Cetus - Thorn Lighting

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Cetus - Thorn Lighting

Lighting people and placesCetusA new statement invalue for money compactfluorescent downlights

No hassle. No tools. No worries.Just faster, easier to install, lowenergy downlightsat competitive prices.Performance: visual effectiveness• Horizontal lamp(s) for evenlight distribution with an LORof over 55%Efficiency: minimising theuse of energy• Compact fluorescent lamp(s)and HF control gear promotesenergy efficiency• Easy installation means lowinstallation costs• Recyclable components =eco-friendlyComfort: giving peoplesatisfaction and stimulation• HF ballast gives flickerfree light• Decorative attachments• Simple and quick to install.Reflector remains in placewhen mounting into the ceilingusing the spring clips.• One size: with 230mm bezel(210mm cut-out)• Low 100mm height/mountingvoid depth 120mm• Suitable for ceiling thicknessbetween 1-25mm• Light output ratio of 55%• Choice of HPF switchstartor high frequency integralcontrol gear• Tools not required for electricalor mechanical fixation• 3 hour maintained emergencyversions with remote gear• Range of attachments,including tri-vane louvre andIP44 coverLamps18-26W TC-D (FSQ)Cap: G24d-2/318-26W TC-DEL (FSQ)Cap: G24q-2/3Materials/FinishBody: polycarbonate whiteGear housing:polycarbonate, blackReflector: specular vacuummetallised plasticAttachments: polycarbonate/glassFixing mechanism: steelInstallation/MountingTool-free installation. Integratedstrain relief. 3 pole piano keyterminal block. Adjustable springclips for fixation. (1-25mmceiling thickness)StandardsDesigned and manufacturedto comply with EN 60598Emergency versions:EN605982.22Class I ElectricalIP20 (IP44)

TRI-VANE LOUVREPC IP44 CLPC IP44 OPGLASS CLGLASS FRThe mounting pins moulded to the body can beretained to allow off-setting of the attachmentOrdering Guide Lamp(s) to be ordered separatelyOrdering Guide Lamp(s) suppliedDescriptionIlcoscodeSocketWeight(kg)SAPCodeDescriptionIlcoscodeSocketWeight(kg)SAPCodeSwitchstart (integral gear)CETUS 1x18W TC-D CP FSQ G24d-3 0.9 96107216CETUS 1x26W TC-D CP FSQ G24d-3 0.9 96107217CETUS 2x18W TC-D CP FSQ G24d-2 1.4 96107218CETUS 2x26W TC-D CP* FSQ G24d-2 1.4 96107219High Frequency (integral gear)CETUS 1x18W TC-DEL HF FSQ G24q-3 0.6 96107220CETUS 1x26W TC-DEL HF FSQ G24q-3 0.6 96107221CETUS 2x18W TC-DEL HF FSQ G24q-2 0.6 96107222CETUS 2x26W TC-DEL HF FSQ G24q-2 0.6 96107223High Frequency Emergency (remote gear)CETUS 1x18W TC-DEL HF E3 FSQ G24q-3 1.2 96107224CETUS 1x26W TC-DEL HF E3 FSQ G24q-3 1.2 96107225CETUS 2x18W TC-DEL HF E3 FSQ G24q-2 1.3 96107226CETUS 2x26W TC-DEL HF E3 FSQ G24q-2 1.3 96107227CP - Switchstart, HF - High Frequency, E3 - 3 hour emergency27539098 100Sample Lighting LayoutGeneral areaEE10mSwitchstart (integral gear)/830CETUS 1x18W TC-D CP L 830 FSQ G24d-3 0.9 96107196CETUS 1x26W TC-D CP L 830 FSQ G24d-3 0.9 96107197CETUS 2x18W TC-D CP L 830 FSQ G24d-2 1.4 96107198CETUS 2x26W TC-D CP L 830* FSQ G24d-2 1.4 96107199High Frequency (integral gear)/830CETUS 1x18W TC-DEL HF L 830 FSQ G24q-3 0.6 96107200CETUS 1x26W TC-DEL HF L 830 FSQ G24q-3 0.6 96107201CETUS 2x18W TC-DEL HF L 830 FSQ G24q-2 0.6 96107202CETUS 2x26W TC-DEL HF L 830 FSQ G24q-2 0.6 96107203Switchstart (integral gear)/840CETUS 1x18W TC-D CP L 840 FSQ G24d-3 0.9 96107204CETUS 1x26W TC-D CP L 840 FSQ G24d-3 0.9 96107205CETUS 2x18W TC-D CP L 840 FSQ G24d-2 1.4 96107206CETUS 2x26W TC-D CP L 840* FSQ G24d-2 1.4 96107207High Frequency (integral gear)/840CETUS 1x18W TC-DEL HF L 840 FSQ G24q-3 0.6 96107208150EECETUS 1x26W TC-DEL HF L 840 FSQ G24q-3 0.6 96107209CETUS 2x18W TC-DEL HF L 840 FSQ G24q-2 0.6 96107210EECETUS 2x26W TC-DEL HF L 840 FSQ G24q-2 0.6 96107211High Frequency Emergency (remote gear)/840Ø207Ø230EECETUS 1x18W TC-DEL HF E3 L 840 FSQ G24q-3 1.3 96107212Ø2100mCETUS 1x26W TC-DEL HF E3 L 840 FSQ G24q-3 1.3 961072130m10mCETUS 2x18W TC-DEL HF E3 L 840 FSQ G24q-2 1.4 96107214Room height: 3mMounting height: 3.09mMaintenance factor: 0.67E = EmergencyCETUS 2x26W TC-DEL HF E3 L 840 FSQ G24q-2 1.5 961072152163670Lamp: 2 x 26W TC-DELLight output: 2 x 1800 lumensAv. Illumination: 190 LuxAttachmentsCETUS GLASS CL 9610722870CETUS GLASS FR 961072294CETUS PC IP44 CL** 96107230205CETUS PC IP44 OP** 96107231Emergency remote gear boxCETUS TRI-VANE LOUVRE 96107232CP - Switchstart, HF - High Frequency, E3 - 3 hour emergency,CL - clear, FR - frosted, OP - opal* No IP44 attachment use on 2 x 26W CP versions** The mounting pins moulded to the body can besnapped off to allow flush fitting of the attachment

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