengeSharks and SardinesTouch FootyWacky InventionsWoven FramesDescriptionsEnjoy a bunch of traditional school yard games includinghopscotch, skipping games, and hacky sacks. An afternoonof endless fun for everyone!Learn about persistence of vision by inventing your ownthaumatrope - a mechanical optical toy that combines twoimages with a simple spinning action!Can you design a package that keeps a water balloon frombreaking when it’s dropped from high in the air? Learn howheight, speed and force are all relating factors as you buildand create a water balloon drop challenge.Ready, set, RUN for your life! It’s a battle of the fittestbetween sharks and sardines - run and dodge the enemy tofight for survival!Give us your best! Play a game of safe Touch Footballsuitable for all ages and compete against your friends in amini competition with a prize for the biggest kick!If you could build your own wacky invention what would itbe? Let your imagination run wild and construct a uniqueinvention to impress! What about a robot that does yourhomework? Or a time machine that fast tracks you toChristmas? Show and tell your wacky invention.Learn the art of weaving with your own weaving frame andcoloured thread! Create your own unique design to impressand display your favourite photo.

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