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Contents1- Introduction2- Egypt3- Morocco4- Tunisia5- Algeria7- MENA-EUROPE Structure For The PartnershipShanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

MENA regionShanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

A total of 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa were analysed in the MEDCSP1and TRANS-CSP2 studies.Shanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

Three examples of HVDC lines connecting Europe with MENAShanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

Current Situation Of Wind Energy In Some MENA countriesWind Energy in MENA( Middle East & North Africa)Currently, 433 MW of wind farms are installed in the Middle East & Africa.E gypt, 230M orocco, 124sT unisia, 20Others; 21Egypt Morocco Tunisia Iran OthersIran, 48Shanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

Wind Energy ProjectsInstalled Wind Energy End 2006Wind Energy to reach by 2010Wind Energy to reach by 2020A. Egypt225 MW850 MW12650 MWShanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

The Plan Up to 2010 in Wind EnergyYear 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Installed CapacityTotal (MW)30 47 -- 85 80 120 200 22068 98 145 145 230 310 430 630 850Shanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

The Plan Up to 2020 in Wind EnergyYear 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2018 2019 2020Installed CapacityTotal (MW)200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1300 1400 1400 14001050 2250 3450 4650 5850 7150 9850 11250 12650Shanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

B. MoroccoShanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

• Great hydraulics contribution: 1167 Gwh• RE production :1730 GWh 8 % in the electrical energybalance• Perspectives d'évolution de la puissance installéed'origine éolienne MWShanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

Shanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

Wind sites in Morocco

C. TunisiaShanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

Energy conservation in TunisiaShanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

Primary energy consumption by productGalal Osman

Potential of the renewable energyü An alternative to conventional energyü A substantial potential but differenciated according to the fieldsGalal Osman

D. AlgeriaGalal Osman

Three Potential Sites for Solar Electricity Supply from North Africa(Selected for maximum irradiance, but other criteria possible)The primary solar energy resource equals 1-2 barrel/m2 /y of heating oilGalal Osman

Wind Potential of AlgeriaGalal Osman

Sites for wind energy assessmentGalal Osman

Strategy of development of RE in AlgeriaNeedsLocal(MW)Export(MW)Total(MW)2010500755752015100040014002020150060007500NEAL estimate that in 2010 the exportations towards Europe by NEAL cable willbe around 2000 MW, 4% of this capacity may come from a 400 MW hybrid solargasplant.Galal Osman

The concept of an EU-NA RE Link using HVDCpower transmission technologyGalal Osman

Three Analysed Samples for EU-NA HVDCInterconnection3 x 5 GW x 7000 h/an = 105 TWh/anGalal Osman

Interconnecting MENA and EuropeGalal Osman

Algerian future solar plantsGalal Osman

Algerian future wind plantsGalal Osman

Solar projects finance (Million de $)Galal Osman

Wind projects finance (Million de $)Galal Osman

MENA-EUROPE STRUCTURE FOR THE PARTNERSHIP:The back bone structure for the proposed “Partnership” is theMediterranean Transmission Line Ring. this contract envisaged theMediterranean Ring with 400 kV cables and lines. Three paths forthe connections south-north were planned see fig:Mediterranean Ring, electricity connections around the MediterraneanGalal Osman

Three examples of HVDC lines connecting Europe with MENAGalal Osman

Vision of an EU-MENA backbone grid using HVDC power transmission technology as “ElectricityHighways” to complement the conventional AC electricity grid.Galal Osman

Main indicators of the total EU-MENA High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) interconnection and Concentrating Solar Power(CSP) plants from 2020 – 2050 according to the TRANS-CSP scenario. In the final stage in 2050, lines with a capacity of 5 GWeach will transmit about 700 TWh/y of electricity from 20 different locations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) tothe main centres of demand in Europe.Galal Osman

TRANS-CSP scenario of gross electricity production and import for the analysed European countriesuntil 2050.Galal Osman

TRANS-CSP scenario for the total installed power capacities and peak load for the analysed Europeancountries until 2050.Galal Osman

Annual electricity demand and generation within the countries in the MED-CSP scenarioGalal Osman

Installed power capacity and peak load within the analysed countries in the scenario CG/HEGalal Osman

Share of different technologies for electricity generation in the year 2000.Galal Osman

Total electricity consumption and share of different technologies for electricity generation in theanalysed countries in the year 2050 according to the MED-CSP scenario.Galal Osman

Thank youShanghai26 April,2008Galal Osman

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