grower benefits retail growers grower benefits - Grimes Horticulture

grower benefits retail growers grower benefits - Grimes Horticulture

GROWER BENEFITSbenefitsMAKE MORE MONEYThe premium Garden Leader brand allowsyou to sell at premium prices. With GardenLeaders retailers experience higher sales athigher profit margins.BETTER VALUE:NO HIGHER COSTTO GROWERSGarden Leaders cost no more than the topselling commodity varieties. Garden Leadershave no marketing fees. There is nocatch…..Garden Leaders are a better value.ELIMINATES YOUR RISKGARDEN LEADERSGarden Leaders are guaranteed to yourcustomers. Any customer who is notcompletely satisfied can get a refund for the purchase value of the plants. Refund requestsdo not have to be handled by the retailer. Customers contact Grimes Horticulture directlyand Grimes does all the work. Growing and selling superior garden performing varietiesmeans that growers can have confidence that your customers will come back to you againand again for more Garden Leaders.Grower Benefits 24

RETAIL GROWERSgarden leaders fillTOUGH TIMES CHECKLISTCOVER THE BASICS FIRSTBegin your checklist with fundamentals. Start the checklist withsome obvious but basic factors that must be addressed to maximizeopportunity in a tight economySUPERIOR SERVICE AND ORGANIZATIONCustomers want their money’s worth and that includes knowledgeable,helpful service. Train to insure friendliness, smiles andcourtesy. Employees need to have product knowledge and knowwhere everything is located. Employees should make sure yourproduct presentation is fresh and organized every day beforeyou open for business. Anticipate what customers want. Manyconsumers shop with you and avoid mass merchants becausethey want better service, selection and quality.MAXIMIZE PLANT QUALITYSince your prices will most likely exceed the discount store youmust offer superior quality plants. The certain way to do thatis by offering Garden Leaders. Over time you have developedhabits to buy the same old varieties, but only Garden Leadersare constantly tested to insure matchless home garden performance.Tough times warrant you to rethink your variety offeringand bank on Garden Leaders. Times like these call for pickingthe winners!Retail Growers 30


RethinkingWHOLESALEGROWERSGARDEN LEADERS CAN HELPYOU’RE AS GOOD AS WHAT YOU SELL……..YOU’RE AS GOOD AS HOW WELL YOU SELL IT!DON’T DUCK REALITYIt may be time for a new you! The economy stinks so it’s time to get a brand newplan and go for it! Talk turkey in defining your problems. Be open minded toconsider brand new and different options and solutions.RETHINKEasy to say but hard to do because it is going to be necessary to change some things you have consideredimpossible to change. That’s the real world these days. Begin by rethinking your basic needs and yourcapabilities. Think financially and think strategically.YOUR OPTIONSStrategically you only have two options. You can choose one or the other or both. Your first option is tofocus on rebuilding your profit within your current customer base. The second option is to go after newbusiness including new accounts and new business niches.BECOME A HEROGo help your customers! You have a great deal in common with your customers.They all have the same basic problems that you do. The common problem youboth have is that sales are down and margins are down even further. Just likeyou they must rethink and be open minded to try something different. You canbe a hero by offering ideas to help them build profit.REACT AND RESPONDThis is not a practice game. Make a plan, set new priorities and be veryaggressive. Track your progress every day.Wholesale Growers 38


No WorkNO SWEAT WITH GARDENMINIMUM MAINTENANCEToday’s home gardeners don’t have time to takecare of plants. They want self service plantsthat take care of themselves. Carefree crops andplants are in demand. Home gardeners don’twant to feed, water, or deadhead. They wantplants they can leave alone. Easy does it!EZ GROMAXIMUM ENJOYMENTConsumers want to plant them and forget them.• Pretty is in, effort is out.• Leisure is in, labor is out.• Happy is in, hassles are out.• Green is in, watering is out.EZ GRO IS GREENGarden Leader EZ Gro plants are more self sustainable.They require minimum watering and less maintenance.Water conservation is where it’s at in today’s green andsustainable world.EZ Gro 44


Grow rather small...PINT SIZED PLANTSThese little guys are made for growers who want controlled growth.All LoGro plants are one third smaller so there is never stretch orovergrowth during long periods of cloudy weather. Small stuff hasbig benefits.It’s a smallLoGro: FULL FLOWERA LOT INA LITTLEThe classic dwarfness ofLoGro plants is perfectfor wholesalers whowant to maximize theirshipping capacity.FULL FLOWER SIZENot tall…..just short and full of life. Even thoughLoGro plants are genetically compact the flower sizeis full. You get normal flower size on every plant.LoGroNO REGULATOR REQUIREDWith every Garden Leader LoGro no chemicals arerequired. That means you save money, time and labor.Enjoy the benefits of natural abbreviation!LoGro 64


HiGroHigh RiseTALL, NEVER SMALLGarden Leader HiGro varieties are great for gardenerswho want tall plants. These are big, stronggrowing, varieties. They get up in the world.BIG FLOWERSRISE UP TO GARDENTheir flowers are Whoppers! HiGro varieties allhave BIG flowers. Many home gardeners believethat bigger is better.SIZE MATTERSThese varieties make a big splash in thelandscape and also are used in containers forhigh dollar returns. They make impressiveretail displays.GROWER BENEFITSBecause they are so vigorous HiGro varieties areextremely fast and easy to grow. They take muchless growing time so they save you money. Turnyour benches faster for more profit per square foot.HiGro 76®


ANNUAL CUTTINGSAND LINERSSeedsANNUAL GARDEN LEADERS...ANNUAL FLOWER PLUGS AND SEEDSGrimes presents the Garden Leader brand of Annual flower seeds andplugs. Garden Leaders have better garden vigor, longer blooming seasons,brighter colors, bigger flowers or better weather resistance than the normalmarket varieties available. We know this because Garden Leaders areselections of varieties that perform better in field trials across the country.LOOK FOR EZ Gro ®Gardeners today are looking for plants that are easy to grow. Grimeshas taken our years of Field Testing Across America and identifiedGarden Leaders that give the most satisfaction with the least care orgrowing know-how for the home gardener. Garden Leader EZ Gro ®varieties are easy to grow, fun to grow. Your customers will enjoygrowing Garden Leader EZ Gro ® varieties.THE BIGGEST IN THE CLASS.HiGro ® VARIETIES.Garden Leader HiGro ® varieties are bred to be bold, strong growingspecimens. They make the biggest presentation in the shortest time.Use HiGro ® for large containers, large pots and impressive landscapeplantings.®NO PGRS? USE LoGro ® VARIETIES.Garden Leader LoGro ® varieties are bred to be compact without theneed for growth regulating chemicals. Plants are 1/3 smaller in sizethan standard yet offer full size flowers and excellent color and habitwhen grown outdoors.LoGro ® saves you money, time and labor because there is no need forchemical growth treatments. Eliminate stretch and increase shelf lifewith LoGro ® varieties.ANNUAL FLOWER PLUGS:Most of the Garden Leader Annuals listed here are available asPLUGS in 512, 288 and 144 size trays. To order, or fax to 440-352-1800 or phone our plantprofessionals at 800-241-7333.ANNUAL FLOWER SEED:The seed product codes are beside each variety name for convenienceof reference. All of our Garden Leader seeds have the highest vigoravailable. This means that more seed germinates and the seedlingsproduced are stronger. We also offer seeds in refined forms includingAdvanced Vigor, Pellets, Primed, Detailed and Coated. Look forthe available seed forms in the description of each series.PLANT TAGS:Picture tags are available for Garden Leader varieties. Order your tagswith Grimes or simply request that we “auto-tag” your seed or plugorder. You will receive the correct number of Pixie or Master tags(100 minimum per variety) for your production program.®Annual Plugs & Seeds 84


FLOWERLONGER BLOOMINGANNUAL CUTTINGSAND LINERSNOTE: TWO SECTIONSSections are based on tray sizesSection One:102/34GROWER PAT: Full trays contain 102 cells.Each cell is 1” wide by 1 1/2” deep. Fulltrays can be separated into 3 strips (HalfPaks) each containing 34 cells. Full traysof 102 are billed at 100. Half Paks arebilled at 34.Minimum order size is one box, 3 full trays or9 HalfPaks or any combination. Minimumper variety is 34.Section Two:72/72, 102/51, 128/125GROWER: SHR…102 Liner Trays. Each cell is 1” wide by 1 1/2” deep.Shipped to your door, 4 trays per box. Half-Paks of 50 per variety. Up to8 varieties per box. This means a wide selection for you.GROWER FPS: Two sizes available for most varieties. 72 liner trays billed72 or 128 cell trays billed 125, 3 trays per box. Shipped to your door.GROWER: BUC…102 Liner Trays. Each cell is 1” wide by 1 1/2” deep.Shipped to your door, 6 trays per box. Half-Paks of 50 per variety. Up to12 varieties per box. This the widest selection for you.What Are Garden Leaders?The Garden Leader Brand is the mostcomplete and imaginative product lineof any brand today. Includes our CleanStock Program. Tissue cultured andvirus indexed stock production assureshealthy, vigorous cuttings. Garden Leadersare tested in gardens again and again acrossthe country to assure that only the bestgarden performing plants are included.Who Breeds Garden Leaders?Grimes works with breeders and producersworld wide selecting the best varieties thatAnnual Cutting & Liners 132each breeder has to offer. You will findvarieties from Bodger, Cohen, Danziger,Dummen, Ecke, Floranova, Kieft, PanAmerican, Sahin, Sakata, Takii, Westhoff andmore. Only the best performing varieties fromeach breeder are selected for the program. Bychoosing Garden Leader varieties you enjoythe advantage of growing the best plants.Unrooted: Cuttings for many of theGarden Leader varieties can be purchased at100 per variety.Look for EZ Gro: Gardeners today arelooking for plants that are easy to grow.Grimes has taken our years of Field TestingAcross America and identified GardenLeaders that give the most satisfaction withthe least care or growing know-how for thehome gardener. Garden Leader EZ Grovarieties are easy to grow, fun to grow. Yourcustomers will enjoy growing Garden LeaderEZ Gro varieties.Tags: All Garden Leader Crops are soldalong with a premium 4” full color picturetag per plant featuring culture instructionsand ideas for garden use.


First YearGARDEN LEADER PERENNIALSPERENNIALSAND BARE ROOTFeaturing the finest perennial flowersfrom plugs, seed, liners and bare rootGet the Garden Leader Bonus “ALL first year blooming”!Perennial Flower Plugs, Seeds and Liners:All Garden Leader perennials bloom 1st season. Grimespresents the Garden Leader brand of Perennial flowers.Garden Leader perennials have better garden vigor, longerblooming seasons, brighter colors, bigger flowers or betterwinter hardiness than the normal market varietiesavailable. We know this because Garden Leaders areselections of varieties that perform better in field trialsacross the country.Perennial Flower Plugs, Liners and Bare Root:Most of the Garden Leader Perennials listed here areavailable as plugs or the larger sized liners.Plugs: 288 trays sold as 280. 5 trays per box. Minimumorder one box.Liners: Grower PAT: 102 trays sold as 100. Minimum pervariety is 34 plants in the Half-Pack size strip tray.Minimum order is one box. One box holds 3 whole trays,9 Half-Packs or combination.Grower SHR: Selected varieties as noted grown in 102tray sold as 100 or as 51 size half packs.Bare Root: The easiest and fastest way to grow and sellperennials. Plants come bagged and labeled in a dormantstate ready to pot and grow. Minimum per variety rangesfrom 5 plants to 25 plants depending on variety. Minimumorder size about 100 plants depending on value.Perennial Flower Seed:We assure you that all of our Garden Leader Perennialseed is kept in our up-to-date storage facility and has thehighest vigor available. This means that more seedgerminates and the seedlings produced are stronger. Likeall Garden Leader Perennials, these varieties flower in thefirst season.Perennial Plugs, Seeds & Liners 166


VegetableBEST OFINCLUDING TASTY,Garden Leadertasty brand®VEGETABLESAND HERBSBETTER FLAVOR FOR THE HOME GARDENOther vegetable varietiesare developed for yield,size and early maturity,but not for flavor.Tasty Brand Garden Leadervegetables are a complete seriesfrom Broccoli to WatermelonVegetable Plugs, Seeds 192Featuring Tomato Tasty TableAll Vegetables..........Page 196Patio Vegetables.......Page 208Monster Vegetables...Page 212Herbs ........................Page 214

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