TactiCall Critical Infrastructure brochure - Saab


TactiCall Critical Infrastructure brochure - Saab

TactiCall – criticalinfrastructure

TACTICALL – CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURETactiCall for critical infrastructure is aunique communication system used tosupport security, overview and surveillancein airports, powerplants, prisons, plants,pipelines and offshore platforms.The system includes a unique Operator ControlPanel, which is a powerful software console forcommunication, dispatch and C2 operations.The Operator Control Panel can be configuredto meet the different needs and roles required.TactiCall is component based and customisedfor UHF, VHF, TETRA, MF and HFcommunication. The solution is scalableand can be integrated with other systemsand equipment. It provides the operatorwith a tactical overview, which is vital inemergency situations where multicasting forgroups as well as communication with moreparties is required.TactiCall is a further development of thewell-proven VCS 2000 platform that has beenin operation with the Royal Danish Air Forceand the Royal Danish Navy for many years.TactiCall is built using commercially availablecomponents and customisable software. Thesame core components are used in solutionsfor ATC, offshore communication and C2systems which are the backbone of our criticalmilitary communication systems.Extension and integrationTactiCall is designed to be easily extendableand integrates well into existing VTS/AISinfrastructure.TactiCall fits seamlessly into most existingsystems and minimises the possibility of errors.One of a kindTactiCall’s unique capacity to integrateremote control enables the use of radios,DSC and CCTV as well as most types ofcustomised equipment directly from theOperator Control Panel.Touch screen Operator Control Panel.Remote control additionAs TactiCall interfaces with existingequipment, remote operations of a plant isno longer a vision, but a reality. TactiCallwill remotely operate any system that it isconnected to.

TACTICALL – CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTUREA flexible and scalable solutionBuilt on VoIP technology, TactiCall integratesinto both existing networking infrastructureand new cost-effective IP networks, reducingtotal cost of ownership. The flexibility of IPnetworking allows plug and play addition,moving or changing of operator positionsand radio interfaces with no need fordedicated expensive leased lines.User, role and operator positionmanagementUser and role profile configurationenables the operator to define the duties,responsibilities and privileges of a particularrole within the system.Each user may customise the professionallydesigned user interface of the touch ordesktop client to suit his or her preference.Limited range wireless positions allowoperators to move around while remaining infull control.Multiple levels of recordingTactiCall features built-in legal recordingand operator controlled instant recording.This allows for flexibility from fast replayof last sentence/conversation to black boxdocumentation, while being well integratedinto the customised user interface.Telephony and intercomIntegrated telephony, radio-phone dispatchand intercom functionality reduces the needfor external equipment. This reduces the costand adds flexibility to the operator position.Custom defined fast dials, flash calls,conferences and hold queues are part of thecustomised user interface.Unified user interfaceBy deploying TactiCall, the user has uniformoperation of all voice communicationsystems. This means that transmittingequipment and various operator panels canbe removed from the control room. Thiscreates an ergonomic and adaptable workingenvironment for the operator.features:• GMDSS compliant• DSC integration, full remote control ofDSC radios• Public address/announcements• Radio – PSTN and phone patch functionality• Full PSTN integration and IP telephonyintercom/hotline functionality• Easy integration into existing VTS/AISsystems• Integration with digital systems suchas TETRA• Remote control of radios, CCTV andcustomised equipment• Optional redundant configuration eliminatessingle point of failure• VoIP based technology provides costefficiency and highly scaleable architecture• Integrated legal and instant recording at noextra cost• User and role management allows operationat any position with your usual interfaceand privileges.

Network OverviewTactiCallsiteTactiCallsiteTactiCallsiteDoc id: 450533 – Eng – Ver 1 – May 2009TactiCall siteManagementserverMedia serverPSTNTelephonyChannelChannelChannelCisco routerSaabIP gatewayExternalequipment(Radio, PA)Externalequipment(Radio, PA)Specifications subject to change without noticewww.saabgroup.comSaab Danmark A/SAlsion 2DK - 6400 SonderborgDenmarkTel +45 3638 3000

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