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Birmingham Presentation Bouris.pdf - University of Birmingham

Birmingham Presentation Bouris.pdf - University of Birmingham


Assessment of the EU’s Initiatives in JSRand the rule of law in the OPTs‣ Generation of Legitimacy‣ In general cohesion and consensus internally as far as the content of thedifferent initiatives has been achieved.‣ Ability to mobilize other players. In the case of Seyada it was notnecessary. EUPOL COPPS has demonstrated this ability.‣ Broader legitimacy on the ground also achieved although in some casesEU officials were not able to get permits for Palestinian judicial experts togo from Ramallah to Jerusalem to attend EU meetings on rule of lawissues. As the Americans and even the Canadians are able to get suchpermits for similar activities, this is a sign of the weakness of the EU,(quoted in Anders 2012).‣ Local ownership although achieved in a satisfactory level a few problemsregarding Seyada I have been observed.

Assessment of the EU’s Initiatives in JSRand the rule of law in the OPTs (Continued)‣ Internal Coherence‣ Clear objectives among EU players have been achieved.‣ Consensus on the ‘final product’ among donors also achieved.‣ Co-ordination among donors relatively strong given the realities on theground.‣ Regulation of violence / Ability of Enforcement‣ Israeli Occupation the main obstacle with regard to ‘enforcement’.‣ Problems with regard to the broader rule of law (Fayyad’s and Abbas’sterms have expired). Thus, the rule of law cannot be established in theabsence of a functioning parliament and judicial system.

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