Infinera WDM with a Difference 09.06.2011 IT 11, Praha ... - Cz.NIC
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Infinera WDM with a Difference 09.06.2011 IT 11, Praha ... - Cz.NIC

InfineraWDM with a Difference09.06.2011IT 11, PrahaDuke GoldenSales Director

Company Snapshot Optical systems with uniquePhotonic Integrated Circuitchip technology Customer benefit: Simpler,more scalable & efficient core;fast & flexible bandwidthdelivery #1 LH DWDM market shareinNorth America; #2 worldwide Strong financials• Nasdaq: INFN• Debt-free2 © 2011 Infinera Corporation.Customers include:Bandwidthwholesalers3 of 5 largestcarriersNumerouscompetitivecarriers5 of top 5CableCo’s2 of world’slargest internetcontentprovidersGov’t & R&E

82 Network Operator CustomersIncluding:

Infinera Product PortfolioWorldwide Service & SupportDTNMarket leadingswitched WDMcore platformCommon Management and Planning ToolsATNMetroXTNXTNILSNext gen, multiterabitcoreP-OTN platformLong-HaulDTNATNSubmarineBest-of-breedmetro WDMaccessRegionalILSFuture-proofoptical linesystemMetroCoreInfineraManagementSuiteBest-in-classnetworkmanagementsuite

Where do we fit into your network?IP-VPN L2 VPNService RoutersInternetAccessVoIPIPTVIP Peering/HostingCore / Backbone NetworkSDHtransportPrivateLineIP Core RoutersTransport Network (OTN/WDM)SANWholesaleBandwidth

Three Key Themes Drive Our VisionInnovationIntegrationwhat THE NETWORK will beAcceleration

Innovation: What makes us different? Vertically integrated Intellectual property• 230 patents filed orgranted• Process trade secrets Significant lead• Only producer of largescalePhotonic ICs• Largest GMPLSnetworks

Integration: Traditional DWDMArchitectureReceiveTransmit

Integration: Infinera’s Photonic IC100Gb/s Receive100Gb/s TransmitTransmit5mmReceive

Integration: PICs are Simply moreReliable500 Million Failure-Free HoursZero PIC failures in 6.5 Years10 © 2011 Infinera Corporation.

Acceleration: Just-In-TAMAllows Infinera customers to offer the fastest turn-up ofhigh-speed bandwidth in the industry1. Infinera networks offers 100G capacity with each DLM.2. Customer order comes in. Pre-provision and test if desired.3. Order two Tributary Adapter Modules, one for each end point.4. TAMs arrive within 10 days of order.5. Install TAMs, activate, and test.6. Connect to customer…. Start billing!Service Order:10GE Service© 2011 Infinera Corporation

Acceleration: The “Digital Experience”Photonic ICbasedDWDM Lower space and power Higher reliabilityBandwidthVirtualization Service Flexibility Network EfficiencyGMPLSSoftwareIntelligence Simple operations IP/Optical integration

: what THE NETWORK will be Innovating end-to-end nextgenerationoptical systems Leader in PICs to scalenetworks Strong market uptake due to:• A better approach:Digital Optical Networks• A compelling value proposition of:speed, simplicity, flexibility• Responsive, easy-to-work with companywith solid financial footing

• Experience the simplicity, scalability, and ease-of-use of Infinera systems firsthand• Learn about the Infinera Digital Network Administrator (DNA), a carrier-classmanagement system that offers extensive fault detection, performance, andsecurity management capabilities across multiple Infinera network elements andsub-networks• Create 14 & 15 circuits July in seconds using Infinera's IQ network operating system withGMPLS Dorint • Hotel Don GiovanniVinohradská 157-aCZ – 130 20 Praha 314 © 2011 Infinera Corporation.

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