40 - EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation


40 - EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

from centreEU-JAPAN news dECEMbEr 2012 I 4 Vol 10 I Page 4EU Cluster Mission to JapanFrom 12 to 15 November 2012, a delegationcomposed of 17 participants representingthe most innovative European clusters andSMEs in the field of Green Materials andClean Technology came to Japan, duringthe Green Innovation Expo 2012 in order toestablish contacts with Japanese clustersand SMEs in view of further collaboration.The mission was supported by the EuropeanCommission in the framework of aninitiative promoting international clustercooperation for SMEs, and co-organised bythe EU-Japan Centre and Fondation SophiaAntipolis, with the support from inno tsdand Erai regarding the organisation andthe follow-up, and Clusterland and Zenithensuring the promotion of the event.with Japanese actors of the sector (Fukuokai3 Center for Organic Photonics and ElectronicResearch, Yamaguchi Green Valley,Tokai Region Nanotechnology ManufacturingCluster), visits to local companies (KeystoneTechnology Inc., Kawasaki BiomassCo., Ltd) and culminated in 2 days of theGreen Innovation Expo 2012 where a commonEU booth presented the clusters, SMEsand ongoing internationalisation projectssuch as the WiintECH project.The mission helped the European participantsto establish a first contact with clustersand SMEs in Japan and it also createdsynergies between the different Europeanclusters and SMEs representatives whospent a few exciting days together in Japan.The mission included presentations of thecleantech environment in Japan by Japaneseand European experts: encountersVulcanus in Japan – Student exchange programmeApplication open for EU studentsJames Matthews,participant 2011-12, UKHost company: Hitachi RailMy year on the Vulcanusprogrammewas awesome!The experiences I hadand the amazing peoplethat I got to knowmade it the mostmemorable year ofmy life.Upon moving to Japan my main goal wasto gain a sufficient level of Japanese languageand through that, make friends andlearn about Japanese culture first-hand.The intensive training received by theNaganuma school certainly helped meachieve this and together with other Vulcanusparticipants, I was able to advancerapidly. The teaching method at the languageschool was intense, but it just mademe more motivated to go that extra step,which led me to take the Japanese LanguageProficiency Test level 3 and succeed.The language course was done in Tokyo,which was perfect as you could immediatelypractice what you had learnt througheveryday interactions and socialising withJapanese people at bars and clubs. Whatwas also great is that I was able to learn alot about cultures from fellow countries inEurope from other Vulcanus participants,as we spent a lot of time together in classand outside.The second part of the internship took meto Kudamatsu City in Yamaguchi Prefecture.Working for a traditional Japanese company,Hitachi Rail gave me such an authenticexperience, which would not havebeen possible if it wasn’t for the EU-JapanCentre. Working there I was able tobecome a member of the internationalproject team and help design a new trainfor England (Intercity Express Program),partaking in a big project and given realresponsibility. This enabled me to use a lotof engineering knowledge from universityand learn a lot about international businessin a large company. My work colleagueswere also extremely friendly. Apart fromthe many nomikai (drinking parties), theytook me on trips, including snowboardingin Hiroshima and a 6-hour bike ride fromHonshu to Shikoku.The Vulcanus programme has also openedup many doors and opportunities for me,as I advance on to the next stage of mycareer: working as a sales engineer forVillage Island Asia in Singapore.(http://www.village-island.com/en/company_profile/message.html)Created by a former Vulcanus in Japan participant(Michael Van Dorpe), this successfuland rapidly developing company will allowme to build upon my talents and make useof the experience and knowledge gainedfrom my year in Japan.http://www.eu-japan.eu/global/business-training/cluster-supportmission.htmllhttp://www.eu-japan.eu/global/vulcanus-in-japan.htmlSUrvEY for EU SMEsAre you a SME who works or wishes towork with/in Japan?What better business support would youneed?The EU-Japan Centre is conducting a surveyamong EU SMEs who may be encounteringdifficulties when working or wishingto work with or in Japan and we wouldgreately appreciate receiving your feedbackby filling in this online questionnaire:http://goo.gl/gbgyjYour kind help will enable EU authoritiesto help business support services mapclosely to your exact needs and requirements,and allow you to be notified of newsupport as soon as it becomes available.http://goo.gl/GBGyjBizTips!Contract negotiationIn Japan, decisions are not taken alone,but collectively. Therefore during negotiations,it is advisable to inform the Japaneseside of new developments in goodtime, so they can vote internally and discreetly.In any case, avoid unexpectedsurprise revelations during negotiation –if this happens, expect the hearing to bepostponed.Source: EU-Japan Centre’s “Distribution andBest Practices in Japan 2010” mission report

from jAPAnEU-JAPAN news dECEMbEr 2012 I 4 Vol 10 I Page 8Aichi PrEFECturePillar of Japan’s industry and number one area for investment supportAICHIAichi Prefecture, locatedin the centre of Japan, offersa high concentrationof world-leading manufacturingindustries. It is constantlyendeavouring toimprove its subsidy policiesto further promote investmentsand R&D. In April2012, Aichi set up a fund of5 billion yen, correspondingto 10% of the annualamount of corporate tax, tosupport the establishmentof companies, as well aspromote R&D and provingtests, through three subsidyprogrammes:1. with the aim of promoting the establishment of manufacturingfacilities in cutting-edge fields, Aichi Prefecture increased subsidisationto 10 billion yen, making it one of the largest subsidies in Japan:and the limit on subsidies for large-scale projects (over 100 billionyen) which can have a significant impact on the local economy.2. the second programme aims to support the reinvestments withinthe prefecture by the SMEs which have contributed to sustain thelocal economy for many years, by preventing the outbound drain ofcompanies and supporting brilliant investment projects in both theexpanding fields, and fields occupying the core of the supply chain.3. the third programme consists of supporting the R&D and provingtests performed by companies in collaboration with universities andother research institutions in promising fields such as: next-generationvehicles, aerospace, environment and new energy industries.This new incentive, set up as a countermeasure to deindustrialisation,has enabled Pokka Corporation, a major beverage manufacturerwhose headquarters are in Aichi, to invest 3.2 billion yen toperform earthquake reinforcement works and set up a cutting-edgeproduction line in order to increase its production capacity by 70%.Another recipient was Belgian group Umicore, which is specialisedin global materials technology. Umicore announced the constructionof a R&D facility in Tokoname, Aichi, for automotive catalysts.These two examples show the relevance of Aichi’s strategy: over thefirst semester of fiscal 2012, 24 projects have been subsidised foran amount of 3.1 billion yen, while total investments by companiesamounted to 50.9 billion yen, allowing the creation of over 6000 jobs.As for the support programme for the R&D and proving tests in highvalue-added sectors, so far 59 projects have been selected and havebenefited from 760 million yen through subsidies.In order to further develop its R&D equipment environment, AichiPrefecture set up its “Knowledge Hub” on the former siteof the 2005 World Exposition. Aichi Center for Industry andScience Technology, the leading core facility, opened in February2012, while the Central Japan Synchrotron RadiationFacility, designed to develop R&D projects that use nanotechnology,will open in the coming months.In addition, the establishment of the National Composite Center,which is currently under project development and will be centredaround Nagoya University, illustrates the high concentration of R&Din a wide array of cutting-edge sectors.For more information on Aichi’s support for investments, please feelfree to contact the JEtro / Aichi Prefecture Office in Paris.http://www.pref.aichi.jp/ricchitsusho/e/fund.htmlForUMInternational Hydrogen Energy DevelopmentFukuoka, Japan, 30-31 January 2013Fukuoka Prefecture, well known as a centreof advanced research and developmentand demonstration projects in the field ofhydrogen energy and fuel cells, is promotingthe “Hy-Life Project” which works onvarious activities for the realisation of aneco-friendly society.With unique efforts, such as “FukuokaHydrogen Town”, where more than 150households are equipped with fuel cellsystems, or the world’s only institution forhydrogen-related human resource development,Fukuoka Prefecture has attracteda lot of attention.As part of this effort, Fukuoka Prefectureis gathering the opinion leaders of theworld in the field of hydrogen energy andfuel cells and holding a forum in order tospread the latest trends and research anddevelopment results every year.Fukuoka Prefecture plans to invite manyspeakers from Europe (United Kingdom,Germany, Finland, Norway etc.) to this forum,the seventh since its beginning, a hotdebate about the realisation of a hydrogenenergy society is expected.http://www.congre.co.jp/hydrogen2013/index.htmlJapanese Machinery TradingCompany RIX Expands toGermanyIn October 2012, Fukuoka based companyriX opened a subsidiary company, inStuttgart, Germany (riX Europe GmbH) inorder to increase sales of rotary joints formachine tool manufacturers and windmillmanufacturers.While there are worldwide concerns aboutthe future of the economy, the Europeanmarket, including Germany, continues tobe an attractive market for Japanese companiesand this is one of the main reasonsthat led to the expansion. The company’srotary joints, which increase the cutting efficiencyof machining centers and lathes,have contributed significantly to theinnovation of machine tools.Through this expansion, the competitivenessof Japan and Europe that lead theworld in the field of machine tools is expectedto increase.http://www.rix.co.jp/english/

from EU-JAPANEU-JAPAN news dECEMber 2012 I 4 Vol 10 I Page 9European Companies Succeeding in JapanLuxembourg BusinessStrengthening in JapanIEE s.a., a privately-held innovative developerof specialised sensing systems foundedin 1989 and headquartered in Luxembourgofficially opened its Japanese business IEESensing Japan K.K. in October 2012.The official opening event was hosted byIEE’s CEO and President, Hubert Jacobs vanMerlen and with the Prime Minister of theGrand Duchy of Luxembourg H.E. Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker as the Guest of Honour.Prime Minister Juncker described the officialopening as “a celebration of IEE’s growth strategyto successfully expand its global reachtowards Asia, offering innovative sensingsystems that meet the needs of customerswell beyond the borders of Luxembourg.” Hecontinued by saying: “I am very proud to witnessanother fine example of Luxembourg’sability to strengthen ties with an economicallypowerful nation such as Japan.”Established with the aim ofstrengthening IEE’s presencein Japan, IEE Sensing JapanK.K. replaces the company’sformer representative officethat had been operating in thecountry since 2006.“Over the years, IEE has developedsuccessful businessrelationships with a numberof Japanese vehicle manufacturers,including Subaru, Suzuki, Mitsubishiand Nissan” says Mr Jacobs vanMerlen. “Establishing IEE Sensing Japan K.K.will allow us to strengthen our commitmentto local customers while, at the same time,streamline our processes.It will also put us in a better position to capitaliseon the growth opportunities in Asia, inparticular in Japan.”The IEE team with the Prime Minister.From left to right: Masaki Takahashi,Ryuji Yamazaki, Hubert Jacobs van Merlen,Jean-Claude Juncker, Hans-Joachim Sommer,Yasuo Sasakura and Hisamori Yamaguchi.http://www.iee.luLatvian Design Productsmake their way to JapanAlthough Latvia might be still little knowncountry to ordinary Japanese, the Latviandesign products are getting more popularamong Japanese customers.After successive participation in Interior Lifestyletrade shows in 2011 and 2012, and EUGateway mission organised exhibitions in Tokyowith the support of the Investment andDevelopment Agency of Latvia, the Latviandesign products – linen home textiles andaccessories, wooden and ceramic kitchenware,organic soy wax candles, glasswareare more often seen in design shops anddepartment stores.Japanese customers highly appreciatethe Latvian products’ handiwork, naturalmaterials, calm colours and minimalisticdesign that match with their taste.This year the Latvian products stand waspresented at Mitsukoshi department storein the framework of Isetan Mitsukoshi DesignTide Tokyo 2012 project.The department store is located on theGinza, a prestigious shopping area attendedby 40,000-80,000 people daily. The spotsales were introducing the Latvian Christmas,since the capital Riga claims to be thefirst city to introduce a decorated Christmastree 500 years ago.This project was implemented by the Latvianproduct specialised shop Riga Collection,which opened its doors in July 2010in Nakameguro, Tokyo, and since then activelypromotes the Latvian products in thedepartment stores.At the moment it participates in spot salesat Umeda Hankyu department store inOsaka, thus introducing the Latvian designand crafts also to the Kansai area.http://www.riga-latvia-gbs.comSpanish-JapaneseCooperation AwardedThe Japanese company Hojo Seian, incooperation with the Spanish companyPosada Marron Glacé, has been awardedwith the Silver Diploma Monde Selection2012, in a ceremony celebrated in Athensin June 2012.The product is marron paste with HojoSeian Formula, but with Spanish rawmaterial chestnuts. This cooperation hasstarted one year ago, and it is forecastedto expand this trademark “Posada” ofMarron Chestnut paste in the Japanesemarket, among other chestnut pastefrom Italy or France competing with theChinese chestnuts in Japan.http://www.marronglace.netIHI Corporation andPaul Wurth join forcesLast August IHI Corporation announcedthat its board of directors approved theagreement reached with Paul Wurth S.A.,Luxembourg, to set up a joint venturecorporation in Japan in the field of ironand coke making technologies.http://www.ihi.co.jp/var/ezwebin_site/storage/original/application/587921b2ef4f16d64dffb5cb9348e9fc.pdfhttp://www.paulwurth.com

from EU-JAPANEU-JAPAN news dECEMber 2012 I 4 Vol 10 I Page 10FR-JP Cluster cooperationFood and Biotech Clusters from Franceand Japan meet to boost R&D partnershipsVitagora has welcomed a delegation fromthe Kyushu Bio Cluster Conference (KBCC).Over 2 days, a group of 10 companies, researchcenters and universities visited Dijonto meet existing partners and createnew contacts. One-to-one meetings werescheduled for one morning, as well as visitsof research centers in Burgundy andFranche-Comté. After this, the delegationwent to Rennes and visited other F²C Innovationpartners.This event has been organised within theframework of a Memorandum of Understandingsigned between KBCC and F²CInnovation in 2010.KBCC aims to boost R&D, production andsales expansion of “functional or healthcarefood” in the southernregion of Kyushu in Japan. It brings togetherover 200 members from industryand academia.Vitagora® is the leading European clusteron Taste-Nutrition-Health. Its membersinclude more than 150 companies and theelite of international research. Vitagora® isa member of F²C Innovation..http://www.vitagora.comhttp://www.f2c-innovation.comhttp://www.kyushu-bio.jpInternational Medical Industrial Forum 2013Nagano, Japan, 29 January 2013Representative of medical clusters in Europe(Cluster MedizinTechnik.nrW – DE, I-Care leCluster des Technologies de la Santé Rhône-Alpes - fr), Usa and Japan will be presentingthe current status and issues of the healthcareindustry in each country.Nagano Prefecture is Japan’s foremostmanufacturing centre for high-tech andprecision machinery industries and one ofthe world leading producers of precisioninstruments including watches and personalcomputer-related devices.Currently, the manufacturing industry inNagano Prefecture is promoting new strategiesfor developing sectors such as greenenergy, environment, and healthcare.Bavarian Business Delegation to SaitamaThis business delegation is already the fourth round of businessmatchmakingbetween Bavarian and Japanese companies. The organiser and initiator is theBavarian Networking - Organisation Cluster Mechatronik & Automation e.V. with headquartersin Augsburg, Germany, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Nuremberg.During this four day trip Bavarian and Japanese companies met for business-matchmakingand visited Japanese high-tech companies. The programme included more than 30 one-toonemeetings and 15 visits of Japanese SME companies.The overall goal of this RIT-Project is the idea of supporting Bavarian-Japanese business cooperation.A first cooperation between the companies Eutect GmbH and Nittoku Engineeringhas already been successfully started atthe beginning of 2012.Also several Non-Disclosure-Agreements(ndas) have been signed between Bavarianand Japanese partners.The cooperation within the rit-Project startedone year ago. Japanese companies’ representativesalso visited Bavarian companiesand trade fairs organised by the Cluster ofMechtronik & Automation in Bavaria.In particular, the sector of healthcare relatedindustries is expected to record significantdevelopments in human resourcesand advanced medical treatments.In that context, Nagano Techno Foundationis organising the International MedicalIndustrial Forum 2013 with the aim toimplement a global network for cooperationin the healthcare sector and is lookingforward to welcoming EU representativesof this sector at the Forum.Agenda (as of 10/12/2012) and applicationform: http://documents.eu-japan.eu/nagano_application_formhttp://www.tech.or.jp/englishhttp://www.cluster-ma.deJapanese Delegation Visited TechteraThis business delegation is already thefourth round of business-matchmakingbetween Bavarian and Japanese companies.The organiser and initiator is theBavarian Networking - Organisation ClusterMechatronik & Automation e.V. with headquartersin Augsburg, Germany, in cooperationwith the Chamber of Commerce ofNuremberg.The overall goal of this rit-Project is theidea of supporting Bavarian-Japanese businesscooperation. A first cooperation betweenthe companies Eutect GmbH andNittoku Engineering has already been successfullystarted at the beginning of 2012.Also several Non-Disclosure-Agreements(ndas) have been signed between Bavarianand Japanese partners.During this four day trip Bavarian and Japanesecompanies met for business-matchmakingand visited Japanese high-techcompanies. The programme included morethan 30 one-to-one meetings and 15 visits ofJapanese SME companies.The cooperation within the RIT-Project startedone year ago. Japanese companies’ representativesalso visited Bavarian companiesand trade fairs organised by the Cluster ofMechtronik & Automation in Bavaria.http://www.techtera.org

from EU-jAPAnEU-JAPAN news dECEMbEr 2012 I 4 Vol 10 I Page 13Collections FrancaisesFrench Accessories FairTokyo and Osaka, Japan, 28 Jan - 1 Feb 2013The French Trade Commission UbifranCEis proud to announce the 39th edition of“Collections Francaises” that will be heldon January 2013 at the Hilton hotels inTokyo & Osaka. The French brands willintroduce their latest collections to theJapanese customers.In fact, the fancy accessories market in Japanis the second largest in the world. Also,France is one of the most important suppliersto the Japanese market thanks to theoriginality and creativity of its designs.The principal buyers of departmentstores, selected shops, distributors, importersvisit this presentation. The participationis open to all type of fashion goodssuch as fancy accessories, bags, shoes...This event is jointly hosted with theFédération Française du Prêt à PorterFéminin (ffpapf) which organises “Modein France”. 70 French fashion brands willjoin in.Next Collection Francaises:Tokyo - 28 to 30 Jan at Hotel HiltonOsaka – 31 Jan to 1 FEB Hotel Hiltonhttp://www.ubifrance.com/jp/http://www.col-fr.com/Italian Pavilion @NanotECh 2013Tokyo, Japan, 30 Jan – 1 Feb 2013The Italian Trade Commission (ICE) - TradePromotion Section of the Italian Embassyis organising Italy’s participation in the12th edition of Nanotech, the world largestnanotechnology fair in TokyoModa Italia andShoes from Italy2013-14 Fall-Winter CollectionsTokyo, Japan, 29 - 31 January 2013The Italian Trade Commission (ICE) - TradePromotion Section of the Italian Embassywill organize the 42nd edition of Moda Italia& the 52nd edition of Shoes from Italy,the largest Italian fashion & shoes tradeexhibitions in Japan, from 29 to 31 January2013.The number of exhibitors will be morethan 200 and the number of expected visitorsis over 2,000.This business event, organised by UbifranCEthe French Trade Commission, will focusaround 2 main topics:- The first topic is about digital contents forthe mass market, such as video games andanimated series.- The second topic revolves around animation,creation and modelling technologiesand tools for professionals.UbifranCE will be offering businessmatchingservices for participating Frenchcompanies, selecting and contacting potentialbusiness partners, distributors orcustomers among Japanese firms.PLAYTIME TokyoWelcome to French Pavilion by UbiFranCETokyo, Japan, 19-21 February 2013The Italian exhibitors from all over Italy willpresent their collections for Fall/Winter2013/14 at the Westin Hotel Tokyo.A wide range of products will be displayed,including apparel for men, women, knitwear,leather and bags, fashion accessoriesand footwear, always attracting the attentionof visitors.http://www.ice-tokyo.or.jp/index.phpBusiness Matching Event:Image Technologies and Digital CreativityTokyo, Japan, 11-14 February 2013The service also includes the help of aFrench/English-to-Japanese interpreter foreach participating company, as well as apress release introducing the French companiesto Japanese professionals throughspecialised newspapers, magazines andwebsites.This event will take place alongside“Digital Choc”, a series of events organisedby the French Institute of the French Embassy,celebrating creativity in the digitalera through concerts, art installations andconferences, all around Japan.http://www.ubifrance.com/jp/http://www.nanotechexpo.jp/en/The latest nanotechnologies and products“Made in Italy” will be presented bypublic research institutions and privateenterprises, with the purpose of enhancingindustrial collaboration, joint researchand technical tie-up between Italian& Japanese nanotechnology companies.http://www.ice-tokyo.or.jp/index.phpUbifranCE, the French Agency forInternational Business Development, isorganising a French Pavilion for plaYtiMETokyo that will take place from 19 to 21February, 2013 at Belle Salle Shibuya Garden,Tokyo.plaYtiME is the international trade showdedicated to the children’s world and maternitywear. French brands are highly appreciatedwith their originality and refinement,and their fancy designs.The children’s market in Japan is one of themost developed in the world, attracting awide range of international exhibitors andbuyers. This fair, organised twice a year,is well-known and established, with thenumber of visitors increasing each year.The last session in August 2012 recordedan increase of 32% compared to 2011.170 selected brands will participate to thenext PLAYtiME Tokyo .http://www.ubifrance.com/jp/http://www.playtimetokyo.com

from network EU-JAPAN news dECEMbEr 2012 I 4 Vol 10 I Page 14Enterprise Europe Network Seminarfor Japanese SMEsTokyo, Japan, 4 December 2012The EU-Japan Centre held an informativeseminar on the Enterprise EuropeNetwork (EEN) activities to supportJapanese SMEs in their international developmenttoward the European Union.With the aim to promote the EnterpriseEurope Network among Japanese SMEsand public organisations promotingSME internationalisation, the seminarprovided answers to the followingpoints:- How to find a business cooperationpartner in the EU- How to find a technology partner inthe EU- How to participate in the EEN B2Bmatching event organised at EU tradeshowvenuesThe seminar was attended by both SMEsand local governments representatives.http://www.een-japan.euCzech Delegation at Nanotech 2013Tokyo, Japan, 30 January - 01 February 2013Following the successful mission held last February 2012, theEnterprise Europe Network Czech partner Technology CentreasCR, with the support of the Czech Embassy in Japan andthe governmental organisation CzechInvest, will reiterate themission and lead a group of 14 Czech companies, researchcentres and universities to Nanotech 2013.The Czech Republic belongs to a set of countries with a hugenumber of universities and innovative companies dealingwith nanotechnologies used in various applications, thereforeinterest to exhibit at the biggest nanotechnology fair inJapan is so big, that the Czech Republic will be present with acountry pavilion.Czech exhibitors will bring innovative projects and researchcooperation opportunities in the fields of textiles, environmental,machinery, food, medical and biotechnology. Visitorscould see examples of electrospinning technology at thestand N° A6-17.Several partnership agreements made in the last 2 yearsbetween Japanese and Czech researchers are the proof ofstrong ties between the 2 countries in the field of researchand a good base for further cooperation developments.Czech Delegation in 2012Special presentations will be held during the fair and theCzech delegation is looking forward to welcoming Japanesevisitors at their pavilion.http://www.een.czTuscany Fashion Companies at Moda ItaliaTokyo, Japan, 29-31 January 2013The Italian Enterprise Europe Network partner the EconomicAgency of Tuscany Region will coordinate the participation of35 Tuscany fashion companies to Moda Italia – Tokyo 2013.All the companies are examples of the excellence in the fieldof fashion ‘Made in Italy’ – women’s, men’s and children’sclothing, shoes and leather goods.The Tuscany region is pleased to welcome Japanese visitorsat the fair.For more details or arrange meetings schedule interestedvisitors can contact: s.simoni@toscanapromozione.itList of exhibiting companies at:http://www.een-japan.eu/events/italian-fashion-mission-japan

from network EU-JAPAN news dECEMbEr 2012 I 4 Vol 10 I Page 15EU-Japan Business OpportunitiesREQUEst for A DEsignER in SWEDEN-finland-DENMarK:Sector: DesignA Japanese personal stationery company is seeking designers forone of their productsProfile ID: 20121127042REQUEst FOR TRADE INTERMEdiarY IN Japan:Sector: FoodsAn Italian company active in the sector of organic foods productionis looking for distributorsProfile ID: 20121016037REQUEst FOR TRADE INTERMEdiarY IN Japan:Sector: FoodsAn Italian Consortium producing extra virgin olive oil is looking fortrade intermediary servicesProfile ID: 20121114021REQUEst FOR POTEntial PARTNErs IN Japan:Sector:Nano and MicrotechnologyAn Italian SME developing a chip microsensor device seeks partnersfor technical cooperationProfile ID: 12 IT 55X7 3pbYREQUEst FOR DISTRIBUtors IN Japan:Sector: Manufacture of plastic partsA Swedish manufacturer of plastic buckets is looking for tradeagents and distributorsProfile ID: 20120921013REQUEst FOR TRADE AGEnts IN Japan:Sector: Manufacture of plastic partsA Catalan company is looking for trade intermediaries for innovativeair fresheners for carsProfile ID: 20110524018REQUEst FOR TRADE AGEnts IN Japan:Sector: Textile and clothingAn Italian company specialised in manufacturing Italian styleclothes, is looking for agents/distributors/representativesProfile ID: 20120920016REQUEst FOR POTEntial PARTNErs IN Japan:Sector: Intelligent daylight systemA Belgian company is looking for partners to market an energyefficient, intelligent daylight systemProfile ID: 20110322042REQUEst FOR DISTRIBUtors IN Japan:Sector: ICTA Polish company dealing with software, applications and it systemsdevelopment, is looking for distributors and representativesProfile ID: 20121009011Enterprise Europe Network EventsMatCHMaking opportunities for EU and Japanese SMEsEcobuild Matchmaking EventSectors: Construction technology, EnvironmentLondon, UK, 6 March 2013Enterprise Europe South-East UK is organising a B2B matchmakingevent during Ecobuild, the biggest event in the world for sustainableconstruction.http://www.b2match.eu/ecobuild2013IndustryMatchMaking – IMM 2013Sectors: Automation/Robotics, ICT, Electronics, MicroelectronicsSofia, Bulgaria, 7 March 2013The forum is an excellent opportunity for companies andorganisations to establish valuable business contacts with local andforeign companies for business cooperation, technology transfer orparticipation in projects funded by European programs.http://www.imm2013.build-your.nethttp://een-japan.eu/opportunitiesBusiness meetings at Biogaz Europe andFair Bois Energie 2013Sectors: Energy, Environment, Waste managementNantes, France, 21-22 March 2013Professionals of forestry and agriculture will meet to explore andfurther develop their common interests in energy provision in aEuropean context that calls for ever more efficient and integratedsolutions.http://www.b2match.eu/biogaz-bois-energie/b2fair HANNOVER MEssE 2013Sectors: Industrial Automation, Energy, ICT, Environmental, SurfaceTechnology,Hybrid and Electric Powertrain TechnologiesHannover, Germany, 10-11 April 2013The b2fair matchmaking event will take place during HannoVERMEssE, the world´s leading industrial and technological trade show.Participating companies will have the possibility to find new businesspartners on an international level during tailored prescheduledbusiness meetings.http://www.b2faironline.com/hannovermesse2013/http://www.enterprise-europe-network.ec.europa.eu/public/calendar/home.cfm?type=future

cALendarEU-JAPAN news dECEMbEr 2012 I 4 Vol 10 I Page 17Date/Location Details Contacts21-22 December 2012Tokyo, JapanforumFrance - Japan: Joint Accademic ForumJSPS, IRCAD, University of Strasbourghttp://www.ircad.fr/jsps/29 January 2013Paris, France13 May - 07 June 2013Tokyo, JapanSEMINARInformation Day on Japan, South Korea and TaiwanEuropean Commission-funded ProgrammeTraining Mission in Japan: Human Resources TrainingProgramme - Japan Industry InsightApplication deadline: 12 February 2013UBIFRANCEhttp://www.ubifrance.fr/japon/001PRG-17923+cap-vers-l-asie-du-nord-saisissez-lesopportunites-offertes-par-le-japon-la-.htmlEU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperationhttp://www.eu-japan.eu/global/business-training/human-resources-training-programme.html30 May 2013Gent, BelgiumconferenceKnowledge for GrowthFlandersBiohttp://www.knowledgeforgrowth.be29 May 2013Dublin, IrelandworkSHOPDriving Competitiveness - World Class Manufacturing workshopEU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperationhttp://www.eu-japan.eu/global/seminars.html17-20 June 2013Tallinn, Estoniacongress57th European Organisation for Quality CongressQuality Renaissance - Co-creating a Viable FutureEstonian Association for Qualityhttp://www.quality2013.eu/tours1 - 5 July 2013Tokyo, JapanEuropean Commission-funded ProgrammeTraining Mission in Japan: WCM I - World Class ManufacturingApplication deadline: 21 March 2013EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperationhttp://www.eu-japan.eu/global/business-training/world-class-manufacturing.html14 - 18 October 2013Tokyo, JapanEuropean Commission-funded ProgrammeTraining Mission in Japan: WCM II - World Class ManufacturingApplication deadline: 10 June 2013EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperationhttp://www.eu-japan.eu/global/business-training/world-class-manufacturing.htmlAny EU-Japan-related News?Feel free to contact us if you would like your EU-Japan-related news/event to be announced in ourforthcoming newsletter and/or on our website : michelson@eu-japan.euhead Office in japanShirokane-Takanawa Station bldg 4F1-27-6 Shirokane, Minato-kuTokyo 108-0072, JapanT +81 3 6408 0281F +81 3 6408 0283inquiries@eu-japan.euwww.eu-japan.euOffice in the EURue Marie de Bourgogne 52B-1000 Brussels, BelgiumT +32 2 282 00 40F +32 2 282 00 45office@eu-japan.euThe European Office of the EU-Japan Centre alone is responsible for the information contained in its communications or publications. Neither the EuropeanCommission nor theGovernment of Japan is responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein. Editor: J. Michelson

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