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Relax.Take a Chill Pill.New Roots Herbal CHILL PILLS is the natural treatment choice for managing yourday‐to‐day stresses and chronic anxiety. By relaxing the central nervous system,CHILL PILLS creates coherent, constructive brain activity that leads to better mentalsharpness.CHILL PILLS is nonaddictive and nondrowsy!CHILL PILLS is a gentler alternative compared to other treatments for anxiety. Ourlaboratory-tested standardized extracts will calm you down and bring you themental focus to keep up with the hectic pace of modern life.For a happy and healthy lifestyle, take CHILL PILLS and say goodbye to stress!Prevention & Cure ® since 1985• Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory has15 scientists: 3 PhDs, 4 MScs, and 8 BScs• All our products are non‐GMO

0506Table of ContentsJanuary/February 201505 Procrasti-Cleanse:The Act of Procrastinating a Cleanse06Health Advice:Enhancing Libido Naturally08 Get Cozy with Horny Goat Weed09 Reach New Heights with Maca10101214171819Health Advice:Health Tips for TravelProduct Update:Juicy Immune-EnergyNaturopathic Current:MeditationGood Things Comein Small PackagesHeal your Body and Mind withLaughterGive your Lipid Profile a “High Five”Fats for Fitness?21 Culinary Corner2426Elevated Blood Sugar:A Tug-of-War You Can Win!Choose to Care: Canadian Parksand Wilderness Society182124

Editor’s LetterIn the beginning of the year 2015, Ipersonally like to look back on the yearthat just passed while looking straightahead at the next one with a motivatedand hopeful eye. There is so much tolearn and explore, and this first issue ofNatural Facts goes in this direction. Ourmagazine has evolved, and the best is yetto come.We are always pleasantly surprised torealize the interest in the Natural Facts,both in terms of the increasing demandfrom readers and in new collaborators involved.For this first edition of 2015, we give the kickoff with tips fortravellers, while flirting with the hot topics of February. Fora most positive beginning to the year, we present articlesshowing the benefits of meditation and laughter, for bothphysical and spiritual well-being.On behalf of the New Roots Herbal family, thank you for yourinterest in our bimestrial publication. We hope it will play arole in your health and happiness all through the coming year.NaturalFactsNatural Facts bimestrial magazinepublished and distributed through Canada.Editor-in-ChiefSonia LamoureuxGraphic DesignerCédric PrimeauTranslation/RevisionMarie-Jo Mercier ∙ Pierre PaquetteResearch & WritingHeidi Fritz ∙ Kathryne Kimmins ∙ Gordon RazaJoanna Rosenfeld ∙ Philip RouchotasBrought to you bySonia LamoureuxEditor-in-Chief3405, F.-X.-Tessier streetVaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 5V5800 268-9486newrootsherbal.cominfo@newrootsherbal.comRecipesSonia Lamoureux ∙ Theresa Nicassio ∙ Gordon RazaChoose to CareNoha ElkafrawyPrintingTranscontinentalDistributionAMP / TranscontinentalMember of theAdvertising SalesSonia Lamoureuxlamoureuxs@newrootsherbal.com450 424-9486 ext. 262Total Copies Distributed26 000 (English and French)

Energy CleanseProcrasti-Cleanse:The Act ofProcrastinating aCleanseSometimes it’s only when you feelthe sand between your toes thatyou realize how much you reallyneeded that break from winter’swoes, or how great you feel whenthe hairstylist spins aroundthe chair to reveal a stunning,refreshed look that you realizethat appointment was longoverdue.An information-gatheringsession for cleanses can beoverwhelming, between strictdiets with smoothies featuringexotic ingredients and thecelebrity-endorsed programs.Many of us will scrap the ideaaltogether.EnergyCleanse makes the decisionsimple; it’s an easy-to-follow,30‐day advanced total cleanse.The program is two-fold:• EnergyCleanse I focuses on theelimination of toxins withinthe liver. This in turn makes itmore efficient in breaking downharmful cholesterol, producingbile for the metabolism of fattyacids, and mobilizing glycogento meet urgent energy needs.• EnergyCleanse II contains11 special nutrients and6 homeopathic salts that targetthe elimination of stagnant,toxin‐laden matter within theintestines. Cleaner intestineslead to improved regularity,better nutrient assimilation,balanced electrolyte levels, andimproved vitamin synthesis.Simply take 2 capsules ofEnergyCleanse I in the morningand 2 capsules of EnergyCleanse IIin the evening. Our programrequires no drastic changes indiet; all you need to rememberis to drink plenty of water(approximately 3 litres per day),and take 8–10 servings of fruitsand vegetables. We recommendsupplementing with FiberUltraRich Plantago for ease of toxinelimination and AcidophilusUltrato maintain dominance ofbeneficial intestinal flora duringour program.With an increase in energy andstamina and superior immunesystem performance, you’llwonder why you didn’t tryEnergyCleanse earlier.5

Health AdviceEnhancingLibidoNaturallyby Philip Rouchotas,MSc, NDIt is well-recognized that certainmedical conditions, such asdiabetes and being overweight, aswell as use of certain medicationssuch as antidepressants, candeleteriously affect libido. [1] Inaddition to such conditions, theprevalence of high stress levelsand long work hours interferewith and diminish libido in bothmen and women. Specific dietaryand supplement strategies havebeen shown to help enhancelibido and improve sexualfunction.The Mediterranean dietarypattern, derived from thetraditional diets of Mediterraneancultures, is rich in fruits andvegetables, legumes, fish, andwhole grains, and includesmoderate intake of dairyproducts, nuts, lean meat,and red wine. The diet is alsocharacterized by regular useof extra virgin olive oil. Inaddition to a host of benefitson heart disease, diabetes,and other chronic disease, theMediterranean dietary patternhas also been shown to benefitlibido and sexual function.A set of large studiesinvestigating men and womenwith type II diabetes foundthat higher adherence to theMediterranean dietary patternwas associated with lowerprevalence of erectile dysfunctionin men and of female sexualdysfunction in women. [2,3]Another study examined 59women with metabolic syndrome,a constellation of overweightand borderline elevatedcholesterol, blood pressure,and/or blood glucose values. [4]Approximately 25% of NorthAmerican adults are affectedby metabolic syndrome; manyare unaware of this fact. Thestudy found that consumptionof the Mediterranean diet fortwo years improved the FemaleSexual Function Index (FSFI) inthe intervention group, from amean baseline value of 19.7 to amean posttreatment value of 26.1,while there was no change in thecontrol group. In this study, theMediterranean diet was definedas consuming more fruits,vegetables, nuts, whole grains,and olive oil compared to thecontrol group.6

Horny Goat WeedGet Cozywith HornyGoat WeedIt’s interesting how the commonname for a therapeutic botanicalcan be so polarizing. Epimediumgrandiflorum (horny goatweed) has a name that certainlygarnishes attention; however, itsbenefits have a broader spectrumthan its name implies.This hardy perennial contains thecompound icariin, the flavonoidresponsible for most of itsbenefits. Its mechanism of actionis direct: it inhibits the activity ofan enzyme that limits productionof nitric oxide within arterialwalls. Higher blood serum levelsof nitric oxide allow arteries torelax. The result is increasedblood flow, critical for erectiletissue arousal. Despite the factmost marketing initiatives forhorny goat weed target men, itssystemic effects can also provebeneficial for female sexualarousal.Horny goat weed is also knownto exert additional healthbenefits. Clinical trials haveshown naturally sourced icariinto improve cell signaling andexert neuroprotective activitythat can benefit both mood andmemory. Icariin has also beenshown to support osteoblast(bone‐forming cells) activitycritical for bone‐cell growth andrenewal, making horny goat weeda potential ally for the preventionof osteoporosis.New Roots Herbal’sHornyGoat Weed (20% icariin) is anatural, side effect‐free alternativeto prescription medications forlibido enhancement and sexualstamina.Got cold feet? With bettermicrocirculation, it may evenhelp keep your toes warm andcozy this winter!Did You Know?Magnesium deficiency is a common concern when adopting a gluten free lifestyle. Spinach,almonds, and beans are magnesium rich and can compensate for missing magnesium in branand germ that have been removed from gluten free foods. Magnesium Bisglycinate is also ahighly bioavailable form of this critical mineral.8

Reach NewHeights withMacaIt’s no coincidence that bothfauna and flora reflect theenvironments they thrive in.Maca root is no exception tothis rule. Maca, also known asPeruvian ginseng, thrives ataltitudes in excess of 4,000 min its native habitat high in theAndes mountain range. Therobust roots of this prized plantare a rich source of amino acids,vitamins, minerals, fiber, sterols,and beneficial fatty acids. Macaalso contains up to 22 distinctphenols, naturally occurringorganic compounds that exertpowerful antioxidant action.In the same way the cactus plantstores water to survive harshdesert conditions, the mightymaca plant assimilates andMacaproduces a bounty of nutrientsto ensure its survival. You canharness this wealth of nutrientsfor improved energy, resilience,strength, libido, and stamina.Maca is also recognized as apotent endocrine adaptogen,bringing balance to hormonallevels that influence all organsystems. The complex mosaicof beneficial compounds inMaca will give your energylevels a natural thrust free fromthe caffeine-related “jitters”and sugar‐related insulin rollercoaster common with manyenergy products. Its rich, nuttyflavour also makes it an excellentaddition to smoothies or custompower beverages.Sleep On It!A recent study in the journal Hypertensiondetermined that men who have a deeper sleep hadlower overall blood pressure. Deep sleep triggerssignals in the brain that relax blood vessels to lowerblood pressure.9

Health AdviceHealth Tipsfor Travelby Heidi Fritz,MA, NDDuring the bitter winter months,some of us like to get away towarmer climates. Unfortunately,it is possible to bring homemore than just a tan; infectiousgastroenteritis, otherwiseknown as traveller’s diarrhea, isestimated to affect up to 60% oftravellers who visit developingcountries, “accounting for 40,000travelers daily or > 15 milliontravelers annually”. [1] Theaverage duration of diarrheais four days, but some patientshave symptoms for weeks, andthere is growing recognition thatsome patients may later go on todevelop irritable bowel syndrome(IBS). [1] There are someimportant natural strategies thatcan help you prevent traveller’sdiarrhea.First and foremost,supplementation with probioticshas been shown to reducethe incidence of infectiousgastroenteritis and may helpenhance the recovery process.A review paper analyzing datafrom 31 trials on Saccharomycesboulardii found that probioticscontaining S. boulardii wereeffective in preventing traveller’sdiarrhea. [2] In these studies,probiotics were typically startedfive days prior to departureand continued for the durationof the trip. We suggest that itmay be prudent to start a littleearlier, 1–2 weeks in advance ofdeparture, to ensure adequateintestinal colonization, andto continue for 1–2 weeksupon return, since there is anincubation period that may delaysymptoms. A meta-analysis of12 trials assessing probiotics fortraveller’s diarrhea found thatin addition to Saccharomyces,a mixture of Lactobacillusacidophilus and Bifidobacteriumbifidum also had significantefficacy in preventing traveller’sdiarrhea. [3]The mechanisms by whichSaccharomyces is thought toact include interfering withpathogen attachment to thecells of the intestine, interferingwith the activity of toxinsproduced by pathogens, directantimicrobial effects, as wellas anti-inflammatory effects10

Product UpdateYes You CanHave it All!Juicy Immune‐Energy is the mostcomprehensive formula forimmune system performance,energy, and overall healthavailable to Canadian consumers.It features the full‐bodiedflavour of our robust nineberry blend fortified withtherapeutic amounts of specificnutraceuticals and standardizedextracts.Elevate Your ImmunityThe potent antioxidant effectsof lycopene team up withlutein- and zeaxanthin‐richmarigold extracts to defendagainst the effects of age‐relateddegenerative diseases thatinclude macular degeneration,cardiovascular disease, anddiabetes.Juicy Immune‐Energy also deliversprotection from colds and fluthanks to a premium astragalusextract (3% astragalosides) andvitamin C. Our formula alsocontains elderberry powderwhich has been proven to shortenthe duration of flu symptomsfrom stubborn strains that appearwith every season.The proprietary blend of nineindividual organic berries andfruits forms the foundation ofhealth benefits to be expectedwith Juicy Immune‐Energy. Therich source of soluble fiber foundin blueberries and strawberrieshelps the process of digestion.Soluble fibers attract water andexpand within the intestines toregulate the pace of digestionand enhance nutrient absorption.It also has a beneficial effecton blood glucose levels andinsulin sensitivity. A clinicallyproven oat extract (22% betaglucans)helps reduce bloodserum levels of harmful LDLcholesterol. We’ve also addedtwo naturally sourced prebiotics,FOS (fructooligosaccharide) andAOS (arabinogalactan). Thesenutrients fuel probiotic growthfor better nutrient absorptionand immune systemperformance.Therapeutic amounts of ellagicacid are among the powerfulbioactive compounds foundin blackberries, cranberries,pomegranates, raspberries,and strawberries,responsible for the potentantioxidant action ofJuicy Immune‐Energy.These naturallyoccurring antioxidants exerthealth benefits throughoutthe body. Our formula alsocontains the potent antioxidantsresveratrol and green tea extract(75% EGCG).12

Product UpdateRaise your EQ(Energy Quotient)Green tea extract lends a naturalenergy thrust that doesn’t relyupon excessive sugar or caffeinethat can lead to an inevitablecaffeine and sugar crash,common with many energydrinks. Coenzyme Q 10 adds toenergy creation within cellsthroughout the entire body.EACH BOTTLE OF OUR NON‐GMO FORMULACONTAINS APPROXIMATELY:8POMEGRANATES90RASPBERRIES>500GOJI BERRIESProanthocyanidins foundwithin the skin of dark‐skinnedberries are additional beneficialcompounds that, by means ofreducing oxidative stress, helpstabilize collagen to strengthenconnective tissue. These specificchemo-protective compoundsthat give berries their robustflavour and pigmentation are thesubject of numerous clinical trialsand population studies.40CHERRIES>4000SEA‐BUCKTHORNSMALL BERRIES15STRAWBERRIES190BLUEBERRIES50BLACKBERRIES150CRANBERRIESOur new formula is also freefrom maltodextrin, as wellas corn- and soy‐sourcedingredients. All that at anamazing 17 calories per portion.We also reformulated thesweetness to make it taste somuch better.Juicy Immune‐Energy is yourdestination for great taste,improved immunity, and fuel forsustained energy, strength andstamina.All that with no added sugar!13

flight response. The relaxationresponse is elicited throughrepetition of a word or phrase,while dismissing other thoughts.It is accompanied by decreasedoxygen consumption, decreasedblood pressure, and decreasedlevels of stress hormones. Furtheranalysis has recently revealedthat the effects have also beenimpressive at the structural,cellular, and genetic levels.Immune SystemStress decreases the effectivenessof the immune system, whichis why people often get sickfollowing periods of stress.In an animal study looking at theeffect of stress on wound healingfrom a second-degree burn,rats who were kept in isolation,which is a stressful environmentfor them, experienced muchslower healing times thanrats who were kept in a socialenvironment. Additionally, whenrats in isolation were given aform of stimulation in theircage, time of wound healingsignificantly improved. Thisindicates that although stressdoes downregulate immunityand wound healing, these effectscan be mitigated by changingenvironment and stress levels.In other good news, meditationcan help to counter theimmunosuppressive effectsof stress, and even providean immune boost. In a studylooking at the effectiveness ofthe flu vaccine, subjects weredivided into an experimentalgroup practicing dailymeditation for eight weeks anda control group. At the end ofeight weeks, the experimentalgroup had more antibodiesfollowing vaccination whencompared to nonmeditators.This increased responsivenessof the immune system is anindication of enhanced immunityin people who regularly practicemeditation, and provides aneffective strategy to offsetstress‐induced immunedepression. Meditation can alsobe used in conjunction with othertreatments to improve outcomes.Psoriasis is an immune-mediatedskin condition often treated withUV light therapy. Patients wholistened to a guided meditationwhile receiving conventional UVtreatment had faster time to skinclearing than controls receivingUV treatment but no guidedmeditation.Genetic ProfileMeditation has also been shownto have an effect at the level ofgene expression. Researchersanalyzed gene profiles ofsubjects who had never practicedmeditation, and then again aftercompleting an eight week dailymeditation program. After eightweeks, the genetic profile showedupregulation, or increasedactivity, of certain beneficialgenes, and downregulation ofharmful ones. The upregulatedgenes coded for three importantfunctions:1. Improved mitochondrialefficiency, which is the areaof the cell responsible forenergy production.2. Increased insulin production,allowing for better bloodglucose control.3. More stable telomeres, whichis a factor in slowing the rateof cell aging.Genes that became less activeincluded NF‐kappa‐B clusters,which are involved in chronicinflammation and its relatedconditions such as high bloodpressure, inflammatory boweldisease, and certain cancers.These changes were evenobserved before and after justone session of meditation,demonstrating that meditationchanges our genetic profile injust minutes. By comparison,long-term meditators (threeor more years) had beneficialgenetic profiles at baseline,reflecting long-term changes ingene expression.Functional and StructuralBrain ChangesMeditation practice is able toinfluence both the structureand function of the brain.Long-term meditators haveincreased gamma activity,which is associated with peakconcentration and higherlevels of cognitive functioning.Increases in gamma activity wereeven seen in people who hadonly been practicing meditationfor one week, demonstrating theplasticity of the brain.As mentioned earlier, theamygdala is called into actionduring the initial stress response,but meditation actuallydecreases activity in this area,15

esulting in decreased arousaland self‐perceived levels ofstress, and an increased senseof well‐being. Also, duringmeditation the paralimbic cortexbecomes more active, which isthe part of the brain responsiblefor emotion processing,goal setting, motivation, andself‐control. Regular meditationcan also offset age-related declinein your reaction time.In addition to functional changesin the brain, there are alsostructural differences in thebrain of people who meditate.As people age, the brain shrinksand loses grey matter. However,50‐year old meditators have thesame amount of grey matteras 25‐year old nonmeditators,demonstrating meditationhas a protective effect onthe aging brain. Areas of thebrain responsible for selectiveattention, concentration,reaction time, memory, empathy,and compassion all showedincreased grey matter and sizein people who regularly practicemindfulness.Eliciting the RelaxationResponseSo, how can you incorporatemeditation and mindfulness intoyour day so that you can startreaping the multitude of benefits?There are many meditationfacilities or online resources andCDs that will help you get started.Herbert Benson recommendssomething even more simple,and benefits are seen in just 10minutes a day.• Choose an appropriateenvironmentIdeally, choose a quiet andcalm environment, with asfew distractions as possible.• Find a Mental StimulusChoose a word, thought,phrase repeated silentlyor aloud. This is a way tobreak the train of distractingthoughts that enter yourmind. Close your eyes or usea soft gaze. Try to coordinateyour inhale and exhale breathas you repeat the sentenceor word. Examples of wordsinclude “peace,” “one,” “trust,”or sentences such as “I amrelaxed” or “I am breathingin calm and breathing outtension”.• Adopt an AttitudeAdopt a passive attitude andwhen distracting thoughtsoccur, they should bedisregarded and attentionredirected to the repetition.Do not worry about theoutcome of the exercise, orhow well you are performing.Adopt a “let it happen”attitude. This is the mostimportant part of the process— wandering thoughts areexpected, and it is importantthat you acknowledge themand then return to yourrepetition.• PositioningSit or lie down in acomfortable position toprevent undue muscletension. This may meansitting cross-legged or lyingdown, but be careful notto fall asleep! Swaying orrocking may prevent fallingasleep if you have a tendencyto do so during this practice.It’s never too late to startenjoying the physiological,emotional, and spiritual benefitsof this rewarding practice — yourbody and mind will thank you!For references and othergreat articles, visitNaturopathicCurrents.com16

Organic Exotic OilsGood Things Come in Small PackagesThe increasing popularity of our Exotic Oils Collection has grown exponentially andorganically, resulting from a combination of positive consumer feedback, sharing of countlessapplications, and people gifting our oils for all occasions.We’ve upgraded the packaging for 2015: Each bottle will now come in an elegant box. This willboth protect the bottle during shipping and make it convenient to gift-wrap.Thanks for proving this cliché to be true: A small bottle from any one of our Exotic OilsCollection can lead to a world of potential!17

Give yourLipid Profilea “High Five”Cholesterol is the majorcontrollable risk factor againstCanada’s number one killer,coronary heart disease. Eatingwell and staying active help,yet too many people takingprescription statin drugs feel“protected” from this silent killer.New Roots Herbal’s Cho‐less‐terincould be the intangible for yourcardiovascular well-being.Our formula features thebenefits of five scientificallyproven nutrients, each one withunique therapeutic properties.Collectively, they provideprotection from coronary heartdisease and the dangers ofFats forFitness?Fish oil supplementation ranksamong the leading therapeuticsources of healthy fats, withbenefits spanning cardiovascularwell‐being to mental health. Addanother: antiobesity researchhas discovered how fish oil andexercise work synergistically tomaximize fat loss while training.Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) hasbeen proven to activate enzymesthat burn stored fat. Research atthe University of South Australiahas also shown exercise to amplifyatherosclerosis (hardening of thearteries).Cho‐less‐terin reduces hepaticproduction of cholesterol in twoways. A standardized extract ofguggul accelerates the breakdownof harmful LDL cholesterol tobile acids for excretion, with redyeast extract interfering with theenzyme that regulates productionof cholesterol.A tandem of nutrients also workthroughout the intestines to lowercholesterol. Free plant sterolsmimic cholesterol to interferewith their intestinal absorptionsites. An oat extract, featuring22% beta-glucans, binds to bileacids produced as a byproductof cholesterol breakdown by theliver. This process accelerates bileoutput and excretion.A potent green tea extractdrenches arterial walls withpowerful polyphenols thatthe fat‐burning effects of omega‐3fatty acids. DHA not only promotesthe release of stored fat but alsoincreases cellular metabolismwithin the mitochondria foradditional calorie consumption.Anti-inflammatory benefits ofeicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)help cope with joint pain fromincreased physical exertion. EPAinhibits the enzyme that triggersjoint pain and inflammation.The omega‐3 fatty acids in ourWildOmega supplements also helpprevent plaque formation withinarterial walls. This preservesarterial elasticity, allowing arteriesto expand and deliver moreCho-less-terin & Wild Omega 3prevent oxidation of cholesterol,the process that creates harmfulplaque.The full spectrum of synergisticnutrients in Cho‐less‐terin areformulated within a matrix ofantioxidant‐rich red palm fruitoil for maximum bioavailability,better absorption, and therapeuticbenefits.Cho‐less‐terin is side effect–freeand safe for adjunctive use withprescription medication. Whoknows? Our “High Five” may alsogive you a little peace of mind!oxygenated, nutrient‐rich blood tomuscle tissue for increased growthand stamina.Try adding WildOmega 3 EPA 660 mgDHA 330 mg to your fitness routinethis winter. What have you got tolose, other than a little stubbornbelly fat?19

Your secret forthe perfect selfieLiver removes the toxins below the skin, resulting in a noticeably healthierand more radiant and younger appearance. With the stress of modern livingand the constant exposure to chemicals and pollution, keeping your liverhealthy couldn’t be more important to your good health.• Provides the highest-quality, most effective form of milk thistle extract• Contains 7 premium quality ingredients known for benefiting the liverLiver also offers the perfect protection for smokers, people who drink alcohol,and those who live or work in highly polluted areas.For a great look and great health, make Liver part of your detox program.• Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory has15 scientists: 3 PhDs, 4 MScs, and 8 BScs• All our products are non‐GMO

Culinary CornerPeanut-ButterCoconutCandy MeltsThis recipe was inspired by“Delicious Obsessions” MapleCoconut Bars with Coconut Oil(http://www.deliciousobsessions.com/2010/12/maple-coconutbars).With a little experimenting,I was able to transform these barsinto a delicious low-glycemic (GI)peanut-butter candy recipe witha delightful texture and depth offlavour. Even better: You can mixtogether and press these winnersinto silicone moulds in less thanfive minutes, with fresh candyeffortlessly ready and waiting injust an hour.Ingredients:• 2 cups shredded or desiccatedunsweetened coconut• ⅔ cup melted coconut oil• ⅓–½ cup organic peanutbutter or other nut or seedbutter• 1 tsp. maple or yacón syrup• 1 tsp. powderedNew Roots HerbalStevia Sugar Spoonable• ½ tsp. organic blackstrapmolasses• ¼ tsp. Himalayan saltInstructions:Stir all ingredients well in abowl, then press firmly intocandy moulds, ensuring oil isevenly distributed to all candies.Refrigerate for one hour, or untilsolid. Serve.Store in the refrigerator forseveral days (if they last thatlong), and for over a month in thefreezer in a sealed container.Makes about 36 candies.Chocolate-CoveredPeanutButter CupsIngredients:• 1 recipe of Peanut ButterCoconut Candy Melts, chilledin the freezer for at least30 minutes• 8–12 oz. sugar-free darkchocolate (sweetened withstevia, xylitol, coconutsugar, or other low-glycemicsweetener of choice)Instructions:Fill the bottom of a double boiler(or saucepan) with water, thenplace chocolate in the top partof the double boiler (or in a bowlthat sits above the water levelin the saucepan). Very slowlymelt chocolate. When melted,take peanut butter melts fromthe freezer and, one by one, dipeach into the melted chocolate tocover all sides of the candy.Then, place each chocolatecoveredcandy on a piece ofparchment paper and place inthe refrigerator until solid (about15 minutes). If you would prefera thicker coat of chocolate onthe candies, simply remove thechocolates from the refrigeratoronce solid and cover again withthe melted chocolate, return tothe parchment paper, and againrefrigerate. These chocolatescan be served once set (whichis almost immediately) and canbe stored in the refrigeratorfor several days, or for over amonth in the freezer in a sealedcontainer.Makes about 36 chocolates.22

Blood Sugar BalanceElevatedBlood Sugar:A Tug-of-War YouCan Win!The ebb and flow of blood glucoselevels are natural and have a directimpact on everyone’s metabolism.It’s the state of chronic elevatedblood glucose levels, known astype II diabetes, that poses ahealth risk to a staggering numberof Canadians. The CanadianDiabetes Association estimatesthat one in four Canadians havediabetes, with 90% of those casesbeing type II. This diabetes isnon-insulin-dependent and canbe managed by eating well,exercising on a regular basis,and maintaining a healthy bodyweight.A prescription drug thatsuppresses glucose productionwithin the liver is among themost prescribed drugs in NorthAmerica for treatment of thispreventable condition. However,in the same way that a tug-of-waris usually won by the team withmore feet on the ground, a diverseand natural approach to thisdisease can prove more effectivethan a one-dimensional drug withcommon side effects that caninclude nausea, abdominal pain,diarrhea, vomiting, and loss ofappetite.BloodSugar Balance is an excellenttherapeutic alternative with aformula featuring 19 nutrients.These specific ingredientsenhance the ability of cells tometabolize glucose, strengthenpancreas and liver function, andprotect delicate capillaries fromthe harmful effects of elevatedblood glucose levels.Key Components of a CompleteFormulaAn extract of cinnamon (10%polyphenols) teams up with thepremium form of chromium(chromium picolinate) to stimulateinsulin receptors for cells toabsorb and metabolize glucose.This benefits you in two ways: itdelivers fuel to cells and lowersglucose levels that can be harmfulto arteries and organs alike. Astandardized extract of Gymnemasylvestre (10% gymnemic acid)moderates glucose absorptionwithin the intestines to easespiking of blood glucose levels.Extracts of bhui amla (Phyllanthusniruri) and the tropical plantTinospora cordifolia strengthenhepatic function. This improvesthe liver’s ability to produce, store,and selectively release glucose tomeet metabolic demand.Our formula also contains amosaic of nutrients includingextracts of bilberry, grape seed,and Ginkgo biloba, which helpthe body cope with complicationsthat arise from high bloodglucose levels includingdiabetic neuropathy, the nervedamage resulting from impairedmicrocirculation.BloodSugar Balance is the perfectpartner to healthy eating andactive lifestyle choices for sideeffect–free management ofday‐to‐day blood glucose levels.It’s also safe for long‐term use,and for adjunctive therapy withprescription type II diabetesmedications.24

A natural sweetener that’s safefor your diabetes or hyperglycemia.• Provides a great-tasting alternativeto sugar that’s safer than artificialsweeteners• Balances blood glucose levels,prevents tooth decay, and improvesdigestionNEW• Shown to reduce cravings for bothsweet and fatty foods – it’s a greatalternative to sugar for cooking andbaking

Choose to CareCanadian Parks and WildernessSociety (CPAWS) is a Canadianorganization that was establishedin 1963 with a vision of keepingat least half of Canada’s publicland and water wild — forever.The organization believesthat the health of Canadianscannot be better if wedon’t protect Canada’s wildecosystem. Through conservingCanada’s large landscapesand waterscapes, we can enjoywell-maintained parks, breathefresher air, protect a vast varietyof species, and continue toappreciate the beauty of thenatural landscapes in our lives.New Roots Herbal reallyappreciate the efforts exerted byCPAWS along with its supportersand volunteers for the pastyears, and we are really proudto support such an organizationthat has succeeded to create overtwo-thirds of Canada’s protectedareas.Since 2009, our Choose to Careprogram has been participatingwith CPAWS to fulfill their andour dream to maintain andprotect our country’s amazingplaces and wilderness.New Lookfor Several SoftgelsOur dark‐coloured softgels have a fresh look.VitaminE 8 , ProstatePerform, Hair&Scalp, andSterols&Sterolins will now have a deep red colour.We have replaced a carob‐based nonmedicinal inthe composition of our softgel with annatto extract.This extract, sourced from the seeds of the tropicalachiote tree (Bixa orellana L.) fruit, is a rich source oftocotrienols, a potent antioxidant, as well as havinga history of use as an antimicrobial. It also adds UVprotection and stability to the contents of our softgels.This will help preserve the industry-leading purity andpotency of these products.26

Travel tip…Taking Travelers’Probiotic before, during, and after traveling abroad willprotect you from intestinal upset and travelers’ diarrhea.The 12 beneficial probiotic strains in Travelers’Probiotic crowd outharmful microorganisms that can cause travelers’ diarrhea, neutralizetheir toxins, and populate your intestines with healthy intestinal flora.Stay protected with our probiotics:AcidophilusUltra — Fortifies immune andintestinal health.IBSUrgency — Relieves irritable bowel syndromesymptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, andconstipation.ProbioticsUrgency — Essential after takingantibiotics. 50 billion live cells for fast results. Takeat the very first sign of cold or flu.ProbioticIntensity — Advanced formula of18 total strains with 10 human, 1 plant, and 7 dairystrains plus colostrum for maximum beneficialeffects.Best of all, thanks to the protection of our advanced PH 5 D entericcoating, you can be assured that our 21 billion probiotic cells willsafely escape harsh stomach acids and be delivered “alive and active”directly to your intestines for 100% optimal results! Bon voyage!NEW• Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory has15 scientists: 3 PhDs, 4 MScs, and 8 BScs• All our products are non‐GMOPrevention & Cure ® since 1985

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