Partnerships: Successful Strategies for Playing Well with Others
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Partnerships: Successful Strategies for Playing Well with Others

PartnershipsSuccessfulStrategies forPlaying Well withOthersBetty BalderstonMaine SMPAugust 24, 2010SMP Regional ConferenceCharleston, SC8/17/2010 1

The Importance ofPartnershipsSubtitle (Optional)•We’re all in this together•So many people, so littletime and money•No need to reinvent thewheelYour NameCompany NameDateLocation /Seminar Title8/17/2010 2

Types of Partnerships•Official PartnershipsSubtitle (Optional)•Unofficial Partnerships•Limited/Non‐TraditionalPartnershipsYour NameCompany NameDateLocation /Seminar Title8/17/2010 3

Official Partnerships•Contracts w/Funding:• AoA & Maine DHHS• Maine DHHS & LSE• Maine DHHS & AAAs•Agreements w/o Funding:• AAAs and Volunteers8/17/2010 4

Official PartnershipOutcomesOngoing work of ME SMP:•LSE: Statewide CoordinatorMedicare Rights Adv.•AAAs: Volunteer CoordinatorsVolunteers8/17/2010 5

Unofficial PartnershipsMaine Medicare Workgroup:•AoA•CMS•Social Security Administration•Office of Inspector General•U.S. Attorneys Office•Maine Healthcare Crimes Unit•Maine Bureau of Insurance•MaineCare (Medicaid)•AARP•NHIC –Medicare A&B Carrier•NHCQF –Medicare QIO•ME Primary Care Association•Alpha One•Beneficiaries•Others8/17/2010 6

Unofficial PartnershipOutcomes•Financial Support•Educational Opportunities•Outreach Opportunities8/17/2010 7

Limited/Non‐TraditionalPartnershipsOne‐time or event‐specificpartnerships:•Local Colleges/AdultEducation Programs•Maine DHHS•Retiree Organizations•Food Pantries8/17/2010 8

Limited/Non‐TraditionalPartnership Outcomes•A foot in the door withtrusted communityresources•Targeted seed planting•Expanding your territory8/17/2010 9

Let’s Get Creative…Who are yourlimited/non‐traditionalpartners?8/17/2010 10

Developing Partnerships•“What’s in it for me”?•Are we trying to reachthe same populations?•Is this an official, unofficialor limited/non‐traditionalpartnership?8/17/2010 11

Partners•Can’t live with ‘em, can’tlive without ‘em!•Pay attention to potentialpartners in your state•Invite them to the table•Be sure to answer “what’sin it for me”8/17/2010 12

PartnershipsBy working together, notonly can the SMP program bethe best we can be, but ourconsumers become the bestthey can be!8/17/2010 13

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