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Two seater in a new dimension - Schempp-Hirth

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Two seater in a new dimension

independet - powerful - reliable

Arcus M

A two seat self launcher of the latest generation. This

completely new concept sailplane with a newly design-

ed fuel injection motor is our star in the 20 m class.

The intensive development of this innovative and

modern sailplane was planned from the beginning

to be capable of self launching. While soaring, the

added weight of the motor is hardly noticeable by

the pilot thanks to the new concept and modern flap

airfoil. The higher load due to the heavier high performance

70 hp engine should not be compensated

for by a larger wing area.

Through new technical expertise in designing the flap

airfoil and with the help of Dr. W. Würz (Uni Stutt-

gart) we were able to design a high lift airfoil. Therefore

it was possible to have a relatively small wing area

with high aspect ratio and high lift. The results of this

consistent design approach were definitely worth

Technical Data

Arcus M empty weight. 530 kg/1168 lb Arcus M wing loading. 38,5 - 51,3 kg/m 2 / 7,9 - 10,5 lb/ft 2

Engine Solo 2625-02i Propeller Technoflug

Cylinder capacity 625 ccm Tank capacity 19 Liter

the extra effort. The Arcus M proves very strong

performance and very versatile and harmonic flight

characteristics. The phenomenally short take-off role

and the impressive climb rate when self launching is

more than convincing. The triple panel spoilers make

very short and exact landings possible. The steerable

tail wheel makes takeoff and landing roll maneuvering


Operating the engine is made extremely simple

through the new automatic concept.

To start the engine, one needs to switch the ignition

‘ON’, and after the pylon is fully extended

push the start button. The start behavior of the

engine is always optimal because the microprocessor

adjusts to the particular conditions. After

turning off the ignition, the propeller is stopped automatically

and in the exactly proper position by the

ILEC-control unit and the brake arm. The pro

peller is held in position and the pylon is retracted.

Rated power 52 kW/70hp Range (680 kg) ca. 350 km / 189 nm

Description of the flight engine 2625-02i

General description:

The carburetor and the ignition coils are replaced

by an electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition

system in the 2625-02i model engine. The former

ignition coils are replaced by a generator, which

supplies enough energy for the fuel injection and

ignition. A control device regulates the fuel flow and

the ignition timing depending on the RPM, throttle

position, engine temperature, air pressure and air

temperature. This allows the motor to perform optimally

in all conditions.

Redundancy system

In order to provide the highest safety against an

engine failure, a system was designed so that in

the event of an engine problem the controls can be

manually switched to the redundant system. The

system is made up of a simple electronic unit where

the engine characteristics are saved. Using this

characteristic (fuel flow depending on RPM), the 2

additional injectors are controlled. The fuel is fed

through 2 fuel lines leading to the intake manifold.

The rotation frequency and the constant ignition

timing are measured by an additional RPM meter.

The electronic unit has 2 ignition drivers which control

both ignition coils that are also used in the normal

engine mode. This system has no altitude or

temperature adjustments. The operation limitations

remain unchanged with this redundant system.

Fuel and Mass

Approved fuels and oils are:

Fuel:Unleaded super gasoline, AVGAS100 LL

Oil: Castrol ACT>EVO, Castrol Super Two Stroke

and (other oils specified JASO FC or FD)

The mass of the engine not including muffler system

(manufacture specified) is 23,85 kg


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