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Poster Presentation - FAIC : 4th Fine Arts International Conference ...

Poster Presentation - FAIC : 4th Fine Arts International Conference ...


Poster Presentation Art Education No. Title Presenter P-A 01 Comparative Study on Learning Achievement of Matthayomsuksa Year Five in Local Study Curriculum on Visual Arts in Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimonmangkhalaram. P-A 02 The Analytical Study of the Patterns of Teen Dang Sarongs of Phutthaisong District and Na-Pho District, Burirum Province. P-A 03 Thai Clay Handicrafts: a Study of Thai Clay Handicrafts of OTOP in the Area of Smut Songkhram Province, Nonthaburi Province and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. P-A 04 Art & Craft Wisdom of Wood Carving : A Case Study of San Pa Tong Wood Crafts Cooperative, San Pa Tong District, Chiang Mai Province. P-A 05 An analytical study of Mudmee Silk, Na pho District, Buriram Province. P-A 06 Expression through Painting: A Case Study of Cambodian Children’s Paintings in Rong-Kluer Market. Mr.Burin Pimmongla Mr. Kraisak Kraithanakit Mr. Kreetakron Sangsakul Miss Naovarat Titichanchaikul Miss Nitaya Chutmuangpak Miss Patchanee Ploynil P-A 07 Community Participation in Conservation of Morhom Cloth : A Case Study of Tambon Tunghong, Muang District, Phrae Province. Miss Pawinee Intawiwat P-A 08 A Study of Comparison on Creative Thinking and Education Management Satisfaction for Kindergartener Second Level of Noyokwattanakorn School Watudomthani Nakornnayok Province by Practicing in Principle of Arts. Miss Piyawan Apinunrungroj P-A 09 A Study on the Wisdom and Production Process of “Lonkhin” Bronze Wares of Ban Bu Community in Bangkok. Miss Praewphan Chamrassamee P-A 10 Hand- woven cotton of Thai-Lao Krang Ethic Groups in Banrai District, UthaiThani Province. Mr. Pramote Kreerochanee P-A 11 Research Study on Approaches to Creation of Art and Contemporary Art Activities for Application with the Art Center of Thailand: A Case Study from Art Centers, Art Galleries, Art Museums and Art Space in Japan. Mr.Suchart Thongsima P-A 12 The Study of Lakorn Chatri (Chatree Drama) at Tambon Bangpla, Bangplee District, Samutprakarn Province. Miss Supasiri Singkrachom P-A 13 Symbol of Thai Flag in Contemporary Art. Mr. Suriya Chayacharoen P-A 14 The Study of the Comparison between the Post and Pre Results of the Learning Achievement and Satisfaction from Studying Watercolor Painting in the Class Conducted by CIPPA Model of the Eighth Grade Students at Tedsaban 5 School, Surat Thani Province. P-A 15 An analysis study of Handicraft from Water Hyacinth : A case study in Tambon Saingam, Amphur Banglen Nakhon pathom Province. P-A 16 The Study of Public Service Press Advertisements: The Case Studies of adman Awards1 st -6 th (B.E. 2547-2552). Mr.Tawatchai yodrad Mr. Thanakorn Sirisukpoca Mr.Wicha Jantrawisut 4

Visual Arts No. Title Presenter P-B 01 A Study for Creation : A Case Study. Master thesis For Long Phuthai Culture Renunakon District Nakornpanom Province. P-B 02 A Study for Creation : A Case Study Group Thai People Displaced in Ranong Province. P-B03 A Study for Creation : A Case Study of Uniform’s Impact on Society. P-B 04 A Study for Creation : In New Form of Imagination from Modified GMOs. P-B 05 A Study for Creation : Case Study “Selflessness” in Buddhism. P-B 06 The study for a sake of awareness: A Case Study to Investigate the Problem of Advertising Visual Boards Pollution on Ecotourism at Amphawa Floating Market. P-B 07 A Study for Creation : The Believe of Mara which is Effect on Human Ideas. P-B 08 A Creative Research on a Case Study of Decline in Faith for Benchabhaki Small Buddha Image Set in Thai Society. Music&Performing Arts Miss Anunya Komkhiew. Miss Anyatip Ritthong Mr.Lertchai Jettanathummajak Mr.Nakarin Kessuwan Mr.Satit Yamklam Mr. Sittichok Bumrungchai Mr.Thanapon Junkasain Mr.Somchai Phinitsap No. Title Presenter P-C 01 The Creation of Thai Contemporary Dance from Semiotics of Lotus in Religionsใ P-C 02 An Evaluation of the Teaching Strategies of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University. Visual Design Mr.Kittikorn Nopudomphan Mr.Sitsake Yanderm No. Title Presenter P-D 01 The Study and Development of Three Dimentional Media for Safety Road Advertising Campaign. P-D 02 The Study and Development Project on Mobile Museum Exhibition : A Case Study of Buriram Community-Based Museum. P-D 03 A Study and Development Product of Bags from woven Fabric Thai-yuan Saohai District, Saraburi Province. P-D 04 Researh and Development of Multi-purposes Storage from Honeycomb Paper for Using in Limited Space Accommodation. P-D 05 Education and Development Form and Funtion of Baggage for Flight Attendant : Case Study of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited. P-D 06 Researh and Development of Package Product Processing pork for Promotion Marketing : A Case Study of Packaging Product Processing in District Area in Nakhonpathom. Mr.Anakkdet Puttan Mr. Chonnajak Batprakhon Miss Chompoonuch Larpkerd Miss Kunnatee Puwijarn Miss Naddawadee Boonyadacho Miss Noppawan Cheewaree 5

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