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BEHIND THE SCENES - Pinewood Studios

ContentsSkyfall © 2011 Danjaq LLC and United Artists Corporation.All rights reserved.04Introduction06The Story So Far...08The Place16The Hub22From Scriptto Screen24Shooting a Scene26Sound Stage andBacklot30Skyfall atPinewood Studios34It’s Not Just Movies36In the Press38National. Global.40ConclusionIt has every kind of environment, everykind of trickery, there’s a sense thatevery bit of the industry is there. Thatsense of magic being created is verystrongly present at Pinewood.This document is submitted as part of thePinewood Studios Development Framework Planning ApplicationFebruary 2013Sir Kenneth BranaghActor/Director

04 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 05Pinewood Studios is a hub for skills, technologyand creative people. It is recognised as one of theworld’s premier centres of film and TV production,with an unparalleled range of sound stages,backlots, offices, workshops, support services andother facilities.01. Aerial view of Pinewood Studios02. The Underwater Stage03. Foley artist recording soundeffects04. A League of Their Own© Sky 1 HD05. Set for Mamma Mia built on007 Stage06. The Richard Attenborough Stage07. Set under construction for SnowWhite and the HuntsmanHaving hosted some of the bestknown and most successful films ofall time, Pinewood Studios has aunique place in cinema history.This document goes behind thescenes at Pinewood Studios,shedding light on the facilities,businesses, people and skills neededto produce films as well as exploringthe film making process, from writinga screenplay to theatrical release.The document further describesPinewood Studios’ role as aninterdependent hub of creativeexpertise and enterprise whichextends beyond the world of filmto TV, video games, animation andmusic video production. Over 800films have been made at PinewoodStudios during its history.Recent productions include: LesMisérables, Skyfall, Prometheus,Dark Shadows, Snow White and theHuntsman, The Woman in Black,My Week with Marilyn, X-Men: FirstClass, and Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides.02 05 060103 04071934Estate purchased by Charles Boot1935Partnership between Charles Boot andJ. Arthur Rank established1936Pinewood studios officially opens1940Pinewood Studios requisitioned by the armedforces and used to film war time documentaries

06 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 07The story so far...It’s my heritage, my personal heritage, I film everywherein the world and I think all things considered what we haveto offer here are as good as anything you’re going to get inHollywood.Sir Ridley ScottDirector: Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiatorand PrometheusIn 1934, Heatherden Hall Estate inBuckinghamshire was purchased by Sheffieldentrepreneur Charles Boot. Initially used as anup-market country club, the estate was turnedinto a film studio in partnership with J. ArthurRank. Boot officially named the studio Pinewoodto echo the name of Hollywood and thewoodland surrounding the estate.The Studios were officially openedon 30 September 1936 followed bya successful period of British filmmaking. Initially the studioscomprised five stages, which remainat the heart of the current site. Thestudios played an important role inthe developing British film industry,with 42 films made between 1936-39.Notable films made at the studiosover the following years includedTalk of the Devil (1936), The Red Shoes(1948), Oliver Twist (1948)and A Town Like Alice (1956).In the 1940s, the Studios wererequisitioned by the armed forcesprimarily to produce war timedocumentaries. After reopening, the1950s and 1960s saw the start of twofamous film series to be produced atPinewood Studios, the Carry On filmsand the James Bond films.The 1970s saw the constructionof the iconic 007 stage for the filmThe Spy Who Loved Me and todaythe stage is the largest in Europe.More recently Pinewood Studioswas acquired from The Rank Group.Early in 2001, Pinewood Studios andShepperton Studios merged. In 2005the company floated on The LondonStock Exchange.The Pinewood Studios Group now alsooperates studio complexes in Canada,Germany, Malaysia and the DominicanRepublic as part of its global offer ofover 1million sq ft of stages.1946Pinewood Studios reopened1947Two iconic Pinewood productions, Oliver Twist andThe Red Shoes are released1948John Davis appointed managing director,taking over from J. Arthur Rank1958Carry On Sergeant, the first film of theCarry On... series, released

10 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 11The PlaceKey FacilitiesPinewood Studios has grown over time in line with the evolving needs of theindustry. To walk around Pinewood Studios today is to take a trip throughcinematic history. From the internal street named ‘Goldfinger Avenue’, thesigned photographic displays and original set design drawings on the wallsof the main buildings, to the iconic 007 Stage, the site is steeped in filmheritage. Today, Pinewood is a world class modern production complex withits unique combination of large stages, TV studios, water filming facilities,on-site support services and in-house expertise.01Underwater StageA state-of-the-art internal watertank with water held at constant30 degrees and filtered byUV light to enable a safe andcomfortable environment forfilming underwater scenes.02Paddock TankA flexible external stage foraquatic scenes, model workand CGI with a gigantic bluescreen backing.Yet, if you are lucky enough to tourPinewood Studios, which is closed tothe public, it is swiftly apparent thatthe site is far from glamorous.Away from the cameras the realitiesof a site which accommodates thecomplex logistics as well as theday-to-day running of commercialfilm and television productionsare apparent. The site’s physicalconstraints mean there is very littlescope for any building, facility orspace which isn’t highly functional.Each film production has differentrequirements for accommodation andPinewood Studios has the capabilityto provide a bespoke facilities packageaccordingly. The typical model for amajor production however is for theprovision of office space to form aproduction base for a particular project,with other facilities managed flexiblyaccording to the filming schedule.This would typically involve usinga range of workshops, sound stagespace, backlots, pre production andpost production facilities.01 / 02Hornblower © Ecou Films for ITV Drama. All rights reservedDark Shadows © Warner Bros Pictures. All rights reserved1962Dr. No released, marking the start of the James Bond franchise1964Goldfinger released; streets within Pinewood Studiosused to stage the car chase around Goldfinger’s factory1976007 stage constructed for the James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me;the stage is used to film the climatic scenes in the bow of a supertanker1978Superman released to critical acclaim,directed by Richard Donner

12 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 13The PlaceKey Facilities01 / 02110506 06110411081111100909060303Stages A-ECore of original studios now providing a mix oflarge and medium stages04007 StageBuilt for The Spy Who Loved Me, the 007 stageremains an iconic building within the Studiosand the largest soundstage in Europe.121105Richard Attenborough StageThe newest sound stage opened in2012 with a 50 ft high gantry and stateof-the-arttechnical features designedto accommodate both feature films andlive event TV shows.06Stages R & SLarge sound stages used for bothfilm and TV productions.07Heatherden HallThe original Georgian style houseand gardens at the heart of PinewoodStudios used as a location for many films.1108The North LotA flexible outdoor space whichhas been host to many large scaleoutdoor sets, including GothamCity from Tim Burton’s Batman andBlofeld’s volcano lair, from theJames Bond film, You Only Live Twice.09Office AccommodationAs well as offices for its own staffand support facilites, PinewoodStudios has a range of flexible officespaces for productions to be able tobase themselves on site.10The Wood MillAn essential aspect of set building atPinewood Studios, the fully equippedcarpentry workshops include panelsizing machines, solid timber sawing,planing, joining, moulding andturning machines.11WorkshopsPinewood Studios provides a rangeof different workshops, includingintrinsically safe (IS) facilities whichare required for working with certainmaterials used in sets such as paintspraying and fibre glass moulding.12TV Production FacilitiesPinewood has recently invested indedicated TV production facilities,including upgraded High DefinitionTV production galleries and studios.1984007 stage is used for the filming of the James Bond film, A View to a Kill, starringRoger Moore and Christopher Walken1989Tim Burton’s Batman released2000Pinewood Studios acquired from Rank Group plc by teamled by Michael Grade and Ivan Dunleavy2001Pinewood Studios and Shepperton Studios merge

14 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 15The PlaceKey FacilitiesThere are definitely times when there is not enough studiospace to accomodate all the inward international investment...There is still a capacity issue when things are going well.Paul GreengrassDirector: The Bourne Supremacy,The Bourne Ultimatum, United 93 and Green Zone01. Heatherden Hall02. TV Studios03. 007 Stage04. Post Production and SoundMixing Theatre05. The Underwater Stage06. Plasterers’ Workshop0102 03050406

16 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 17The HubFilm CraftsPinewood Studios owns the property andfacilities at the site. In addition, there is agrowing community of around 200 relatedbusinesses renting buildings, offices andworkshops on site.01These come together to form aunique studio community supportingall types of production activity.The unique structure of thefilm and media industry means thateach film is a bespoke assembly ofpersonnel and expertise dedicatedto the requirements of thatparticular production.The range of businesses based atPinewood is astonishing. Skilledplasterers and sculptors makescenery and props, model makersproduce props, sets and vehicles toscale for special effects work, scenicartists paint detailed backdrops,greensmen are involved in landscapingand carpenters make and assemblesets. The work is undertaken byhighly skilled teams working totight deadlines.As well as these trades, everyfilm needs a huge range of otherspecialist staff, including makeupand hair, wardrobe (includingcostume design and manufacture),personal training for actors,transport services, laundry,dry cleaning and catering.These skills and services are locatedin one place to meet the requirementsof a ‘manufactured film’.Pinewood Studios hosts manydifferent businesses offering thefull variety of these services to filmproductions in situ, thus ensuringconvenience and efficiency in termsof time and cost, which are criticalto the industry.Each film also needs to hire all thespecialist equipment to be used inthe production process along withpersonnel. For example, PinewoodStudios is home to specialist lightingcompanies and several differentcamera equipment suppliers.Similarly, rigging and scaffolding areessential for building and operatingcomplex film and TV sets and thereare three specialist firms based atPinewood. The advantages ofspecialist companies being on-siterelate to the volumes of equipmentrequired, the narrow time frames andtight budgets that constrict filmingschedules and the need for expertsto be ‘on hand’ at all times.The best part about working hereis the quality of the crafts peopleand the crew, you know it’s reallysuperb.Gregory GoodmanProducer: X-Men First Class,Gulliver’s Travels, 8 Mile andThree Kings020301. Set construction using timber02. Wood machinists at work in the Mill03. Apprenticeship scheme awards04. Sculptor making prop042004Pinewood Studios floats on the stockmarket2011My Week With Marilyn released; principally filmed at Pinewoods Studios, it told thestory of the 1957 production, The Prince and the Showgirl also filmed at Pinewood2012Richard Attenborough sound stage officially opened atPinewood Studios; the stage is the highest at 50 feet2012Sir Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and Skyfall released;Skyfall marks 50 years of the James Bond franchise

18 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 19The HubFilm CraftsWhen you have all the film making facilities under one roof,the convenience of, and the control you have is invaluable; andbeyond that, to work with the best craftsmen, best sculptors,painters, model makers in the world. Amazingly, that’s allunder one roof too.Lloyd LevinProducer: Die Hard, Green Zone andLara Croft: Tomb Raider01. Construction anddecoration of sets02. Plastering within aworkshop03. Scenic artists and sculptorscrafting a period production04. Wig making05. Drapes department06. Set construction07. Art department08. Metal worksThe cluster of businesses operatingat Pinewood Studios has grown tomeet the needs of the industry anddrive economic benefits from beinglocated close to the studio facilitiesand each other.The work of the specialist firmsbased on site and the studios iscomplementary and reinforcing.Where there is competition betweenindividual tenant businesses, benefitsstill arise from co-location becausethe hub as a whole is morecompetitive and successful thanindividual businesses would beon their own.Therefore to separate the differentelements of the site from oneanother would be to lose thecompetitive advantage.0501040602030708

20 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 21The HubInnovation, Expertise andTechnologyThe fast moving requirements of the film and televisionmaking business and the clustering of expertise in onelocation means Pinewood Studios is at the forefront ofinnovation in film production techniques. For example, forthe TV mini-series Band of Brothers, a revolutionarymethod for portraying gun shots on film usingcompressed air instead of incendiaries was developed atPinewood Studios by the special effects team involved.This improved safety for actors and crew as well asallowing for close-ups which had previously not beenpossible.0301The adaptability of Pinewood Studios means that it isable to accommodate the unique and sometimesbizarre requirements of film productions. For the 2004Tim Burton film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,Pinewood Studios was host to approximately 40 livesquirrels, which were specially trained over a period of10 weeks to open walnuts and deposit them on aconveyor. In the film, the 40 squirrels were used alongwith CGI and animatronics for a scene inside the WillyWonka’s factory.02One of the unique facilities available at Pinewood Studiosis the Underwater Stage. This is complemented by theoutdoor Paddock Tank and water tanks located withinsix of the other sound stages. However, it is not possibleto make use of these facilities without the right technicalskills and know-how to plan and manage shootingunderwater in a risk free way.Technical experts with years of experience of working onhundreds of high profile productions, including recentBond films Casino Royale and Skyfall. Provide advice tothe international film and TV industry as well as hands onpractical support, safety advice and equipment. Thecombination of this specialist skill set and experiencewith the unique facilities helps to attract filmmakers toPinewood Studios.Shooting film to tape is likely to continue as a majoritymedia. However, Pinewood is also equipped to providefor bespoke digital film workflows. Stages and studiosare fully equipped and networked with fast fibre-opticcommunication, all linked to a secure data centre.Post-production facilities allow digital film footageto be reliably transferred, stored and managed.The embedded investment in the studio runs to hundredsof millions of pounds.0401. Chocolate river from Charlie and the ChocolateFactory on the 007 Stage.02. Mixing desk03. Pressburger Theatre04. The Underwater Stage05. Film restoration05

22 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 23From Script to ScreenAt its heart, filmmaking is a highlycommercial as wellas creative enterprise.The film world has many unresolveddevelopment projects and ideas,many of which have creativity inabundance, but may never see thelight of day because they are notcommercially attractive or viable.For a major film project to receivethe all important ‘green light’ a rangeof different factors need to cometogether, perhaps most significantlyfrom a practical perspective,securing the backing of a distributorand the required financial investmentto pay for the production.It is typically only after this thata production will arrange studiofacilities, such at those at PinewoodStudios, to base the production andshoot the film.The diagram summarises the stagesof the film making process fromscript to screen for a typical novelbasedproduction.Developing an understanding ofthe film making process helps toexplain the required facilities, skillsand funding.Stage 1 – Development Stage 2 – Pre ProductionScreenplay developmentThe producer options a novel, commissions a ‘treatment’and subsequently a screenplay and script.Hire directorA creative director, such as Sir Ridley Scott may be involved in thefilm at an early stage, others may be hired later on in the process.Casting of lead rolesThe leads are cast and their availability is checked, stars can bedifficult to secure, but their involvement can help lend credibilityand improve the chances of a box office success.Securing a distributorA distributor is needed to publicise the film and ensurethat it will receive an audienceFinancingInitially ‘seed money’ is secured to develop the concept;subsequently the primary funding may be secured froma variety of sources; confirmation of funding leads to a‘green light’Formation of the film production companyGenerally a ‘special purpose vehicle’ (SPV) is established.CrewThe film crew is assembled and hired.CastingThe cast is chosen, usually through auditions.Story boardingThe scenes of the film are plannedout and the sets are designed.Location planningThe location manager chooses locationsand deals with the logistics of filming onlocation, for example in central London.Scheduling, Budgeting & InsuranceAll the production logistics and financialarrangements are detailed.Stage 3 – ProductionCinematographyBefore principal photography begins, each set is carefullyconstructed using a combination of multiple sound stages andback lots according to the schedule.Principal photography commences with additional filming forcertain scenes on location.The services of many of the personnel and firms based at thestudios as well as the facilities are employed in preparing forand during shooting.The recorded footage is reviewed,managed and backed up on a daily basisusing the screening facilities and digitalinfrastructure.Sound recordingDepending on the type of scene, dialoguecan be recorded at the same time asthe image, although much of a film’ssoundtrack is added in post production.Stage 4 – Post ProductionEffectsVisual and digital effects are added.EditingThe footage is edited and assembled, initially as arough cut then as a final cut, with adjustments tocolour and image quality.Sound recording / dubbingAtmospheric sound and effects are recordedseparately from the photography, music iscomposed and any additional dialogue is recorded.This work is carried out in PostProduction department anddedicated theatresSound mixingThe sound is added to theedited film footage.Stage 5 – ReleaseScreeningThe film is shown to the producers andin some cases the film is test screened.Theatrical releaseThe film is released in cinemas.DVD, Blue-ray, video-on-demandand download release.

28 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 29Sound Stage and BacklotIt is very important that studios are able to describe themselvesas at the cutting edge of technology and state-of-the-art with largeproduction stages and the right balance of ancillary space too.Nik PowellDirectorNational Film and Television SchoolI can walk to that stage, back to the back lot, down to thepaddock tank, everywhere you go you’re looking for thiscombination.Gregory GoodmanProducer: X-Men First Class, Gulliver’s Travels,8 Mile and Three Kings01. Prometheus set built on the NorthLot; 007 Stage extended02. Set construction on a sound stage03. Outdoor set built on the Paddock Lotfor Dark Shadows04. Congestion during busy times along007 Drive05. Congestion during busy times alongBroccoli Drive0203010405

30 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 31Skyfall at Pinewood StudiosUse of FacilitiesI don’t think you’ll find as many studios in Hollywood that can accommodate very verylarge pictures the same way that Pinewood can. In terms of stage space, workshopspace, backlot, I mean they have a very very good backlot, paddock tank. There reallyaren’t any stages in Hollywood that can accommodate a picture the sort of size of aBond picture or any other of the big action films.Barbara BroccoliProducer with Michael G Wilson of the Bond filmsSkyfall provides a useful case study to illustrate how the facilitiesand expertise at Pinewood Studios were employed for a recentmajor film production. It also gives an indication of the sheernumber of people involved and the importance of major filmproductions based at the studios as a source of employment.The Skyfall production team usedoffices within the main administrationbuilding at Pinewood Studios as aproduction base, from which thefilm was managed using the otherfacilities on site as well as off-sitefilming locations. Initially a smallteam of key crew members movedinto the offices, with expansion intofurther office space and workshopsas the time for principal photographymoved closer.The filming schedule, as with allmajor productions, was based ona variety of factors including therequirements of the particularscenes within the script, theavailability of key cast members andthe availability of the studio facilities.This required the production teamto enter into discussions and workclosely with Pinewood Studios at anearly stage, twelve months beforeprincipal photography started.As the key scenes were planned out,the exact requirements for individualsets dictated which stages and backlots would be needed.According to the production notesfor Skyfall:“Thirty-one different sets wereconstructed on eight sound stagesat Pinewood, including the interiorof the MI6 underground bunker,the interior of the Golden DragonCasino, where Bond first meetsSeverine, and the exterior of theDead City, an abandoned islandoff the coast of Macao, whereSilva resides.The 007 Stage was home to thespectacular underground traincrash that occurs when Bond ischasing Silva. For the crash, thecrew built two full size traincarriages, each weighing seventons. It was too dangerous toallow people to stay on the soundstage, so ten remotely operatedcameras were placed inside the007 Stage to cover the crash fromvarious angles.The paddock tank doubled asthe exterior of the Golden DragonCasino. The set was lit by threehundredfloating lanterns andtwo thirty-foot high dragon heads.Twelve artisans were flown infrom China to create the authenticstructures. They were made fromwound steel cables, silk fabric andlit from within by 400 light bulbs”The Skyfall production made use ofPinewood Studios’ screening facilitiesto review recorded footage on a dailybasis. The production also usedPinewood’s editing facilities anddigital infrastructure to manage andback up the footage.

32 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 33Skyfall at Pinewood StudiosCredits13824Analysis of the list of creditsfor Skyfall illustrates therange of personnel involvedin the production and theextent of expertise neededto make the film.The extended crew for the filmexceeded a thousand people. Skyfallused a dedicated film crew, many ofwhom operate on a freelance basis,but also made use of tenantbusinesses at Pinewood Studios,including a range of equipment hirecompanies and support services.50Production, Castingand other38Costume, Make-upand HairDirector’s Unit91Principal Cast15Editing 133Special Effects 1Sound106DepartmentNo. of Personnel 116Transport75Stunts100Art Department421Visual Effects / Animation 1Camera and ElectricalVisual Effects / AnimationProduction, Casting and otherCamera and ElectricalArt DepartmentPrincipal CastStuntsSoundCostume, Make-up and HairSpecial EffectsDirector’s UnitTransportEditing42113810610091755038332416151,007Director’s UnitThe director’s unit is listed asincluding 12 people working with thedirector, Sam Mendes, as part of thefirst unit with a further 12 involved indirecting other units such as thoseshooting specific external locations.Camera and ElectricalThe camera and electricaldepartment for Skyfall involved 106staff, including the cinematographer,grips, electricians, focus pullers,gaffer, lighting programmers, riggersand a variety of assistants andtechnicians.Art Department100 staff are listed as being part ofSkyfall’s art department. This includesthe full range of personnel involved indesigning and creating the props andsets for the film including carpenters,artists, draughtsmen, set painters,decorators, and a greensman.Principal CastThe principal cast for Skyfall involved91 actors, as well as many extras.Costume, Make-up and HairThe production included 16 staffinvolved in hair dressing and make-upwith 22 in the costume department.Special & Visual EffectsThe special effects department forSkyfall as listed on IMDB.comincluded 33 staff. This was the teaminvolved in creating the live actioneffects, such as explosions. A further75 individuals were involved in stunts,including stunt | www.cinemovie.tvWilliams, G (2012) Bond on Set:Filming Skyfall, Dorling KindersleyLtd, London1 Activity and personnel also off studiosite

36 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 37In the PressPinewoodcelebrates 75years filmingthe best ofBritish andHollywoodFounded by J Arthur Rank, the studiosare home to 007, Harry Potter andAmerican Blockbusters – but still investin UK talent.“It is an amazing place”, said Grade,the chairman of Pinewood Shepperton.“Because of the unique facilities wehave, the group is probably the leadingdedicated studio manager operatoranywhere.”The Observer, 2 October 2011The Independent, 28 November 2012Pinewood is soaringthanks to blockbustersThe latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, and the forthcoming Les Misérables,starring Anne Hathaway, are among the blockbusters that have boostedrevenues at Pinewood Shepperton’s studios.Pinewood at centreof apprentices planStudents keen to learn about film andtelevision may find themselves based atthe studios involved in blockbuster hitssuch as Les Misérables and Skyfall.Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, hassigned an agreement with Amershamand Wycombe College with the aim ofcreating a centre of excellence to developand deliver qualifications relevant toscreen-based industries, including film,television, animation and video games.Buckinghamshire Advertiser,18 January 2013Pinewood £30Kfacilities prizefor MGEITFpilot contestPinewood has put up a studio prize package worth over £30K tothe winner of its pilot competition at this year’s MediaGuardianEdinburgh International Television Festival.The Pinewood pilot competition is now open for entries fromprogramme makers with an idea for a studio based format. Thebest five ideas will be invited to pitch to a panel of channelcontrollers live at the Festival, which runs between Thursday23rd August and Friday 25th August.The winner will then be given an opportunity to shoot a mini pilotfor their programme at Pinewood Studios. The prize will coveruse of one of Pinewood’s 9,000 square foot TV studios, with anHD gallery, plus production facilities and access to Pinewood’spost production department.UK’s PinewoodShepperton signsdeal to run Isle ofMan film funLondon – UK studio facilities operator Pinewood Sheppertonhas signed an agreement with the Isle of Man governmentthat will see the company take on the role of manager of andadviser on film investment opportunities for the island’s£25 million ($40.4 million) media development fund.The Guardian, 31 December 2012Pinewood andSheppertonfitted withDolby AtmosMixing theatres at the two studios are the very firstfacilities in the UK to be fitted with Dolby’s end-to-endaudio platform.The Pinewood Group’s mixing theatres at Pinewoodand Shepperton Studios are to be fitted with DolbyAtmos, becoming the first facilities in the UK to befitted with Dolby’s end-to-end audio platform.Julian Pinn, director, cinema marketing, EMEA, DolbyLaboratories added: “Pinewood and Shepperton Studiosare truly iconic and known all over the world – it isexciting to see that they will be the first studio facilitiesin the UK to have installed Dolby Atmos.”Screen Daily, 22 November 2012HM Queen Elizabeth II tries out 3DPinewood glassesSkyfall becomesfirst £100m movieat UK box officeSkyfall, the hugely successful latestouting of James Bond, has become thefirst film to take more than £100m atthe UK box office.The Guardian, 31 December 2012National Lotterydraws to bebroadcast fromPinewood StudiosFrom January, the National Lottery’s Saturday drawwill be broadcast from new state-of-the-art facilitiesat Pinewood Studios.Camelot and the BBC have agreed a new contract tocontinue showcasing the National Lottery on BBC One.Under the new four-year contract, which has the optionto be extended for a further two years, the flagshipSaturday draw show will be broadcast from the filmstudios in Iver Heath.Slough & South Bucks Express, 06 December 2012Televisual, 17 July 2012

38 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 39National. Global.London is one of the great global cities, and Pinewood is theprincipal London production hub. You come to London, you cometo Pinewood, you make a movie with the best crews in the world,in the best environment, with the best flexibility, with a sense ofhistory and that’s a winning combination I think.Paul GreengrassDirector: Bloody Sunday, The Bourne Supremacy,United 93, The Bourne Ultimatum and Green ZoneThe films made at PinewoodStudios have a global audienceand incorporate skills drawn froma wide pool of creative talent.Pinewood Studios competes for international filmbusiness and many filmmakers choose it because ofthe unique range of services and specialist expertiseavailable, together with the world class facilities.Pinewood Studios benefits from proximity to Londonand Heathrow Airport and it forms part of a widernetwork of studios and related creative businesses inthe South East.However, Pinewood Studios is operating in anincreasingly global and competitive market. Studiosare being developed in Eastern Europe, India andChina, for example, and whilst Pinewood Studioscurrently maintains a competitive advantage, othersare starting to catch up.Filmed at Pinewood Studio’s A Stage.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.All rights reserved. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J. K. Rowling

40 | BEHIND THE SCENESPinewood StudiosBEHIND THE SCENESPinewood Studios | 41ConclusionIdeal is to have all activities (production, accounting,art, visual effects and individual offices) all in oneplace. Enough car parking is important, as well asbeing able to accommodate the ‘base camp’ on lot.Facilities such as underwater tanks are needed for somefilms. Offering a comprehensive package is important– can save time and moneyMarvel EntertainmentPinewood Studios is a flexible and successfulcommunity of diversely skilled and passionate peoplededicated to facilitating world-class productions.The community thrives and continues to growbecause it is an agglomeration of industry and talent.The facilities can and do accommodate major filmproductions although it is over subscribed and canbe congested because of physical constraints.The community evolves over time but it is codependentand to a great extent physicallyindivisible. It remains a valuable and uniquecontributor to the UK economy as well as acornerstone of its cultural heritage.Pinewood Studios today is a worldleadinghub of creative enterpriseat the centre of the UK film industry.Captain America: The First Avenger © 2010 MVLEFFLLC.TM & © 2010 Marvel Entertainment, LLC and itssubsidiaries. All rights reserved

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