1 Northlander October 2009 - North Country Region


1 Northlander October 2009 - North Country Region

NORTHLANDERNORTH COUNTRY REGIONVolume 32 Number 10PORSCHE CLUB OF AMERICAOctober 2009EditorsTracey Levasseur207 247 3385NCRNorthlander@ncr-pca.orgDavid Churcher603 799 4688NCRNorthlander@ncr-pca.orgAdvertisingMatt Romanowski603 674 3250advertising@ncr-pca.orgWeb sitewww.ncr-pca.orgUpcoming Events5 Calendar13 NCR Banquet 2009Features10 The Rolling Chicane11 Looking Back13 NCR Banquet 200914 Autocross Wrap Up19 Far Side of 6520 NCR Ballot for Officers 201021 Trip Tease24 October Centerfold26 Porsche Alternative PowerSource34 A Sentimental Journey38 Make A Wish Preview46 BTW27Statement of PolicyNorthlander is the official publicationof the North Country Region (NCR),Porsche Club of America (PCA).Opinions expressed herein arepurely those of the writer and are notto be construed as an endorsementor guarantee of the product orservices by the Board of Directorsof NCR. The editor reserves theright to edit all material submittedfor publication. Material may bereprinted by PCA Regions withoutpermission provided credit is givento the Northlander and the author.Departments4 Board of Directors &Committee Chairs6 President’s Message7 Editors’ Desk9 Membership12 Drivers’ Ed39 The Mart40 Safety44 Business CardExchangeOn the coverAlex Keiller knows a few things about Porsches ... his dad andhis grand dad build the replica 917 at Kraftwerkz.3438The regular article and Advertisingclosing date for the Northlander isthe 1 st of the month preceding thepublication month. See page 46 foradvertising rates.This photograph taken at the Fox Collection in Melbourne shows Alexenjoying an RSK and a copy of Northlander. For more on the collectionand the trip see A Sentimental Journey in this issue.Photograph by David ChurcherOctober 20093 Northlander

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8 Northlander October 2009

Improved (PAX Indexed Class) Raw AM Raw PM Raw Time PAX Time1 I5 Stephen Lefebvre 2007 997C2S 73.198 73.095 146.293 126.1042 I6 Charles Stromeyer 1997 993 turbo 76.966 75.679 152.645 132.1903 I5 Greg Osche 2001 Boxster S 78.104 76.407 154.511 133.1884 I5 David Tynan 2007 Cayman S 79.893 79.432 159.325 137.3385 I5 Michael Bete 2007 Cayman S 81.491 79.284 160.775 138.5886 I4 Thomas Hofmann 1986 951 83.917 82.495 166.412 142.781Modified (PAX Indexed Class)1 M4 Ron Mann 1970 911 74.558 72.138 146.696 129.9722 M5 Tom Frisardi 911 80.147 80.146 160.293 143.141Top Times Of Day Driver TimeRaw time Stephen Lefebvre 146.293PAX Stephen Lefebvre 126.104Rag Top Time at Autocross #6Photograph by Lesia Shaw16 Northlander October 2009

NCR Autocross #6 - September 13, 2009Novice (PAX Indexed Class) Raw AM Raw PM Raw Time PAX Time1 S7 Steven West 2003 Boxster 75.040 74.397 149.437 121.9402 S8 Mark Polk 2002 c4s 74.932 73.549 148.481 122.9423 S7 Anne Procyk 2003 Boxster 76.380 75.790 152.170 124.1704 P7 Douglas Shealy 2007 Cayman 75.792 72.422 148.214 124.9445 P7 Barb Jacques 2001 Boxster 76.957 73.688 150.645 126.9936 S9 Eric Liu 2006 Carrera S 78.897 74.173 153.070 128.2727 I4 Geoffrey McGaffigan 1986 944 Turbo 77.271 77.229 154.500 132.5618 P6 Jobie Lay 1986 911 80.517 78.862 159.379 133.0819 P7 Dennis Mascetta 1996 Carrera 2 Cab 80.073 79.802 159.875 134.77410 P7 John Dunkle 1995 993 81.123 79.466 160.589 135.37611 S7 Paul Atkin 2006 997C2 85.096 81.517 166.613 135.95612 I6 Dana Johnston 1985 928S 86.026 80.974 167.000 144.622Strict Stock (PAX Indexed Class)1 S9 Michael Tosi 2006 Carrera S 69.796 68.095 137.891 115.5522 S7 Jeremy Mazzariello 2007 Cayman 72.946 70.700 143.646 117.2153 S8 Christopher Fahy 1999 911 71.294 70.613 141.907 117.4994 S7 Chris Ryan 1996 993 73.797 71.751 145.548 118.7675 S7 Steve Ross 2000 Boxster 73.057 72.767 145.824 118.9926 S7 Ernest Grasso 2001 Boxster S 73.700 72.930 146.630 119.6507 S8 Glenn Champagne 1999 996 73.475 73.591 147.066 121.7708 S2 Miriam Dunster 1987 944 79.182 DNSProduction 21 Joe Kraetsch 1988 924S 69.943 69.704 139.647 114.9292 David Case 1987 944 71.127 70.172 141.299 116.2893 Lisa Roche 1988 924S 72.575 69.790 142.365 117.1664 Guile Wood 1983 944 75.128 74.487 149.615 123.1335 Bill Aubin 1984 944 78.542 77.404 155.946 128.343Production 31 Mark Schnoerr 1974 914 67.675 67.251 134.926 112.6632 Chris Darminio 1976 914 68.777 69.232 138.009 115.2373 Sigrid Schnoerr 1974 914 69.442 69.254 138.696 115.811Production 41 Neil Halbert 1990 944S2 68.888 69.785 138.673 115.7922 Georges Rouhart 1993 968 72.932 71.544 144.476 120.6373 David Beningson 1987 944 turbo 76.477 DNSProduction 61 Robert Canter 1984 Carrera 69.189 69.215 138.404 115.5672 Brian Lay 1986 911 71.898 70.742 142.640 119.1043 Todd Coon 85 911 Targa 73.095 72.069 145.164 121.2114 Jeff Johnson 1987 911 Carrera 75.549 74.528 150.077 125.314Production 71 Chris Jacques 2001 Boxster 65.734 67.359 133.093 112.1972 Oliver Lucier 1998 Boxster 67.209 66.869 134.078 113.0273 Fred deNapoli 2007 Cayman 69.007 68.530 137.537 115.943continued on next page ...October 200917 Northlander

Production 8 Raw AM Raw PM Raw Time PAX Time1 ted shaw 1999 996 C2 74.032 69.934 143.966 123.234Production 91 Susan Kelley 2007 997 C2S 73.923 73.830 147.753 127.954Improved (PAX Indexed Class)1 I5 Stephen Lefebvre 2007 997C2S 65.817 66.464 132.281 114.0262 I3 Mark Skala 1970 914-6 67.361 66.330 133.691 114.0383 I5 Greg Osche 2001 Boxster S 67.891 67.514 135.405 116.7194 I5 Scott Roche 2007 997 cs2 71.951 69.363 141.314 121.8125 I3 Steve Smith 1983 944 74.970 73.112 148.082 126.3136 I4 Greg Fontaine 1975 911 Targa 85.959 83.516 169.475 145.4097 I4 Robert Rosenblum 1989 944 Turbo S 77.071 DNF DNF -Modified (PAX Indexed Class)1 M4 Ron Mann 1970 911 65.616 64.990 130.606 115.716Top Times Of Day Driver TimeRaw time Ron Mann 130.606PAX Chris Jacques 112.197Ted Shaw at Autocross #6Photograph byLesia Shaw... more photographs onpages 22 and 2318 Northlander October 2009

20 Northlander October 2009

Ed and Nancy’s TRIP TEASE !... all will be revealed in the November issue and it’s not all about thecars ... there is food and wine to be considered too ...We’re back and almost recovered. Already busy trying to figure out when we can return!Attached are a few pictures: one shows our little convoy (Cayenne of guide, three 2009 C4/C4S/C4) parked in the courtyardof one of the elegant hotels.Ed spotted two Porsche tractors: one in the Porsche museum and the other parked on the street in the middle of Asperg.October 200921 Northlander

...continued from page 18Above: John Dunkle.Right top: The aliens came to visit.Below: Ernie Grasso. Right below: The Winners are ...Photographs by Lesia Shaw22 Northlander October 2009

October 200923 Northlander

NCR - MAKE A WISH 2009NHMS October 10, 2009Photograph by David Churcher24 Northlander October 2009

October 200925 Northlander

PORSCHE SAYS IT IS WORKING ON ALTERNATIVE POWERED SPORTS CARNew CEO unveils four new high-powered 911s and hints at future hybrid and electric vehicles at Frankfurt Auto ShowATLANTA, September 15, 2009 - Speaking publicly for the first time at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Porsche’s new president andCEO, Michael Macht, revealed that Porsche is considering and working hard on an electric-powered sports car that wouldmeet the high demands of the Porsche brand.“I am also convinced that one day Porsche will have an electric sports car in its line-up,” said Macht at the company’s pressconference today. While he cautioned that so far the available battery technology is not “sufficient to meet Porsche’s strictrequirements,” he said “our engineers are already working hard on this challenge.”“An electric sports car would therefore only make sense for Porsche if it offers performance and a cruising range similar to thatof current sports cars in the market,” he said. “We are therefore taking the first step in this direction with a full hybrid - in theCayenne, the Panamera and maybe in the not too distant future also in a racing car or a production 911. Why not?”Macht pointed out that Porsche has a long legacy with hybrid technology as it was exactly 109 years ago that ProfessorFerdinand Porsche built the first fully functioning car with hybrid technology.Speaking about Porsche’s newest model, Macht said the new Panamera Gran Turismo is already generating thousands oforders just three days after its market launch in Europe.The highly anticipated Panamera represents Porsche’s fourth model line and is the brand’s first-ever four-door sports car. It goeson sale in the U.S. on October 17, 2009.“Although the car has only been at the dealership for three days, we already have 4,500 orders for the Panamera, most ofthem from customers who have not even seen the car yet,” he said Macht. “And since test drives for customers have only juststarted, sales of the Panamera are already making a very positive start.”Another highlight of the press conference at Frankfurt was Porsche’s presentation of its new 2010 911 Turbo, the flagship ofthe venerable 911 range.“The 911 Turbo is the spearhead in innovation throughout Porsche’s complete range of sports cars. It has been successful inthe market for 35 years, accounting throughout this period for almost 80,000 units sold worldwide,” said MachtPremiering alongside the venerable Turbo will be a series of asphalt-burning 911s, including the 911 GT3 RS, and its race readysibling the 911 GT3 Cup car.Porsche also took the wraps off its limited-edition 911 Sport Classic at the Frankfurt show, marking a return to the tradition ofoccasionally issuing ultra-exclusive production cars. The Sport Classic will not be offered in the U.S. Production will be strictlylimited to 250 units.26 Northlander October 2009

The Tail Of The Dragon TourA beautiful course, even in lessthan perfect weather, and it makesgetting there more than half thefun.Photographs by Hank Cowles andIvy Leonard on The Tale Of TheDragon Tour.more photographs on page 32 andpage 33October 200927 Northlander

President...continued from page 6the depression, it winds 469 miles throughthe Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginiaand North Carolina, offering some great,rhythmic driving twisties and incrediblevalley views. At its highest point theParkway is at 6053 feet of elevation,nearly the height of Mount Washington.Mount Wilson, the highest point east ofthe Mississippi, is just a holler or two awayto the west.The group coming up from the southhad been delayed, the result of a seriousincident en route, and Rusty had stayedbehind to assist, sending the rest ofthe group on to Little Switzerland. Soalthough the mountaintop setting atthe Inn was spectacular, and the surfand turf buffet lavish and expansive, themood Friday evening was somber andsubdued.Off before daybreak Saturday morning,we retraced our route back down theBlue Ridge Parkway to Ashville, wherewe had early arrival VIP parking privilegesat The Biltmore Estate. The Biltmore isthe largest private home in America, andcertainly among the most lavish, with 250rooms, 43 bathrooms, and containing anincredible 175,000 square feet of interiorspace. The buildings, grounds, gardensand winery cover over 8,000 acres, andhave appeared in a number of moviesincluding Trading Places, Forrest Gumpand National Treasure.After photo-ops with all of our Porschesparked directly in front of the Biltmore,we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast buffet,followed by self guided tours of the GreatHouse, and thereafter, the gardens andgrounds. The lavishness and splendorcould not conceivably be built today,and to attempt any description in detailhere could not do it justice. Suffice itto say that The Biltmore is a worthydestination, and if you take the tour, rentheadphones!A ten-minute drive (and we never leftthe property) brought us to The Wineryfor a terrific lunch, and after a tour ofthe winery and gift shop we hit the roadagain for Fontana Village, NC, at thehead of ‘The Dragon’. If you GoogleMaps ‘Fontana Village’ you probably willnot find it…the local point of referenceis Fontana Dam, which Harrison Ford‘jumped’ off in The Fugitive. The Villageis a nearby resort facility with a lodgemotif, done with taste…the wild boarand bear trophy heads in the lobby seemappropriate and not out of place. Checkin, quick freshen up, then to the lounge fora little relaxation. The bar was crowdedand it was obvious that this was heavenbasefor the two-wheeled set. Dinnerwas very well done, and Ed Lustgarten,who took over from Rusty as tourmeister,made sure that all had done a full roundof introductions around the room. Wehad been joined by two couples fromMid-Ohio Region, so six or seven PCAregions were represented at our dinner.The conversations around each table weregreat…regardless of age, or region, ordrive, it remains irrefutable that we areall members of the same family.Sunday morning we broke into smallergroups for ‘The Tail’. The night beforeEd had spoken – quite candidly - with anNC trooper inquiring about ‘enforcementpolicy’ on the Dragon. Although there aresurprisingly few fatalities on this stretchof road – keep in mind that it is Nirvanafor bikers, and that the speed limit hasbeen reduce from fifty-five end-to-end tothirty, and in some spots twenty – therehad been four or five fatalities this year.The troopers on both sides of the state linewere enforcing limits to one mile over, anda touch of the centerline would get youhauled off to the parlor of some Judge’shome in Cracker Holler to settle up a$250 fine. The message was clear: noend-to-end records would be set by ourgroup. We joined a group of about tencars headed off at nine o’clock with Ed,and did three quarters of the Dragon, thenheaded back. We then joined a group ledby Jim Bennett and his wife Toni and reranthrough to the end of the Dragon. Thedrive was great, but the broadest smilescame observing a stud biker that haddouble line passed the entire group onthe Dragon kickstanded by a Tennesseetrooper, lights flashing, at the outflow ofthe run. We continued on through moretwisties about sixty miles to mid-day lunchat No Way Jose in Pigeon Forge, NC forsome great Mexican food.After lunch, the core group swung backto the south, but Hank and I headed northfor our return to NH. A thousand milesmore and we were home.Rusty (though we didn’t see you this trip),Ed, Jim, and the rest of the gang, thankyou so much for allowing us to join you,to share great times, and to get to knowall of you so much better. We hope therewill be occasion that we may reciprocateyour hospitality, kindness and warmth atan event here in North Country Region!The Tail -http://www.tailofthedragon.com/The Biltmore Estate -http://www.biltmore.com/The Little Switzerland -http://www.switzerlandinn.com/Fontana Village -http://www.fontanavillage.com/Editor...continued from page 7buried automotive treasure you’ll enjoyThe Cobra in the Barn. It’s entertainingbut also conveys just how much work itcan sometimes take to find and preserveautomobiles and what lengths somepeople will go to in achieving theirgoals. And at the end it gives readers theopportunity to share their experiencesin a sequel. That follow up should alsobe worth the read as these tales neverget old.28 Northlander October 2009

The Rolling Chicane...continued from page 10had the best hand with three of a kind.I couldn’t believe it, even when a rally isjudged purely on luck, my mom still founda way to win. In the end, my mom andI passed on the victory considering mydad put it together and my mom boughtthe prizes. Nevertheless, we answered avery important question that has beenplaguing our family for years: it is, in fact,my mom, who is the stronger partner onrallies. Now there is only one thing leftto ask: “Mom, will you do the Fall Rallywith me?”Autocross...continued from page 14MA State Police landed a helicopter in themiddle of the course. Unbelievable! Wehad a few minor timing issues but wereable to resolve them and still get eightruns in. Ron Mann took FTD while ChrisJacques claimed top PAX for the day.With Autocross #6 results in the books,the season points winners are nowdetermined. Congratulations to all theClass Champions:Champion ClassJeremy Mazzariello Strict StockJoe Kraetsch Production 2Mark Schnoerr Production 3Neil Halbert Production 4Robert Canter Production 6Chris Jacques Production 7Susan Kelley Production 9Scruffy Lefebvre ImprovedRon Mann ModifiedThe season trophies will be awarded at theannual NCR Banquet at Cocheco CountryClub in Dover on November 14.I would like to thank everyone foranother successful season. This wasour best year ever! Thanks especially tothe Autocross staff: Chris Darminio andJohn MacDonald, course designers; EdBroadhead, safety and equipment; JudyHendrickson, waivers and administration;Miriam Dunster, Chris Jacques and LisaRoche, Timing and Scoring. I would alsolike to thank Georges Rouhart and NeilOctober 2009Halbert, tech inspectors and ChristineSkaubitis for reliable early morninggate duty. Thanks to Rob MacAlpine,Renagade Miata Autocross Chair, for ourcontinued reciprocity arrangement andfor backup course design. Thanks to PaulTallo for assuming Safety and Equipmentresponsibility while Edgar was in Europe.I especially want to thank my betterhalf, Lisa Roche, for all her support andassistance behind the scenes. Withouther, nothing would work anywhere nearas well as it does! Finally, thanks to all thevolunteers and participants for steppingup when needed and helping to keep allour events running smoothly.29 Northlander

From the far side of...continued from page$32.99 each, www.ruststore.com)Remove registration, insurancedocuments.Remove fire extinguisher andstore indoors.Close windows. Lock car BEFOREyou:Remove battery. Unplug venttube, use 13mm ratchet and10mm box wrenches to remove+/- leads and hold down bracket.Buy a trickle charger. I purchasedone at Sears for $29.99 that’snicely hummed along.I place a 1x1 inch foam log underfront hood latch to prevent itfrom closing-otherwise nextspring you will have to attachjumper cables to the fuse box torestore functionality and openthe hood so you can replace thebattery.Wipe car down with a Kozak orduster.Let car cool before placing cover.Cover.Notify your insurance agent tocancel liability coverage.Count the days until spring!!30 Northlander October 2009

Looking Back...continued from page 11Nancy’s VW became the family car and hecould get the Spyder. Nancy recalls a tripthey took in it in October, in the rain, toThe Laurentians in Quebec, Canada. Shewas sick for a week after. They wouldn’ttell me any other stories because they saidthey were unrepeatable - maybe we’llhear some at the Annual Banquet.Nancy is working in the Computer Centerat Dartmouth College and Ed is a ProductEngineer for MPB Corporation. Nancy hasalso done some autocrossing, but wasnot too thrilled with the sport, and shedid come in second one year at the TechQuiz in the 911 section. Both enjoy sailingand skiing as other interests. We hope tosee more of these two in the near future- looks like there is a wealth of experienceand information here!Well, there certainly is a lot of experienceand information available from these two.Since this was written in 1979, Edgar andNancy have continued to support NCRin many, many ways. It is impossible toremember all that they have done, butto recall what I can: Since 1979 severalother Porsches have joined the Broadheadfamily: the 1967 911 S finally finishedrestoration a couple of years ago rejoiningthe active stable of a Red 944 Turbo, ablack 914/6 with a 2.2 or 2.4 engine (Ican’t remember), a Silver Boxster S andyes a 356 again joined their family, aBlue B coupe. These five Porsches live in avast warehouse like building next to theirhome sharing space with one or moreantique fire engines, a Porsche tractor andlots of Porsche and PCA memorabilia. It isa true Porsche treasure house!active with the TYP356NE group takingmany of the spring and fall tours withthe group.They have returned to being perennialParade goers and both consistently bringhome tech quiz trophies in early 911 and356 classes. They were the Tech QuizChairs for the Boston 1991 Parade andkey concours scoring team membersat the 1994 Parade. A role they havecontinued to perform at Parades eversince. They were deservedly rewarded fortheir faithful attendance and service whenNancy’s name was drawn at the CharlotteParade last year as the winner of theGrand Door Prize – the factory providedtour for two and vacation to Europe,complete with Porsche for a week.Edgar continues to serve as NCR’s SafetyChair and AX trailer manager bringing thetrailer with all the equipment to every AX,although he doesn’t compete any longer.He is also at every DE in his role as SafetyChair and Chief Steward. Edgar andNancy both continue to serve on the NCRBOD as Senior Advisors – their longevityand experience invaluable to the region asit grows and expands its activities. We aretruly fortunate to have these wonderfulfolks in our region.Nancy moved up to the Registrar’s officeat Dartmouth and continued to dolabels until the early 90’s when personalcomputing became more common andthe membership chair was able to takethis duty over. She and Edgar are nowboth retired from the “public” workingscene, but remain very active. Ed is avolunteer fireman with New London’s FireDepartment and does Porsche mechanicingon the side. Nancy remains an activeknitter and supportive member to NCR.Both remain avid skiers enjoying weekdayskiing at nearby Sunapee and their annualget-a-way to the Balsams. They are alsoOctober 200931 Northlander

The road, the rain, and the views allmake for spectacular tour.32 Northlander October 2009

Other marques can also make for a nicephotograph :-)And ... the destination ... with sunshine.All photographs by Hank Cowles andIvy Leonard.October 200933 Northlander

A Sentimental JourneyDavid Churchermonths after she was born it became ahuge urge to be there for the wedding.Now I am back in the USA and racing toget the Northlander out, the weddingphotographs sorted, and reflecting onDoug’s comment. I am a lucky man.Breakfast at Portobello Cafe, Circular Quay ... Sydney HarbourThose of us who choose to leave homeand become travelers have a mixedblessing. We find after some years wehave friends and favorite places all aroundthe world. This means wherever youare you are missing someone and oftensentimental.Those readers who know me will recognizethis article as being another one abouttravels to Australia, friends, wine, food... and cars. When I informed my friendDoug (aka Captain Canada) in the GreatWhite North I had a sudden changeof plans and would be heading out toAustralia in September he replied: “Youare a lucky man, David.” He is not wrong,you know.My sudden change in plans was broughton by a few factors but the central onewas friends Sam and Gemma had invitedus to their wedding and seeing as I havebeen photographing Gemma since a fewShould I write about the cars first? Orthe foodie stories? Or the wedding? Iwill address the cars first and include afew photographs here from the car showin Noosa, Queensland. I have includedJaguars here too because a colleague ofmine in NCR is a Jaguar lover ... actuallyI think it is a love-hate relationship ...andI include a 1984 911 which is similar tomy 911 but has the steering wheel on theright. The show was filled with exotics andif it was not for the gum leaves, brilliantsky and sunshine, one would think itwas at the Amelia Island Concours. Allthe exotics were represented and I sawfor the first time ever, in the flesh, a FIAT600 ABARTH. Years ago when I lived inThe Great Southern Land I had a FIAT600 which was slightly modified alongthe ABARTH formula. Looking at this tiny,tiny car in front of me sent my mind backmany years to those days of 50 HP and arumbling exhaust ... and wondered howtwo of us slept in that car at times.While I was in Melbourne there wasan opportunity to meet with AnthonyKeiller from Kraftwerkz, and his sonAlex. We went together to visit theLyn Fox Collection. This museum is aprivate collection put on display in an oldwarehouse in the Melbourne docklandsarea. Mr. Fox is a wealthy owner of atransport company, a car enthusiast, and apatron to training young people to restorecars. The collection has Jaguars, Ferraris,Rolls Royce, and Porsches ... a 959, several356, a 550, and a beautiful RSK.At the end of the week I was able to visitKraftwerkz at the factory and enjoy, again,their hospitality while chatting about carsand aeroplanes. On this visit I was able tobring along Brian and Bev Chandler. Avidreaders of my trip reports may recall a fewyears back I featured Brian in Northlanderwith his automotive artwork. Brian andBev now live just a few Kilometers fromKraftwerkz so I was able to enjoy the thrillof my friends meeting each other for thefirst time and discovering their mutualinterests in cars, travels and art.34 Northlander October 2009

Art ... Brian and Bev own an art school.They plan to franchise their teachingmethod and expand the business. But Bevwhispered to me she is nudging Brian toslow up and go back to producing art.Northlander may benefit from this inthe future ... another Brian piece in ourmagazine. During the three days I stayedwith them I was able to enjoy familiar artpieces from their Tasmanian house nowhanging in their new house. The room Ihad was a loft guest room filled with earlypieces from their daughter Celeste whois now a renowned Australian artist. Towake up in that room filled with art, hearthe wind in the gum trees, and the loudAussie birds ... was a very special treat.While I was in Tasmania I made asentimental trip to the Longford Circuit.Races are no longer held there but in the1960s it was a world-class racecourseand brought all of F1’s great names toTasmania. My plan was to drive around thecircuit and “feel” familiar places where Iused to play and also photographed theraces. It has all changed. A new highwayhas removed two of the corners ...Mountford and Newry are gone, and sois the Long Bridge ... the viaduct is gonetoo. The viaduct was a very tight and verysteep downhill S-turn under a railwaybridge. Looking for it now I found it wasreplaced by a boat launch ramp and aBBQ park. Damn. But Pub Corner is stillthere and indeed the pub is too. The pubhas become the “museum” and is filledwith nostalgia from those days. It includesa complete sports car in a glass case, thehelmet of a US driver who was killed therein 1965, a diorama of the old circuit,and of course they serve cold Tasmanianbeer. I had two beers and reveled in thememories of those days of long ago.But it is not all about the cars is it? Whatabout the food and wine and the people?If you are a “locavor” and like your foodfresh, local, tasty, and prepared by theworld’s best chefs Australia is the placeto be. Tasmania is the jewel in the foodiecrown in Australia. But my story on foodand wine for this article both come fromBrisbane.While walking about Brisbane with myfriend Tas we came across a very modernwine bar and I decided it was time for amid afternoon treat. So I bellied up to thebar and exchanged greetings ... and askedfor the deepest darkest richest red theyhad. “Oh, that would be ‘The Bruce’ “ Iwas told. “OK ... I’ll have a glass of ‘TheBruce’ please.” It was the darkest richestred I have had ... it was beautiful ... and tomy shock it was $26 for the glass. Ouch.But ... wow!October 2009There is a restaurant in Brisbane calledE’cco. I have known of it for 10 years orso but never had the chance to visit. I havetwo of their books and I have used theirrecipes. I just love their Risotto and TiraMisu recipes from their 1997 book. WhenI arranged our reservation for dinner Iasked if these dishes were available and,of course, learned they were not on thecurrent menu. When we arrived for dinnerthe maitre d’ had a gentle smile whicharoused my curiosity and once we wereseated her smile widened and she said:“Mr. Churcher, I believe you have a likingfor our Risotto and Tira Misu ... tonight wehave them on the menu.” Those Aussies... they do the wildest, most wonderfulthings. Such enthusiasm :-) You have tolove them.Aussies. A little mad perhaps. Certainly astrange sense of humor. You might recalla recent article by Tracey wherein shementioned the Speedo is an Australianinvention. I have learned most US men andwomen are “shocked” by the Speedo. Ilearned from the QANTAS magazinewhile flying down on this trip the Aussiegirls call them “Budgie Smugglers” ...this requires a moment of thought tounderstand. I also learned the Speedo hasanother name down under but I cannotwrite that in a family magazine. And whatdo Aussie girls wear at the beach? Oh, abikini ... but it makes the Brazilians lookover dressed.So I am back in the US and pleased to behere, again, and saying, again, that I livein two countries. I am a lucky man.As I conclude writing this story for ourOctober issue Ed and Nancy are writingthe story of their trip to Germany for ourNovember issue. It will be a story of cars,people, travels, wine and food. It’s not allabout the cars :-)From the top:The pub at Pub Corner on the old Longford GP course has a lot of nostalgia.The Jaguar room at The Fox Collection in Melbourne.The RSK in the Porsche room at The Fox Collection.Andrew indicates something of interest to Brian and Bev Chandler ... the car is thelatest build of the 917 replica.35 Northlander

BusinessTaxNonprofitsTrusts & WillsSTEVEN E. SCHINDLERAttorneyCertified Public Accountant (CPA)Certified Trust & Financial Advisor (CTFA)Rutland • 802-773-9100More Information: schindler-law.com36 Northlander October 2009

Clockwise from top left:Rebecca Grubb in Sydney admires our magazine.Kraftwerkz 906 replica is still a work in progress.A 1984 911 at the Noosa, Queensland, car show.Brian and Bev Chandler looking for 917 variations ... the jigsaw puzzle looks like a two year project :-)October 200937 Northlander

Make A Wish 2009 at NHMSThe photographs here by David Churcher are a sample from the 2009 event. This year’s event was a huge success with more cars,more kids, and more time on the track. A complete story will be in our November Northlander.38 Northlander October 2009

SALE***: Four stock Boxster wheels with slicks, painted gray/silver.Some small scratches in the paint from storage.No damage to structure. Asking $500 for the set. Tire sizes Rear, 255/40 ZR 17; Front, 205/50 ZR 1, BF GoodrichG-Force T/A racing slicks, maybe 30% left Brad Marshall 603-496-2038 BRADUSM3@aol.comSALE***: 1984 Porsche 928. Spectacular Factory Custom. $17,500. Pearl white metallic with all burgundy leatherinterior (seats, doors, dash, roof). Grey Carpeting. Automatic. Near Flawless condition. 1 owner. 44k miles. Servicedby Precision Imports. Never raced, carefully stored, meticulously maintained. Contact David Murray at 603-621-5111.SALE***: 1) Four Khumo Victorace V 700 tires mounted on rugged rims with good tread. Fronts= 225/50 ZR16 &Rears= 245/45 ZR16. Asking $550.00. 3).Kingdragon Neck Support. asking $ 35.00. Craftsman 5 gallon air tank $20.Call Jack Saunders @ (603) 536-4275 or email saundoj@suchmail.comSALE*: 2004 VW Passat GLS Wagon - Original owner, fully documented from new. Allservice records. 38,000 miles.Reflex Silver/Black. Tiptronic, A/C, powerwindows, door locks, heated seats and mirrors, Monsoon CD/cassette,sunroof,four new tires (Continental ContiProContact) and new rear brakes (OEM pads and rotors). Vehicle is perfect.$12,700 Michael Bernier (603) 594-8544 or mbernier44@comcast.netSALE*: 1987 924S/944 engine -- running fine when came out of the car and has 100K miles on it. Located inKennebunk, Maine. $500. Jay Gratton JEG914@AOL.COMWanted: 23mm front and 28mm rear torsion bars for an ‘85 911 Carrera. Through body front sway bar and rearsway bar (Tarret, Smart, etc.). Jay Gratton JEG914@AOL.COM or (603) 498-8576October 200939 Northlander

Edgar BroadheadNCR Tech Inspectors09/16/08New HampshireCraig WehdeSports & Vintage CarPlainfield, NH 03781603-675-2623Mark NadlerExotechPlaistow, NH 03865603-382-3599Bob TuckerPortsmouth, NH 03801603-659-0893Bob PickulClaremont, NH 03743603-543-1738pickul911@hotmail.comEdgar BroadheadNew London, NH 03257603-526-6578edgar.broadhead@ncr-pca.orgDick Horan, Rich St.Jean, Ralph AlioDon Durfee, Nelson BrooksPrecision ImportsManchester, NH 03103603-624-1113Tyson Duve121 Kendall Pond RoadWindham, NH 03087Home: 603- 434-5935rsa911@adelphia.nettysonduve@yahoo.comBlair Talbot, Ryan HuntBlair Talbot Motors89 Industrial Park Drive,Dover NH 03820603-740-9911talauto@aol.com(charges for unfamiliar cars)Abe AndersonBow, NH 03304603-228-1790abe911@comcast.netAndy Sanborn30 Gulf RoadHenniker, NH 03242603-428-8362Steve Berlack42 Church StreetFranconia, NH 03580603-823-7748sberlack@burkemtnacademy.orgPaul Magarian & Steve CochranPorsche of Nashua170 Main Dunstable RdNashua, NH 03060-3638603-595-1707(No charge if you show PCA card)Damon JoszSeries 900Sunapee, NH603-863-0090Chris Loader, William Crowl, ShaneMellenLoader Imports210 Main StreetSandown, NH 03873603-887-0911Matt Romanowski243 Elgin AveManchester, NH 03104603-674-3250Kevin BerryTrites Chevrolet/BuickWolfeboro, NHHome: 603-330-0388Cell: 603-534-8823MaineRay AyerAyer European Auto RestorationGardiner, ME 04345207-582-3618Jerry Austin222 Rockwood DriveSouth China, ME207-445-5166austin@pivot.netCorey Jacques & Richard AlbaneseSports Car Workshop, Inc.128 York St, Suite 1Kennebunk, ME 04043207-985-6661sportscar@gwi.netMichael GrishmanAutosportnortheast,Berwick, ME 03901207-698-1000MassachusettsPeter Faill296 Boston RoadGroton, MA978-448-8496peter.faill@ncr-pca.orgAl WardChatham, MA508-945-5517Mark Schnoerr11 Cliff RdBellingham, MA 02109508-966-3236mark.schnoerr@gyrusacmi.com40 Northlander October 2009

VermontBill SmithAuto UnionNorthfield RoadMontpelier, VT 05602802-223-2401(Charges by the hour)Rick CabellEurotech615 Airport ParkwayS. Burlington, VT 05403802-660-1900eurotech@together.net(Charges by the hour)Paul JacquesRennline Inc1 Tigan StWinooski, VT 05404802-655-5311Fax 802-655-6283sales@rennline.comSisco LellosGreen Mountain Performance Co.17 US Rt. 4East Mendon, VT802-775 –3433sisco@greenmountainperformance.comRhode IslandChris Darminio101 Mailcoach RoadPortsmouth RI 02871401-846-9337christopher_m_darminio@raytheon.comNew YorkRick KolkaContinental Automotive RepairService75 S Pascack RoadNanuet, NY 10954845-356-2277October 200941 Northlander

A NOTE FROM THE EDITORSOur thanks to you for understandingour delay with the October issue. Wereally appreciate the enthusiasm of ourreaders who wait with delight for theirissue to arrive.This last month one of us was away soour staff was at 50% and that meansthe remaining member had twice asmuch to do :-)42 Northlander October 2009

October 200943 Northlander

Black River Design, Architects73 Main StreetMontpelier, VT 05602Phone: (802) 223-204444 Northlander October 2009

October 200945 Northlander

NORTHLANDERVolume 32 Number 10 October 2009Lisa Roche35 Chapman PlaceLeominster MA 01453Change Service RequestedPRSRT STDU.S. PostagePAIDPortsmouthNHPermit #60NCR - PCA BANQUET 2009 WILL BE SATURDAY NOVEMBER 14, 2009BLOW YOUR MONEYON CARSNOT INSURANCELet’s face it, the less you spend on insurance, the more you’ll have to spendon the car of your dreams. So call Hagerty. Because all we cover arecollector car owners – the safest drivers on earth – our rates areridiculously low. So blow your dough on something fun for a change.Michael A. Bernier, AgentThe Michael A. Bernier Agency, Inc.400 Amherst Street | Nashua, NH 03063-1241603-889-5800 | Fax: 603-886-5184 | mbernier@allstate.com48 Northlander October 2009

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