Flowers/Bulbs - Easy Fundraising Ideas

Flowers/Bulbs - Easy Fundraising Ideas

FragrantWILDFLOWER GARDEN(Jardín Silvestre)A colorful and fragrant blend of Sweet William, Evening Primrose, Mexican Lupine, Sweet Peas and manymore, specially selected to thrive in most areas of the country with very little care. From late spring to well intofall, there will be a steady succession of bright blooms and colorful foliage. Prepare for delightfully fragrant cutflower bouquets! Each oversized packet contains enough seed to cover up to 60 square feet.#WP31 1 JUMBO SEED PACKET $8.00

WP32BLEEDING HEARTS(Corazón Sangriento - Primera División)Old-fashioned garden beauty... in a newer, hardier form.Pendants of brilliant rose-colored, heart-shaped bloomsdangle delicately from arching stems up to 24-36” tall.Vigorous and winter hardy.#WP32 1 ROOT DIVISION; 2-3 EYES $11.50BUTTERFLY GARDENSEED MAT(Tapete de Semillas para Jardínde Mariposas)Attract multitudes of butterflieswith this colorful blend ofannuals for quick, long lastingcolor. Mat measures 17” x 5’.#WP33 1 SEED MAT $8.00WP33WP35WP34SUNFLOWER SEED MAT(Tapete de Semillas de Girasol)Sunflowers are the symbol ofsummer, sunshine and health.This special mix called“Autumn Beauty” produces agorgeous array of sunny colorin all the fabulous colors offall – deep red, rich copper,gold, yellow, rust andintriguing two-tones. Greatin cut flower bouquets!17” x 5’ long.#WP34 1 SEED MAT $8.50STARGAZER LILY(Lirio de Estrella Fugaz - 3 Bulbos)Exotic blooms and heavenly fragrance!Huge blooms of deep pink with delicatewhite edging. Grows 36-48” tall.#WP35 3 PREMIUM BULBS $11.50STELLA D’ORO DAYLILY(Estella de Oro Lirio de Día -2 Divisiónes)Gushing fountains of gold! This sensationaldwarf Daylily grows short and sweet, andblooms with abandon all summer! Theplants reach 18” x 18”, always remainingtidy and contained. Abundant bright bloomslight up borders and perennial beds. Terrificfor pots and planters.#WP36 2 ROOT DIVISIONS $13.50Page 2Full Sun Partial Sun Full Shade

TWO SHADE-LOVING SADDLEBAG SEED KITSMixed Coleus & Shady Annual(Mezcla de Cóleos (Solenostemon) y Semillas Amantes deSombra-Dos Alforjas)No room for a planter? No problem. Our saddlebag kits straddle aporch, deck or balcony railing to create a hanging bloom displayon both sides. This set contains two saddlebags: Mixed Coleus andMixed Annual seeds for a beautiful combination of shade lovingplants. Bags measure 8 ½” x 29” long.#WP37 SET OF 2 KITS $14.00WP38WP37ShadeLovingFRAGRANT FLOWER MAT(Tapete de Flores Fragantes)Enjoy both color and delightful scent with this specialmix of annuals and perennials. Candytuft, SweetWilliams, Cornflower, Lemon Mint, Sweet Alyssum,Yarrow and Wallflowers combine beautifully forgorgeous indoor arrangements that will perfume anentire room! Mat measures 17” x 5’ long.#WP38 1 SEED MAT $8.00WP36WP39BLACK-EYED SUSANHANGING BAG(Bolsa de Mirada Negra deSusan Colgado)Brighten any wall or fence witha cascade of sunny blossoms!Includes an 8 ½” x 21 ½”reusable bag, a rope forhanging, a packet of seeds,and instructions.#WP39 1 HANGINGGARDEN KIT $10.00All Products are 100% GuaranteedPage 3

WP40Best Value!80 Bulbs$.33 each!COLORFEST COLLECTION(Cóleccion de Colores - 80 Bulbos)Absolutely spectacular! This 80 bulb collectionwill light up any sunny spot in the garden withmonths of bright flowers. 25 mixed Oxalis, 15Anemone blanda, 15 mixed Freesia, and 25 mixedIxia range in height from 3-24” tall, and bloomMay through July in a lively range of pinks, reds,oranges, yellows, whites, blues, and purples.#WP40 80 PREMIUM BULBS $26.00WP41MIXED ASIATIC LILIES(Lirios Asiáticos Mezclados - 4 Bulbos)These garden aristocrats lend regal color and unique texture. Thisbalanced blend of bright and pastel flowers blooms in late July andAugust, on sturdy stems 3-4’ tall. Extremely winter-hardy, they willcontinue to bloom beautifully for years to come.#WP41 4 PREMIUM BULBS $10.00WP43MIXED ANEMONE BLANDA(Anemone Blanda Mezclada - 15 Bulbos)Cute, colorful, carefree daisy-like blooms in a mix of hot pink,pure white, and light blue. They naturalize easily to provide awelcomed spring spectacle year after year. 6” tall.#WP42 15 PREMIUM BULBS $8.50WP42PASTEL BEGONIAS(Begonias de Pastel - 2 Bulbos)Cool sherbet colors for the shady spots in thegarden. Fully double flowers bloom mid-summeruntil frost – a steady supply for the garden, orbring indoors to float in elegant arrangements.Excellent for containers. Grows 12-16” tall.#WP43 2 PREMIUM BULBS $10.00Page 4Full Sun Partial Sun Full Shade

WP44MARIGOLD SEED MAT(Tapete con Caléndula de Semillas)Considered by gardeners to be one of the most versatileand easiest flowers to grow. Marigolds bring bright cheerfulflowers with a long growing season. They even repelmany garden pests. Mat measures 17” x 5’.#WP44 1 SEED MAT $8.00WP45MIXED IXIA(Mezcla De Ixia - 25 Bulbos)Unbeatable for bright color! These hybrids bloom from Marchthrough June, opening sprays of elegant flowers on straw-likestems in gleaming shades of white, yellow, orange, pink, andred. Plants grow best in full sun and reach a height of 12-24”.Plant them in beds, borders, or in pots. Enjoy them in thegarden and as cut flowers.#WP45 25 PREMIUM BULBS $9.50WP46MIXED GLADS(Gladiolas Mezcladas - 25 Bulbos)The queen of summer blooms! A complete spectrum ofvibrant color and delightfully ruffled flower form on sturdystalks 3’-4’ tall. Vigorous in the garden, exceptional as cutflowers – long lasting and distinctive in arrangements.#WP46 25 PREMIUM BULBS $10.00All Products are 100% Guaranteed Page 5

WP47HANGING CHERRY TOMATO KIT(Juego Colgante de Tomatillos)No garden needed. Our complete kit turns any sunny wallor fence into a place to grow tomatoes! The lush, hangingfoliage is decorative through summer, and then you harvestripe cherry tomatoes for salads or snacking. Kit includes an8 ½” x 21 ½” reusable poly bag with nylon rope, a packetof seeds, and complete planting and care instructions.#WP47 CHERRY TOMATO KIT $10.00WP48BUY BOTH & SAVE!STRAWBERRY KIT ANDHANGING TOMATO KIT#WP49$25.00HANGING STRAWBERRY KIT(Juego Colgante de Fresas)Decorative and delicious! Kit includes 10 strawberry plants, a poly bags with holesto plant them in, and a nylon rope for hanging. Planting instructions are also included.Enjoy as a garden accent, and as a source of sweet, sun-ripened berries.#WP48 HANGING STRAWBERRY KIT $18.00WP50ShadeLovingSHADY ANNUAL TREE RING(Anillo Annual Amante a la Sombra de Árbol)Protect and beautify your trees at the same timewith this easy-to-use seeded tree ring. Clear theground around your tree and set the mat in place.Within weeks you’ll have a bounty of shade lovingflowers! Mat measures 17” x 5’.#WP50 1 SEED MAT $9.00Page 6Full Sun Partial Sun Full Shade

WP51WP52ELECTRIC-BLUE COLLECTION(Cόleccion Azul - 35 Bulbos)Your garden will surely get noticed with this electrifyingblend of blues. Collection includes (from left to right):15 Blue Anemones, 10 Queen Fabiola and 10 BlueGladiolus for a total of 35 bulbs!#WP51 35 PREMIUM BULBS $20.00ORCHID GLADS(Orquideas Gladiolas - 8 Bulbos)Wonderfully scented flowers bloom in late summer– an ideal complement to other summer perennials.Especially useful in small or tightly planted gardens.#WP52 8 PREMIUM BULBS $6.00WP532 KitsOnly $14.00!TWO SUN-LOVING SADDLEBAG SEED KITSMixed Pansy & Mixed Lobelia(Dos Juegos de Alforjas de Semillas amantes al Sol[Mezcla de Lobelias y Pensamientos])Bring twice the color to your patio this summer! Eachbountiful kit will create a waterfall of blossoms on bothsides of any railing. Bags measure 8 ½” x 29” long.#WP53 SET OF 2 KITS $14.00All Products are 100% Guaranteed Page 7

WP54ExceptionalValue –56 Bulbs$.45 each!GARDEN SPECTACULAR(Jardín Espectacular - 56 Bulbos)A thrifty combination of premium bulbs to supplydramatic color spring through fall. Glads, Freesia,Liatris Spicata and Orchid Glads. 56 bulbs in all -at a price that’s as easy on the pocketbook as it ison the eyes! Height ranges from 16-48”.#WP54 56 PREMIUM BULBS $25.00WP55EVERBEARING STRAWBERRIES(Siempre Floreciendo Fresas - 10 Plantas)A season-long supply of sweet, juicy strawberries… from your own garden!These everbearing plants produce fresh fruit from June until October – andmultiply each year for an even bigger harvest. Makes a lush groundcover orborder planting – decorative as well as delicious!#WP55 10 PLANTS $13.50MIXED RANUNCULUS(Mezcla de Ranunculus - 10 Bulbos)These Ranunculus bulbs have been perfected through 60 yearsof breeding to produce the finest traits. The result is a geneticallysuperior bulb. All produce huge, beautifully formed blooms up to4 inches across – in colors so luminous they amaze everyone whosees them. Grows 18-24” tall. Each bulb produces from 30-35blossoms over a 4 to 6 week flowering period, and cutting themfor bouquets only encourages more flowers.#WP56 10 PREMIUM BULBS $14.50WP56WP57HUMMINGBIRD & BUTTERFLY GARDEN(Jardín de Picaflor y Mariposa)A blend of top-gradeseeds designed to attract flocksof hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden.Plant in full sun or partial shade, they’ll thrive in mosttypes of soil, with little care. Jumbo packet will fill anarea up to 30 square feet.#WP57 1 JUMBO SEED PACKET $8.00Page 8 Full Sun Partial Sun Full Shade© Western Promotions, Inc. 2014 Form AIN14

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