Codan Company Profile

Codan Company Profile


RADIO COMMUNICATIONSCodan Radio Communications is a leading designer and manufacturer of premiumHigh Frequency (HF) Radio and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) solutions. We’ve earnedan enviable reputation for reliability over fifty years in radio communications,operating in some of the most difficult environments imaginable.Today, Codan Radio Communications is trusted by the world’s largest mission critical security, military,and humanitarian agencies. Our over-arching goal is absolute customer satisfaction, achieved througha relentless focus on innovative design, product quality and global customer service which providesour customers the uncompromising reliability they need for their demanding missions. Codan supportscustomers through over three hundred distribution and support centers worldwide, which are backedby Codan’s global service team.Codan Radio Communications offers a series of HF transceivers to meet any combination of portable,vehicular and base station requirements. When combined with our complete range of accessories,Codan’s products provide a wide range of advanced capabilities — from voice communications todata, email, fax, chat, situational awareness, security and interoperability. With the recent introductionof the Envoy software-defined family of HF radio products, Codan has once again re-defined thecommercial HF radio marketplace.Through the recent acquisition of Daniels Electronics, Codan Radio Communications now offers aworld-class family of LMR analog and digital P25 radio systems that exceed industry standards andare renowned for their low power consumption, ruggedness and transportability. These productsshare Codan’s reputation for quality and reliability.Codan Radio Communications products can be found in over one hundred and fifty countriesworldwide, supporting a vast array of critical applications in peacekeeping, public safety,humanitarian aid delivery, and national security. When success is your only option, youcan count on Codan Radio Communications.

METAL DETECTIONEstablished in 1989, Minelab, a wholly owned subsidiary of Codan, is the world’sleading designer, manufacturer and distributor of hand held-metal detectors,mine detecting solutions and associated components. Minelab products use themost advanced metal detection technology in the world to meet the needs ofglobal consumer and countermine markets. Our products are renowned for theirtechnological capabilities, giving users exceptional detection depth in any soil type,as well as for their quality and reliability.ConsumerMinelab supplies hand-held metal detectors for professional and semi-professional prospectors,archaeologists and weekend hobbyists. Products include coin, treasure and relic detectors, as wellas gold detectors and underwater detectors.Artisinal Gold MiningArtisanal gold mining communities all over the world use Minelab hand-held metal detectors to detectgold nuggets and grains found just below the surface for commercial and subsistence purposes.CountermineDemining is the process of detecting, marking and removing land or naval mines from an area usinga detection method called minesweeping. Eliminating the threat of landmines is a key focus of manyinternational authorities, including the United Nations and many global military bodies.Minelab has developed a range of metal detection equipment and services for humanitarian andmilitary organisations who demine in historically or currently war-affected regions. Our Countermineequipment and services include hand-held metal detectors, array metal detector systems, OEMmetal detection subsystems, and training and maintenance.

MINING TECHNOLOGYFounded in 2001 and acquired by the Codan group in 2012, Minetec have anestablished and reliable track record for providing the best-of-breed technology tothe underground, aboveground, coal mining and oil, and gas industry sectors. Weunderstand Industry specific requirements and have the ability to install, maintainand support various technologies.Our key areas of expertise are the design and manufacture of electronics products and associatedsoftware that provide critical technical solutions in underground hard rock mines. Minetec is confi dentthat it has best-in-class solutions aimed at assisting mine operators to substantially improve minesafety and productivity.We have developed breakthrough technology to improve safety and productivity in underground hardrock mines, which has successfully been trialled in gold mines in Australia and Indonesia. The newtechnology provides collision avoidance and asset tracking capabilities, and whole of mine schedulingsystems. The technology is expected to be available for worldwide distribution in the near future.While Minetec revenues are predominantly Australian-based, we have developed strong relationshipswith a number of large global miners, and are now developing these business opportunitiesinternationally, with Africa and Central and Latin America among the key target markets.We have grown rapidly into an established business in the mining technology and services industry,by providing both enabling communications solutions as well as value-adding technology solutionsfor productivity and safety purposes.

ADVANCED MANUFACTURINGThe Codan group has its Head Office in Newton (South Australia), where italso operates its advanced manufacturing facility. The group’s products have asignificant engineering content and require skilled technical labour for assembly,tuning and testing.Some modules and higher volume, less complex, products are sub-contracted to one of the world’sleading sub-contract electronics manufacturers in Malaysia. Additional opportunities are beingsought for further in-country manufacturing, with operations in China and Canada established andinvestigations underway for similar partnerships in India and Central Asia.Manufacturing remains a key focus for Codan into the future. The company is also investing in theengineering capabilities of its advanced Australian operations. The Adelaide facility will remain integralto the group’s operations, serving as a technology hub, particularly for new product development, inaddition to its ongoing production requirements for lower volume, higher complexity products.Codan’s ability to manufacture high level, high quality electronics products and associated software,within industry best lead times, remains a sustainable competitive advantage in its future growth. Thecompany is committed to pursuing ongoing efficiencies, flexibility and investment in its productioncapabilities for global markets and has passion for continuous process improvement.Quality assurance is core to our operations and our quality assurance systems are approved toInternational Standard ISO 9001.

ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONSIMP Electronics Solutions supplies single/double-sided and multilayer printedcircuit boards for over 400 electronics manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand.We specialise in the manufacture of high quality boards for short to mediumproduction runs, rapid turnaround, and prototyping applications.In association with a number of overseas volume manufacturers, we are also able to meet ourcustomers’ printed circuit board needs for long production runs at internationally competitive prices.Recently we have commenced supply to our customers of other electronics components includingmembrane switches, cables and looms.We are committed to supplying high quality electronics solutions, competitive pricing, excellentcustomer service, and on-time delivery.I MP ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS

CORE IDEOLOGYCore Purpose■To build a lasting innovative work communityCore Values■■■Doing it rightOpenness and integrityRespecting the dignity of individualsCore Outcomes■■■Delighting customers with clever products and unsurpassed serviceDelivering value to shareholdersEnriching the lives of staff

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