Focus on Genre:Chapter Books2 nd Grade VocabularyCompiled by Mr. Jones

Vocabulary Word List• Chapter• Character• Problem• Solution• Events

Vocabulary Sentences• A person or animal in a story is called a__________.• A __________ is an answer to a problem.• When a chapter book divides a story intoparts, each part is called a __________.• Each chapter tells a part of the story andits exciting __________.• When you don’t have an answer forsomething it is called a __________.

chapterA chapter book isbroken intosections, usuallybecause it islonger and needsmany parts to tellthe story.A chapter bookcan alsoconsist of aseries of shortstories, fables,or the like.

Rare, ancient, handwrittenmanuscripts are delicately stored ina temperature controlled museum.

Mr. Jones’ 2 nd Grade ClassAn early chapter in my life…

characterEvery story has a castof characters – whichis…all of the people,animals, or livingthings who play apart, or a role.A Few Star Wars Characters

Here are some characters, or letters, in twodifferent languages, can you identify them?

Personal Characteristics and Traits

problemWall-e had many problems to face.For many years he was pickingup junk that had destroyed lifeon the planet. Big problem.Then he discovered a living plantamong the junk. The earth hadbegun to heal itself.The evil computer on the spacecraftwanted to destroy the plant andmaintain control over thehumans.Another problem was that he wascaptured. He had to findsolutions to his problems in orderto overcome the powerfulspaceship computer, save thehumans, and help them return toEarth, which he did, with the helpof his friends.

solution“I have found a solution tomy problem in thesolution,” exclaimed thescientist.“Hummm…6 times t squared minus delta….” she thought. “This is tough, but I canget through it and find the solution!”

The Greek AlphabetThe characters of the Greek alphabetare often used in mathematics.

Bright idea of the day: Let’s brainstorm and plan amajor life event together, like a wedding!(This may well be the reason why men don’t plan them very often).eventsFirst, let’s combine two majorlife events into one for doublethe fun! A marriage and abirthday party with a piñata –better than cake in the face,no? Wait, that happens duringboth events…never mind.Second, throw a littlemusic from a live bandinto the mix to shakethings up a bit…

…and to top it all off, watch an amazing event like the nextspace shuttle launch from the backyard as we wind downwith cold pink lemonade in our lawn chairs.

Sports events are popular recreational pastimes.

Casper Event CenterMyfather is#20.…Me

Major decisions to find solutions to ournations problems are debated on andmade every day in our nations capital.

Major world events have had theirbeginning in Washington D.C.

The Cool Crazy Crickets2 nd Grade VocabularyCompiled by Mr. Jones

Vocabulary Word List• Refrigerator• Stupendous• Hind• Shaggy• Piñata

Vocabulary Sentences• People hit a __________ with big sticks.• You put food in a __________ to keep itcool.• I saw a __________ little dog.• The dog stood up on his __________ legs.• The clubhouse looked __________ whenit was finished.

efrigerator• Refrigerators arepopular food storageappliances.• Child friendlyrefrigerators haverecently becomeavailable.

stupendousThis summer I would like to go on a stupendous,screaming-your-lungs-out-fun rollercoaster!

A battle is a major event that has lots of problems to resolve.

hindThe raptor mascotperches on hishind legs beforedevouring thecoach of theopposite team.“Watch out behind you coach!”

shaggyHave you ever seen such ashaggy chicken before – Iwonder what it eats…The shaggy sheep pickedapples all day long.

These shaggy animals just wouldn’tlook the same with a nice haircut.Andmen..

Exercising with the shaggy sheep for 30 minuteswill keep you healthy and in good shape.

piñataCome onsis’ –whack it ifyou can!

Different birthday parties…

Cricket is apopularsport.

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