MT500B PDF Brochure - Challenger

MT500B PDF Brochure - Challenger

MT500BMT500BWe’re up toThe ChallengeMT500B series100 to 160 PTO HP

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PERFORMANCE“With the high price of diesel fuellately, I’ve got to improve myfuel per acre and maximize workrates to reduce my input costs.”Setting New Benchmarksin transmission technologyTechStar CVTInvented and perfected by one of Challenger’ssister brands, the TechStar CVT (continuouslyvariable transmission) is backed by more than 10years of research, development and production.Today, the brands of AGCO Corporation havemore than 90,000 CVT-equipped tractors inuse worldwide.You may see imitations, but there’s not anothertransmission in existence that rivals the simplicityand performance of the TechStar CVT.Unlike some competitors, the TechStar CVT uses anindependent oil reservoir for the transmission. Thisisolates the transmission from the hydraulic remotes,minimizing the chance for contamination and reducingadditional heat stress caused by friction in remotehydraulic systems.Stepless Speed ControlBy using both its mechanical and hydrostaticcapabilities at the same time, the TechStar CVTnot only operates more efficiently, but it does sowithout preset gear limits.With stepless variable speed, you have access tothe power reserves, as well as the speed choices,normally hidden in the speed ranges betweengears. Plus, the TechStar CVT allows the operatorto control precise ground speed, engine speedand/or PTO speed as each takes precedence.Think of the possibilities with applications likecrop spraying, where a constant ground speed iscritical for accuracy. Or harvesting with PTO-driveequipment, where it’s important to keep enginespeed at a steady level, regardless of travel speed.Effortless OperationOperating the TechStar CVT is as simple asmoving the power control lever in the desiredtravel direction and selecting the right speed forthe job. There’s no shifting, no jerking and nodelay in traction or power. Just infinite speedcontrol from creep to transport speed.You can even shift to “Pedal Mode”, leaving bothhands free to control other functions. As the pedalis depressed, both the engine speed and thetransmission ratio are adjusted to increaseground speed.For even more versatility, the TechStar CVT offersthree different automatic versions of pedal mode— all efficiently managed by the transmission’sultra-intelligent electronic system.

MT500bStepless Speed Control...Power ModeThe Power Mode provides stepless characteristicswhile putting the priority on engine speed andpower. This allows the tractor to handle the heavyloads of tillage or hauling over varying terrainwithout concerns over engine lug-down.Economy ModeWhen operating in Economy Mode, ratio changesare made at lower engine speeds, providing theoperator with improved economy in lightdutyapplications.Forager ModeOnce the tractor engine has recovered (lighter soil,reduced PTO load or downward slope), the tractorspeed returns to the initial setting. By maintainingtravel speeds, Engine Supervisor allows the tractorto get more work done in a day.Two Speed RangesTwo continually variable speed ranges providestepless field speed selections from 0 to 17 mph(0-28 kph) and transport speeds from 0 to 25mph (0-40 kph) with the standard front axle and0 to 32 mph (0-50 kph) with the optional frontaxlesuspension system.The Forager Mode allows the operator to maintaina specified engine speed, while using the footpedal to control ground speed. This feature is idealin applications like loader work, baling, or forageharvesting, which require a constant engine speedto maintain hydraulic flow or a set PTO speed.Engine SupervisorWorking in conjunction with the TechStar CVT, theEngine Supervisor automatically maintains desiredtravel speeds by adjusting the transmission ratioanytime engine speed is reduced. Travel speedis managed through a variability of engine rpmranging from 5 to 40 percent. If the engine ispulled down beyond the preselected range, theEngine Supervisor maintains engine control byreducing travel speed.Pre-Set Speed ControlsThe TechStar CVT provides the operator with, notone, but two field cruise speeds in each of thetwo speed ranges. Simply turn the “SV1” or “SV2”rotary dials until the desired speeds are indicatedon the digital display on the instrument panel, andengage by depressing the corresponding buttonon the right-hand armrest.We’re up toThe Challenge 9HOW IT WORKSBy using both its mechanical and hydrostatic capabilitiesat the same time, the TechStar CVT not only operates moreefficiently, but it does so without preset gear limits.With stepless variable speed, you have access to thepower reserves, as well as the speed choices, normallyhidden in the areas between gears.Say, for example, you choose to pull a 30’ chisel at 6.4 mphinstead of the 5.7 mph gear limit on a competitive powershift.The difference in speed adds up to an extra 36 acres in a14-hour day. And that’s just one operation on one day.Think of the possibilities with applications like crop spraying,where a constant ground speed is critical for accuracy. Orharvesting with PTO-driven equipment, where it’s importantto keep engine speed at a steady level.With the Challenger MT500B and the TechStar CVT, theoperator can control precise travel speed, engine speedand/or PTO speed as each takes precedence.

MT500bYour Corporate Officein the fieldWhen you spend 12 to 14 hours a day in atractor cab, you need an office environment that’sdesigned for the purpose. One that’s going tokeep you comfortable and alert, so you can be asproductive at 8:00 p.m. as you are at 8:00 a.m.That’s exactly what the MT500B Series provides.Designed by ergonomic specialists, with the helpof farmers like you, the operator-friendly MT500Bcab offers superior comfort, control and ease of use.Two Levels Of CabSuspensionComfort in the MT500B cab actually startsbeneath your feet, where rubber rollers isolatethe front of the cab from the frame to reduce theamount of vibration transmitted to the operator.For an even softer ride, add “dual stage”pneumatic suspension as an option. Similar tothe systems used on highway trucks, it adds twoelectronically controlled air baffles at the rear ofthe cab to further control oscillation and reducenoise. You can even adjust the ride firmness onthe go to one of two comfort settings.Exceptionally Quiet AndComfortableAt 69 dbA, the MT500B Series cab offers a soundpressure level that is unexcelled in the industry.And with its fully adjustable, air-ride swivel seat,it’s as comfortable as it is quiet. For those extratouches, substitute the optional deluxe seat,with its extra width, added cushioning, doublepneumatic lumbar support and cold-weatherheating. A seat belt is included as standard withall seat options.You’ll never be too hot or too cold in any weather,though, thanks to the responsive climate controlsystem that features easy-to-access controls fortemperature and fan speed.Or choose the Automatic Climate Controlsystem, which automatically adjusts the fan andtemperature controls to maintain a specifiedtemperature.Office Amenities ThroughoutA smooth and comfortable ride is just thebeginning of the comfort features you’ll find in theMT500B Series’ spacious cab. Take a seat andlook around at some of the other amenities:• Ergonomically designed right-hand controlconsole with controls organized by function.• 61 square feet of glass (5.66 m 2 ) for excellentvisibility.• A redesigned dash that features a slim profile,for improved forward ground visibility, and bothanalog and LCD displays.• Indicator lights strategically placed across thetop of the instrument panel.• Tilt and telescopic steering column.• A digital clock and outside temperature display.• A larger field cooler and field office, along witha cell phone holder and outlet.• A cab roof, designed for more headroomand better forward visibility, while putting radioaccess and climate control within easy reach.“Why do somecompanies onlyput the mostcomfortablecabs on theirbiggest tractors?I figure comfortis important onevery model.”10

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MANAGEMENTBuying a tractor“that’s up-to-datewith technologyis one thing. Iwant one thatwill also adaptto tomorrow’sinnovations.”12

MT500bTake Performance And Controlto new levelsEfficiency is always close at hand on the MT500BSeries — whether you reach for the hand throttle,the hydraulic controls, the 3-point hitch depthcontrol or the engagement switch for the powerfront axle. In addition to being clearly marked, allswitches and levers are ergonomically arranged byfunction, so you’re never taking your eyes off thefield longer than necessary.The most frequently used controls, including thehydraulic remote controls, 3-point hitch rockerswitch and TechStar CVT speed control areincorporated into the armrest, so they move withthe seat…whether you’re bouncing over roughterrain or swiveling the seat for a better view of atowed implement.Located on the left side of the steering column, the PowerControl lever lets you shift up or down, clutch and shuttlewith your left hand while using your right hand to steer oroperate loader controls.Harness ChallengerTechnologyCustomize any Challenger MT500B Series tractorto fit your operation with the addition of numerousavailable high tech options and accessories,including the GTA Console I with PowerPerformance III from AGCO Global Technologies.Working in conjunction with the standardequipmenttravel speed sensing radar, thesystem offers more than 20 valuable monitoring,control and comparative functions, including wheelslip, fuel/hour, distance, cost/hour, area worked, etc.In addition, Power Performance III includes aninnovative array of management features andmemory functions that promise to improveproductivity and efficiency.Headland Management System (HMS)—Console I with Power Performance III softwareallows you to program up to 21 tractor andimplement actions for activation at the simplepush of a button. Program hydraulic remotesto extend or retract; raise the 3-point hitch;downshift and/or throttle back; disengage orre-engage the PTO; disengage the AWD anddifferential lock...or any combination of the above.ProMAX Implement Response Control — Asa standard feature of the MT500B Series 3-pointhitch system, ProMAX Implement Responsecontrol senses wheel slip in excess of presetlevels and automatically adjusts the working depthof hitch-mounted implements as neededto compensate.Trailed Implement Control — Working inconjunction with the spool valve managementsystem, this unique feature automatically adjuststhe working depth of sensor-equipped trailedimplements to control excessive wheel slippage.As a result, field travel speed and engineperformance always remain at peak levels.Sequence Memory — Unlike other systems, thePower Performance III system allows you to preprogramand save a Headland Management(HMS) sequence for use by an employee orfamily member.Data Recall — Using keys and rotary dial on thePower Performance III terminal, the operator caninput memory functions for up to six completesets of data. Settings can then be given a namefor various fields, operators or implements, makingthem easy to recall when changing driversor equipment.Information Downloads — Data recorded viathe Power Performance III memory function can bedisplayed on the Console I screen or transferredby memory card to another tractor or the officecomputer for record keeping, data analysis and/ormapping. To do this, the tractor is equipped witha GTA100 Communicator package, which allowsmachine use and job data to be viewed, managedand exported to farm management programs.Later, integrate the information into other GTAsoftware options, including GTA200 RecordKeeping, GTA 300 Mapping and GTA400Precision Farming.ISOBUS CompatibilityOne of the newest features of the Console I isthe ability to monitor the performance of both thetractor and trailing implements through a commonISOBUS (International Standardization Organization)communication system. That means there is noneed for a separate monitor/control box in the cabfor every different implement. Using the dials andbuttons on Console I, fingertip control is availablefor all ISOBUS compliant implements, includingbalers, planters, sprayers, etc., saving time, moneyand unnecessary installations.Auto-Guide KeepsProduction On TrackRedefine productivity and efficiency with Auto-Guide satellite navigation system. Among thebenefits of this easy-to-learn, easy-to-use systemare less fatigue and exhaustion; increasedoperation speeds — particularly at night or in lowvisibilityconditions; fewer skips and overlaps; lessseed and chemical waste, and greater productivity.Challenger Auto-Guide allows the upgrading ofthe system and DGPS signal source, for increasedaccuracy levels, without replacing major portionsof the system. Best of all, the Auto-Guide TopDock,which houses the GPS antenna, receiver anddynamic measuring unit, along with the Auto-Guide terminal can be easily transferred to anyAuto-Guide ready machine.We’re up toThe Challenge 13

Power To Move The Loadpower with controlNo matter the job or how you move the load,Challenger MT500B Series tractors are built forthe task. Standard amenities on all models includean electronic 3-point hitch, two remote hydraulicoutlets and a three-way, electronically-controlledpower take-off (PTO) system to match theoperation. Expand the capabilities even furtherwith up to four hydraulic remotes and an optionalfront 3-point hitch, PTO and hydraulic outlets.Challenger MT500B Series tractors offer morethan just industry-leading hydraulic capacity,though. They’re also available with a choice ofcontrol systems.Fingertip ControlsFor those who prefer finger-tip control of thehydraulic system, Challenger offers the option offour in-line electronic remote hydraulic levers.Sized and positioned for intuitive finger-tipoperation, the levers allow control of multiplefunctions at the same time.Serious 3-Point HitchPerformanceHigh-PerformanceHydraulicsMT500B Series tractors feature a closed-center,pressure- and flow-compensated hydraulic systemthat provides flow to multiple functions at up to29 gpm (110 l/min) and 2,900 psi (200 bar).An optional high-flow hydraulic system allowshydraulic flow rates up to 39 gpm (150 l/min).TouchMaster ControlsAs standard equipment on the MT500B Series,the TouchMaster hydraulic control systemfeatures a programmable electro-hydraulicvalve arrangement that is controlled by a uniquemulti-directional joystick. Ideal for loader work,the TouchMaster system allows the operator toprogram the flow and speed of all functions andthen repeat them by simply moving the joystick,that results in shortening cycle times and reducingoperator fatigue. Lever control of up to twoadditional remotes can be added to the console ifmultiple outlets are needed.Customize Hydraulic SettingsCustomized hydraulic settings can be made to suitspecific requirements with the optional Console I withPower Performance III software. Using the touchkeys and rotary dial, the operator can regulatethe flow rate for lifting and lowering, adjust theactuation time and lock or unlock each remote.Thanks to their rugged rear axles and serioushydraulic capacity, MT500B Series tractorsboast some of the highest lift capacities in theirclass—up to 14,700 lbs. (6,668 kg) on theMT555B, MT565B and MT575B, depending uponthe transmission.The electronic hitch control gives you a choiceof draft-sensing mode for quick response tochanging field contours, or position-control modefor maintaining a preset height or depth. When it’stime to travel on the road, simply use the transportlock to secure the implement in the raised positionand let the hydraulic rams absorb the shocks thatcan otherwise affect both the ride and steering.14

MT500bPOWERstrength and a more compact profile. Equippedwith Category 2/3N hook-type lower links tohandle cultivators, plows, fertilizer tanks, etc.,the front linkage has a standard lift capacity of6,100 lbs or 8,800 lbs. (2,767 kg or 3,992 kg)depending on model.Adaptable Power Take-Off(PTO)Choose the PTO setting to suit your farmingoperation and the cropping program being used.Standard on all models is a 540/1000/540Eco liveshaft drive that is electronically controlled througha wet multi-disc clutch. The economy PTO settingallows the engine speed to be reduced by 23%from 2,000 to 1,550 rpm when handling lightloads, yet maintain full 540-rpm PTO shaft speed.The benefits include reduced fuel usage and lessnoise and vibration.The PTO speed with any setting is digitallydisplayed on the dash panel for precise monitoringof PTO-driven implements.Optional Front 3-Point Hitch,Hydraulics and PTOPut additional equipment up front with aredesigned front 3-point hitch option that isintegrated into the tractor mainframe for greaterHydraulic accumulators are also available toabsorb shock during the transport of mountedequipment. The front hitch includes a towingclevis, an electric power connector and theprovision for two hydraulic remotes that featurethe same pressure and flow as the rear remotes— 2,900 psi (1.39 bar) and 29 gpm (110 l/m)(39 gpm (147.6 l/m) optional).New Front PTOWith the redesign of the MT500B Series, all sixmodels are now available with a front PTOthat features a 21-spline, 1,000-rpm shaft withclockwise rotation. With its electro-hydraulicengagement via a console-mounted rocker switch,the system is ideal for operating a variety of frontmountedimplements, including mowers,rotary cutters, snow blowers and other PTOdriven equipment.We’re up toThe Challenge 15

Designed To Keep You Goingaround the clockThe days can get pretty long come planting timeor harvest. Fortunately, Challenger MT500BSeries tractors are built to maintain productivity,regardless of the time of day or the temperatureoutdoors.16Making DaylightDon’t worry about working late to beat theweather, or starting before daylight. The MT500BSeries helps make the most of long days with afull bank of hi/lo halogen work lights. Standardequipment includes two headlamps, two front andtwo rear double element work lights and two fieldlights per side on the steps and fenders. Otherfeatures include taillights, flashing amber warninglights and turn signals. One or two rotatingbeacons are also available as an option.Take Lighting To TheNext LevelBurn an even bigger hole in the night withChallenger’s Nightbreaker HID lighting package.This valuable option replaces four of the halogenroof lights with HID Xenon lights that provide upto 30% greater nighttime visibility. The increasein the amount of pure white light is also easier onthe eyes.Select the optimum exterior lighting combination via aconvenient touchpad. Indicator lights around a tractorschematic illuminate as each set of lights is switched onwith the touch of a button.A Panoramic VistaIn addition to offering 61 square feet (5.6 m 2 ) ofusable glass area, the Challenger MT500B Seriestractors feature a contoured, sloping hood thatprovides an unobstructed, panoramic view ofthe field.A Clear View Of WideImplementsThe view behind is clear with two large,telescoping side mirrors, an inside mirror andan unobstructed view through the rear window.For more convenience, choose the optional sidemirrors with electrical in-cab adjustment andelectric de-icing.

MT500bEasy Accessmeans maintenance is no longer a choreThe narrow, sloping hood on the MT500B is morethan stylish and unobtrusive. It’s also servicefriendlyand functional. Redesigned for optimumairflow, the new one-piece hood also lifts at thefront for quick, easy access to the cooling systemand front of the engine. Removable side panelsprovide additional access to engine components.• The fuel tank filler location allows filling thetank while standing on the ground.• A convenient outside access hatch allowsremoval of the cab air filter while standing onthe cab steps, keeping dust out of the cab.the aid of a gas shock system for complete accessand easy cleaning.mining, roadwork and just about every type ofheavy-machine equipment in the world up andrunning...365 days a year, day and night, underthe most adverse conditions. And they can do thesame with your Challenger farm equipment!The innovative design also includes a new engineair cleaner, positioned at the front of the tractor,with a cassette-type air filter for simple accessand maintenance at “pit stop” speed.Cat dealers are second to none in on-locationservice. Plus, their factory-trained technicianswork as hard at preventing problems as they do atrepairing them. With more mobile service trucksloaded with more diagnostic equipment than mostrepair shops, it’s little wonder that the new waveof Cat loyalists is coming from the farm.• Batteries are easy to reach for inspection andservice, yet protected from mud and debris.• Hydraulic and transmission oil level sight gaugesallow checking of these levels at a glance.New Air Cleaner/CoolingPackageA redesigned cooling package, used in conjunctionwith the Tier 3 engine, provides greater surfacearea for better cooling capacity, better sealingfrom outside dust, and easier maintenance. Theintercooler, oil coolers, air conditioning condenser,and radiator all pivot away from each other withWorld-Renowned Dealers,World-Class ServiceDowntime never seems to come at a convenienttime. Fortunately, with a Challenger MT500BSeries tractor, comes the backing and supportof the legendary network of Cat dealers...whotake downtime seriously. For nearly 100 years,Cat dealers have been keeping construction,Combine quality Cat service with AGCO’s 24-houra-dayparts network and you get the absolute goldstandard in dealer support.We’re up toThe Challenge 17

Every Challenger Purchasecomes with world-class commitmentWhen you purchase a Challenger MT500B Series Tractor, or any otherChallenger model, you’re buying a lot more than a piece of farm machinery.You’re purchasing the Challenger commitment to quality and service.If you haven’t already done so, take a close look at the MT500B Series at yourlocal Challenger dealership. You’ll realize that it’s built to the highest standardsof quality in terms of components and construction, as well as fit and finish.But Challenger’s commitment to you as a customer goes far beyond steel andrubber. Consider just some of the benefits of being a Challenger customer.Challenger FinancingAt Challenger Finance, we understand that financing is as much a part ofyour purchase decision as the features and benefits of the product. So we’recommitted to providing the best means of acquiring the equipment you need,while allowing you to preserve other credit lines of operating capital.We offer flexible payment schedules, flexible terms, quality service, competitiverates, comprehensive financing and leasing options, and virtually unlimitedresources. All are available under one roof, at your authorized Challenger dealer.Maximum Warranty CoverageAs a Challenger tractor owner, you are assured of full warranty protection fortwo years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. An Extended Service Plan isalso available, assuring you of additional support from your Challenger dealer.Long-Term Challenger SupportIn addition to bringing new thinking to farm equipment, Challenger brings awhole new concept to sales and service through Cat dealers. It may be ourbiggest difference and our greatest strength. And it may be the reason youroperation could become more profitable with Challenger equipment.Higher Resale ValueQuality equipment demands a premium price, particularly when there’sno competition. Fortunately, a new MT500B is extremely cost competitive,considering its advanced innovation. However, you can bet the technology builtinto the MT500B Series, along with its long-term Cat dealer support, will donothing but help it retain its value in the future.When you combine Serious Machinery with the Serious Dealers of theCaterpillar network, you’re looking at value that lasts well into the future.Standard Equipment• Closed Center Load-SensingHydraulics• Flow Control on All Valves• Total Flow of 29 gpm(110 lpm)• Power Beyond andLoad-Sensing Port• Lower Link Pin Sensingw/Electronic Lift Control• Active Transport Control(ATC)• Left and Right Side ExternalLift Controls• 3-Point Linkage: CategoryII/III Adjustable Linkage withMechanical Leveling• External Hydraulic LiftCylinders• Standard-Duty Drawbarwith Clevis• Double Element HalogenWork Lights• Deluxe Cab with Heaterand A/C• Pneumatic Cab Suspension• Super Deluxe Air Seat• Automatic TemperatureControl Air Conditioning• Large Telescoping SideMirrors with ElectricalAdjustment and ElectricDe-Icing• ProMAX ImplementResponse Control HitchSystem• Hydraulic Trailer Brakes• Front 3-Point Hitch, 5,500lb (2494.76 kgs) or 7,700 lb(3492.66 kgs) Lift Capacityat Hitch• Xenon Work Lights• Economy PTO• Rotating Beacons• Pivoting Front Fenders• Rear View Mirror and twoExterior Telescopic SideView Mirrors• Tilt and TelescopicSteering Column• In-Cab Electrical Socket• Air-Suspended Swivel Seatwith Vertical Height andBackrest Angle Adjustment,Fore/Aft and Side/SideIsolators, Lumbar Support,Seat Belt and AdjustableLeft Armrest• Shielded Center Line Drivewith Electro-HydraulicControl of Front WheelDrive and Front Wheel DriveDifferential Lock• Toolbox• Front Weight Frame• SMV Identification Emblem• Molded Rear Fenders• CAT C6.6 EngineOptional Equipment• Additional Electrical Socketin Cab• Rear Window Washer/Wiper• Front Belly Weight• Front Suitcase and WheelWeights• 4:1 Creeper Reduction onAutoPower VI• Drilled Engine Side Rails• Factory Fit Loader ReadyMounting Kits andHydraulics.• Integrated Tractor ControlSystem with FingertipControl• Quick Hitch, Category II/III• Power Performance DisplayIII with Color Screen andData Logging18

specificationsMT500bMT525B MT535B MT545B MT555B MT565B MT575BEngine Model Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT TM Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT TM Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT TM Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT Caterpillar C6.6 ACERTPTO HP (kW) 100 (74.6) 110 (82.0) 120 (89.5) 130 (96.9) 145 (108.1) 160 (119.3)Type In-line, liquid-cooled diesel In-line, liquid-cooled diesel In-line, liquid-cooled diesel In-line, liquid cooled diesel In-line, liquid-cooled diesel In-line, liquid-cooled diesel# Cylinders / Displacement - in 3 (L) 6 / 403 (6.6) 6 / 403 (6.6) 6 / 403 (6.6) 6 / 403 (6.6) 6 / 403 (6.6) 6 / 403 (6.6)Rated Speed - rpm 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200Aspiration Turbocharged and aftercooled Turbocharged and aftercooled Turbocharged and aftercooled Turbocharged and aftercooled Turbocharged and aftercooled Turbocharged and aftercooledBore / Stroke - in (mm) 4.14 (105) / 5.00 (127) 4.14 (105) / 5.00 (127) 4.14 (105) / 5.00 (127) 4.14 (105) / 5.00 (127) 4.14 (105) / 5.00 (127) 4.14 (105) / 5.00 (127)Fuel System Common Rail Common Rail Common Rail Common Rail Common Rail Common RailElectronically controlled Electronically controlled Electronically controlled Electronically controlled Electronically controlled Electronically controlledCapacities Fuel Tank - gal (L) 71 (270) 71 (270) 71 (270) 98 (370) 98 (370) 98 (370)Cooling System - gal (L) 6.73 (25.5) 6.73 (25.5) 6.73 (25.5) 6.73 (25.5) 6.73 (25.5) 6.73 (25.5)Hydraulic System (AutoPower VI Models) - gal (L) 18.5 (70) 18.5 (70) 18.5 (70) 18.5 (70) 18.5 (70) 18.5 (70)TechStar CVT (separate system) - gal (L) 14.8 (56) 14.8 (56) 14.8 (56) 15.3 (58) 15.3 (58) 15.3 (58)External Hydraulic System (CVT Models) - gal (L) 26.4 (100) 26.4 (100) 26.4 (100) 26.4 (100) 26.4 (100) 26.4 (100)TransmissionTechStar CVT and AutoPower VISpeed Range - mph (km/h) 0.01 to 25 (.03 to 40) 0.01 to 25 (.03 to 40) 0.01 to 25 (.03 to 40) 0.01 to 25 (.03 to 40) 0.01 to 25 (.03 to 40) 0.01 to 25 (.03 to 40)Optional Speed Range - mph (km/h) 0.01 to 32 (.03 to 50) 0.01 to 32 (.03 to 50) 0.01 to 32 (.03 to 50) 0.01 to 32 (.03 to 50) 0.01 to 32 (.03 to 50) 0.01 to 32 (.03 to 50)AutoPower VIOptional 4:1 Creeper - mph (kph) 0.28 to 25 (0.44 to 40) 0.28 to 25 (0.44 to 40) 0.28 to 25 (0.44 to 40) 0.28 to 25 (0.44 to 40) 0.28 to 25 (0.44 to 40) 0.28 to 25 (0.44 to 40)Axles Front 2WD AutoPower VI only Box in Box / 2WD Box in Box / 2WD Box in Box / 2WD Box in Box / 2 WD Box in Box / 2 WD Box in Box / 2 WDMFWD Center Pivot, MFD Center Pivot, MFD Center Pivot, MFD Center Pivot, MFD Center Pivot, MFD Center Pivot, MFDHydraulic Suspension Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional OptionalRear AxleFlange Axle Standard (AutoPower VI Only) Optional (AutoPower VI Only) Optional (AutoPower VI Only) N/A N/A N/ABar Axle Standard (TechStar CVT Only) Standard Standard Standard Standard StandardTread width - 18.4 Tires - in (mm) 60 to 88 (1524 to 2235) 60 to 88 (1524 to 2235) 60 to 88 (1524 to 2235) 60 to 88 (1524 to 2235) 60 to 88 (1524 to 2235) 60 to 88 (1524 to 2235)Long Bar Axle - in (mm) 60 to 110 (1524 to 2794) 60 to 110 (1524 to 2794) 60 to 110 (1524 to 2794) 60 to 120 (1524 to 3048) 60 to 120 (1524 to 3048) 60 to 120 (1524 to 3048)Brakes Rear Brakes Hydraulic wet multi-disc Hydraulic wet multi-disc Hydraulic wet multi-disc Hydraulic wet multi-disc Hydraulic wet multi-disc Hydraulic wet multi-discFront Brakes AutoPower 4WD Pack 4WD Pack 4WD Pack 4WD pack 4WD pack 4WD packFront Brakes TechStar CVT Wet brakes on cardan shaft Wet brakes on cardan shaft Wet brakes on cardan shaft Wet brakes on cardan shaft Wet brakes on cardan shaft Wet brakes on cardan shaftIndependent PTO Type Electronically controlled Electronically controlled Electronically controlled Electronically controlled Electronically controlled Electronically controlled540/540E/1000 - 1.375” (35mm) Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard StandardElectrical System Alternator 120 amp. 120 amp. 120 amp. 150 amp. 150 amp. 150 amp.Batteries (2) 600 SAE cca 12-V (2) 600 SAE cca 12-V (2) 600 SAE cca 12-V (2) 600 SAE cca 12-V (2) 600 SAE cca 12-V (2) 600 SAE cca 12-VHydraulic System Type Pressure/flow compensated Pressure/flow compensated Pressure/flow compensated Pressure/flow compensated Pressure/flow compensated Pressure/flow compensatedRemotes - std (opt) 2 (4) 2 (4) 2 (4) 4 (5) 4 (5) 4 (5)Max. Pressure - PSI (BAR) 2900 (200) 2900 (200) 2900 (200) 2900 (200) 2900 (200) 2900 (200)Total Flow - optional gpm (lpm) 29 (110) 29 (110) 29 (110) 39 (180) 39 (180) 39 (180)3-Point Hitch Control Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic ElectronicCat. 2/3, adjustable linkage AutoPower VI - lb (kg) 7152 (3244) 8923 (4047) 8923 (4047) 15240 (6913) 15240 (6913) 15240 (6913)Lift Capacity @ 24” TechStar - lb (kg) 10915 (4950) 10915 (4950) 10915 (4950) 14283 (6479) 14283 (6479) 14283 (6479)Front Hitch (Optional) Capacity - lb (kg) 6100 (2800) 6100 (2800) 6100 (2800) 8800 (4000) 8800 (4000) 8800 (4000)front pto 1000 RPM - 1.375” (35mm) Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional OptionalSteering Type Full power hydrostatic Full power hydrostatic Full power hydrostatic Full power hydrostatic Full power hydrostatic Full power hydrostaticDimensions Wheelbase - in (mm) 111.3 (2827) 111.3 (2827) 111.3 (2827) 113.8 (2890) 113.8 (2890) 113.8 (2890)Minimum Width - in (mm) 81.1 (2060) 81.1 (2060) 81.1 (2060) 81.1 (2060) 81.1 (2060) 81.1 (2060)Height Top Cab - in (mm) 112.8 (2865) 112.8 (2865) 112.8 (2865) 122.8 (3118) 122.8 (3118) 122.8 (3118)Overall Length - in (mm) 182.2 (4628) 182.2 (4628) 182.2 (4628) 190.6 (4842) 190.6 (4842) 190.6 (4842)Under Drawbar Clearance - in (mm) 15.4 (392) 15.4 (392) 15.4 (392) 17.4 (440) 17.4 (440) 17.4 (440)Shipping Weight - lb (kg) / AutoPower 2WD 11052 (5013) 11052 (5013) 11052 (5013) 15000 (6800) 15000 (6800) 15000 (6800)Shipping Weight - lb (kg) / AutoPower AWD 11546 (5237) 11949 (5420) 11949 (5420) 16100 (7300) 16100 (7300) 16100 (7300)Shipping Weight - lb (kg) / TechStar 13084 (5935) 13410 (6083) 13410 (6083) 16400 (7440) 16400 (7440) 16400 (7440)*Estimated shipping weight, single rear wheels

MT500BCat Dealers And Serviceworld-renowned dealers, world-class serviceIn addition to bringing new thinking to machines, theChallenger team brings a whole new concept to sales andservice through Cat dealers. It may be our biggestdifference and our greatest strength. And it may be thereason your operation could become more profitable withChallenger equipment.When you buy Challenger equipment you get the backingand support of the legendary network of Cat dealers.People who have been keeping contractors, construction,mining, landscaping, roadwork and just about everyheavy-machine demand undertaking in the world, up andrunning…365 days a year, day and night. People who don’ttake downtime lightly. That’s why we’re already creatingChallenger brand loyalists—because every Challenger machineis backed by the same support. In fact, Cat dealers are secondto none in on-location service.With more mobile service trucks loaded with more diagnosticequipment than most repair shops, and better-trainedtechnicians who work as hard at preventing problems as theydo at repairing them.Combine it all with our 24-hour-a-day parts network andyou have the absolute gold standard in service. And it’s all atwork, ready to maximize your productivity and uptime.Plus, Cat dealers have a rock-solid commitment toagriculture. This partnership solidifies their confidence in theChallenger product by putting their name behind the sales forceand service network. Combining Serious Machinery with theSerious Dealers of Caterpillar is shifting the way things havealways been done. A shift we’re certain you’ll agree will soonbe the standard to beat.Visit us at:© 2008 AGCO Corporation. AGCO ® is a registered trademark of AGCO Corporation. Caterpillar ® , Cat ® , ACERT ® and Challenger ® are registered trademarks of Caterpillar Inc. AGCO Corporation has a corporatepolicy of continuous product improvement and development; therefore, specifications are subject to change without any advance notice. AGCO Corporation is not responsible for differences between thespecifications or illustrations contained in this publication and the actual equipment. Equipment produced by other manufacturers is shown in photographs in this brochure for the purpose of illustrationonly and is not intended as an endorsement of that particular equipment or its suitability. All rights reserved. AGCO Corporation, 4205 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096At AGCO Finance, we understand thatfinancing is as much a part of your purchasedecision as the features and benefits of theproduct. So we’re committed to providing thebest means of acquiring the equipment youneed, while allowing you to preserve othercredit lines of operating capital.We offer flexible payment schedules,flexible terms, quality service, competitiverates, comprehensive financing and leasingoptions, and virtually unlimited resources.All are available under one roof, at yourauthorized Caterpillar dealership.CH08055 ( 01) 15 PD

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