Poster Presentation - FAIC : 4th Fine Arts International Conference ...

Poster Presentation - FAIC : 4th Fine Arts International Conference ...

Visual Arts

No. Title Presenter

P-B 01 A Study for Creation : A Case Study. Master thesis For Long

Phuthai Culture Renunakon District Nakornpanom Province.

P-B 02 A Study for Creation : A Case Study Group Thai People

Displaced in Ranong Province.

P-B03 A Study for Creation : A Case Study of Uniform’s Impact on


P-B 04 A Study for Creation : In New Form of Imagination from

Modified GMOs.

P-B 05 A Study for Creation : Case Study “Selflessness” in


P-B 06 The study for a sake of awareness: A Case Study to

Investigate the Problem of Advertising Visual Boards

Pollution on Ecotourism at Amphawa Floating Market.

P-B 07 A Study for Creation : The Believe of Mara which is Effect on

Human Ideas.

P-B 08 A Creative Research on a Case Study of Decline in Faith for

Benchabhaki Small Buddha Image Set in Thai Society.

Music&Performing Arts

Miss Anunya Komkhiew.

Miss Anyatip Ritthong

Mr.Lertchai Jettanathummajak

Mr.Nakarin Kessuwan

Mr.Satit Yamklam

Mr. Sittichok Bumrungchai

Mr.Thanapon Junkasain

Mr.Somchai Phinitsap

No. Title Presenter

P-C 01 The Creation of Thai Contemporary Dance from Semiotics of Lotus

in Religionsใ

P-C 02 An Evaluation of the Teaching Strategies of the Faculty of

Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University.

Visual Design

Mr.Kittikorn Nopudomphan

Mr.Sitsake Yanderm

No. Title Presenter

P-D 01 The Study and Development of Three Dimentional Media

for Safety Road Advertising Campaign.

P-D 02 The Study and Development Project on Mobile Museum

Exhibition : A Case Study of Buriram Community-Based


P-D 03 A Study and Development Product of Bags from woven

Fabric Thai-yuan Saohai District, Saraburi Province.

P-D 04 Researh and Development of Multi-purposes Storage from

Honeycomb Paper for Using in Limited Space


P-D 05 Education and Development Form and Funtion of Baggage

for Flight Attendant : Case Study of Thai Airways

International Public Company Limited.

P-D 06 Researh and Development of Package Product Processing

pork for Promotion Marketing : A Case Study of Packaging

Product Processing in District Area in Nakhonpathom.

Mr.Anakkdet Puttan

Mr. Chonnajak Batprakhon

Miss Chompoonuch Larpkerd

Miss Kunnatee Puwijarn

Miss Naddawadee Boonyadacho

Miss Noppawan Cheewaree


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