BRAND STANDARDS MANUAL - Texas A&M University-Central ...

BRAND STANDARDS MANUAL - Texas A&M University-Central ...

BRANDSTANDARDSMANUALCONTENTSBRAND STANDARDS MANUAL OVERVIEW2GENERAL GUIDELINES 3UNIVERSITY PUBLICATIONS 4UNIVERSITY IDENTITY 5University Colors 6University Logo 6 – 7University Seal 8Digital Graphics Files 8University Overview 9 – 11Copyright Information 11CONTACT INFORMATION 12Copyright © 2013 Texas A&M UniversityCentral Texas

BRANDSTANDARDSMANUALUNIVERSITY IDENTITYThe university name, “Texas A&M UniversityCentral Texas,”should be spelled out on first reference in publication text.Subsequently, “A&M–Central Texas,” “the university,”“TAMUCT” or “TAMU–CT” may be used.Texas A&M UniversityCentral Texas should not be referredto or be presented in communications as “Texas A&MUniversity,” “A&M UniversityCentral Texas,” “Texas A&M–Central Texas,” “Central Texas A&M University,” “TAMU,” or“TAMU–Central Texas.”UNIVERSITY COLORSThe official colors of Texas A&M UniversityCentral Texasare navy blue (PMS 655), maroon (PMS 202), and silver(PMS 877). The A&M–Central Texas colors should matchPANTONE® Matching System (PMS) solid (spot) as closely aspossible. Because PMS solid colors are guides for mixing ink,paint, and other pigments, they can only be approximated inprocess-color (CMYK) printing and (RGB) on web pages.Pantone® 655C 100 M 80 Y 12 K 63R 0 G 32 B 78Pantone® 202C 10 M 97 Y 61 K 48R 130 G 36 B 51Pantone® 877C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 40R 167 G 169 B 1725

BRANDSTANDARDSMANUALUNIVERSITY LOGOUsing the official university logo eliminates the confusion ofdifferent visual messages. No other graphic treatments should bepresented as logos of the university. Other graphic treatmentsmay be used as elements on web pages, apparel, organizationallogos, etc., but should follow the university identity guidelinesso that no design supplants the university logo.The A&M–Central Texas logo may be produced in full color,black, reversed out of a dark color in white, and in some limitedcases, gold or silver foil. The logo should be used in its entirety,with no alterations or visual distortions and generally shouldbe no smaller than an inch. Neither the logo nor any of itselements may be combined with any other design to create anew design. If the logo is used in conjunction with anotherlogo or seal, it should be of equal size.It is important that the area surrounding the logo remains freeof other type or imagery so nothing competes with the logo forthe viewer’s attention. To ensure this, maintain a clear marginaround the log of at least one quarter the height of the logo.Preferred Logo • PMS 655, PMS 202, and PMS 877Reversed Logotype • White on PMS 6556

BRANDSTANDARDSMANUALUNIVERSITY OVERVIEWThe following information is approved for use in publications:Texas A&M University-Central TexasFounder’s Hall – 1001 Leadership Place, Killeen, Texas 76549Fairway Building – 701 Whitlow Drive, Killeen, Texas 76541Texas A&M University-Central Texas was born in the spiritof community cooperation on September 1, 1999 as Tarleton-Central Texas and became a stand-alone university on May27, 2009 as a member of The Texas A&M University System.A&M-Central Texas is home of the Warriors and is an upperlevelinstitution offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees.The student population at A&M-Central Texas is diverse andgrowing, currently serving over 2,400 students. Classes are offeredat several convenient sites, including area community collegesand Fort Hood. The university provides a wide range of flexiblecourse schedules, including online, night and weekend classes.The new home of A&M-Central Texas is located on 672beautiful acres of land at the intersection of State Highway 195and State Highway 201 in Killeen. The land was transferred toThe Texas A&M University System from the U.S. Army in thesummer of 2009 and the inaugural building, Founder’s Hall,opened in May 2012. Construction is currently underway onthe University’s second building. The four story, multipurposefacility will house the School of Education, Library, andclassroom space, including the University’s first science labs.9Full-time faculty, advisors and support staffs are available toassist students with admission, financial aid, degree plans andcareer planning, both during the day and during extendedevening hours. A&M-Central Texas offers undergraduatedegrees in 38 areas and graduate degrees in 26 areas.

BRANDSTANDARDSMANUALUNIVERSITY OVERVIEW ContinuedAs an upper-level institution, A&M-Central Texas has developedagreements with Central Texas community colleges that enable aseamless transfer without the loss of credits. A&M-Central Texasis a member of GoArmyEd, the virtual gateway for soldiers onactive duty to request Tuition Assistance (TA) online, anytimefor classroom, distance learning, and eArmyU online collegecourses. It offers a one-stop shop for soldiers to manage theircollege education.GoArmyEd is used by soldiers, to pursue postsecondaryeducational goals; Army Education Counselors, to provideeducational guidance; and colleges, to deliver degree and courseofferings and to report soldier progress.A&M-Central Texas offers undergraduate degrees in AppliedArts and Sciences, Applied Science, Accounting, AviationScience, Business Administration, Computer InformationSystems, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Education,History, Human Resources Management, InterdisciplinaryStudies, Liberal Studies, Management, Marketing,Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work andSociology.Graduate degrees are available in Business Administration,Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Criminal Justice,Curriculum and Instruction, Education, EducationalAdministration, Educational Psychology, History, HumanResources Management, Information Systems, Liberal Studies,Management and Leadership, and Mathematics.1ONew A&M-Central Texas students are required to completeapplications for admission, then make an appointment with anacademic advisor to review degree plans. For current students,registration is available online. There are also programsavailable to assist students with academic advising, specialneeds, tutoring, counseling, medical needs and career services.

BRANDSTANDARDSMANUALUNIVERSITY OVERVIEW ContinuedA&M-Central Texas offers support to students wishing to formstudent organizations, whether they are honor societies, preprofessionalgroups, or social clubs. Current organizations includethe National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & AssociatedDisorders; Association of Texas Professional Educators;Business Professionals of America; Delta Mu Delta; GayStraight Alliance of Central Texas; Phi Alpha Zeta Chapter;ROTC Club; Student Association of Social Workers; Societyfor Human Resource Management Student Organization;Central Texas Student Veteran’s Association (CTSVA); andStudent Government Association.The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships eliminates ordiminishes financial barriers to students seeking an educationat the university and informs prospective students, parents andenrolled students of available resources and requirements. Over$3 million worth of scholarships are awarded each year.A&M-Central Texas welcomes visitors at Founder’s Hall, 1001Leadership Place in Killeen. For more information, call (254)519-5400 or visit us online at INFORMATIONThe words “Copyright © 2013 Texas A&M UniversityCentralTexas” should appear on all official university publications.11

BRANDSTANDARDSMANUALTexas A&M UniversityCentral TexasDepartment of Marketing and Communications1001 Leadership Place, Suite 317 Killeen, Texas 76549Randy McCauleyDirector of Marketing and CommunicationsP 254.519.5491RandyMcCauley@ct.tamus.eduAndrea HowardMarketing CoordinatorP 254.501.5820AndreaHoward@ct.tamus.edu12

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