Pörner Group Corporate Design Manual


Pörner Group Corporate Design Manual

Pörner GroupCorporate Design ManualNovember 2007Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft | Hamburgerstrasse 9 | A-1050 Vienna | Austriawww.poerner.eu | vienna@poerner.at | Phone: +43 (1) 589 90-0 | Fax: +43 (1) 589 90-99

IntroductionA visual expression to symboliseour strength and brand value.The corporate design is the visual expression of ourcorporate identity. It communicates inside and outsidethe philosophy of the Pörner Group. It is also the pursuitfor our common objective: To develop brand valuefor a strong business.This Corporate Design Manual has been developedto ensure that we all - no matter what operation division- speak a single visual language to emphasise auniform and unique brand profile.This strengthens the trust as well as the credibility ofour customers into the Pörner Group and creates ahigh amount of corporate identity within our organisation.This manual is a guideline for daily use of our designand creative elements without jeopardising the autonomyof our subsidiaries. It explains the correct applicationof the basic elements, illustrated through examples.The consequent implementation of this guidelinewill increase the sense of belonging within the PörnerGroup members and will also visualise it outwards.Furthermore it makes daily work easier since forevery application a single (or exceptionally few) possibilityis available.Introduction | 03

VisionThe Pörner Group in ten yearsThe Pörner Group has significantly increased its highworld-wide profile even more. The Pörner Group is asuccessful technology partner and engineering serviceprovider that realises demanding process plantengineering projects all over the world. The PörnerGroup provides the best and most economical technologyfor seminal niches.Through permanent organic growth a capable andeffective compound has developed. This networkadvances into new geographic, cultural and technicalareas and will wake new challenges with professionalism,innovation and openness. Such, a fruitfulexchange of know-how for the benefit of the customerdevelops.The Pörner Group secures a stable work-load bybalancing its resources in international activities as anengineering service provider and technological processplant designer.The person is the focus of our efforts: that applies toour employees as well as to our customers. We wantto ensure that our customers become returning andpermanent customers. That can only be achieved bysustaining the highest amount of trust, quality and innovation.Such, the Pörner Group renders its serviceswith a distinctive human component.04 | Vision

StrategyGrowth in the networkThe network of the Pörner Group will grow over thenext years in terms of turnover, workforce as well aslocations. Our subsidiaries are self dependent. Therealisation of larger projects is accomplished by utilisingsynergies within the network. It is our objective toestablish the Pörner Group as a global process plantengineering company through effective documentationof our capability.Every subsidiary with its local presence is carrier ofparticular competencies, that add to the benefit of theentire group. The existing individual know-how efficientlytranslates in productive plant solutions worldwide.The entire group relies on the self dependentthinking and actions of each of its employees.With the bitumen technology Biturox ® Pörner possessesits own process know-how which made us themarket leader in this sector. This position will be securedand new areas of technology will be developedconsequently. The focus of our strategy is the extensionof our process engineering competence.Strategy | 05

LogosThe Logo is the most important element of our brand. Itrepresents the competence and success of our company.It must be clearly visible on all means of communication.Through the logo we achieve a high level of recognitionand acceptance, which in turn creates trust. Therefore, thecorporate design is to be regarded as our most preciousproperty.Our demands for high quality standards and our professionalismmust be perceptible in acquaintance with ourlogos.UnchangableThe logo is always a fixed entity of graphical symbols andtypography. The modification of the logo by one’s own handis not allowed without any exception.Original formThe original forms on the right are the logos of the correspondingcompanies and brands within the Pörner Group.These logos have to be utilised in all publications and haveabsolute priority. The logos must be placed on a light,colour-neutral background.Logo designThe frame of all Pörner Logos ist quare.The added indicator ‘Pörner Gruppe’ is to be regarded asa firm element of the logo. It must not be translated oraltered. With the indication ‘Pörner Gruppe’ in the logo itis not necessary to mention the affiliation to the group, forexample ‘Member of the Pörner Group’.aaPÖRNER GRUPPELogos | 07

DesignationsPörner Gruppe / Pörner GroupPörner EDL Anlagenbau Gellschaft (short: EDL)Gazintek‘Nomen est Omen’Internal and outward communication requires a unique language.Such we achieve acceptance and identification with the group and thefamily of brands.Correct designationThe headquarter, all subsidiaries and brands are subordinates of the‘Pörner Gruppe’. The designation Pörner alone is not applicable and isalways replaced by ‘Pörner Gruppe’ respectively ‘Pörner Group’. Thename ‘Pörner Gruppe’ may not be replaced by the logo.The above mentioned designations are solely to be used. is tobe replaced by the corresponding location of the subsidiary, for examplePörner Vienna, Pörner Linz, Pörner Grimma, Pörner Budapest etc.Further wording or additional logos are not allowed. The designationis always applied without the juridical extension (for example AG, S.A.,Ltd. etc.). Only within continuous text or the address block the completelegal form as registered is to be selected.Majuscules (capital letters) are only allowed when used as abbreviations(for example ‘EDL’) but never for entire designations (for example‘PÖRNER Gruppe’). The designation and connected pairs of words aretyped without hyphen. Other notations are not applicable.10 | Designations

ColoursPrimary coloursThe following represents the primary colours of the Pörner Group. Thecolours underlie the Pantone ® colour range. Black is to be used fortypography in continuous text and the headlines. Generally the designershall base his colour scheme on a light appearance and use thecolours economically and mainly as contrasts.Colour definitionsThe following tables represent the definitions for the primary coloursfor layout and design for the entire Pörner Group. RGB- and Hex valuesrefer to internet and multimedia applications. No definition substitutesthe comparison with the original colour sample.Pörner Group and Pörner subsidiariesPörner blue100%90%Pantone © 293 UC100 M57 Y0 K2R0 G96 B196Hex #0067B1RAL 501780%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%Pörner red100%90%Pörner beige light100%90%Pantone © 207 UC0 M100 Y43 K19R198 G6 B81Hex #C60651RAL 302780%70%60%50%40%30%Pantone © 4535 UC22 M20 Y37 K0R211 G200 B167Hex #D3C8A7RAL 101480%70%60%50%40%30%20%20%10%10%Colours | 11

EDL & GazintekPörner blue100%90%Pörner yellow100%90%Pantone © 293 UC100 M57 Y0 K2R0 G96 B196Hex #0067B1RAL 501780%70%60%50%40%30%Pantone © 122 UC0 M28 Y73 K0R255 G194 B74Hex #FFC54FRAL 101880%70%60%50%40%30%20%20%10%10%GradientsThe colours of the Pörner Group can be applied in gradients in 10%steps (100%, 90%, 80% etc.).12 | Colours

TypographyBesides the logo, the typographyis the supporting componentof corporate identityinternal as well as outwards.Corporate fontThe corporate font family of the Pörner Group is‘Arial’. It is a clear and technical font that correspondsto the character of our corporate group. This font isinternationally applicable throughout all platforms.CorrespondenceFor the entire correspondence (letter, fax, PowerPointpresentation etc.) the font ‘Arial’ is applicable only. Itbecomes an element for strengthening the identity.ExceptionsExceptions to this rule are all design works such asbrochures, exhibition stands, posters etc. which utilizethe ‘Nimbus Sans’ font family.Another exceptions from this rule are special softwareapplications, CAD and other construction softwarethat do not allow the use of the Pörner font ‘Arial’ orif - specifically to a project - it is not possible for somereasons.For all online publications and correspondence also‘Arial’ shall be used and can be substituted with either‘Verdana’, or ‘Helvetica’ or any other similar sans-seriffont. Headlines shall be applied as graphical elements,if possible.Typography | 13

HeadlineSubheadingSubheading second levelContinuous textContinuous text accentuationArial BlackSize: individualAlignment: leftColour: blackArial NarrowSize: clearly distinguishable from continuous textAlignment: leftColour: black or primary coloursArial BoldSize: corresponding to continuous textAlignment: leftColours: blackno blank line before following paragraphArialSize: 11pt, Spacing: singleAlignment: left (justification not allowed)Colour: blackArial BoldSize: 11ptColour: blackCaptionArial BoldSize: 7pt, Spacing: singleAlignment: centred below imageColour: blackFootnoteArialSize: 7pt, Spacing: singleAlignment: leftColour: black• listArialonly a circle is allowed as ‘bullet point’Colour: preferably primary colours or blackIndent: hanging14 | Typography

Typography exampleHeadline met lorpert numSubheadline nonullaore feuis nostoSubheadline second levelMet lorperit num nonullaore feuis nosto odit dolobor si.Dipsumsandit ipit nonumsandre consecte core et lum nosnim zzriure estie mod magnis at wisi eum incincil enisadip et, conullan hendre vel dolorperit nullum qui blaoremdelit eu facidui blamet praestin vullam irit alissecte magna.Subheadline second levelCorem vulluptatem dolesto consectem vent nulputpatislel iliquat utat, volorper adio erit niam, qui tate tatummoluptatem in enim irilit ulput inis nostrud dignim verciduntiure tin utem qui bla feugue dunt nostincil ipit praestio doconsequi et iusto consend iamcommy nullan ex ea:• bullet 1• bullet 2• bullet 3• bullet 4Dolore mod tat aliquis isciduis erosto esequatet atemaugiamet exer ilis ea 1 consenim zzrit nis eriustinis ad erciexer ing eugait wissi continuous text accentuation nitaugait dit, commolortio conulla consequam, sed do od etadionsed tet velenis delendre magna facidunt utpat, suscipisitaliquat. Ipis nim auguer si.1Footnote: Pit dunt am quis nonsequam zzriustieTypography | 15

Rules for typographyReadability of the typography is essential. Therefore,the following is not allowed.Non-conform to our corporate design areall kinds of font modifications like deformation, changeof spacing, outlines, italics, shadows, underlines,types with colour gradients respectively on gradientbackgrounds.Continuous text may never be placed over graphics orphotos.Odolore consecte conse dui bla facilisissenia mconsed te exerostionutat, quat. Tisis diam iliquis augiamcoreetue raestie modiat autetum zzrileuisis nulla con venim zzrilisi.Um nibh exerit alit lor adit nulputvulla at nosto et vulput at augiam ilessit nonullum volore min ut num iriuscipitlam adiatum ing erquat wisi.Justification is prohibited.Odolore consecte conse dui bla facilisissenia mconsed te exerostionutat, quat.Tisis diam iliquis augiamc oreetueraestie modiat autetum zzril euisisReadability of the typography is important.Too narrow but also too wide linespacing shall be avoided.nulla con venim zzrilisi.16 |Typography

Odolore consecte conseDui bla facilis issenia mconsed teexerostion utat, quat. Aut lor si. Duipisciliset, vulputat.Um nibh exeritAlit lor adit nulput vulla at nosto etvulput at augiam.An utpat am doloboremAut lor si. Duipiscilis et, vulputat.Tisis diam iliquiAdio ea consectem iuscipis at. Duisisisadigna corem vullandrem incipitut at luptate velit iurerae ssecte.Subheadlines are not used as designelements but always without blank lineabove the following text they refer to.•••Das Logo muss in optimaler Qualität reproduziert werden,Bitmap-Formate wie JPEG oder TIFF sind nichtzulässig. Die Logos werden in den Formaten PDF (PortableDocument Format), WMF (Windows Meta Format)und AI (Illustrator) bereit gestellt.Das Logo muss immer auf weißem Grund stehen.Es muss immer an prominenter Stelle plaziert werden.The list bullet shall not be used as adesign element. It is always utilised withuniform distance to the text.Typography | 17

Application examplesGeneralCreative freedomConsidering the variety of possibilities to apply the design elements,the designer shall be limited as little as possible in unfolding his or hercreativity. Nevertheless, there are rules and guidelines of the corporatedesign that have to be obeyed by all means and without exceptions.PrincipleTo allow brand development basically all guidelines and rules of thiscorporate design apply for unexceptionally all publications of thePörner Group. This incorporates especially the logo, the colours andtypography. Thus, an uniform appearance of the companies within thegroup and brand family can be assured.ApprovalBasically all publications of the Pörner Group require approval. Thisincludes, amongst others, brochures, posters, exhibition stands, pressreleases, give-aways, advertisements etc. All other applications suchas business cards, PowerPoint presentations, stationary and otherwork documents do - of course - not require approval, as long as theycomply with the guidelines of the corporate design and are only adjustedin their content.Approval can only be obtained from Pörner Vienna. All documents forapproval shall be sent to the marketing department first. There, approvalregarding design and content is given and only then a publicationis free to be published (online, print etc.).For all marketing-relevant concerns and approvals contact Mrs. LydiaBarth (Marketing Manager of the Pörner Group, E-Mail: barth@poerner.at) or her subsitute, Mr. Dominik Mimra (E-Mail: mimra@poerner.at).18 | Application examples |General

Business cardsFirst impressionThe business card is usually the first contact with our corporate culture.This makes an uniform appearance throughout the group evenmore important.DesignTo ensure a uniform design of all business cards, templates have beencreated that are available only from the head of marketing of the PörnerGroup in Vienna. The business cards must not be altered in layoutand design and all rules of the corporate design manual apply.Titel Max MUSTERMANNPositionPÖRNER GRUPPEIndication of the locations of the Pörnersubsidiaries (Linz, Kundl etc.) is solelyaccomplished through the address blockof the card.Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbHHamburgerstraße 9A-1050 Wien, ÖsterreichTel.: +43 (1) 589 90-005Fax: +43 (1) 589 90-99Mobil: +43 (664) 825 20 00Email: mustermann@poerner.atwww.poerner.euWien • Linz • KundlLeipzig • Grimma • KiewBudapest • BukarestIf a bilingual version is required then the secondlanguage shall be printed on the backside. Academic titles shall always be statedexcept for the English versions where only‘Dr.’ respectively ‘Ph.D.’ are applicable.Max MUSTERMANNPositionPÖRNER GRUPPEMax MUSTERMANNPositionPörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbHHamburgerstraße 9A-1050 Vienna, AustriaTel.: +43 (1) 589 90-005Fax: +43 (1) 589 90-99Mobil: +43 (664) 825 20 00Email: mustermann@poerner.atwww.poerner.euVienna • Linz • KundlLeipzig • Grimma • KyivBudapest • BucharestGazintekUl. V. Khvoiky 18/14, Korp.9UA-04080 Kyiv, UkraineTel.: +38 (44) 495 23 24Fax: +38 (44) 495 23 25Email: ukraine@gazintek.comwww.gazintek.comVienna • Linz • KundlLeipzig • Grimma • KyivBudapest • BucharestApplication examples | Business cards | 19

CorrespondenceLasting impressionThe business letter is, besides e-mail, the most common contact tocustomers, partners and co-worker. Especially in Pörner Group’s businesslong-lasting relationships and multiple contacts within the groupare usual and strived for. That emphasises the requirement of having auniform ‘look & feel’ of the visual appearance. Recognition is possibleat one glance before even having read the document.TemplatesA variety of Microsoft Office Templates for Word, Excel and Power-Point are available and to be used exclusively. Special care has beentaken to fulfil all juridical requirements and to be conform with DIN andISO standards on the one side and Pörner Group’s corporate designguidelines on the other side (especially in regard to typography andthe logos). All required information is already contained in the templatesrespectively the user will be queried for input whenever necessary.Templates are available in the required languages. German andEnglish are combined in one template.E-MailsHow important e-mail correspondence has become today one caneasily evaluate with his own amount of electronic mail. Therefore, alsoimplementing rules regarding e-mails has become a necessity.First of all an e-mail has to correspond to the latest juridical requirements.The signature has to contain certain legal information concerningthe company. This information will be provided by your companyelectronically (e.g. already installed in your Outlook Mail Client). E-Mails shall be sent preferably in ‘plain text’ or - if necessary - in HTML(respectively ‘rich text’) using the font face ‘Arial’ (10 pt). All kinds offormats are to be used sparingly and only if necessary. Please avoiddifferent font sizes, colours etc. The signature shall contain at leastthe following information: name, surname, position, address, telephoneand fax numbers, e-Mail address and web address.20 | Application examples | Correspondence

Commerzbank AG Leipzig • Konto/Account: 10 61 761 • BLZ/BC 860 400 00 • IBAN: DE03 8604 0000 0106 1761 00 • BIC: COBADEFFXXXPörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hamburgerstraße 9, A-1050 ViennaFirma [Arial black 12pt]Anrede [Arial 12pt, normal]StrassePostleitzahl, OrtLandDatum/Date:22.11.2007Durchwahl/Extension:307E-Mail:mustermann@poerner.atReference:AP / LBBetreff [Arial Black 14pt]Anrede….., [Arial 11pt, normal]Text ist im Fließtext zu schreiben. Es wird keine Blocksatzfunktion aktiviert.Die Betreffzeile ist in Arial Black in einer Schriftgröße von 14 Punktgeschrieben. Die Schriftart im Text selbst ist Arial. Die Schriftgröße ist11 Punkt. Die Anrede resp. der Text beginnt nach einer Leerzeile unterder Betreffzeile.Die Spalte mit den Firmenangaben ist rechtsbündig. Sie ist unveränderbarund hat eine definierte Breite von 4 cm.Es existiert nur eine Briefvorlage für die deutsche und englische Korrespondenz.Alternativ werden Vorlagen für die Auslandstöchter in derjeweiligen Landessprache erstellt (ungarisch, russisch, rumänisch).Hervorhebungen werden lediglich in [fett] gemacht. Auf andere Artender Hervorhebung wie kursiv, schattiert oder ähnliches wird ausdrücklichverzichtet.Absatz ist immer mit einer Leerzeile zu setzen.Aktivierung der Silbentrennung bei 0,75cmDer Abschluss folgt mit 2 Leerzeilen nach dem Text.Mit freundlichen GrüßenMax MustermannPositionPörner IngenieurgesellschaftmbHHamburgerstrasse 9A-1050 ViennaAustriaTel:+43 (1) 589 90-0Fax:+43 (1) 589 90-99E-Mail:office@poerner.atwww.poerner.euHandelsgericht WienFNR: 102383pDVR: 0604623UID: ATU14226309Managing DirectorsDI Andreas PörnerDI Peter SchlossnikelEDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft mbH, PF 27, D-04139 LeipzigFirma [Arial Black 12pt]Anrede [Arial 12pt, normal]Pörner GroupStraße ViennaPostleitzahl, Linz OrtKundlLand GrimmaLeipzigKyivBudapestBucharestBetreff [Arial Black 14pt]Datum/Date:22.11.2007Durchwahl/Extension:307E-Mail:max.mustermann@edl.poerner.deReference:AP / LBAnrede….., [Arial 11pt, normal]Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG • Konto/Account: 474.809 • BLZ/BC 31000 • IBAN: AT95 3100 0001 00474809 • BIC: RZBAATWWBank Austria Creditanstalt AG • Konto/Account: 233-106883/00 • BLZ/BC 12000 • IBAN: AT03 1200 0233 1068 8300 • BIC: BKAUATWWText ist im Fließtext zu schreiben. Es wird keine Blocksatzfunktion aktiviert.Die Betreffzeile ist in Arial Black in einer Schriftgröße von 14 PunktO:\A16_Marketing\Corporate Design\Vorlagen\Brief\Letterhead Poerner Gruppe_Arial.doc 1 / 1geschrieben. Die Schriftart im Text selbst ist Arial. Die Schriftgröße ist11 Punkt. Die Anrede resp. der Text beginnt nach einer Leerzeile unterder Betreffzeile.Die Spalte mit den Firmenangaben ist rechtsbündig. Sie ist unveränderbarund hat eine definierte Breite von 4 cm.Es existiert nur eine Briefvorlage für die deutsche und englische Korrespondenz.Alternativ werden Vorlagen für die Auslandstöchter in derjeweiligen Landessprache erstellt (ungarisch, ukrainisch, rumänisch).Hervorhebungen werden lediglich in [fett] gemacht. Auf andere Artender Hervorhebung wie kursiv, schattiert oder ähnliches wird ausdrücklichverzichtet.Absatz ist immer mit einer Leerzeile zu setzen.Aktivierung der Silbentrennung bei 0,75cmDer Abschluss folgt mit 2 Leerzeilen nach dem Text.Mit freundlichen GrüßenEDL AnlagenbauGesellschaft mbHLindenthaler Hauptstr. 145D-04158 LeipzigGermanyTel.:+49 (341) 46 64-400Fax:+49 (341) 46 64-409E-Mail:gf@edl.poerner.dewww.edl.poerner.deAmtsgericht LeipzigHRB 17361UID: DE 212674932Managing DirectorsCEO: Gerhard MoserGerhard BacherRüdiger BauerMax MustermannPositionPörner GroupViennaLinzKundlGrimmaLeipzigKyivBudapestBucharestHypoVereinsbank AG Leipzig • Konto/Account: 357808758 • BLZ/BC 860 200 86 • IBAN: DE49 8602 0086 0357 8087 58 • BIC: HYVEDEMM495-O:\A16_Marketing\Corporate Design\Vorlagen\Brief\Letterhead EDL Gruppe_Arial.doc 1 / 1Application examples | Letter | 21

PowerPoint presentationsDesignAlso the PowerPoint presentations comply with the corporate designguidelines. In addition, the templates have been created with a minimalisticdesign to reflect the professionalism and modernity of thePörner Group.UniformityPowerPoint templates are distributed electronically for every company.Design elements are to be applied according to the corporate designguide throughout the group. The company logo is placed in the farright bottom corner on a white background. The footer contains pagenumber, the presentation title, the name of the author/creator (optional),the place and presentation date. The header has to be typed in22pt Arial Black. Continuous text is to be typed in 18pt Arial Regular.IndividualityIn addition to the above, each company has its own presentation startingpage. The colour scheme has to be according to the corporatedesign guide. The colour scheme may vary but the primary colourshave to represent the colour focus of the entire document. The use ofdifferent colours for accentuation is basically possible, the designer isencouraged to use additional colours very sparse. It is recommendedto us only one additional spot colour.PerceivabilityTo ensure comprehensibility the information on each page shall notexceed more than six items (‘bullets’). This is to be understood as aguideline. Paragraphs are to be separated by blank lines, line spacingis to be set to 1.2.22 | Application examples | PowerPoint presentations

TitleContentPräsentationstitel/ThemaVeranstaltungmaximal dreizeiligOrt, DatumCorporate Design 200711,8 mmAbmessungen8 mm 7,6 mm 5,4 mm 3,6 mm• Die Abmessungsangaben (in mm) beziehen sich auf die PowerPoint-Führungslinien• Die Führungslinien werden von der Mitte des Blattes an angegeben.• Raster- und Führungslinien können im Office 2007 Packet mittels der rechtenMaustaste aktiviert werden.• Alle graphischen g p Elemente sind im Folienmaster einzustellen, wodurch jede Seitegleich aussieht. In der Präsentation selbst ändert sich nur der Inhalt.Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH3 | Titel | Autor | Ort, DatumPörner Pörner GroupCorporate DesignVienna, 10. Septembert b 2007Corporate Design 2007 – Title in Arial Black, 22ptSubheadlines are in Arial Bold, 20ptJSC Gazintek• Font: Arial (Regular) in size 18pt• Line spacingi is 1.2• Paragraphes are devided by blank lines.• Bullets are designed as follows:• Bullets 1st rank- Bullets 2nd rank• One colour may be choosen from the company primary colours of thecompany. It shall be used sparcly.• The exact definition of the Gazintek yellow is to read in the CD Manual. TheRGB-values are: 255, 194, 74!• Bold may be used as accentuation.• Italic is not allowed.2 | Titel | Autor | Ort, Datum JSC GazintekApplication examples | PowerPoint presentations | 23

Give-awaysGive-aways like pens, T-shirts, umbrellas and othersare completely distinct and therefore the highestamount of freedom within the guidelines shall begranted to the designer. As a consequence of this, thedesign is absolutely flexible as long the following rulesare obeyed:LogoThe logo shall be placed on a light, colour-neutralbackground. If such a background is not possible forwhatever reasons then the rules for logos apply (seepages 24 ff.).ColoursThe colours for the give-aways shall be chosen asunique as possible. They shall reflect the company’scolour scheme. This is important for an easy recognitionthroughout all communication elements.TypographyIf the give-away allows any kind of typography thanthe font ‘Nimbus Sans’ shall be used.Although as much freedom as possible shall be grantedto the designer one has to keep in mind the uniformlook of the Pörner Group’s appearance in termsof modern and minimalistic design. This includes theabdication of e.g. italic fonts, too many colours andother ‘adornment’.24 | Application examples |Give-aways

To illustrate these policies the followingdemonstrate correct and incorrectapplication of the corporate design manual.Correct:Logo correct insize andproportionsWrong:Distorted logoCorrect:Logo and minimalisticcolourschemeWrong:colours-modifiedlogoWrong:Logo too smallApplication examples | Give-aways | 25

Advertisement / Exhibition standAdvertisements and exhibition stands are required in all different sizesand formats and, therefore, need to be flexible in their basic layout. Asa consequence of this circumstance only the general design guidelinesof this manual apply, especially in terms of logos, colours and typography(see also page 24). The following features shall be attendedto.AdvertisementThe logo shall be in a prominent location and the designation ‘PörnerGruppe’ respectively ‘Pörner Group’ shall be clearly visible. Colourshall not determine the minimum size of an advert. It is preferable tobook sufficient advert space than to invest in four-colour print.Exhibition standAn exhibition stand mainly consists of posters that can be designedtogether with Pörner Vienna’s marketing division. Approval from PörnerVienna is required in all circumstances.No matter if single posters or a large mobile media wall is involved: theexhibition stand is a compound of messages that is supposed to transportits information in short time. It is most important to gain immediateattraction of the visitor.Therefore, the exhibition stand shall• strike attention. Large photos with emotional effect are to be preferredover smaller or cognitive text.• only the most important information shall be presented. ‘Bullets’ areadequate, continuous text would consume to much reading time.Generally, too much information shall be avoided as it would be contra-poductiveto the communication effect of the stand.26 | Application examples | Advertisements | Exhibition stand

Imprint / ContactFor further information and inquiries please contact:Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbHMarketing DepartmentHamburgerstrasse 9A-1050 ViennaAustriaTel.: +43 (1) 589 90-307Fax.: +43 (1) 589 90-99E-Mail: barth@poerner.atWeb: www.poerner.eucreated by:Lydia BarthDominik MimraImprint | Contact |27

Vienna • Linz • KundlLeipzig • GrimmaBudapest • Kyiv • Bucharest

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