March 2011 newsletter:Layout 1 - Horsforth Harriers

March 2011 newsletter:Layout 1 - Horsforth Harriers

March 2011 newsletter:Layout 1 - Horsforth Harriers

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March 2011HORSFORTH HARRIERSNEWSVictories inPECO XC Series!Tim is champion,Ladies win PremierLeague title,Men are top Vetsteam... and more!(Thanks to Andrew Bennett andIlkley Harriers for loan of shotof Tim Midgely at final race onOtley Chevin).

spikes as they can cause muscle injury duedue to the extra grip.Racing flats: Lightweight running shoes forroad or track. Normally with minimal supportand cushioning.Track!!: If you on the running track and someonecomes up behind you and shouts ‘Track!’then check to your right and move to yourright. Please don’t take offence at this. It isjust safer to do this than to try and overtake,especially a group, which may disperse as therunner goes around or through.Carbo-loading: Filling up with carbohydratefoods before a long race or training run.Cross-training: Doing something other thanrun that will help with your main sport, likeupper body exercises to improve carestability, etc.Tina writes:Hope everyone’s winter training is going wellwhether looking at a Spring Marathon orsomething shorter. From March 1st my groupwill be doing training aimed at the Leeds HalfMarathon on May 8th. This means someshorter efforts to start with, building up tolonger tempo runs and longer efforts.If there’s anything specific you would like meto include please let me know.I am currently taking names for the BradfordMillennium Way on Sunday June 12th. Onthe website www.stbedesac.org.uk it isdescribed as: “The Bradford Millennium WayRelay is a relay of five legs with two runnersper leg, taking place each June in hilly terrainnear the Yorkshire Dales National Park”.Check out the Bradford page on the website asThere are many more unusual words andphrases and if you need an answer to anyrunning related question please feel free toemail me and I will do my best to help. Asusual, if you need any advice or are unsureabout anything please do not hesitate to askme or your group leader.Monthly hill sessionThe last Thursday in every month will be a hillsession. Meet at the Kirkstall Leisure Centrecar park in the corner near the West End pub.The track at Carnegie will, of course, beavailable but there will be no structuredsession on these nights.Bradford Millennium Way Relay, June 12thTina is collecting names for this. You can tellme too if you would like to run. We haveentered three teams and the details of thesewill emerge once we know who is running.MarcHilary at the Snake Lane Ten. Thanks toTA Images for photograph.

it has details of each leg. I’m looking for 20ladies at least to volunteer and hopefully wecan enter two ladies teams - so please let meknow if you would like to take part.And, for the final time, Hils writes:TinaI have officially retired from leading what wasmy group and have handed over to the ladieswho are awaiting Leadership training - Jody*at the helm, with Aimee, Caroline and Cathsupporting.There are several new items in my Shop,including a long sleeved base layer, so have alook on Tuesdays.Hils*Since this was written Jody has been takenunexpectedly pregnant (!). Congratulations toher and her family, and when she can’t ordoesn’t want to run, then others will step intothe breach. Maybe even me, so be warned! Butfor the moment, Aimee is doing a stand outjob!I am sharing my road routes knowledge usingroute cards. When the lighter nights comeI will help the Leaders, and anybody else whowants, to recce the off road paths we use insummer.Annual GeneralMeetingThe club’s yearly meeting to elect officials, check the stateof the accounts, plan for next year/season and dip into thenebulous world of ‘Any Other Business’ will be held onWednesday 23rd Marchat the Hall Park Cricket Pavilion.Start time will be 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm.Please come along - all paid up members of the club are entitledto vote. if you want to take up a position on the committee oras, say, a captain of the club, or raise any other matter,please contact a member of the committee as soonas possible and let them know.

Yorkshire Vets GP Round-upTina writes:The first race in 2011 Grand Prix season ishosted by Horsforth Harriers on Sunday3rd April .Anyone over 35 years of age on that date iselegible to run and score valuable points.This is primarily a team competition butindividual honours are also available.The first race is normally a massive turnoutfrom all the other clubs so it would be great ifwe could get a really good start to this seasonand have as many runners as possible racingon April 3rd.If you are under 35, lucky you - you don't haveto miss out though, as we will need someyoung marshalls on the day cheering on usoldies.Please can I ask that you let Bob or myselfknow if you will be available to marshall.Ed’s note:If you are planning to run the first VeteransGrand Prix race (and if not, why not?) it willhelp speed the registration up considerably ifyou pre-register on line at www.yvaa.org.Go to the site and click on the ‘Register now’buttons (there are a couple) and complete thee-form you’ll find there.Also, there is a link to the full Grand Prix raceschedule to date so you can mark the GrandPrix fixture dates in your diaries! And, if youare interested, there is also a list of the eventsthat will figure as Yorkshire VeteransChampionship races.Ian Taylor pictured, not at a Vets Grand PrixRace, but at the Huddersfield 10K. Photocourtesy of Flaming Photography.Finally, if you are not running or marshalling atthe 3rd April race, then we need somebody tohand out Apperley Bridge Canter entry formsto the runners at the finish. As Tina said, thisfirst race is always well attended and it’s anopportunity to get forms out to a wideraudience. Let Bob, Tina or Marie know if youcan fill this important role on 3rd April.Thanks!

It’s that time of year again...Horsforth Harriers membership subscriptionsand your England Athletics race permit aredue on 1st April 2011. The committee havetaken the decision to freeze the prices againfor the second consecutive year and, at thetime of writing, England Athletics have givenno indication that there is to be an increase inrace licence fees. Therefore subs prices arethe same as last year:HH Membership only £13Second Claim to HH £13HH Membership and Race Licence £18Social membership £5Please be aware that we have to comply withthe England Athletic stipulation that all racelicence fees have to be paid by 30th April. Anymembers not paying by that date will have tore-apply for membership which will incur a £5surcharge.To represent Horsforth Harriers in any clubevent such as the BMW, LCW, PECO Vets Crosscountry you are required to pay £13 membershipplus £5 for an EA Race Licence.Angus Teanby will be available TuesdayEvenings from 5th April and for the remainderof April to take payments. Please makecheques payable to “Horsforth Harriers”.Alternatively please send a cheque payable toAngus at the following address:Alandale,New York Lane,Rawdon,LeedsLS19 6JQPlease be aware that no Horsforth Harriersmembership cards will be issued for 2011-12.The information contained on the HorsforthHarriers club membership card is duplicatedon your licence issued by Athletics. Non-competingHorsforth Harriers (social members andmembers choosing not to purchase a licence)are still registered with England Athletics anda “non-competing” card is issued by them.Shops giving discount for affiliated membersaccept sight of your England Athletics licence.TRACKThe club is continuing to fundthe Track Sessions at Carnegieon Thursday evenings.Essentially you’ll need to payto get in and then claim thecost back from Marc.The club has set a budget forthe winter sessions at theCarnegie track and willreassess when it is spent.

Upcoming Social StuffBev has made a booking for a club meal out atthe Zen Rendezvous, (Chinese Restaurant)Guiseley on Wednesday 6th April, 7.00 pm for7.15 pm.By booking a this time it means we can takeadvantage of the £11.50 ‘Early Bird Menu’,details of which can be found on theZen Rendezvous website.If you would like to attend this meal (and thisvenue has proved very popular on previousvisits), Bev needs to know final numbers bythe end of training on Tuesday 29th March.But if you can let her know before then a) she’dbe delighted and b) it would be wise as it fillsup quickly.Details of further social events will of coursebe published here, but also keep and ear openat the club and an eye on our own website:www.horsforthharriers.co.uk.Run for the Rainforests!(This is an e-mail sent to Marc - for more infoe-mail: jemma.woodman@coolearth.org).I'm getting in touch from the environmentalcharity Cool Earth to see if any members of theHorsforth Harriers would be interested inrunning to save the Amazon!Last year Cool Earth had the great excitementof being able to save an area of rainforest atimminent risk thanks to the athletic efforts ofa number of dedicated runners, this year we'rehoping to achieve much more and would loveto get some of your club members on board.By way of background, Cool Earth protectssome of the world's most endangered rainforestby working directly with indigenouscommunities. With projects in Brazil, Ecuadorand Peru we are currently protecting 200,000acres of rainforest that would otherwise havebeen destroyed.I am aware that there are so many worthwhilecauses for people to dedicate their runningefforts towards - but if I may say a few wordsas to why Cool Earth is particularly unique andexciting.Over 90p of every £1 donated to Cool Earthgoes directly to our partnership projects. Thismoney also does far more than the alreadycrucial job of protecting threatened rainforestby ensuring local communities have a sustainablealternative to logging, safeguarding theimmense biodiversity of the rainforest andbeing the most effective way of fightingclimate change. A single acre of rainforeststores 260 tonnes of CO2.Cool Earth will set up an account for either anentire club, or individual runners, which willplot the amount of rainforest that they protect.They can even view the exact area that theyhave saved through Google maps. This meansthat the runners can see precisely what andwhere the money they are raising is goingtowards. This has proven to be a really goodway to engage people in any fundraisingefforts.The smallest donation can make a tangibledifference to the work we do. Just £1 will keepan endangered rainforest tree standing whilst£30 can protect half an acre of pristine rainforest.We would be delighted if your club or any ofyour members may be interested in becominginvolved with Cool Earth and we would giveyou much support and our unrivalled enthusiasmin every way possible. If you would likemore information please do not hesitate tocontact me.Looking forward to hearing from you,Jemma Woodman,Cool Earth

1:01:17, closely followed by Alan Squire1:04:40 and Chris Kilner 1:13:50 and finally,Hilary Wharam 2:02:04.Nearer to home the club’s mudlarks were outat the Ilkley Fell Race. Richard Pattinson waswell up the field in 6th position in 40:20, MarcSpringer was first ‘official Harrier’ home in48:15, then Serena Blackburn 59:44, TheresaDuckett 61:07, and lastly, somewhat slowedup by injury, Phil McGeever, 63:00 exactly.Three other Harriers travelled to theHuddersfield 10K, Michael Anderson 53:54,Vicky Ward 55:23 and Ian Taylor 57:10 wereour runners there.The following Saturday saw the 25 mileTrollers Trot and the usual fell running suspectswere out again, although first Harrierback was Rob Furness 4:17:07, pursued by ajoined-at-the-hip trio of Serena Blackburn,Theresa Duckett and Marc Springer, all4:28:30 with Steve Wood 4:31:07 bringing upthe rear. Those not wanting to go quite thesame distance were out for parkrun 176, whichfeatured Craig Bradley lowering his PB to22:00, followed by Malcolm Johnson 24:40,Michael Anderson also 24:40, Jeff Parkinson25:13, Angela Johnson 25:53 and Steve O’Hara27:48.was good to see our ladies ‘big guns’ of MarieMaycock and Helen Barber running, pride ofplace must go to some of our newer memberssuch as Tina Hobson and Lorna Galdas whohave both run brilliantly for us. Great to seeBev Elliot running in spite of a week’s illnessbeforehand to ensure we had a good team out.Serena Blackburn scored an individual F45win and the ladies were runners up in theLadies Vets League, climbing the table allthrough the season after a slow start.For the men, pride of place went to TimMidgely who won four of the five races outrightand was duly crowned overall championfor the series. The men finished a respectablethird in the Premier League, but were unstop-In the Lakes we had several runners at theHaweswater Half Marathon, another racewhere Richard Pattinson finished 6th overalland 1st M40 in 1:16:13., while our ladies trio ofDawn Gray 1:46:06, Nicola Wilde 1:49:03 andJean Davey 2:04:32, were in pursuit.No doubt where the major event of the weekendwas though - it was the fifth and finalPECO cross country race held on Otley Chevin.A strong turnout ensured that we didn’t, aslast year, snatch defeat from the jaws ofvictory and the ladies duly ran hard to win therace and take the Premier League title. While itJill Hobson - lost in music! - at theLiversedge Half Marathon. Photo fromFlaming Photgraphy.

pable in the Veterans League, having gonestraight to the top of the table and stayedthere all season, againclaiming victory in allbut one of the races.Alan Squire was delightedwith his M40 categorywin and not to be outdoneKevin Watsonweighed in with theM65 title. A pretty successfulseason, but allto do again nextyear...until then I thinkwe can bask a bit...More parkrunning.Number 177 saw RobFurness making his firstrun in a speedy 18:20with support form JeffParkinson 22:36,Malclom Johnson 23:46,Michael Anderson 24:17(his health problemsseemingly resolved by the way he’s running!)Janette Freeman 24:54 (PB), Angela Johnson25:13, Cath Gray 26:03, Steve O’Hara 26:11,Sheila Mason 28:53, and Caroline Faithwaite29:43.The Spen 20 is a local long distance tune upfor those contemplating the London Marathon(in the interests of equality other springmarathons are available...) and we hadAlan Squire in action at the Snake LaneTen, Pocklington. Picture thanks toTA Images - just for a change!several runners doing just that althoughs0me might have done it just for the hell of it...Steve Raby was speediestin 2:17:31 withNathan Crossley closebehind in 2:19:25, followedby Steve Wood2:44:02, Lindsey Clegg2:50:45, Bev Hurst2:55:12 and Bev Smith3:09:33.Richard Sunley was overon the west coast at theTwin Piers HalfMarathon (St. Anne’s/Blackpool) where his1:26:22 secured him1st M45 spot and8th overall.And that’s all I have forthis issue. Do let meknow if I’ve missed anything,mistimed you oram plain mistaken. I’ll publish any revisionsand additions next time if advised, honest!welcome runners old and new at Horsforth Hall Park (Cricket Pavilion),Ring Road, Leeds 18 every Tuesday at 7.00 pmFor further details please telephone:Marc Springer on 07968 712055, Tina Dickinson on 07958 231180or Hilary Wharam on 0113 250 5673See our website at: www.horsforthharriers.co.uk

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