Platinum Bond Plus Product Guide - Royal London
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Platinum Bond Plus Product Guide - Royal London

Product guide to yourPlatinum Bond PlusReminder of important facts

What is the Co-operative PlatinumBond Plus?The Co-operative Platinum Bond Plus is designed togrow your lump sum investment over the medium tolong term (typically at least five years) and if requiredyour Bond can also be used to provide an income.Where your money is investedYour lump sum is invested in our with-profits fund.The fund’s investment strategy is to achieve growthin the value of the fund by investing in a wide rangeof assets, comprising UK and overseas shares,government and other bonds, property, cash,alternative and other investments.This investment reflects a medium attitude to risk.Your investment has the possibility of providing ahigher rate of return than a bank or building societyover the long term, from a balanced mix of lower andhigher risk assets.However, the cash-in value of your investment maygo down as well as up and you could get back lessthan you initially invested. Please also read theMarket Value Reduction section of this guide.The “Principles and Practices of FinancialManagement” (PPFM) document explains in detail themanagement of the “with-profits fund”. The PPFM anda customer-friendly version of it, sometimes called awith-profits guide, are available either by or on request.In the event of conflict between this guide and thePPFM, the PPFM shall prevail.Important change to your policyAs from November 2011, the Platinum Bond Plus wasclosed to new business and no longer allowsadditional lump sum investments into this product.BonusesBonuses are your share of the investment returnsachieved by the with-profits fund. Bonuses may beadded on an annual basis and a final bonus may alsobe added on death or when cashing in your Bond.The addition of future bonuses depends mainly onfuture investment performance.Market Value Reduction (MVR)In certain circumstances when you cash in yourBond, we may reduce the cash-in value if it is greaterthan your fair share of the fund. We would do this byapplying an MVR.If we didn’t do this, we would pay out more thanyour Bond is worth. This would reduce the amountavailable for other customers when they leave thefund in the future, which would be unfair.An MVR will not be applied to any income withdrawnor in the event of a death claim.MVR guaranteeAn MVR will not apply to any investments made before1st April 2000.Taking incomeYou have the option at any time to take, withoutimmediate tax liability, an income of up to 5% perannum of the capital invested. You can stop, startor vary your level of income at any time.The cash-in value of your Bond will be lower if youare taking income. If the rate at which you are takingincome is greater than the bonus rate at that timethen the cash-in value of your Bond will reduceover time.

Taking your moneyYou can cash in part or all of your investment at anytime. Making withdrawals will reduce the overallvalue of your Bond. Depending on yourcircumstances, you may incur an additional taxliability when you cash in part or all of your Bond.Payout if you dieIn the event of death, we will pay out at least 101%of the current Bond value including any final bonusyou may be entitled to. This is guaranteed to beno less than the amount you invested less anywithdrawals or income you have taken.Additional informationThis guide is intended to be a concise reminder ofthe main features of the product you have purchased.We supplied a contract for the product to you whenyou made your purchase and you should refer to thisand any contract endorsement which we may havesent you for full information. In the event of conflictbetween this guide and any contract, the contractwill prevail.If your policy is joint life then the payout would be onthe death of the second life assured.If you need more information,contact our Customer Contact Centre08457 46 46 46Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 5pm.

Savings & investmentsLife assuranceCar & home insuranceRetirement planningEthics as standardUp the wall – more than 40% of the heat in your home is lostthrough the walls and roof. Cavity wall insulation could reduceemissions and cut fuel bills by £70-£100 a year.Please call 08457 46 46 46 if you would like to receive this informationin an alternative format such as large print, audio or Braille.The Co-operative Investments is a brand name used by Co-operative Insurance Society Limited.Co-operative Insurance Society Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.Registered Office: Miller Street, Manchester M60 0AL. Registered in England number 3615R.Calls may be monitored or recorded for security and training purposes.MKT2612 WEB 03/2013

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