Fall semester 2012 recap - North Yarmouth Academy

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Fall semester 2012 recap - North Yarmouth Academy

NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMYmiddle school eNRICHMENTCOURSE UPDATES Fall 2012Perrin Davidson ‘17, banjo player in the Bluegrass Ensemble148 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096 | 207.846.9051 | www.NYA.org

MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER UPDATESDEBATE TEAM - David EcheverriaThe Debate Team competed indebates this semester againstYarmouth, Cape Elizabeth and BonnyEagle. We debated whether or notElection Day should be a nationalholiday. During the course of thesemester, students worked on theirwriting, critical thinking, publicspeaking, and research skills. Theteam would like to thank all the peoplewho volunteered to judge our debates.We look forward to hosting the nextdebate on January 16.WORLD OF WATER - DanielleBarschdorfThe students have been studying the properties of water, as well as how water is used and how it affectsour world. For example, students designed how they would build farmland with sand, soil, and sticks.Once they explained the reason behind their design, we tested how their designs withstood rain and thepower of erosion. Students learned how some farmers use contour plowing to prevent erosion and runofffrom reaching water sources. As a culminating project, students created a giant mural that combinedeverything they learned about water this semester. We are all very proud of our final product!NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMY | Middle Boarding School Program Enrichment Case for Course Support Updates | pg. 1

Keyboarding - Shannon GallagherThe fifth grade has worked on computer and keyboarding skills this semester. Using a typing program,as well as some games, we have become more familiar with the keyboard and proper typing technique.We’ve also learned about computer safety and developed research skills. Though “home keys” are still abit challenging, we are proud of how much we’ve accomplished in a few short months!Study Skills - Biz HoughtonThe Study Skills enrichment course utilized the SOAR® Study Skills Program -- a comprehensive systemthat empowers students to manage their time, school-work, and extra-curricular interests more efficiently.This four-step program builds upon each strategy to increase students’ understanding and retention, whiledecreasing their homework and study time. The three major principles of this student-friendly system are:• Strategies mustbe time-efficient.Strategies must berealistic for studentsto do, save them time,and reduce as manyunnecessary steps aspossible.• Strategies must beeffective. We respectstudents’ time andwill not teach anythingthat does not deliverresults.• Strategies must applyacross the contentareas. There aremany study skills that are useful techniques, but we only selected or developed strategies that applyacross content areas so that students will clearly understand the appropriate times/settings to usethe strategies. This approach empowers students to confidently take more responsibility for their ownwork and develop a more strategic approach to all of their learning.We covered the following topics with our sixth graders this fall: time and task-management; goal-setting;homework/project planning; organization at home and school; paper organization; note-taking strategies;writing strategies; test-taking strategies; reading skills; and communication skills.NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMY | Middle Boarding School Program Enrichment Case for Support Course Updates | pg. 2

TECHSAVVY - Nate SmithAfter students completed a quick online Google Survey that gave a snapshot impression of initialtechnology levels of the class, we jumped right in and worked steadily through the typing program(typingweb.com) for the first portion duringfirst few weeks of class. Throughout thesemester, we worked through various themedprojects covering seven different majortechnologies: Word, PowerPoint, Prezi,Excel, Wiki, Google Earth, and Camstudio.We created a “dream job” resume throughMicrosoft Word, had an online debatecompetition through Prezi (which was judgedby the upper school), and recorded selfhelptutorials on different technologies welearned this semester by using the Camstudiosoftware… just to name a few. We also hada guest visit from our librarian, Jill O’Connor, who taught the class about how to more effectively conductonline research. Overall, we covered a lot of different technology topics and had a lot of fun in the process!GO GLOBAL - Tim McMahonGo Global had a fun and informativesemester making board games basedon countries from all over the globe. Theclass incorporated elements of sculpting,illustration, research, and design. When thegames were finished, the students had anopportunity to play each game, and thencritique the balance of visual elements,information, and flow of game play.LIFE SKILLS - Kelly OrrWe just wrapped up a busy semester in Life Skills class, and after four months of teambuilding, leadership,and communication skill-building, we can all look back knowing that we’ve learned a lot! Highlightsfrom this semester include some exciting games of Speed Charades and Clationary, group initiatives likeBull Ring and Silent Line Up, and everyone’s favorite…This or That. Throuh a variety of active, dynamic,and zany activities in class, the sixth graders have had the chance to think more about what kind of aperson they’d like to be, while developing their abilities to collaborate, communicate and succeed at NYA.Hopefully students will carry this learning with them into the second half of sixth grade and beyond!NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMY | Middle Boarding School Program Enrichment Case for Support Course Updates | pg. 3

SHOW CHOIR - Nora KrainisShow Choir is a combined Middle School and Upper School group. Students have been working on threesongs: Firework, Blown Away and Wide Awake as well as choreographing dances to accompany eachsong. This Fall, the group performed Firework at the Make-A-Wish Fundraiser Concert. They are nowworking on picking out costumes and expanding their repertoire for their big concert in the Spring.BLUEGRASS ENSEMBLE - Ian RamseyBluegrass Ensemble is another combined Middle School and Upper School group. These musicians playboth traditional bluegrass music and cover contemporary hits, such as Call Me Maybe, with a bluegrassflair. Students had a very exciting fall including a trip to China from October 19-28. While there, TheRoyal River Honey Badgers joined approximately 200 students from around the world to take part in theInternational Youth Peace and Culture Festival in Chengdu. Here they shared their culture while performingfor 4,000 Chinese students and international performers from Russia, England, Australia, and more. Theythen traveled to Beijing and did two additional performances there. The group also has appeared onthe TV news magazine 207 and on the radio on 98.9 and 93.1. In addition to preparing for upcomingperformances, The Royal River Honey Badgers are also working on a CD to be released in 2013.NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMY | Middle Boarding School Program Enrichment Case for Course Support Updates | pg. 4

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