Annual Report - Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake

Annual Report - Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake

Annual Report



Our homes are modestly-sized—large enough for the homeowner family’s needs,

but small enough to keep construction and maintenance costs to a minimum.


We use quality, energy efficient, locally-available building materials.


Volunteers, efficient building methods, and no-interest mortgages make it

affordable for low-income families to purchase Habitat houses.


Letter from current and

former Board Presidents

Dear Friends,

It’s not a surprise that fiscal year 2009 was something to be proud of for

Arundel Habitat and Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity. Both affiliates—

committed to a mission that was born 34 years ago in Americus, GA—hit

milestones that we are excited to share and commemorate with you, our

passionate supporters. Arundel Habitat built their 100th house in Anne

Arundel County while their ReStore in Pasadena celebrated 6 years of sales.

An expanded homebuyer education curriculum was introduced at Chesapeake

Habitat while their ReStore in Baltimore City celebrated its 1st birthday in

April. Combined, the 2 organizations welcomed well over 50,000 volunteer

service hours equaling more than $1 million in skilled labor time.

Additionally, 19 families were placed in simple, decent, affordable homes, 4 of

which were awarded Energy Star certification. In the coming year, Habitat for

Humanity of the Chesapeake will serve more families and build more homes

than ever—33 affordable homes for low-income families by June 2010. All

of this, and all that is to come in the future for Habitat of the Chesapeake, is

made possible by you, our faithful volunteers, generous donors, and devoted



Mike Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer

Dear Friends of Habitat,

Serving families in neighboring counties, Arundel Habitat and

Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity were separate, successful

affiliates, creating affordable homeownership opportunities. In 2009,

the chance for growth and the prospect of significantly increasing

the number of homes built per year, brought to light the possibility

of these 2 non-profit organizations coming together. The subsequent

merger of Arundel Habitat and Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity

in July of 2009 yields tremendous potential for the Anne Arundel

County and Baltimore region. We are already making a more positive

and sustainable impact in these communities and the lives within

them. Now, as Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake, we ask that

you join us in celebrating our past accomplishments as two entities

and looking forward to the challenges and successes that a new fiscal

year, as a new affiliate, will bring. Thank you for being a part of our

ever-growing Habitat family!


Joseph P. Allwein, Board Chair

Owen J. Rouse, Jr., Former Board Chair

Letter from

Chief Executive Officer





Board of Directors

Joseph P. Allwein, Chair

J. Michael Brennan,

Vice Chair

Sherrice Davis, Secretary,

Executive Committee

Brad Thompson, Treasurer,

Executive Committee

Steven Buck,

Executive Committee

Karen Healey,

Executive Committee

Maggie Witherup,

Executive Committee

David Beck

Mark Case

Edward Flaherty


Edward Haladay

Jack Horvath

Edwin Howe, III, P.E.

Dean Johnson

G. Scott Lang

Greg Lechner

Debi Meeks

Joe Noone

Tracy Pindall

Mike Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer

Mark Bendann, Chief Operating Officer

Trish Fallon, Chief Financial Officer

Tracie Allen, Marketing Manager

Jeannie Anderson, AmeriCorps/Warehouse Manager

Michael Bennett, ReStore Assistant Manager, Baltimore City

Eric Bernhardt, Purchasing Manager

Patty Berry, Site Supervisor

John Braden, ReStore Driver’s Assistant, Anne Arundel County

Agnes Chen, Bookkeeper

Chris Council, ReStore Director

Pete Cox, Site Supervisor

Kevin Crawley, ReStore Manager, Anne Arundel County

Jessica Drake, Youth Engagement Coordinator

Sara Gahs-Buccheri, Family Services Coordinator

Emily Grant, Resource Development Manager

Larry Grubb, Pre-Development Manager

Matt Herzberg, Volunteer Manager

Ricky Hopper, ReStore Driver, Anne Arundel County

JoAnna Josey, Administrative Manager/Human Resources

Liz Kennedy, ReStore Assistant Manager, Anne Arundel County

Maddie Manlove, Executive and Public Policy Assistant

Matt Metzger, Construction Director

Jimmy Motsay, ReStore Donations Coordinator, Baltimore City

Julie Rogers

Glenn Ross

Owen J. Rouse, Jr.

David Schultz

Kim Sherman

Jerry Waters

Rick Wuest

Laura Nace, Development Coordinator

Rodney Payne, Site Supervisor

Jayna Powell, Faith Relations Coordinator

Fred Reno, Senior Site Supervisor

Anne Rouse, Director of Family Services

Steve Smith, Trainer

Karen Swisher, Major Gifts Manager

Brent Webb-Hicks, Financial Manager

Buck Wiemers, Site Supervisor

Jessica Williams, ReStore Manager, Baltimore City

Desiree Wingo, Director of Community Engagement

Katie Bonomo, AmeriCorps Construction

Reid Cater, AmeriCorps Construction

Chris Covey, AmeriCorps Construction

Abel Fillion, AmeriCorps Construction

Karen Fisher, AmeriCorps Construction

Wes Godbout, Civic Works AmeriCorps Construction

Laura Gottschalk, AmeriCorps Construction

Paul Loschak, AmeriCorps Construction

Sean Martin, AmeriCorps Construction

Sean McNamara, AmeriCorps Construction

Rachel Morales, AmeriCorps Community Engagement Associate

Gillian Morton, AmeriCorps VISTA Communications Coordinator

Nami Nafissi, AmeriCorps VISTA ReStore Development

Nyoka Pierce, AmeriCorps Construction



n Completely rehabbed 4 homes in 2 Anne Arundel

County neighborhoods

n Rehabbed 8 additional homes to the stage of painting

n 204 Clay Street, which now belongs to Lorraine Williams, was

celebrated as the 100th house built by Arundel Habitat during its 22

years of building

n A 10 townhouse development

in Annapolis and 1270 W. River


Road in Shady Side, South County

n Built 3 new homes and rehabbed 12 shells in 2

were among other projects in the

Baltimore City neighborhoods

pre-development stage a

n In Washington Village/Pigtown, work

continued on the 1100 block of Ward Street in

partnership with non-profits Paul’s Place and Civic

Works; 3 new row houses were built at the top of

the street and were designed to match the 2 storey

homes typical to the area; and further down the

block, 2 more properties were gut renovated

n In the Monument/McElderry/Fayette

community, 11 homes were gut renovated on the 2100, 2200, and 2400 blocks of

Jefferson Street; all of these units were designed and built to be at least 20% more

energy efficient and 4 achieved Energy Star certification a





Family Services CHESAPEAKE


n In August 2008, the 100th home was dedicated

to Lorraine Williams and celebrated her return to

historic Clay Street in Annapolis

n Focused on stronger partnerships

with covenant church partners; many of them

came together to build the 100th house

n Developed working partnerships with Sarah’s

House, Hope House and other transitional

housing providers that refer applicant families who

are ready to own their own homes

n Welcomed 4 families to their new homes a


n Volunteers contributed over 17,900

hours of service

n Equals more than $362,800 in skilled labor time

Volunteer Services



n Volunteers contributed over

33,500 hours of service

n Equals approximately $678,375

in skilled labor time


n Successfully expanded the educational program

offered to homebuyers to provide a comprehensive

curriculum focusing on financial fitness,

becoming a homeowner, and

community engagement

n Concentrated on forming

partnerships with local organizations

to whom Habitat can refer applicants in

need of additional services, and from

whom Habitat can recruit buyer

ready families

n 15 partner families purchased safe,

decent, affordable Habitat houses in

Baltimore City a

Volunteers also participated in a

number of non-construction activities

as well. They volunteered at the

ReStore, on committees, in the office

and in the warehouse.

Thank you to every volunteer for every

second of time donated. A very special

thanks to the Arundel and Chesapeake

Board of Directors who share their

wealth of skills and knowledge in

addition to contributing countless

hours of time in support of our efforts

to serve more families. a


n A successful Recycled Can Drive was held

n A cabin for YMCA Camp Letts was partially sponsored

through product donations

n Sponsored a craft class at Pascal Senior Citizen Center

n Helped sponsor the Parent Alumni Community

Networking Center with product donations and

community partnerships

n Held a home remodeling seminar in the O’Malley Senior

Citizen Center

n Continues a successful on-going partnership with

Sarah’s House

n Held an Anniversary Sale celebrating 6 years of sales

benefiting our mission

n 5 long term volunteers with 5 or more years of

dedication continue their service to the ReStore a



n Held a Car Wash event to drive sales and create store awareness

n Teamed up with Family Services to host a home maintenance

workshop as part of Habitat of the Chesapeake’s expanded

homeowner education program

n Birthday Bash, held on April 18th, celebrated the 1st birthday

with sales and free food

n Began selling new cabinets, paint brushes, area rugs and tools

n Utilized a $60,000 grant from the Knott Foundation for capital

purchases (new heaters, lift gate for the truck, major truck repairs

and new computers) as well as a major marketing campaign

(3 billboards and extensive local advertising via print and radio)

n Continues to build a core group of volunteers who work in the

store on a daily basis a



We’re still in awe.”

That’s what Troy

Graham says

about his family’s new home,

825 Jack Street in Brooklyn.

Troy and Kimberlee Graham

and their three sons, Marcus,

Malcolm and Zion, moved

from a small 2-bedroom

apartment in Glen Burnie to

their 4-bedroom Habitat for

Humanity home in

mid-September 2008.

“There is plenty of space

for the kids to run around,

and each of the boys has his own room. It’s a blessing and a dream.”

Troy goes on to talk about how this dream is affecting his family.

The family has joined the Brooklyn Church of God right around

the corner and they have become active members. Troy says that for

many years they relied on churches for Thanksgiving baskets and

help with the holidays. “We were always so grateful. And now we

can give back.” He has taken food and clothes down to the church

to support their outreach ministries. Troy says that’s just God; that

is how it’s supposed to be.

It’s been a long, hard road – with Troy’s heart surgery and the car

accident Kim was in, an accident that totaled their car. Financially,

they are still recovering. But they have a plan to be completely out

of debt. “We have a place where we can catch our breath.”

“Think of it,” Troy told me, “at a time when people are losing

their homes, we have a 4-bedroom house and a mortgage under

$500 a month.”

The Grahams are at home—in their house, in their church and in

their community. Troy walks the boys to school each day and has

already joined the PTA. He is working with one of the staff

members to bring speakers and mentors into the classrooms. He

talks with another Habitat neighbor about things they can do to

make their community stronger. “There is a lot of life in this area;

it’s just been paved over.”

Troy, Kimberlee, and the boys are embarked on a new life—

“we are finally looking forward to some things.” They are bringing

new life to their community in Brooklyn as well.

825 Jack Street was dedicated to Troy and Kimberlee Graham

and their family on September 13, 2008. a


Valeria Foster, her

16-year-old son Andre,

9-year-old daughter Niya,

and 15-year-old nephew Royal,

are proud to call 2230 Jefferson

Street their new home. Andre

has multiple disabilities and is

wheelchair-bound, but their

new Habitat home caters to his

special needs, and its construction

couldn’t have come sooner for the

Foster family.

For 9 years, the family had

lived in a 2nd floor, 2-bedroom

apartment. Valeria lifted her son,

Andre up 2 flights of stairs for their entire residency. They moved

into a row home that contained fewer steps, but the house was not

wheelchair accessible and the street lacked a curb ramp.

“If Andre wanted to get up the steps of the row home himself, it

could take him a whole hour, because he had to sit on his bottom

and move step by step,” says Valeria. And having to transport a

grown 16-year-old boy had obviously gotten much more difficult

for Valeria over the years. She explains, “The new Habitat house’s

wheelchair accessibility alleviates that worry by giving my son

more independence.”

For the first time ever, her daughter Niya has her own room. The

new house’s accessibility also lifted some weight off of nephew

Royal’s shoulders—he had been helping Valeria to carry Andre

through the years.

When asked which aspect of the new house is most exciting for

her personally, Valeria has a ready, emotional answer: “My ultimate

goal is that I have a sense of security for Andre. If I’m not around

anymore, I want him to have a home he can get around in on his

own and the support that he needs to live more independently.” She

continues, “With this new home, he’ll be more comfortable and

empowered. It’s something I can leave for him.”

Regarding Habitat for Humanity, Valeria has much praise: “I felt

very comfortable with Habitat because they’re genuine and have my

best interests at heart. They try to educate you to become successful

with your home. I trust the program and the people.”

2230 Jefferson Street was dedicated to Valeria and her family

on February 21, 2009. a



Arundel Habitat for Humanity



Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity

Mortgages 58%

Mortgages 72%

Cash and Equivalents 2%


$5.5 million


$5.4 million

Cash and Equivalents 10%

Full audited statement available upon request.

Contributions and Receivables 4%

Property and Equipment 14%

Inventory of Homes 22%

Contributions and Receivables



Cars for Homes

Harold Brenner

Christopher Brown

Geoffrey Christmas

Chris Contos

Charles Coral

Lisa Donaldson

Devin Donovan

Aletha Fernandez

Christian Fisher

Martin Frederick

Susan Ganci

David Greenberg

Thomas Handel

Richard Hardart

Shelly-Ann Harper

Judy Jaudon

Deanna Jones

Peter King

Emily Baust

Heidi Boan

Robert and

Gunthilt Bowen

Thomas and

Margaret Brown

Ian Bukowski

Marisa Canino

Betty Charro

Janet Davenport

Joseph Dyer

Eugene Edgett

Danita Eichenlaub

Patricia Fallon

Marcia and

Richard Feliciano

Mary Graham

Sarah Green

Larry Grubb

Thomas Kling

Walter Knorr

Hans Koczinski

Katherine Leiman

Hyam Levitsky

Grant Linacre

Tom Lloyd

Brenda Martin

Robert McKay

Leo Mehalic

John Morris

Beth Pena

Luis Regal

Mark Rivers

Kenneth Ropp

Kristin Royer

Adam Rutherford

Barbara Sale

Carpenter’s Club

Genevieve Gwiazda

Barbara Harant

E. Ellsworth Inman

David Juppe

James and Beth Knorr

Dan Koehne

Barbara Larson

Cathy Leaycraft

M. Lee and

Sylvia Marston

William McWhirter

Fred Meise

Marilyn Pomerance

Audrey Rossi

Joseph and

Joan Tiernan

Janet Thomson

Deborah Toms

Eric Schafer

Charlotte Simmons

Tracy Soltesz

Claudia Spekke

Cordelia Sperry


Jill Stein

Edna Street Jones

Karen Stysley

Robert Summers

Karolin Szabo

Charles Thomas

Marston Thomas

Juan Vargas

Thao Vuong

Walter Webster

Mary Wirth

Jon Witzel

In-Kind Donors

Acadia Windows and Doors

American 1st Choice Drywall, Inc.

Atlantic Forklift

Baltimore Window Factory

Bausum & Duckett

Calvary Mechanical

Centerline Construction

Chilltrol, Inc.

Civic Works

Devere Insulation

Mike Dominelli- Kennedy,

Porter & Associates


Dave Esslinger

Fence and Deck Connection

Ferguson Enterprise, Inc.

Fichtner Services

Heidler Plumbing

James Glennon


Heartland Building Products

Hunter Douglas Fabrication Co.

I. H. Services, Inc.

J. J. Haines

J & J Mechanical

John Wessner Heating

John Kalb- Powerline

Electrical Services

Danny Kalmus-

KC Pella Windows and Doors

Len the Plumber

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

Tom Renda- Miles & Stockbridge

Mobile Mini

Occupational Skills

Training Center

Quarantine Road Landfill

Al Reed- Baldwin Mechanical

Contractors, Inc.


Robnet Fasteners

Southern Pacific Supply Co.

Square D

Thomas Somerville Co.

Thompson Creek Window Co.

Valspar Foundation

Whirlpool Appliances

Yale Residential Security Products

Homes Completed

204 Clay Street- Lorraine Williams

818 Jack Street- O’Mega Houston

821 Jack Street- Ella Joseph

825 Jack Street- Kimberlee and Troy Graham

2113 Jefferson Street- Yolanda Arroyo

2114 Jefferson Street- Faye Taylor

2122 Jefferson Street- Roxie Myers and

Jonathan Brown

2123 Jefferson Street- Eric Johnson

2124 Jefferson Street- Monyetta Johnson

Community Partners

Arundel Community

Development Services

Baltimore Housing

Baltimore City Police

Banner Neighborhoods

Brooklyn Church of God

Brooklyn Curtis Bay Coalition

Chesapeake Center for Youth


City of Baltimore

Concerned Citizens for a

Better Brooklyn

Consumer Credit

Counseling Services

Friends of Patterson Park

Friends School of Baltimore

Goodwill Industries

of the Chesapeake

Green Power Living

Hope House

Living Classrooms Foundation

Marian House

Masonville Cove Academy

Men’s Center

2125 Jefferson Street- Inez Blue

2133 Jefferson Street- Jean Hoyte

2205 Jefferson Street- Berdella Seward

2207 Jefferson Street- Harriet Skinner

2230 Jefferson Street- Valeria Foster

1101 Ward Street- Tony Michie

1103 Ward Street- Kim Washington

1105 Ward Street- Tammi Shuron

1109 Ward Street- Dana Gaither

1138 Ward Street- Taja Anderson


Revitalization Plan (MMF)

National Center for

Healthy Housing

Office of the City

Council President

Office of the Mayor

Park School

Paul’s Place, Inc.

Sarah’s House

Steven Winter Associates

Women’s Housing Coalition



Bank of America

Constellation Energy



Foundation Coal Corporation

Interfaith Coalition

Park School

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

United Churches






$100,000 AND UP

Bank of America

The Blue Waters Foundation

Community Development

Block Grant

Constellation Energy

Enterprise Community

Partners, Inc.

Foundation Coal Corporation

France-Merrick Foundation

The Harry and Jeanette

Weinberg Foundation

Maryland Affordable

Housing Trust

$50,000 - $99,999

Baltimore Neighborhood




Marion I. & Henry

J. Knott Foundation

Maryland Department of

Housing and Community


The Orokawa Foundation

Paul and Maxine Frohring

Foundation, Inc.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

$20,000 - $49,999

The Abell Foundation

Alan and Lynn Hendershot

Allegis Group, Inc.


Arundel Federal Savings Bank

Associated Black Charities

Baltimore Life Underwriters

Baltimore Window Factory

Bank of America Foundation

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Scott and Lesley Helm

Jack Martin Insurance Advisors

Johns Hopkins Hospital

M&T Bank

Merrill Lynch


PNC Bank

Softwood Lumber

St. John’s Church

Thrivent Financial For Lutherans,

Anne Arundel County

Woods Memorial

Presbyterian Church

$10,000 - $19,999


Aetna, Inc.

Joseph Allwein

Anne Arundel County Executive


Ashland Presbyterian Church

Associated Jewish Charities

of Baltimore

Calvary United Methodist Church

Devere Insulation

Eastern Savings Bank

Empower Baltimore

Management Corporation

Greater Baltimore Board of

REALTORS Foundation

Hoffberger Foundation, Inc.

John J. Leidy Foundation

Kop-Flex, Inc.

William and Betsy Richardson

Wachovia Foundation

Albert Williams

The Zanvyl and Isabelle

Krieger Fund

$5,000 - $9,999

Annapolis Accomodations, Inc.


BB&T Bank

Elizabeth and Francis Burch

Catonsville Presbyterian Church

Central Atlantic Toyota

Chizuk Amuno Congregation


Euler Hermes ACI

Heidler Plumbing

Heritage Baptist Church

Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund

J. C. Crothers Foundation, Inc.

Loch Raven United

Methodist Church

The M&T Foundation

Margaret Long

Manekin, LLC

Paul’s Place, Inc.

PHH Vehicle

Management Services

Rams Head Tavern

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Shelter Development, LLC

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Organization, Inc.

St. Martins-In-the-Field Episcopal

St. Pius X. Church

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Foundation, Inc.

Timonium United

Methodist Church

Towson Unitarian

Universalist Church

USI Charitable Foundation

Venable Foundation

Watermark Cruises

Mark and Carrie Wilson

Youth United Urban Grant

$2,500 - $4,999

Anne Arundel County

Association of Realtors

Annie E. Casey Foundation



Ark and Dove

Presbyterian Church

Baltimore Community


Black & Decker Corporation

Jane Bowen

Mary Catherine Bunting

Chicagoland Habitat

For Humanity

Christ Lutheran Church

Christ Memorial

Presbyterian Church

Cliftara B&B

First and St. Stephen’s United

Church of Christ

First Baptist Church of Annapolis

Frankel Cadillac Pontiac GMC

Gary Gabris and Sheila Wallace

Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman,

Hoffberger & Hollander

Irwin & Judy Zazulia

Foundation Limited

Johns Hopkins Medicine

KCI Technologies, Inc.

William and Kerri Kerr

Reynaldo and Christina Layson

Legg Mason

London Foundation, Inc.

The M&T Foundation

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Foundation, Inc.

National Association of Industrial

and Office Parks

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Lutheran Church

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Sweet Air

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Thomas and Jacqualine Alessi

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Baldwin Memorial United

Methodist Church

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Foundation, Inc.

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Charitable Fund


Educate, LLC

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of Annapolis

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Carlton and Anita Gutschick

Habitat For Humanity of

Washington D.C.

Hall & Co., Inc.

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John and Shelia Hannon

Hanover High School

Harford Habitat For Humanity

Harundale Presbyterian Church

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Texas Hemmaplardh

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Estate Management

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Lima United Methodist Church

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Family Fund

Mars Super Markets, Inc.

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Realtors, Inc.

The Masters Club, Inc.

McCormick & Company, Inc.

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Presbyterian Church

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Service Committee

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Catholic Church

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Community Church, Inc.

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Catholic Congregation

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Lutheran Church

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Maggie Witherup

Deborah Toms





Donald and Diane Topper

Tower Federal Credit Union

Towson Presbyterian Church

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Unitarian Universalist Church

of Annapolis

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Yvonne and Joseph Whitacre

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Patricia Zeno

$500 - $999

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Insurance Group

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Gary Anderson


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Gifts Program

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Charitable Trust

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Meyerhoff Fund

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Catholic Congregation, Inc.

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Dollar Association

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Contractor, Inc.

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Thrivent Financial for Lutherans,

Baltimore City Chapter

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans,

West Baltimore County Chapter

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Edward Zimmerman

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of Annapolis

Rutgers University

Carolyn Volpe

Barbara Walsh

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Bonnie Wicks

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Joseph Yakim

Zenoss, Inc.

$250 - $499

Robert Addy

Kristen and Jonathan Andrews


AVF Consulting, Inc.

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Patricia and Raymond Bahr

Roland and Lois Banscher

Jareene Barkdoll

Brian and Sharon Barr

Dorothy Barr

Richard Barton

Taryn Bayles

Bill Bateman’s Bistro of Towson

Daniel Billig

Elliott Blackwell

Heidi and David Blalock

Catherine and Thomas Bledsoe

Yayano Bone

John Bonn and Christina Garvan

Robert and Becky Bontempo

Phil Brant

Barbara Breckel

J. Michael Brennan and

Mary Sundius

Katherine Briddell

Cadie Bridges-Palmer and

Miles Palmer

James Brookshire

Thomas and Margaret Brown

Bryant Financial Advisory, Inc.

Steven and Lauren Buck

Building Consultants, Inc.

Pamela and John Bukowski

Alyssa and Michael Burge

Marisa Canino and Robert Baillet

Christ Our Anchor

Presbyterian Church

Christian Community

Presbyterian Church

Ryan and Loretta Colvin

Community United

Methodist Church

Larry and Shari Cooper

Kevin and Cheryl Crawley

H. Theodore Criswell, Jr

Richard and Wendy Davis

Penny Davis

Andres and Holly Delpino

David Dimmock

Janice Dixon

Terri Dom

Lisa Donaldson

Dresden School District

Sonia Estruch

Aletha Fernandez

Susan and Thomas Fillion

Michael and Carmel Fisher

Edward Flaherty

Amy Fleming

Bruce Fleming

Sandra Fletcher

Travis Forsyth

Pamela Freday

Jan French

Peter Fulford

Gable Signs

The Gathering of Baltimore

Ralph and Jane Geuder

Greg Gibbons

Annette and Philip Goelet

Louis and Nancy Grasmick

Paul Graziano

Barbara Gross

Halle Family Foundation, Inc.

Margaret and Gordon Hanna

Barbara and Joseph Harant

James Hart

Karen Healey

Kalman and Myra Hettleman

Hewlett Packard

Daniel and Gina Hirschhorn

Jon Hirshon

Timothy Hoeft

Marla Hollandsworth and

Joyce Lammlein

Jock Hopkins

Immanuel United

Church of Christ

Interclypse, Inc.

Jeffrey Johnson

Joseph M. Zimmer, Inc.

David Kandel and Betsy Krieger

Joanne Katz and Scott Zeger

Elizabeth Kennedy and

John Ensell

Sunil and Vaishali Khushalani

Stephen and Kim Kilduff

Mark and Cynthia Koch

Kurt and Norma Kost

Jody Kris

Barbara and Jeff Larson

Linden Heights United

Methodist Church

Bernard Lorenz

Louis J. Grasmick Lumber

Company, Inc.

Lee and Sylvia Marston

Maryland Department of Housing

& Community Development

Georgia and Daniel McDonald

Michelle and John McLaughlin

William McWhirter

Paula and Craig Merkle

Charles and Cecelia Miller

Karen Miller

Marcia Milleville

Jeanne and Matthew Mirchin

Betty Mitchell

Michael Mitchell

John Morris

Mount Carmel United

Methodist Church

Paul and Jinni Myers

Nolan, Plumhoff and

Williams, Chartered

Carolyn and Gary Olschansky

Christina Omeara

Philippe and Sandra Ourisson

Pamela Paulk

Michael Paulson

William and Josianne Pennington

Hunter Piel

Tracy Pindell

James and Karen Plowden

Religious Science Baltimore

Fred Reno

Louisa Rettew

Pat Rhodes

Elaine Ross and Greg Lechner

Barbara and Robert Roswell

Joel and Ann Sacks

Barbara Sale

Robert and Annebeth Santin

Ralph Santoro

SAP Matching Gift Program

Eric Schafer

Gerald Schooler

Saba Siddiqi

Deirdre Smith

Steve Smith

Claudia Spekke

St. Jude Shrine Corp.

St. Stephens Episcopal Church

Stansberry Research





Bonnie Stook

Karen Storey

Joanne and Stephen Strauss

Edna Street Jones

Roberta Strickler and

David Meyers

Susan and Tim Stubbs

Evelyn and Marc Suzdak

David and Cynthia Toms

Richard and Marlene Uhler

John and Jody Varvaris

Thao Vuong

Wagner Capital

Management Corp.

Ann Watson and Peter Cohen

Garry and Karen Wilson

Winn Electric

Patsy Wood

Wood Builders

Collaborative, LLC

David and Patricia Wynkoop

Carol Young and Larry McVay

UNDER $250

Cathy Aballo

Sandra Abbott and B. E. Weisberg

Mary and Bob Abes

James and Lisa Abrams

Anne Acorn

Barbara and Al Adams

Robert and Diane Adams

Judith Adams

Billy Adams

Amanda Adley

Advance Business Systems

Tracey Ahern

Jennifer Aiosa

Joy Aker

Damilola and Andrew Akinmade

Gorgun Akpek

Edna Albuquerque

Aleph Bet Jewish Day School

Sandra and Lans Alexis

Michael and Sandra Alger

Elizabeth and Todd Allen

Harriet Allen

Bruce Allentoff

Alex and Lyla Allentoff

Mary and Vincent Allin

Carroll and Nancy Almes

Robert and Sharon Alper

Deborah and Daniel Alper

David Altfeld

Joseph Althoff

Debra Altzman and

Donald Bradley


Cynthia Amitin and

Steven Ludwig

Sigmund Amitin

Sheldon and Patti Amsel

Wallace Anderson

Rhonda Anderson and

Brian Helme

Mildred Anderson

Mary and David Anderson

Paul and Lynn Anderson

Todd and Jean Anderson

Deborah Andrew and

Douglas Barrick

Susan and Dean Andrew

Jo Anne Andrews

Orlando and Joyce Angeli

Annapolis Panther

Student Organization

Annapolis Pool & Spa Service


Aon Foundation

Paul and Rose Aquilino

Donna and Allan Arbogast

Demetra and Ted Argeroplos

Michael Arida and

Aynur Unalp-Arida

Michael and Gloria Armetta

Judith Armold

Daniel and Barbara Arnheim

Waino and Anita Arvo

Asbury Town Neck United

Methodist Church

Ashley Custom Homes, Inc.

Thomas and Jana Aspray

Dorothy Atkinson

James and Irene Atkinson

Griffith and Darleen Atkinson

ATS Consultants, Inc.

William Auger

B. M. Augustyniak

Brijeet Aulakh

Katharine and Walter Aupperley

Marcia Austin

Robert Awalt, Jr.

William and Jane Ayers

Debrah Babalola

Joan and Brent Baccala

Jamie Bachman

Barbara Bachur

Laura Bagnell

Rhonda and Martin Bahl

Connie and James Bailey

Loretta Bailey

Bain & Company, Inc.

Sarah and Cameron Baird

Valerie Baka

Sharon Baker

Elizabeth and Steven Baker

Stanley and Alberta Baker

Mary Baker

Patricia Baldwin

George and Addie Baldwin

Johanna Baldwin

Opal Balfe

Naomi Baline

Audrey Ballard

Baltimore Jewish Council

Edward and Michelle Banachoski

Frances and Norton Banks

Angela and Dwayne Banks

Pam Bannan

Deirdre and Michael Banscher

Joe and Suzanne Baranowski

Stephanie Barber

Zebulon and Barbara Barbour

Yvonne and G. Scott Barhight

Jason Barker

Margaret and Ben Barker

Earnest and Charlotte Barkley

Kari and Allan Barnes

Andrea Barnes

Jane Baron

Barranco & Sons P.A. Severna

Park Funeral Home

Heidi and Craig Barrett

John and Patricia Barry

Dorothy Barry

Nathan Barthel

Janet and Edwin Bartholomew

David Basner

Sharon and Martin Bass

Janet Bass

Michael and Joanne Bast

William and Kathleen Bauman

Diana Baumann

Jean Baumbach

Mary and Michael Baxter

Franklin and Bernice Beaird

Zaneb and Jonathan Beams

Mary and Gregory Bean

Courtney and Andrew Beck

Barbara Beck

Margaret and Michael Beer

John Behr

Allen and Pauline Beinstein

John Belkot

David Bell and Donna Farber

Reuel Belt

Paula and Hugo Benalcazar

Charles and Sheila Bender

Bernadette Benik

David Benn and Diane Cho

Tracy Bennett

Lillian Benzel

Michael and Nancy Berla

Christina Berman

Sheldon and Ann Berman

Mary Bernsten

Nicholas and Janet Berry

Barbara Best

Michele and Herbert Better

Margaret Bevan

Kim Bevard

Tom and Carol Bevivino

Andrew Beyerlein

Sue Bhanos

Paul Bienhoff

Julie Bierman

Kate Bieryla

Pamela and S. Todd Bilger

Charles Billig

Lisa Billig

Thomas Binford

Douglas and Linda Binion

Debra Bird

Sarah Birdsong

David Bischoff

Sieglinde Bitterfeld

Wilber and Virginia Bivens

David Black

Laurel Black

Christina Black

Heike and Youde Blake

Cecelia Blatt

James and Michele Blessing

Kathryn Blom

Jacqueline Blondin

Inez Blue

Heidi Boan

Vera Boardley

Amy Bober-Schenerman and

Mark Schenerman

Body & Mind Synergy

Carolyn and John Boitnott

Lisa Boland

Janet Bolfar

Lisa Bond

Michael Boner

Richard and Michelle Bonura

Ellen Bookstein

Jacqueline Boone

Judy and Alexander Boone

Trudy Booth

Ruth and Edward Bordewisch

Michael Borowitz and

Barbara Crain

Jordan and Tricia Borrebach

Joan Bosmans

Louis and Isabelle Boston

Kellie and Michael Bowen

Robert and Gunthilt Bowen

Geneva Bowser

Charles and Joan Boyer

Charles and Carolyn Boyer

Julia Boyle

Elizabeth and John Boynton

Lisa Kay Mayr Boynton

Shirley and David Braddy

Robert and Bertha Braland

Michael Brandes

Daniel and Shirley Brandt

Joanna and Harry Brandt

Gregory Brandt

Marcia Brannock

Steven and Jan Brant

Patricia Brasse

Virginia Brassel

James and Carol Bratt

Marjorie Braverman

Shirley Braverman

Mary and James Bready

Claudia and John Breeden

Michael Breslin

Nancy and Daniel Breslin

Alice Breslin

Nancy Breslin

Therese Breza

Brian Boru Irish Restaurant

Dorothy Bright

Cathy Brill and Louis Carlat

Constance Brines

David Brinker

Deborah Brinkman

Mary Broadbeck

Courtney Broadus

Louis Brocato

Barbara Brogan

Que and Joan Bronson

Carl Brooks

Jean Brostrom

George and Kathleen Brown

Brian Brown

Derek Brown and

Deborah Hellman

Jane Brown

Karen Brown

Keith Brown

Karen and Robert Brown

Julie Brown

Valarie Brown

Julius Brown

Christopher Brown

Jamesetta Brown-Galloway

Alma Broy

Elizabeth Brush

Elizabeth Bryan

Helen and Roger Bryan

Coral and James Bryja

Michael and Patricia Brzozowski

Sharon and John Buckley

Margaret Budd

Ian Bukowski

Sandy Burch

Deborah and Alan Burdine

Paula and Peter Burger

Carolyn Burlin

Kiahnna Burney

Barbara and Bynum Burnopp

Patricia Burns

Joyce Burns

Barbara and John Burroughs

Alice Burt

Dana Burton

Deborah and Donald Buschmann

Tami Buss

Margaret and Robert Butler

Roberta Butler

Robert and Elizabeth Buxbaum

Barbara Cabot and

Ronald Markman

Ardath Cade

Constance Cadwell

Robert and Joan Calambokidis

Sharon Calcaterra

Jan and James Callison

Claudia and Duke Cameron

Linda Cameron

The Camille A. Cellucci Trust

David and April Campbell

James and Charlene Campbell

James and Regina Campbell

Matthew and Tara Campbell

Patrick Campbell

Dorothy Campbell

Candles Off Main

Jay and Anne Cannedy

Margaret Cannon

Nathan and Ina Caplan

Pamela and Edward Carey

Gretchen Carlquist

William Carlson

Jennifer Carlson

Marlene Carpenter

Sandra and Alberto Carreras

Mary Carroll

Vanessa Carter

Ruth Carus

Diane Casey

Casey Charitable Matching


Beth and Bart Casper

Roberta Cassard

Kathlyn and Edward Cathell

June Caudill

Pamela and Martin Cawley

CDP Commercial

Flooring Spec., Inc.





Elaine Cechak

Center Club

Victoria Chaney

Jonathan and Sanya Chapman

William and Margaret Chappell

Sharon Charlier

Betty Charro

Susan Chase

Barbara Cheadle

Marge Cheek

Gene and Mary Cheers

Brian Cheetham

Marjorie Chesnut

Cynthia Chess

Edie Chevalier

Chick-fil-A at

Owings Mills Square

Dorothy and Eugene Childs

Laura Chinn

Michael and Ann Chipperfield

Susan Chrest

Christ Lutheran Church

Noreen Christian

Rose Ann Christian

Christian Temple Christian

Church (Disciples of Christ)

Susan Christie

Gail and Robert Chrzan

Ying-Tzu Chung

John and Barbara Church

Marie Clampet

Martha Clampitt

Norman Clark

Joseph and Lindsay Clark

Helen and Tim Clark

Diann and Aaron Clayton

Margaret Clayton

Christine Clevinger

Frances Clifford

Rebecca Cline

Jean Clinnin

Debora Clovis

Patricia Clubine

Chase and Susan Coale

Robert Coates

Michael and Lisa Cody

Norma and Joel Cohen

David and Barbara Cohen

Cara Cohen

Miriam Cohen

Michael Cohn

Willard and Grace Colby

Pamela and

Christopher Coleman

Mary Colgan

Johanna Collado

Wanda Collado

Sheila Compisi

Anne and William Conley

Allan Conn

Chris Contos

John Cook

Laura Cook

Julie and Christian Cooke

Althea Cooksey

Brittany Cooley

Stephen and Betty Cooper

Charles Coral

Pamela Corkran

David and Deborah Cornblath

David and Erika Cornett

Carl Cornwell

Jennifer Corr

Mary Corrigan

William Corun

Richmond and Eleanor Corwin

Kathleen Cosgrove

Maureen and John Costigan

Anna Cottman

Ryan Cotton

Judith Coughlin

James and Mary Courtney

Covenant Title Corporation

Mark Covey

Jeffrey and Sheila Cowan

David and Jan Craine

Carroll Cramblitt

John and Terri Cramer

Pat Crandall

Donald Crary

Edwin Crawford

Wilma and Ray Crawford

Joseph and Sharon Credit

Gwen Creel-Erickson and

Mark Erickson

Catherine and Clarence Creigler

Gus and Charlotte Crenson

Lynn and Thomas Cripps

Mary Crocker

Ray and Barbara Crosby

Mary Cummons

David and Joan Cunningham

Margaret and Edward Curley

Barry and Christel Curtis

Michael Cusack

Christopher Cutillo

Barbara Cyr-Roman

Gislin Dagnelie

Erik Dahl

Sandra Dahling

Linda Daily

Joy and Gary Dain

Mark and Gina Daley

Burt Dall

Warren Dalrymple

Teri Dalton

Charles Dan III

Lisa Daniels

Terri Daniels

Aileen and Arthur Dannenberg

Margaret and Bill Darden

K. Miranda Darden

Brenda Darr

Janet Davenport

Allen Davidson

Ott Davis

Sherrice Davis

Kenneth and Barbara Davis

Sylvia Davis

Judith Davis

Richard and Christine Davis

Lisa Davisson

Shiela Dawson

Steve Day and Fay


Mary Day

Joanne De Loache

Stephanie and Ronald Deabreu

Kenneth and Marilyn Deans

Beverly Death

Caryn Deblois

Ruth Degele

Duane Degler

John and Adele Degnan

Wrenda DeHaven

Susan Delancey

Mary Delaney

Kerry Delaney

Gina DeLeonardis

Delmont United

Methodist Church

Vincent DeMarco and

Molly Mitchell

Janet Demarte

Neil and Barbara Demchick

Joanne and David Demers

Joyce and Dan Demmitt

William and Anne Denford

Robert and Nancy Denison

Elizabeth Derwent

Bill and Effie Deshields

Stuart and Sandy Dettelbach

Vanessa Deutschmann

C. and Annie Devadason

Elsie Dewberry

Beverly DeWeese

Steven DeWitt

Jeanne Di Battista Croke

Elizabeth Dicembre

Natalie Dickins

Richard Dietrich

Tina Digiacomo

Cecelia Digiacomo

Albert and Mary Dimarcantonio

Joyce and William Dingle

Jocelyne Diruggiero

Armeta Dixon

Alexander Dixon

H. Lee and C. L. Dixson

Sally and H. E. Dobbs

Linda and Patrick Dobson

Leo and Marie Dodge

Dotty Doherty

Dome Corporation

James and Margaret Don

Susan and Steven Donnell

James and Sarah Donnelly

Michael and

Bernadette Donnenberg

Devin Donovan

Dianne Donovan and

Anthony Burba

Harriet Dopkin and

Steven Montgomery

Sara and Thomas Dopkin

Amy Dorman

Shawn Dorman and

Shawn McKenzie

Edwin and Madeline Dorsey

Donald Doty

James and Nancy Doub

Norma Douglas

Elizabeth Downs

Anne Doyle and Charles Hines

Benjamin Dozier

Caroline Drechsler

Marcia Drenzyk

Marcia Dresner

Merla Drew

Lee Drinkwater

Vadj Dubainsky

John Duberg and Mary Kuxhaus

Robert and Carolee Duckman

Steve Duffy

Marilyn Duffy

Teresa Duggan

Joseph and Sarah Dulany

Patricia Dumler

Petra Dumlist

Angela Dumouchelle

Frank Dunbaugh

Sylvia Duncan

Larry and Leslie Dunham

George and Dawn Dunkes

Alice Dunlap

Gordon and Donna Dunlap

Lorraine and Douglas Dunn

Jyl Dupont

Lynne Durbin

Cecelia and Richard Durham

Emily Durkee

Donna Durkin

Catherine Dussik

DWM Real Estate Services, Inc.

Barbara Earle

Rosemary Eastman

Tara and Eric Ebersole

John and Maribeth Eckenrode

Sigmund and Betty Eckhaus

Carol Edelman

Bennett and Janet Edelman

Martin Edelman

Mary Edgar

Eugene Edgett

Joseph and Barbara Edmondson

Thomas Edward and Judith Reid

Nancy Edwardes and

Vaughn Buck

Nancy Edwards

Edyta and Jason Edwards

Jessica Eicher

Alberta Eidman

Valerie Eisman and Steve Breiter

Jeannie and George Ekdahl

Laurie Elinoff

Jennifer Elisseeff

Susan Ellerbrake

W. Ann Elliott

Bonnie Elliott

Vanessa Elmore-Boston and

Frank Boston

David Elseroad

Bertrand Emerson

Kathy Emmert

Susanne Emory

Anida England

David Engler

Susan Engles

Alice Ennals

Epiphany Episcopal Church

Michael Erdek

Sandra Ericson

Karen Ermer

Cynthia Ernst and Robert Brown

ERP International, LLC

Mary Ervin

Wanda Eschenbach

Susan Eshleman

Margaret Esposito

Susan Esty and Larry Sullivan

Diane Evans

Christine Evans

Willard and Margot Everett

Ann Everton

Jennifer Eve-Williams

Mary Ewenson

Jacqueline Exline-Hassler

Lee and Rebecca Fahrenz

Laura Faibish

William Falk

Sylvia Faragalla

Alfred and Lillian Farina

Kathy and Robert Farlow

Paul Farragut

Elaine and George Farrant

Andrea Farrell

Thomas and Kathryn Farrell

Barbara Farrell

Rosehannah Farrelly-Wethern

Alison and Andrew Fass

Rebecca Fass

Bobbie and Jeremy Fass

Nancy Fass

Sarah Fawcett-Lee and Jason Lee

Mark Fay

Paula Fazio

Edwin Fee and Lisa Barkan

Susan Feigelman

Marcia and Richard Feliciano

Mary Felsentreger

Stephen and Sharon Femrite

Matthew Fenton III

Nancy and Matthew Fenton

William Ferguson

Ferndale United

Methodist Women

Luisa Ferreira

Judith Fey

Sarah Feyerherm

Roy Field

Lucy Fielding

Rebecca and Barry Fields

Nancy Fields

Maria and Vincent Filardi

Richard Filling

Bonnie Finlay

Scott and Donna Finley

Michele and Glenn Fischer

Christina Fisher

Leona Fisher

Stephen and Stacy Fisher

Sara and Nelson Fishman

John Fitzgerald

Carla Flaim

Joseph Flanigan

Jeane Flesch

Elizabeth Fletcher

Lawrence and June Fletcher-Hill

Suzanne and David Flinchbaugh

Marion and Robert Flint

Joan and Mark Floura

Margaret and Brian Flowers





Jayne Foehrkolb

Don and Annabel Foery

Carl and Elizabeth Fogle

Nadine Fontan and Oliver Schein

Arlene Ford

Megan and George Ford

Jeffrey Forman and Joan Gaby

Adam Forrand

April Forrer

Raymond Forton

Miriam and Forrest Foss

Jerry and Teresa Foster

Cynthia Fox

Dorothy Fox

Barbara and Patrick Francis

Laurie and Jason Frank

Connie Frankenbery

Freddie Mac Foundation

Matching Gifts

Nora Frenkiel and Peter Kaplan

Eric Friedman

Joe and Carol Friend

Annette Fries

Ork’o Frisancho-Kiss and

Jose Frisancho-Perea

Richard and Donna Frisch

Anna Fristedt

Francis and Carolyn Frodyma

Elvira and Richard Froehlinger

Alton Fryer

Joesph and Barbara Fudjack

Anna and Edward Fuller

James Furio

Kerry Gabler

Rachel Gaines

Jay and Marsha Gamerman

Lora and Gregory Gann

Jonathan Gans

Terry Gardner

Alan and Lisa Garten

Herbert Garten

Peter and Julie Garver

Garwood Whaley

Music Program, Inc.

Barbara Gass

Richard Gause

Alphonse and Betty Gauthier

Shirley Gaver

James Gehring

Robert Geis

Keith and Jeanne Geissler

James and Hallie Geist

Margaret Gellert

General Physics Corp.

M. Lacy Gentry

Kathryn George

Louis Gephardt

Deborah and Michael Geraghty

Nina and David Gerrity

Stewart Giauque

Carol Gilbert

Robert and Helen Gilbert

Michael Gildea

Robin Gill

Laurence and Patricia Gill

Joseph and Gale Gillespie

Shirley and James Gillespie

Sylvia Gillett

Beth Gilmore

Steven Ginsburg

Raymond and

Rosemary Giovannoni

Ann and Tom Gladwin

Ronald and Randee Glassman

Karen Glenn

Steven Glossop

Maurice Glover

Harriet and Calvin Godfrey

Going Places, Inc.

Joanne Gold

Rosemary Gold

Evelyn and Donald Golden

Jane and Ira Goldfarb

Evie S. Goldman

Karen Goldman and

Paul Herman

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Marilyn and Norman Goldstein

Andrew Goldstone

Paula Gomes

Bob and Elaine Goodman

Linda Gordon

Robert Goren

David Gorrie

John and Gayle Gorsuch

Gail and Dale Gough

Ruth and Jeffrey Gould

Kathy Graber

Mildred Grabstald

Elizabeth Gradie-Chinn

Kathleen Graf

Mary Graham

Matt Granger

Emily Grant and Brian Babcock

Grantium, Inc.

Susan Gray

Jefferson and Elizabeth Gray

Anne Gray

Larry Green and T. R. Fields

Sarah Green

Barry Greenberg and

Brenda Wilson

Patrice Greenblatt

Johanna Greenhood

Sharon Greensfelder

Frances Grega

Scott and Linda Gregory

Brian Grieb

Regina Griffin

Susan Griffin

Ronald and Patricia Griffin

Judith Griffith

Robert and Carole Grimm

Suzanne Gross

Clarence Gross

Michael Grost

Max Gruendl

Laverne Gucker

Ellis Guiles

Claude Guillemard

Katherine Guins

William and Laura Gumula

Dorothy Gustafson

Sarah and Peter Gutierrez

J. Edmond Guy

Susan Guyaux

Genevieve and Joseph Gwiazda

Nancy Haas and James Wyda

Lillian and Willard Hackerman

Arleathea Hackett

Cindy Hackett

Catherine Haddon

Paul Haigley

Valencia Hainesworth

J. Edward Hakes

Joseph Hall

Patricia Hall

Edward Halle

Linda Halpert

Nancy and Bruce Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton

Dorothy Hammel

Jacqueline Hammel

Jeanette Hammond

Elise Handelman

Markelle Handy

Carrie Hanford

Deborah and Edward Hanka

Cynthia and Kenneth Hankin

Robert Hankin

Gerald Hankin

Kathie and Waly Hankins

Lauren Hannigan

Cardale Hannon

Patricia Hannum

Grace Hansborough

Elizabeth Harber and Henry Kay

Ernest Harden

Dennis and Janis Harmon

Grant and P. G. Harmon

Shelly-Ann Harper

Judy Harris and I. Scott Sokol

Thomas and Luann Harris

Gloria and Charles Harris

Robert and Chi Harris

Fannie Harris

Katherine Harris

Merrill and Dellroy Harrison

Molly Harrison

Susan Harrison

David and Elise Harrison

Shirley and David Harrison

Delores Harry

Mary Hart

Mary Jane Hart

Joan and F. James Harter

Sue Harvey

William and Barbara Hatchl

Art Hathaway

Robert and Mary Hauck

Eugene and Margaret Haupt

John Hawkins

Lillian Hawkins

Mary Hawse

Marsha Hayleck

Carmela Hayward

Jerry and Nancy Hazelwood

HBF Plus Architects, Inc.

Nancy Heacock

Paula Heacock

Pamela Head

Nelson and Carolin Head

Janet Headley

Janet Heald

Baxter Hearn

Melville Heath

Beth and Kevin Heerdt

Ann Heether

Martin Heffner

Frank and June Heintz

Dick and Shirley Heintz

Molly Helme

Susan Helms

John Henderson

Karen and David Henelde

Pamela Henry

Henry Landscaping

Pauline Henson

G. Herdt

Edna Herl

Kathi Heron

Alex Hersh

Frances and Timothy Hester

Michelle and Jeffrey Hettleman

Suzanne Hewes

Norman and Linda Heyl

James Hibberd

Shirley and Raymond Hibbs

John Hicks

Wilhermina Higgins

C. Earl and Enola Hill

Charlotte and Laurance Hill

Natasha Hill

Shirley and Talmadge Hill

John Hill

Ruth and Joe Hilliard

Sombo Hilton

Roberta Hines

Elizabeth Hirsch and

Kurt Celtnieks

Gretchen Hirt

Scott and Gail Hisey

Benjamin Hobbs and Julie McDill

Sidney Hochstein

Virginia Hoefner

Johanna Hoehner

Mona Hoff

Joanne and Alan Hoffberger

Cathy and Martin Hoffman

John and Susan Hogge

Joan Hohenberger

George Hohl

Marcia and David Holden

Venetia Holland

Natasha Holley

Elizabeth Holt and

Tesfamichael Mehari

Pat Holton

Katherine Hom

Sarah Hong

Nancy Hooper

Lucy Hoopes

Brian Hoover

Jenny Hope

Gertrude Hopkins

Lois and George Hornick

Kathleen Horton

Jack Horvath

Kimberly Hosken

Susan and Carl Hossfeld

Karen Hott

David and Eloise Hoyt

Sasha Hudson

Judith Hudson

Brian and Renee Hufker

Elisabeth Hughes

Lorraine and Ray Hughes

B. L. Hughes

Mary Hulbert

K. David Hulteng

Janice Humphrey

Barbara and Julius Hyatt

Lois and Albert Hybl

Cheryl and Jon Hyman

Jacqueline Iannuzzi

Harriet Iglehart

Alan Ingraham

E. Ellsworth Inman

Interfinish, LLC

International Union of Operating

Engineers, Local 37

Letitia Iorio

Faoud and Susan Ishmael

Courtney and John Ivaska

Gregory and Catherine Izzi

Joseph and Jean Jacklin

Ann Jackson and

T. Michael McCormick

Marsha Jackson

Jacob and Hilda Blaustein

Foundation, Inc.

Walter and Claudia Jacobs

Judith Jacobson

Catherine Jagdman

Ellen and Stephen Janes

Susan and Robert Janger

Resa Jascourt

Judy and Thomas Jaudon

Majid Jelveh and Marybeth Shaw

Roger and Joan Jenkin

Willie Jenkins

Franklin and Jocelyn Jenkins

Bambi Jenkins

Melissa Jenkins

Karen Jennings

Timothy and Megan Jerzyk

Rhonda Jessie

Diane Jezek

Rene and George Jiggetts

Barbara Joellenbeck and

Steven Calahan

Daisy Johns

Jane Johnson

Dean and Sally Johnson

Mariana and Barnes Johnson

Norman and Emily Johnson

Helen Johnson

Alexis Johnson

Earl Johnson

Charles Johnson III

Gloria Johnson

Dawn Johnson

Maxine Johnson

Tomeka Johnson

Edward Johnston

James Johnstone

Kelly Jones

Anne Jones

Patricia Jones

Shirley Jones

Richard and Nellie Jones

David Jones

Pamela Jones

Caldonia Jones

Mary Jordan

Barbara Joudry





Annamaria Joyner

Eric and Beth Juergensen

Bruce Jurist

Edward and Margaret Justice

Peter Kahn and Martha Macks

Neil Kahn and Jennifer Berk

David and Ruth Kalvar

Abu Kamal

Melissa and Brian Kaplan

Stuart Kaplow

Judith Kardash

Jeannette and Kenneth Karpay

Kelly Karpovich

William Karpovich

Kenneth and Lisa Karsten

Pauline Katauskas

Jefferson Katims and

Starr Parsons

Martha and Richard Katz

Susan and Lewis Katz

Anne and Kenneth Katz

Rona and Joseph Katz

Bruce Kaup and Toby Gordon

Franklin Kaye

Kara and Kevin Kearney

Jennie Kearney

Lynn Keckler

Valinda Keemer

Mary Keen and Harris Rubin

Elizabeth Keenen

Patricia Keffer

Arthur and Maree Keffler

Marjorie Kehoe

Mitchell and Melissa Keiser

Lois Kelbermann

Thomas and Cheryl Kelley

Edward Kemper and

Gayne Barlow-Kemper

Isobel and Sydney Kemper

Dorothea and Richard Kendall

Stella and John Kennedy

Megan Kenney

Janet and John Kenny

Norine Kerbel

Robert Kerkis

Nancy Kerns

Bobbie Kesecker

Andrew and June Kessler

Kulsoom Khan

Sandra and John Kick

Mary and E. Christian Kiehne

Patricia Kieswetter and

John Jones

Harry Kight

Robert Kight

James Kiladis

Lesal Kilcrease

Ellen Kilroy

Vesta Kimble

Peter and Lynn King

Margaret Kingsbury

Carol and David Kinne

Lori Kipke

Rose Kirby

William and Mary Kircher

Bob and Beth Kirchner

Mary Kirschman

Elaine and Neal Kitt

Timothy Kjer

Barbara Klarner

David and Lisa Kleeman

Elsie Klein

Kathleen Klemmer

Richard and Caroline Knapp

Gary Knebel

James and Beth Knorr

Walter and Marta Knorr

John and Elizabeth Knupp

Kathleen Koch

Koch Family Foundation

Joyce Kochy

Ann Koehler

Barbara and Fred Koehler

Donna Kolb

Megan Kolbe

F. Kirk and Betsy Kolodner

Irene Kols

Joseph and Anne Konrad

Amanda Konradi and

Barry Ochrach

Elizabeth Kopf and David Katz

Richard Kopro

John Kosciw

Rosalind Koskoff

Kathryn Kowalczuk

Serafina Krag and Peter Bruun

Barbara Kramer

Esther Krasevac

Susan and Stanley Kraska

Mitchell Krasnopoler and

Susan Cohen

Edward and Muriel Kraus

Dorothy Kraus

Robert and Kate Krauss

Wendy and William Krayer

Eric and Tonya Krebs

Thomas and Andrea Krebs

Cabrini Kriewald

Janet Kruba

Dorothy Krug

Jeanne and Mark Krug

McCrea and David Kudravetz

Theresa Kuethe

Mark Kuhn

Charles Kuning

James Kuntz

Carolyn Kustanbauter

Ladies of the Elks of Severna Park

Patricia Laibstain

Frederick and Pauline Lamartin

Carol and Peter Lamb

Linda Lammens-Anderkin

Joyce Lammlein and

Marla Hollandsworth

Elizabeth Landen

Martha and John Lane

Patrick Lane

Esther Lang

Mollie Lange

Elizabeth and Dieter Langendorf

Darlene Langenfelder

Galina Langer

Kim Lank

Renee Larkins

Kristin Larney

David and Leslie Larson

Debra and Kaj Larsson

Julia Lassotovitch

Lorraine Laszczynski

Sonia Latorre

C. Latrell

Patricia Lauenstein

Mary Lauffer

Louise Laukhart

Robert and Ann Laurenson

Constance Lavallee

Katherine and William Laveck

Leona Lavin

Law Offices of Fred Allentoff

Douglas and Tracey Lawton

Shauna and Michael Leavey

Cathy Leaycraft and

Daniel Shapiro

Jeanette Leblanc

Carrie Lebow and Laurin Askew

Robin Lee and Margaret Shifflett

Maren Leed

Jane Lefavor

Janet and Thomas Lehman

Lillian Lehnert

Elizabeth and

Christopher Leighton

Margaret Leming

Eileen Lemmon

Joseph and Lynne Lentz

Eileen Leonhart

Roger and Sheryl Lepage

Craig and Virginia Leppert

David and Alison Leslie

Margot and Lawrence Lessans

Herman Lesser

Jacqueline and Gary Lessing

Laurie and Robert Lester

David Levin

Rick and Wendy Levine

Susan Levine

Beverly Levine

Michael and Nicole Levitt

Emanuel and Gayle Levy

Gretchen and Alexander Lewis

Sharon Lewis

Donald and Yvonne Lewis

Dana and Edward Lewison

Joshua Lichtenstein and

Alicia Ybarra

Leslie Lichter

Lynne and Lawrence Lichtig

Margaret Lidard

Dana Liedholm

Tammy Lien-Dronberger

Eva Ligel

Sidney Lightfoot and

Deborah Spittel

Grant Linacre

Thea Lindauer

Cynthia and John Lindley

Nancy Lindsay

Barbara Lingg

Joanne Lingle

Joanne Linhard

Sarah and John Lippa

Craig Little

Mozelle Little

Shameka Littles

Margie and Wayne Lloyd

Herbert and Frances Lodder

Howard and Karen Loewenberg

Crystal Long

Alta Lopez

Christina Lopez and David Sachs

Agnes Lorentzen

Lorman Education Services

Jamshid Lotfi and

Mitra Motavalli

Karen Louder

Rita Lowman

Michael and Deedra Lunt

Katharine and David Lyon

John Lyon

Necolle Maccherone and

Mark Minzie

Carol and Louis Maccini

Laurie Mack

Kevin MacKley

B. MacNemar

Tristram Madden

Karen Maex

Glenice Magsamen

Thomas Maid

Noreen Maksym

Beatrice Malat

Michelle Malizia

Larry Malkus

Lisa and Charles Mallonee

Bruce and Suzanne Manger

May-Lis Manley and

Depriest Whye

Elizabeth and Jim Mann

James Manzuk

Shirley Marconi

Doris Marek

Sean and Barbara Markey

Charles Bennett and

Renee Marlin-Bennett

John Marlow

Margaret and Joseph Marsala

Randolph and Phyllis Marshall

Holden Marshall

Anthony and Deborah Martelli

Anna Martin

Rosemary Martin

Frank and Rosemary Martino

Virginia Martirano

Milo Mason

Priscilla Mason

Carol Mason

Lydia Mason and Mark Ingram

Jackie Mattheu

Ophelia Matthews

Doris Matthews

George Mattingly

William and Mary Matton

Michael and Suzanne Matulis

Judith and David Mauriello

Robert and Cynthia Max

Douglas and Jennifer May

Judith and Hans Mayer

Robert McAlpin

Jean McArdle

Emily McAuley

Margaret and

Michael McAusland

Susan and John McBride

Lisa McCarl

Milton and Jackie McCarthy

Richard and Kimberly McCarthy

Jane McClanahan

Stephanie McClellan

Timothy McCloskey

Lois McConnell

Hugh McCormick

John McCrary and Ellen Piwoz

James and Mary McCrea

James McDonald

Lillie McDonald

Robert McDorman

Toby Mcerlean

William McGagh

Mary McGeady

Michael and Ellen McGill

John and Betty McGinnis

Carolee and Thomas McGrath

Raeann McInnis and

Robert Flesher

Glenn and Joann McKnab

Diane and Richard McKoy

Anne and Victor McKusick

Joycelyn and

Eurphan McLaughlin

Patricia McMillan

Betty and Tyrone McNeill

Reverand McPherson

Mary and Kenneth McQuage

Alma and Francis Meagher

Eileen and James Meagher

Betty and G. Robert Medalie

Jean Mehl

Michele Mehrling

Louise and Xerxes Mehta

Fred and Renate Meise

Laurie Meister

Nancy Mellin

Robin Melnyk

Catherine Meloy

C. A. Menke

Margaret Mensa

Monica Mentzer

Brian and Caren Meritt

Eugene and Patricia Merkert

James and Amaryllis Mersey

Leslie Merwin

John and Kris Meyer

Amy and Lee


Frances Middleton

Carroll Midgett

Patricia and Albert Mildvan

Anthony Miller

Susan Miller

Allyson Miller

Elizabeth and Michael Miller

Marlene Miller and

Peter Pronovost

Vickie Miller

William and Marguerite Miller

Dinah Miller and

David Donabedian

Carl Miller

Lawrence and Laurem Miller

Amy and Michael Millin

Stephen Millison

Clare Milton and

Elizabeth Townsend

Paul and Pat Minnigh

Lowell and Ruth Minor





Anisa and Ziad Mirza

Donald Mitchell

Dorothy Mitchell

Cara Mitchell

Patricia and Earl Mittleman

Jeremy and Donna Mocny

Paul and Sue Monaghan

Michele Monde

Denise Monnett

Celaine Montague

Liz Montaner

Bonnie Montcalmo

Frank and Judith Moore

Ryan Moore

Kelly and Craig Moore

Norma Moore

Darlene Moran

Sharon Morehead

Erika Moreno

Rebecca and Russell Morris

Victoria Morris

Robert and Carol Morrison

Jodi Mort

Wilford and Gwendolyn Morton

Joseph Moscati

Chelsey Moscati

Elizabeth Moser

Robert and Patricia Moser

Nilene Mosher

Sharon and Yale Mosk

Iris Moskowitz

Donna and Jon Moss

Pendleton Moudrianakis

Mt. Washington Garden Club

J. C. Mueller

Richard and Lucille Muffoletto

Victor and Ellen Mullan

Nancy Mullan

Max Muller

Angela and Michael Mulligan

James and Rose Mulroe

Willard and Elaine Mumford

Walter and Marilyn Muren

Don and Ethel Murphy

Lee Murphy

Margaret Murphy

Mary Murphy

Alma Murray

Angela Murray

Kathryn and Paul Murray

William and Rebecca Muth

Steve and Patricia Myers

Sue Myers

Barbara and Richard Myers

Daniel and Gail Myrta

Karen Nace

Patricia and Frank Nachodsky

John Naiman

Daniel Naiman and Judy Lakind

Barbara Narrow

Joanne Nathans

Nancy Neely

Tina Neet

Pheadra Nelson

Linda Nelson

Linda and James Nesspor

Barbara Newman

Annette Nielsen

Niftee Thriftee Shop

Joan Nilan

Martin Nocchi

Roberta Nock

Kathy Nolte

Joseph and Janet Noone

Amber Noonkester

James and Carol Noppenberger

Frank Noppert

Mary Norris and P. N. Dunbar

Catherine Norton

Kathleen Norwood

Linda Nosek and Elfriede Stotler

Michael and Renee Novak

Helen Novak

Kenly Novotny

Akpeyedje Nubukpo

Gregory and Kathleen Nucifora

Susan and Emilio Nunez

Clyde and Irene Nunley

Stephanie and Michael Nunn

Joseph and Pamela Nuti

James Nygaard

Judy and Scott Oakley

Dayle Obrecht

Timothy and Allison O’Brien

Michael and Lisa O’Brien

Ashley O’Bryan

Susan O’Connor

Suzanne Odell

Emily Odell

Delores Oden

Regenia Oden

John and Anne Ogaitis

John O’Hara and

Carol Baumerich

Terry O’Hare

Virginia and William Okeefe

Olympia Industries

Sylvia Onder

Onsite Partners, Inc.

James O’Reilly

Nancy and Ira Oring

Jo-Ann Orlinsky

Stephen and Ruth Orton

Kay Osburnsen

Patricia Ouellette

Glynn Owens

Emmanuel and Ester Paderanga

Susan Paisner

Andrew and Debra Paladino

Paula Palumbo

Nino Panagia

Sara and Larry Paradies

Gerard and Kathleen Paradiso

Elizabeth Park

Laura Parker and Acelia Buck

Robyn and Jonathan Parks

Deanna and Philip Parnell

Ellen and Michael Patak

William Patro

Thomas and JoAnna Patterson

David and Barbara Paulson

Linda Payne

Ellen Pearson

Emily Perl

Joel Perrell

Michael and Marsha Perril

Grace Perrone

William and Jean Persinger

Glenn Peterson

Jeff and Juanita Peterson

James and Evelyn Peterson

Carolyn Peterson

Terri and Craig Petzold

Joan and Bradley Peyton

Amie Pfeifer

Sophia and William Phillips

Glenn Phillips

Wilson Phipps

Barbara Pierce

Ann Pierson

Donald Pittman

Beth Plavner

Dan Pletcher

Erin Plummer

Phillip Plymouth

Felicity and John Pocock

Mary Kay Pogar

Agnes Pohlner

Emilia Poiter

Nancy and Gerard Poiter

Marilyn Pomerance

Virginia Pond

John Pontin

Theodore and Rosa Pope

Charlene Porter

Mary Ports

Penny Post

Gael Post

Karen Potenza

Richard and Jayna Powell

Roxie Powell

George and Diane Preisinger

Presbyterian Women of Woods

Presbytery of Baltimore

Gloria Pressman

Alan Pribula

Michelle Price

Robert and Suzy Price

Catherine and Richard Pringle

Robert Pritchard and

Lynn Fontana

Maureen Pritchard

Allison Prouty

Julia and Jerome Pruchniewski

William and Mindy Pruitt

Diane and Hugh Pry

Barbara Pumphrey

Debi Pumphrey

Carol and Kylelane Purcell

Harriet Quandt

Henry and Shirley Quaskey

Margaret Quimby and

Eleanor Price

James and Mary Quinlan

Ivan Quinter

Susan and Bruce Rabin

Marie Racz

Dorothy Raff

Philip Raffa

Mehrafshan Rahman

Ronnie and Marla Raigrodski

Mary Raimondo

Beverly Rambo

Shirley Randall

Mary Lou Randolph

Robert and P. A. Ranneberger

Richard Ransom

Miriam Rappaport

Theresa Ratajczak

Rich Rattell

Virginia Rawlings

Ollie Ray

Elaine Rayme

Marilyn and Harvey Raynor

Margaret Redd

Brooke Redgrave

Steven Redmer

Margaret and W. Lansing Reed

Colleen and Regis Reft

Luis Antonio Regal

Jacqueline Regan and

David Verchomin

Craig and Lee Reich

Diane Reichart

John and Wanda Reilly

John Reilly

Susan Reinhart

Julia Reinhart

Susan and Robert Reisdorf

Irene Remines

Roberta Renkiewicz

Cyndy Renoff

Peter Repetti

Dorlee Resnick

Valerie Restifo

Hope Reyes

David and Connie Rhodes

Elizabeth Ribas

Margaret Ricci

Sue Ricciardi

Eric Rice

Louis and Gail Richards

Candace Richardson

Elisabeth Richardson

April and James Richeson

Diane Richman

Charles and Sandra Richoz

Jacqueline Richter

Lesli and Jay Rickey

William and Carol Rider

Deborah Ridings

Mary Ann Ried-Gill

Ann Riefe

Leslie and Alan Rifkin

William and Betty Rigoli

Lynne Riley-Coleman

Nancy and Mark Ring

Melissa and Allan Riorda

RMA Enterprises, Inc.

Robyn Robbins

Lisa Roberts

Linda Roberts

Kathleen Roberts

Heather Robertson

Mary Robey

James and Charlotte Robinson

Philip and Marjorie Robling

Harriet and Sidney Roche

John Rock

John and Mary Roemer

Elizabeth Rogers

James Rogers

Ken and Becci Ropp

Antony and Livia Rosen

Elaine Rosenberg

Barbara Rosenberger

Brian Rosenfeld and

Sally Thorner

Dorothy Rosenthal

Rosalie Rosenzwog

James and Jane Roser

Roberta and Saul Rosoff

Marci Ross

Glenn Ross

Ruth Ross

Audrey Rossi

Elizabeth and Joseph Rotellini

Aliza and David Rothenberg

Louise Rothschild

Patricia Rouse

Thomas and Jane Rouse

Mark Rouse

Nancy Rouse

C. Jeffery and Jo Routson

Lynette Roycroft

Virginia Rubel

William Rubin

Edward Ruch

Patricia and Richard Ruggieri

Doug Rundle

Kimberly Ruppert

Shaheen Rushd and

Jeremy Silverman

Faiyaz Rushd

Barbara Rusinko

Theron Russell and Pamela Yarus

Nancy Russell-Forrester and

Mark Forrester

Natalie Rutledge

Jill Ryan

Lenita Ryce

Ann Ryder

Katharine Rylaarsdam

Robert and Mary Sacha

Kimberly Sachs

Julie and Howard Sakin

Daliah Salahuddin

Mary Salchunas

Tamara Salo

Elise and David Saltzberg

Cherie Sampson

Emily Samuelson

San Francisco Wine Exchange

Rebecca Sander

Jolene Sanders

Judith Sandler

Suzanne Sangree

Carole Sanner and Peter Gillispie

Lee and George Santos

Todd and Juliane Sarubin

Stacey Sass

Darlene and Cerissa Saudarg

Robert Sauers

Mary Sauter

Patty Savannah

Linda Savid

Lisa and Alan Sawyer

Cindy Schaefer

James and Katherine Schaefer

Gary and Ruth Schanken

Alan and Roni Scharf

Steven and Julie Scheide





Raleigh Schein

Vera and William Schissler

W. Brad Schlegel

Gary and Carol Schmidt

Gordan and Virginia Schmier

Aaron Schneiderman and

Sarah Sette

Geraldine Schnobrich

Monica Schoch-Spana

Gregg and Elizabeth Schrader

Richard and Janet Schreibstein

William and

Mary Louise Schroeder

Randall Schroedl

Melanie Schryver

Joan Schucker

Mary Anne Schuerger

Jennifer Schuette

Paul and Terry Schuette

Laurie and Mark Schulz

Linda Schummers

Matthew and Kathleen Schuster

Dorothy Schwartz

David and Elda Schwartz

Robert and Martina Schwartz

William Schweikert

Joann Scipio

Kia Scipio

Scitor Corporation

Sally and David Sclar

Claudia Sconion

Sally Scott and James Potash

Charles Scott

Cynthia Scurlock

Dona Scwandtner

Deborah Seate

Second Presbyterian

Church of Baltimore

Linda Sefick

Jane and Eric Seitel

Rosalie Sellman

Nancy Sellman

Amy Selmanoff

Louise and William Senft

Janice Senn

Robin Sestero

Wilbur and Evelyn Seufert

Severna Park Newcomers Club

Jane Sexauer

Alberta Seymour

Richard and Roberta Shaker

Shanelle Shakoor

Shalimar Sales, Inc.

Susan Shannon

Wanda Shannon

David Shapiro and Andrea Ruff

Sarah Shapiro

Joan Shaull

William and Marcia Shea

Peggy and Steve Shearer

David Sheehy and

Elisabeth Sachs

Preston and Anne Shelton

Deborah and William Shenton

Samuel and Diana Shepherd

Fred and Margaret Sheppard

Aaron Sherber

Wendy and J. Ronald Shiff

Michelle Shifflett

Cathy Shipley

Laura and John Shmerler

Angela Shortall

Diane Shreves

Cindy Shuart

Roger and Sam Shull

Steven and Joy Sibel

Cathy Sidlowski and

Edward Mace

Debbie Siebert

Brian and Laura Siegel

Amy Silberman

Silver Peak REIT, Inc.

Michael and Jane Simcock

Ann Simmons

Shira and Benjamin Simon

Marjorie Simon

Kari Simonian

Jane and Brian Sims

Bonita Sims

John and Karen Singer

Michele and Andrew Singer

Blanche Singleton

Kerry Sir

Theresa Skepton

Elizabeth Slayton

Elizabeth Sluder

Smart Office Services

Christopher Smith

Ella Smith

Steven Smith and

Rosemary Quinn

James and Mona Smith

Scott and Julia Smith

Dorothy and Buddie Smith

Katherine Smith

Jeffrey Smith

Vincent Snello

Jean Sobus

Robert and Helen Solomon

Tracy Soltesz

Dorothy Soltys

Barbara and Peter Sommer

Jenny Sorel

Roy and Michelle Sotiros

David Southwick

Christopher Spangler

Charles and Vicki Spira

Carlyn and Richard Spooner

Barbara Squires

St. Albans Episcopal Church

St. Philip Neri School

St. Timothy’s School

Betty and Joseph Staffer

Lauren Staines

Patricia Stalling

Morgan Stanley

Melissa Stanton

Charles and Patrice Stark

Mary Starling

Gloria Starr

Norman and Ingrid Stead

Steven and Julia Steimel

Carissa Stepien

Catherine Sterling

Anne and Donald Sterlock

Andrew Stern

Lisa Stern

Judith and Kenneth Stevanus

Eloise Stevenson

Andrew Stewart

Anne Stewart

Catherine Stewart

Randall and Sara Stewart

Richard and Aime Stewart

Leander and Jody Stoehr

Stone Chapel United

Methodist Church

Ann Stonesifer

Pat Stout

Roger and Kathleen Stoy

William and Joanne Stratton

Tammy and William Streebig

Frank and Mary Street

Karen Streett

Glenn Streiff

Linda Striano

Linda Striegel

Mary Stromer

Michele Strong

Greg and Trish Strott

Robert and Anne Struble

Aretha and Johnnie Stubbs

Paul Stumpf

Daniel and Andrea Sturgeon

Karen Stysley

Glenda Sudano

Genevieve and Emil Sueck

Bernard Suffel

Shahida Suleman and

Usman Chaudhary

Denise Sullivan

Summit Consulting Group, Inc.

Karen Surratt

Beverley Swaim-Staley and

Scott Staley

Nancy Swartz

Marilyn Sweetser

Martha Swift

Rae and Richard Swirnow

Betty Symington and

Michael Sonnenfeld

Karolin Szabo

Laura Taffe-Balderelli

Richard and Anne Talbott

Kathleen Tall

Ellen and Bruce Talles

Nina and Luke Tallon

Pamela Tate

Gary and Pamela Taylor

Lois Taylor

Lori Taylor

Odessa Taylor

Carolyn Teague-Bates

Magaret Templeton

Karen and Sanford Teplitzky

Louise and Donn Teubner

Carolyn Tew

Jean Thayer

Charles Thomas

Evan and Lloyd-Ellen Thomas

Rita Thomas

Clarissa Thomas

Colleen Thomas

Belinda and Larry Thomas

Shirley Thomas

Leverne Thompkins

Charles Riesz and

Penny Thompson

Virginia Thompson

Doris Thompson

Thompson Management


Janet Thomson

Mary Thomson

Gillann Thorndill

Robert Thornton

Rose Thurman

Stephen and Paula Tidwell

Maria and Charles Tildon

Paul and Marilyn Timmel

Cathy Tipper

Gwyn Tober

Susan Tobin

George and Mary Torggler

Robert Towers and Sieghild Sloan

Towson Elks Lodge # 469

Towson University

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

Cynthia and Lawrence Trainor

Charlotte and Charles Trainor

Donna and Patrick Trainor

Carol Treiber

Robin and Scott Trenner

Avon Tripps

E. Ramona Trovato

Walter Troyer

Mary Romeo Trunnell

Kenneth and Rachel Tschantre

Ching Tsen and Jean Bien

Jonathan and Linda Tuck

Laura Tucker

Geraldine Tucker

Teresa Tudor

Ginger Tuholski

Colleen and Thomas Turner

Turning Point

Hypnotherapy Strategies

Kathleen Tuttle

Katherine Tutton

Elizabeth and George Tweed

John and Judith Tyrrell

John Ulatowski

Kathy and Robert Ullrich

Thad and Brandi Ulrich

William and Marilyn Underdue

Fern Underdue

W. Bert Underhill and

Beverly Thennes

Russell and Rochelle Underwood

Jim and Yvonne Urban

Susan Urick

Monica Urquhart-Bradley and

Wayne Bradley

Christopher Van Alstyne

Maureen Van Besien

Mitzi and Chad Vandegrift

Melinda Vann

Juan Vargas

Linnea Varner

Shaina Vatz

Stacey Venis

Phil and Jane Vess

James Victor

Joseph Vidmar

V. Susan Villani and

Davis Shingleton

Brenda Vogel

Raymond Vogts

Joan Voigt

Ronald Voigt

Valerie Von Den Bosch

Honnie and John Wagner

Paul and Doris Wagner

Victoria Waidner

Pamela and William Wakefield

Jean and Christine Walker

Irma and Mack Walker

Roy and Linda Wallace

Lacey Wallace

Charles and Karen Walsh

John and Virginia Walsh

Sarah Walsh

Stephen and Conni Walz

James and Ross Wannamaker

James and Nancy Wapshott

George Ward, Jr.

Catherine Ward

Suzane Warner

Barbara Warns

Tiffany and Bella Washington

Janice Washington

Jerold and Shelbie Wassel

Sharon Wasserman

Terrell and Linda Waters

Chris and Susie Watkins

Sarah and Thomas Watkins

Lynne Watson

George and Wendy Waymouth

Thomas Weadock

Patricia and Mark Weaver

Alice Webb

Gladys Weber

Ogden and Maryann Webster

Kenneth Weeden

L. S. and M. W. Weeks

Kay Weeks

Elizabeth Weese

Christopher Weglein

Sylvia Wegznek

G. S. Weikarp

Ian Weiland

Mark and Sherri Weinman

Susan and Martin Weintraub

Gretel and Leo Weiss

Ellen Weiss

Nancy Weiss

Nancy Welbourn

John and Suzanne Welch

Lillian Welker

Elaine and Ronald Wells

Paulette Wells

Elizabeth Werner

Deborah Werre

Michael and Lisa Werre

Jane West

Monica West

Charlene Weston

Anne and Thomas Wetzler

Mary Whalen

Wilma Whalen

Helen Wheeler





Brandon Whichard

Clarissa Whitacre

Lavonne White

Matthew and Jessica White

Jerry and Diane White

Sylvia White and Roger Nolan

Kenneth Whitley and

Jane Cromwell

John and Suzanne Whitman

Wendell and Eunice Wichmann

John and Linda Wider

Nancy and Po-Chou Widney

Deborah Wienhold

Scott and Beth Wiley

Beverly Wilkins

Kathleen Wilkinson

Victoria Willard

R. William and Courtenay Bass

Patricia Williams

Harland and Jill Williams

Stephen Williams

Vesta Williams

Kat Williams

Patricia and James Williams

Sherry Williams

Virginia Williams

Louise Williams

Nuria Williams

Neil Wilson

James Wilson and Judy Dryden

Leonard and Patricia Wilson

Nancy Wilson

Carole and David Wilson

George Wilson

Anne Wilson

Mary and John Wilson

Joann Wilson

Joy Wimer

Jacqueline Wingate

Wendy Winters

Mary Wirth

James and Jane Wirth

Rose and Adrian Wiseman

Toby Witte-Dix and

Raymond Dix

Bradley and Angela Wolf

Edith Wolf

Elizabeth Wolfe and

Matthew Reed

Barbara Wolf-Gordon

Wolman Family Foundation, Inc.

Shirley Wong

Sandra Wood

Jan and Harmin Wood

M. T. Susan Wood

Woodbrook Baptist Church

Gladys Woods and

Andree Caterisano

Viola Woodward

Victoria Woodward

Deborah Woolverton and

Jim Brewster

Abraham Wormley

Stephen and Alexandra Wrange

Pamela Wright

Traci Wright

Ernest Wuest III

Deborah Wyda

Frances Xenakis

Henry and Amit Yaffe

Linda and Wayne Yaffe

Colleen Yanchulis

C. Yarrow

Myron Yaster and Pamela Zeitlin

Kerry Yeager

Martha Yeager

Particia and Alfred Yergey

Jonathan and Linda Yost

Yum! Brands Foundation, Inc.

April and Nicholas Yuran

Laura Yurkowski

Eugene and Anna Zacharias

William and Sarah Zappa

Iris Zatorski

Robert and Annette Zatz

Edward and Joanne Zehler

Lisa and Ran Zeimer

Judith and Steven Zelkoski

Sharon Zell

Gary and Kathryn Zeman

Carol and Jonathan Zenilman

Carl Zgorski

Ann and Robert Zgorski

Ana Zigel and James Orr

Leslie J. Zigel, PLC

Robin Zimelman and

Laurence Eisenstein

Barbara Zimmerman

Diane Zorn a

Every gift is greatly appreciated

and important to our work.

Please accept our apologies for any

errors and advise us of corrections.

For a complete list of donors visit

Photos courtesy of Richard Chomitz, Jill Myers, Shane Townsend and Habitat staff and volunteers.

Who We Are

Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake builds and renovates housing with

the goal of providing simple, decent, affordable homes for

low-income families in the Anne Arundel County and Baltimore region.

3741 Commerce Drive, Suite 309

Baltimore, MD 21227


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