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Automatic Container

Crane Installations


and AVN (A)

Two container cranes operate side-by-side at this fully automatic installation site.

Fully-automatic container crane

installations from Kuenz provided

for optimized logistic processes.

How does waste incineration link with the brewing of a premium beer?

At a first glance nothing, at a second glance however a link can be seen.

In these days both processes – the environmentally friendly incineration of waste and as well beer brewing – are highly

mechanised and automated. Automated control techniques monitoring the process and determine what goes on.

All this requires the highest quality standards.

For many years producers have not been offered the possibility of using a similar level of automation in the delivery and

transfer of goods, even if containers were used for this purpose, as they were used to in their storage and processing

control techniques. This gap is now being bridged by Kuenz crane installations!

Fully-automatic container crane for transfer of ISO and domestic containers for the Warsteiner Brewery in Germany.

Automatic container crane

Warsteiner Brewery.

The German brewery relies on Kuenz quality automatic

container transfer. An automatic container crane forms the

link between production and rail delivery. The crane spans

an open depot with a capacity of 400 20ft containers.

Crane functions:

Fully automatic storage and removal of

containers within the storage area

Railway – storage transfer

Storage – road transfer

The crane is designed for fully automatic operation within

the secured area and does not have a crane operator cabin.

The CPU of the crane receives the orders direct from the

warehouse management program.

« We opted for Kuenz, because we

wanted to use know-how of the

specialists for this fully automatic

container crane installation.»

Josef Pater, Warsteiner Brewery

The CPU controls the storage and removal, in addition to

the re-stacking and pre-sorting of containers. The crane's

sensors and mechanics are designed in such a way that

6 containers can be stacked on top of one another with an

accuracy of +/- 45 mm. For this purpose, the crane was

equipped with a very stable rope tower, a rotary spreader,

a micro motion system as well as a comprehensive position

detection system. For safety reasons, the transfer of

goods to HGVs or the railway is carried out by a crane

operator located at a remote control stand.

AVN loading and unloading station AVN control stand

Fully-automatic transfer

of ACTS containers at AVN Duernrohr.

Kuenz designed and manufactured an innovative fully automatic

container crane installation which allows for fullyautomatic

transfer of approx. 330,000 t of waste annually.

Waste is primarily delivered by rail in ACTS containers. The

installation meets the following demands:

Lifting and rotating containers up to 30 t weight from

the railway car over more than 20 m to the top edge

of the waste bunker

Weighing the container during transfer and controlling

the degree of filling during repositioning on the

railway car

Exceptional reliability and automation required due

to high-load capacity

Designed for ACTS containers instead of ISO containers

Kuenz designed a gantry crane travelling on a raised crane

rail for AVN. The redundant crane installation operates with

two cranes. Crane # 1 transfers containers between the railway

and interim warehouse. Crane # 2 transports containers

from the interim warehouse to the unloading station.

The automation includes loading and unloading of railway


cars, the interim warehouse and unloading station, complete

dual operation of both cranes and if needed the

emergency operation of only one crane.

If required manual intervention of the crane operation can

be performed by personnel located at a remote control


One particular challenge was to develop an automatic

system to fully load and unload railway cars with ACTS

containers. For this task, Kuenz engineers designed and

executed a concept which enables an automatic vertical

transfer of these custom-made containers (to begin with,

these containers were not designed for any vertical


« Kuenz engineers convinced us

with a clever and overall functional

design concept.» Bernhard Bogner, AVN Duernrohr

The best reference is a

successfully completed


Visit www.kuenz.com for further information.

Technical information on

the Warsteiner installation

Container crane data:

Crane rail length: 115 m

Lifting height: 20 m

Slewing range: 270 °

Lifting capacity-twist locks: 40 t

Lifting capacity-piggy-backs: 40 t

Crane rail width: 32,20 m

Container: ISO 20 ft, 40 ft, 43 ft, 45 ft

Operating speeds:

Full load lifting: 0–40 m/min

Part load lifting: 0–60 m/min

Crane travel: 0–180 m/min

Trolley travel: 0–60 m/min


Lifting gear: 470 kW / 60 % ED

Crane travelling gear: 12 x 25 kW

Trolley travelling gear: 14 x 13 kW

Slewing gear: 6 kW / 60 % ED

Hans Künz GmbH, A-6971 Hard, Tel + 43 5574 6883 0, Fax + 43 5574 6883 19

sales@kuenz.com, service@kuenz.com, www.kuenz.com

Technical information on the AVN installation

Container crane data:

Crane rail length: 104 m

Lifting height: 19,20 m

Lifting capacity: 32 t

Crane rail width: 12,48 m

Container: ACTS

Operating speeds:

Lifting: 0–30 m/min

Crane travel: 0–100 m/min


Lifting gear: 246 kW / 100 % ED

Crane travelling gear: 4 x 13 kW / 100 % ED

Secondary installations: 17 kW

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