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02«Private research

02«Private research centers play a majorrole in research and developmentactivities in Italy »formation and marketing of oil and naturalgas. Eni is active in 70 countries with a staff ofabout 79,000 employees.- Centro Ricerche Fiat: C.R.F. was establishedin 1978 as the Group’s centre of expertisein innovation, research and development.Now an internationally recognized centre ofexcellence, C.R.F.’s work constitutes a strategiclever for the Group’s businesses, enhancingperformance through development andtransfer of innovative content which makesthe Group’s products both competitive anddistinctive. With over 850 employees, C.R.F.draws on a broad array of technical skills, inaddition to a series of cutting-edge laboratoriesfor powertrain systems testing, electromagneticcompatibility investigations, NVHanalyses, driving simulations, materials andprocess development, optoelectronics andmicrotechnologies. C.R.F. achieved significantresults for the year, as demonstrated by the 51new patent applications it filed in 2008, bringingthe total number of patents it holds to over2,300. A further 600 patents are currentlypending. C.R.F. has also developed a globalnetwork of more than 150 universities and researchcentres and 1,000 industrial partnersaround the world.Table 4: List of the Main Meta Districtsin ItalyMETA-DISTRICTS IN ITALYTorino Wireless(North-western Italy)Veneto Nanotech(North-eastern Italy)Biotech in Lombardia(Northern Italy)Hi mech Emilia Romagna(Central-northern Italy)Aerospace TechnologyDistrict (Central Italy)IMAST in Campania(Southern Italy)Etna ValleyTelecom Italia Group businesses.A foundation financed with public and private funds which groups someof the key players in the geographical area of Turin operating in the field ofadvanced telecommunications technology such as the Mario Boella Institute,T-Lab (Telecom Italia), Alenia, Motorola and CRF (Fiat).A district financed by national and regional funds aimed at creating an areaof excellence on nanotechnology in Veneto. The district includes privatecompanies and local scientific institutions.An initiative aimed at facilitating the development of a biotech district in ankey area where this industry in Italy is already growingA district for mechatronics, which brings together 130 private companies operatingin the region (including Ferrari and Lamborghini) along with the mostimportant local university departments and research bodies working on thissubject.A pole for the development of a high tech productive system in cooperationwith some of the major Italian players in the sector, such as Centro SviluppoMateriali, Alenia, Avio and ASI (Italian Space Agency).A district on the engineering of polymeric and compound materials, withthe direct involvement of national and regional institutions, universities andresearch centers such as CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre), Elasis(Fiat), Cetena (research for naval ship building) and companies such asFincantieri and Esaote.An initiative for the promotion of the high tech cluster in the area of Catania(Sicily Region) around ST Microelectronics, Nokia, Marconi Mobile.- Telecom Italia Lab: TIL is the company ofTelecom Italia Group for scouting, evaluating,developing and managing innovative businessopportunities. To achieve these goals, thecompany focuses on R&D, corporate venturecapital, incubation and the development ICTskills. The corporate venture capital and incubationactivities address all phases of thedevelopment of new companies: by makinginvestments and offering business and technologicalconsulting we create industrial synergiesboth with our internal R&D and with- Centro Sviluppo Materiali: CSM is a privateresearch company founded in 1963 at theinitiative of the most important Italian steelmaking and mechanical industries. CSM mainassets are in research and development appliedto metals (steel, aluminum, titanium,special alloys and metal matrix composites),ceramics and coated products.Among the most prestigious private scienceinstitutions:14

02«Italy’s technological meta districtssupport areas of excellence and fosterthe creation of new ones»- Mario Negri Institute: is a not-for-profitbiomedical research organization. It wasfounded in 1961, and started work in Milanon 1 February 1963. There are now researchunits in Bergamo, at Ranica – near Bergamo– and at Santa Maria Imbaro, near Chieti. TheInstitute’s main aim is to help defend humanhealth and life.- San Raffaele Institute: is a private ScientificInstitute, belonging to the San Raffaele delMonte Tabor Foundation, recognised by theItalian Ministry of Health as a Scientific Institutecarrying out biomedical research andclinical activities of relevant national interest(IRCCS). San Raffaele Institute is relentlesslypursuing its three interrelated lines of clinics,research and education since 1971 when it wasestablished.- The Italian Institute of Technology: (IIT)is a foundation established jointly by the ItalianMinistry of Education, Universities andResearch and the Ministry of Economy andFinance to promote excellence in basic andapplied research and to contribute to theeconomic development of Italy. The primarygoals of the IIT are the creation and disseminationof scientific knowledge as well as thestrengthening of Italy’s technological competitiveness.To achieve these two goals, theIIT will cooperate with both academic institutionsand private organizations, fosteringthrough these partnerships scientific development,technological advances and trainingin high technology.2.4 The technological meta-districtsTechnological meta-districts are initiativesaimed at reproducing the positive results derivedby industrial districts. They focus onhigh technological services and products andare promoted at the central and regional levels.15

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