Course Brochure - Hong Kong Management Association

Course Brochure - Hong Kong Management Association

AAdvanced Diploma inManagement Studies

YOUR ADVANCEMENT PATHADMS graduates are eligible to apply for admission to the following Bachelor’s and Master’s degreeprogrammes offered by various prestigious overseas universities in association with the HKMA. Thosewho are admitted to top-up Bachelor’s programme may be granted exemption from 1 or 2 years ofstudy of the programme:Admission is on a competitive and individual basis entirely at the discretion of the respective universities.Admission criteria and procedures are set by them and are subject to change without prior notice.The Association does not give any warranty and will not accept any liability regarding the above.It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which these courses may lead.

TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction of Lingnan UniversityIntroduction of HKMAIntroduction of ADMS ProgrammeProgramme StructureGeneral InformationCourse Management and Communication MechanismCourse StrengthsSyllabusHKMA Alumni AssociationOur Participants Work forWhat Our Graduates SayWhat Business Employers Say

LINGNAN UNIVERSITYLingnan University in Hong Kong, formerly Lingnan College, was establishedin Hong Kong in 1967 to continue the fine tradition of Lingnan University inGuangzhou (Canton), which was founded in 1888. With the enactment of theLingnan University Ordinance in July 1999, Lingnan has been retitled LingnanUniversity.The current range of undergraduate programmes at Lingnan Universitycomprises courses for Honours Degrees in Chinese, Translation, CulturalStudies, Contemporary English Studies, Business Administration and SocialSciences. At graduate level, Lingnan University offers MPhill and PhD in all itscourses. Business programmes offered include the BBA (Hons) Programmewith six specialised areas: Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management,Information Systems, Marketing, and Risk & Insurance Management. In addition,the University offers Master of Technology Management (a joint programme withUniversity of Queensland), Doctor of Business Administration (a joint programmewith Curtin University of Technology), plus an Executive MBA Programme.Lingnan University aspires to develop as a liberal arts institution of internationalstanding with Hong Kong characteristics which will encompass the best ofeastern and western cultures.1

INTRODUCTION OF ADMS PROGRAMMEINTRODUCTIONA FAST TRACK TO AUNIVERSITY DEGREEBENEFITSSince 1998, the programme (formerly Diploma in Management Studies) hasbeen co-organized by The Hong Kong Management Association and LingnanUniversity. In the collaboration, Lingnan University is responsible for validatingand monitoring academic standards while HKMA provides management andadministrative support.The ADMS provides a direct articulation path to facilitate further studiesat Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. The ADMS is recognized by a number ofprestigious UK and Australian Universities as equivalent to their first year, or thefirst and the second year of undergraduate study. Graduates are eligible to applyfor a number of top-up Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes offered by the HKMA.A Widely-Recognized Programme - The first ADMS for Hong Kong executiveshas been run since 1975. It is widely recognized by the business communityand leads to professional recognition and higher qualifications.Basis for Advanced Studies - The ADMS provides formal business managementeducation with thorough grounding in the academic disciplines to preparegraduates for further studies and advancing of qualifications.Career Enhancement - The ADMS provides participants with all-roundmanagement skills and knowledge that are highly relevant to a career inbusiness, and thus enabling them to earnestly commence the developmentalprocess of becoming more effective, thoughtful and responsible managers.Strong Networking - The ADMS has developed more than 17,000 professionalmanagers. It provides participants with an exceptional opportunity fornetworking and sharing of the best practices in management.3

DISTRIBUTION OF PARTICIPANTSBY AGE GROUPS21-25 18.5%26-30 29.6%31-35 22.3%36-40 14.3%41-45 8.6%Over 45 6.7%DISTRIBUTION OF PARTICIPANTSBY INDUSTRIESBusiness Services 6.8%Manufacturing & Industrial 15.6%Financing, Banking Insurance 18.2%and Real EstateProfessional Services Catering 12%Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs 4.3%and Catering ServicesServices - Civil and Social 7.9%Transportation and 12.1%CommunicationWholesale, Retail and 23.1%Import / Export Trade4

PROGRAMME STRUCTUREPROGRAMME STRUCTUREPart IComprises 8 Basic ModulesIntroduction to ManagementThe Economic EnvironmentAccounting for Managers 1Operations ManagementOrganizational BehaviourBusiness LawMarketing 2Information TechnologyPart IIComprises 6 Optional ModulesStudents must select any 2 out of the 6 modulesHuman Resources ManagementChange & Quality ManagementFinancial ManagementBusiness CommunicationManagement Accounting*Advertising and IntegratedMarketing CommunicationsPart IIIComprises 2 ModulesBusiness StrategyManagement Project12Prerequisite for Financial Management and Management AccountingPrerequisite for Advertising and Integrated Marketing CommunicationsAll parts of the programme must be completed in sequence. Award of theDiploma requires satisfactory completion of all 8 Part I modules, 2 Part II optionalmodules and 2 Part III modules within a maximum time span of 4 years.* "Management Accounting" will NOT be offered starting from Spring Term 2016.Continuing EducationFund(CEF)The Programme can be completed in a minimum period of 12 months (3 terms).The full ADMS programme is included in the list of reimbursable course underCEF. Applications for the CEF should be submitted directly to the office of the CEFbefore the commencement of the programme.CEF Institution Code: 300CEF Course Title: Advanced Diploma in Management StudiesCourse Code: 21L04635-6For application details, please go to: download application form, please go to:

GENERAL INFORMATIONLECTURERSThe Hong Kong Management Association and Lingnan University jointlyprovide professional teaching staff. Professionals and businessmen are invitedto lead some modules in order to enable their views and experience to benefitparticipants.TIMETABLEEach academic year consists of 3 terms. Normally, the timetable is set as below:#Term Commencement Final ExaminationSpring March June / July* Summer July OctoberAutumn October February / MarchNew participants are required to enrol for no more than 4 modules for their firstenrolment.For the Spring and Autumn Terms, each module consists of 15 sessions of 2 hours.*For the Summer Term, each module consists of 10 sessions of 3 hours. The wholeprogramme constitutes 360 hours of diploma-level work.No classes is to be held on public holidays. Make-up sessions will normally bescheduled for Tuesdays or Sundays.# Starting from 2015 Autumn Term, all term will consist of 10 sessions of 3 hours(7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)SATISFACTORY COMPLETIONOF A MODULEAttendance Requirement – A minimum of 70% attendance is required forsatisfactory completion of a module. Failure to do so will disqualify theparticipant from sitting for the final written examination.Continuous Assessment and Final Examination – Participants must satisfactorilypass the continuous assessment and the final examination at the conclusion ofthe module concerned.COMPLETION OF THEADMS PROGRAMMECompletion of the ADMS Programme requires satisfactory completion of all 8 PartI Basic Modules, 2 Part II Optional Modules, plus 2 Part III Compulsory Moduleswithin a maximum span of 4 years after initial registration.A Diploma will be awarded jointly by Lingnan University and The Hong KongManagement Association upon satisfactory completion of the ADMS Programme.The whole ADMS Programme can be completed in a minimum period of 12months (3 terms).7

GENERAL INFORMATIONAWARD OF DIPLOMAA candidate who has satisfied all the requirements as listed in the sectionson “Completion of the ADMS Programme” and “Admission” will be awardedthe Joint Advanced Diploma in Management Studies of The Hong KongManagement Association and Lingnan University.ADMISSION1. HKCEE/Project Yi Jin Certificate graduate with at least 3 years of workingexperience; or2. HKDSE/Yi Jin Diploma graduate with at least 2 years of working experience; or3. HKAL with at least 1 year of working experience; or4. Other equivalent qualification to be assessed by HKMA and LIFEFEEPlease refer to the application form for details.EXEMPTIONGraduates of Advanced Diploma or Professional Diplomas offered by The HongKong Management Association may apply for exemptions.For details, (and application form downloading) please visit the MODULESParticipants who wish to broaden their theoretical base further may be allowedto take additional Part II module(s) as endorsement module(s).The grade obtained for endorsement module(s) will not be counted towardsthe final GPA but will be shown on transcripts.PROGRAMME CONTENTWith the latest social and commercial elements added, the current curriculumreflects the knowledge and skills profile of an effective manager in the 21 stcentury. An attempt has been made to facilitate an appropriate balancebetween theory and practice.MODE OF STUDYADMS is a face-to-face, part-time programme built on a modular system.Participants can customize their study plans through their choices of thenumber of modules, timetables and venues. This flexible modular systemenables participants to pursue a higher qualification with minimum disruptionto their careers and family commitments.8

COURSE MANAGEMENT ANDCOMMUNICATION MECHANISMJoint CourseLeadersExaminationBoardSubjectLeadersADMSSecretariatAdvisoryCommitteeExternalExaminerCourseCommitteeManagement UnitJoint Course LeadersCourse CommitteeAdvisory CommitteeSubject LeadersExamination BoardExternal ExaminerRole & Dutiesprovide academic and organizational leadershipformulate and reviews policyact as an interface between industry/commerceand the Programmemonitor academic standardsdeal with issues concerning examinationsreview result reports and appeal cases9

COURSE STRENGTHSWell Establishedfor 38 YearsStrong Employers'RecognitionRelativelyShort DurationOver 17,000GraduatesPractical ContentComprehensiveAdvancement PathFlexible LearningSchedule10

SYLLABUSPART 1Introduction to Management provides an overview of current schools ofmanagement thought as a means of formulating a concept of the nature andpurpose of management. It reviews the basic knowledge of the functionalnature of departments, and the relationships between people, departments andorganizations.The Economic Environment presents a comprehensive survey of economicconcepts and the economic environment within which business firms operate.Micro and macro economic concepts and applications will be covered, enablingstudents to obtain a broad understanding of the subject.Accounting for Managers introduces the concepts, principles and practiceof financial accounting. Theories and applications of bookkeeping, businessentities and accounting requirements, financial statements, as well as budgetsand budgetary control are covered. (Prerequisite for Financial Management andManagement Accounting)Operations Management examines the knowledge and understanding of thedecision-making processes in Production and Operations Management. It alsodevelops students’ understanding of how to plan at both broad and detailedlevels and introduces them to related techniques and models.Organizational Behaviour analyses the major determinants of behaviourwithin Hong Kong organizations, thereby improving students’ ability topredict more accurately and control behavioural outcomes. Topics includeindividual differences, motivation, group dynamics, leadership, communication,organizational culture and the management of change.Business Law equips students with the basic knowledge of Hong Kong law as aframework for commercial and management decisions and thus enables them toidentify the legal components involved in such decisions.Marketing explores the basic marketing concepts and the role of marketing.Subjects include identification of marketing opportunities, setting of marketingobjectives, formulation of the marketing strategy, development of marketingplans and the marketing management process. (Prerequisite for MarketingManagement)Information Technology introduces students to the business application of IT,or e-business. This module covers the fundamentals of IT including computerhardware, software, networks and databases, as well as the strategic use ofe-business. The goal is to familiarise students with the role of IT and informationsystems(IS) in business and management and to enable them to communicateeffectively with IT professionals.12

SYLLABUSPART IIHuman Resources Management familiarizes students with the major conceptsand practical skills of human resource management with an emphasis on theirapplications in the Hong Kong context. The students will be made aware of thelinkage between human resource management and other areas of managementwhich requires the human resource manager to have an overall view of theorganizations.Change and Quality Management focuses on the processes associated with changeand organization development. Topics covered include: models of organizationaldevelopment process, planned change and organizational renewal; the role of qualitymanagement, overcoming resistance to change; process consultation; interventionstrategies; employee empowerment; and evaluating the effects of change.Financial Management is an introduction to finance. A basic knowledge of financeis very important in making sound commercial as well as personal economicdecisions, and thus this course is designed to fill this need. Important topics likeefficient market theory, use of financial statements, time-value of money, risk andreturn, valuation of shares and bonds, capital budgeting, and long-term liabilitymanagement will be covered.Business Communication provides students with the necessary written and oralskills to communicate effectively for various purposes in business and academicsettings. It also underpins all other modules and is of particular relevance to thefinal stage project.Management Accounting introduces the fundamental knowledge and techniquesof management accounting. The topics include: (1) Managerial accounting and thenew business environment; (2) The foundation of managerial accounting; (3) Toolsfor planning and control; and (4) Using cost data in making decisions.Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications provides acomprehensive overview of advertising and promotion from and an integratedmarketing communications (IMC) perspective. A primary goal of the course is toshift the perceptual focus of students from an audience to a creator of advertisingpromotion strategies for businesses.PART IIIBusiness Strategy concentrates on the understanding of the concepts andpractices of strategic planning and control of business units from the perspective offunctional management. It provides an introduction to such aspects of integratingfunctional planning and control within organizational strategy and structure.Management Project allows students to demonstrate the ability to apply theirknowledge and skills to a real management situation, usually within their ownorganization. Under the guidance of a supervisor, students are required tocomplete a project leading to recommendation(s) for action or presenting a systemor method which they would wish to see implemented.13Course contents of all modules may be changed without prior notice.

HKMA ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONAIMSTo develop a stronger network among the Association’s graduates, the HKMAalumni Association was set up in 2012. The major objectives of the Alumniassociation are to reinforce ties between the HKMA and our graduates as well aspromote fellowship and facilitate networking among alumni.• To reinforce ties between the HKMA and its graduates and promote fellowshipamong them.• To promote the goodwill of the Association and the alma mater.• To facilitate experience sharing and networking among alumni.• To promote the concept of lifelong learning.14

OUR PARTICIPANTS WORK FOR ...ORGANIZATION NAMEAgeas Insurance Company (Asia) LimitedAmerican Int’l Assurance Co (Bermuda) LtdBank of China (Hong Kong) LtdBank of East Asia, Limited, TheCanon Hong Kong Co LtdCathay Pacific Airways LtdChina Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation LimitedCLP Power Hong Kong LtdCSL LimitedDBS Bank (Hong Kong) LimitedDHL Global Forwarding (HK) LtdDKSH Hong Kong LtdFederal Express (Hong Kong) LimitedFedex ExpressFire Services Dept (HKSAR)H&MHang Seng Bank LtdHong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd, TheHong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co LtdHongKong Airlines LtdHong Kong Jockey Club, TheHong Kong Police Force (HKSAR)Hospital AuthorityInterContinental Hong KongJardina OneSolution (HK) LtdKuoni Travel (China) LtdLane Crawford (HK) LtdMTR Corporation LimitedNanyang Commercial Bank LtdNokia (HK) LtdPCCW LtdPolo Ralph Lauren Sourcing Co LtdProdential Assurance Co LtdSecurities & Futures CommissionShanghai Commercial Bank LtdSharp-Roxy (Hong Kong) LtdStandard Chartered Bank (HK) LtdWingHang Bank Ltd16

WHAT OUR GRADUATES SAY ...Mr Chiu Kai Pong, JohnMarketing ManagerPennant (HK) LtdThrough the study of ADMS, I have developed understanding of how anorganization operates. It enables me to establish systematic, thorough andprofessional market plans required in my job.Mr Chan DavidArea ManagerWilson Parking (Holdings) LimitedADMS provides a variety of modules which covered necessary principles,tools and skills of business management. It is useful to my careerdevelopment and I am able to equip myself for being a professionalexecutive.Ms Wat Sau Fong, SylviaSales Administration SupervisoriVision Technology (HK) LtdAs fellow classmates are from diverse industries, ADMS not only provides apowerful and invaluable learning experience but also enables us to build abroad and strong business network.Ms Leung Suk TingAccounts Payable Manager ASPThe Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation LtdI am most grateful that ADMS is designed in a flexible mode, so that Icould manage my study in accordance with my work patterns and achievehigher study goal. Joining ADMS is undoubtedly a wise decision.17

WHAT BUSINESS EMPLOYERS SAY ...Mr S K CheongGeneral Manager - BroadcastingTelevision Broadcasts LtdADMS has contributed greatly to the training of management professionalsfor society. Besides providing fundamental training in managementstudies, ADMS paves the way for advanced education for participants,accommodating the social needs for continuous education.Dr Dennis Sun BBS JPChairman and Managing DirectorFuji Photo Products Co LtdTo keep the course contents well abreast with the current businesssituation, ADMS widely invites management personnel from various leadingcompanies to meet regularly for the review of the programme’s curriculum.Mr Michael Tien BBS JPChairmanThe G2000 GroupADMS provides a valuable opportunity for participants to gain an insightinto the management and operating styles of other organizations throughdiscussions with fellow students and lecturers. It also enables participantsto build a broad network of executives from diverse industries.18

ADMS SecretariatAddress: 16/F, Tower B, Southmark, 11 Yip Hing Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong KongEmail: Enquiries on programme details, please contactTremanda Tse on 2774 8584Esther Mok on 2774 8505

1. (MBA) Reg:210455(/18)2. - () Reg:210668 - Master of Engineering Management Reg:210240 ()(215)3. Macquarie Graduate School ofManagement, Australia (MBA) Reg:210545via Postgraduate Diploma Reg:211318(2.5)1. University of GreenwichBA(Hons) Business Studies Reg:252020- Business Studies/ Events Management / Finance/ Human Resource Management/Logistics/ Marketing / Public Relations / Tourism(8)2. University of HuddersfieldBA(Hons)- Human Resource Management / Marketing Management / Global Business &Logistics Management/ International Business Reg:251921, 251923, 251920, 251922(1)3. BA(Hons)- Business Management / Business Marketing / Business AccountingReg:251451, 251450, 251452(/2) (ADBM)Website: 2774 8506 (Ms Carol Chan) / 2774 8538 (Ms Grace Mo) Fax No.: 2365 1000Address: 16/F Tower B Southmark, 11 Yip Hing Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Mr/Ms:_________________________________HKID Card No.: ________________________________________________Position: _______________________________Co.Tel: _______________________________________________________Company: ______________________________Fax No.(office): ________________________________________________Company Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________E-mail: _________________________________________________ADMS-2014-3August 2014

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