GENERAL ASSEMBLY31 JANUARY 2013INTROEvery two years, the IAB Belgium members elect a new Board. TheBoard is composed of 12 members from 6 different sectors: 2advertisers, 2 media agencies, 2 advertising agencies, 2 publishers,2 sales houses and 2 digital service providers. Once elected, the newappointed Board members elect a President, 2 Vice-Presidents and aTreasurer.The Board defines the mission and the strategy of the association,is responsible for the daily management and supervises the projectsdeveloped by the Workgroups and TaskForces.WHO CAN VOTE?Every company member of IAB Belgium has one vote. The first contactof each IAB Belgium member company has received the officialinvitation to the General Assembly as well as the proxy, and has thepower to vote. This person can appoint someone else of the companyor of another member company to vote during the General Assembly,by using its proxy. A member company can hold maximum 2 proxies.HOW TO VOTE?The IAB Belgium members with voting right receive the voting bulletinduring the General Assembly. They can vote positive, negative orabstention. To vote valid, you must vote at least on one person andmaximum for 12 persons, limited to 2 persons per sector.AND THE WINNER IS…After the voting process, two participants of the General Assembly willbe asked to assist as witnesses when counting the votes. The result ofthe election will be communicated during the IAB DigitalHappyHourslater on the evening.In this leaflet, you will discover the candidates and their motivation.IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-20143

GENERAL ASSEMBLY31 JANUARY 2013OVERVIEWCANDIDATESADVERTISERS• Patricia Boydens –• Hans Smellinckx – Thomas Cook• Dorian Van Bever – d’IeterenMEDIA AGENCIES• Didier Ackermans – Aegis Media/Isobar/iProspect• Tom Van Hoof – Mediabrands/InitiativeADVERTISING AGENCIES• Geert Desager - Tribal DDB• Bart De Waele – WIJSPUBLISHERS• Mark Daemen – Corelio Publishing• Noëlle Stevens – RTL BelgiumSALES HOUSES• Patrick Steinfort - Hi-Media Belgium• Bart Swimberghe – Belgacom Skynet• Bruno Van Boucq – BEWEBDIGITAL SERVICE PROVIDERS• Jo Caudron – Dear Media• Jan Decorte – KOAN• Laurent Deramaix – Microsoft AdvertisingIAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-20144


OVERVIEW is the biggest internet bank in Belgium. My main goalis to develop and manage the business strategy. New online savingsand investment products must always be transparent and at low orno cost. Putting our customers first is what being a contemporarybanker is about.PATRICIA BOYDENSHEAD PRODUCTMANAGEMENT(RABOBANK.BE)MOTIVATIONAs one of the founding IAB Belgium members (working for De Tijdat that time), I’ve invested a great deal in the IAB workgroups duringthe last 14 years: first at Standards & Practices, later as Chairmanof the Efficiency Workgroup and now in the Inspire Workgroup, andalso as a Board member the last four years. By voting for me, you’llget a lot of hands-on extended experience in the Board! We’ve stillgot a lot of projects to realise the next years! Can I count on yourvote? Two more years!AdvertiserPROFILEDigital communication enthusiastic for 5 years now. Previousexperience as an Account Manager in several digital agencies (MyMedia Is Rich, 1MD and Bureau347). I took the step to the advertiseron the 17th of September 2012, as to see things from the other sideand take advantage of my several “agency” skills.DORIAN VAN BEVERDIGITALCOMMUNICATIONMANAGER(D’IETEREN)MOTIVATIONWith the greater integration of online and offline channels newchallenges & opportunities rise, which brands cannot ignoreanymore. The future is definitely social CRM, or how to close theloop (i.e. social media > event > CRM > web > sale) and finallycalculate the ROI of every euro spent. Not talking about newadvertising possibilities, with retargeting, real time bidding …The digital future is bright, but brands shouldn’t miss the train!IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-20145

OVERVIEW CANDIDATESAdvertiserPROFILEHans has more than 15 years (digital) marketing experience &worked with more than 300 brands like CNN, IKEA & Coca-cola;helping them with their cross-channel marketing strategy. Nowworking for Thomas Cook Belgium and his own agency ®Evolution.In the past leader of the taskforce e-mail marketing.HANS SMELLINCKXINNOVATION &MARKETING PROJECTS(THOMAS COOK BELGIUM)MOTIVATIONHans was already active as taskforce leader for several years& introduced the IAB into the pharmaceutical industry in 2012,resulting in the first digital training course in 2013. He’s not onlyhelping big brands with their marketing strategy, but is also asked onregular occasions as a speaker for marketing events. From 2010on, he became member of the board of TEDxFlanders, organizingseveral innovative events with international renowned speakers. Hansis synonym for a person with a huge marketing baggage, driven withan eye for diplomacy & the motivation to get things done!IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-20146

OVERVIEW CANDIDATESDIDIER ACKERMANSDIGITAL ANDMARKETING SERVICESDIRECTOR(AEGIS MEDIA / ISOBAR -IPROSPECT)Media AgencyPROFILEIsobar - iProspect is the leading digital agency amongst all media agencieswith 53 digital experts on a total of 145 employees. From brand equitybuilding to pure online sales, through brand engagement, our strategists,project managers, and specialists cover all aspects of digital communication(SEO/SEA, web and mobile display, social media presence optimization,application conception and dev, real time bidding trading desk…). A strongteam ensuring consistant strong double digit growth, and satisfied clients!MOTIVATIONWith 20 years in communication (spent in most communication expertisesfrom CRM to events, through advertising and digital of course, as well in theadvertiser’s seat as in the comms agency seat or web agency seat. And since 5years now in the digital media) and having the privilege to run a leading digitalagency, I believe I have the right viewpoint to make things move on a wise andcritical way. The project we have set up together with the IAB team and withthe actual board has all it takes to bring the IAB to the next level and make itunavoidable again, despite the greater competition in the association area. Wehave brought IAB back on the right positioning and financial track and I wouldbe honored to be able to continue this project!IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-20147

OVERVIEW CANDIDATESTOM VAN HOOFCLIENT SERVICEDIRECTOR(INITIATIVE / MEDIABRANDS)Media AgencyPROFILESince 1992 I’ve been active in advertising-, digital- and mediaagencies.Initiative is a leading worldwide media agency drivenby performance. In Belgium our key clients are Nationale Loterij,Belfius, Delhaize, Ikea, BMW-Mini, … We offer touchpoint-strategies,-research, -planning & -buying services (this is TV – 2nd screen –internet TV / radio / print /outdoor / (sports)sponsoring / display /real time bidding / social /mobile / search and many more possibletouchpoints ...MOTIVATIONThe changes in our industry and more specifically the Paid-Owned-Earned ecosystem need maximum attention as this is reshapingtodays and tomorrows marcom industry. IAB with a balancedrepresentation of advertisers, creative-/digital-/media-agences,saleshouses and publishers is in a pole position to inspire, educateand support all actors to further develop the exciting state-of-the artfuture of the connected market. My 20 years of varied experienceswill certainly be an asset to bridge and mingle the interests of thedifferent stakeholders.IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-20148

OVERVIEW CANDIDATESAdvertising AgencyPROFILEGeert Desager is COO of DDB and MD for Tribal DDB and hasmore than 16 years of digital experience from the advertiser’s sideas well as the agency side and this for blue chip companies such asMicrosoft, PayPal, McDonalds, IKEA, VW, Audi, Wegener, DDB, TribalDDB, and others.GEERT DESAGERCOO DDB &MANAGING DIRECTORTRIBAL DDB(DDB)MOTIVATIONIn 2007, Steve Ballmer said: “In 10 years everything will be digital!”.We have 4 years left and digital investments in media are barely over10% of total investments. With my experience from both sides of thefence I want to help bridge the gap. If you see how many awardsBelgian agencies receive on international awards shows (creativeas well as design and technical) we have the potential of becominga digital creative hub for the region…and I want to help make thathappen!Advertising AgencyPROFILEFounder of Netlash (later transformed to Wijs) in 2006. Founder of Talking Headsin 2008. Currently CEO of Wijs, digital agency. Wijs is a team of 55 (currently)digital experts, delivering digital marketing communication results for our clients.BART DE WAELECEO(WIJS)MOTIVATIONKnowledge sharing is in our DNA. The mission of Wijs is: “make the weba better place”. Ever since I started working online, I have wanted to helpmove our sector to an even more professional level. (While Netlash was stilljust a web builder, I took up a role in the Board of FeWeb to help build thatsector organization.) What I will bring to the IAB board is my knowledgeof contemporary digital marketing: conversion thinking, search marketing,technical expertise, content & inbound marketing. I will also bring my onlinenetwork and my insatiable hunger to learn new things. It is my intention tostart humble and learn as much as I can about our sector and about IAB –to understand as quickly as possible where and how I can help.IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-20149

OVERVIEW CANDIDATESPublisherPROFILEHead of Product Management - Corelio Connect. Development AdvertisingProducts for all Corelio Brands. Board Member IAB, Oppa Belgium and DMA.2 kids, 1 wife, no dog. Prior: Media: De Persgroep and Sanoma. Experience:Management, Sales, Marketing and Research.MARK DAEMENHEAD OF PRODUCTMANAGEMENT(CORELIO PUBLISHING)MOTIVATIONCollaboration… join forces with advertisers, agencies and sales houses to putwith IAB a strong and incontestable claim on the digital domain. Engagement…supporting creativity and innovation in my company (Corelio) and sharingexperiences. Loyalty… being true to the IAB mission “Grow the digital market”.… building further on the plans I supported in my present IAB Board membership.People’s business… celebrating together with you the future digital success-stories.NOELLE STEVENSHEAD OF MARKETINGNEW MEDIA(RTL BELGIUM)PublisherPROFILEActive in the online industry since 1997, I had the opportunity to work for differentcompanies representing different sectors in our industry that will be represented in thisnew Board. 2010 – Today: RTL – Head of Marketing New Media. 2005 – 2010:I joined Microsoft Advertising as Performance Product Specialist. One year later, Iswitched for B2B marketing function to become Trade Marketing Manager. 2000 –2005: Beweb – Product Manager. 1997 – 2000: MindShare – Digital Manager.MOTIVATIONAt 41 years old and more than 15 years’ experience, I have a solid backgroundin the marketing and online media industry (WPP/Beweb/Microsoft/RTL). I’mactive in several professional associations such as DMA, OPPA and IAB, asvice-president. As Head of Marketing New Media at RTL, my role consists in thedevelopment of strong B2B and B2C strategies. As candidate, my priorities willgo in setting up integrated projects focusing on the consumer. In my day to dayfunction, I track constantly the evolutions in several areas such as iDTV, mobile,consumer’s behavior, new advertising formats and effectiveness measurement. Iwould be very pleased to share my experience with you.IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-201410

OVERVIEW CANDIDATESSales HousePROFILEFounded in 1996, Hi-Media on-line media group is specialized in digitalmedia with two business lines : Online advertising & Digital payment.Hi-Media is the first advertising sales house in Belgium and representspublishers like aufeminin, Skyrock, Kapaza, Mappy, Quefaire, Autoscout24,E-Bay,, E-Santé, Vier & Vijf, ViaMichelin, Brussels Airport, etc.PATRICK STEINFORTMANAGING DIRECTOR(HI-MEDIA BELGIUM)MOTIVATIONDigital and interactive advertising is in continuous development and it is the IAB’smission to help the advertisers to ‘digitalize’ their means of communication. Todo so, the IAB accomplishes a great deal of work with regard to communication,promotion and education. It has also worked out a strategy to anticipate andanalyse the market evolutions that allow the stakeholders to identify the digitalchannels that have reached maturity and the one’s that are in a state of growth.The IAB itself is in continuous development as well and I am filled with the ambitionto actively participate in these developments by greatly adding the required energy.BART SWIMBERGHEMARKETING MANAGER(BELGACOM SKYNET)Sales HousePROFILE2008-today - Belgacom Skynet Advertising - Marketing Manager, Marketing ofthe Skynet Sales House, Publisher relations & Events, BtoB product managementand business development, PR and Communication. 2006-2008: BelgacomSkynet Sales Team manager Portals & Non-Spot Solutions, Team management ofPortal Sales team, Commercial and product sales management of Skynet PortalProducts, Publisher Relations. 2003-2006: Belgacom Skynet - Sales managerE-mailmarketing. 2001-2003: ThePush – Account manager – Part of team behindthe launch of JustForYou.beMOTIVATIONAs member of the IAB workgroup Inspire we have managed to take quite somegood initiatives and make a difference in our market. But I feel that I can have evenmore added value if I’m also part of the Board to determine the long-term vision. Istrongly believe in the role of IAB in this fascinating and fast-changing market andthis in close collaboration with other associations, which is crucial in my eyes. If youvote for me, you go for Positive Thinking, Collaboration, Action & Results.IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-201411

OVERVIEW CANDIDATESBRUNO VAN BOUCQCEO(BEWEB REGIE SA)Sales HousePROFILECEO & founder of BEWEB SA 1995 – now. CEO & founder of ProxistoreSA 2012. Member & founder of Interactive Advertising Bureau 1998 - now.President of Digital Media Association (DMA) 2007 - now. Member of theBoard & Bureau of the Centre Information pour les Medias (CIM) 2003-now. Member of the Board Belgium Management & Marketing Association(BMMA) 2007 – now.MOTIVATIONIt is now more than 18 years that I have the chance to take part in thedevelopments of the world of digital and interactive advertising. What ledme to collaborate in the various workgroups of our association. As foundermember and director of the first hour, my struggle remained the same one:increase the advertising cake on the whole of our so effective supports.It is to me the MISSION. The advertisers still largely need our assistancein understanding or good practices. At the same time, the interactivemedia, technologies, the tools continue their evolutions. To the light ofour association which does not cease growing, it will also be necessary tocontinue the improvement of our structures and our communication.IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-201412

OVERVIEW CANDIDATESDigital Service ProviderPROFILEDearMedia is a leading consulting company that helps organizations deal with digitalchange. We advise our clients in different interactive and digital domains: onlinestrategy, social media, mobile, … We work for large companies like,Colruyt, Argenta, Studio 100, Janssen, Leen Bakker, MTV, Torfs, VW, Audi, …JO CAUDRONPARTNER(DEARMEDIA)MOTIVATIONI am a member of the IAB board since 4 years and I became president 6 months ago.It was a time when the spirit of the original IAB-founders was still present. But it was alsothe start of (economical) crisis. “Interactive” today is no longer what it was up till 4 yearsago. Mobile, tablets, social media, … are changing the entire industry. As the IAB boardwe have been anticipating this change. We are redefining both purpose and activities ofthe IAB and the role it must play as an organization in this very challenging digital future.We have come a long way, but there is still much work to do. And that is why I am againcandidate for the board: to finish the job we have started.Digital Service ProviderPROFILEI work as a partner in Koan ( I have over my 20 years of careerdeveloped a special interest in the TMT sector with a special focus on the onlinemarket. My clients are mainly in the ICT, broadcasting, advertising, publishing,banking, biotechnical and gaming sectors. I also regularly assist venture capitalists intheir private equity investments in the online sector.JAN DECORTEPARTNER - LAWYER(KOAN LEGALSTRATEGIES)MOTIVATIONI have been active as a board member of IAB for some years now and have put my legalknowledge at the disposal of IAB. I intend to assist in setting up and further developing thelegal structures, providing the legal guidance for new projects and ideas, monitoring thecontractual relationships with external parties, supervise the board meetings and ensurea correct corporate housekeeping. New ideas require adapted legal solutions. Externally,the regulatory work on privacy issues should now be brought at a higher pace in view ofthe latest EU developments, in particular with regards to the upcoming Data ProtectionRegulation. I have been working intensively on all these issues of the last years with a lot ofenthusiasm and motivation and I would be very happy to continue using my experienceand legal expertise for and on behalf of the IAB and its members.IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-201413

OVERVIEW CANDIDATESLAURENT DERAMAIXCOUNTRY MANAGER,MICROSOFTADVERTISING BELUX(MICROSOFT)Digital Service ProviderPROFILEMicrosoft Advertising Belgium & Luxemburg is lead by Laurent Deramaix,who started his career at Microsoft in 2010. Before joining Microsoft hewas already active in the media industry as Digital Director at RMB, theadvertising saleshouse of RTBF. Laurent Deramaix has also more than10 years experience in the ICT sector, where he was CRM consultant atTraviata, Sales Manager at IRIS Group and Head of Sales & Marketing atJonckers Software Localization.MOTIVATIONI would be happy, as Microsoft representative, to drive enthusiasm andefficiency around the IAB Belgium project, while helping to set the focus onthe topics and actions that will contribute the best to the development of theBelgian digital ecosystem. I want to build on the great work that has beendone, but also leverage the insights that I get from my network on new trendsand evolutions, in a constantly changing environment. Being part of theboard would be a real accomplishment for the digital passionate that I’vehave always been.IAB BOARD ELECTIONS 2013-201414

IAB-Belgium is the Belgian association for digital and interactive advertising.We represent the interests of 200 advertisers, publishers, sales houses, mediaagencies, advertising agencies and all other companies who deliver digitalservices. IAB-Belgium regulates the market, inspires with research and trainsnew digital experts to grow the market of online advertising.IAB Belgium has the ambition to lead advertisers in this ever-changing,fragmented and complex digital world.The IAB-Community delivers interesting research, whitepapers, news, eventsand cases, but it also provides context by adding the opinions of the digitalexperts.THE EGG, COMMUNICATION NESTRUE BARASTRAAT 1751070 BRUSSELS - BELGIUMFOLLOW IAB-BELGIUM:WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/IABCOMWWW.LINKEDIN.COM GROUP IABBELGIUM FAN CLUBWWW.TWITTER.COM/IAB_BELGIUMTEL: +32 (0)2/526.55.66FAX: +32 (0)2/526.55.60INFO@IAB-BELGIUM.BEWWW.IAB-BELGIUM.BEDIVE INTO THEIAB-COMMUNITY.BESUBSCRIBE NOW, IT’S FREE

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