Investor UpdateMay 2014FY2014 March 1, 2013 – February 28, 2014FY20141

Safe Harbor StatementThis presentation contains forward-looking statements within the meaningof safe-harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of1995. Such statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties,and other factors that could cause the actual results of the Company todiffer materially from the results expressed or implied by such statements,including delivery of profitable, dynamic growth, growth opportunities forultrasonic spray technology, retaining and expanding industry leadershipand customer base, continuing product diversity, maintaining technologicaladvantage of the Company’s nozzles over those of competitors, includingfaster return on investment compared to conventional spray systems,enhancing global distribution network, launching successful food industryinitiative, establishing market niche for recently developed products, marketreception of new spray innovations, maintaining strong net cash position,achieving EBITDA projections, and other factors. Accordingly, althoughthe Company believes that the expectations reflected in such forwardlookingstatement are reasonable, there can be no assurance that suchexpectations will prove to be correct. The Company has no obligation toupdate the forward-looking information contained in this presentation.FY20142

Why Sono-Tek?FY20143

Why Sono-Tek?• Who is Sono-Tek? Inventor of ultrasonic nozzle technology,in business since 1975; listed on OTCQB under SOTK• What is ultrasonic spraying and coating? Patented “green”method of using minimum amounts of liquid to achieve highprecision coatings for electronics, medical devices, glass,textiles, and foods; cost and environmental benefits• Why invest with us? Profitable, stable, cash, quadrupled inpast decade with high expectations for the next 5-10 years• Visit our website for detailed technical and financial informationwww.sono-tek.comFY20144

Financial ResultsFY2014 (March 2013 – February 2014)• Reduction in government support of clean energy caused dip in previous year• Took cost actions to remain profitable• FY2014 recovery – back on track.FY20145

FY 2104 – How Did We Do?• Increased sales by 8%• Increased income by 330%• Increased Cash and Marketable Securities• Maintained gross margins• Demonstrated the ability to remain profitableduring downturns and also invest forfuture growth.Set the stage for our next growth phaseFY20146

Electronics & Advanced Energy OverviewApplications• Printed Circuit Board Fluxing• Fuel Cells• Solar Cells• MEMS Semiconductor**• Flip Chip Fluxing**• Flux Brazing**** Targeted growth and development areasFY20147

Ultrasonic Coating Solutions OverviewApplications• Float Glass Anti-Stain & Protective Polymers• Implantable Medical Devices Stents, Surgical Mesh, Pacemakers• Other Medical Applications Diagnostic Devices Blood Collection Tubes/Syringes• Food Safety** Antimicrobial Coatings• Medical Balloon Catheters** Anti-restenosis drugs• Specialty Glass/Lenses** Anti-fingerprint, Photochromic, Hard Coat• Textiles** Advanced Finishing** Targeted growth and development areasFY20148

New Product Introduced 2014Coatings SBUImplantable Stents: Next Generation Coating SystemSono-Tek’s well established reputation andpenetration in the stent coating marketenables introduction of this next generationimproved coating system to existingcustomers and new companies worldwide.• Greater control and precision• Real time video process monitoring.FY20149

New Product Introduced 2014Coatings SBUMedical Devices: Drug Coated Balloon (DCB) CathetersCardiac angioplasty balloonscoated with anti-restenosis drugsolutions is a market very similar tostent coating, with similar processchallenges, which Sono-Tek hasalready mastered well.• Expansion of medical device coatings• Orders continuing as predicted, market developing.FY201410

New Product Introduced 2014Coatings SBUFood: Antimicrobials onto Meat Products• Other food markets include cereal flavorings.Antimicrobial coatings are aperfect niche for Sono-Tekspray equipment, and foodmanufacturers see immediatebenefits in switching frompressure spray to ultrasonicspray, with customizedintegration.FY201411

New Product in DevelopmentCoatings SBUAdvanced Textile Finishing Combination ultrasonicfinishing and plasma fixing Major savings in liquidchemistry, water andenergy use.• Large potential to revolutionize the U.S. textile industry.FY201412

New Product Introduced 2014Electronics SBUSolar Cells: Phosphoric Acid Doping of Silicon Wafers• Partnership with a major furnace manufacturer.Sono-Tek is well positioned tobenefit from capital equipmentexpenditures for silicon solarmanufacturing with the newChemCoat system, once thismarket recovers.FY201413

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Photochromic &AS lens coatingsMultiple smartphone applicationsNano conductivefilmsStain repellentcoatingsMedical implantcoatingsAutomotiveglass coatingsAntimicrobialtextile coatingsFY201417

Coating technologies for every day, a better way.Handheld electronics devices of today and tomorrow…Transparent Nano Conductive FilmsOleophobic (Anti-fingerprint)Hard Coat (Scratch Resistant)MEMs PhotoresistPrinted Circuit Board FluxingFY201418

Questions?www.sono-tek.comMade in USAFY201419

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