'realistic' understanding of PDF production workflows


'realistic' understanding of PDF production workflows

A 'realistic'understanding of PDFproduction workflowsDidier HaazenChair Compliancy Testing Subcomittee

A compliant workflow?• It may seem unrealistically• But we’ve seen situations that camepretty close…

Key componentsfor a good PDF workflow

Key components• What needs to be in place• What are the areas where thingsmostly go wrong, and that could havebeen avoided would they have beenaddressed upfront

Key components• Tools• Settings• Awareness• Guts

Tools• Microsoft Word ≠ Adobe InDesign

Tools• Microsoft Word ≠ Adobe InDesignwww.pacificrenaissance.ca

Tools• And Mac OSX Preview ≠ Adobe Reader

ComparisonMac OSX Preview (5.0.3)Adobe Acrobat X (10.1.4)

ComparisonMac OSX Preview (5.0.3)Adobe Acrobat X (10.1.4)

ComparisonMac OSX Preview (5.0.3)Adobe Acrobat X (10.1.4)

ComparisonMac OSX Preview (5.0.3)Adobe Acrobat X (10.1.4)

Tools• And please… Be careful with contentapproval on mobile devices

Tools• All workflow components must becompatibleOriginal PDFPDF after imposition

Tools• The effect of missing an importantsoftware update?

Settings• ‘High Quality Print’ is not the same as‘PDF/X-1a’ or ‘PDF/X-4’

PDF/X-4 presets

High Quality Print presets

Settings• Please consider aspects like ‘overprintpreview’, ‘Default TransparencyBlending Color Space’ etc.Acrobat 11 Page Display preferences

Overprint Preview ONOverprint Preview OFF

Settings• Will these colors print well on e.g.a Newspaper printing press?

Awareness• Can you visually see the eight majorproblems in this PDF?

Guts• New technology (often) means newopportunities− Competitive advantage− Faster turnaround, higher Q.• But also possible threaths− Do all the new features really work (e.g. livetransparency, PDF layers)− Do they tie in seamlessly with othercomponents of my flow?

Where to begin…

Where to begin…• GWG joboptions and preflight profiles− A set of settings files for many applicationsto properly create and preflight PDF-files− Tested with more than 200 differentcompliancy test files− Provided with documentation on how toinstall and use them− Completely free and downloadable from theGWG website

Where to begin…• Sc

Where to begin…• Ghent Output Suite− Free test suite from GWG− Based on current standards and technology(PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-4)* In the making− Separated in individual categories, importantareas to check• Those areas that often cause problems in live situations

Where to begin…• Ghent Output Suite− Created by real people, with real software andrepresenting real situations• Not hand crafted laboratory conditions− Not only for testing RIP’s, but also page layout,imposition, cooking (?), etc.

Example LFP print (1)

Example LFP print (2)

Example tablet result

Important?• The moment you think “This will neverhappen to us…”GWG GOS v3 patch

Ghent Output Suite v4• Shall contain new challenging patches− Live Transparency− Optional Content (groups)− JPEG2000 patches− 16 bits image support− OpenType fonts

Other useful tools

Other useful tools• VIGC PDF viewer check (1)− A ‘quick and dirty tool’ to check if the properPDF viewer / PDF viewer settings are used

Other useful tools• VIGC Output Essentials (2)− A key tool to simplify and check the entirelayout process• Custom panel for both Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop(CS5/CS6)• Including link to VIGC Live Preflight profiles for AdobeInDesign (CS4 and up)

VIGC Output Essentials (Adobe ID)

VIGC Live Preflight profiles (Adobe ID)

The complete picture

The complete picture

The complete picture

The complete picture

Info & links

Info & links• GWG joboptions and preflight profiles− http://www.gwg.org/applicationsettings.phtml• GWG output test suite (v3)− http://www.gwg.org/ghentoutputsuite.phtml• Stay informed (GWG)− http://www.gwg.org/future_specifications.phtm

Info & links• VIGC PDF viewer check− http://www.vigc.org/vigc-pdf-viewer-check/• VIGC output essentials− http://www.vigc.org/vigc-output-essentials/• Other VIGC tutorials− http://www.vigc.org/tutorial-files/

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