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The Heroesin our communityby Franklin Mayor Mark BallMy awareness of what is donein our community by volunteersreally focused with the nationalcelebration of Volunteers Day.When we began looking locallyat all the volunteering sections,individually, each of those peopledid a little bit, but collectively, theydid a huge amount. When we didour sums, based just on the basic wage, it ran into billions ofdollars worth of time and effort given freely to help others. Thecontribution of our volunteers is massive and we can never repaythat.Volunteers are our heroes and to me, the heroes of ourcommunity are the mums and dads. They are the ones helpingtheir schools and supporting kids’ sport. Decades later, whenthe kids have grown, many continue to serve. I look back to mychildhood and my parents set a great example.Franklin is disproportionately represented on the positiveside with our volunteers. We can still field sports teams and stillfill our positions on boards of trustees, while in larger centreslike Auckland, they are really struggling. Parents who take aninterest in their kids, encourage them in sport and have someonethere for them when they get home from school, support familyand community values. If you have a look at the professionalsports around the globe, many are struggling because they arerun just as businesses. Sure the business model is important,but we must never forget or let go of the social component. Itis about finding that balance. In the main, amateur sport inNew Zealand continues to thrive because their backbone is thevolunteer, the parent.I am in awe of those people. We have a huge number ofvolunteers in Franklin compared to other communities – outthere day and night, making Franklin ‘tick.’ We have theminvolved in community activities like PTAs and Plunket, serviceclubs like Lions and Rotary, support groups like Hospice andCamp Quality and those making the place safer like FireFighters and Night Patrols. It is so obvious that they all play avital role in the overall health and wellbeing of our community.We all need a focus, a single day to reflect on what it means tobe a New Zealander. Previous governments considered it may beWaitangi Day, so they changed the name to New Zealand Daybut it didn’t provide the impetus, the pride in our nationhoodthat New Zealand was looking for. It’s not about politics orthrowing mud at politicians. What has evolved over the pastfew years is Anzac Day. We’ve seen unprecedented numbersturn out across New Zealand, and certainly in Franklin, withsome 2,000 at the Dawn Parade in Pukekohe this year. It hasreally given us that single day on our calendar where we canacknowledge our heroes of war, but we can also acknowledge theboy scouts, the girl guides, the territorialists, the navy reservists,our volunteer fire fighters, police, and all the women who workbehind the scenes - those who represent us at our Anzac paradeswho, on a daily basis put their lives at risk or quietly support ourcommunity. Anzac Day is an opportunity for us to acknowledgethem, while we acknowledge our war heroes. It’s our real HeroesDay, to celebrate something very special – our caring community.Why Franklin Is Such AnIncredible Community!by Dr Paul Hutchison,MP for HunuaCommunity spirit in Franklin is thestrongest of anywhere I have comeacross in New Zealand, or, for thatmatter, anywhere in the world!The fact that over five hundredpeople packed the Pukekohe TownHall at short notice and with almostno advertising, to express theirstrong view that Franklin should remain separate from the so-called ‘SuperCity’ speaks volumes. By far the majority were there to demonstrate howmuch they cared about the values and community spirit of Franklin!They see it as unique, quite different from urban Auckland, andsomething to be very proud of. The hundreds of letters and emails I havereceived personally, and those published in our local papers overwhelminglyexpress that there is something very special about our community.Franklin is rich in both unsung as well as acknowledged heroes andheroines. From the ranks of the unsung are thousands of selfless peoplewho dedicate their time and energies to helping others in the community.They come out of the woodwork to help in their thousands whenthe call is make. From the huge attendance supporting cancer researchthrough ‘Relay For Life’, to the incredible work done by Franklin Hospice,The Christian Community Centre, Riding for the Disabled, Habitatfor Humanity and countless clubs and organizations like Lions, Rotary,Probus, RSA and church groups.Having spent much of my former life as a surgeon living close to big cityhospitals, I was bemused when first seeking selection to become Memberof Parliament for Port Waikato, to be told I must go to the calf club days.Calf club days epitomize the classic Kiwi school community celebratingthe land. Everyone goes; from the babe in arms to the oldest granny. Insome schools, there is fierce competition for the ‘dad’ who can bake the bestcake. I could hardly believe the elaborate details of the cakes from PollockSchool where rival men, seven foot tall, would set aside their tractors andmilk sheds to spend days designing the winning masterpiece – only to haveit auctioned, and eaten, all for the common good.Franklin has the whole spectrum of activities supported by a vast rangeof organizations – historical societies, Waiuku Woodturners, AwhituLandcare, the Kariaotahi Surf Life Saving Club, the Tahuna Marae gym,Plunket, Playcentre, the Matakawau Fair… and the list goes on.A year ago I brought the Hon Chris Finlayson into Franklin to talkto people involved with Arts and Culture. He was stunned and amazedby the vast number of people involved. He heard about the annual ArtsFestival, the Pukekohe Light Opera Company and was inspired by thededication of those involved with the new Onewhero Performing ArtsCentre. Underpinning each of these organizations are committed peoplepassionate about our area. Every type of sports organization in the bookfrom horse and motor racing to hang gliding, from rugby to netball, soccer,cricket and clay pigeon shooting are represented. Counties ManukauSports does an amazing job!At every A & P Show the Lions are always there and Rotary gives hugeservice to our community.On ANZAC Day, at every little hamlet and town, people gather ingreater numbers, year by year, to remember the sacrifices of those who havegiven us the freedom we now enjoy.Franklin has extraordinary national beauty and diversity, but what makesit truly incredible is expressed by that well known Maori sayinghe aha te mea nui he tangata he tangataWhat is the most important thingIt is people, it is people.Advertising sales 09 239 1699, sales@elocal.co.nz www.elocal.co.nz 9

PunjabiBaisakhiPukekohe May 20091 234 5761. Nimi Bedi – MC of the celebrations.Photos2. Girls’ group from Punjabi Cultural Association by Ranjit Singh Ahulwalia3. Boys’ group from Punjabi Cultural Association4. North Shore group5. Jagan Jot & Dil taj Singh6. Expressing joy through dance7. Everyone join in!8. Magician Andy Walker amused the children9. Special guests (left front) Raj Bedi, Prithipal Singh, Dr Paul Hutchison, VeerKhar, Manjit Singh, Paul Singh Bains, Kulbir Singh, Beant Singh Jador, Dr Shergill.(Back) Iqbal Kaur Ahulwalia, Nimi Bedi, Mrs Shergill and Gurpreet Kaur10Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz8 9

Photo by Massive CompanyFree ParkingGeorge Hawkins, ex Mayor of Papakura and MP for Manurewahad a vision – to provide the community with a well-appointedEntertainment and Conference Centre. Twenty years on and underprofessional management the newly named Hawkins Theatre isbeing reinvented. We continue to support local organisations thatuse the Hawkins Theatre and we strive to put the venue on the mapfor professional dance and theatre companies, comedy, music, filmand festivals. In addition, as a passionate and dedicated creativeteam, we are working on a number of exciting projects to benefitSouth Auckland.The Hawkins Theatre is a tremendous asset to the area andits success is dependent on the community’s support. Theprogramming of professional shows such as Taki Rua Productions’“Strange Resting Places”, Jennifer Ward-Lealand’s “The Look ofLove”, Massive Company’s “Whero’s New Net” and Moana & TheTribe makes live theatre accessible to a wide a range of audiencemembers, because it’s all about you – the community. You are theaudience today and in the future. If there is something or someoneyou want to see at your theatre, let the office know. We welcomefeedback from our community.The Hawkins Theatre in association with ZontaSouth Auckland and Drury Rotary presentStrange Resting PlacesBy Rob Mokoraka & Paolo RotondoJULY 1-213 RaySmall Drive“...a spellbinding gem of a show that will have youlaughing a lot and crying just a little” – NZ HeraldCast: Paolo Rotondo (Shortland Street), Rob Mokaraka(King & Country), Maaka Pohatu (Taku Waimarie)Bookings: 1st July09 298 65072nd July 09 361 1000www.iticket.co.nzThe Hawkins Report, first edition fromMay to July 2009, is filled withinformation on what’s happening atthe Hawkins Theatre in Papakura. Besure to pick up your copy from one ofthe many local cafes, clubs andbusinesses that are supporting the Artsin South Auckland.MUSICFILMCOMEDYTHEATREFASHIONMATARIKI 2009Moana and the Tribeperforming live at theHAWKINS THEATRE17th July11

To All Our Veterans, CommunityHeroes And SupportersWE SALUTE YOU!Anzac Day Pukekohe 2009Lest We Forget12Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz

IntroducingFranklin eLocal’snew columnby Helen ShawOur consultantswill visit your homewithin 72 hours.RING NOW!5 Smales RoadEast Tamaki09 913 31100508 736682w w w . b a t h r o o m d i r e c t . c o . n zSHOWROOM& DISPLAY AREAPATUMAHOE0 8 0 0 7 7 6 2 8 4www.probuilt.co.nzWelcome to my very first column for eLocal. It’s very exciting to behere and share my design knowledge with you!Just a little intro:Having completed my training with Sylvia Sanford and discoveringI had an addiction to houses and design, I set about finding a positionin the work force to satisfy this. I took on a position at Levenes as acurtain consultant to broaden my knowledge and to indulge in mylove of fabrics.An opportunity then arose to join Resene Paints Ltd. This leadto a long partnership with the company as a consultant and in amanagement role. Needing more time to devote to PicturebookInteriors, I joined the team at Midas Tiles on a part time basis.This gave me the time I needed and the opportunity to broaden myproduct knowledge in another field.A little villa attached to the church at 12 Wesley Street inPukekohe became available for rent at the same time as I was lookingfor a permanent home for Picturebook Interiors. I instantly fell in lovewith it, rented it, and was astounded to find it was in near originalcondition. Slowly but surely the renovations are proceeding.I am very fortunate to be sharing the villa with two wonderfulladies, Barbara and Maxine. Barbara has been creating andmanufacturing curtains and blinds for a considerable number ofyears, both in the UK and New Zealand. Each commission she takeson is treated with the utmost care and attention and the look of thefinished product is the main driving force behind her passion. MaxineMcCort, a massage therapist, sub rents the original parson’s study.The ambiance of the villa drew her to it, and she and her clients agree,there is something very special about 12 Wesley Street.My passion is colour, fabric and texture and making something wonderfulout of nothing. This has lead to presenting seminars for Resene at theAuckland Home Shows on colour and design for the past two years.I am also a consultant to the Property Profilers. They gave me aninteresting consultancy at a Kohimaramara home which was to besold at auction and was in desperate need of a little TLC. This lead toan item on TV One’s close up programme which showed the housein its very raw state and again after its ‘makeover’, highlighting whatto do when marketing properties for sale. I had my knowledge of TVbroadened. We filmed for several hours for it to be squeezed into two5 minute segments!Each month I will be covering a different design topic. We willalso have the ‘Tip of the Month’ and a ‘Tricks of the Trade’ section.I would love readers to send questions to me via email - all questionsand answers will be personally answered and posted in the blogsection of my web site. I will then select one question a month to befeatured in eLocal.Till next month, take those fur throw rugs out of storage, investin a new minkie blanket and curl up with a great magazine, one onbeautiful homes of course, and a box of delicious chocolates.Enjoy! HelenPh 09 238 5461, 0274 481 440, helen@picturebookinteriors.co.nzwww.picturebookinteriors.co.nzAdvertising sales 09 239 1699, sales@elocal.co.nz www.elocal.co.nz 13

Jackie with Megan, aged two monthsFamily’s life ruined bynightmare birth“I watched it happen.That’s what they did tomy wife and daughter”week scan, she was still saying it was a 6lb baby.”Mike: “The midwife told us we could have another scan justbefore the due date, but that it was bad for the baby to get scanafter scan and repeated that it was just fluid. We were first timeparents. She was very confident so we thought it was all good. Wedidn’t look at the paper work until later – with six weeks to gobefore she was due, the child was then about 6lb. It doesn’t take arocket scientist to tell that the child was going to gain weight overthe final weeks and would not be 6lb at birth.”On March 26 2005, Jackie went into labour at 3 o’clock in themorning. The midwife arrived just before 8am and the couple wentto Pukekohe Maternity Unit, where a water birth was planned.Jackie was assessed and told to “get pushing”. The midwife decidedto “speed things up” by breaking Jackie’s waters. The result was atiny trickle – there was hardly any fluid. Jackie was right - it wasall baby. The midwife ignored the warning sign and told Jackieto push. She said Jackie was fully dilated. “She got a colleague tocheck how my baby was positioned.” At 1pm, an ambulance tookJackie to Middlemore. In the ambulance the midwife told thecouple: “physically the baby will not fit – it looks like it’s going tobe a caesarian.” At Middlemore Hospital, the examining doctortold Jackie she was not fully dilated.Mike: “At the hospital the doctor spoke about an epidural.Jackie was in a lot of pain. The doctor looked at her briefly, thenwas called away. This happened ½ a dozen times. He would startto examine her and be interrupted by his pager. At one stage hewas holding his pager while he was examining her. I believe henever had a decent time to properly examine Jackie. He couldn’tconcentrate and overlooked the severity of the situation. Thehospital later sent us an ‘advocate’ email to apologise for this actionand the lack of communication by the doctor, but he subsequentlydenied the incident with the pager had ever happened, to theHealth and Disability enquiry. I was there. I witnessed all of it. ”At 6pm, Jackie was told about what to expect for a caesarian andwas prepped. An hour later the plan was abandoned without tellingthe Feltons what was going on. Jackie was told to continue pushing.“The midwife told me that if I didn’t push, I might get a caesarian,and I would regret it.”Mike was by this stage becoming extremely agitated. “I thought,how urgent is our case? Now we are on the backburner. A seniormidwife examined Jackie and mentioned an “asian pelvis” and thatJackie was extremely dry. We later found there had been a study ofmixed race births out for two years, because of the difficulties withthe size of asian pelvises. They should have known about that at thehospital. The senior midwife did.”“The doctor came back at 9pm and said “let’s have a baby.”He unpacked the vontuce equipment, with suction cap, to pullthe child out. The head appeared, but soon the doctor was very“We were expecting our first child and were delightedwhen the scan showed it was a little girl. But at the laterstages of pregnancy, we were both uneasy. Jackie washuge. People asked if we were having twins. We wentback to the midwife several times and asked her aboutthe size of the baby. She kept assuring us it was a 6lbbaby, with a lot of fluid.”Mike and Jackie Felton of Pukekohe continued to beconcerned. Jackie, who is Chinese, could feel the babywas big. “I was packed. The baby filled me. I asked if Iwas eating too much, I was so concerned. We asked themidwife more than 10 times about its size, but at the 3214Megan in Intensive Care at Middlemore

nervous, he was sweating. I noticed that there was nothingregistering on the monitoring screen. The child was jammed.People pressed down on Jackie’s stomach. They had her push atall bizarre angles. Others pulled at the child. Hospital records sayit took five minutes to get the child fully out. It was a total messup.Our midwife was dry retching in the corner. ICU peoplewere hovering just outside the door and worked for 20 minutes toresuscitate Megan.’Megan’s birth weight was 10lb. She was whisked to ICU, withMike by her side. “At ICU the care was completely different. Onedoctor broke off his holidays to come in and keep Megan alive. Ifonly the care had been that good for the delivery.”The day after Megan’s birth, the delivering doctor and a seniordoctor came to Jackie’s room to try to smooth over the trauma.They told her that it had been a “textbook delivery” and to “getover it.” Jackie was in a room where other mothers had theirbabies and Mike asked if she could be moved to a room on herown. She was taken to a room that was infested with fleas, withceiling tiles missing; a room they found out later was in line forfumigation. Meanwhile, Megan remained in intensive care for amonth, with tubes to keep her alive. When she came home, thenightmare was not over. A tube stayed in Megan’s nose to feedher intravenously. She was a very sick little girl. The Feltons’ longbattle had just begun.Mike and Jackie had been assured at several meetingswith hospital management that they would be given everyassistance to obtain help for Megan through ACC. But it wasjust the opposite. It took a year for the Health and Disabilitycommissioner to release his findings. He found that “the midwifedid a satisfactory job and there was no breach.” The doctor wasfound to be in breach of Right 4(1) of the Code, “in failing toexercise reasonable care and skill in this aspect of his obstetricmanagement.” He was found to have failed to read the CTGmonitor correctly, that he should have done other tests forthe wellbeing of the child but didn’t and that he should haveconsulted with a superior about the length and difficulty of thelabour. He was asked to apologise to the Feltons. Instead, he leftthe country during the investigation. An apology followed later,through his lawyer in Australia.One doctor advised ACC that “the child’s wellbeing was upand down all the way. At the hospital Jackie was given drugs thatwere not appropriate for the situation, with the non reassuringCTG. ..there was significant delay in the delivery of babyMegan, especially during the late first stage and second stageof labour.” They heard also that ante natal scans on November3 and February 8 both showed above average in foetal growth.Astonishingly, the commissioner’s verdict was that Megan’s braininjuries were due to “unforeseen circumstances, not an accident.”ACC followed that finding by denying the Feltons help forMegan, stating that Megan was brain damaged because hershoulders got stuck during delivery. “I know it’s not right,” saysMike. “There were too many indicators before the delivery thatMegan was too big to be born without a caesarian.”An independent world leader in the field of brain damage inutero, paediatric scientist Professor Peter Gluckman, reviewedthe case for the Feltons. He concluded that Megan’s injuries werecaused by ”medical mishap.” He questioned why the ethnicityof the mother and the size of the baby were not picked up. Hesaid there was “early compromise of the foetal brain…that CTGevedence suggested foetal tachycardia and loss of heart ratevariability from the initial recording”. “Properly given treatmentwould not be expected to result in birth injuries as serious asthose suffered by Megan.” (see footnote 1)HDC countered thisJoinThe Questpage 16Advertising sales 09 239 1699, sales@elocal.co.nzTo Help Support Those In NeedElocal Will Donate $25 To A CharityOf Your Choice With Every BookPurchased $49.95LIMITED EDITION“We at elocal consider this June ‘FranklinHeroes’ edition a vital publication to our uniqueFranklin area. elocal are proud to be part of astrong, healthy community who really do rollup the sleeves and ‘muck-in’. As part of ourcontinuing support for our community, elocalwill donate $25 (50%) of the purchase price ofeach spectacular case-bound Franklin Yearbookpurchased during the month of June to a charityof your choice from the list below. Wesupport our local heroes, join elocal to helpsupport those in need”Mykeljon WinckelEditor elocal.Franklin HospiceSalvation ArmyOrder of St JohnTough LoveMegan Felton’s familyPlunketWestpac Rescur HelicoptersOther Choice?elocal InBuy A BookAnd HelpPOSTAGEAdd $7per bookTo Order and Donate CALLeLocal 09.239.1699 ext 3www.elocal.co.nz15

Mike and Jackie Felton with Enya (left) and Meganby refusing to recognise the professor’s qualifications. (ProfessorGluckman has just been appointed Chief Science Advisor toPrime Minister John Key). The Feltons were on their own, with aseverely brain damaged child.A year later, a second daughter, Enya was born. This time, thecouple sought specialist care and delivered at Auckland Hospital– by caesarean. “I was crying during the delivery. The doctor askedme what was wrong. I said –it’s because it is so easy. Why didn’tthey do this for my Megan?” says Jackie.Before Megan’s birth, Mike worked as an engineer and Jackiewas a bank officer. The couple had everything to look forward toas they started their family. When they took Megan home, theirlives changed forever. Jackie realised that if Megan continuedto be fed through her nose, she would lose all sensation in hermouth. Jackie removed the tube and began a painstaking labourof love – to feed Megan for hours each day, constantly monitoringto ensure the helpless child received enough nourishment.Authorities who visited gave the impression that Megan wouldbe taken and placed in care if the tube was not replaced, but thecouple stuck to their conviction that Megan would improve, withtime and effort.That effort is enormous. Megan’s care is 24/7. Two hours ofsleep a night is the norm. “We sometimes meet in the hall atmidnight,” says Mike. “With so little sleep, it was impossible tokeep my job. I’m a fulltime caregiver, helping Jackie look afterEnya and Megan. After four years, it’s taken its toll. Our healthis bad, but we won’t give up on Megan or give her away. We liveon a sickness benefit, with a disability allowance for Megan.That doesn’t nearly cover our expenses. It costs $300 a week justto meet Megan’s needs. She is at the doctor’s all the time withthroat infections. Jackie takes her to conductive education threetimes a week in Auckland – that costs $150 in fuel and diesel tax.She should go everyday, but we can’t afford it. We are paying amortgage and use the credit card to get basics like food. WINZhas given us emergency allowances for food. I hate asking for helplike that, but we’ve tried all appropriate avenues and we can’t doanymore. Our house is a shell, we’ve sold almost everything. Atrip to Pak n Save is our only family outing. Enya suffers, becauseMegan takes so much of our attention. We have no life at all, but wehave to keep going.”When Megan was 2 ½ the Feltons used all their savings totake Megan to China to receive a mix of traditional and moderntreatments over 1 ½ years. Megan responded well, but with moneyrunning out and Enya needing an urgent eye operation, the familyreturned to New Zealand. “Megan has improved so much withJackie’s perseverance. The intensive rehabilitation in China helped,but we learnt that the outcome would have been better if we hadtaken her there between 6 and 18 months of age. She can crawl tothe door and can feed, suck and drink.”When asked what, of all their needs, was the most important,Mike replied. “We want to take Megan to Germany for stem celltreatment while her brain is still developing. Bone marrow wouldbe taken from her hip, sent to England to be purified, then injectedback into her spine. There have been good results for cerebralpalsy with the treatment. We believe those two simple operationsare what is needed to bring her to the next level of improving herquality of life. We will never stop fighting for that.” Mike andJackie are prepared to sell their home to pay for the two week trip toDusseldorf, treatment and accommodation – estimated at $25,000.Megan is a beautiful child. As Jackie finishes feeding her, Mikelifts Megan from her chair and lies her on the floor, where she graspsa toy and rolls around. She listens to the music on the TV, dances,jigging on her knees and smiles with pleasure. Enya clamoursfor her parents’ attention, while Mike moves quickly from one tothe other. He never relaxes, driven by anger and frustration at hispowerlessness to protect his wife and daughter that fateful day fouryears ago.Jackie: “I know that my lovely daughter is trapped in there, andwon’t ever stop helping her find her way out.”Footnote1 - Professor Gluckman’s quote was supplied by Dr. Paul Hutchison,MP for Hunua.Editor: Mike and Jackie would like to personally thank Dr PaulHutchison and Barbara Knowles of the Hunua Electorate Office for theirconstant support over three years, Stuart Keven who donated a loungesuite and single bed and everyone who is getting behind them. If you wishto help/donate call Mike on 09 238 4839.16 Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz

DAVID REID SHOW HOME EXPERIENCERACHAEL VEALE & BRYCE GESNELL“First impressions last and these houses give a great firstimpression which lasts from the time you walk through thedoors as you walk through the whole house until you leave -in our case we didn’t want to. These houses are veryspacious, yet give you the ability to close off areas forprivacy and/or entertaining. Yes, I believe that all theadded extras such as sensored lighting, solar power, builtin vacuum & audio controls recall set these houses apartfrom others. It sets the standard high for other builders.”MARTIN LEE“Nice and large, hasa very familyoriented sense inand out flow.”ALWIN STUJDA“AbsolutelyStunning. Openplan living, definitelyquality.”SHOW HOME: 17 Hinua Road,Karaka Lakes, KarakaPh: 09 298 2750www.davidreidhomes.co.nzCALL IN TODAY!IT WILL FEELLIKE HOME...Under new ownershipBRENDON HAMILLManaging DirectorExperience Counts. In the building industry it is impossible to replace experience.The traditional building skills of the past are more important today than they have ever been.Brendon Hamill the owner of David Reid Homes Counties Limited has been building qualityhomes for the last 20 years. Brendon says, “the day I started my apprenticeship my bossPeter drummed into me the importance of quality. That is why I love the David Reid Homebrand, it is no nonsense, totally focused on quality and meeting customers expectations”. AsBrendon says, “my building experience covers all spectrums of the industry, which is unusualtoday, ranging from being the foreman on the Sky City entrance through to building qualityhomes in the greater Counties district”. David Reid Homes are backed with their “DRHPerformance Guarantee”.17

MEN’S HEALTH WEEKJune 15 - 21stPukekohe Family Health Care10 West Street Pukekohe09 237 0280HOW IS YOUR MOTOR RUNNING ?Every bloke that has a Men’s Health Check at a localPro-Care practice in the next month should get a Men’sHealth Pack and a voucher to take to Pukekohe VTNZ fora discount on your car’s next WOF.Pukekohe Family Health Care nurses are runningMens Check clinics for our registered patientsduring June - book an appointment today!For more info:www.sparc.org.nz/getting-active for information that may help you Push Play;www.alac.org.bnz for a quick quiz to check out your drinking;www.quit.org.nz for information about how to get help to give up smoking;www.nhf.org.nz for an on-line heart risk assessment which includes suggestionsabout ways to decrease your risk;www.outoftheblue.org.nz for information and help with depresison;www.m5project.com.au run by GPs to help with the appalling statistic that inAustralia, 5 men every hour die from potentially preventable illnesses.Franklin Healthy Lifestyles GroupProudly Presents …PARKandPLAYIt’s FREE !!Check out the PARK closest to you.For Men’s Health PromotionThis is an invitation for all Dads,Uncles, Brothers and Grand Dadsto bring along the kids to PLAY atyour local PARK.THE ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:Find the FACTS orienteering course“OLD SCHOOL” RELAYSe.g. egg and spoon, three legged raceRIPPA RUGBYTUG OF WARIS IT TIME FOR YOU TOHAVE AN ANNUALWARRANT OF FITNESS?Dr Rod Wynne-JonesMEN’S HEALTH FACTSAccording to research, eight out of ten men admit to waitingtoo long before going to their doctor. Men from all walks oflife often ignore health symptoms and delay seeing thedoctor when if seen earlier, preventative treatment couldhave been taken.Cardiovascular disease is still the highest cause of death inNew Zealand men. Often simple measures like controllingblood pressure, cholesterol and testing for diabetes have notbeen done, basically because men have been apparentlytoo busy to have a check up.A ‘Well Man’s Check’ at your doctor would also check manyother things. This check would include checking for weight,alcohol and smoking status, your family history, a skin cancercheck, exercise levels, stress/mood as well as blood and urinetests.Cancer is the second biggest killer. Lung cancer still has thehighest cancer death rate in New Zealand. Ask your medicalprofessional about smoking cessation support. Medicationslike nicotine replacement therapy can increase your chanceof success by 50%, especially if given as part of a supportivestop smoking programme which can even be web based.Bowel cancer is the second leading cause of cancer. It isimportant to report any rectal bleeding or a change in theway your bowel works to your doctor. A family history ofbowel cancer substantially increases your risk. Bowel cancerscreening is undertaken overseas and soon to be trialed inNew Zealand.Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer(other than skin cancer) and is the 3rd largest cause ofcancer death. In New Zealand around 2 500 men arediagnosed with prostate cancer each year and around 600men will die from it. Although screening men who don’t havesymptoms is controversial, many men choose to have aprostate check as part of a ‘Well Man’s Check’. This isespecially important if there is a family history of prostatecancer. This would involve a PSA blood test and sometimes aphysical examination.TuakauDr. Lightbody ReserveSunday 7th June10am-12pmPukekoheBledisloe ParkSunday 14th June1am-3pm18Port WaikatoMarae Fields, Stack RdSunday 21st June1pm-3pmWaiukuHamilton Estate FieldsSunday 28th June1pm-3pm

“I thought they were mountains – but theywere rubbish heaps as big as the Bombay Hills.People were living there...”Boyd’s trips with Tear Fund were life changingWhen Boyd Maxwell of Pukekohe joined Tear Fund as anAdvocate three years ago, he wasn’t prepared for the impact ofseeing thousands of people living on rubbish dumps in India, orthe same struggle for survival in the Philippines.“I had seen the images on TV and believed in what Tear Fund wasdoing, but to actually experience it has meant I will never be thesame again,” says Boyd. “Two years ago I went to India with TearFund for three weeks, to New Delhi, Mumbai and Hydrebad. WhatI experienced was both humbling and inspiring. It was my first timein slums, and despite a preparatory DVD before our group of peoplefrom all over New Zealand left, to be honest, I wasn’t prepared forit.”123“We were welcomed in Delhi by a group of beautifully dressedchildren, singing and dancing – they were just delightful. Thenwe walked across the road to the slums where they lived. Tenthousand people were living there, on one big rubbish dump.Homes were made from bits of tin for the roof with bags hangingover the sides – up to eight people would live there. There’s asmell that’s hard to explain – no electricity, no water, no sewerage.We found out that the pigs around the place were what cleanedup the sewerage. There are always fires burning – that’s for thebodies of those who have died the day before. These people areconsidered the ‘Untouchables,’ they are born there and die there,with no one keeping any records – that’s hard to understand in ourorganised society. Anyone can end up there, by going out of work,for example.And yet, in those appalling conditions, there are the mostinspiring people working. One amazing doctor has trained over80 women who can’t read or write to be midwives and to take careof minor medical things. This doctor works like that in over 16slums.My role as an Advocate was to observe what is being doneby Tear Fund and Compassion and to come back to report onthe work. Sometimes people say that the problem is too big,that nothing can change it – but the difference in the lives offamilies who are helped and for the children who are sponsored isenormous. People in Tear Fund centres are bright with hope; theyare receiving something that gives them not just survival, but a reallife and future.I’ve just come back from the Philippines – the same slums, thesame situation. One family we visited was a woman with fourchildren and her sister with one child living in a tiny area the sizeof a small bathroom. The kids slept in one bed and at night themother crawled up into a hole in the roof. The mother was ableto help her mother in law, who sold vegetables and she was paidin unsold vegetables, but they had no money at all. That ‘bit of20 Support your local community www.elocal.co.nz page 22

GIVE YOUR PROPERTY ANAUTUMN MAKEOVERWithWINNER2008ActionCOACHBusiness AwardsDo you want a lush green lawn, aperfectly manicured garden orto get rid of muddy paths?Ace Landscapes can give your property a makeover so you can relax and know yourgarden will blossom in spring!If your garden is overgrown, your trees need pruning or your pathways are muddyand need to be repaved, we can help. Our team specializes in a range of servicesfrom retaining walls to general garden maintenance.“Ace Landscapes are brilliant! I have so much more time to do things. . .”BrendonWe’ll help you decide exactly what you want and how best to get it in the leastamount of time and money, while still giving you the best quality service andproducts available.Call us TODAY on (09) 299 343485 and you’ll receive $100 worthof landscaping material FREE!**Conditions apply. Materials must be used on the AUTUMN MAKEOVER job.OUR 5 UNIQUE GUARANTEESFOR YOUR GARDEN:1. Kept Informed: You know whatis happening on your job withclear communication which savesyou stress.2. Left Clean: When your projectis finished we leave the sitecleaner than when we started.3. Fixed Price: What we quote youwill be what you are chargedupon completion so there are noexpensive surprises!4. Value for Money: You get truevalue for your money because ourstaff are highly experienced andskilled and we have access to awide variety of the best productsavailable.5. Timely: We understand thatyour time is important thereforewe keep to our appointments.Call: 09 299 3485 Fax: 09 299 3488Email: style@acelandscapes.co.nz Web: www.acelandscapes.co.nzVoucher forFREE landscaping materialsValues at $100. Limited spaces left!This voucher entitles the bearer to a $100 worth of FREElandscaping materials to be used on an AUTUMN MAKEOVER job.Not redeemable for cash. Offer expires 30th June 2009

4a thing’ she was living in cost her 750 pesos a month and she wasfour months behind with the rent. They were all about to be putout onto the streets. This is not uncommon, but because the babywas funded by Compassion, Tear Fund and Compassion were awareof the situation and someonewould go in to help. Althoughit is an understandable reactionto want to give money for rent,Tear Fund is very careful thatfunds are used for long termbenefits. There is a move torelocate people from the slumsinto the country, where theyare helped and absorbed intorural communities. People therehave no money either, but fruitlike coconut and pineapples isgrowing all around and there isa chance for a better life.In the Philippines, we sawwhere villagers were helped toharness a spring to bring waterinto the village. They had tomake a financial contributionand provide labour – then they‘owned’ the project and wouldtake care of it.In Manila, we looked at a Kaibegon shelter for slum dwellers.Some of those helped had been hard core criminals – in gangs,drug users and pushers. They now work to help other slumdwellers. Their transformation makes them ideal to understandthe problems facing people living like this, and their example giveshope that people’s lives can be changed.”Helping people start small business is an integral part of thework by Tear Fund. Called micro enterprise, people are given smallloans which they pay back into the loan fund once their businessis making a profit. The idea has been a huge success worldwide,giving people who have nothing but their skills and imaginationa chance to provide for themselves and their families – oftenproviding employment for others.David Bussau was a New Zealand entrepreneur who decidedthat if people like himself could make a fortune, then people givena chance to start their own businesses in Third World countriescould become self sufficient. He wanted to give something back.David was abandoned as a child and raised in orphanages andboys’ homes, so he could relate to those who come from toughcircumstances. He was a builder who went to Indonesia in 1975to help rebuild a village destroyed by an earthquake. Under hisguidance, the villagers also built a small dam to provide water.New businesses Bussau loaned money to in Bali becameprosperous and since then, his idea of economic empowermentthrough Tear Fund has spread across the world – a new jobis created every 30 seconds somewhere in the Third World.Commercial solutions to social problems have now touched 20million people world-wide. David Bussau proved that even a smallamount of help could make a huge difference and turn the tide ofpoverty and suffering. He called the aftermath of the Boxing Daytsunami ‘the worst natural disaster I’ve ever seen,’ but was soonengaged in showing people how to recycle the shattered buildingmaterials left behind and to start again.Boyd: “My two trips with Tear Fund have left me with somevivid impressions. One was of two little plastic toys, still in theirplastic wrapping, stuck to the wall in a family home. They wouldhave cost about $2 here, but they were there for the five kids tolook at. I went to a house in New Zealand, where there was ahuge heap of soft toys piled against a wall. Some people have somuch, and some so little. I am sure the children in the slums of22

Chris Hughes (Drury)Anand Kana (Pukekohe)Jordan Graham (Papakura), Matt Humber (Pukekohe),Rebekah Dewhurst (Pukekohe)ACG STRATHALLANWORLDCLASSEDUCATIONon your doorstepYour child deserves the best!· A stimulating academic environment where a love of learning is fostered.· The Cambridge International Curriculum from Years 1 to 13. Students areranked top in New Zealand in the Cambridge International Examinations.· The campus is located within the picturesque landscapes of Karaka.· Sporting and creative talents are nurtured.· A safe and caring environment where students are valued and life-longfriendships are formed.ENROLLING NOWPreschool - from 2 months | School - Years 1 to 6 | College - Years 7 to 13ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS2010 Scholarships available for Years 12 and 13Caring, Private Tuition gives Great ResultsIs your child falling behind at school? Still excited about learning? Stoppedtrying? Is your child frustrated? Is there perhaps a physical issue behindyour child’s learning problems?At Pukekohe Kip McGrath Education Centre achievement is naturaland fun. The positive and supportive learning environment promotesself esteem, boosts your child’s confidence and helps them achieve theirpersonal best. Pukekohe Kip McGrath specialises in tutoring PrimarySchool students in Maths, Reading, Spelling and Comprehension alongwith Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology to secondarystudents. They also offer other services such as Dyslexia programmes,screening for the visual perception problem Irlen Syndrome andprogrammes for adults undergoing career changes or development. As astrong supporter of education in the Franklin District the Pukekohe KipMcGrath Education Centre also regularly sponsors school based activities.Centre manager Chris Beal is assisted by an enthusiastic team of tutorswho are all experienced teachers. They gain great professional satisfactionand enjoyment from seeing students benefit from their individualisedtutoring.Give your child the confidence to do their best at school. Contact KipMcGrath today to see what could be possible for your child. Courses can bestarted at any time during the school year and you will get a free assessmentto ascertain your child’s individual needs.A Brighter FuturePRIMARY AND SECONDARY STUDENTSWELCOMEKip McGrath Education Centres Calculus Statistics Chemestry Biology PhisicsReadingSpellingEnglishMathsSenior SubjectsOpen Day | Saturday 20 June 10.30am - 2.30pmCome to our Open Day on Saturday 20June. Meet our students and teachersand experience the unique learningenvironment that will give your childthe competitive advantage.STR043ELO2km from Papakura off-ramp, Hayfield Way, Karaka.Phone 295-0830 or visit www.acgedu.com10 A King Street, Pukekohe ph. 09 238 9171bealfamily@xtra.co.nz0800 888 674 or visit www.kipmcgrath.comAdvertising sales 09 239 1699 www.elocal.co.nz25

airway management. Our vehicle is packed in separate sections withspecialist equipment for the role that we do. Everyone who is qualifiedin the ambulance service will tell you it’s mainly first aid that sees youthrough, along with being calm and having a lot of common sense. Ihave had some bizarre calls – even for a stubbed toe. But there are alsothe little old ladies who finally call after suffering severe chest pain forhours, but didn’t want to bother anyone. It’s better to call for help if youcan’t cope, that’s what we are here for.What is the procedure followed for callouts?We first assess and stabilise the patient, calling for an ambulance if oneis necessary and when we are called for backup, we assist the paramedics.Sometimes an ambulance isn’t necessary and patients can go to hospitalby car. We aren’t doctors but are specialists in what we do, dealing withpre-hospital situations and ensuring patients receive the care they need.INTERVIEWRAPID RESPONSEadvanced paramedicsready to answer the callMike van de Westerlo is an Advanced Paramedic, one of four in theSpecialist Emergency Response Team (SERT), with the Order of StJohn, in its busy Northern Region. The team cover a large area fromSilverdale in the north to Mercer/Meremere in the south and providevital backup for ambulance services in Pukekohe and Waiuku, aswell as working closely with the police and the fire service.What is the role of the St John Ambulance Specialist EmergencyResponse Team?We have four fulltime staff, who provide a 24/7 cover, working two dayand two night shifts to ensure one advanced paramedic is available allthe time. We are all advanced paramedics who are employed as rapidresponse if no ambulance is immediately available or if an ambulancecrew calls for backup. We also support the Police Armed OffendersSquad, Police Search and Rescue and the Fire Service, we have been asfar south as Rotorua and Te Kuiti in that role.What kind of callouts do you receive?The majority of our calls are medical, with trauma – road or workaccidents – comprising around 10-15% of the work. Our workload hasincreased significantly in recent years from one or two callouts a day tosometimes 12-14 a day if not more. We never know what will comeup, every day and every job is different. We can be sent anywhere andeverywhere. I call what we do ‘Advanced First Aid with Toys,’ referringto such things as defibrillator, cardiac drugs, IV access and advancedHow much call is there for Armed Offenders backup?We are called to an Armed Offenders situation at least once or twice aweek, sometimes more – that frequency is just a fact of life. Our primaryrole is to provide close tactical medical support to the police, victims,bystanders and the offender. SERT was officially set up in 2001 afterthe Schlaepfer shootings which occurred at Paerata about 17 years ago,where there were multiple casualties and a huge turnout by the ArmedOffenders Squad. It was realised that some form of permanent tacticalmedical response was needed.How risky is your role as a SERT paramedic?Every job we attend in the service carries a risk - if at any stage we feelthreatened, we leave and call the police. Yet when working with thepolice, our level of response is dictated by the level of threat.How is the Order of St John Ambulance Service funded?The bulk is funded by donations, bequests, Ministry of Health, ACCand District Health Boards and patient-part charges. There are just twoambulances, one based at Pukekohe, the other at Waiuku, to cover theFranklin area, usually with a single paramedic attending callouts, so morevolunteers are immensely important.What decided you to become a paramedic?I had gone as far as I could in my previous job and wanted somethingmore challenging. I joined the Ambulance Service at the bottom as avolunteer at Pukekohe, then while working fulltime as a paramedic allthrough South Auckland, Pukekohe, Papakura, Manukau, Howick andOtara, I enrolled at university and studied part time for 3 ½ years.I qualified as an Advanced Paramedic in 2006 and completed my degreeas well as the selection course for SERT in 2007.My wife Amanda is also a paramedic, so we often swap work stories as aform of stress relief.The service will train you to paramedic level; the next stage is to enrolin university and train to be an Advanced Paramedic. Others push onto obtain a Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedics) degree. The otheroption is to go straight to university for three years and on completion todo a 2-3 year internship with St John.If you want a career in the ambulance service, I would advise joining as avolunteer. The internal training will put you on the right path. Some ofour volunteers go into the city and work with crews to gain more clinicalexposure. It’s definitely an exciting job, interspersed with periods ofboredom, but quiet days are few and far between. Pukekohe and Waiukuare no longer the sleepy hollows they used to be.26Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz

The Care Company– caring in ourcommunity09 238 5886Cnr East St & Valley RdPukekohewww.diosahair.co.nzL’Oréal ProfessionnelThriller – Autumn/WinterColour Collection 2009“The conviction that people prefer theindependence of their own homes, whetherthey are injured, aged or incapacitatedprovided us with the incentive to set upThe Care Company.” says Riet Bersma.“Respite Care is an area where we havefound very real need within the community. This is where relief isprovided for long term caregivers caring for people with illnesses suchas dementia or alzheimer’s. Even if it is just for a couple of hours eachweek, or a weekend away, The Care Company can assist with ‘timeout’.If a client qualifies for carer support through the Ministry ofHealth, then we can meet this service.”“As our name suggests, we are able to provide quality carers fora variety of services including shopping, cleaning, companionship,personal care and assistance with transportation.”“Each caregiver is reference checked, police screened and insured.We consult with the client (obligation free) and create a Care Plantogether that best suits their needs.”“From a personal standpoint as one of the organizers of The CareCompany I thoroughly enjoy working with elderly, children and peoplewith disabilities. I have a personal interest in advocating for the needsof the elderly as I am so grateful to have four healthy grandparents ofmy own, who still play a large part in my life.”Phone The Care Company on (09) 239 0973, visit www.carecompany.co.nz or come along and visit us at this year’s FranklinAgeing Expo, Friday 2 October at the Pukekohe Indian Hall on WardStreet, Pukekohe.Need Quality Homecare?The Care Company provides care for allwho require personal assistance in theirown home, 24 hours 7 days a week.Our services include:• Home Help • Personal Care• Dementia Care • Alzheimer’s Care• Child Care • CompanionshipYou can rely on us to provide a Caregiverthat is caring, honest and reliable.We are ACC accredited.PukekoheSOUVENIR SHOPMade IN NZ131 King StPh: 238 1544Possum and Merino Collared Coat with Stylish Pin available in Black, Brown,Charcoal - all sizes Red and berry available on order.Email: info@carecompany.co.nz1270476AB SLS27

Gardeningwith ShannonLOOKS LIKE WINTER HAS DEFINITELY HIT US!Cold winds, heavy rain and a lot of mud everywhere. Are you sickof muddy shoes and dirt getting trampled inside? I bet if it’s not thekids, it’s the cat bringing little muddy footprints into the house andas a result you’ve been thinking about getting the carpet cleaned?Forget about that; why not fix the problem once and for all:Concrete or hot mix your driveway: maybe you have built andmade do with a gravel drive and mud is showing through in placesand gravel is getting washed off. Now might be a good time to lookat concreting or hot mix, which might be a cheaper option.Install a soak pit to get rid of those nasty puddles.Lay a pathway: maybe you have a narrow strip beside your houseand boundary that has more mud then grass? How about makingit low maintenance with a concrete pebble or aggregate pathway orjust simply with stepping-stones and pebbles.Create a patio area: patio areas can be made with pavers or concretewith ornamental cuts and grouted between to look like pavers. Thisalso is maintenance free, with no gaps for weeds to grow in.There are all sorts of solutions to prevent the mud problem; youjust need to think creative.Sometimes it’s handy to have a useable outdoor living area,somewhere to relax and put your feet up. Maybe you’re thinkingyou can’t enjoy the outdoors during winter, but how about anoutdoor sheltered area such asA covered-in spa pool areaAn outdoor room or hutClosing in your patio areaSo what needs to be done in the garden?Bare areas in the veggie garden can be sown in a cover crop ofmustard.Remove moss from your lawn by using ‘Sulphate of Iron’. Thiswill adjust any deficiencies in your lawn and you’ll find your lawnturning a dark green.As soon as lemons are close to being ripe they should be pickedbecause the frosts will make them bitter and dry.Do you want new fruit or citrus trees? Now is a good time to plantthem.Any existing deciduous trees in your garden can be trimmed assoon as their leaves have dropped.If you have dahlias in your garden remove the tubers as soon as thetops die back or cover with a layer of mulch to protect from frosts.Love roses? Prepare beds where they will receive full sun for themajority of the day and add compost and organic fertiliser.Planting can be done right through winter, just remember to raisethe garden beds so the plants root ball is higher then the originalsoil levels. This will help with the soil temperature and preventthem from getting wet feet.Remember those solutions for eradicating and preventing mud!Happy Gardening, Shannon28Support your local community www.elocal.co.nz

The Police– Looking afterour CommunityA HealthierWay of Lifeby Community ConstableNoel SurreyIn about 1970 the New Zealand Police became more mobile viathe introduction of Incident Patrol cars manned by 2 constables.Prior to that a shift driver (not a constable) would pick up a beatconstable and transport him to any incident that was reported. Allpatrolling was done on foot and enquiries were made on bicycles.When I came to Pukekohe in 1978 there were two police carshere and night shift was officially an Incident Patrol with twomembers (one from Papakura) but between 7am and 11pm thepatrols were officially for enquiries because there was only oneconstable on each shift. There were usually 2 constables on patrolfrom 3pm till 11pm but the extra one was from the spare shift orrelieving roster. There were 15 police officers, about seven trafficofficers, a receptionist and a typist covering Franklin County andthe Pukekohe, Waiuku and Tuakau Boroughs. So, 24 people doingpolice work for a population of about 25 - 30,000. I am guessing atthat number but I know that Pukekohe Borough had 9,000.Now each shift has five staff and the total number of policeemployees is about 80 for approximately 60,000 people in FranklinDistrict. Many other things have changed; such as who answersthe telephone when you ring the police. There used to be a redtelephone in the old station for 111 calls and if it was in use no oneelse could get through unless the Telecom operator interrupted thecall. There was no police computer in Franklin until the middle1980s. We had no communications apart from car radio and landline telephone. The list of equipment we have now but didn’t thenis long. Working conditions have changed for both better andworse. In 1978 there was cannabis but no methamphetamine.However, here are many things that have stayed the same inpolicing Franklin District. We still deal with the same sorts ofissues:• Burglaries, thefts and assaults.• Speeding cars, vehicle crashes, inconsiderate driving and badparking.• Court cases, family violence and neighbour disputes.• Looking for offenders and escaped prisoners.• Dealing with disorderly, drunken, drugged and mentally disturbedpeople.• Executing search warrants for drugs and stolen property.• Lost children, lost and found property.• Informing children and adults about safety and crime prevention.• Being seen just patrolling on foot and in vehicles.There is one more thing that remains the same; police and thepopulation at large depend on each other. Police are trained andequipped to attend and investigate all the things listed above but wecan’t achieve much alone. Every citizen can and must contributewhat they have to make our society a better, safer place to live in.Franklin has always been a great place to live and work. Let’s alldo our best to make it even better, whatever else might change inthe future.Direct any questions arising from this article to editorial@elocal.co.nz.by Cees HekelaarWinter Defence ……..Bacteria And Virus ProtectionIn the winter we are more susceptible to invasions of bacteria andviruses. The elderly and children can have a more severe reactionto the flu virus and these population groups may choose to protectthemselves with a flu vaccination.For other people there are great natural ways to protect and ‘winterprepare’ their bodies to withstand the winter threats by boostingthe immune system. Certainly important when new strains of flumanifest yearly.A very well known herb to help fight against bacteria and virusesis Echinacea Purpurea.This plant has properties that increase your levels of white bloodcells and interferon, which inhibits viruses to reproduce andthat activate your macrophages, antibodies that kill bacteria andparasites. It also inhibits the enzyme hyaluronidase, that pathogenicorganisms produce to penetrate tissues and cause infection.This plant extract or juice can be used throughout the winter inblocks of 8 weeks followed by a pause of 2 weeks. When an acutesituation is eminent a couple of days of high dosage may help.Everybody knows the use of olive oil, but did you know what theleaves of the olive tree can do for you?Olive leaves contain the active compound, oleuropein. This haspowerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It alsocontains vauqueline. This has been seen to lower fevers associatedwith infections.Astragalus root is a general immune booster and can strengthenthe respiratory tract.Zinc is a mineral with over 5000 functions, mainly in ourimmune system and helps to restore damage to the mucusmembranes (loss of taste, smell).Propolis, a natural substance that bees make to protect their hivesfrom viruses, bacteria and fungi.Homeopathic remedies are another safe alternative:Flu strains from past years can be made into homeopathic remediesto assist the body’s immune response.Allium Cepa, Euphrasia, luffa, Sabadilla are homeopathic plantremedies for running noses.Eupatorium, Pulsatilla, Aconite are for colds and flu-like symptoms.And there is more homeopathy, but you need to visit yourhomeopath or specialist to determine which choice is the best foryou personally.Other important measures to keep your immune system strong:Eat regularly with sensible amounts of fruit and veggies. Take extravitamin C (1000 mg per day). Get enough sleep. Dress warmly toprevent temperature shocks.I hope this may lead you through a healthy, happy winter season.If you have anymore questions on this subject feel free to callme on 09 2387806 or see me at Way of Life Health Shop, 68Edinburgh Street, Pukekohe.29

What’s on in Franklin this monthTheatre: Don’t Tell MotherSaturday 30 May - Friday 05 JuneOnewhero Society of Performing Arts is celebrating their 60th birthday witha Comedy! Starring a gigantic vacuum cleaner. Contact-President JuneMcCombrie Phone-09 232 8880 ospa@nettel.net.nzPiano Concert - Curtain CallMonday 01 June 7pmRaymond Chan & Friends present to you for one final time... An evening of finetalent and first class entertainment featuring the nation’s new generation ofclassical musicians. Hawkins Theatre - Papakura Contact-Bookings: www.iticket.co.nz Phone-09 361 1000 office@hawkinstheatre.co.nz www.papakuraarts.co.nzBarn Dance with live music!Saturday 06 June 7pmShindig at Mangatawhiri Hall! Come dressed up and dance to The Texas Kiwis.$25, supper included, BYO drinks. Fundraiser for Sri Lanka Orphanage. Contact-Fred & Pip Phone-09 232 6722Breast Cancer Charity Dinner & AuctionSaturday 06 June 6pmGuest speaker Lance Cairns - Sports Memorabilia Auction - Live band ‘Pick theBlonde’ - formal dress code. Pukeoware Hall, Waiuku Road, Pukeoware. Tickets$50 Contact-Graeme Passau Phone-027 448 4748‘Park and Play’ for Men’s Health Promotion Sundays in JuneSunday 07 June 10-12am TUAKAU, Dr. Lightbody Reserve. - Sunday 14 June 1-3pm PUKEKOHE, Bledisloe Park. - Sunday 21 June 1-3pm PORT WAIKATO, MaraeFields-Stack Road. - Sunday 28 June 1-3pm WAIUKU, Hamilton Estate Fields.Invitation to all dads, uncles, brothers & grand dads to bring along the kidsto PLAY at your local PARK. Rippa Rugby, Tug of War, Orienteering, games.Pick up the details on your Men’s Health Check and receive a discount onyour next WOF. Contact-Surinder Edwards Phone-09 238 2495, 021 884 355surinder@cmsport.co.nzFashion & BeautyFriday 12 June 7pm-9pmA night at NZ Steel Gallery full of entertainment with speakers on fashion, tips andtricks. Tickets available from Artefact. Contact-Artefact, Franklin: The Centre.www.franklinarts.org.nzBus Trip: Mystery Creek Field DaysSaturday 13 JuneTotal Cost for bus only $30.00. Tickets for entry can be purchased online for $14.00or at the gates for $17.00. Contact-Edwards Travel Club Phone-09 236 8166epsl@xtra.co.nzPeta Mathias in PukekoheWednesday 17 JuneThe Diva Business Women’s Network will be hosting their mid winter Christmasdinner in the Pukekohe War Memorial Town Hall. Guest speaker is chef, authorand broadcaster Peta Mathias. Phone-09 238 5939 reception@diva.net.nzwww.diva.net.nzNoteable Soundz - AccordianaSunday 21 June 1:30pm-3:30pmBeautiful music performed by Noteable Soundz - a group of five teenagepiano accordionists from South Auckland with supporting artists: Lorraine Parnell,Students from the Lorraine Parnell Accordion Academy, and The Rose & ThistleScottish Band. Contact-Lorraine Parnell Phone-09 294 7744lorraine.music@xtra.co.nzConcertThursday 25 June 10:30amEnjoy music from four great shows. We include elements of both film and songin this interactive show - Carousel, The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roofand Mary Poppins. $25 -lunch included. Hawkins Theatre - 13 Ray Small Drive,Papakura Phone-0508 266 237 geoffrey@operatunity.co.nz www.operatunity.co.nzModern School of Music CompetitionFriday 26 June - Saturday 27 June 8:30am-5pmCome and enjoy 180 participating musicians over 2 days. Friday - Keyboardand Guitar. Saturday Classical and Modern Piano. Adults $1.50, Children50c, Pukekohe Baptist Church. Contact-Judith Fulton Phone-09 238 7803fultonmusic@ww.co.nz www.modernschoolofmusic.org.nz30Support your local business www.elocal.co.nzSouth Auckland Performing Arts 45 th Competitions FestivalSaturday 27 June - Saturday 11 JulyPerforming Arts Festival covering Pianoforte, Vocal, Instrumental, Speech &Drama, Ballet, Tap & Modern Dance and Highland Dancing. Over 2,000entries. Seniors & Children gold coin per session. Adults $5 one session.Pukekohe Town Hall and Hawkins Theatre. Contact-Lynda McDowall,lynda@mcdowall.co.nz, www.sapacs.org.nzWaiuku Dirt Track Club Rally SprintSaturday 27 Junewaiukudtc@yahoo.com www.waiuku.net.nz/wdtcMid Winter Swim at Maraetai BeachSunday 28 June 9amOrganised by Pohutukawa Coast Rotary. For more information or to register:Contact-Dave Tennent Phone-0274 818 292Regular EventsSchool Musical - FAMEWednesday 17 June - Saturday 20 JuneFame - the musical is being performed at the Cobham Hall, Pukekohe HighSchool. Tickets are available from June 1 and will be $20 adults and $10concession. Contact-Miss Morag Carter Phone-09 238 6089, 027 428 9983mcarter@pukekohehigh.school.nz www.pukekohehigh.school.nzFranklin Lioness Club - PukekoheTuesdays Fortnightly 2 June 7pmPart of Lions International. 1st Tuesday Business Meeting. 3rd Tuesday DinnerMeeting. Both held at Pukekohe Cosmopolitan Club, Nelson St, Pukekohe.Fundraise for local community. New lady members welcome. Contact-Bettyor Annette Phone-09 238 5258 annetteoh@xtra.co.nzFranklin Market - PukekoheSaturdays Weekly 8amFishmarket, Fruit & Veges, New Books, Thai Kai, Fast Food, Flowers , Pre-lovedfurniture, Jewellery, clothing, asian veges, berries, organics, food, bric-a-brac.Carboot stalls also available from $10 a site. Fundraising stalls FREE Contact-Rodger Vincent Phone-09 238 8831, 021 2303172 www.franklinmarkets.co.nzFranklin ToastmastersMondays Fortnightly 1 June & 15 June 7pmFortnightly meetings - Mondays in the Concert Chambers at Pukekohe TownHall. Guests most welcome. Contact-Karen or Robyn Phone-09 235 3997 - 09299 7005 franklin@toastmasters.org.nz www.toastmasters.org.nzEmail community eventsFREE LISTING to editorial@elocal.co.nz or list it onwww.elocal.co.nzElocal accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. Wherepossible extra contact details are givenso you can confirm details and contact event organisers.Discount CouponFREE nose piercing foryour mother-in-law.Only if she is over 60 years of age.At Pukekohe’s Saturday market orSunday market at Pokeno.Phone Roger 09 238 8831wodger@slingshot.co.nzwww.franklinmarkets.co.nzConditions & eligibility apply• F R A N K L I N •Every Saturday 8-12Massey Ave Carpark, PukekoheFranklin Country Market Pokenoevery Sunday 9am-4pm.

Discount CouponDiscount Coupon ANIMAL STUFFKaraka Rd(state Hwy 22)opp. PukekoheGolf CourseValid Februaru only ‘09TRADE INYOUR OLD VACUUM ANDGET UP TO $300 OFF *Receive 1 pack (6) microfibre supercleaning cloths FREE with everypurchase of vacuum cleaner*on selected modelsonly available atGODFREYSPukekohe Mega CentreOffer expires 30/06/09*Conditions applyBring this Discount coupon to the business above & claim your discount!Get more coupons from www.elocal.co.nz Lots of savings to be had.PUKEKOHE SUPER STOREManukau Road, 09 238 4808Discount CouponFREEDevonshiresconewith every teaor coffee purchasedValid all June 09One scone per voucherDown load our menuwww.thebucklandcafe.co.nzHoursMon-Fri 8.45am-5.45pmSat 8.30am-2pmCHICKEN, HORSE, CALFDAIRY FEEDSSpend $30 on any purchaseand receive $5 OFFWith this coupon. Cond. apply. Valid in June onlyCAFETues - Fri7.30am - 4pmSat, Sun8am - 4pmTAKEAWAYSThurs - Sununtil 8pm573 Buckland Road, Buckland, Pukekohe • 09 238 0038Email: thebucklandcafe@xtra.co.nzwww.thebucklandcafe.co.nzBring this Discount coupon to the business above & claim your discount!Get more coupons from www.elocal.co.nz Lots of savings to be had.Bring this Discount coupon to the business above & claim your discount!Get more coupons from www.elocal.co.nz Lots of savings to be had.Discount CouponDiscount Coupon37 Edinburgh StPukekohe09 238 5522Organic andFood Allergy Specialist$5 OFFMEALS TO GO!Deliciously prepared meals.Ready to heat & eator pop in your freezer.Valid till July ‘09Bring this Discount coupon to the business above & claim your discount!Get more coupons from www.elocal.co.nz Lots of savings to be had.Discount CouponIndian CuisineFully Licenced and B.Y.O Wine OnlyLUNCH SPECIAL$10Curry, Rice, Naan + Salad$8.50 (Takeaway only) Mon-FriDINNER SPECIALAll Mains $12(All Mains except Seefood, Tandoori)Tue, Wed, Thur & SunBring this Discount coupon to the business above & claim your discount!Get more coupons from www.elocal.co.nz Lots of savings to be had.Heat up at HellPukekoheTwo doublesfor $22.000800 666 111 www.hell.co.nzValid Sunday to WednesdayOnly at Hell PukekoheTerms and Conditions apply.Not available with any other offer.Expires: 30/06/09Discount CouponOpen Steak SandwichPurchase any Item from the branchmenu and receive a regular COFFEEFREE for the month of June 0965-71 Edinburgh StPukekohe (Conditions may apply)Limited to 1 voucher per household per monthBring this Discount coupon to the business above & claim your discount!Discount CouponLove your pets?12 Subway Rd,PukekohePh: 238 9026Paul MillettMob: 0275 599 38810% DISCOUNTRedeemable with this Coupon.BOOKINGS ESSENTIALLoan car available.We are Subaru specialists,but we can cater for other makesand models.off parts and labourOpening hours:Mon - Fri 8am - 5pmSat 8.30am - 12.30pmValid to 30th June 09Conditions applyBring this Discount coupon to the business above & claim your discount!Get more coupons from www.elocal.co.nz Lots of savings to be had.Discount Coupon10% OFF37 King Street Pukekohe09 238 7683Valid all June 09 onlyBring this Discount coupon to the business above & claim your discount!Get more coupons from www.elocal.co.nz Lots of savings to be31had.every non-saA bit of everything Toys, Bags, Shoes, Candles and moredog groomingfor all breedsPlus FREE GIFT worth $30 dollarsCond apply

AUTOMOTIVEGENERAL SERVICES (AUTO)CAR VALET SERVICES LTD. Contact: Chris & Lynette McIntoshLocation: 46 Adams Drive, Pukekohe 2120 Phone: 09 238 5487Fax: 09 238 5487 Mobile: 0274 385 487SERVICING & REPAIR (AUTO)D & R PRICE LTDbusinessDIRECTORYAutomotiveBuilding & MaintenanceBusinessServicesClothing & FabricFarmingFood & DrinkHealth & BeautyHome & GardenIndustrialReal Estate & PropertySecurityShoppingSports & LeisureTransportIn print and onlinewww.elocal.co.nzCustom exhaustsRadiatorsBrakes154 Manukau Rd Pukekohe Ph: 09 238 3832COUNTIES MUFFLERS For exhausts, mufflers, radiators (new,repairs/recores), brakes and towbars for your car, digger, tractor,and commercial vehicles, get a free quote from Counties Mufflers.Small team means competitive prices. Quality workmanship. Top ofthe line parts and products. Proven reputation. Contact: Derek PriceLocation: 154 Manukau Road, Pukekohe Email: perftranz@ihug.co.nz Phone: 09 238 3832 Fax: 09 238 3897PIT STOP The Pit Stop team provides you with total peace of mindfor your specialist automotive servicing. Brakes servicing, warrant offitness, Exhaust repair and replacement, suspension servicing, clutchand CV Replacement, Lubrication. All Guaranteed. SPECIAL OFFER:FREE front brake pads for life. FREE brake checks. Contact:Hennie & Rian Nel Location: 16 Subway Road, Pukekohe Email:pukekohe@pitstop.co.nz Phone: 09 239 2407 Web: www.pitstop.co.nzAutomotiveboats &Marinebuilding &MaintenancebusinessPUKEKOHERADIATORServicescloth-SPECIALISTS LTDing & Fabricfarmingfood& Drinkhealth &Clean outs New RadiatorsRepairs InstallationBeautyhome Recores &GardenindustrialrealTop Tank ReplacementsEstate Fuel Tank & PropertysecurityshoppingsportsCall BrianRepairs& 09 Leisuretransport238 6383, 027 438 638317 Massey Avenue, PukekohePUKEKOHE RADIATOR SPECIALISTS LTD Providing you withprompt, efficient and top quality service for all your radiatorrequirements on all makes and models of vehicles, trucks, heavymachinery and tractors. We specialise in supplying new radiators,installation, clean outs, repairs, recores, top tank replacement andfuel tank repairs SPECIAL OFFER: Free evaluation and quotesContact: Brian Robinson Location: 17 Massey Ave, PukekoheEmail: toni@rainbowpark.co.nz Phone: 09 238 6383 Fax: 09238 6318BUILDING &MAINTENANCEBUILDINGSSHOW HOME:17 Hinua RdKaraka Lakes, KarakaIndexCALL IN TODAY! IT WILL FEEL LIKE HOME...Also online www.elocal.co.nzDAVID REID HOMES COUNTIES UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP. Inthe building industry it is impossible to replace experience. Thetraditional building skills of the past are more important todaythan they have ever been. Brendon Hamill the owner of David ReidHomes Counties Limited has been building quality homes for thelast 20 years. Contact: Brendon Hamill Location: 17 Hinau Road,Papakura Email: brendon.hamill@davidreidhomes.co.nz Phone:09 298 2750 Fax: 09 298 2755 Mobile: 021 679 445 Web:www.davidreidhomes.co.nzYOUR PLAN OR CHOOSE FROM ONE OF OURSGOLDEN HOMES HAVE OVER 90 PLANSTWO 4 ONEWith elocalAUTOMOTIVEBE FOUND IN PRINTAND ONLINE. ELOCALOFFERS YOU#1#2#3#4#5MUCH MUCH MORE!#6#7#8#9#10In Print elocalMagazine Directory:High Local #11 Editorial#12Readership #13#1424,500 #15 copies delivered#16monthly #17in Franklin#18LONG #19 Shelf-life (10 x that#20of newsprint)#21#22Automotive#23#24Boats & Marine#25Online #26Building & Maintenance #27www.elocal.co.nzBusinessServices Over 3.8 Million Hits So FarClothing & FabricGoogle Search Engine ListingFarming (Over 50% referral)Food & Drink No Hosting FeesHealth & Beauty Live StatisticsHome & Garden (see your advertising work)IndustrialAccess Your Information 24/7Real Estate & Property– Brochures, Testimonials,Security Video etcShoppingOnline Mapping (CustomersSports & Leisurecan find you instantly)TransportAutomated Picture SlideshowOnline Coupons and specialoffers1000 product Online OrderingSystemEdit your advertising on-lineyourself anytime!DcgCDhoawSMd0DCywpCCE2E09 294 6065Cnr McPherson Rd & Karaka (SH22) Rd, DruryGOLDEN HOMES COUNTIES Golden Homes offer a “full homeconstruction service” from start to finish. Bring in your own planor choose from over 90 of ours. With 100s of satisfied customersSubway Road, Pukekohe ph. 09 239 2407 here in Counties come and see for yourself at our show home CnrMcPherson Rd & Karaka SH22 Drury. Take a look at our BIZFINDERonline Contact: David Griggor Location: McPherson Road,32 Support your local business www.elocal.co.nzPACKAGES AVAILABLEFROM $45+GST PER MONTHCALL SHONA TODAY!DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER09 239 1699 EXT 2salesfranklin@elocal.co.nzCdmtec1T0

Drury, Auckland, New Zealand Email: counties@goldenhomes.co.nz Phone: 09 294 6065 Fax: 09 294 6075 Web: www.goldenhomes.co.nz/counties.htmlCONSTRUCTION SERVICESDPDemolition PlusNew & 2nd hand building suppliesKitchensBathroomsFrench DoorsAluminium WindowsTools & MachineryRanch SlidersAppliances227 Manukau Road, Pukekohe Ph/Fax 09 239 0910www.demolitionplus.co.nz Mob 0274 978 619We Buy & SellDEMOLITION PLUS /COUNTIES BUILDING DEPOT Are you ahome renovator or landlord looking for top quality second handor new building and maintenance materials? We stock and supplya large range of the best reusable materials such as, plywood,windows, French doors, kitchens, bathrooms, Formica bench tops,Seratone, carpets, vinyl ,farm gates. Contact: Linda and RobbieMcDonald Location: 227 Manukau Road, Pukekohe Email:demolitionplus@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09 239 0910 Fax: 09 2390910 Mobile: 027 497 8619 Web: www.demolitionplus.co.nzDECORATINGPAINTWALLPAPERCURTAINSDRAPESAUTOMOTIVE PAINTCrosbie’s204 - 206 King StPukekohePh: 09 238 7489CROSBIES COLOURPLUS offers inspiration and expertise for allyour interior design dreams to come true. Whether you are afterwallpaper, paint or curtains; we offer a huge range of decoratingproducts as well as all the practical advice you’ll ever need.Colourplus truly is all you need to decorate. Drop in and see us!Contact: Russell Hyland Location: 204 King Street, PukekoheEmail: crosbies@colorplus.co.nz Phone: 09 238 7489 Fax: 09238 8308 Web: www.colourplus.co.nzELECTRICIANCOLLETTELECTRICAL LTDINDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORSDavid CollettRegistered Electrical Inspector0274 968800Servicing Franklin Since 1979COLLETT ELECTRICAL We offer a reliable, quality service for thedomestic, commercial and industrial market. Our services includemaintenance, breakdown service, pump & control, appliancetesting and certification, surge & spike protection and data &communication installation. SERVICING THE FRANKLIN AREA SINCE1979. Contact: David Collett Location: 15 Henderson Ave,Tuakau Email: d.j.collett@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09 236 8693 Fax:09 236 8647 Mobile: 027 496 8800ROOFINGPhone Drewefor a free Quote09 238 53350275 399 851Specializing in Continuous Copper &Colorcote Spouting & Downpipes.External/Internal Fascia Gutter Systems.10 YEARS GUARANTEECUSTOM FASCIA AND SPOUTING We offer continuous spoutingin five different profiles in both copper and coloursteel, as well asdownpipes that we guarantee will match the style of any home,building or factory. Our qualified installers provide an on-site made tomeasure service and guarantee no joins, leaks or wastage. SPECIALOFFER: Mention this ad and get 10% off your internal gutterreplacement Contact: Drewe Pyke Location: Pukekohe Email:drewe@fasciaandspouting.co.nz Phone: 09 238 5335 Fax: 09238 5335 Mobile: 0275 399 851 Web: www.fasciaandspouting.co.nzBUSINESS SERVICESACCOUNTINGChartered AccountantMYOB and QuickbooksApproved partnersTel: 09 238 8925Fax: 09 238 8525Mobile: 0272 499 443Email: thecla@theclajCA.co.nzTHECLA JOHNSTONE & ASSOCIATES LIMITED MYOB andQuickBooks Accredited. Contact: Thecla Johnstone Location: 64Beaver Road, Pukekohe Email: thecla@theclajCA.co.nz Phone:09 238 8925 Fax: 09 238 8525 Mobile: 027 249 9443 or 021731 310ADMINISTRATIONLet us help you increase your profitmargins by allowing us to process yourpayroll thus allowing you or your staffto get on with other business!09 238 6224DEMAC PAYROLL has over 20 years experience, specializingin Payroll for small to medium companies nationwide. Contactus today for a quote to allow your staff to get on with business!SPECIAL OFFER: Initial consultation FREE Contact: Mark & DebbiChamberlain Location: 16 Montgomery Avenue, Pukekohe Email:demacpay@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09 238 6224 Fax: 09 238 6228Mobile: 027 279 8580 Web: www.demacpay.co.nzINSURANCESENECA INSURANCE BROKERS Contact: Mark Davie Location:12 Seddon Street, Pukekohe Phone: 09 238 5188 Fax: 09 2385189 Mobile: 021 343 335Increase profit marginsand let staff get onwith business.Debbi and MarkDoes paperwork bog you down? Doesadmin keep your staff from concentratingon the company’s core business? DeMacPayroll can help you increase your profitmargins by processing your payroll,thus allowing you or your staff to get onwith other business! Mark and DebbiChamberlain provide a professionaland confidential payroll processingservice, ON TIME EVERYTIME. Fora minimum amount per pay slip yourpayroll will be done. All IRD reportingwill be electronically sent as well asreminders to let you know when to payyour PAYE. Take all the hassles out ofholiday pay, sick pay and other typesof payments to your staff. Kiwi saver,deductions such as court fines, childsupport and other various deductionsset up so that they are paid weekly ormonthly, leaving the staff without anyhassles.Give Mark or Debbi a call to discusswhat is best suited for your company.Phone: 09 238 6224Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz 33

CLOTHING & FABRICCLOTHINGLove to Dance17C Station Road, Pukekohephone 0508 232623 (0508 2 DANCE)LOVE TO DANCE stocks everything a dancer could dream of- shoes for all styles of dance, tights, authentic Swarovski crystals,tiaras, wigs, clip on pony tails, leotards, costumes and dance relatedgifts. Flowergirl and bridesmaid shoes in 5 colours. NZ Agentsfor many leading international brands. SPECIAL OFFER: See ourwebsite for great specials. Contact: Andie Eyre Location: 17cStation Road, Pukekohe Email: lovetodance@ihug.co.nz Phone:0508 2 DANCE, 09 239 2344 Fax: 09 239 2344 Mobile: 021826 962 Web: www.lovetodance.co.nzThe FeltmakerRosemary Sinclair09 232 9858rosemarys@orcon.net.nzFelt Making workshops.Felting Wool by mail order.www.thefeltmaker.co.nzTHE FELTMAKER Franklins Feltmaking Specialist has relocated toa studio 21kms from the Tuakau Bridge at Port Waikato. This rusticsetting doubles as display space and classroom with workshopsfor beginners & advanced Feltmaking, Stencilling on fabric &Trapunto Quilting, Beads from paper, Fuchsias from silk cocoons.Bring a friend/s and enjoy a creative day out in this unique setting.SPECIAL OFFER: Bring 3 Friends to a beginners WORKSHOP andget your place half price. Contact: Rosemary Sinclair Location:2181 Tuakau Bridge-Port Waikato Road, New Zealand Email:rosemarys@orcon.net.nz Phone: 09 232 9858 Fax: 09 232 9858Web: www.thefeltmaker.co.nzFOOT WEARbakersWaiuku, 8 Kitchener Rd09 235 8507Shoes & More Ltdwww.footmark.co.nzAccessories to take all the family from work to playbags walletsbackpacks exclusivejewelleryBAKERS SHOES & MORE LTD WAIUKU Quality, value andexceptional service for all the family! We are independently ownedso go the extra mile. Leading brand footwear plus beautiful bags,wallets and exclusive jewellery out of Israel. Visit us soon- our ladiesautumn/winter range is stunning! Contact: Fiona Baker Location:8 Kitchener Road, Waiuku Email: bakershu@ps.gen.nz Phone: 09235 8507 Web: www.footmark.co.nzFARMINGFARM SERVICES34Support your local business www.elocal.co.nzPUMP & ELECTRICALBore Pumps Water TanksWater Pumps Water TestsWater Purification ElectricalPhone Martin 238 3206AQUALECTRIX Sales and Servicing of all bore pumps, household/farm pumps, water filtration and electrical. Ask for Martin Contact:Martin Moloney Location: 40 Crosbie Road, Pukekohe Email:martin@aqualectrix.co.nz Phone: 09 238 3206 Fax: 09 238 7131GUBB’SPUMP & WELL SERVICESPLUMBING - DRAINAGE - CONCRETES U P P L I E S14 Constable Rd WAIUKUPh 09 235 8268GUBBS PUMP & WELL SERVICES PLUMBING DRAINAGECONCRETE Supplying a full service facility for all irrigation pumps.Stockists of quality ONGA & Lowara pumps Stockists of the full rangeof STEVENSON concrete blocks Landscaping supplies Red Scoria,river stones, bark, mulch. A full range of drainage products includingstormwater & Builders Supplies Contact: Jo Gubb Location: 14Constable Road, Waiuku Email: gubbp@ps.gen.nz Phone: 09 2358268 Fax: 09 235 8176FOOD & DRINKCATERINGOrganic,Food AllergySpecialistCatering AvailableThe Best of the BestCAFE BERNE “Good food should be as much about nutritionas it is about taste.” Café Berne is a premier catering company,incorporating organic and allergy free specialized foods. Wendy andJulie are happy to create a menu to suit your tastes for that specialoccasion. Free delivery in Pukekohe. SPECIAL OFFER: $5 OFFMEALS TO GO! Contact: Wendy Location: 37 Edinburgh Street,Pukekohe Email: wendybb@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09 238 5522Function!Event!Party!Ph/fax: 09 238 7788Cnr Massey Ave & Graham St PukekohePUKEKOHE LIQUOR CENTRE (DRIVE THRU) Pukekohe Liquorhas been providing a retail service to surrounding areas since 1996and is expanding their service into providing beverage, wine andspirits for your up and coming event. Email/fax us today with yourrequirements. Contact: Harry Singh Location: 6 Massey Avenue,Pukekohe Email: manager.drivethru@paradise.net.nz Phone: 09238 7788 Fax: 09 238 7788 Mobile: 021 781 901St. Margarets CafeSMLicensed - BrunchLunch - Afternoon TeaPrivate Functions6 Dykes RoadKaraka, AucklandPh/Fax: 09 292 7536ST MARGARETS CAFE is a licensed indoor/outdoor cafe that sitsat the edge of beautiful tranquil gardens at Karaka. We are openfor leisurely lunches, brunches, morning and afternoon teas Sundayto Friday 10am - 3.30pm. Saturdays closed. St Margaret’s Caféalso provides a unique venue for private functions. Contact: MareeFurniss Location: 6 Dyke Road, Karaka, New Zealand Email:stmargarets.cafe@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09 292 7536 Fax: 09 2927536WINING & DININGPUKEKOHE0800 666 111 - www.hell.co.nzopen 7 days from 11.30am till lateHELL PIZZA PUKEKOHE It’s a contradiction of terms that pizzasthat taste like heaven are to be found in the place that we all wish toavoid… Satisfy earthly longings with gourmet pizzas such as…Lust, AGreed, Envy, Wrath, Nemesis, Pride. Shop 6, cnr Stadium Drive andEdinburgh St. Order online or phone 09 237 1666 today. SPECIALOFFER: Download our menu from the eLocal website. SPECIAL - 2DOUBLES FOR $22 cond apply Contact: HELL Pizza Pukekohe PaulHinton Location: Stadium Drive, Pukekohe Email: pukekohe@hell.co.nz Phone: 0800 666 111 Fax: 09 239 1666 Mobile: 027 5865497 Web: www.hell.co.nzMediterranean Cuisine15 Queen Street, Pukekohe(next to SMART bar & 0pp Monarch Cafe)Ph (09) 238 1607Download menu www.pocoloco.co.nzPOCO LOCO CAFE Poco Loco is Franklin’s only Tapas Café. Themenu captures the flavours, fun and ease of Latin dining fromSpain to South America to the Mediterranean. Open for eveningdining from Tuesday through to Sunday. Contact: Jan Purdy andBrenda Laverick Location: 15 Queen Street, Pukekohe, Email:pocoloconz@ihug.co.nz Phone: 09 238 1607 Fax: 09 238 1607Mobile: Don’t have one! Web: www.pocoloco.co.nzTHE BUCKLAND CAFE, DAIRY AND TAKEAWAYS Contact: DianeLocation: 573 Buckland Rd, Pukekohe Phone: 09 238 0038 Fax:09 238 0770.

HEALTH & BEAUTYBEAUTYBARBARAS BEAUTY THERAPY Contact: Barbara WilsonLocation: 2 Wesley Street, Pukekohe Phone: 09 238 0557Mobile: 027 281 929768 Queen StWaiuku09 235 8068COLQUITT HAIR DESIGN is a classy, fresh, innovative salon withunique surroundings, new super quiet hairdryers, full range ofcolour tones and perfect products. Get professional expert advicefor the latest looks. Specialists in wedding and ball hair sculpture.Bookings essential. SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 2 Hair care productsand receive a Maybelline lip gloss for FREE. Contact: Lynn RobertsLocation: 68 Queen Street, Waiuku Phone: 09 235 8068Mobile: 027 438 663509 238 5886Cnr East St & Valley RdPukekoheDIOSA HAIR ‘Diosa’ means ‘goddess’ in Spanish and that’s exactlyhow you will feel after you step out of this upmarket salon onEast Street. Hair cuts, curl relaxers, waves, colour and more…Luxurious, indulgent environment. You deserve the best. Book yourcomplimentary style consultation today! Contact: Kerryn MuirLocation: 3/76 East Street, Pukekohe Email: diosahair@ihug.co.nz Phone: 09 238 5886 Mobile: 021 103 3894“we help youlook and feelyour best”100 King St.PukekohePhone 09 238 5670IMAGES MEDISPA An elegant Diamond Award Winning Sanctuaryin the heart of Pukekohe. Our team of 6 therapists are seriousabout skin & can help you look & feel your best at any age. IPLReduction of wrinkles, pigment & hair, facials, mineral makeup,nails, waxing, electrolysis, Botox, Fillers & Pamper Packages PluContact: Office Location: 100 King Street, Pukekohe Email:info@imagesmedispa.co.nz Phone: 09 238 5670 Fax: 09 2386903 Web: www.imagesmedispa.co.nzHEALTH SERVICESPUKEKOHE FAMILYHEALTH CARE LIMITED10 West St,Pukekohe41-45 Twomey Dr,PukekoheAll appointments and enquiries09 237 0280PUKEKOHE FAMILY HEALTH CARE Providing comprehensivefamily health care in Pukekohe. Visiting on site private Specialistand nurse led clinics. Family friendly Practice. Endorsing wellnessinitiatives for your future health. SPECIAL OFFER: Men - bookhealth WOF with pro-care GP. Get $5 off your next WOF at VTNZ!Contact: Dr Selina Green Location: 10 West Street, PukekoheEmail: sgreen@pukekohehealth.co.nz Phone: 09 237 0280Fax: 09 2383377 Web: Http://www.elocal.co.nzSOUL ASCENSIONINTUITIVE HEALING09 239 1771daz: 027 689 9052rach: 027 689 9062SOUL ASCENSION Darryl & Rachel Friar practice Aura Cleansing,Chakra Balancing & Readings, Crystal healing, Energy Healing, EarCandling, Aromatherapy and Spiritual Surgery and AromatherapyMassage. They also sell a large range of top quality Crystals andGeodes, Mind Body and Sprit books, Incenses, Pure Essential Oils,Vaporizers Candles, White Sage, Incense Holders, Fairies, Dragonsand American Indian Figurines, Ornamental Knives, Dream Catchesand plenty more. Contact: Darryll & Rachel Friar Location: ValleyHeights Lane, Pukekohe Email: admin@soulascension.co.nzPhone: 09 239 1771 Fax: 09 239 1771 Mobile: 027 6899052 Web: www.soulascension.co.nzHEALTH SPECIALISTSMERYN WAKELIN naturopath021 367103BRUCE HARPER osteopathnaturopath health coach027 211787309 2391856 143 Queen St, Pukekohehealnaturally@ihug.co.nz healnaturally.co.nzHEAL a primary, complementary health clinic dedicated to natural,non toxic, non invasive and pain free solutions to all of your healthissues - inspired by the logic of nature and the body’s innate abilityto heal itself. We explore imbalances that create healing crises &support the body to heal. Contact: Meryn Wakelin - Naturopath,Medical Herbalist, Massage Therapist. Bruce Harper – Osteopath,Naturopath, Health Coach Contact: Meryn Wakelin Location: 143Queen Street, Pukekohe Email: healnaturaly@ihug.co.nz Phone:09 239 1856 Mobile: Meryn 021 367 103 Bruce 027 211 7873MEDICALFranklin Health Centre10 West StreetPukekohePhone: 09 238 4303Fax: 09 238 2156“ P e o p l e I n M o t i o n ”PukekohePhysiotherapyPUKEKOHE PHYSIOTHERAPY dedicated to injury prevention andwellness in the workplace, providing 9 fully qualified physiotherapists.An accredited practice with a well-developed focus on long-term,safe and rapid recovery on pain, postural problems, joint strains andsprains, Arthritic conditions, etc. Contact: Pukekohe PhysiotherapyLocation: 10 West Street, Pukekohe Email: info@pukekohephysio.co.nz Phone: 09 238 4303 Fax: 09 238 2156 Web: www.pukekohephysio.co.nzPRODUCTS (HEALTH)HARDYS PUKEKOHE Contact: Marie Cooper Location: 64 King StPukekohe New Zealand Phone: 09 238 6538 Fax: 09 238 6538HOME & GARDENBATHROOM DESIGN5 Smales Road, East Tamaki09 913 3110, 0508 736682BARTHROOM DIRECT is a full service bathroom renovationbusiness, providing quality service and products, for a fair price. Fullproject management employs highly trained trades people. Exclusiveproducts made to our specs. Well respected family business, est.1853. Showroom 5 Smales Rd, East Tamaki Contact: Kevin CoxLocation: 5 Smales Rd, East Tamaki Email: kevin@bathroomdirect.co.nz Phone: 09 9133 110 Fax: 09 913 3113 Web: www.bathroomdirect.co.nzGARDENINGLAWN MOWI NGphone now for a FR E E QUOTE238 0514GREEN ACRES Lawn mowing – edges done FREE, Pensionerdiscounts, owner operators, catcher optional. Additional servicesinclude - hedge trimming, rubbish removal, spraying/water blastingdrives, paths and patios. Phone: 09 238 0514 Fax: 09 236 9722Web: www.greenacres.co.nzwww.elocal.co.nz 35

HEATING & AIRCONDITIONINGBucksHear thsINTERIOR DESIGNFRICKERSINDUSTRIAL ENGINEERINGPellet FiresSolid Fuel HeaterSupply & InstallationRepairs & MaintenanceChimney SweepingSlate & tile hearthsmade to orderMob: 021 2709454 Ph: 09 235 3900www.buckinghamindustries.co.nzBUCKINGHAM INDUSTRIES LTD Bucks Hearths supply and installsolid fuel wood burners and pellet fires in Franklin, South Aucklandand the Waikato. We specialise in the manufacture of tile and slatehearths with trims in wood, metal or slate & inspect existing firesfor regulation compliance. Chimney sweeping, repairs, smoke alarmchecks. Contact: Craig Buckingham Location: 441 Glenbrook-Waiuku Rd, Glenbrook Email: bucks.hearths@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09235 3900 Fax: 09 235 3905 Mobile: 021 270 9454 Web: www.buckinghamindustries.co.nzHOME AND GARDENHome Owners Don’t makeany decisions until you have found outhow we can help you! We’re SeriousAttention!Call Sarah NOW on09 299 3485aceLANDSCAPESGreat people, Great service, Great resultswww.acelandscapes.co.nzACE LANDSCAPES For tantalising landscapes that beckon yououtside, call Ace Landscapes. Masters of garden constructionand design. Top installers of patios, retaining walls, fences, spapools, swimming pools, barbecue areas, paving and hard surfaces.Increase living pleasure and property value. Call ACE today. SPECIALOFFER: Free landscape consultation valued at $395 cond applyContact: Robbie Young Location: Unit 7/3, Tironui Station RoadWest, Takanini Email: admin@acelandscapes.co.nz Phone: 09299 3485 Fax: 09 299 3488 Mobile: 021 587 371 Web: www.acelandscapes.co.nzHENRY & JET BRAKS Garden plants, Trees, Shrubs, Grass & Flax.Close to BP Service Centre. Contact: Henry & Jet Braks Location:287 Mill Road, Bombay, New Zealand Phone: 09 236 0668HOUSEHOLD - GENERALWALKERS PEST CONTROL LTDEXTERMINATOR PEST CONTROLREGISTERED PEST CONTROL TECHNICIANDOMESTIC, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIALFARM PEST CONTROLTRADE CERTIFICATE FOOD HYGIENEDAIRY MICROBIOLOGISTPhone 027 4789857WALKER PEST CONTROL Rats, mice, flies, cockroaches, borer,ants, possums, fleas, wasps - “If it is legal we’ll kill it!” Registeredpest control technicians. Trade certificate Food Hygiene, Dairy BoardMicrobiology, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. PMANZ Member.Contact: Tony J Walker Location: 1010 State Highway, Paerata,Pukekohe Email: itrmn8@ps.gen.nz Phone: 09 238 9885 Fax:09 238 9885 Mobile: 027 478 985736Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz7A Glasgow Road, Pukekohet: 09 238 2954www.flooringxtra.co.nzFRICKERS FLOORING XTRA has over 53 years of experienceand we pride ourselves on quality of workmanship. Our goal is tohelp you select the right flooring and get you the very best valuefor money. We are also committed to a sustainable future for ourcommunity, recycling all old carpet and planting a native tree a day.Contact: Warren and Matt Fricker Location: 7A Glasgow Road,Pukekohe Email: pukekohe@flooringxtra.co.nz Phone: 09 2382954 Fax: 09 238 7043 Mobile: 021 852 321 Matt Web: www.flooringxtra.co.nzPETSWOOFLES GOURMET PETFOOD KITCHEN Contact: ChrisRichardson & Shane Chiverrell Location: 224 King Street,Pukekohe Phone: 09 238 7488WINDOWS & FITTINGSStained &Designer GlassAntony GreenfieldMob: 021 1023594Tel: 09 235 818291 Victoria AvenueWaiukuwww.sgonz.co.nzSTAINED & DESIGNER GLASS Stained & Designer Glass is a familyrun business providing decorative glass solutions for homes andcommercial premises. We bring a contemporary approach to theancient skill of traditional stained glass. We create entranceways,windows, door panels, mirrors and much, much more. Contact:Anthony Greenfield Location: 91 Victoria Avenue, Waiuku 2123Email: stainedanddesignerglass@gmail.com Phone: 09 2358182 Mobile: 021 1023594 Web: www.sgonz.co.nzINDUSTRIALCOATINGSFRANKLINANTHONY CANDYPH. 09 239 1449MOB. 021 131 212914 B CROSBIE RD, PUKEKOHEThe Largest Bake Oven in South Auckland...FRANKLIN POWDER COATERS has the largest batch oven inAuckland. We powder coat any metal surface. Roller doors, BBQs,Race cars, ornaments, aluminium joinery, letter boxes, gardenfurniture and much, much more. Contact us today to discuss.Contact: Anthony Candy Location: 13B Crosbie Road, PukekoheEmail: franklinpowder@ihug.co.nz Phone: 09 239 1449 Fax: 09239 1449 Mobile: 021 131 2129BELCHER INDUSTRIES LTD Steel sales, light and heavyengineering, hydraulic service and testing, site welding anderection, site maintenance and contracting, machining – fullyequipped machine shop. Get a quote from us first! We have an inhousedesign team and a reputation for excellence. ISO9001:2002registered. Contact: Bert Location: 15 Subway Road, PukekoheEmail: karel.fourie@belcher.co.nz Phone: 09 238 7276 Fax: 09238 5624 Mobile: 027 453 3912 Web: www.belcher.co.nzREAL ESTATE &PROPERTYREAL ESTATE AGENTSLICENSEDTOWN COUNTRY TEAMElizabeth du PlessisMobile 027 222 2117Office 09.238.7019A/H 09.238.9097Office 09.238.7019MREINZELIZABETH DU PLESSIS & JAMES HEARD WITH BARFOOT& THOMPSON MREINZ, PUKEKOHE When it comes to gettingresults call the TOP TOWN TEAM, James and Elizabeth. Seasonednegotiators, seasoned marketers, seasoned market knowledge.Call today. SPECIAL OFFER: Free marketing consultation Contact:Elizabeth Du Plessis Location: 68 King Street, Pukekohe Email:e.duplessis@barfoot.co.nz Phone: 09 237311 /AH 09 2389097Fax: 09 238 7018 Mobile: 027 281 3021, 027 222 2117SECURITYLOCKSMITHS & KEYCUTTERSYOUR LOCAL LOCKSMITHSVISIT OUR SHOWROOM 5 ROULSTON STREET,PUKEKOHEPUKEKOHE5 Roulston Street Street,t: 09 t: 09 238 238 4424PO PukekoheBOX 210T: 4424f: 09 f: 09 238 1708PUKEKOHEf: 09 238 1708e: e: countieslocksmiths@xtra.co.nz2340e: countieslocksmiths@xtra.co.nzCOUNTIES LOCKSMITHS 100% locally owned and operated.Locks supplied, installed or repaired by our friendly team oftechnicians. Also lockouts, keys cut, insurance quotes/work,supply and maintenance of safes. Call now for our full mobileservice 24h/7days or visit our showroom which is open 6 daysfor your convenience SPECIAL OFFER: Free surveys and quotes.Superannuant discounts. Contact: 24h 7days Location: 5Roulston Street, Pukekohe Email: countieslocksmiths@xtra.co.nz Phone: 0800 562 572 Fax: 09 238 1708 Web: www.countieslocksmiths.co.nz

When you want a locksmithcall Daveclosed circuit TValarmssecurity productsor lose itLock & Alarms09 239 2231 027 274 098915 Hawke PlacePukekoheavailable 7 daysLOCKIT OR LOSE IT Specialising in home security. Standard keyscut. Latest transponder and multi-track car keys. House alarms(monitored from $20 + GST per month). Lock fitting and more…Protect that well-deserved house or car. LOCK IT, OR LOSE IT.Contact: David Patterson Location: 15 Hawke Place PukekoheNew Zealand Email: info@lockit.co.nz Phone: 09 239 2231 Fax:09 238 5280 Mobile: 027 274 0989 Web: www.lockit.co.nzSECURITY SERVICESCOUNTIES LOCKSMITHS Contact: 24h 7days Location: 5Roulston Street, Pukekohe Email: countieslocksmiths@xtra.co.nz Phone: 0800 562 572 Fax: 09 238 1708 Web: www.countieslocksmiths.co.nzSHOPPINGRETAIL STORESHand Made JewelleryDesign & RepairMUSICMODERN SCHOOL OF MUSIC COUNTIES COROMANDELContact: Judith Fulton Location: 38 Settlement Road, PukekohePhone: 09 238 7803 Fax: 09 238 7803TOURS AND SIGHTSEEINGHELICOPTER FLIGHTSph: 296 9579HELI CAM AVIATION LTD Treat a friend, family member or a lovedone to a SURPRISE with a helicopter tour, dining or heli-fishing.For a birthday or anniversary Heli Cam has a range of tours foreveryone. Contact: Steve Johnston Location: 453 Airfield Road,Ardmore Airfield Email: info@helicam.co.nz Phone: 09 296 9579Fax: 09 296 9577 Mobile: 021 844 059 Web: helicam.co.nzSTRESSFREE ADVENTURES Contact: Colin J HarringtonLocation: 8-12 River Lane, Waiuku Email: Shop@StressFreeAdventures.co.nz Phone: 0800 GO BY KAYAK Web: www.StressFreeAdventures.co.nzTRANSPORTFURNITURE REMOVAL/PACKERSFurniture Removalsand General FreightTail-lift TruckInsurance CoverQuotes GivenAll AreasLocal BusinessSnow HarrisPh 09 238 8820 mob 027 657 3707FURNITURE REMOVALS FRANKLIN Snow Harris of FurnitureRemovals and General Cartage is owner/operator of this localfamily business, offering professional, safe and efficient removaland cartage services. Experienced driver, free quotes for cartagewith tail-lift truck. Full insurance cover. SPECIAL OFFER: Freequotes for Cartage with insurance cover Contact: Linda and SnowHarris Location: 506 Harrisville Road, Pukekohe Phone: 09 2388820 Mobile: 027 657 3707Modern School of Musicpride themselves inmaking music lessonsfun and affordable.BRIGHOUSE DESIGN Be inspired by Brighouse Design’s blackpearl jewellery celebrating the bounty of French Polynesia,spectacular diamonds sourced from North America, and more…Upmarket, artistic, simplistic, traditional, or designer jewellery.Custom design service. Glitter with beauty from Brighouse Design.Contact: Paul Brighouse Location: 50 Edinburgh St PukekoheNew Zealand Email: brighouse_design@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09239 2502 Fax: 09 239 2586 Mobile: 027 278 5182 Web: www.diamonds.co.nz/search.phpQUALITY FASHIONJEWELLERYACCESSORIES52 Edinburgh St. PukekoheCHANGE OF ADDRESS New and resale designer fashions andaccessories including Vamp, Verge, Catalyst, Sabatini, Nixon, Cueand Max etc. Stockists of stunning Venus Bridal gowns and theStudibaker label. Look your best, garments tailored to fit, hemmingand alterations. Contact: Sue Clark Location: 52 Edinburgh StPukekohe New Zealand Email: smt.clark@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09238 3933 Fax: 09 238 3933 Web: www.change-of-address.co.nzSPORTS & LEISURELongtime student Amber Sim concentratingon her competition work, tutored by herteacher Judith Fulton.Judith Fulton has managed New Zealand Modern School of Music, CountiesCoromandel area for 33 years. “Since we started, the area has grown from 6 to36 teachers. We encourage creativity and improvisation and our pupils rangefrom young beginners to senior citizens.”NZMSM provide an examination system and competitions. “The practicalexaminations are run in August and September each year and have been verysuccessful. We have a high calibre of well-rounded musicians, some continuingonto university and music careers.”Every year for the last 31 years the school has held competitions for theirstudents with the kind help of the ‘Music Mania’ music shop. The event ishugely popular and there is no shortage of willing participants- this year thereare approximately 200 competitors! The event is open to the public and takesplace 26-27 th of June at the Baptist Church, Pukekohe. (Read more in What’sOn in Franklin this month)NZMSM also runs a teacher recruitment and training programme. “If youhave a musical background we can provide you with the training to become acertified music teacher. Did you learn a musical instrument in your youngeryears? Do you have spare time and would like to work at home? ContactJudith on 09 238 7803 or fultonmusic@ww.co.nz.”www.elocal.co.nz 3737

THIS MONTH’SSPECIALSDRIVE THRLindauer Range2FOR$ 22Kim CrawfordRange$ 1499EachMix 4$ 1299 Mix 4Lion Red, Speights24pk BottlesCanadian Club 1L$ 3399$ 3499EachSupport your local business www.elocal.co.nz$ 3199Vladivar Vodka 1LCarlsberg Bottles$ 2899 15pkMix 4$ 2999 $ 2199EachWe’ll give you AA RewardsRedeem your AA Coupons here – “Never Drink & Drive”ID required if under 25

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FranklinelocalINSIDEgreat localREADCOUPONSPAGE 31businessDIRECTORYstructural guaranteePAGE 32businessDIRECTORYAutomotiveBoats & MarineBuilding & MaintenanceBusinessServicesClothing & FabricFarmingFood & DrinkHealth & BeautyHome & GardenIndustrialReal Estate & PropertySecurityShoppingSports & LeisureTransporttotalspanSAVEFieldays ® SpecialOn all our building kitsets! June only!BARNSSTORAGE25-year25STABLESGARAGESPhonenow for yourfree quote(09) 238 72800800 TOTALSPANIn print and onlinewww.elocal.co.nz“Hey!”You don’t have to go to the hFieldays toget these specials - call us today!“Have you heard?eLocal is now available on-line!NOW 3.8 MILLIONweb hits so far ”proudsupporterproud supporterproud supporter40WHO CAN? TOTALSPAN!Open Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.00pmwww.totalspan.co.nz nigel@totalspancounties.co.nz(09) 238 7280 0800 TOTALSPANInside the Tractor Centre Cnr Paerata & Heights Rds PukekoheTerms & conditions apply.

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