Laureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in ... - My Laureate

Laureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in ... - My Laureate

Laureate International Universities’ Faculty Development Programcongratulates the graduates of the Laureate Certificate in Teachingand Learning in Higher Education - Class of 2012Graduation 20122Laureate International Universities

Letter from the DirectorA graduation is always a special occasion because it marks the end of an educational phase while signaling the beginningof a new one. Today’s ceremony is the result of several months of hard work completed by an exclusive group of teacherswho share Laureate International Universities commitment to excellence in higher education.This day marks a milestone in the history of Laureate Network Products and Services (LNPS): we are graduating the firstclass of faculty members who have successfully completed the Laureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in HigherEducation. We are delighted to provide this opportunity to Laureate educators, maintaining their dedication to highqualityinstruction for a new generation of learners.Our goal is that all faculty members acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to make them superlative global educators.Today’s graduates recognize that higher education professionals must remain lifelong learners in order to deepen theirmastery of education, improve their performance, and raise the standards of quality and efficiency required by globalworkplace.LNPS honors our participating faculty members for their perseverance and determination. We hope they are proud tohave completed this innovative program which emphasizes that teaching proficiency translates into student achievement.What you teach is important; how you teach has a profound and permanent impact on an individual.Laureate is extremely grateful and indebted to the 50 certified module instructors from the various network institutions.They infused the program with dynamism, ensured depth, and strengthened all academic coursework. They invested timeand effort to teach their colleagues from around the world new educational methods designed to prepare our studentsfor a competitive world.We also thank our directors, officers and various participants of the diverse Laureate institutions for sharing this greataccomplishment. We congratulate them for their unconditional support and dedication to our program and facultymembers. They are all partners in our mission to promote excellence, stimulate curiosity and improve the Laureatelearning process.Congratulations to all our faculty members on this great achievement. We wish you further success in all your academicendeavors and future professional goals.Carmen Méndez, PhD, PEDirector, Faculty DevelopmentLaureate Network Products & ServicesGraduation 20124Laureate International Universities

ProgramIntroductionFernando CruzExecutive Director,Laureate Network Products & ServicesWelcomeGermán Ramírez, Ed.DPresident,Laureate Network Products & ServicesCongratulatory AddressCarrmen L. Lamboy, Ed.DFormer Faculty Development DirectorCommencementPresentation and CertificationStudent AddressLorena Frias SaavedraFacultyUniversidad Privada del NorteStudent AddressEdy LagosFacultyUniversidad Tecnológica CentroamericanaSpecial MessageÁgueda Benito CapaRectorUniversidad Europea de MadridConclusion of CeremonyGraduation 20125Laureate International Universities

Beatriz Ruíz RuízUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainPhD PhysiotherapyMaría Paz Moreno TurUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainMA of Oral Implantology andRehabilitationCarmen Álvarez QuesadaUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainPhD Medicine And SurgeryRafael Ramón Temes CordovezUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainMA Urban ProjectionCésar Alejandro Castillo FloresUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainMA in Higher Education andMA in Philosophical CounselingRocío González SolteroUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainPhD Biomedicine andBiotechnologyEmmanuël HazéUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainBA in Translation andBA in Conference InterpretationSilvia Fernández MartínezUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainPhD in Legal and Forensic MedicineJorge Alfredo Ardila ReyUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainMA Electronic EngineerVirginia Romero ReignierUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainManuel Martínez-Sellés d’OliveiraSoaresUniversidad Europea de MadridSpainDoctor of Medicine and SurgeryAllan Rolando Jiménez AnguloUniversidad LatinaCosta RicaComputer Systems EngineerGraduation 20126Laureate International Universities

Pablo César Irias HernándezUniversidad LatinaCosta RicaVictor Hugo Aguilar ÁlvarezUniversidad LatinaCosta RicaRodrigo Rodríguez CorderoUniversidad LatinaCosta RicaAda Luz Alpízar MonteroUniversidad AmericanaCosta RicaMA in Educational Science andMA in Educational EvaluationRogel Herrera BellidoUniversidad LatinaCosta RicaMA in Educational ScienceAndrea Vega DíazUniversidad AmericanaCosta RicaBS in Systems EngineeringRonald Gerardo Pittí BermúdezUniversidad LatinaCosta RicaGerman Vidaurre ÁlvarezUniversidad AmericanaCosta RicaMA in Information TechnologyManagementSealtiel Álvarez SánchezUniversidad LatinaCosta RicaPhD in Business AdministrationKatia Franceschi SojoUniversidad AmericanaCosta RicaMA in Educational AdministrationTeodoro Minero GuzmánUniversidad LatinaCosta RicaPhD in Educational ResearchMario Alberto Agüero LeónUniversidad AmericanaCosta RicaMA in Educational ScienceGraduation 20128Laureate International Universities

Adalberto Méndez IsaulaUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasBS in Managerial Computer ScienceEdwin Antonio Moncada BonillaUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMBA and MA in FinancialManagementBerlín Gricel Cáceres RodríguezUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasPhD in Business AdministrationEdy Alexander Lagos DíazUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in ManagementCarlos Iván Zelaya ValerianoUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in International CommerceEkaterina Theodoracópulos BourikiUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasBS in PsychologyClaudia Vanessa Siliezar TurciosUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasElda Leonila Yánez MejíaUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMS in Economics and DevelopmentPlanningDavid Fernando Corea SanabriaUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasFelícito Machel Arzú QuiotoUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in FinanceDiana Echeverría MondragónUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasBA in Graphic DesignGenry Yobany TovesUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in FinanceGraduation 20129Laureate International Universities

Gerardo Antonio Molina NúñezUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in Human ResourcesJosé Francisco Vargas SierraUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in Business AdministrationGuillermo Federico Fiallos AguilarUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasJuris DoctorJosé Hernán Murillo HernándezUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in Business AdministrationHéctor Orlando Perdomo FernándezUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in Business AdministrationJosé Mario Berríos FloresUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in Business AdministrationHéctor Rolando Maradiaga FloresUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasBA in PsychologyJosé Tráncito Mejía AlvarengaUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasPhD in Administration SciencesHerbert Adolfo Soriano GarciaUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in Education and CurriculumDevelopmentJuan Carlos Inestroza LozanoUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasMA in Computer SecurityJavier Arturo Abadie AguilarUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasJuris Doctor and MA inCommercial LawJuan Ramón Escoto MartínezUniversidad TecnológicaCentroamericanaHondurasBS in Systems EngineeringGraduation 201210Laureate International Universities

Beatriz Elena Romero ZamoraUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in ManagementEnoc de la Cruz de DiosUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in ManagementCarmen Patricia Bonilla BarragánUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoPhD in Workplace Health ScienceEricka María Guadalupe MartínezViverosUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in Quality and ProductivitySystems EngineeringClaudia Guadalupe Mendoza OlveraUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoFrancisco Javier Lara GonzálezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in ManagementConcepción Figueroa NavarroUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in Urban Development andSpatial PlanningFrancisco Rogelio Ibarra GarduñoUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMasters in Business AdministrationConsuelo Durán CujUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in Managerial EngineeringGabriela Guadalupe Terán MolinaUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoBA in Computer ScienceElina Sonia Hernández CarballidoUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoHortencia Alejandra Vásquez LópezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoBA in PsychologyGraduation 201213Laureate International Universities

Jaime Adolfo Vargas EspinozaUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoPhD in Education and PedagogyJosefina Aurelia Ortíz LunaUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoPhD in PsychologyJaime Ledesma OrtízUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in Business Management andMA in Management SkillsJuan Manuel Bautista RamírezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA Land and Urban PlanningJesús Cuevas ÁvalosUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoJuris Doctor andMA in Penal SciencesJuan Manuel Guadarrama FonsecaUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in ManagementJorge Carlos Cruz SánchezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoBS in Industrial DesignJuan Manuel Zaragoza ReaUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoBA in CommunicationsJosé Alfredo García GómezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoBA in Computer ScienceLaura Dinorah Hernández SolísUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in Educational ScienceJosé Elpidio García Y DomínguezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoBA in ArchitectureLaura Gastón LlanoUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoBA in PsychologyGraduation 201214Laureate International Universities

Leonardo Alejandro Lobo GutiérrezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in Educational ScienceMaría de Lourdes López GutiérrezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in Higher EducationLucy España GonzálezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in Computer ScienceMaría Del Rocío Ruíz MéndezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoLuvia Adriana García RamónUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA Business Planning and RegionalDevelopmentMaría del Rosario Baltar RodríguezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoBA in Mathematical CyberneticsMaría Clemente MartínezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in ManagementMaría Dolores Torres MartínezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in Fiscal LawMaría Covadonga Rojo ParedesUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoMA in Educational ScienceMaría Isabel Silva AcostaUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoBS in Mechanical EngineeringMaría Cruz Lozano RamírezUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoPhD in ManagementMaría Magdalena Del SagradoCorazón Villagómez AmezcuaUniversidad del Valle de MéxicoMexicoDoctor of Medicine and Surgery andMA in Human ResourcesGraduation 201215Laureate International Universities

María Amalia Cortez de ObónUniversidad InteramericanaPanamaMA in Management andMA in EducationCarmen Isabel San Juan SaavedraUniversidad de las AméricasChileMA in Social Work and PoliticsRubén Amet Chong SánchezUniversidad InteramericanaPanamaBS in Electro-mechanicalEngineeringCarolina Alejandra FuenzalidaSuárezUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in BiochemistrySaulo Aizprúa AlfonzoUniversidad InteramericanaPanamaBS in Computer Systems EngineeringClaudia Lizama PasténUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in Veterinary ScienceAlexis Sebastián Palta LópezUniversidad de las AméricasChileMA in Educational ManagementCristián Adrián Villegas DiantaUniversidad de las AméricasChileMA in HistoryAndrea Pilar Brondi MarinoUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in PsychologyCristián Javier Labbé FloresUniversidad de las AméricasChileBS in Business AdministrationEngineeringCarmen Gloria Pérez VillarUniversidad de las AméricasChileJuris Doctor and MA in LawDiego Alexis CheuquepánMaldonadoUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in Math and Computer EducationGraduation 201218Laureate International Universities

Evelyn Silva MorenoUniversidad de las AméricasChilePhD in BiotechnologyJosé Arturo Guajardo ReyesUniversidad de las AméricasChileMA in Rural Land PlanningFelipe Eugenio Ulriksen ContrerasUniversidad de las AméricasChileBS in Veterinary ScienceLaura Victoria Mira NozigliaUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in Physical EducationFreddy Andrés Jadue SalasUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in CommunicationLuis Ortíz MuñozUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in KinesiologyGonzalo Andrés Monge MartínezUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in KinesiologyLuís Ramírez PalmaUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in Auditing and AccountingIrma Arlette Riquelme PlazaUniversidad de las AméricasChileMA Curriculum and EducationalCommunityLuisa Carvacho LeónUniversidad de las AméricasChileMA in Educational and DidacticTechnologyJean Exequiel Henríquez FaríasUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in Business ManagementMaría Mercedes Yeomans CabreraUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in PedagogyGraduation 201219Laureate International Universities

María Paz Yáñez RebolledoUniversidad de las AméricasChileJuris Doctor and MA in Business LawRodrigo René Almuna HerreraUniversidad de las AméricasChileBS in Speech TherapyMauricio Andrés Sáez EscuderoUniversidad de las AméricasChileBS in Commercial EngineeringSergio Oscar Ortiz LilloUniversidad de las AméricasChileMA in PhilosophyMauricio Antonio Aguayo OlivaUniversidad de las AméricasChileMaster’s in Business AdministrationSilvia Vera RiquelmeUniversidad de las AméricasChileBA in English TeachingPatricio Eugenio Quintana OrtízUniversidad de las AméricasChileMaster’s in Business AdministrationVerónica Natalia Rocco MedinaUniversidad de las AméricasChileBS in BiologyRodrigo Aurelio Castro ArdizzoniUniversidad de las AméricasChileMaster’s in Business AdministrationGraduation 201220Laureate International Universities

PeruSpainInstituto CibertecEsther Malca SandovalPatricia Ugarte AyalaRoger CáceresTeresa AlfaroUniversidad Europea de MadridDaniel Fernández PorrasSonia Martínez RequejoInstituto Tecnológico del NortePaulina Neyra MedinaUniversidad Peruana de Ciencias AplicadasSandra Sánchez SilvaElva AranguenaElisa Gálvez RamírezMaría Amparo Velásquez EcheverríaMariela Centeno GarcíaMilagros ArakakiGraduation 2012Universidad Privada del NorteLorena Villanueva FloresPatricia Ferrer RuízTatiana ÁlvarezElvira Del Rocio Escobedo MorenoLorena Maribel Frías SaavedraEna Obando PeraltaElvira EscobedoJaneth Suárez PascoAlfredo Demetrio Holguín AlfaroAlfredo Holguín AlfaroDennis Martín Echegaray OrtegaJaneth Suárez PascoKarla Colchado CarriónJaneth Suárez PascoDavid WongLucía Bautista ZúñigaTatiana Alvarez22Laureate International Universities 201223Laureate International Universities

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