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promotions& new foodONLY£1.10EACHONLY£1.63EACHONLY65PPORTIONONLY£1.03EACHONLY23PEACHOffers available for delivery between 31st May Ð 2nd July 2011

How to orderSimply call your usual telesalesnumber and place your order.Independent CustomersTo make ordering easier we havecombined our Frozen and Grocerytelephone numbers.To place all your orders at oncesimply call 0844 800 4900Corporate Account, Education,Healthcare & Contract CustomersContact your usual telesales number orcall Customer Service on 0845 606 9090Fish Frier, Chinese & IndianRestaurant Customers0844 800 5521Customer Service 0845 606 SAVE OFFERS: Buy quantity of first product shown (at your usual price) andget the accompanying product(s) free of charge.SPECIAL PRICE OFFERS: Buy product at special price quoted.Promotions open to Independent Customers only. Subject to availability and whilestocks last. Promotions valid for deliveries between 31st May Ð 2nd July 2011.VAT will be charged at Standard Rate.KEYPage 11Page 14Page 21SPECIALPRICEBirchstead MatureBritish Beef TopsideC 23218 71 x 2.6-4.0kg£7.75Brakes MSC JumboBattercrisp AlaskanPollack F 32953 81 x 12 (290-340g)£12.25ONLY£1.03EACHBrakes AssortedSweet BiscuitsA 263321 x 2kg£6.99*SPECIALPRICE0 Suitable for vegetarians5 Suitable for ambient storageSpice level (1mild 1medium 1hot)6 Award Winning Product* Subject to VAT at Standard Rate3 Rich in Omega 35 a day2Price Savers7 Red Tractor Assured (when available)r RSPCA Freedom Food AssuredF (product code) Ð frozen food C (product code) Ð chilled foodA (product code) Ð ambient food & non-foodPF Previously FrozenInherently Healthy productContributes to a balanced dietNB: You do not have to use the F, C or A prefix when ordering.1732-04/118 From a fishery which meets theMarine Stewardship CouncilÕsenvironmental standardPREMIEREBrakes Premiere ProductsHealthier ChoicesBrakes Healthier Choices ProductsAvailable on either your frozenor grocery deliveryPage 35ONLY£1.05EACHMini JumboToilet Roll 2 Ply,3" Core, 150mA 897991 x 12£12.49**Subject to VAT at standard rate

Sizzling Burger Meal DealFour great promotions, one great deal!Specials BoardHereÕs the dealAberdeen Angus Beefburger (1) £0.78Dual Store Thick Cut French £0.13Fries 9/16 (100g)White Cross Hatch Bun (1) £0.26Caramelised Red Onion £0.22Chutney (40g)Total cost price £1.39Gross Profit 70%Sell out price (inc VAT) £5.95 *Special PricesBrakes PREMIERE Aberdeen Angus BeefburgerF 52369 1 x 20 (170g) £15.49Brakes PREMIERE Dual Store Thick Cut French Fries9/16 F 32038 £18.50La Boulangerie White Cross Hatch Bun F 56399£12.25Brakes PREMIERE Caramelised Red Onion ChutneyA 86274 £6.75You can also buy each product separately andstill get a great deal!*Recommended portion size and associated cost per serving is intendedas a guide and is at the discretion of the retailer.Recommended Sell Price is intended as a guide and is at the discretion ofthe retailer.Salad garnish not included.MAKE£4.56Gross Profit

ONLY£1.63EACHSummer alfresco diningEmbrace the long sunnydays with our great selectionof outdoor menu ideas.Special priceBrakes Mussels in a Creamy Lime & Ginger SauceF 33551 Ð Mouth-watering cooked Irish mussels intheir shell, in a superb light sauce made with cream,lime and ginger. Ð 1 x 8 (450g)£12.994

ONLY72PPORTIONONLY£1.90EACH13ONLY52PPORTIONONLY13PEACH2Special price1. Brakes Poached Salmon & MonkfishTerrine C 70988 – A delicious terrine of monkfishmousse with salmon flakes, on a base of salmonmousse flecked with monkfish flakes.1 x 1kg (20 ptn)£14.25Special price2. Brakes Prawn & Smoked Salmon SavouryFilling C 74707 – Perfect for creating your ownstarters. Delicious in sandwiches, baguettes, oreven as a filling for savoury pastries and buffetitems. Ð 1 x 1kg (20 ptn)£10.254Special price3. Prime Meats Rump Steaks C 71656A fantastic and highly versatile steak, offeringgreat value for money whilst still delivering onflavour and texture. Ð 2 x 5 (170g)£18.99Special price4. Prime Meats Cumberland Sausage EightsC 74887 – Pork sausage seasoned withtraditional herbs and spices. Ð 1 x 35 (57g)£4.255

ONLY£1.40EACHONLY17PPORTION13ONLY60PPORTIONONLY21PEACH2Special price1. Brakes Whole Rainbow Trout F 3304 3Individually frozen, head on, gilled and guttedrainbow trout. Grill or barbecue for a fantasticOmega-3 rich meal. Ð 1 x 10 (200-255g)£13.99Special price2. Brakes Sunblaze Tomato & MozzarellaSalad C 74781 0 Ð Sunblaze tomatoes andMozzarella pearls in a vinaigrette dressing.1 x 1kg (20 ptn)£11.994Special price3. Brakes Pea, Bean & Mint Salad C 74845 0Mix of chick peas, soya beans, peas and adukibeans in a light mint vinaigrette.1 x 2kg (40 ptn)£6.75Special price4. Brakes Supersweet Half Cut Corn on theCob F 30927 0 Ð Half cut sweetcorn on thecob, ideal for barbecuing or as part of a combo.1 x 12£2.496

ONLY10PPORTION57ONLY88PPORTION6Special price5. Brakes Coleslaw C 71199 0 – A deliciouslycreamy coleslaw made with shredded cabbage,red, white and spring onions, carrots andmayonnaise. A must-have for your summermenu. Ð 1 x 2kg (40 ptn)£3.85Special price6. Brakes Salsa C 11196 01 – A tangy salsawith a spicy kick! The perfect accompaniment tobuffets and platters and a flavour ideal for thesummer! Ð 1 x 1kg£3.258Special price7. Brakes Champagne Sorbet F 33569 0Water ice made with champagne and lemon juicefrom concentrate. Ð 1 x 2ltr£7.99*Special price8. Brakes Strawberries & Clotted Cream TartF 30494 0 – Pre-portioned pastry case withstrawberry sauce and clotted cream filling.1 x Ind (12 ptn)£10.49*Subject to VAT at standard rate7

ONLY70PPORTION8TapasEnhance your menu with thisrange of mouth-watering andon-trend tapas.Special priceBrakes Meatballs in Spanish Style Sauce C 74904The ideal mix of sundried tomato and basil flavourpork meatballs, coated in a smoky Spanish styletomato and herb sauce, flavoured with oregano,basil and smoked paprika.1 x 1kg (10 ptn)£6.99a

ONLY£1.08PORTION1ONLY83PPORTION3aONLY65PPORTION2Special price1. Brakes Peppers Stuffed with Cream CheeseC 74541 Ð Delicious red peppers stuffed with acool cream cheese. The perfect item to add a bitof colour to a tapas platter! Ð 1 x 1kg£11.99Special price2. Brakes White Bean Tapas with ManchegoC 74906 Ð Creamy white gigante beans in atomato sauce, topped with manchego, parsleyand chilli. Ð 1 x 1kg (10 ptn)£8.25a4Special price3. Brakes Garlic Mushrooms C 74905 Ð Tastysoft roasted mushrooms coated in a light garlic,parsley and lemon oil dressing - a tapas classic!1 x 1kg (10 ptn)£10.75Special price4. Brakes Chicken & Chorizo Bravas C 74894Chicken breast and cooked chorizo sausage ina spicy tomato dressing. Ð 1 x 1kg (20 ptn)£12.99Don’t forget, plastic flexi glasses are great for Summeralfresco dining and events. See page 35 for details. 9

Chilledproduct offersAvailable on your frozenor grocery deliveryDonÕt forget: ask about opening bothaccounts when placing your order.To orderIndependent customers0844 800 4900Corporate account customersContact your usual telesales numberor call Customer Service on0845 606 9090SPECIAL PRICEBirchstead Mature British BeefTopside C 23218 71 x 2.6-4.0kg£7.75 per kgSPECIAL PRICEPrime Meats WelshLamb Leg C 71541 71 x 1.8-2.4kg£11.75 per kgONLY67PPORTIONSPECIAL PRICEPrime Meats PREMIERE GlazedHam Joint C 74534 r1 x 1.9-2.7kg£7.99 per kgSPECIAL PRICEBrakes Fully Baked Cheese& Tomato Quiche C 70130 01 x Ind (12 ptn)£7.99SPECIAL PRICELincolnshire Poacher FarmhouseCheese C 74085 61 x approx 2kg£28.99SPECIAL PRICEONLY94PEACHInnocent Smoothie1 x 8 (250ml):SPECIAL PRICEBrakes Cooked Scrambled EggsC 74006 02 x 1kg£4.65Blackberries, Strawberries& Boysenberries C 84332 £7.49*Pineapples, Bananas& Coconuts C 74607 £7.49*Cranberry, Blueberries& Cherry C 74785 £7.49*Mangoes & PassionFruits C 84327 £7.49*Superfruits Pomegranates,Blueberries & Acai C 15441 £7.49*Strawberries & Bananas C 84326 £7.49*Kiwi, Apple & Lime C 16518 £7.49**Subject to VAT at standard rate11

Frozenproduct offersOnly available on yourfrozen deliveryDonÕt forget: ask about opening bothaccounts when placing your order.To orderIndependent customers0844 800 4900Corporate account customersContact your usual telesales numberor call Customer Service on0845 606 9090SPECIAL PRICEBrakes Somerset Brie &Asparagus Cheesecake F 344611 x 12 (100g)£15.99ONLY£1.34EACHONLY£2.04EACHSPECIAL PRICEONLY24PEACHSPECIAL PRICEBrakes PREMIERE CaramelisedRed Onion & GoatÕs CheeseFilo Tart F 31224 0 1 x 8 (195g)£16.25Brakes Crispy Prawn PursesF 31038 11 x 40 (25g)£9.25SPECIAL PRICEONLY62PEACHONLY29PEACHBrakes MSC Hot Smoked Sweet CuredMackerel Fillets (Skin on, pin bone in)F 33920 81 x 36 (60-100g)£21.99SPECIAL PRICEBrakes King Prawn & Chilli RollsF 31042 11 x 50 (20g)£14.2512

ONLY11PEACHBrakes recommendsONLY£1.10EACHSPECIAL PRICEBrakes Mixed SamosaSelection F 343731 x 72 (20g)£7.49ONLY23PEACHSPECIAL PRICEDelicious raw, skin on salmon supr•mes that make the perfectaddition to any summer menu.SPECIAL PRICEBrakes Mini Thai Basket SelectionF 342674 x 20 (15g)£18.25Brakes MSC Wild Alaskan Keta SalmonSupr•mes F 30248 81 x 10 (140-170g)£10.99SPECIAL PRICEONLY21PEACHONLY20PEACHSPECIAL PRICEBrakes Cooked Chicken SatŽF 30981 x 60 (20g)£13.75Brakes Vegetable SatŽF 4537 01 x 60 (20g)£12.2513

SPECIAL PRICEONLY68PEACHMarine StewardshipCouncilMarine Stewardship Councilis the leading internationalcertification body for sustainableseafood and operates theworld’s toughest standards forsustainability and traceability.Look out for this symbol 8Brakes MSC Salmon, Sweet Potato &Coriander Fish Cakes F 33423 81 x 25£16.99SPECIAL PRICEONLY£1.03EACHONLY39PEACHBrakes MSC Jumbo BattercrispAlaskan Pollack (Skinless, boneless)F 32953 8 1 x 12 (290-340g)£12.25SPECIAL PRICEBrakes MSC FishwichF 3241 2 81 x 48 (85g)£18.50ONLY78PEACHSPECIAL PRICEONLY£5.00EACHSPECIAL PRICEBrakes MSC Smoked Hake Fillets(Skinless, pin bone in) F 33189 81 x 36 (110-140g)£27.99Brakes British T-Bone SteaksF 53768 71 x 10 (397-454g)£49.9914

BrakesCurry ClubA simple and convenientconcept to add value toyour business.Simply microwave in 4 1 / 2 minutes from frozenor 12 minutes boil in the bag.SPECIAL PRICEONLY£1.44EACHMain Dishes(supplied in a pouch bag)Chicken Jalfrezi F 34358 1 12 x 300g £17.25Chicken Tikka Masala F 34361 1 12 x 300g £17.25Chickpea, Sweet Potato &Spinach Curry F 34362 1 12 x 300g £17.25Keema Lamb Mince F 34364 1 12 x 300g £17.25Beef Kerala F 34354 1 12 x 300g £17.25Beef Madras F 34355 1 12 x 300g £17.25Beef Vindaloo F 34356 1 12 x 300g £17.25Red Thai Prawn Curry F 34367 1 12 x 300g £17.25Chicken Korma F 34359 1 12 x 300g £17.25Chicken Murgh Makhani F 34360 1 12 x 300g £17.25Kelantan Chicken F 34365 1 12 x 300g £17.25Chicken Chettinad F 34357 1 12 x 300g £17.25ONLY39PEACHAccompaniments(supplied in a pouch bag)Sag Aloo F 3437118 x 70g £6.99Bombay Aloo F 34368 18 x 70g £6.99Dal Tadka F 34370 18 x 70g £6.99Chana Masala F 34369 18 x 70g £6.99For your FREE Curry Club point of salespeak to your usual sales contact15

ONLY61PEACHSPECIAL PRICEONLY£1.75EACHSPECIAL PRICEBig AlÕs Flamecooked 6ozBeefburger F 345511 x 16 (135g)£9.75aBritish Freedom Food Duck BreastF 34327 r1 x 10 (170-200g)£17.50SPECIAL PRICEONLY90PEACHONLY32PEACHSPECIAL PRICEBrakes Chicken & Chorizo SkewerF 34427 11 x 30 (150g)£26.99Brakes Hot ÔnÕ Spicy Chicken SticksF 34428 11 x 40 (30g)£12.50ONLY42PEACHSPECIAL PRICESPECIAL PRICEBrakes Puff Pastry Cheese LatticeF 3513 01 x 48 (95g)£19.99Brakes Baby Carrot, Green Bean &Baby Corn Medley F 4282 01 x 1.5kg£3.2516

SPECIAL PRICEONLY26PEACHSPECIAL PRICEBrakes Hash BrownsF 4267 01 x 1.5kg£2.20La Boulangerie Fully Baked SeededFuson F 33499 01 x 50 (80g)£12.99ONLY18PEACHONLY19PEACHSPECIAL PRICEaSPECIAL PRICEaLa Boulangerie 7.5" Fully Baked Malted WheatSandwich Baguettes F 345781 x 45 (85g)£7.99La Boulangerie 7.5" Part Baked Malted WheatSandwich Baguettes F 345891 x 45 (80g)£8.49ONLY34PEACHONLY48PEACHSPECIAL PRICEaSPECIAL PRICEaLa Boulangerie 10" Part Baked Multi SeedBaguettes F 345871 x 30 (135g)£9.99La Boulangerie 22" Part Baked Malted WheatBaguettes F 345911 x 25 (240g)£11.9917

SPECIAL PRICEONLY28PEACHONLY92PPORTIONSPECIAL PRICELa Boulangerie French MacaroonSelection F 33724 01 x 72£19.99Brakes Cr•me BržlŽe CheesecakeF 338101 x Ind (12 ptn)£10.99ONLY70PPORTIONSPECIAL PRICEONLY88PEACHSPECIAL PRICEBrakes Lemon Meringue PieF 3865 01 x Ind (14 ptn)£9.75Brakes Lemon Meringue PieF 33451 01 x 12£10.49SPECIAL PRICEONLY50PPORTIONBrakes Victoria SpongeF 321221 x Ind (14 ptn)£6.9919

SPECIAL PRICEONLY£1.03EACHONLY75PPORTIONSPECIAL PRICEBrakes PREMIERE White ChocolateBox F 331541 x 12£12.25Brakes St. Clements CakeF 321241 x Ind (12 ptn)£8.99ONLY50PPORTIONONLY£2.32EACHSPECIAL PRICEBrakes Rhubarb & Custard G‰teauF 344321 x Ind (16 ptn)£7.99SPECIAL PRICEHŠagen-Dazs Ice Cream 1 x 8 (500ml)Strawberries & Cream F 435 £18.49*Pralines & Cream F 439 £18.49*Strawberry Cheesecake F 411 £18.49*Cookies & Cream F 438 £18.49*Vanilla F 430 £18.49*Choc Chip F 432 £18.49*Belgian Chocolate F 2551 £18.49*Chocolate Pralines & Caramel F 34533 £18.49*20

Groceryproduct offersAvailable on your frozenor grocery deliveryDonÕt forget: ask about opening bothaccounts when placing your order.To orderIndependent customers0844 800 4900Corporate account customersContact your usual telesales numberor call Customer Service on0845 606 9090Brakes recommendsONLY16PEACHSPECIAL PRICEA 2kg tin containing 2 trays of shorties, dark vanilla creams,shortcake, jam rings, fruit shortcake, custard creams, bourboncreams, syrup creams, digestive, fudge brownie creams, milkchocolate digestive & plain chocolate digestiveSPECIAL PRICEBrakes Classic Biscuit & ShortbreadMini Pack A 339491 x 100£15.99*Brakes Assorted Sweet Biscuits A 263321 x 2kg£6.99*ONLY22PEACHONLY17PEACHONLY16PEACHSPECIAL PRICE SPECIAL PRICE SPECIAL PRICEBrakes All Butter Lemon TartletsA 86210 01 x 72£15.75Brakes All Butter TartletsA 100026 01 x 108£17.99Brakes Savoury TartletsA 100029 01 x 160£24.50Pastry case (image for serving suggestion only).*Subject to VAT at standard rate21

Great Switch & Save offersSimply changingto these Brakesbranded productscan save you moneyand increase yourcash margin.15%SAVING*Special PriceBrakes jam portionsIndividual 20g portions designedfor front of house use in strawberrry,marmalade and assorted jam(20 each of apricot, strawberry,blackcurrant & raspberry) flavours.Assorted Jam Portions A 34022 0sMarmalade Portions A 34023 0sStrawberry Jam Portions A 34024 0All 100 x 20gOnly £7.99 eachONLY8PEACH22* Average saving vs the leading brand, based on Brakes average selling price for March 2011 independent sales.Make the switch today!

ONLY£5.50EACHPassion Fruit A 88423 2 x 475ml £10.99Raspberry A 88422 2 x 500ml £10.99SPECIAL PRICEBrakes PREMIERE Decorating Coulis:Roasted Onion & Shallot A 88420 2 x 500ml £10.99Fig, Pear & White Balsamic A 88421 2 x 475ml £10.99Multigrain Flakes A 84827 1 x 7.5kg £16.99Cornflakes A 84824 1 x 5kg £8.99SPECIAL PRICEBrakes Cereals:Chocolate Puffed Rice A 84826 1 x 6kg £13.99Puffed Rice A 84825 1 x 6kg £11.99ONLY20PEACHCorn Flakes A 89436 1 x 40 (24g) £7.99*Fruit ‘n’ Fibre A 89431 1 x 40 (45g) £7.99*Coco Pops A 89426 1 x 40 (35g) £7.99*SPECIAL PRICEKellogg’s Portion Pack:Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes A 89427 1 x 40 (35g) £7.99*Special K A 89433 1 x 40 (30g) £7.99*Rice Krispies A 89430 1 x 40 (22g) £7.99**Subject to VAT at standard rate23

ONLY34PEACHONLY36PEACHONLY42PEACHSPECIAL PRICEKelloggÕs Rice Krispies Squares:Marshmallow A 84433 1 x 30 (28g) £9.99*Totally Chocolatey A 84429 1 x 30 (36g) £9.99*SPECIAL PRICEKelloggÕs:Strawberry Nutri-Grain SoftbakeA 84435 1 x 28 (37g) £9.99*Elevenses Raisin Bakes A 84438 1 x 24 (45g) £9.99*ONLY37PEACHSPECIAL PRICEaSPECIAL PRICECadbury Dairy Milk Chocos Rolls A 849821 x 36£12.99*Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Jerk/BBQ Sauce:A 89558 1 x 310g £1.30A 84786 1 x 1ltr £3.75ONLY25PEACHSPECIAL PRICESkittles A 5870 1 x 36 (55g) £8.99*Skittles Sours A 100120 1 x 36 (55g) £8.99*Starburst Original Stick Pack A 85777 1 x 45 £10.99*SPECIAL PRICEMcVitieÕs Mini Cookies A 89014 1 x 24 (40g) £8.99*McVitieÕs Mini ChocolateDigestives A 89015 1 x 24 (40g) £7.99*McVitieÕs Mini Shorties A 27313 1 x 24 (40g) £7.99*McVitieÕs Mini Choc Hobnobs A 89016 1 x 24 (40g) £7.99*KP Choc Dips A 84885 1 x 24 (32g) £8.99**Subject to VAT at standard rate25

SPECIAL PRICEMcVitieÕs:Milk Chocolate Digestives A 1088 1 x 24 (200g) £21.99*Plain Chocolate Digestives A 1089 1 x 24 (200g) £21.99*Original Digestives A 3020 1 x 24 (250g) £16.99*Classic Rich Tea A 1134 1 x 24 (200g) £15.99*Ginger Nuts A 84993 1 x 24 (250g) £19.99*HobNobs A 2178 1 x 12 (300g) £9.99*ONLY34PEACHONLY31PEACHSPECIAL PRICESPECIAL PRICERed Sky Crisps1 x 24 (40g):West Country Bacon& Cream Cheese A 89853 £7.99*Anglesey Sea Salt A 89854 £7.99*Sea Salt & SuffolkCider Vinegar A 28182 £7.99*Sizzling King Prawn A 84501 £10.99*Thai Sweet Chicken A 89017 £10.99*Bacon Sizzlers A 27436 £10.99*Original Ready Salted A 28989 £10.99*McCoyÕsª1 x 36 (50g):Mexican Chilli Crisps A 28985 £10.99*Flame Grilled Steak A 28987 £10.99*Cheddar & Onion A 28986 £10.99*Salt & Malt Vinegar A 28988 £10.99*LINK SAVEBUY ANY 3Walkers Crisps 1 x 48 (34.5g)Smoky Bacon A 21425Roast Chicken A 21423Prawn Cocktail A 21424Steak & Onion A 21427Worcester Sauce A 89150BBQ Rib A 21721at your usual price*andGET 11 x 48 (34.5g) Walkers Cheese & OnionA 21421 FREE*Subject to VAT at standard rate27

LINK SAVEBUY ANY 31 x 18 (40g) Kettle¨ ChipsLightly Salted A 88433Mature Cheddar & Red Onion A 88982Sea Salt & Crushed BlackPeppercorns A 88432Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream A 25412Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar A 88431at your usual price*andGET 11 x 18 (40g) Kettle¨ ChipsLightly Salted A 88433FREEONLY23PEACHONLY75PEACHSPECIAL PRICEAbbey Well Still Natural Mineral WaterA 42041 x 24 (500ml)£5.49*SPECIAL PRICEThis Water 1 x 12 (420ml):Orange & Lemon A 27383 £8.99*Raspberries & Apple A 27384 £8.99*Pomegranates, Lychees & Blackcurrants A 25179 £8.99*Lemon & Limes A25181 £8.99*ONLY50PEACHONLY25PEACHSPECIAL PRICEDrench Spring Water 1 x 24 (500ml):Juicy Cranberry & Raspberry A 89877 £11.99*Juicy Orange & Passionfruit A 89867 £11.99*Juicy Blackcurrant & Apple A 89868 £11.99*SPECIAL PRICEDrench Spring WaterSports Cap A 897351 x 24 (500ml)£5.99**Subject to VAT at standard rate29

SPECIAL PRICEBrakes All Purpose Cling Film in a DisposableDispenser 1 x 1:A 87982 250m x 35cm £6.49*A 87983 350m x 45cm £10.49*SPECIAL PRICEBrakes Catering Foil in a Disposable Dispenser1 x 1:Extra Thick A 87985 60m x 45cm (14 microns) £12.49*A 87984 100m x 45cm (11 microns) £13.49*ONLY£10.25EACHSPECIAL PRICEBrakes Washing Up Liquid1 x 5ltr:A 16092 £2.46*Anti-bacterial Action A 16094 £4.48*SPECIAL PRICEFlash All Purpose Cleaner2 x 5ltr:Pine A 84897 £20.49*Lemon A 84896 £20.49*SPECIAL PRICE SPECIAL PRICE SPECIAL PRICEAriel Biological 90 WashA 89099 21 x 7.2kg£18.99 * Bold Biological 90 WashA 891001 x 7.2kg£18.99 * Daz Biological 90 WashA 890981 x 6.12kg£17.49 *36*Subject to VAT at standard rate

Sizzling hot offer!Buy this BBQ for £499 and receive enough food tomake 216 Hot dogs and 144 BurgersYOU BUY597427 Xenon Ð Pro Barbecue for £499• A professional, high capacity barbecue designedspecifically for the catering industry• Suitable for propane gas (not supplied)• Grid surface area 860 x 260mm(2 grids of 430 x 260mm)• Folding and mobile base• Dimensions: W1260, D600, H850mmYOU GET2 x Brakes 6.5" Hot Dog RollsF 31299 1 x 108 (50g)3 x Brakes Pork & Beef Sausage EightsF 3653 1 x 80 (57g)2 x Brakes Spicy Vegetarian BurgerF 4030 1 x 24 (82g)3 x Brakes KingburgerF 3807 1 x 32 (113g)3 x Brakes 4" Unseeded BapF 5222 1 x 48 (50g)1 x Brakes Tomato Ketchup SachetsA 3853 1 x 2001 x Brakes Brown Sauce SachetsA 3848 1 x 200YOU SELL216 Hot Dogs for £1.50* each& 144 Burgers at £2.00* eachYOU MAKE£612*THISOFFER PAYSFOR ITSELF*DO YOUWANT TO MAKE£113 *PROFIT?DonÕt miss out, call today0845 931 9494and quote code 597427*Selling price intended as a guide and is at the discretion of the retailer. Terms and Conditions: There will be no further discount on printed promotional items.VAT will be added at the standard rate. Offer subject to availability and while stocks last or until 31st August 2011 whichever is sooner. Offers available to existingindependent customers only. We reserve the right to substitute products subject to availability. The barbecue and food will be delivered separately. Brakes standardterms and conditions of sale apply which appear in our product lists and on our website at

new food for JuneBrakes Mushroom & Stilton Topper C 74902Mushrooms combined with full flavoured Stilton andcracked black pepper, in a mayonnaise dressing.1 x 500gaBrakes Hot Mustard Rarebit Topper C 74903Mature Cheddar and Red Leicester cheese withgreen chillies and breadcrumbs in a mustardmayonnaise. Ð 1 x 500gaBrakes Chicken Livers & Bacon Lardons inBalsamic Dressing F 34577 – Individual pouch ofslow cooked chicken livers and bacon lardons in abalsamic dressing. Ð 1 x 18 (100g)38a

Brakes Coquille St. Jacques F 34570Individual portions of queen scallopsin a creamy white wine sauce, toppedwith mashed potato, Gruyère cheese,toasted breadcrumbs and parsley,presented in a scallop shell.1 x 10 (100g)aBrakes Smoked Haddock Kedgeree F 34567Smoked haddock fillet portion with a separate tubof spiced basmati rice. Ð 1 x 6 (330g)aBrakes Haddock Florentine F 34565 – Individualhaddock fillet portion on a bed of spinach in a richcheese sauce topped with West CountryCheddar cheese. Ð 1 x 8 (272g)aBrakes Paupiettes of Yellowfin Sole with SmokedSalmon Mousse & White Wine Sauce F 34566Rolled yellowfin sole filled with smoked salmonmousse with a separate pouch of whitewine sauce. Ð 1 x 8 (260g)aBrakes Bouillabaisse F 34568 – An individualportion of cod fillet, whole shell mussels, king prawnsand clam meat in a tomato and fennel based liquor.1 x 8 (352g)a39

new food for JunePrime Meats British Chicken Thighs C 16792Whole thighs, skinless and boneless. Ð 4 x 2.27kgaBrakes Caramelised Onion & Camembert CheeseSoufflé Tarts F 34573 – Individual pastrycase of feuillesde brick pastry filled with a creamy Camembert cheesesoufflé topped with caramelised onionand white wine compote. Ð 1 x 5 (140g)aBrakes Game Casseroles F 34574 – Individualpouch of venison, pheasant and gammon in a beergravy with vegetables. Ð 1 x 12 (300g)aBrakes Olde English Fruit Puddings F 34608Individual pudding filled with sultanas, cherries,apples and lemon zest in suet pastry studded withcurrants. Ð 1 x 12 (169g)a40Brakes Pineapple Upsidedown Pie F 34618Individual baked sponge pudding topped with aslice of pineapple, a cherry half and apricot glaze.1 x 12 (185g)aBrakes Jammie Dodger Cheesecake F 34613Pre-cut baked vanilla flavour cheesecake on a biscuitbase with raspberry compote and Jammie Dodgerbiscuits. Ð 1 x Ind (12 ptn)a

Brakes Sherry Trifles F 34609 – Individual portionsof sherry soaked sponge, topped with layersof raspberry compote, custard flavour mousseand cream, finished with toasted flakedalmonds. Ð 1 x 15 (140g)aBrakes Elizabethan Tarts F 34612 – Individualall butter sweet pastry tart filled with mincemeat,hand finished with apple slices anda clear glaze. Ð 1 x 12 (150g)a41

new food for JuneBrakes Tiger Bread F 34588 Ð White sourdoughbaguette with a cracked pattern glaze.1 x 30 (140g)aBrakes Assorted Iced Twin Lollies F 56985Individual flavoured water ice lollies: blackcurrant,lemon, orange and mixed fruit. – 1 x 40 (60ml)Approx 10 of each flavour.aBrakes Iced Strawberry Push Up Lollies F 56488Individual water ice lollies made with strawberrypurée. – 1 x 16 (110ml)aBrakes Iced Orange Push Up Lollies F 56489Individual water ice lollies made with orange juice.1 x 16 (110ml)a42Brakes Iced Rocket Lollies F 56490 – Individuallollies made with layers of pineapple, orange andraspberry flavoured water ice. – 1 x 30 x (60ml)aHeinz Fridge Pack Beanz A 84980 – Heinz Beanz ina re-sealable pack, with easy to measure portions onthe side. Can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 daysonce opened. – 6 x 1kga

Heinz Classic Burger Sauce A 84976 – A premiumcreamy sauce for burgers with the classic flavours ofmustard and dill, and a hint of chilli spice.2 x 2.15ltrHeinz Firecracker Sauce A 84977 – A fiery tomatoand chilli sauce with a smoky flavour, ideal smotheredover chicken and char-grilled. Ð 2 x 2.15ltra aHeinz Texan Barbecue Sauce A 84978 – A smokybarbecue sauce with molasses and hickory flavours,inspired by the cuisine of the American deep south.Ideal as a dip, marinade or topping.4 x 2.15ltraHeinz Salad Cream with Lemon & Black PepperA 84979 – The great tangy taste of Heinz saladcream combined with lemon and black pepper.Perfect with fish and chips. Ð 2 x 2.15ltraSchwartz For Chef BBQ Seasonings Ð A versatile range of BBQ seasonings, use as a rub, marinade, coating oringredient.Mediterranean BBQ Seasoning A 84973 Ð 6 x 280gClassic BBQ Seasoning A 84974 Ð 6 x 300gSpicy BBQ Seasoning A 84975 Ð 6 x 240g43

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