New Features in NetBeans Platform 6

New Features in NetBeans Platform 6

New FeaturesinNetBeans Platform 6.5

Agenda• Latest 6.5 News!> New & Changed Features> New APIs & SPIs> New & Changed Tools> New Video Series> New Tutorials> New Teaching Materials> Website Redesign

New & Changed Features●●●●●●●PerformanceWindow SystemPaletteExplorer ViewOptions WindowMinimized WindowTesting Infrastructure

Demo●Window System

New APIs & SPIs●●●●●Code Generator SPIQuick Search APIDatabase Explorer APIPrint APIOutline View API

New & Changed Tools●●NetBeans IDE●●●Window System PanelNew File Templates●●New Code GeneratorNew Quick SearchImproved File Templates●●●●New Window ComponentNew File TypeNew ActionNew Options WindowGroovy Scripts

New Video Series●Top 10 NetBeans APIs●●●Introductory videos for newbiesHigh level summary of featuresCurrently available:●●●●●Part 1: Runtime ContainerPart 2: Lookup APIPart 3: Window System APIPart 4: Filesystem APIPart 5: Nodes APIExplorer & Property Sheet API

New Tutorials●●●●●Code Generator TutorialQuick Search TutorialCode Completion TutorialMark Occurrences TutorialRuntime Container Tutorial

New Teaching Materials●●NetBeans Platform Certified TrainingMany New Slides●●●Porting to the NetBeans PlatformMultiple LanguagesNew & Old APIs

Website Redesign●●●●Usability Team AnalysisLatest News Easy to FindBooks Prominently AdvertizedNetBeans Platform Forum

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