The 440th AIRLIFT WING CELEBRATES a half century in Milwaukee
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The 440th AIRLIFT WING CELEBRATES a half century in Milwaukee

ORYA i r l i f t W i n greported for duty at the 440th Tactical Airlift Wing, in the summer of 1986, as an airman first class securityI specialist; I joined the same unit I now have the privilege to command. A lot of things have changed sincethen. Back then, we were fighting a “cold war,” and were just learning about terrorists. Today, we’re in a globalwar, and in a sustained fight against terrorism. We were a small-weapons-system security flight, training for war.Today, we’re a battle-tested and combat-ready Security Forces Squadron defending freedom around the globe.Many things have changed during these years. However, many things have remained the same. As I stoodguard mount back in ‘86, a number of things struck me about the unit I had joined. The unit had integrity, a senseof service before self and an understanding that the phrase “excellence in all we do,” means something. The unit understood the core valueslong before they were written or published. The flight had an indescribable sense of pride that permeated the unit and manifested itself in allwe did. There was pride in the fact that we took care of one another—long before formal programs told us to.Today, I have the honor to serve with the members of the 440th Security Forces Squadron, and I realize the pride I saw in ‘86 is strongerthan ever. It remains indelible. It cannot be broken. It is forever strong and will be carried forward by our troops wherever they may go.Maj. Timothy H. MartzCommander, 440th Security Forces Squadronhave the privilege of serving as the commander to the men and women of the 440th Civil Engineer Squadron. TheyI have dedicated their service to this base, this community and our country. More than 70 members from readiness,Prime Beef and the base fire station served in direct support of OIF/OEF during the past three years. The list of toursand accomplishments is truly amazing. Local projects include work at Summerfest, Plymouth YMCA Boy ScoutCamp, Paloma soccer field, Zablocki VA Medical Center and the Greenfield Historical Society. The 440th CEShelped rebuild after Hurricane Andrew at Homestead, Fla. and Hurricane Hugo in Charleston, S.C. Countless projectshave been completed all over the world. The jobs the men and women of the 440 CES have done are generally behindthe scenes and often unnoticed. They do thankless deeds, and they are always there—the unsung heroes.Maj. Gwendolyn M. SheppardCommander, 440th Civil Engineer SquadronThe sight of the giant wood shingle in the shape of Wisconsin alongside Interstate 94 near Kenosha alwaysmarked the beginning of great family memories for us kids from the “flat-lands,” who live “south of the border.”After 15 years with the 440th Airlift Wing, and more than 3,100 border crossings, that sense of going somewherespecial continues, but for many different reasons.Granted, there is probably some sort of genetic link passed down from previous generations that plays into ourmigratory habits. But the overwhelming draw for me has been the people of this wing and the missions we achievetogether. The combination of great talent and outstanding attitudes here at the 440th is unmatched. As a team, wefound ways to laugh through long deployments and difficult inspections while we focused on unparalleled success.We also shared in the tragic loss of great friends, and I am proud and grateful of the way our wing family honors our own when it mattersmost. Gratitude is the one word I’d use to describe my experience with the 440 AW.Col. Timothy J. WardVice Wing Commander, 440th Airlift WingThe Flying Badger December 2006 Page 57

By Tech. Sgt. Mark UlmenPOPE AFB, N.C. -- Detachment 1 continuesto work on multiple challenges and makeimprovements in our abilities to move thetransition plan along here.Senior Master Sgt. Lonnie Taylor, the wing’ssenior recruiter in North Carolina, has movedinto his office and is settling in. The active dutyBRAC team, which includes members of the AirForce and Army, has moved into rooms at the endof our building. Their arrival means our abilityto effectively communicate and coordinate withthem has improved.The new manning document is a continualwork in progress with changes, corrections andadditions still being made. We remind everyoneto get registered in the Air Force ReserveCommand clearing house if they want to cometo Pope. If they have already registered but notfor Pope, they can go into the clearing houseagain and add Pope to their list of preferences.Recent visitors to Detachment 1 include ChiefMaster Sgt. Thomas Safer, 440th MaintenanceSquadron, who helped evaluate the maintenancefacilities here, and Master Sgt. Jason Drewitz,also 440th MS, who helped establish the Reservemaintenance program.Editor’s note: Detachment 1 of the 440thAirlift Wing, (The Hybrids) are coordinating theconstruction, build-up and development of thenew 440th Airlift Wing associate unit at PopeAFB, N.C. The detachment’s official addressis: 440 AW / DET 1, Building 399, Suite 212,Maverick Street, Pope AFB, N.C. 28308.A pair of pint-sizedpatriots peer downKilbourn Avenue asthe annual MilwaukeeVeteran’s Day Paraderolls by Saturday Nov. 4.Col. Merle Hart, 440thAirlift Wing commander,was one of the officerson the parade reviewingstand. A 440th C-130Halso did a fly-by duringthe parade.Photo by Tech. Sgt. Robert SommerTax breaks for reservistsWASHINGTON -- Military reservistscalled to active duty can receive paymentsfrom their individual retirement accounts,401(k) plans and 403(b) tax-shelteredannuities, without having to pay the earlydistributiontax, according to the InternalRevenue Service.The newly-enacted Pension ProtectionAct of 2006 eliminates the 10-percent earlydistributiontax that normally applies to mostretirement distributions received before age59½. The new law provides this relief toreservists called to active duty for at least180 days or for an indefinite period.Eligible reservists activated after Sept. 11,2001, and before Dec. 31, 2007, qualify forrelief from this tax. This tax is often referredto as the 10-percent early-withdrawalpenalty. Regular income taxes continue toapply to these payments in most cases.Early distributions from both Roth andtraditional IRAs received by a reservistwhile on active duty qualify for this relief.Likewise, a reservist’s elective contributionsand earnings distributed to him or her byemployer sponsored 401(k) plans and 403(b)tax-sheltered annuities also qualify for thisrelief.Because this relief is retroactive, eligiblereservists who already paid the 10-percenttax can claim a refund by using Form 1040Xto amend their return for the year in whichthe retirement distribution was received.Eligible reservists should write the words,“active duty reservist,” at the top of theform. In Part II Explanation of Changes,the reservist should write the date he or shewas called to active duty, the amount of theretirement distribution and the amount ofearly-distribution tax paid.Reservists can choose to re-contributepart or all of these distributions to an IRA.Ordinarily, these special contributions mustbe made within two years after the reservist’sactive-duty period ends. However, if thereservist’s active duty ended before Aug. 17,2006 (the date the new law was enacted), heor she will have until Aug. 17, 2008, to makethese special contributions. No deduction isavailable for these contributions.The Flying Badger December 2006 Page 95

NEWS & NOTESMany ways to sendsupport to troopsA number of Web sites havebeen set up to help people showtheir support of military membersserving offers tipson what service members need andwant and arranges the shipment ofcare packages that range from $18to $ was foundedin 1998. It is a nonprofit 501C-3organization managed nationwideby volunteer mothers to ensure thatdeployed U.S. service membersin all branches of the military arenot forgotten by providing mailsupport and promoting patriotismin schools and communities.To provide a better deploymentquality of life, lift morale, and assistmilitary families, the AAP hascreated projects that meet the needsof military requestors, establishedspecial projects for holidays, andassigns morale lifting mail supportto service members of all branchesof the U.S. military serving theirnation around the world.OperationMilitaryPride.orgisa volunteer organization with awide range of programs that boostthe morale of troops stationedoverseas.The group sends cards, lettersand care packages to troopsoverseas and also shares themailing information to “patriots”who want to send cards, letters orpackages to troops overseas. Thisis one of the few groups that allowsdirect contact with deployed troops.The group also supports militaryworking is the online siteof the Stars and Stripes newspaper.The site contains a comprehensivelist of groups and agencies thatsupport our Soldiers, Sailors,Airmen and Marines. Click onthe box on the left hand side ofthe home page that says “Ways tosupport our servicemembers.” providesadvice and help for people interestedin shipping books to bases, ships atsea, military hospitals and For $25 you can send a USOcare package to a deployed servicemember. Space is provided for apersonal message of support to theservice member who will receivethe package.Approved and endorsed by theDepartment of Defense, OperationUSO Care Package is a way tosend a message of encouragementthanking the troops for their serviceand sacrifice.AmericaSupportsYou.milspotlights what Americans aredoing to support deployed servicemembers.Send a postcard toU.S. troops overseasComputer users visiting theWeb site www.letssaythanks.comcan pick out a thank you cardand Xerox will print it and sendit to a soldier now serving in Iraq.Visitors to the Web site can’t pickwho gets the card, but it will go to amember of the armed services.New VA program forOIF/OEF veteransA seven-week relaxationprogram for veterans of OperationEnduring Freedom, OperationIraqi Freedom and the global waron terrorism called “Battle BodyRe-Training” will be offered bythe Zablocki VA Medical Centeroutreach team from 6 to 7:30 p.m.,Dec. 13 to Jan. 25. The programwill be held in the MatousekAuditorium, in the VA MedicalCenter, 5000 W. National Ave.Program leaders are Dr.Anthony Peterson, OEF-OIFcoordinator and psychologist, andAndrew Hendrickson, RN, OEF-OIF education specialist.Customer servicechanges hoursManning shortages in themilitary personnel flight (MPF),combined with the number ofcustomers seeking relocationassistance on drill weekends, hasnecessitated changes to customerservice designed to reduce waittimes and help personnel specialistswork more efficiently.Effective this SeptemberUTA, the MPF has establishedgroup briefings on Saturday andSunday of every UTA for militarypersonnel considering retirementor reassignment to another unit orthe inactive Reserve. Interestedindividuals can report to MPFcustomer service.A briefing area has been setupbetween career enhancementsand relocations/employment/wingcareer advisor sections. Please signin on the appropriate sign-in rosterbefore sitting down.Personnel relocations will havebriefings Saturdays and Sundays at9 a.m. consisting of the followingitems:• Clearing House(online process)• Retirement registration(online process)• Assignments to the AirNational GuardIndividuals who need one-ononeretirement counseling canstill schedule appointments withTech. Sergeant Eric Orcholski at482-5323 starting at 12:30 p.m.,Saturdays and Sundays.The wing career advisor willhave briefings at 8:30 a.m. on UTASaturdays, which will focus onassignment to the inactive Reserve(ARPC).For more information, contactMaster Sgt. Terry Harmon at482-5324.VA seeking helpThe Clement Zablocki VAMedical Center at Wood, Wis.,(south of Miller Park) is asking forpeople to help with the Center’s18th Annual Christmas program onDec. 16.The Center is asking fordonations of home made or storebought cakes, pies, doughnuts,brownies, cheese and sausage trays,and crackers, which will be servedto more than 200 hospitalizedveterans.Plan to drop the donations atthe east entrance to the VA MedicalCenter from 5:30 - 6 p.m. on Dec.16. Veterans will be at the sidewalkarea to receive them.The VA Medical Center is alsoasking for 225 bags filled withtoothpaste, tooth brushes, pens,pencils, paper, razor blades, snackitems and socks.For more information, contactJeff Dentice at (414) 218-3030 orat Commemorativearrive Base coins exchangearrive atBase exchangeThe Gen. Mitchell ARS Base Exchangehas The coins Gen. designed Mitchell to ARS commemorate Base Exchange the440th has Airlift coins Wing’s designed 50-year to commemorate anniversary thein Milwaukee. 440th Airlift The Wing’s 440th 50-year moved anniversary fromits home in Milwaukee. at Minneapolis The 440th Int’l. moved Airport fromin Minnesota its home at to Minneapolis Wisconsin Dec. Int’l. 8, Airport Minnesota to Wisconsin Dec. 8, 1957.Page 10 The Flying Badger December 2006

NEWS & NOTESWing Top Threecommittee elected;meeting scheduledA 440th Airlift Wing Top 3noncommissioned officer meetingwill be held at noon, Sunday Dec.3, in Heritage Hall. All wing seniorNCOs are encouraged to attend.A new wing Top 3 committeewas elected during the Novembermeeting. Those elected were:Master Sgt. Ian Lindauer, 440thSecurity Forces Squadron, vicepresident; Senior Master Sgt.Rosanne Peterson, 440th CivilEngineer Squadron, secretary; andMaster Sgt. Sue Lang, 440th AirliftControl Flight, treasurer.The December meeting willfinalize the NCO inductionceremony scheduled for January.The ceremony is designed to markthe three major milestones in anenlisted Airman’s career: whenthey become NCOs, senior NCOsand chiefs.The “Wing Top 3” is inviting allnewly-promoted staff, technical,senior master and chief mastersergeants to be a part of a shortceremony recognizing theiradvancement in NCO status.Call Senior Master Sgt. StephenKoetter at 482-6108 or e-mailsuggestions to sergeants’food driveThe annual 440th Airlift WingFirst Sergeants Food Drive isunderway. Wing members arebeing encouraged to bring innon-perishable food items forthe drive which ends on Dec. 18.Donations should be given tounit first sergeants who will trackdonations.The weight of donated foodwill be divided by the number ofassigned people in each unit todetermine which unit donated themost food. The unit that donatesthe most will be allowed to signout one-half hour early on Sundayof the January UTA (Jan. 7).Cash donations will also beaccepted.Enlisted promotionsMSgt. Debra BernhardtMSgt. Michael DederichMSgt. Ryan HoffmanMSgt. Ken KieferMSgt. Thomas KondziellaMSgt. David LivingstonMSgt. Roger PattieMSgt. Angela PsketMSgt. Jack VollriedeTSgt. Robert LoseyTSgt. Rocio ResendizTSgt. Joseph StarkSSgt. Devon BrillaSSgt. Garrett CampbellSSgt. James CrossSSgt. Marc HuguetSSgt. Daniel SattlerSrA Charles PorterSrA Rachael SchoolSrA Lisa TaylorWay to goThe 440th Airlift Wingcongratulates the followingreservists who received an AirForce Achievement Medal:SMSgt. Mark KoenigSSgt. Kenneth SchwingendorfSrA Keenan MayweatherTerrificThe 440th Airlift Wingcongratulates the followingreservists who received an AirForce Commendation Medal:Maj. Kevin RourkCapt. Julianna OlsonCapt. Derek WolterMSgt. Linda GreeneSSgt. Michael BuntingSSgt. Kathleen FinleySSgt. David HernandezSSgt. Reginald SteeleSSgt. William WelterSSgt. Chad WendtTSgt. Michael FairTSgt. Brad GardebrechtTSgt. Keith HanseTSgt. Wayne JenerouTSgt. Dan KuehnTSgt. Theodore MazzaTSgt. Lyndon MotonTSgt. David PassowTSgt. Kenneth SchwarkTSgt. Christopher ThornTSgt. Kristopher WalkoszTSgt. Keith WhiteSuperThe 440th Airlift Wingcongratulates the followingreservists who received aMeritorious Service Medal:Col. Richard FischerLt. Col. Thomas CollinsLt. Col. Larry GuentherCapt. Christine GurnikCapt. Susan TubicMaj. Betsy SchoellerCMSgt. Gail BiedenbenderSMSgt. David AbuyaSMSgt. Frederick KmiecMSgt. Melissa BinnsMSgt. Candace ChesleyMSgt. Jennifer HendersonMSgt. Adrian VuleticTSgt. Paul DalyTSgt. Thomas FlorezTSgt. David MalmarowskiTSgt. Steven MitchellSSgt. Wayne TompkinsSo long and good luckThe 440th Airlift Wing saysgoodbye to the followingreservists who have retired,separated or taken anotherassignment:Col. John FlournoyCol. Laura TalbotLt. Col. Stephen DeguireMaj. Laurin BellgMaj. Christopher HammondMaj. Richard NelsonCapt. Jill CudnoskiCapt. Glen EvensonSMSgt. Marlene MooreSMSgt. Thomas PoppeSMSgt. David SchrammMSgt. Gregg BoulwareMSgt. Jennifer HendersonMSgt. Carl HerrmannMSgt. Gerald LabinskiMSgt. Stephen LarsonMSgt. Frank TownsendTSgt. Roger AasterudTSgt. Michael AshbyTSgt. Don BlytheTSgt. Richard BrockmannTSgt. Gregory CollinsTSgt. Francis GreenanTSgt. Mark GregerTSgt. Philippe HenleyTSgt. Thomas HokensonTSgt. David HooverTSgt. Wayne JenerouTSgt. Kenneth JonesTSgt. Stephen KoldenhovenTSgt. Carlton LebrokeTSgt. David MalmarowskiTSgt. Gary MillsTSgt. Theresa MoralesTSgt. George MuellerTSgt. David PetersonTSgt. Anne RiveraTSgt. Martin RueterTSgt. Brian SchumacherTSgt. Kenneth SchwarkTSgt. Ronald SimonTSgt. Brent WesterhausenTSgt. Keith WhiteTSgt. Jason ZimmermanSSgt. Paul BrunetteSSgt. Robert CardosoSSgt. Anna DresslerSSgt. Aaron FontagneresSSgt. Roberto GalindoSSgt. Daniel HayesSSgt. Jeffrey HamiltonSSgt. James HerbertSSgt. Janelle HerekSSgt. Troy HermansSSgt. Danuta HetrickSSgt. Christopher LambertSSgt. Michael MichalekSSgt. Timothy MitchellSSgt. Katie PinarSSgt. Patrick PolsonSSgt. Marie QuirozSSgt. Paul SchlembrechtSSgt. Scott ShewmakeSSgt. Luke SteffenSSgt. Jason ThibeaultSSgt. Josh WeignerSSgt. Chad WendtSrA Scott AdamsSrA Justin BlackbournSrA Dillon BriesemeisterSrA Tamara ClintoncookSrA Joshua CrouchSrA Jennifer CrouchSrA Jay EhlersSrA Kyle FranckSrA Francisco HernandezSrA Anthony KasmiskiSrA Anthony KetchpawSrA Keenan MayweatherSrA Michael PrestidgeSrA Kevin QualeSrA Ryan ReganSrA John ShackelfordSrA Shannon SmithSrA Lori StelterSrA Andrew StinesSrA Anna ThielSrA Nick WautersSrA Lora WolskiSrA Brian BackhausSrA Robert LangeSrA Danielle TaylorThe Flying Badger December 2006 Page 11 5

440th Airlift WingOffice of Public Affairs300 East College AvenueGen. Mitchell Air Reserve Station, WI 53207To the family of:PRESORTEDFIRST-CLASS MAILU.S. POSTAGE PAIDMILWAUKEE, WIPERMIT NO.1885Page 12The Flying Badger December 2006

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