RethinkingWHOLESALEGROWERSGARDEN LEADERS CAN HELPYOU’RE AS GOOD AS WHAT YOU SELL……..YOU’RE AS GOOD AS HOW WELL YOU SELL IT!DON’T DUCK REALITYIt may be time for a new you! The economy stinks so it’s time to get a brand newplan and go for it! Talk turkey in defining your problems. Be open minded toconsider brand new and different options and solutions.RETHINKEasy to say but hard to do because it is going to be necessary to change some things you have consideredimpossible to change. That’s the real world these days. Begin by rethinking your basic needs and yourcapabilities. Think financially and think strategically.YOUR OPTIONSStrategically you only have two options. You can choose one or the other or both. Your first option is tofocus on rebuilding your profit within your current customer base. The second option is to go after newbusiness including new accounts and new business niches.BECOME A HEROGo help your customers! You have a great deal in common with your customers.They all have the same basic problems that you do. The common problem youboth have is that sales are down and margins are down even further. Just likeyou they must rethink and be open minded to try something different. You canbe a hero by offering ideas to help them build profit.REACT AND RESPONDThis is not a practice game. Make a plan, set new priorities and be veryaggressive. Track your progress every day.Wholesale Growers 38

wholesale growingGET YOUR PROFIT UP AGAINTHE BASIC PROBLEMSThe following problems apply to ninety percent of wholesale growers and their customers:• Your retail plant presentation has a lower “value image” to consumers.• Nearby discounters and garden center chains sell at a lower price.• Discounters often offer branded varieties with a higher value image.• Garden centers and mass merchants generally merchandise and display better.OPPORTUNITIIES FORMass merchants and garden center chains have weaknesses you can exploit:• Selection has gone from fair to poor due to scan based trading• Commodity varieties provide vanilla garden performance…well below consumer needs• Most varieties offered are generic “me too” commodities in red, white and blue• Even the branded selections are limited• In store plant quality and care is deteriorating due to service cutbacks• Plants are only “Traffic Builders” so the importance of product quality is the same as for Chinese toys.SOME SOLUTIONS ARE RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSEHelp is here now with Garden Leaders. They will answer many of your needs to turn your businessaround. Here is what some wholesale growers have said:“Garden Leaders are a brand line...not just an assortment of commodities so they appear to be worth more”“The Garden Leader Tasty and Monster vegetables are excellent consumer items...especially now”“There were no royalties or marketing fees so there was no extra cost”“I used the brand story on my customers and they liked it”“The guarantee makes a difference to my customers and helps sell through”“Garden Leaders allow me to present and deliver a complete program”“They have tags and labels for all the varieties both flowers and vegetables”“Garden Leaders let me get a little bit of a premium price”“I was reluctant to switch but they grow just as well if not better”“We can offer more selection with all the different plant sizes and options”“The merchandising materials make them sell out”Wholesale Growers 39

More LoadsGARDEN LEADERS FOR WHOLESALEWHY FOR WHOLESALERS?FRESH PROGRAM – Get credit from your customers for suggesting acomplete program that is proven to work. Some of your retail customers will sayno, but some will agree because Garden Leaders make so much sense. Offering abrand is an advantage for all wholesalers and retailers.DOESN’T COST YOU ANY MORE – Garden Leader varieties are notsold at a premium price like most other branded plant products.MORE SALES MEANS MORE PROFIT – According to wholesalegrowers who sell Garden Leaders, retailers get solid sales increases with GardenLeaders. Increases especially occur when merchandising materials are used.WIDE SELECTION REALLY HELPS – Garden Leaders cover a full rangeof flowering annuals, perennials, bare root, vegetables and herbs. The selectionincludes over 1000 varieties. They are available in seeds, plugs, cuttings and liners.MORE PROFIT MADE – The Garden Leader product line offers manyunique varieties that are generally not offered elsewhere. Growers and retailersgenerally price unique varieties higher. Higher pricing has resulted in extra marginfor both the grower and the retailer.JUST AS EASY TO GROW – Growers do not experience any need tochange growing procedures when growing Garden Leaders. They root the same,germinate the same and grow-on the same. No culture changes are necessary.ORDERING IS EASY – All you do is call Grimes Horticulture...800-241-7333 gets you directly to a real person immediately. The service is super!Wholesale Growers 40

DownYour RoadsGROWERS AND RETAILERSWHY FOR RETAILERS?WHAT RETAILERS? – Garden Leaders were developed for wholesalegrowers, retail growers, independent garden centers, small chains (grocery,convenience, hardware), landscapers and fund raising. They are designed tohelp compete with commodity varieties and big box stores.NOT SOLD TO DISCOUNTERS. – Garden Leaders will not be sold indiscount stores. They are the UN-mass merchant brand.HIGHER PERCEIVED QUALITY – The advantage of selling a brand isthat consumers always give brands a higher quality value. Garden Leader brandmerchandise is premium product which can be sold at popular prices.GUARANTEED TO CONSUMERS – The money back guarantee on allGarden Leaders is major value enhancement. Neither growers nor consumers haveto take any risk. Garden Leaders are the greatest in the garden.CONSUMERS LIKE ‘EM – Home gardeners are learning that they cancount on Garden Leaders to grow better in the garden. Garden Leaders flower overlonger time periods and the vegetables taste better. Gardeners come back and askfor Garden Leaders.MORE PROFIT POTENTIAL – Smart retailers get premium prices for newand unique Garden Leader varieties. Wholesale growers can do the same. Gardenenthusiasts will pay more for new and unusual varieties and crops.MERCHANDISING IS READY TO GO – Everything is ready to shipincluding tags, labels, 4” pots, signs, bench tape and banners. It is a complete programincluding guarantee cards to display and feature. The colors are a blast ofsunshine even on rainy days.SALES WILL JUMP – Garden Leaders have been racking up sales successstories for almost twenty years. There is no better way to build business than withsuperior products that don’t require a premium price. Garden Leaders are a WIN-WIN.Wholesale Growers 41

WHOLESALEBELIEVERSGrowing Garden Leaders, Shipping Garden Leaders,Marketing Garden Leaders, Selling Garden LeadersStack E’m HighTake Me HomeDick Shreve,Wholesale Man“Garden Leader Yellow PackagingDraws Consumers Like Magnets”SHREVEGREENHOUSEWHOLESALE ONLYWholesale Growers 42

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