Download - Smart Grid R&D Workshop

Download - Smart Grid R&D Workshop

Henrik DamDG Research & InnovationSET plan Goals andEU tools for theirimplementationEERA Smart Grids R&D workshopMilan, IT, 26-27/6/12Research andInnovation

OutlinePolicy driversAvailable instrumentsH2020 in perspectiveLast call in FP7, WP 2013Research andInnovation

Electricity grids: Policy driversEnergy – Climate objectives 2020 20% renewable energy, up to 35% renewable electricity:large hydro, wind; small PV, wind, hydro, biomass, etc. 20% efficiency improvement. For electricity: efficiency of generation,connection and use of electricity. CHP, reduced grid losses, smartconsumption, electricy vehicles, smart cities, etc. 20% CO 2 reductionSecurity of supply Reduce energy dependency, develop both concentrated and distributedgeneration Increase grid robustnessCompetitiveness Completion of a European market for electricity Enable new services, new market opportunitiesResearch andInnovation

Smart Grids: an agreed solutionA Smart Grid is an electricity network that can cost efficiently integrate thebehaviour and actions of all users connected to it - generators, consumersand those that do both – in order to ensure efficient, sustainable powersystem with low losses and high levels of quality and security of supply andsafety.Seamless integrationof new applicationsCentral &dispersedsourcesEnd user real timeInformation &participationCentral & distributedintelligenceSmartmaterialsand powerelectronicsMulti-directional‘flows’Research andInnovation

EU actions for development &deployment of smart gridsTechnology push Projects in R&D Framework programmes. Total support ±400M€ European Technology Platform (New R&D Agenda 2035) SET Plan European Electricity Grids Initiative – EEGI 6/2010 European Energy Research Alliance – Smart Grids JP 6/2010Market pull Market regulation: 3 rd Internal Energy Market Package 8/2009 Communication on Smart Grids 4/2011 Revision of Energy Services Directive (proposal 6/2011) European Infrastructure package (proposal 10/2011) Connecting Europe Facility (proposal 10/2011) Recommendation on Smart Meters & Smart Grids 3/2012International cooperation International Smart Grids Action Network - ISGANResearch andInnovation

Strategic Energy Technologies PlanEnergy – Climate objectives require new technology answers Accelerate development and deployment of low-carbon technologies Joint initiatives European Commission – EU Member StatesEuropean Industrial Initiatives: public-private partnerships Electricity grids, Wind, Solar, Carbon capture and storage,Bio-energy, Nuclear, Smart cities, Hydrogen & fuel cellsEuropean Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Electricity grids, Wind, Solar- PV & CSP, Carbon captureand storage, Biofuels, Marine energy, Geothermal, Materials for nuclearSETIS: SET Plan Information SystemResearch andInnovation

Smart Grids Research & InnovationagendasSET Plan European Electricity Grids Initiative (EEGI) First priority is the 2020 perspective – system integration Networks are in the lead – they need to implement the solutionsSET Plan European energy Research Alliance (EERA) Joint Programme smart grids: preparing the EEGI after 2020Strategic Agenda 2035 (Smartgrids platform): Network-oriented research – medium and longer term Technology research – network, storage Customer service researchResearch andInnovation

Available instruments, RTD & DCommon EU Roadmap andImplementation PlanPublic fundingpartnersProject typologyInstrumentsEC High EU added value FP, CIP-IEE, H2020EC and MSMS and MSMSEIBLarge projects, EUadded value, sharedinterestsLocalised sharedinterestsSupporting domesticindustryLarge projectsFP (ERA-NET+),coordinated calls, Art185, H2020NER300, ad-hocarrangements, EERAetcnational programmes,NER300,structural fundsEIB loans, RSFF,guarantees, equityCommon EU reporting, monitoringand assessment – KPIsResearch andInnovation

Possible public intervention (1)EC Public funding partner: EC Project Typology: High EU added value Instruments: Framework Programme (FP) Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme /Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (CIP-IEE) Future: Horizon 2020Research andInnovation

Possible public intervention (2)ECEC & MS Public funding partner: EC & MS together Project Typology: EU added value, large projects, shared interests Instruments: Framework Programme (e.g. ERA-NETs, third party financing) Joint or co-ordinated calls, Joint Programming Future: Horizon 2020Research andInnovation

Possible public intervention (3)ECEC & MSMSMSMS Public funding partner: Member states alone Project Typology: supporting domestic industry Instruments: National programmes NER 300 Structural fundsResearch andInnovation

Possible public intervention (4)ECEC & MSMSMSMS+MSMS Public funding partner: Several MS together Project Typology: localised shared interests Instruments: Ad-hoc arrangements NER 300 (trans boundary projects) Joint or co-ordinated calls, possibly joint programming EERA (research institutes)Research andInnovation

Possible public intervention (5)ECEC & MSMSMSMS+MSEIBMS Public funding partner: EIB + Connecting Europe Facility? Project Typology: Large projects Instruments: Loans, guarantees, equity, Risk sharing financin FacilityPossibly in combination with any of the stakeholdersResearch andInnovation

Building blocks for Grids in Horizon 2020:EEGIEuropean Electricty Grid InitiativeIndustry ledLarge scale demonstration andsystem integration of maturetechnologies2020 perspectiveEERA – JP Smart GridsEuropean Energy Research Alliance – Joint ProgrammeResearch community ledExcellence in research leading tonew technologies development2020+ perspectiveIEEIntelligent Energy EuropeClean and sustainable solutions disseminationKIC InnoEnergyKnowledge and Innovation CommunityEducation, research and industry ledResearch andTomorrow’s generation Innovation of engineers

Building blocks for Grids in Horizon 2020:EEGIEuropean Electricty Grid InitiativeIndustry ledLarge scale demonstration andsystem integration of maturetechnologies2020 perspectiveEERA – JP Smart GridsEuropean Energy Research Alliance – Joint ProgrammeResearch community ledExcellence in research leading tonew technologies development2020+ perspectiveETP Smart GridsEuropean Technology PlatformIndustry ledStructuring technology researchand developmentSRA 2035 perspectiveResearch andInnovation

FP7 WP 2013, Strategic context• Support to political initiatives (EU Energy andClimate Policy, EU Research and InnovationPolicy)• Support to implementation of the StrategicEnergy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)• Bridge to Horizon 2020 / completion of FP7portfolioResearch andInnovation

FP 7, WP 2013 Integration ofresearch programmes• Bridge to Horizon 2020 – emphasis on partnerships, jointactivities, real critical mass• Support to existing Integrated Research Programmes covering asignificant proportion of European research in a given area• Support aimed at delivering concrete results in four years, whilstbeing part of a longer-term plan• Types of activities: Integrating activities, Exchange of researchers,Development of joint research facilities with EU dimension, Jointresearch activities, Transfer of knowledge, International cooperation• Funding scheme: CP-CSA• Open to all Research Performers = research centres, universities,industry, …• EU contribution: up to 10 M€ per programme (for clearly definedpriorities in the IRP), funded at normal FP7 ratesResearch andInnovation

Henrik.DAM@ec.europa.euThank you documents: staff: (DG RTD/K, DGENER/C)Brussels Information Day on 2013 Energy calls (live-stream): andInnovation

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